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prescience, availability, and what is doing is increasing the availability of jobs. jobs building electric cars like the one i drove the gm, detroit in the gym, factoring detroit last week for the hundreds of thousands of folks who brought one of those electric cars. they're going to save $800.00 to a $1000.00 and fuel costs this year. and we're going to put those savings within reach more americans and create jobs, installing solar panels, batteries, electric keep pumps, jobs, making those clean power generating devices. and by the way, the plane, these technologies for each home where they're installed, it's going to say folks, additional hundreds of dollars in energy cost every year. so let's do that. let's be climate change. with more extensive innovation and opportunities, we can make our economy and consumers less vulnerable to these sorts of price spikes when we do that. and finally, even as we meet a him, we need to work out this challenge is important to maintain perspective about where
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our economy stands today. the fact is, america has a lot to be proud of. we're experiencing a stronger 2nd. i'm a recovery in the world. even after accounting for inflation, our economy is bigger, and i found that more money in their pockets than they did before. the pandemic in america is the only major economy in the world that can say that it's just of the grid and determination of the american people as well as a unique approach to this recovery. and our focus on rebuilding our economy from the bottom up in the middle out, not the top down. because of that approach. we're the only leading economy in the world are household income and the economy as a whole or stronger than they were before the pandemic kit. let me close this. this thanksgiving. we have so much to be grateful for vaccines that are effective, safe and free. promising new treatments providing for hope that we can bring an end
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to the worst tragedies of this crisis. record job growth, the strongest recovery in the world. and most of all the chance to be together again with the people we love on thanksgiving. as you gather together with your family, this nice give me i want you to know how grateful i am to serve as your president. and i promised you that i'll never stop working to address your family's needs. and together we're going to confront challenges that we face them are going to face them honestly. and that will keep building this economy around hardworking folks who built this country. happy thanksgiving and god bless you and may god protect your troops from i'm heading to a food kitchen to serve meals right now. thank you for your time and effort and plenty of time to talk to the president button there, announcing the plan to release the oil reserves say, well, he said the coordinated global action on what it was and would help a deal with
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a lack of supply that has been affecting gas prices and household bills and he also said that it was, it wouldn't solve the problem over night, it would make a difference. so what has correspond, kimberly how kit joins us live. so very much kind of geared towards the consumers. this, this speech wasn't it. yeah, there's no question that it was, but it was also a speech that was geared towards those naysayers that say the president is making a mistake by releasing the strategic petroleum reserves. what the criticism has been, is that this might resolve the issue in the short term and lead to some, in the immediate future, lower gas prices. but ultimately, because the issue of supply and demand globally has not been resolved, that this will drive the prices up. so what you heard there is the president not only saying, look at this is a global problem, but the fact that he's also saying that this will work out in the end one point to
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know. and all of this is that with regard to the release of these reserves, the president isn't just releasing it all over night. in fact, there's going to be one portion done in the 1st 3 months and then another portion in the coming months. and this he believes is going to allow for this kind of staggered approach that will ensure as the supply catches up to the demand as a result of people turning the economy back on. due to the coven pandemic, that this will resolve those issues. and the prices will stabilize at a lower rate. that's what this bind administration is counting on. one other announcement in there of importance, and it really affects domestic consumers, though, is the point that the president was making that he believes oil and gas companies are exploiting the situation. and really he accuse them essentially of price gouging of illegal behavior, and that they are now seeing lower rates and the oil supply, not passing that on to the consumer. so the president announcing there that he will
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be investigating that. and also making an appeal to the american public look, things are going to get better be patient. i've got this, i will have to see whether that helps the president's approval ratings. because right now, americans are getting a little frustrated. not only is the price of gas high, but also the price of other consumer goods you heard and they're talking about the supply issue in how he believes that's result. and he's saying, look, i'll get this to just get him to back up on the, on what you mentioned there, but the, the federal trade commission to look into this, how quickly can something, not that come to a conclusion about whether the, the oil and gas companies are not passing on any kind of savings that they, they're making from the drop in the oil put there the trade possible. well, i mean it's, it's not usually a quick process, but the president seems to have made it a priority. so, oh, what the concern is, is that this may be, or rather not the concern, but one of the things that might happen as a result of this announcement is that some of that behavior will be self corrected
