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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 7:30am-8:00am AST

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he has released this photo of bull on a video call with his president, but the w t. a is questioning her ability to communicate without censorship or coercion. china is foreign ministry says she's attended recent public activities, who hadn't been seen in public for weeks after accusing a form of vice premier of sexual assault. ah, what's on there with me? so robin and reminder of all top news stories. he therapy as prime minister says that he'll travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces fighters from the northern to grow region, nor pushing further south towards the capital at his abba. when the lawrence is a full us diplomats, he says, this is the stock is language of the all man has used yet. he does have a military background. if you look at his nobel prize speech from some years ago, he used a lot of war imagery to talk about the lessons learned about the hell of war. but
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here we are, you know, almost full circle with the nobel peace prize winner. using the most bellicose language to try to ramp up the stakes ahead of the defense. not only of ethiopia, but life and death. you know, he's basically, he's willing to die for the cause, which is the type of stark language we haven't even seen from him until now. australia has become the 1st country and western europe to reimpose, a national crow virus lockdown infections or surging there in neighboring countries . germany's health minister predicts people will either be vaccinated, recover or die by the end of the winter. former south korean president and no one has died at the age of 90 chin was an army commander who sees power through a military cuban 1979. his rules fought nationwide protests that eventually led to the countries transition to democracy. venezuela's ruling socialist party was claim victory and regional elections. president nicholas madeira as party when 20 of the
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23 state governorships turner was just over 40 percent. one of the lowest in the country's history. july is heading for a presidential election, but off in december fall right candidate jose antonio can stop the 1st round with 28 percent of the vote. he'll go head to head with former student protests leader. gabriel burridge. i've got a song banking system is at risk of collapse if urgent and decisive action is not taken. now that's the warning from the un deposits to keep bents operating or shrinking due to a cash liquidity crunch, and a spike in unpaid loans. closing arguments have been made in the u. s. state of georgia in the amador bri matter trial. 3 white men are accused of killing the unarmed black man last year while he was joking. those were the headlines will be back with more news and half and here on, on their next it talk to our, to stay with us. the investigating the use and
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abuse of power across the globe on our jazeera, with the heart to october 25th. following emily to take over that by general of the fact that the senior officials of the government detained, including prime minister after law, who has put on the house. but after nearly amount of negotiations, the parts have reached a particular agreement. abdulla hambrick has been released and reinstated, as prime minister. but what does the 14 point people signing the presidential palace mean for the company's democracy? and how much power will the civilian government hold moving forward? i am rest and said that in cartoon, in an exclusive interview, the prime minister discusses the recent political crisis in the company and the way forward for the 1st time since the military takeover of the law humble, talked to al jazeera mister prime
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minister of the lamb book, thank you for talking, talk to us. thank you very much for having me. i'm very pleased to be interviewed by al jazeera. dat standing news channel known for its professional as thank you ah prime minister. why did you accept to come back as prime minister as well? this is a great question. good for as an entry to this interview, when i signed that political agreement, i had a number of reasons in my mind. chiefly, among them is to avoid further bloodshed, namely among the youth. a 2nd reason was, is that i am adamant to see that transition into democracy completed. that's why i was keen on reaching this compromise in order to pave the way for democracy and the civil rule. another reason also is that that transition into democracy is the
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compass guiding you all my steps. all these matters are into why and and above all, we have reached a political impasse within and without. and the political agreement was science has the ability to take sudan out of this dark tunnel and go back to the international circles. when back our respect within our regional and international surroundings, how would you describe what happened on october 25th? let me start by defining what's happened on october 25th. you cannot be described, but a military take over in am on constitutional manner and the own norms and terms. it is nothing but of
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a cool. this is by definition of what took place on october 25th. so it's a coo. and now you're back to work with the team that you have, who's in conducting a coup. all our sources as a human beings are governed by what is possible. as i started my this interview, when we reached this agreement, we had in mind one thing. we still paved the way for our country to get back on the course of transition into a democracy and the civil rule. that's why we used this compromise and we signed this political agreement. tell me about the this preceding to take over the relationship between you and military or worse terms. but some say that you will with dissolving the government. is that true? before what happened on october 25th, there were a number of initiatives,
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a number of efforts i myself presented 2 initiatives, one in june. the 2nd on october, the 15th, all the initiatives posed were aiming at addressing the huge challenges we have been facing over the past 2 years, namely, reforming the state institute since and the part of this is dealing the transition period. this has been occupying the faults of all the active players, civil and military. sir, prime minister can tell me what happened on the night of the mid to take over when you were arrested. was about 3 30 in the morning when a number of military officers high ranking officers came to my residence. and they informed me that there has been a change taken place. at the beginning, i was told i would remain at my own residence under house arrest. however,
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15 minutes later, those officers came back and i was informed that a new decision has been made that they would be transferred with my family into the hospitality palace. about 4 o'clock in the morning. my family and i was transferred into the hospitality palace and would turn it on the evening of the 3rd day where you're concerned for your life. i am confident that destination attempt on my life. in march 2020, when i accepted the office, i was fully aware of the dangers and per hovering over my head. and i believe that what happened, all the transitions has been at the expense of the people
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for me, every sacrifice is worthy. they said, and his people have sacrificed their lives, their blood men and women. they have fallen as martyrs on the course of their journey calling for freedom and democracy. how does it feel to be free? again? freedom is a very precious value. you know, one day in carson nation is that great humiliation to human dignity. however, if you compare it to other sacrifices, but this is denise people, it is nothing was prime minister. what about the fit of forces of a freedom and change? so they have nominated you as a prime minister. and now the parties in this william coalition artist distancing themselves from to new political agreement that you just signed with mr. al wilham
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. so how are you going to manage it? the freedom and change coalition is the largest sudan has seen in decades. it has been at the forefront of this glorious revolution. it will remain active and there is no democracy without political parties. however, what is left of the transitional period mandates that all these political parties and functions are required to join forces get engaged with the respect of supporters and get fully prepared to the election race . it is only the election that will take the country into permanent and lasting democracy, where the people will have their say and a leg. though leaders. what about their protest on the streets?
