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good stones, permission going behind the lambs as gotten sing brings his personal story to life . al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. ah, this is al jazeera ah, this is the news hour on al jazeera. i'm fully back to bore life or my headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u. s. and 5 other major consumers release millions of bows of oil from strategic reserves to curve rising energy prices. he threw up his prime minister, pledges to lead troops against to grant rebels who are advancing towards the capital. also, this, our dutch hospitals overwhelmed by covered 19 infections and netherlands. most
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patients to germany for treatment and thousands of migrants remain stranded along the poland. bella was bordering freezing conditions, despite more repatriation flights from minsk in sport, the former girlfriend of late for all star diego mar donna says that he raped her when she was 16 mothers over as alleges the assault took place in 2001 when marathon it was around 40, you will have more later. ah, we begin this news hour with breaking news out of the us. the white house says it's releasing 15000000. bowers of oil from its strategic reserves is part of a coordinated effort with several nations to curb soaring fuel prices. the biden administration has come under increasing pressure to act better. prices have more than doubled compared to a year ago. china, india, south korea,
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japan and the u. k. are also releasing oil from their reserves as bringing our white house correspondent kimberly hawkins in washington, dc. kimberly why has present by them made this decision and announcement now? well, it has a lot to do with the fact that we're going into the busiest travel season of the year for most americans. and that is particularly heightened, given the fact that americans haven't been traveling recently due to the pandemic. but things have changed. those numbers now expected to reach pre pandemic levels. and in the case of the american thanksgiving holiday that is occurring in the next couple of days, most americans drive their cars and the prices of gas, as you mentioned in some states have almost doubled in the us state of california. some americans pay $5.00 a gallon here in washington, d. c. more around the $4.00 mark. but the problem is, is that that is in terms of these prices and the high inflation that is not met the
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wages in the united states. so this is a president under enormous pressure. his poll numbers are dropping, americans are paying high price is not just for gasoline, but also for other every day goods. and that's why this president has been under pressure, and that's why he is acting now. and the question, of course, is, will it work? well, that's the big debate, because what we know about the strategic reserves, is that typically, and it's about a one month supply of gasoline based on u. s. consumption. oh, what we know is that this is really something that's typically reserved for hurricanes or other natural disasters. it's not really designed to alleviate the high prices of inflation. but what the president is banking on is the fact that this is being done not in isolation of the united states, but in coordination with other countries. and so well there is expected and we've already seen in just the last few moments, a price is responding and driving downward. the concern is that it will just be
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a short term fix and will actually drive prices up later. but the president is hoping because this has been coordinate with other countries that that won't be the case. kimberly thank you very much for that. kimberly hawk, it is our white house correspondent. well let's discuss this further now with a broad, deeper, rudy, who's the chief executive officer of energy and environment holding his joining us live from doha. thank you very much for being with us, mister brody. what do you make of this decision and the timing of it from the us and other top oil consuming countries? what impact do you see having on the oil market in the short and long term? willy, basically, but it didn't a bite and decision to start releasing from b s. b r is a very good move and it is one of the strongest moves to dump and inflation. the threat if fur or pick bloss and the, the saudis will not. or were not willing to increase their reduction. president
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biden had 3 choices. one is to ask you as share in best suite to start offs. thing there are production. this is one to use some of the strategic patrol. nobody her reserves that are i don't 714715 1000000 headers. so what they have released now is around 7. and it's this is accompanied by india, china, korea, that this is going to give a major stability to the oil prices. and will, it gives the level of all a prices to an economical, sustainable way, especially after what we have seen in the cover time. right? so you think this was fabulous oil prices, but opec was against this move. how do you think opec process is going to react? this sets up a fight for control of the global energy market? doesn't it?