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almost immediately. and that's sometimes why the white house will do these kinds of things. but there's no question. there's already been a pattern in recent weeks and months and for that the president to seems to have his experts on. and this could even lead to prosecution, which of course could take some time. but what we're seeing again is the president really using all the tools in his tool box to try and address this to alleviate some of the pressure consumers as quickly as he can. can be how can thank you very much indeed. which was young is that chief investment officer at the bison interest investment firm. he joins us live from houston, texas by skype. thanks very much for being with us. what, what did you make of the, the statement and, and do you think this is going to work this strategy? well, i thought it was remarkable because there's something the federal government could do very easily to lower gasoline prices, which would be to lower the federal gasoline tax. so other than that, no, i think it was kind of remarkable and astonishing listening to the president speak and say things that are almost the exact opposite of what you're talking basic
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economics classes. so i mean, in terms of how they fit, this will have only all producing companies. he's also trying to get them to release will release more supplies. that something that's likely to happen. yes. so i think it's really interesting because on one hand, the president of the united states is going to other countries and asking them to produce more oil. but at the same time, he's having his policies here in the us. cancel or delay pipelines and cancel lease sales that will lead to development of oil and gas here in the us as well as dramatically increasing the regulatory burden here in the u. s. so it's a very strange thing to hear him say, my policies aren't affecting things when people here are saying, hey, like, actually biden is having more of an effect on oil prices and gasoline prices than opec. and what about the point though? that chair, the price of wholesale oil has fallen 10 percent that he made. he made that point
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and said that hasn't been passed on by they, by people who are serving into the pumps. is that fair? i think it's indicative of just like policy advisors to the president, not understanding what's happening. so what he was describing is fifa 1st in 1st out. so of course, it always takes time in both directions for gasoline prices to follow oil prices, both down and up. so it was amazing to hear that, but really i just always have admin on, on the home, get a gas companies aren't exactly renowned for, for being so generous with, with the consumers. are they, they, they are well known for making some money. so that might, might be a fair assumption to think that there's from people making money unfairly, harrison that actually, i mean, not really and sorry to argue with you about it. but if you look at the oil and gas industry, i mean most of these companies, either many of them went bankrupt last year, or they've had many unprofitable years over the last 10 or 15 years. so just that's just factually not true. and then if you look at how these prices are set,
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in many cases, there's many gas stations buying gas for many different competing refiners. and one thing that you guys correspondent, i think maybe didn't fully appreciate. there's been many federal trade commission investigations in the u. s. over the last 100 years, and none of them have found, especially with gasoline prices, any sort of price fixing or any sort of activity like that. so both from a financial history perspective as well as a investigation perspective, it just seems like the advisors and the policy is a little bit. they're just out of touch, i think from history as well as from facts on the ground. what about what the says about the relationship between at the white house and saudi arabia, for example, is that's likely to improve after this, when you reckon, ah, i mean, that's hard to say. i think unfortunately that that relationship has been challenged for a little while. and i think this is just another, i thought it was really out of touch for the president to push saudi arabia, for example, to produce more oil. i'm,
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when he's not pushing americans and american companies are encouraging them to produce more oil as well. so i don't know, i think this is probably confusing from a saudi perspective. it's hard, hard for me to know exactly, but it definitely doesn't seem like an olive branch from america to saudi arabia. josh young, thank you very much indeed. feel schwartz on the subject. thank you. into national monetary fund has reached a deal with pakistan to bring back a $6000000000.00 funding program at people in the country of feeling the pinch as inflation rises and the economy worsens. the price of goods is now hit a 70 year high, and the local currency keeps weakening against the dollar. some a binge of aid has more from ms. i'm a bad about all the vendors have increased, but the number of buyers is decreasing. used clothes and shoes are sold at this roadside market, which has been here for decades. but business is not what it used to be. what i want to say ya, body of, i have been selling use shoes for a long time. it is only this year when prices have showed up so high that there are
