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is ever sourcing events, etc. for our cap analysis era indonesia, the country with an abundance of results re far and walk indonesia whose turns forming we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part when denise is growth and progress in indonesia. now. oh, a
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welcome back on top stories on this out there and use our the white house space is releasing 15000000 barrels of oil from a strategic reserve. if they coordinate of effort towards several nations to stop for in fuel prices, the prices have more than doubled compared to a year ago. if your foreign minister says you'll travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against travel forces, year long war with the t p. s. has intensified in recent advances towards the capital and better rulers has returned another 118 refugees in migrate to their country, 2nd recreation life in a week or more expected to leave late trying to say how many european countries are facing an energy crisis as supplies especially from russia are declining as a by john, a major oil and gas supply. and it's region wants to feel that gap soon as possible . reports from back all this other bay jones economy is fuel. why it's gas and
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oil production. the country now has that on europe's energy crisis. it says it has a supply to easier it's growing demand. we are already just substantial, if not very serious player in the turkish market in georgia, a market in the u markets of greece, italy, and bulgaria. but we have huge interest from the side of the others from the eastern european countries from the broken countries from central european countries. much of its natural gas supply is exported through what's called the southern gas cory door, which runs from the caspian sea through parts of georgia, turkey and then to europe. as our b, john's production is small compared to big players in the energy game. but with this gas corridor, it is ready to carry other resources like gas from madison to the you going after a bigger piece of the market by increasing its energy production other by john
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could bring in more investments and gain political leverage in its region. but this could also threaten its relationship with russia, a major life, and one of the world's biggest energy suppliers. john says it is not competing with moscow, but some, i don't say there could be geopolitical complication from the existing monopolistic supplier. also, as i said in the beginning, uses it's supplies of energy to year for g o political reasons for geo political inputs. we see that right now, right now when russia has not deliver gas to gas storage facilities in europe throughout the summer, and has decided not to do what it normally does, which is increase supplies to europe when you're asked for more. because gus problem in russia are trying to pressure the european union, their concerns russia dispute with ukraine and other european partners,
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could these stab allies in or just supply? russia provides about 45 percent of the european union, natural gas, ne, but demand is growing, and it appears russia can't or won't keep up. look at what is happening in terms of energy, security and some fluctuations of energy. prepped prep provision of energy sources and just apply to some countries in europe for example. and as a bridge, i'm being able to deliver its natural gas to europe enables these countries, this consumers to access to alternative source of energy. european leaders fear the energy crisis may get worse before it gets better. john, hope it will turn into an opportunity that will secure its rule in the market. so, you know, sort of back pay jump people in pakistan as struggling financially as
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inflation vises, an economy worse since the price of goods has said a 70 year high end. the local currency has weakened against the us dollar or some a bon jovi tree for all the vendors have increased, but the number of buyers is decreasing. used clothes and shoes are sold at this roadside market, which has been here for decades. the business is not, but it used to be put on, and i have been selling youth shoes for a long time. it is only this year when prices have showed up so high that there are no customer p. p of no purchasing power. i'm struggling to feed the children, the buckets and ruby is at its lowest against the dollar and commodity prices at their highest in 70 years. to keep the economy afloat, the government has borrowed from allies like saudi arabia, as well as loans from the international monetary fund, facing a double whammy of us charity and inflation. people are complaining about essentially being too expensive from food to fuel and utilities,
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including electricity light. i've had a lot of hope and prime minister around cons, government and been totally disappointed. even people like cars who have never had to look football games in the street are struggling to for the basic medical parties in the opposition have called their supporters to the streets in protest against inflation and say they will march to the capital if the economy continues to decline parkinson's rate of inflation has driven in the last few years and 9.7 percent in the last 3 years. the prices of basic food items rocketed aquino of sugar, now cost $90.00 cent. instead of 35 liter of milk cost $0.70 instead of $55.00 and the basic staple that back to florida is that $3.00 instead of 2. the government says the price of wheat and focused on is half of what it costs in neighboring india. and bangladesh, and it blames a global increase in oil prices for the surgeon, fuel and electricity charges. currently,
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i can see is in the state of high for inflation. there are many reasons behind. it was one of the most important reasoned on the most visible reason that one can identify is the incompetency of our government. she's not the case as the prime minister imminent. hon blames the previous governments for the current economic troubles with a brochure to harmony by august. i am happy to announce the biggest welfare program in pakistan's history. yes, there is inflation in the country, but we should also look at what the government is doing to alleviate the situation . but near the prime ministers, house buyers and sellers in islamabad used items, vi could say, their incomes are no match for pakistan's inflation. sama jobby dollars, era islam above the head of the international atomic energy agency says he's helping to reach common ground with iran on his nuclear program. raphael go see is meeting senior iranian officials in tehran, negotiations with well leaders to salvage. she 2015 nuclear dealer said to resume next week. the you and nuclear watched on gauge m. c says it's inspectors haven't
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been able to access surveillance footage of nuclear side since february. there are a number of issues that we are working. and as the president just said, it's very important that we put this in the perspective of the peaceful nuclear program of iran at a time where climate change demands that we work together. that we ad cleaned, lucre energy to the mattresses around the world. and as it was discussed just a few days ago in glasgow, those from iraq's recent parliamentary elections are being counted for a 2nd time. supporters of pro iranian factions have protested against the results, calling them a sham as camp. their party suffered major losses in the october ballad, and only every count this man found no evidence of shot and mood. abdel, what had is that pulling station in iraq, where a partial manual recount is underway?