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weight it is. if you look at it this way, i'll pick a plus loss. saudi plus, russia are more or less the trying to control the oil prices, but if another term you will see apology, we didn't have lost some connection there with mr burwell. mr. brewer, can you hear me? yes. yes. sorry. we lost you there for a minute. i was asking you what to expect open cross reaction to be because they were against this move. opec to plus and the saudis, and the russians are definitely going to be against the small because they would lose their dominance on the world oil prices and supply. so obviously your politics are also at play here, and this is like the, the cars, new strains. don't you think in the u. s. found the relationship it could to
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be. but you know, when you look about the world, only a production for the day they have around 97. begin to handle. 40000000 bad betters are coming from opic. so all of the remaining ones, they are still in the free hands and issue politics. yes, it does like they have done with the big guys. so it is always going to be a fight. just, just, you know what the f b r has been created in the, in the world, especially after the oil embargo, 97970. before the oldest strategic petroleum is in, is in louisiana and tech to us. and it was followed by france, britain, japan, korea, and also, what is the stock piling the adverse all of this, right. mr. already one last question for you, and i think you touched on this
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a little bit. what about the impact on the global economy as it tries to bounce back from the pandemic? at, during the pandemic, we have never seen the oil at minus $1.00 or 2. the economy needs to live and they need to live in a fable way. but we cannot afford right now, $90.00, but about it or $100.00 but a bad bad and that are enough. the sites that are going on and there is enough shane, oil and natural gas that can be used to count to the parents and keep the market in at the, at the economy. sustainable way. thank you so much for talking to us about this. thank you for your insights, rudy barrel de chief executive officer of energy and environment holding live here in doha. thank you for your time. thank you. in our, the world news, ethiopia, prime minister says he will travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the
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military against rebel forces. the year long conflict has intensified in recent months with fighters from the northern to gray region advancing towards the capitol . the war has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and displaced millions. victoria gate and b has our report. ethiopians prime minister says it's time to lead by personal example. it's a dramatic new step in the conflict. it's devastated the northern te gray region in a statement released on social media. abby had said, this is a time when leading a country with martyrdom is needed. i will go to the front line and leave the military from the ground myself. those of you with your pins, he won't to be remembered by history for the sake of your country, join me in the fight to day. unless say it's an unusual moved by the prime minister . i think it is assigned a hope for that doc will also mobilize other with your beans to join the military forces. and though to join the war against the deacon defense forces. but certainly,
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it is also a sign of desperation. in response to the prime minister's statement, the spokesman for the tea gray people's liberation front tweeted abby's mimicry of ethiopia will time. empress is taken on an old to palpable skits of frantic overtone. i would have dismissed this as yet another sick joke, abby, would it a military offensive against the t p. a left last november saying it was in response to attacks on army bases. the t p left says it was unfairly targeted. but in june this year to graham fight is re captured the regional capital mckelly and then now advancing on the capital at is have a despite a flurry of recent diplomatic activity, a ceasefire has not been reached and only say the language used by abby and monday, statement is worrying. he does have a military background if you look at his nobel prize speech from some years ago. they used a lot of war imagery to talk about the latitude learned about the hell of war. but here we are in almost full circle the nobel peace prize winner. by using the mult
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bellicose language, i'm to try to, you know, ramp up, the stakes ahead of the defense. not only of ethiopia goodness in life and death, you know, you basically you going to die for the cause. both sides of the conflict continue to maintain hard line positions and have set preconditions ahead of any negotiations. victoria gate and b algae, 0 or rebels in ethiopia. seagly region have put on a public display of government soldiers. they say they've captured thousands of federal troops are being held as prisoners of war in the regional capital mckelly as fighting continues. now let's take a look at where this conflict is taking place. the t p l f rebels are pushing south from to gray into the neighboring regions of am herrera and afar and down a major road running to the capital at his harbour. earlier this month to gray and rebels said they took control of these 2 towns, combo chassis on a supply line,
