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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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aim to reducing personal consumption, credit and class, and i hope to be happier as a result. a simple life on al jazeera. ah if his prime minister abbey albert says he'll lead the military from the front lines as rebel advances threatened his hold on the capitol. ah kelloms. how robin watching lodge is there a life headquarters here in doha, coming up, pay warning to germans on cove at 19 the health minister says that the the get vaccinated recover or die from the virus. but its whale is opposite. surely the hon . wide osi community and calls the rebuilding after a heavy defeated regional elections and the former south korean president chin dog
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hon has died. his autocratic rule in the 1980s sparked mass protests and the countries transition to democracy. ah, welcome to the braga, ethiopia, prime minister says he'll travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces. tens of thousands of people are believed to have been killed in battles between the ethiopian army and to grind forces that began last year, which will again be reports. ethiopians prime minister says it's time to lead by personal example. it's a dramatic new step in the conflict. it's devastated the northern te gray region in a statement released on social media. abby act had said, this is a time when leading a country with martyrdom is needed. i will go to the front line and leave the military from the ground myself. those of you with your opinions,
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he want to be remembered by history, for the sake of your country, join me in the fight to day. unless say it's an unusual move by the prime minister . i think it is assigned a hope for that deductible. also mobilize all the rest your bins to join the military forces and though to join the war against the deacon defense forces. but certainly it is also a sign of desperation. in response to the prime minister's statement, the spokesman for the tea gray people's liberation front tweeted, obese mimicry of ethiopia, as will time empress has taken on an old 2, palpable skits a frantic overtone. i would have dismiss this as yet another sick joke, abby, would it a military offensive against the t p. a left last november saying it was in response to attacks on army bases. the t p left says it was unfairly targeted. but in june this year to graham fight is recaptured, the regional capital mckelly,
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and they're now advancing on the capital at is have a despite a flurry of recent diplomatic activity as these far has not been reached. and analysts say the language used by abby and monday statement is worrying. he does have a military background if you look at his nobel prize speech from some years ago. he used a lot of war imagery to talk about the latitude learned about the hell of war. but here we are in almost full circle the nobel peace prize winner are using the mult, bellicose language. on to try to, you know, ramp up, the stakes ahead of the defense, not only of ethiopia right now in life and death. you know, you basically you willing to die for the cause. they sides of the conflict. continue to maintain hard line positions and upset pre conditions ahead of any negotiations. victoria go to be out there about how do i know is a professor of political science at the university of toronto. and he says about his comments. make it much harder to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. i don't know if this is the right moment. i
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think he called support his people to mobilize a larger scale. apparently, the, to this message is very aggressive. how many people were expecting some sort of approach meant are in terms of making peace and says fire. so he was more or less mystifying the war and asking it to be on our, to our lives. and he is ready to be marked here and to die in the back of the saw he use imagery or fire add while we're a defeat is italians. and not only that, but also he want to model us african ice. the problem as if the war is not only again, as the 2 clients or t p a left. it's as if the world is weighed against imperialism, oregon peons. i wish that nurse if you like. so he called up on africans to express sorted out. he really took the, as, as a, b, b, i was a sort of victim of western decrease. and so i, it is very,
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very aggressive. and many people are hoping that some kind of solution would be found. but i think this, in addition to the emergency loss where he called, or only to be asked to simply use all the plans to fight and the body of the enemy . i simply very aggressive once austria has become the 1st to your country to re enter a full nationwide lockdown as infection surge. the average daily deaths have tripled in recent weeks. under the restrictions, people can only leave their homes to buy groceries to visit the doctor, or to exercise and re simmons hands law from the capital theater. the lock down is back in austria, or as your rock shivers of the onset of a force wave of cobit 90. this is salzburg, one of the worst hit places where intensive care units are filling up. last month, the national daily infection rates were around $3000.00 cases per day. they're now hovering between 14 and 16000. in the capital vienna christmas lights may be on,
