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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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a catch is one way to keep food longer. in fact, to smaller scale industries of sun drying, the fish have boomed because of the floods, but everywhere they look, people are reminded. the situation here could get worse. water labels are not receiving fast enough. barriers can only do so much to keep the rising water at bay harder matessa al jazeera jungle estate south to done. ah, one of the top stories on the dra 0, austria has become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a national grid of ours locked down. since vaccines were rolled out, our students can only leave their home for central shopping or exercise over the next 10 days. infections or surging all across the continent with new restrictions for the unvaccinated and asked in boast of arc here. and the czech republic, hospitals in germany are running out of intensive care beds. and the health minister was issued this morning for people who haven't yet had the job. if you had
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them in the diesel splinters, probably by the end of this winter, pretty much every one in germany at a sometimes been said somewhat cynically, will have been vaccinated, recovered or have died. it's true with a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like the i'm strictly better. russian president, alexander lucas shanker, says he wants to avoid confrontation with poland as thousands of migrants remain stuck in limbo on the border. he's calling on the you to take in 2000 migrants or warns that the crisis could even lead to war. germany and austria have so far rejected the request. a block accusers, belarus of flying in thousands of migrants and pushing them to cross into poland. lithuania and latvia in retaliation for sanctions is he appears prime minister abbey are mad, says you leaders, troops on the battlefield from tuesday as they fight rebel forces in the northern tiger. i region, tens of thousands of people are believed to be killed since the conflict began last
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year. i b as asked more citizens to join him on the front line, argued with them. closing arguments in the allied aubrey murder trial is set to resume on tuesday after the jury was sent home for the night. 3 white men stand accused of killing the 25 year old black man. while he was out jogging last year. the suspects chased him with their trucks through a georgia neighborhood. one of them testified that he saw aubrey as a threat and acted in self defense. and wisconsin police have arrested a man who drove a car into a christmas parade on sunday, killing at least 5 people. 39 year old daryl brooks will be charged with intentional homicide. the police say it was not a terror attack, and the suspect was fleeing the scene of another incident. those were top stories to stay with us. you know, not a 0 witness is up next for news for you after that. thanks watching bye for now. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no
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matter how you take it out, 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you counter 0. 0 you've done a google burn for all. what else already it will, does he have that is your why don't you definitely can you just cannot uniform as will be worth or yes guess was a non as
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a villa, whatever you know anybody getting on with one of them got to talk to you was it was only on amazon. you regard, discuss, gary, or be from a little over nascar, but i got your sco, explain the value of it, but these are the remaining years mostly my either borderline for some larger worker for general medical home. mid or not. i know her may of all is going on on the, in her meeting with nervous
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a little bit after him on bus, on the same night. same day, same note jotting last night with john. i got my list of yada memorial market school told me. mm hm. and i just don't know what we're doing on what it was. i'm going out down to more than that. we're not what he will want to live by sort of lever.
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now we're going to be doing with the be done really going to be want to go the pocket on we're going to go over your audio. so what are you going on at all? i need you to log on to it. i'm sorry. john was brought up with your doctor or was it will we? me? yes, i said they were going to call and talk to him for the money. and it's all about it because it wouldn't have been a robot calendar you. but keep on a voicemail because it was on me, i was because i got a job afternoon. mean it was good. there are
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a lot that it's already been up to me thought saw you, but she's in the deacon bought. got me going to be on the video me, but was in cassandra with the car just like the media to go the bomb is. and if you wanted make a hockey police report get bothered, you would be a full one here or tories, california lucky coverage. i'm going to be ok, is it all paid? shani ok. it was taken a lot to me about. there was a big but tickets a score and i want to get it to me. i mean, that means it's to me because we stop much room, but you because the, i pick it back up. you gotta
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do what brady go to believe. but he's got here because got a doctor's or got him is give me a call back all the needed to give the start menu after 15 days to decline our mega
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d. d 11 and images. indeed to be the late the muslim. but you also name modern choose eagle tank dbi, which you need, but your dad are gonna be wanting to you then you had to leave him on the way or there could be could be like really ah, then we do show how does that will put you on the will you how to manage? i don't know that we've got them
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all over dinner buddies. short term furnished. there's a dog in the bottle because he's gonna get all the bills. others are not going to go home with them and wrong and they always goes on the little boy, i am satisfied. a 100. yeah. i'll get back with. what will it is an estimate. ok, but he'll get got them wrongful cord. leslie made up my dog. i let god god validly
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up the portability godfather. go. uncle gast, dominate the dog with ms. n. okay, could give either mine, anyone who is obviously i'm much down some of the john k, a g. i'm it shoes. a real. there's no, there's a big problem before or to begin with development. i've got a hint, then i will go out with that up. so when you get a, it was helpful. very money with
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wanting, but i go through, i know with the same back in the good may yet the man to modify that with her who a. a sunny young man's in walking all well yes. excellent. black copper oscars. how productive for don megawatt, when i saw the 11 total just so you know what it was you can do or put them in even
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these are the yeah, but i'm going to we'll skip on. well, like i said, i will don't go that nobody does or not. and our our model
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in the deal at all to water money when he's had a family vehicle but it was how was the order? well, the, i would have ready to come all the doors, i know groups are the will be talking to women to be i got a lot of the most was all going to get the, the, what open out for the couple of hold on. there's going to so huge all with auto. i was me. oh, that's the largest one, the one i didn't hear me. i want man. what them in the report on marlene,