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linking the landlocked country to the port city of djibouti, lettering in ethiopia. journalist samuel get at you who joins us now live from addis ababa are let's start with the decision by the prime minister to join the front line. as he said in his a words willie actually do it. that's the biggest question we have yet to get an answer from the kilbourne side. but the prime ministers insisting that he is heading to the battle ground. he's going to be the force that's going to quote unquote berry the enemy with our wants and blood. this hasn't been a bloody war in the field in history. the last year has produced millions of victims and he is, he is moving forward to make sure that the open government side will win. but the other side is also insisting that they're going to be what they're going to win this conflict that begun and try has progressed to hara and foreign region again,
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15000000 people. but again, the u. s. invoice also last night was in, in the sub of trying to settle this. the u. s. seems to be a which issue among the opens accused of siding with tpl left. there was also thousands of europe and das price that came out yesterday, voicing concern that the u. s. was getting involved too much trying to take the example of syria and i'm going to stand in iraq to ethiopia, which is that important nation among the whole know possibly come nations and what her lane is from the battlefield, samuel for weeks now we've been hearing that the t p l f fighters are near the capital id. how are we able to verify this? how close ave this is one of those conflicts that's really difficult to verify. there was news by our colleagues from the end of the spectrum, media outlet that said the sub or so for december blocked,
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that was proven to be wronged. but we're hearing rumors. they're getting close, but they job on side the job and government sisteenth, they're fighting with them. they haven't confirmed exactly what they are. but the t p and left is saying they're coming close to the some of us. this is going to be the home stretch. both sides have been waiting for, but again, the peace process has been neglected so far by both sides. they don't think, you know, a peaceful negotiation will end this. the job title saying that the pen looking is looking at ending the premiership of b. i'm at the prime minister, but the other side is saying they're really looking for trying to open the humanitarian corridor that was lacking before this conflict, really came close to the set up, but they took that tight is also blaming them. so this is one of those conflicts that same fucked different versions. this is what the conflict has been so far.
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indeed, thank you so much for bringing us up to date with the late take some you'll get to choose joining us from out of some of our. well, let's discuss the situation in ethiopia for the now with fair to lead. turnville was a professor of peace and conflict studies that all flo new university college is joining us live from the norwegian capital. thank you so much for being with us, mister turnbull. what do you make for a family sob? ya, mississippi to join the battlefield? just how big of a gamble is this for him? well we, it is a gamble in the sense that will people follow him because i think that's the intention that he was trying to rally the at the open base, the national if base to join him at the battle from to fight back the advancing together and forces so the question is when people in houses or hundreds of houses joining there, we don't know yet. we, we know that he has ordered the leadership of the perspective to join in and also
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the off the hot, our political lead to see. the said that david also joined him at the battle wrong, but if it reson arms with them a much broader segment of their population. if they would actually physically go there, that's a different question. and what do you make of his messaging? you know, painting this and presenting this as a war, that if your peer is leading not just against a t p left but against almost the west, the u. s. and so on, is that resonating with a few kids with certain segments of the population. certainly it is, he has that base in the urban centers over at the obey as a base in ohio region and also us more base in our auto mia region. but beyond that it's, it's question him whole much support he holds. i think he's, that's why we also see that he is calling for a pan african solidarity. so to say,
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to his struggle that this is not the civil war in lithia. this is the manifestation of imperialist forces using t d f. as the agent does, a proxy saw a he is fighting an imperialist war on behalf of africa as he phrases it. and then if that will connect to other political leaders across the continent. well, i'm not sure about that. where to it's a very interesting thing, isn't it aware that this then leave the diplomatic efforts to find a negotiated settlement to this crisis within the african union envoy form an idea and present. oh listen, june bassinger, i traveled to ethiopia as well as kenya's president, is a diplomatic solution and negotiated settlement still possible at this stage. you think i think we are far past the point. obviously, we should not give up a diplomatic initiative, but we have seen from very early on that the parties to the war are too far apart.
