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ah al jazeera, as a you ah, all the . ready news this is al jazeera ah ho, this is in use. our on al jazeera, i am fully volleyball, line for my headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. if you'll be as prime minister pledges to leads, troops against the grain rebels advancing towards the capital. 2 years on from the east of bombings in sri lanka, campaigners are a step closer to justice. also, the sour, thousands of migrants remain stranded along the poland bellows. order in freezing
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conditions, despite more repatriation flights from minsk and after a heavy defeat in regional elections, venezuela's opposition leader, one guy don't cause for unity. in sports, the former girlfriend of light football stahl deal. your mom donna says that he writes her when she was 16, may risk others alleges the assault took place in 2000 a one month when marzano was around 40. well more later. ah, thank you for joining. as ethiopia as prime minister says he will travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces. the year long conflict has intensified in recent months with rebels from the northern to gray region advancing towards the capital, the fighting started in september 2020 went to grey ends held regional parliamentary elections. there were in defiance of prime minister abbey ahmed,
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who wanted the vote postponed because of the pandemic weeks later, ethiopian lawmakers cut funding to the region. the war has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and displaced millions. victoria gate and b has our report. ethiopians prime minister says it's time to lead by personal example. it's a dramatic new step in the conflict. it's devastated the northern te gray region in a statement released on social media abbey and had said, this is a time when leading a country with martyrdom is needed. i will go to the front line and lead the military from the ground myself. those of you with your pins, he won't to be remembered by history for the sake of your country, join me in the fight to day. unless say it's an unusual moved by the prime minister . i think it is assign a hope for that induct. we'll also mobilize all the, with your beans, to join the military forces and though to join the war against the deacon defense
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forces. but certainly it is also a sign of desperation. in response to the prime minister's statement, the spokesman for the tea gray people's liberation front, tweeted abby's mimicry of ethiopia, as will time empress has taken on an old to palpable skits of frantic overtone. i would have dismissed this as yet another sick joke. abbey ordered a military offensive against the t p. a left last november saying it was in response to attacks on army bases. the t p left says it was unfairly targeted. but in june this year to graham fight is re captured the regional capital mckelly. and they're now advancing on the capital, addis ababa, despite a flurry of recent diplomatic activity, a ceasefire has not been reached and only say the language used by abby and monday statement is worrying. he does have a military background. if you look at his nobel prize speech from some years ago, they used a lot of war imagery to talk about the latitude learned about the hell of war. but here we are in almost full circle the nobel peace prize winner. by using the mult,
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bellicose language on to try to, you know, ramp up, the stakes ahead of the defense, not only of ethiopia, goodness in life and death, you know, you basically, you are willing to die for the cause. both sides of the conflict continue to maintain hard line positions and have set preconditions ahead of any negotiations. victoria gate and b algae 0. let's take a look at the map to see where the conflict is taking place. the t p a left rebels are pushing south from to grey into the neighboring regions of am herrera and afar and down a major road running to the capital, addis ababa. earlier this month to grind, rebels said they took control of these towns. combo char sits on a supply line linking a landlocked nation to the port city of djibouti. well, let's speak to ethiopian journalist some they'll get a chill, joins is leih from ad is samuel herb i guess a bit bit of a surprise,
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the announcement of the prime minister. what lead i b, i made to this decision to join the battlefield and willie actually do it or is it just propaganda rhetoric? it was certainly unexpected. we've been looking our 2 social media pages because that's where he likes to comment and reflect on what's happening in the conference . he has been given an open interview to any media for the last few years. but this came pie and he's been encouraging the parents to take up arms to defend their country. he said, this is your best fight to the lot and then blood. he's been saying it for a while. you've been, if you are to pay, can listen to the local radio stations and they've been playing tic, music, encouraging people to defend the interest of the country. leadership and job has been saying this is a fight for the foundation of the country for the independence of the nation.