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no customers p. p of no purchasing power. i'm struggling to feed the children. the pakistani loopy is at its lowest against a dollar and commodity prices at their highest in 70 years. to keep the economy afloat, the government has borrowed from allies like saudi arabia, as well as loans from the international monetary fund, facing a double whammy of austerity and inflation. people are complaining about essentials being too expensive from food to fuel and utilities, including electricity, is the only day the lighting. i've had a lot of hope and prime minister ron cons, government, but we've been totally disappointed. even people like us who have never had to look for bargains and the street are struggling to for the basics. oh, no decal. parties in the opposition have called their supporters to the streets in protest against inflation and say they will march to the capital if the economy continues to decline. ferguson's rate of inflation has risen in the last few years
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. the 9.7 percent in the last 3 years, the price is of basic food items that's not rocketed. aquino, of sugar now cost $0.90 instead of 35 liter of milk, cost $0.70 instead of $55.00. and the basic staple a bag of flour is at $3.00 instead of 2. the government says the price of wheat in pakistan is half of what it costs in neighboring india and bangladesh. and it blames a global increase in oil prices for the surgeon, fuel and electricity charges. currently, your country is in the face of hyperinflation. there are many reasons behind. it was one of the most important reasons. and the most visible reason that one can identify is the incompetency of our government. she's not the case says the prime minister, imminent hon, blames the previous governments for the current economic troubles with a brochure. your hum, buy guess i'm happy to announce the biggest welfare program in pakistan's history. yes, there is inflation in the country, but we should also look at what the government is doing to alleviate the situation
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. but near the prime ministers, house buyers and sellers in his, i'm about used items, market say the incomes are no much for buckets on inflation. some of the job down to 0 is love about temperatures continue to drop. europe's energy crisis shows no sign of ending prices are up and concerns about supplies. russia continue, but another major oil and gas supply wants to fill that gap. gym coffee reports from us by johns capital back, who this other bay johns economy is fuel by its gas and oil production. the country now has that on europe's energy crisis. it says it has a supply to easier it's growing demand. we are already just substantial. if not very serious player in the turkish market in georgia, a market in the u. markets of greece, italy, and bulgaria. but we have huge interest from the side of the others from the
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eastern european countries from the broken countries from central european countries. much of its natural gas supply is exported through what's called the southern gas cory door, which runs from the caspian sea through parts of georgia, turkey and then to europe. as our b, john's production of small compared to big players in the energy game. but with the gas corridor, it is ready to carry out their resources like gas from took mattress down to the you going after a bigger piece of the market. by increasing its energy production, other by john could bring in more investments and gain political leverage in its region. but this could also press and its relationship with russia, a major life. and one of the world's biggest energy suppliers. as or by john says it is not competing with moscow, but some say there could be geopolitical complications from the existing monopolist
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ec supplier. also, as i said in the beginning, uses it's supplies of energy to your for geopolitical reasons for geo political inputs. we see that right now, right now when russia has not delivered gas to gas storage facilities in europe throughout the summer and has decided not to do what it normally does, which. ready is increase supplies to europe when you're asked for more? because gus problem in russia are trying to pressure the european union, their concerns russia, disputes with ukraine and other european partners could these fabulous energy supply? russia provides about 45 percent of the european union, natural gas, ne, but demand is growing, and it appears russia can or want to keep up. the look at what is happening in terms of energy security and some fluctuations of energy prep provision of energy sources and just apply to some countries in europe for example. and as a bridge,
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i'm being able to deliver its natural gas to europe enables these countries. this consumers to access to alternative source of energy. european leaders, fear to energy crisis may get worse before it gets better. as john hope it will turn into an opportunity that will secure its rule in the market. sina console the back to us or by john large parts of southern india. bracing for more floods, while many remain stranded after days of heavy rain. thousands of people across several states have had to move to evacuation centers. india correspondent, elizabeth corona reports the southern city of bengal, lewd who has received more than $400.00 times the amount of rain, usually dance in november. flooding has led to the deaths of at least 24 people in the state of cut, malika, and thousands have been stranded. emergency workers using boats to rescue people
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from their home. last reading is a reading from last 3 to continue 34 to 603. if that's what they're nearly 3000 people. we are living in other parts of the glue to many can't get into their homes, ration we can't go inside the house and there's too much water in front of it. all the groceries are inside and we've been outside the house since last night. many people are concerned, they could be more flooding as several lakes are overflowing or not funny. it's been more than 12 years since the lake became full. and this is the 1st time it's been overloaded and the drains have become blocked. now. water is overflowing and it has rained very heavily to say of other positions and nod and put a cherry are also badly affected. dozens of people including rescue workers,