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but like everywhere else, shopping has stopped for all but essential items. stalls are closed, people are allowed out for an occasional stroll in this lock down. there's plenty to see but not to buy. the manager of this restaurant has closed down and is giving his fresh produce away to locals. he's pessimistic. i think everybody has enough of it and question as oh, why again, wasn't there enough time to prepare? we have the locked on now because obviously it's needed. not far away. the christmas market usually brightened, busy at this time of the year is a sullen place. the lockdown is scheduled to last up to 20 days with a review after 10 full or many people fear it could last a lot longer. and with the restrictions come, an even bigger emphasis on the vaccination program. only 66 percent of the
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population have been vaccinated, leaving one of the biggest proportions of unvaccinated people in europe. so the government will introduce compulsory vaccinations in february. it's led to resistance and protest. this woman has just had her 3rd vaccination, the booster jap. yes, she says people shouldn't be forced to have vaccinations. we had a chancellor who had made only marketing for his career and but he didn't explain. and that didn't make a good preparation for to to ensure that everyone will be back from the capitals across europe. are watching austria closely as they consider their own restrictions here. the daily number of death calls by the corona virus has tripled in recent weeks. this locked down is a last resort. andrew simmons al jazeera vienna. the hospitals in germany are
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running out of intensive care unit beds, chance the anglo medical says the con restrictions didn't go far enough. the health ministers urging more citizens to get vaccinated if you had them entered these. it's been tough probably by the end of this winter, pretty much everyone in germany at some time being fed so much cynically, will have been vaccinated, recovered or died. or it's true with a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like the stick. now, china has been 10 days, 0 tolerance branch to the pandemic since last year, defending and severe and sudden locked downs. but experts are warning. the approach is unsustainable. economic growth is slowing and several banks have cut that growth forecast. the next year between you has more beijing, chinese authorities appear to have the country's latest corona, virus outbreak. under control. daily reported, cases have dropped to single digits after the delta variance spread to at least $1300.00 people since mid october. but reducing infections has come at a cost,
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severe locked downs and trouble restrictions are weighing on the country's economic growth. at a time when inflation is also increasing, chinese officials say the impact will be short term, but some analysts believe it's likely to continue next year. oh i. oh. oh, great region. oh yes people is each morale era, $82.00. she had a shot all to joe and jason jensen, jersey last week ratings agency. fitch cut it's forecast for china's quote in 2021 to a point one percent and lowered. it's 2022 forecast to 5.2 percent. several bags have also followed suit. china is one of the few countries still following a 0 tolerance approach to the virus. it's borders have enclosed since march 2020, and strict quarantine remains in place shelter. it had become more cautious in
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their spending. e commerce chide ali baba recorded its lowest sales growth during its annual single state online shopping festival. earlier this month, ahead of the beijing winter olympics in february authority, se they will further tightened. pandemic controls in the coming weeks job owner or mount. we will summarize the experience and lessons learned further taking pairings to promote the implementation of epidemic prevention and continue the per pearl vaccination for the public. chinese economy is already under pressure from a crackdown in the property sector and power shortages which have handed manufacturing. the economy grew by just 4.9 percent in the 3rd quarter. falling short of expectations. katrina, you are the 0 pitching that israel is ruling socialist party, has claimed victory and regional elections present. nicholas maderos party when 20 of the $23.00 states governorships, opposition figures say the result is
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a blow to the 1st campaign after a full year. boycott trees, a bow reports on from the capital, caracas. gina marijuana was surprised by the results of sunday's region elections. she lives in the neighbourhood of my daughter and was hoping for the post to expose the situation venezuelans are facing to day. she's her teacher. oh, her 4 year old daughter has a kidney condition and she can't afford the treatment. no fuss him. it's not easy if you have the expenses we have with a child who has kidney disease and you have to spend a $150.00 every 3 months. i have a family, we can barely safe $10.00. yeah, i've gone everywhere to ask for help, but nobody cares. i'm disappointed because i wanted something to change. oh, but in bless heavily. what in the center of kodak us, nikolai, my lord of supporters celebrated venezuela's ruling socialist party, won 20 governorships. in spite of the huge economic crises that's left more than 80