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they've been complaining about the u. s. siding with a t p, which the government continues to say that parents, organization. there was a large protest putting in many, many cities in western nations, defending and thing as an independent nation in the us should stay poor should say out and the, the nation, the government has been saying they're in a position to defend and bury the enemy. so this is what really brought was the auction of the prime minister. we've been following closely and we haven't seen any images and we've been trying to get in touch with the government side to see when he will actually be going to the bottom ground. but that hasn't been confirmed to us or sophia, and what is the latest from the battlefield for weeks now? they've been report that t t l f fighters are nearing the capitol at is how close all of a it's hard to know. again, who you listen to, this is a conflict. really hard to verify the information that's coming to our side. some
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are saying they're nearby, some are saying they're fine with the tina. you've been in the combo s. the government only acknowledges that there is fighting stuff ongoing and this important talents, as you mentioned earlier, but it's hard to know. but again, the suburb has been in the state of emergency for a while. there's 10 mental people citizens that are accused of supporting directly or indirectly, the tpr left and the country seems to be ready for what's to come. but this is, this seems to be like a whole stretch or the context up be gone a year ago and fixed it again, minutes would be the open divided country. if you, if you find itself today, i'd be med is, of course, a nobel peace prize laureate he won the war 2 years ago. and his decision again comes as the price, many people that he would decide to escalate the situation rather than the
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escalated. what is ultimately the end game here is it for him to establish one dominant party in the field? well, and honestly the government has been saying its status. i was provoking, you know, the, even the peace process from being almost like suspended. because again, the conditions from both sides and really the difference. busy is day and night, but again, the u. s. invoice is in the country trying to we've got a peaceful engagement, but the chip inside compares the job in the united states, the bite. it was administration involvement. if they're supporting the other side, they compared the u. s. involvement, likely experiences of cases like yemen, and that's going to stop in iraq. but the other side is saying you feel as creating some kind of genocide. and again, this is a conflict. again,
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it's really difficult to verify, but there doesn't seem to be an end inside because there's no interest from both sides and negotiating and bringing this to a conclusion. what we know for certain, as many people are being a big event and not the sub about. there are so many people that are running a wait looking for some kind of receipt on the street and asking for support. and many people are expected to come. if this, especially if this conflict moves forward and comes to the top of a some, i think certainly some worrying development say thank you very much for talking just about this. saw me, i'll get the choice if you can journalists journey is there from the sub tal cabinet ministers have resigned in sudan in protest against a deal between prime minister abdullah ham dark and the ruling military council. ham dark his back in power as a result of the agreement on sunday. nearly a month after being all said by army general abdel fatter albert hon. but his critics say his legitimizing the military takeover and they want to return to full
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civilian role. in other world news, at least 45 people, including children, have been killed after abbas caught fire and crashed in western bulgaria. it had been traveling from turkey to north macedonia. the accident happened about 40 kilometers south of the bulgarian capital. sophia 7 passengers were taken to hospital with friends still to do social. this is terrifying. no one can bear it. no. so it is investigation will clarify the cause of the accident was that the people are all burned. that's why nobody can tell how many people were do or who they are. identifying the bodies will be very difficult, little. at least 6 people have been killed after a fairy capsize off the eastern coast of sri lanka. 12 people have been rescued and a search is underway for others. it is not known how many were on board and still in sri lanka court has been adjourned on the 1st day of the trial of $25.00 men charged with carrying out the 2019 easter bombings. they're facing more than 23000
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of fences, including major among them is the alleged mastermind was accused of having links to i saw 267 people were killed in the attacks on churches and luxury hotels in colombo. we now fernandez has more from shanker capital. the very 1st day of the high court trial at bar has been adjourned, because as you can see, the last group of suspects are being taken back to the room on prisons. they're being held in some of those huge piles. they're carrying. actually, the list of indictments and chargers. one of the defense lawyers told me earlier that it's 9 volumes. a single one was more than $3000.00 pages. obviously when you look at chargers of over 23000 against the accused, it's going to take some doing and he's going to take some volume. so what the judges have a rule basically to deal with the defense requesting that those documents are provided toward the accused in the language they can understand. and tamara,