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have died. an entrepreneur dish with an indian air force as a lifting people to safety. many parts of southern india are experiencing excessive rainfall, environmental se unpredictable and extreme weather across south asia, as being driven by climate change and made worse by deforestation, the construction of dams and excessive development. while the rain has eased the worst effect of state entrepreneur, dish people and families preparing for more heavy downpours. elizabeth moran and al jazeera new delhi jurors in the u. s. state of georgia and i considering their verdict in the trial of 3 men charged in the killing of a lot. bery demonstrations have gathered outside the court in brunswick, calling them to be convicted of murder. the 3 men who, why, to accused of chasing down, killing aubrey, who was an unarmed black man out jogging in the neighborhood, is death has become a symbol for those calling for
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a national reckoning on racial injustice. both from iraq's parliamentary elections are being recounted for a 2nd time. supporters of pro rainy infections have continued to protest since the initial ballot. on the 10th of october, the parties suffered major losses in last month's vote, which saw the movement lead by shia cleric souther. when the most seats in parliament, the 1st recount found no evidence of fraud. mood ahead has more from back that for the 2nd time in amongst iraq's electorate commission, conducts manual recount of disputed those. these ballot boxes are from 5 different provinces. and the electoral commission says that it has received so far over 1400, appears from the political parties that last many seats and the election medical commission says that it has turned down most of those appease only 21. appeals have
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been admitted 15 f p. 's have led to this process, this new process. and 6 appeals have led to change in the election reserves in 6 different provinces. and that means that these that 6 new candidates have one by virtue of the new change and 6 candidates lost in the election. the electoral commission says that says that it is, it is conducting manual recounts of disputed votes before it announces the final results, so that it can be fitted in through the federal court for final and dose of. but that does not seem to be satisfying the protest that is on the ground. those. the supporters of that political club is that lost in the election because they demand,
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they demand manual recount of old votes or re election. in fact, they want their political parties to take part in forming the upcoming government. otherwise, they threatened to take matters into their own hands. the un special envoy for libya has quit just weeks ahead of the country's elections. no official reason has been given for the resignation of yan cubis, had been in the roll for less than a year. he's a former slovak far minister, who also served as the u. n. special coordinator for lebanon, nearly $8.10 people, 11 and the estimated to be living below the poverty line. the un says it's forced families to take increasingly desperate measures. it's not calling on the country to take urgent action. after found an increase in the number of children being sent to work, and how to reports from a rich children at work. their numbers are increasing in
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a country where a worsening economic crisis is pushing more people into poverty. nearly 8 and 10 people in lebanon are now poor. nearly half of the workforce is unemployed. those who still have jobs struggle because of the collapse and the value of the local currency. for many like mash the up de la, this means having to decide whether to send their children to school. on the counseling i have 5 children, 2 of the teenagers don't go to school any longer. they work at a hair salon and da cafe to help us pay bills. they are among the victims of lebanon's, economic collapse, and skyrocketing inflation, that has particularly affected children. a recent study by the u. n. so child agency, unicef shows $3.10 households have cut spending on education for in 10 have been forced to sell household items to buy basic goods. $7.10 have had to
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buy food on credit or using borrowed money. the united nation says living conditions have deteriorated dramatically and just a few months with more children going to bed hungry and not receiving the health care they need. i never seen a guy who was mother noticed in this country before. but the reason that i witnessed by myself a child who is really suffering from malnutrition. so those are the mothers and fathers who are being forced to take this fight at measures only because they need to survive. omar daily is among them . this vegetable fellow used to be able to support his family before the financial meltdown began 2 years ago. not any longer. the one and that means alisha nan hulu,
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are among what the un says are the 260000 children of school age whose education is at risk. their father tells us the priority is to feed them or if anemone ordered about another said i can't send them to school every day because i don't make enough to give them pocket money or to buy the books stationary on all other items . they need it and the clean hundreds of thousands of children are already living without the basic needs being met. and the lack of political will to change a system that has inflicted misery on the population means the crisis is set to worsen center. their alger theda, beirut, trial, my ruined and chauffeur accused of genocide complicity has begun in france. cured more, he manner was a hotel driver and his accused of transporting who 2 fighters during the 1994 genocide, the 60 year old lives in france and says he had no choice but to obey. the prosecutors argue other people refused. 800000 people were killed in the round and genocide.