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will of course, a after pressure from those a political parties get lost in the election. dep submitted to war, appeals to the electoral commission to hold a manual recount of the votes. remember, over 1400 teams have been submitted to the electoral commission. so for 1436, most of the kids were turn it down because the little commission says they do not have legal standing. but only 21 up kids have been admitted have been accepted. 15 up years have been admitted and led to this manual recount the other 6 appeals have led to change in the reserves in 6 provinces in 6 at province. and that, of course, and that of course, means that some candidates last others but one by virtue of this recent result, when it doesn't seem to be satisfying the protests on the ground,
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these are the supporters of the political parties, the mainly shia cru, iranian political parties, that last many seats in the parliament seat election, and now they say, unless and until the electoral commission holds a manual recount of all the votes so that their port is can win in the election. then they're not leaving the earliest through co pioneer the green zone. so it does not seem to be satisfying them unless they're parties are being incorporated or being included in forming the upcoming government. recitations have begun in bulgaria into the worst bus crash in the country's history. at least 45 people were killed after a fire in gold tub bus that was returning to north macedonia from turkey. only 7 people on board survived where we challenged pasadena the charred wreckage of the bus makes clear how intense the fire must have been. the vehicle crashed and burned
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on the bulk area and highway in the middle of the night. it was taking mostly north macedonian tourists, back home, after a weekend trip to assemble. but it's not yet known. why? so few people made it off alive, or what caused this disaster in the 1st place. this damage suggest the bus hit a barrier before carrying on to crash into the central reservation. bulk air is interior minister said he was deeply shocked by what he'd seen was not everyone can stun such a picture. the picture is terrifying. the details of this tragedy will be investigated . north macedonia, foreign minister visited survivors in hospital, in bulk areas, capital, sophia, local. so we'll need to go the employ. i'm here in the hospital to get more information. what we know is that a horrible tragedy has happened. bulgaria, with the bus that carried not macedonian nationals were traveling for miss tumble this copier. they were over 50 passengers in the bus. dozens of them are children,
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over 40 were killed, some of the wounded, but consummate here. but let me for see the situation and i'll be back later with more police in north macedonia, have begun an investigation into besset trends, the boss and travel company. this man came to it, shut it office in north macedonia, capital scope you looking for news of his nephew, seattle chest. so information about the crash at 6 am this morning. i saw it on the internet and as my nephew was in turkey, i started searching on the internet. i called based trends for the number for 34 routers. we do not have any information for them, nor are they answering the phone. and the investigation continues by daylight on the stream highway into the worst bus crash in bulk area. history will reach helen's how to 0. at least 6 people have been killed after a fairy count sized off the eastern coast of she lanka. 12 people have been rescued and a search is under way for others is not known. how many were on board. and still in
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true lanka, court has been adjourned on the 1st day of the trial of $25.00 men charged with carrying out the 2019 easter bombings. they're facing more than $23000.00 offenses, including murder among them. is the mastermind who's accused of having links to i saw 267 people were killed in the attacks on churches and luxury hotels in colombo . now fernandez has some ages. the very 1st day of the high court trial at bar has been adjourned, because as you can see, the last group of suspects are being taken back to the remedy. prisons, they're being held in some of those huge piles. they're carrying. actually, the list of indictments and chargers, one of the defense lawyers told me earlier that it's 9 volumes. a single one was more than $3000.00 pages. obviously when you look at chargers of over 23000 against the accused, it's going to take some doing and he's going to take some volume. so what the
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judges have a rule basically to deal with the defense requesting that those documents are provided toward the accused in the language they can understand. and tamara, and obviously in english are these state lawyers asked for more time. and as a result, the hearing has been adjourned till january. now, while the state has put forward the fact that this group includes the a legend mastermind, a mouth for now, larvae a molar v as they have her named. ah, there are those who question this her obviously members of the catholic church have been scathing or in their criticism of the government investigation. they say lots of fax that came up in the presidential commission of inquiry in the parliament inquiry have not been taken up by investigators that have been ignored. or there are also members of the families of the suspects that i have spoken to. some of them are essentially being very,
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very concerned about the fate of what's happening to their loved ones in demand who are facing these charges. they said they had nothing to do with the bombings, witless aspects. or they said that they have actually been forced cost, or some of them going as far as to say that some of the suspects were tortured. but the government maintaining that these are the people involved, or who aided or who are bettered. are those suicide bombers that carried out those 6 deadly suicide attacks on easter sunday morning and 2019 rescue and recovery operations are continuing in 7 india after devastating floods. and 830 people are dead or missing. thousands have been evacuated to relieve camps as more heavy rain is predicted over the next few days. are india correspondent elizabeth random reports. the southern city of bengal lou 2 has received more than $400.00 times the amount of rain it usually does in november. flooding has led to the