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and obviously in english are these state lawyers asked for more time. and as a result, the hearing has been adjourned till january. now, while the state has put forward the fact that this group includes the a legend mastermind, a mouth for now, larvae a molar v as they have heard named are there are those who question this her obviously members of the catholic church have been scathing or in their criticism of the government investigation, this a lots of fax that came up in the presidential commission had been 30 in the parliament inquiry, have not been taken up by investigators that have been ignored. or there are also members of the families of the suspects that i have spoken to. some of them are essentially being very, very concerned about the fate of what's happening to their loved ones in demand were facing these charges. they said they had nothing to do with the bombings,
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witless aspects of their said that they have actually been forced cost or some of them going as hard as to say that some of the suspects were tortured. but the government maintaining that these are the people involved, or who aided or who are bettered, or those suicide bombers that carried out those 6 deadly suicide attacks on easter sunday morning and 201920 more head on this news hour, including we look at how corona virus locked answer affecting china's economy. a jury in the us is asked to weigh up, murder, or self defense. as closing arguments are made in the amount oper each tried murder trial and in sword the las vegas, tyler braun james his band for the 1st time in his mind to your career as come out later with hall, i
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barrels says it's returned another $118.00 refugees and migrants to their countries to diffuse a border crisis with the european union. more expected to leave late on tuesday, but thousands are still trapped between poland and barrels. on monday, bellow russian president, alexander lucas shanker, blamed the e u for the crisis. after the block rejected his suggestion to take in more refugees, the you accuses, look a shanker of pushing asylum seekers to the border in retribution against sanctions, al jazeera step boss, and report from the bell russia side of the border with poland. after another night and the cold on an empty stomach hope is slowly fading. many managed to get through this crisis, believing that germany would accept them. like what happened in 2015 when the country to get nearly 1000000 syrian refugees. but germany feels increasingly far away in this bella, russian camp, just hundreds of meters away from europe. 70 are not going to say to you are going
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to wait. wait, wait, wait. dozens of people in the camp, i've left a home country to find medical treatment in europe. some are physically disabled like 5 year old mom was born without last. some struggles with mental issues. i didn't tell like terminated saying no, i don't care. i have to give the not the, in germany maybe in another country to deal with me to get my health or why it's i call a g, get better fragile people used by bell. russian leaders look shanker in a cynical power play with europe, with songs, but i also believe them myself. jimmy doesn't take them. what can we do? there's no way out a good. i do not often the good images of the camp, a widely broadcast by band lucian and russian stay tv commenting. europe lapse down
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people in need a visit of the world health organization ames to counter this. i'm in touch with many, many countries, and many countries already to support. there's a lot of pressure on europe to take these 2000 to migrants and asylum seekers. will this happen? well, as i was mentioning, just know, the liquid part of a larger united nation is family going to meet with you and country team. each of them has it, man, thank you and your island. my mission as a reason that of w cool is helpful. all is really ensuring that health as a human rights in respect of health conditions are rapidly deteriorating. and increasingly people are asking to be returned home belushi and security personnel are escorting them through the back door. something we are not allowed to film more people return and here's the result of the crisis august rated by lucas shanker, thousands of deaths, and lucian, people told everything to go on this hopeless journey phase and promises you has
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shown it's an immigration face, and lucas shank i was it a manager before the euro, the open is border for many, it will be back to where they started. after spending weeks been pushed back and forth between one country to try to send them across the border and the other firmly, refusing them step, fasten al jazeera at the bela worship border. the head of the international atomic energy agency says he's helping to reach common ground where the ron on its nuclear program. raphael grossi is meeting senior iranian officials into iran, negotiations with well leaders to salvation. 2015 nuclear deal as set to resume next week. the you and nuclear watchdog agency says its inspectors have not been able to access surveillance footage of nuclear side since february there are a number of issues that we are working on as the president just said. it's very important that we put this in the perspective of the peaceful nuclear program of