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when it comes to reaching a middle ground, nobody wants to compromise on their preconditions. and they are both fit to fight this out on the back to feed the reason tense, diplomatic words ongoing as we speak. but basically that rude and need for i'll be to accept a defeat. so to say, and then leave the town. if to reach an negotiated transition. i think the p d f courses have said quite clearly that they are not going to negotiate. the continuation of i'll be awesome as the regime. it then needs to be a transition which is negotiated and, you know, based on obvious, late the statements, the fact that he's going to the war from today. that seems pretty hopeless. yeah, the native developments. i certainly very worrying. thank you so much for talking to a saturday try void from the also new university college joining us there on the news
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. ok, thank you very much for your time. plenty more head on this news hour, including 2 years on from the east to bombings in sri lanka. campaigners are a step closer to justice. tragedy in bulgaria has dozens of people are killed in a bus accident and in sport, nbc is biggest r lebron james. his band for the 1st time in his 19 year clear. that's coming up later with paul. ah. the corona virus pandemic now and the world health organization is wanting. another 700000 people in europe could die from corbett 19 by spring. patients in the netherlands are now being shifted across the border to germany, to east pressure on hospitals there. the numbers are expected to increase as cases reach, record levels. plans by the dutch government to impose further restrictions have
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previously triggered riots in germany. the government is considering further measures escrow, and a virus infections hit record highs. some officials are calling for public spaces to be restricted to vaccinated people or those who have recently recovered from covered 19. that's bringing dominic kina correspondent in berlin. i bring us up to speed for us with a situation in germany. how bad is it? well, the numbers don't lie. the situation here is as dire as it has ever been. the difference now is that we have the vaccines, and yet the death toll is still $300.00 per day and more, it's very soon go to reach 800008 psychological, psychological figure of serious significance for ministers and medics. and the jo ann general society getting close to 5 and a half 1000000 cases. since the pandemic began, any metric you choose to use frankly, right now is almost as bad as it has ever been. it's important to stress,
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it's not just one government that is in charge in germany, 16 different governments govern the 16 different states. and there are several states here who are plowing a, if not alone, faro, but they're certainly going their own way in terms of the severity of the restrictions they are putting on most citizens in their states on their freedom of movement. and that sort of thing. it's not just that they have to prove whether they have recovered recently from cove it or that they've been vaccinated against it in some places. the talk now is that's not enough. they must also anybody who wants to go anywhere in public, public places, bars, restaurants, that sort of thing has to show that they have very recently been tested negative as well. this is clearly something that is happening in states such as bavaria, saxony. these 2 states with the highest incidence of covered right now, and you have medics in those states, certainly in the state of saxony saying that in the large hospitals,
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they've now started a system of tree arch. in other words, they have to prioritize which patients they can give treatment to. not in an ordinary way. the only reason this is happening is because their hospitals are full of coven patience, and the situation is critical in the rest of europe, in the netherlands. they're running out of beds. austria has gone into another lockdown, and i wonder what whether other countries are across the continent are considering more restrictions, perhaps even the closure of borders. well, the thing to say here is if you take a look at the map of europe, you see where the highest incidences are right now. the interesting thing is that austria seems to be the trend setter here. the question is going to be whether the measures put in place by austria will then ripple around the countries that border austria and be taken out by all the others. certainly we know that the tightening
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of restrictions in belgium and in the netherlands has caused violence on the streets and protests which turned a bit aggressive. that sort of thing. the question though, is the way that governments go about implementing their new security measures. we know that the home affairs minister in belgium has said that whilst it's important that people have the right to protest, they are in the minority because they are referring to the unvaccinated. and the question of this person is posing is which is more important, the rights of the majority to be protected from cove it or the rights of the minority, not to take the vaccine. so you have a philosophical discussion going on right now about the vaccination or, and vaccination side of things. and that's almost running parallel with the previous answer to high incidences which was locked down the seemingly preferable solution in many german states. and it was also in austria, is what's being referred to as to g plus or in german spy agape las that comes from