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the resistance committed say they consider your agreement with mr. han at bet trail off the 40 people being killed and more than $200.00 injured. how are you going to convince them? the political agreement was science was built and the 1st place on one fact over the past 3 weeks. i have been working on the political agreement simply to avoid further plod say to them, and that's why i hope with this agreement, we will end complete the bloodshed. as i said, every drop of blood is pressure. i fully appreciate the anger among the people. i know that many may differ, reject or object to the political agreement i signed. however, i have no personal gains in the agreements. i'm fully driven by the fact that we should avoid further bloodshed put an end to all the violations
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. every drop of blood, as they said is very precious. and therefore, i hope together we can beat a compromise where we avoid further bloodshed and paved the way once again, 2 words transition into democracy. so from what you have said, understand that there would be no member of the force of freedom and change in this new transitional period. is that through the goal concept of the upcoming government is that it will be with technocratic government made up of cit, denise qualified professionals about one and a half years remaining of the transitional period. and the upcoming government, according to me, should focus on very specific issues, chiefly transition into democracy home and the related obligations.
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namely, conveying the constitutional conference and holding the election as a schedule are fully aware that mom and holding their elections will require at least one full year. it may drag on for one and a half years. and what is left of the transitional period. i hope we can re, it's when an agreement upon an independent technocratic government to lead the remaining part of the traditional period into the upcoming elections. have you consulted with your cooperation between the signing the agreement with mr. overhand although i was under house arrest? i was in cognitive communication with a large number of wide spectrum of the political leaders of within sedans. i had a very intensive talks with a wide spectrum of the people,
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all these efforts and all these views came together. and this agreement was the initiative made by the dignitaries on wise men. the initiatives made by university professors. other initiatives were proposed by parties to the peace agreement in addition to other group and individual initiatives. all these initiatives were melted in one political agreement. could you specify some names as facilitators and mediators? i'm sure that there must be some specific actors involved in this process. there are a number of active players, activist lawyers, politicians, dozens. so with what happened on october 25th. how can you trust army
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again? i'm in the process of rebuilding confidence require patients. it also requires all involved to transcend above what is written. we should engage practically to join forces to join hands to agree on the plan forward in absolute transparency and veracity. it also requires that we should all work on the pending issues with your patience and seriousness in order to create the necesary atmosphere whereby we can trust one another's. over the past 2 years, there is no doubt, there were a number of positives and these positives can be built on where gradually
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people can regain trust. whose prime minister, how are you going to, um, resolve the differences between the political parties. that was the major reason for the whole crisis wasn't. i mean, we should not raise our expectations that under the transitional period, what in this manner level, a large number of parties and factions will engage and find common denominators, find common ground and reach an agreement and if necessary, compromise. and i believe that hardwood nationwide and the great coalition can rebuild its spirit and reshape its objectives in order to reach the election as a schedule. have you been given guarantees ah,
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by the army that you will be free to perform your duties as prime minister of the country? this is a key part of the political agreement. i sign that the prime minister should have the power and the authority of his route to form an independent technocratic government with all the liberty and without any precious. and this is what i signed for. so was prime minister of the accountability at least 40 people were killed and many injured, but also there are abreast and harassment. so how are those responsible going to be held accountable? as i mentioned earlier, i pray to god almighty to accept in his mercy the phone and martyrs. and one of the key issues in the political agreement is the necessity. jill,
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initiate the old out and dependent and transparent investigations for all the violations committed, killing torture, and all other crimes and violations committed over the past period of time and all those found guilty the thrive before the court. well, mister prime minister, you have formed many committees in the past and just a few how produce results. why should people have benefit in any community you form going forward? i fully appreciate the state of this satisfaction among a large number of the committees, namely the investigation committees that were formed and failed to arrive at the final conclusions and their investigations. however,
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the issue of em tents of inclusive, all our transparent investigations would remain the key objective. then when we form a committee, we do not interfere in their accent or proceedings, the independent and had the liberty to act and professional manners. however, swift findings should be arrived at in order to find those responsible and penalize them. so how are you going to pick your ministers? do you have the full independence to be able to your team as prime minister of the country? i think so. i also believe that allows number of mediators and the active players. i'm all those who contributed till when creating the current atmospheres and bringing the views closer together. we'll have a bigger role and we'll continue to contribute wide,
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forming the upcoming govern. what about the political port, prisoners, what is their faith? they're supposed to be released, but is that an a processor regarding to that? another key issue of the political agreement was the release of all the political data in ease. i will do all in my power. i will exert all due diligence especially that today i was released out of the house arrest. i will do all in my power to have those political date in his release and enjoy the freedom of expression and fully practice their democratic rights. we'll, we'll do our best and swiftly. is there a process and any timeline regarding the release of the political prisoners?