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iran at the time we're climate change demands that we work together that we ad cleaned, lucre energy to the mattresses around the world. and our seed was discussed just a few days ago in glasgow with china has taken a 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic since last year and defended strict and sudden locked downs. but experts are warning the policy is unsustainable. economic growth is slowing and several banks have cut their forecasts for next year. katrina, you has more from beijing. chinese authorities appear to have the country's latest corona, virus outbreak under control. daily reported, cases have dropped to single digits after the delta variance spread to at least
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$1300.00 people since mid october. but reducing infections has come at a cost, severe locked downs and trouble restrictions are weighing on the country's economic growth. at a time when inflation is also increasing, chinese officials say the impact will be short term, but some analysts believe it's likely to continue next year. oh i. oh. all right, richard. oh, yes. in people's lives, he's morale. air, he's eating. she hands you. a shaw to joe and jason. jim security. last week ratings agency. fitch cut it's forecast for china's quarter in 2021 to a point one percent and lowered it's 2022 forecast to 5.2 percent. several banks have also followed suit. china is one of the few countries still following a 0 tolerance approach to the virus. its borders had been closed since march 2020,
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and strict quarantine remains in place. shelters had become more cautious in their spending. e commerce chide ali baba recorded its lowest sales growth during its annual single state online shopping festival. earlier this month, ahead of the beijing winter olympics in february authority, se they will further tightened. pandemic controls in the coming weeks job owner or mount. we will summarize the experience and lessons learned so for the taking pains to promote the implementation of abdominal prevention and continue to look for pearl vaccination for the public. chinese economy is already under pressure from a crackdown in the property sector and power shortages which hampered manufacturing . the economy grew by just 4.9 percent in the 3rd quarter. falling sure. expectations. katrina, you out is irritating. israel has begun a corona virus vaccination campaign for children, aged $5.00 to $11.00 confirmed cases of surge in
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a country half were among children. below the age of 11, the government has began vaccinating young children after pfizer trials produce promising results. the u. s. government says 90 percent of federal employees have had at least one dose of a covered 19 vaccine present. joe biden made vaccinations compulsory for federal workers in september. any of the 3 and a half 1000000 federal workers who are not vaccinated could face a 2 week suspension. to venezuela now, where the ruling socialist party has gained victory in regional elections, present nicholas murderous party, 120 of 23 state governorships. opposition figures say the result is a blow to their 1st campaign after a 4 year boycott. teresa bore reports on the capital crock, us gina. marijuana was surprised by the results of sunday's region elections. she lives in the neighborhood of my daughter, and was hoping for the poles to expose the situation venezuelans are facing to day
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. she's her teacher. oh, her 4 year old daughter has a kidney condition and she can't afford the treatment. no fuss him. it's not easy if you have the expenses we have with a child who has kidney disease and you have to spend a $150.00 every 3 months. i have a family, we can barely safe $10.00. yeah, i've gone everywhere to ask for help, but nobody cares. i'm disappointed because i wanted something to change that. well, but in bluff heavily, what in the center of kodak us, nikolai, my little supporters, celebrated venice will as ruling socialist party 120 governorships in spite of the huge economic crises that's left more than 80 percent of the population in poverty . oh, louder leave us came here because she wanted to congratulate nikolai, my lord on his birthday, what a brit ended up and then then with the lender, the president takes care of us. we have vaccines face months. and if we have a problem with our salary, his soul said he gives us foods so we can survive yet sundays results. where i said
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back for the opposition, around 60 percent of the population didn't vote. and more than 5000000 people have left the country. even though the ruling party wanting most of the governorships, the national results show the opposition at least 9 points ahead. the problem is, their candidates were divided in crucial states. after several voice caught the up, official decided to participate in the selection. frustrated with a failure of us sanctions, so we moved me for my little from offices. they were also both by the servers from the european union, but the results were not what they expected. opposition leader. one way they said the frustration needs to work towards you need to know what to come. how do we connect? what happened on sunday with a solution to the crisis and people's problems and recover the country? that's the challenge we have. and clearly there needs to be a new phase in this process in venezuela,