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the german words which refer to recovered and to vaccinate it. and the plus then is this negative test that many people here think might be the solution. the idea that you can't access anything in public unless you can prove either you very recently recovered from cove it and have just been tested negative all that you've been vaccinated against cove it and you've just had a negative test. that seems to be where many politicians here in germany are gravitating towards. and clearly there is some sense that might be happening in other countries too. for the one thing that's constant pretty much everywhere or certainly in many countries in western and central europe is ever climbing incidences of cov, it, and vaccination number's not really following in the same climbing 10. okay, thank you very much for that dominic cane life. i sat in berlin, bella, rural says it's returned another 118 refugees and migraines to their countries more
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are expected to leave. later on tuesday, the thousands are still trapped in a continuing stand off between poland and bellows. on monday, a bell russian president, alexander lucas shanker, blamed the e u for the crisis after the block rejected his suggestion to take in more refugees . the e. u accuses, look a shank of pushing asylum seekers to the border in retribution against sanctions. now let's take a closer look at this migrant crisis which began in august. thousands of people have fred countries including iraq, syria in afghanistan, and they're not trapped at the beller was fallen border between 2 and a half. 2 and 4000 people have been stranded for weeks in the cold without food, water, or humanitarian aid and temperatures are dropping. a one year old syrian boys believed to be the youngest victim, their victim. among 13 people reported to have died, holland and its western allies. c, bella ross is using the crises to destabilize the european union in retaliation
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against sanctions present. alexander lucas shanker denies those accusations. age groups accused poland government of violating international human rights laws by pushing asylum seekers back into bellows. a correspondence set by sin is on the bell russian side of the border where migrants are taking shelter from freezing temperatures. well, conditions in this camp here are getting harsher and harsher by the day. it was freezing overnight in the last couple of weeks. but now it's also freezing during the day and it has started to snow. we're not woods of early, more refuel, and really call it the service closes, no warms up the somewhat convoluted. although children ronald lived inside the building warehouses, not for living. this is how they are getting some water. this is how people are washing their clothes in the middle of the month and where they go to the toilet.
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there's a center here where they can spend a night, but many a crime to get a money. a coughing money are getting ill. so increasingly people are choosing to be repaired, created, they leapt through the back door, fellowship officials take them to the airport. but there's also quite a significant group assess, we're not going anywhere we keep waiting until germany takes them in. and there's another group who at night tries to still sneak in to the polish border and try to cross secretly. but conditions of course have very difficult. and this winter here, it is really cold. temperature people have died already runs across and so it's a very desperate situation. a time, not for a check on the world, whether his romp, it is snowed in spain. you probably know that much of inland spain actually is a long way by see level either high plato or mountain soap snow is not that unusual . happens every year as bit of warning i for it's weird about $1415.00 centimeters
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up in the canterbury mountains, in northern spain. the warning is still out. it'll be out for tonight, and indeed for to morrow, for yet born to get to 20 centimeters. somewhere in the northeast of spain. these are nighttime temperatures. it does get quite coated right near frost around madrid . it's not much windy land either, but you notice the near the water barcelona, it's still fairly mile, just got to be wet here. and that nolly breeze means we collected feet in some cold weather, to northern spain during wednesday. as i said, the warning out for the snow, at least on the mountains, that rain could vocals problems in the south west of france. that if we jump through administrative the other and similarly with the coal flow out of the black sea, we've got snow likely on the high ground of north eastern turkey. otherwise rain and that wind tends to die there. still then showing itself the rain in the fall shall come across cyprus to was probably western side of syria and lebanon sometime during thursday, but that may be it at least behind very fine weather and still quite warm weather
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in turkey. rob, thank you very much for that. still ahead on how to 0 walls and black people living in south africa for city of cape town, say they're being pushed out of areas to house to raise a goal for nationwide. protest says pakistani feel the pressure from ramp and inflation. and we're here for lucia and we thought he was going to die after crashing. eddie beechum olympic. ah, oh, i can't oh hi, sydney. well, come in preparation. the country is a major on the 16 nations going head to head in 6 covers fill stadiums for 20 to 20. take will keep you across the action. as council prepares for the region's biggest ever sporting events. the fee for our cup on al jazeera,
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