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yes, we addressed this issue and there are promises that they will be released within a couple of days. and those days have passed and i believe that they will be released and very soon what he just to to, to make clear. and the army has said that several of them are ah, have him facing the chars and only they can be released by the court decision. and now with this new political agreement between you and mr. han, so they are supposed to be released without a court decision. is that correct? no, ma'am, we will are exerting all what we can. we are exerting maximum effort to see them released some se prime minister justice. i'm not talking about the justice for what happened over the past month, but also the process of transitional justice as well. this is
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one of the priorities of the revolution to achieve justice and inclusive lasting justice, transitional justice, which means that dan, we should all work together to achieve this justice and see justice administered and serve to the root of families of the victims. we also should see this justice allowing our country to move forward with and in this context, we should conjure up the past experiences of sudan and other peoples rwanda, south africa, et cetera. however, we are all guided by the fact that families of the victims must feel and see justice truly serv. so then has more than one army
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and several armed groups. so their political declaration that you're signed with mr . overhand a spoke about. i did a to create him a formula to unify the army and also to speak in about the a security sector reform. how are you going to reformed army, while the army so much in full control, was started working on that particular issue and also forming a one uniform unified army national army with an u combating doctrine. we cannot be back on our feet again unless we have a one unified uniform army. and we have democracy restored in order to maintain sedans,
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territorial integrity. it stretches resources and above all, to suffer safe guard the constitutional rights and would allow the civil powers to function. so do you have a certain timeline for the present transitional period? are such as are, did the constitutional court and the transitional parliament, and more importantly, dear any timeline for an election with respect to the elections? yes, we agreed upon the fact that the elections will be on or before june of 2023, who the choice of who rules will be left to the people under the ballot box. free and transparent by the end of this period was prime minister. now, you are the prime minister or for country that the protests are still ongoing. and
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the violence still being used against people just white heading toward the building of their prime minister. here have seen people been to gast, and one is killed or harassed. that's going to happen in a concert that you are the prime minister. how are you going to accept this political agreement is initially built on one fact avoiding further bloodshed. therefore, i believe that no further blood should be shed, peaceful demonstrations is a lawful right which was snatched by our people, throw there, continued the struggle, we will continue to defend and save god, this lawful right? i am, i respect all those who took to the street to day and the days forward and
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whether those in agreement or again is the political agreement. it is their lawful constitutional right. not to agree or disagree. and that's why we hope to cement the traditions of democracy, where difference can be accepted. we need to see the free people expressing their opinion freely as an end transparency in all possible peaceful manners. we will continue to defend save god, this ride. even if we are in disagreement, prime minister, you signed a deal, and your 3 people present their mr. army cheer for mr. ham. and the head of rep is support for this, mr. committee. and you you look quite alone. do you feel alone or the fear
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that people will leave you because many of them feel that you have already left them. i'd like to speak frankly, he and i don't have any personal gains to remain a figurehead or to join a particular group or a party or to have higher popularity. i'm all driven by their responsibility placed on my shoulders and the ambitions and helps of the sudanese people. that's why i made up my mind and i signed the political agreement . although i am fully aware that large numbers of the sudanese people may differ object or reject the agreement because their expectations are higher. however, i would like to rate rate that i do not have any personal gains in the political agreement. otherwise, i wouldn't have taken the office in the 1st place with all the challenges and
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problems over the past 2 years. and therefore, i'm not worried by the issue of a personal gains or my personal status. the decision i made and i believe it's was at correct decision and to the best entities of the people. that's why i moved forward and i signed the agreement. prime minister up to lamb duke. thank you for talking to him. thank this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of the new era and television. you. if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still going to go to miss also landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on the road. we saw the syrian army flag hoisted high in the city.
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many people here have told me that that war will not end until they see coffee and his son brought to the just gonna get 90 seconds for this on. so we're being told that this with ami is very real coming. our way of buying brides is lack of respect for women and lack of any value that the woman i was just it over here guy by the police on purpose. there's at least 20000 for him to refugees who live here . i'm on l 20. i got to commend you, you're not trying to push people to believe in this or believe in that the, i'm a say it has completely changed you with or how does the results this is in gaza are housed in that building and the power has come down never before in human history has the once per steam environment to the
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arctic students such peril. ah, ah, he's here he is prime minister abbey ahmed says he'll lead the military from the front lines as rebel advances threatened its hold on the capitol. ah, hello. hello robin, you're watching out. is there a lot of my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes? a warning to germans on cave in 19 the health minister says they'll either get vaccinated, recover or die from the virus.


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