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deaths of at least 24 people in the state of cut, nautica, and thousands have been stranded, emergency workers, a using boats to rescue people from their homes. but a problem does have been renting a zip hearing from like leaders, vento, nursery. i want you to relax. we had, i read 603 labs. were there nearly 3000 it was we are living in other parts of bengal. lou, too many can't get into their homes, but i can't, we can't go inside the house and there's too much water in front of it. all the groceries are inside and we've been outside the house since last night. many people are concerned, they could be more flooding as several lakes are overflowing, but ha, not gonna know it's been more than 12 years since the lake became full. and this is the 1st time it's been overloaded and the drains have become blocked. now. water is overflowing, and it has rained very heavily to the states of other pradesh thumb and nod and put
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a cherry are also badly affected. dozens of people including rescue workers, have died. an entrepreneur dash with an indian air forces, air lifting people to safety. many parts of southern india are experiencing excess of rainfall, environmental, the se unpredictable and extreme weather across south asia is being driven by climate change and made worse by deforestation, the construction of dams and excessive development. while the rain has eased the wood affected stay to answer for the people in thumb and not preparing for more heavy downpours. elizabeth moran, m al jazeera new delhi still ahead on al jazeera in sports where he is too big jumping in the n b a. but not quite like ah
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ah whole
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lou ah ah, welcome back. we had to south africa now where in the city of cape town, real estate developers being accused of putting the needs of the rich before the poor. people are being evicted from shelters to make way for new buildings, and the situation is drawing comparisons with the apartheid era. family likes grades, living on the sidewalk in shult, who's built of scrap metal and plastic sheeting. this group of homeless people in cape town have been here for 2 years now in 2019 they occupied a vacant old people's home on the site days, latest city authorities evicted them and demolished the building right in the sub.
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now to get those reports out. so now when you get out there are showing that they want to keep this white. they don't want anybody to hear except quite quickly. and this is susan, while the evictions been taken to court, the lives of people here remain in limbo. the lands been sold to a developer and barbara is hoping the courts will intervene. there is definitely a prioritization of capital in our city. the needs of the pool are not being met if they are, if housing developments are created, usually created on far flung areas on the outskirts of hostility, which just in effect, replicates the spatial apart is that, that has plagued the city of cape town since colonialism. but the city says it's working to integrate different communities with in the, in the city. and that is developing 10 sites for affordable housing. and that's over 10 years. it's both close to $70000.00 low cost units. but there's
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a backlog of 300000 people waiting for a home. and the city says it has to prioritize those at the top of the waiting list . any projects that we don't have qualified for. now, let me make an example. if tomorrow you knew better well in this particular development, next to parliament, you're going to benefit not if someone was being a victim elsewhere. and then we'll move you from that. but we put some on say it can be because we have to accommodate someone who has was qualified and who has been waiting. but here in the suburb of woodstock family, say they've been on the waiting list for housing for more than a decade. one of them is chanel commando, in a family who are now being evicted from a home, they've lived in for generations. this community is also taken city authorities to court to avoid being moved to outlying areas. yes, visuals have had to relocate thousands of people evicted from prime land within the
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city. well, sometimes they're willing to move many others complain. it's often to the outskirts of cape town to areas like this one where there are a few of facilities. and it's further away from the city where there are work opportunities. people at the re settlement camp say where they live is pushing them further into poverty. in a city already plagued by deep economic disparities. for media miller, i'll jazeera caped on some not for sports this fall fall he thank you very much. the former girlfriend of diego mardina has alleged that he raped her when she was a teenager cuban marvis alvarez. now 37 had a relationship with the late argentina football style 2 decades ago. she says the assault took place in havana when she was 16 and he was around 40. the argentine ministry of justice is investigating her allegations of trafficking against the former entourage of my rodonna who died last year over i says her family only
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allowed a relationship to happen because of married on it's friendship with the late cuban president, fidel castro. no representatives for marijuana or the cuban government have responded. as i said, on the menial settle num, hannah, you go from being a girl to being a woman all at once. so only my innocence was stolen from me. it's hard to be in argentina, his country to see that he is everywhere. he's an idol. and at the same time everything i remember about him as a person feels ugly. i plan to pursue this case to help old women all victims of trafficking to help them in whatever way i can get maybe to them. the karone of our situation in germany has already played a part in buying munich domestic campaign, and has left them short of players again in the champions league on tuesday by and have a 5 plays in quarantine due to being unvaccinated. and to more in isolation with cove it as they take on dana mac here in ukraine. some of those were absences,