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percent of the population in poverty. oh, louder leave us came here because she wanted to congratulate nikolai, my lord. on his birthday present the valiant entered glendale. the president takes care of us. we have vaccines face mouth, and if we have a problem with our salary, his soul said he gives us food so we can survive sundays results. where i said back for the opposition, around 60 percent of the population didn't vote. and more than 5000000 people have left the country, even though the ruling party wanting most of the governorships, the national results show the opposition at least 9 points ahead. the problem is that candidates were divided in crucial states. after several voice caught c up officially decided to participate in the selection. frustrated with the failure of u, a sanctions to remove well at my little from offices. they were also in full debt by the presence of servers from the european union. but the result were not what they expected. opposition leader one way though said d,
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a position meets to work towards unity. you know, the gama. what a gum, how do we connect? what happened on sunday with a solution to the crisis and people's problems and recover the country. that's the challenge we have. and clearly they need to be a new phase in this process. in venezuela, millions of venezuelans are caught in an economic crisis and an endless political battle that's had a huge impact on people's lives. venezuelans are desperate for solutions that never seemed to arrive. that he said, well, i'll de cedar carrack us. well, still had here on al jazeera, the bell, russian president calls on the eve to accept hundreds of migrants stuck on the border with poland saying that he doesn't want a confrontation. and he was present robot knobs for continuity. it is picked to head, the federal reserve, those stories after the break. ah,
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ah, look forward to really, to scully's, the winter sponsored my cattle airways. i think we'll see a few shares running up the coast of our mall and maybe yemen the next day or so. and it's a culture that gets to where it is, where there was a tropical depression. that about 2 weeks ago was in the bay of bang goal and then trust india. otherwise, the weather doesn't settle this bit of a shipment blowing for a couple of days tuesday, wednesday, maybe thursday, affecting cutter as well, but it's not particularly dusty one, otherwise it's quite looking whether we the showers are gone through have gone through, might repeat themselves. i think in iraq in a day or so, but in iran and places to the north eve to becky stand, it looks relatively warm the time the, the winter's waiting to come back again. and it will start that process during wednesday, across the caspian with snow in the northern caucasus, and significant weather coming to turkeys. well, it'll be rain mostly but snow, at least the start. and it covers turkey comes down to a cypress,
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and it'll keep going down towards 11. i think about time. we get to the end of thursday or friday. there's a program, a few shells just hinted ahead of it in iraq or iran. in tropical africa, you'd like to see some rain, so you would in kenya, after 2 failed years of harvest, this is the picture in the middle of kenya. i'd like to go right on the way. but you know, i'm going to say there isn't the widow sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. bob pop and less than a year. how will heis the middle east with well come in preparation. the country is staging a major tournament. theme nations going head to head in thanks, porpoise built stadiums, but 2020 tate won't keep you across the action as council prepared for the region's biggest ever sporting events that be for our cup on algebra.
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lou ah, welcome back here watching all just bear with me. so robin a reminder of all chop stories, ethiopians prime minister says that he'll travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces fighters from the knoll. them to grow, i region pushing further south towards the capital, addis ababa. austria has become the 1st country west of europe to re impose a national crow daughter is locked down. infections all surging the neighboring countries about germany's health minister predicts people will either be vaccinated, recover or die by the end of winter. and venezuela's ruling socialist party has
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claim victory at regional elections. president nicholas bureaus party when 20 of the 23 stake governorships tennessee was just over 40 percent, one of the lowest in the country's history. the former south korean president trend o one has died at the age of 90. sion was an army commander who seized power through a military coup in 1979. the next year, hundreds of pro democracy protested, were killed by the military in one to massacre. he was sentenced to death for his role, but later pardoned protested against his autocratic rule, led to elections on the countries transition to democracy in 1987. let's bring in b. j. kim. he's an affiliate professor at hung cook university and the former south quinn diplomat. jones, we now live from san mister kent, good, tough with us on al jazeera. now she was a man who had all who had the public have a sort of love, hate relationship with him. love his development idea for the country which
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financially prospered under his rule. but secondly, that rule was heavy handed and brutal at times did long, but it's a little bit stronger expression. but there are people who, who recognized president sola president john's performance as a this performance idea is interesting because his performance was that he kept his hands off from the economic policy. and that the car was school economist trained in united states to run economic policy doing necessary things, making necessary adjustment after talk to him, he is high growth era. so he's achievement if you will. it was allowing professional economists to run economic policy without much of a political intervention. and there was his interesting idea of what shipment. but of course, on the other side, the way he was coming to the power,