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millions of venezuela caught in an economy crisis and an endless political battle that had a huge impact on people's lives. venezuelans are desperate for solutions that never seemed to arrive. very several elder cedar crackers. the united nations is warning . afghanistan's banking system is a risk of collapse if urgent and decisive action is not taken deposited so shrinking due to a cash liquidity crime shows the increase in the number of unpaid loans in term government wants to freeze on a passage abroad to be lifted. the economy has plunged into deeper crisis since the taliban took over in august. dominic still hot is the director of operations for the international committee of the red cross. he says of got his son is on a precipice. i have now spent 6 days here, a of gone is done and you are walking into a country that is at the brink of a huge you know,
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many terry and disaster. you can hear it. you can feel it everywhere. where you go, why spend a few days in come to are in this country? i had the opportunity to leave it the largest reform hospital in the files of god is done. and i saw that children admitted to the pediatrics in the attic ward and east. i'm more children that have been a big since august and it's just really extremely difficult to read in there. what really upsets me. this is a man may disaster ab, the frozen assets and the suspension of by not through 8 that i've met the nomic or lapse, a 40 percent compact of the economy that the estimate of august and people
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are suffering winter has started. people have no food to put on the table and no money to heat their homes. for my south korean president shone, do one has died at the age of 92 and was a military commander who sees power in a cool in 1979. the following year the army killed hundreds of pro democracy protesters. he was sentenced to death for his role, but later pardoned protests against his rule led to a transition to democracy. in 1987, professor b j came is a former south korean diplomat. he says, june leaves a complicated legacy. there were people who, who recognized a president for president john's performance as a and this performance idea is interesting to because his performance was that he kept his hands off from the economic policy and let the car was school economist trained in united states to run a climate policy doing necessary things,
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making necessary adjustments after after he is high growth era. so he's achievement if you will, it was allowing professional economists to run economic policy without much of a political intervention. and there was his interesting idea of what shipment. but of course, on the other side of the way, he was coming to the power wanting to mask, or there was always be used our, you know, in a negative way behind his legacy. he never fully acknowledged or apologized for the mask or indicating that he firmly believed there was certain this last steps to be taken, you know, to hold the country together in his own belief at the time of crisis following the assassination of talk to the demise of back to me and, and he did what he thought was necessary. that was his conviction. and he can never fully apologize and death left the big scar in the people's heart and remain as an
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important point to where the decreasing number of people still remembered. their kept their anger in their heart rescue and recovery operations are continuing in southern india after devastating floods. at least 30 people are dead or missing. thousands have been evacuated to relieve camps as more heavy rain is predicted over the next few days. our india correspondent, elizabeth bonham reports the southern city of bengal lou 2 has received more than $400.00 times the amount of rain it usually does. and november, flooding has led to the deaths of at least 24 people in the state of cut, nautica, and thousands have been stranded, emergency workers using boats to rescue people from their homes. but a problem does have been upgrading is there. hearing from lots leaders went to nursery. i want you to relax. we had over 603
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labs. were there nearly 3000 it was we are living in other parts of bengal. lou, too many can't get into their homes, but i can, we can't go inside the house and there's too much water in front of it. all the groceries are inside and we've been outside the house since last night. many people are concerned, they could be more flooding at several lakes. her overflowing, but was not gonna know. it's been more than 12 years since the lake became full. and this is the 1st time it's been overloaded and the drains have become blocked now. water is overflowing, and it has rained very heavily to the saves of observation, thumb and nod and put a cherry are also badly affected. dozens of people including rescue workers, have died. an entrepreneur ish with an indian air force as a lifting people to safety. many parts of southern india are experiencing excessive rainfall, environmental as say, unpredictable and extreme weather across south asia,
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as being driven by climate change and made worse by deforestation, the construction of dams and excessive development. while the rain has eased the worst affected state and the for the people and thumb and not preparing for more heavy downpours, elizabeth moran on al jazeera new delhi still ahead on the news. our us present joe biden, obstacle continuity, and his choice to head to the federal reserve walls apart. black people living in south africa is poor city of cape town, say they're being pushed out of areas to house to rich. and in what we're used to big jumpers in the n b a but not quite like that. ah well.


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