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the bavarian last 2 wanted outspoken the weekend. there have been leaks from the club that unvaccinated members of their squad could be docked pe. you isn't even a home on private to dinner and private subjects like who has corona virus and what player must pay or not pay. those are all private things that should be kept inside the club home. we don't want to gossip about where play x went out to eat, you would have to. but there are still too many things that are being leaked out while later were due to hear from 2 of the candidates for the vacant manager's job at manchester, united i axes eric can heart and mary so proximity of party funds. you ma, in the meantime it's for me and i to play michael kerry on the right. that was the job of stopping the bad run a form that so i'm going to sell shaw. fired at the weekend. current was so shells assistant but couldn't get the best off of the likes of christiane. i rinaldo, they might see need some more her o x from the portuguese stall. there was a play villareal in group f on tuesday nights. results in this business is,
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is everything isn't as much as you build a foundation and you create the right environment in the right culture and people the right way. sometimes you don't always get what you deserve, unfortunately, but on the flip side, football, football and business is, is usual today in terms of we got, they came to prepare for for tomorrow. the asian champions league final sees the competitions to most successful teams in action plan stealers of south terrific saudi arabian side, al hello with both clubs. having lifted the trophy 3 times, the final will take place in the saudi capital. re out kickoff in about 2 hours time. the polish lucia injured in a training crush at the beijing winter olympic track says he thought he was going to die. you matters for how it's crushed into a gate which had been accidentally left close that the young king national, sliding center, which will host the 2022 games in february. you needed surgery to repair a correct left knee, cap and stitches for a deep cut on his right leg. the loos federation has introduced extra safety
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measures to stop it happening again. so how it's agrees it was human error and says the venue is safe. the incident, i will sleep in the really bad and i and i was thinking i have like some in the side, the major or i the know like i was going into the hospital and i was thinking, i'm going to say my last world. you know, he's with the human error, the china, the local and the committee and organizing. yeah, we make an agreement of this will happen, but about the more details i you can not speak. yeah. yeah, the truck is super pleasant to drive and was safe super. so the n b s biggest starla bron james has been given the 1st suspension of his 19 year career. the ally like his play was punished for hitting isaiah stewart the facing watch during sunday's game against the detroit pistons. bron will forfeit around $284000.00 in salary,
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which is what he owns per game. stuart who needed stitches after the incident has been given a 2 game bomb for his extreme reaction which led to these scenes on court. but both players will be able to play when the 2 teams meet again on sunday, in ally elsewhere in the n. b a kevin john scott 27 points for the brooklyn nets as they beat the cleveland cavaliers. he was back after missing a game with a sprained shoulder. excellent walk. it's the 6th when in 7 for the nets, but the cabs that's now for straits defeats. and finally the and b a is obviously known for its big jumper's ration. but this has taken it to a whole new level, washington wizards player kyle kuzma, making a fashion statement, head of that game against the charlotte hornets. with an odd look, but we don't know if he actually managed to get through the door or not. i don't about you folly, i'm going straight out to buy one of those who wouldn't be caught dead wearing that bank. he so my trap always one use coming out. they showed me pain on al jazeera to
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stay with us. ah, ah algeria. when ever you oh, this story of a small community in one of mexico's most dangerous states standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians you, we don't want to politicians anymore. they just this united, the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how children's eldest lead the fight for self determination bring friday. that time thinking that the na coast was the same as thinking of children's government by the people on al jazeera
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. in the light of the open seas hides that dark secret men forced to work without paying inflate for years. but a glimmer of hope remained for the fidel from fishermen as a group of activate stealth deep pinks, the legal system, industry demand and justice and freedom. ghost fleet, a witness documentary on al jazeera. this one's feared, war lord, during liberia's decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy has done with treat children has attracted their helpless sentiment b as protected in effect from public call situation. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord,
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liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah, the u. s. n. 5 other nations released millions of barrels of oil from strategic reserves to curb rising energy prices. ah, no, i'm fully back to live in doha. also coming up on arches, sierra ethiopia. prime minister pledges to lead troops against the grey and rebels who are advancing towards the capital. dutch hospitals overwhelmed by coven 19 infections and netherlands move spacious to germany.


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