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the one to mask. or if there was always biggest our, you know, in a negative way behind it's the legacy about how significant to was that moment in history. in 1980, the going to massacre of pro democracy demonstrate as it was a significant turning point, wasn't it? yes, in that it was a very significant turning point. basically what happened was that he was the military intelligence commander. when talk to him, he was assassinated and he was the one who arrested the killer, the former head of korea's central intelligence agency. and through that process, he rose the rank and then a stage to cool, kind of like arresting or the senior feet, or senior military leadership above him and, and stage disability. cool. and people in come to recognize his action and took it as a signal that koreans whole for democratization. after about 10 years later, c was being being taken away. so dave rose up and under one sense,
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paratroopers special forces to crush the demonstration. and in the process, he ended up killing several hundreds of juan ju citizens. the importance of this memory was this memory. what had been with us all alone? i was in college at that time, throughout the college years when we had a plane close. no police people on campus watching us. you know, they're checking what we say, what we do and stuff. but students gym the demonstration, the student generation. now where i belong to, who are fully aware of and always remember punching incidence, the one jew was the trigger and the fuel behind korean zeal for them. accreditation, which eventually succeeded at the end of one's term, 1987, about 8 years or 7 years after the mask or after he was deposed from power. as you say in the late eighty's, he still remained a controversial figure for many,
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many years, you know, being convicted and that his sentences commuted. but the public feeling was quite angry towards him. certainly, when it sort of transpired that his family had gained at a master great deal of wealth and property from his time in office. i mean, does that angle still persists today? not as much as they used to be in the general public, but the victims association, victims, families, and then progressive side of political spectrum tend to raise babies. sure. but of course he didn't fully pay for his prize. a lot of people feel that way. he served in the, in the, in the prison, he did his present term and he was an exile in the mountain area for, for a long time. and but the thing is, he was part of that you mentioned by the president that followed him president for elective through the democratic me in spite of people's fault, then this democratically elected president pardon to him. so therefore he came back
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to normal life. but of course, he never fully acknowledged or apologize for the massacre indicating that he firmly believed there were 3rd, the necessary steps to be taken to hold the country together in his own belief. at the time of crisis following those destination of proximity made them back to me and, and he did what he thought was necessary. that was his conviction. and he can never fully apologize and death left, a big scar in the people's heart and remained as an important point to where it was decreasing. number of people still remember there kept their anger in their heart interesting times and said she will get more comment as the day progresses for the moment. beach can. thanks so much for joining us from salsa. thank you. thank you. about the russian president, alexander, look a shank, he says that he wants to avoid confrontation with poland as thousands of refugees and migrants a stuck in limbo with the border. i was calling on the you to take in 2000 people
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warning that the crisis could lead to wall street. bassam reports not from the bella russian side of the border with poland after another night. and the cold on an empty stomach hope is slowly fading. many managed to get through this crisis, believing that germany would accept them, like what happened in 2015 when the country to get nearly 1000000 syrian refugees. but germany feels increasingly far away in the spell. russian camp just hundreds of meters away from europe. 70 are not going to say you are going to wait. wait, wait, wait. dozens of people in the camp, i've left a home country to find medical treatment in europe. some are physically disabled like 5 or tom. i was born without last. i'm struggling with mental issues. i didn't help so many. it's saying no, i don't care. i have to give the, not the in germany,
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maybe in another country to deal with me to give them my health. why it's, i call a g, get better fragile people used by bell. russian leaders look shanker in a cynical power play with europe, with songs. but i also believe with myself, jimmy doesn't take them. what can we do? there's no way out a good idea. now, in the good images of the camp, a widely broadcast by banner russian and russian stay tv, commenting that europe lights down, people in need a visit of the world health organization ames to counter this. i'm in touch with many, many countries. and many countries already to support, there's a lot of pressure on europe to take these 2000 to migrants and asylum seekers. will this happen? well, as i was mentioning, just know, the liquid part of a larger united nation. somebody be going to meet with you and country team. each of them has it, man, thank you. and your island. my mission as a reason that