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november is black conscience month in brazil, which was the last country in america to abolish slavery. it's 1988 constitution made promises to amend the wrongs of the past. but 3 decades later, black brazilians are still battling for equal rights. as one of the i care reports from my garage, heber, this meeting takes place every november in the settlement of slave descendants. it's a moment to relieve stories of brazil's dark in silence path. she loves me many say slavery's over the phone, but we're still feel its consequences can undergo a lot of pressure to leave the lance, which are rightfully ours. 62 families live in the sky. long women got sheba, 130 kilometers from the city of rio de janeiro. it's one of the $5000.00 communities scattered around brazil, built by former slaves. many of them had run away, hiding from their masters. the 1988 constitution gave their descendants the right
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to claim their lands and keep their traditions like small scale farming. c that's easier said than done the munger, too. but colombo has been at the center of a battle with an investment company that wants to build a resort on it's lance and isaac university on which will not negotiate our history, nor our rights were only here today because we resisted otherwise would have been kicked out until recently, people who live here, we're not allowed to win toward leave the settlement freely. they were stopped at the gate built by the company and forced to hand over 50 per cent of their prod use that changed when they were put under state protection. mister barlow put up his yoke, gillam ball, which stepped in because their lives were being threatened and are still at risk. the eco invest company doesn't allow the electrical company to install electricity in the colombo it the val do. filipe, he blames the lack of electricity for the death of his oldest daughter,
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olivia. she had leukemia and needed medicine which ought to be stored in a refrigerator, but we couldn't have one because we had no light earlier this year than one. gotcha, but columbus scored an important victory. the brazilian stayed finally recognized its lance, which include landmarks of the settlements difficult past. these are the ruins of one of many plantations in rio de janeiro that thrived until brazil became the last american nation. to abolish slavery in 1888. your zonal dameon was takes her son to the places where their african ancestors were forced to work. slavery may have ended 133 years ago in blacks in brazil now up number whites. but the struggle for equal rights, she tells him this far from over monica. he unoccupied jazeera, margaret, sheba, and us will for me, the team in london this out. i'll be back in a few minutes with an update or some stories. thanks for watching bye. for now,
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ah ah, the story of a small community in what of mexico's most dangerous states standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians you we don't want to politicians anymore. they just this united the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how sharon's eldest lead the fight for self determination, refreshing a lead time thinking of the nar coast was the same,
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was thinking of trans government. hi, the people on al jazeera, who, the currently 19 pandemic, has led to a spike in child trafficking across india, one to one east meets those fighting to save hon children on al jazeera and revisit trying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife or migration have been blocked by human settlements to deal with all these, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from tours im isn't enough. here at the allison national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the hall parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 us dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center
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on al jazeera. ah, and who am learn taylor in under the top stories around era. the u. s. has teamed up with some of the world's biggest energy consumers to release all reserves. a trying to bring down petrol prices and combat soaring inflation. it's expected to anger oil producing countries which have been refusing to increase output years. president joe biden says the release weren't so global supply issues overnight, but it will make a difference. and monopolies that the largest ever release from the u. s. strategic petroleum reserve tell, provide supply we need, as we recover from.


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