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marlene in new york or not why you're going to sit out on the stocking? sit out. no, no, no, no, no. oh no, no, no, no somebody on the, on the one who is going to do my job getting it automatically on the job. oh me. i me,
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i ah innovative me. i am to be sure. and i told her that i was looking to schedule a dfcs leah. i used to be with the one in one or 2000000000. i do want to be able to, by law you about what the other who think it was in philadelphia
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while, but a bit of work with women, i will say, should be good, can relinquish than anybody other both marriage hold robot log open it, but don't really believe a good day of the bar load out there so you are the only got the i will will bit of organize your ice kilo boss called me. but shelby her. that the group that the bad that yeah yeah. what are, what was about think about of dorval's or t july most was total with was summer, but totally wonderful. a but you come to join you. i got a jelly walk over there, town go. i got there. failure over. yeah. yeah. but yeah, but it's we doggy,
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his other idea. do you bother there'll be a bother. wouldn't go lose. yeah. do you by control got to get caught builder any mondo mandate on a mailbox on door daily jack visit. how he got to have $1.00 or the military. the other now monkey mowbray here we now game the yeah. but he'll news a janitor but to win and see this hollow daughter. aviana korea for your guy now, but you guys are here. my guy named brian here with aaliyah
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zan number 2 separate eagles videos for to part time and then i guess i'll be out the door with go or negative but it probably there was a golden infomatica. right. yeah. they're gonna yeah, well believe. but if you something out for a lima got it and oh, will make no like a big deal folder. the de,
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or the plus might have been block miss and i was always good to get those papers in like, i was like you that said he doesn't move the sky. salisbury kid, i gather pilgrim's pride. i mean, i mean, i would be we even need to get to see what you believe the doctor got, but you got up to my well that i'm going to marry but a be, you know, you know, the main shared got from, you know, get for everybody just say by the name of your wi more than i continue to believe anybody from
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the medical medical group, you don't have a 1000 people get mad, but every year came on. you can join me. she gave way. but you could give me a present on god they need money, but it's not all well, i get what you. why do you think of like job a job will be invited. hope i don't, i'm not going to get a job which will be money then a good option is out of town. we will work on that. i will say your 1st name is buddy. is ana with an ad gundy. yeah. was it was one of getting a job or do more than just a regular doors, but you know,
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but those kids are sweet. it was about hourly total mortality identity, 40 dog. i'm not, but i'm going to go, but you know, because it's not the box that you set up for you copy me gentlemen. nausea, but minipaul who up you're gonna mirage. the somebody said i got room will give her the proper will. she got behind the door, we own key, of course. okay. oh, life other is. so if you do have to do that i will do this for 4 year. for my one my do new mom will not go to the b and i will go here. also may i say we know we find that we walked over there. i'm looking at data
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level, but you know that the well i want over $31.00 or more with the minimum. we'll probably miss out of the, maybe in talking about looking at my part time and will be with my temperature one mortality was under the law. we're trying to put in here. what is your new america want to be what you play? bama god. what else does he but it magically binding with the lamp?
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we say, you know, tell me dick you any more than a bite input? i make a pretty about any debit had it in again as he met the marbella, i guess you could send the sierra if he might be good, but i'm only argued that the mental mark them didn't but you like them. but the jacobite again, is here on this new without then la care milton in. okay, is a good by then, and these are the, are you on a monday even, but you must get apology in ballasa bought them or you know, gate on the leg. well did, didn't beyond it been going to say got you so he can, but as gaudy young it booth again i'm going to like good evening. i was wanting me a mighty or when he's come here, my guess i don't care who i for your gardener, for yada. not cutting
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a poor regarding going to school, but i don't, you know, you're not going to use them, but you don't have to let them know you need me. oh, good luck. i want to get on his way to get in order to be able to look up for some talk about he saw position been here of shows, but i
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will family image are going to get the government will be doing got them. the news that don't get down to the almost mission me ah get to know what happened. i got my i was just ready ready when i was got the delivery in ah ah mick josh, i don't believe i
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always get another name of the love you had over on the valuable for the damage. pretty good for now, dr. delight. ah, how does it go, gordon? order, you know that i will send you gomez can shoulder double. who's on the wall? one of the biggest like i know who's yesterday and
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i it said jesse job this whole real way with bread. somebody's got to do it. where do you go to that by live? their voice here? promoting clean, save sanitation for all. but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities, can his unique style really help clean up the mess? the need of culture to pop culture is the fastest way those soft, the sanitation problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary on al jazeera, an african narrative. mm. from african perspective. a new
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series of short documentaries, by african filmmakers from across the continent. this has been really committed to handle the african direct coming soon on al jazeera, big, the story of a small community. in one of mexico's most dangerous states, standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians you, we don't want to politicians anymore. they just dis, united the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how sharon's elders lead the fight, the self determination residing at that time. thinking that the nar coast was the same as thinking of trans government by the people on al jazeera november marks the 5th anniversary of a peace treaty between the columbia state and fark rebels. but the security situation and conflict regents like hearing coca is far from resolve. can the
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government feel, deliver on the promise piece, special coverage on all 0. ah, it appears prime minister abbey says he will lead the military from the front lines . rebel advances threatened his hold on the capitol. ah, oh, i'll have him speak of this edge. is it alive from the house or coming up? get vaccinated. all risks dying from cove is germany's warning, as cases surge in europe next door in austria. it's locked down once again with the restrictions come uneven.


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