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w kill it. hell for all is really ensuring that health as a human rights is respective of health conditions are rapidly deteriorating. and increasingly people are asking to be returned home by the russian security personnel or escorting them through the back door. something we are not allowed to film more people return and here's where all of the slices august rated by lucas shanker. thousands of deaths and lucian, people that sold everything to go into the hopeless journey phase on from the e. u has shown it's an immigration face and lucas, shank, i was it, a manager before the euro. the open is border for money. it will be back to where they started, after spending weeks being pushed back and forth between one country to try to send them across the border and the other firmly, refusing them step, fasten al jazeera at the bela bush and border was going to stones banking system is
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at risk of collapse if urgent and decisive action is not taken. that's the warning from the un deposits to keep banks operating a shrinking due to a cash liquidity crunch, and a spike and unpaid loans. the interim government wants his assets abroad to be in phrase and now the economy plunged into deeper crisis after the taliban took over in august heavy rain as cause legs to flood in the indian city of angler route northern parts of the city have been hardest hit disaster management till 40 officials say $24.00 people have been killed and rains in floods in the state so far this month. closing arguments have been made in the us state of georgia in the ama aubrey murder trial. 3 white men are accused of killing aubrey and unarmed black man. last year, the 25 year old was shot dead while joking after being chased by the men in pickup trucks, one of the products. but michael testified that he saw aubrey as
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a threat. and that he acted in self defense. he was president joe biden has normally to join paul as chair of the federal reserve for a 2nd term biden's, big positively of power actions during the global pandemic. but from disagree with his views on monetary policy, white house correspondent kimbrough kit reports ending months. speculation us president joe biden announced his pick for federal reserve chair. i'm nominating jerome paul for 2nd term. his chair, the federal reserve power served the 1st term during one of the worst economic downturns in recent us history. that's why biden believes he's the right choice. again, our country was hammer jeans, jobs last year, and there was panic in our financial markers. j steady and decisive leadership helped to stabilize markets and put our economy on track to a robust recovery. powell faces
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a storm of challenges. rapid us inflation with price spikes for every day, goods like gasoline and food, and supply chain shortages that have left retailers struggling to keep shelves stocked. the central bank must decide how to keep prices stable. it will use our tools, both to support the economy and strong labor market and to prevent higher inflation from becoming entrenched. analysts say raising interest rates is one possibility. what is not clear? he should do that. because if the supply bottlenecks on open up soon, and there's some evidence that they're starting to, then you don't want to slam on the brakes just when the road is straightening. our financial markets responded favorably to the nomination, but the reaction wasn't always favourable from within the democratic party. sen, elizabeth warren has repeatedly criticized powell for not doing more to protect
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americans from financial institutions. miss deeds. she says she will vote against his re nomination over and over. you have acted to make our banking system less safe. and that makes you a dangerous man. despite that disapproval by some members of the president's own democratic party, jerome powell is expected to be confirmed by democrats and republicans in the u. s . senate. kimberly help it al jazeera, the white house. chili is heading for a presidential election run off in december. all right, candidate jose antonio can top the 1st row with 28 percent of the vote. ill go head to head with former student protest, either gabriel borak who locked in 20 percent 26 percent of the votes. now the women's tennis association says it's still concerned about the welfare of chinese tennis player push way the international olympic committee has released
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this photo of full on a video call with its president. but the w t. a is questioning her ability to communicate without censorship or coercion. china's foreign ministry says she's attended recent public activities. who hadn't been seen in public for weeks after accusing a form of vice premier of sexual assault. ah, what channels are there with me? so robin and reminder of all top news stories ethiopians prime minister, says that hill traveled to the frontline on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces fighters from the northern degree region, nor pushing further south towards the capital at his abba. when the lawrence, as a former us diplomats, he says this is the stock is language of a man has used yet he does have a military background. if you look at his nobel prize speech from some years ago, he used a lot of war imagery.


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