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experience the unimaginable of the people who live it. witness award winning documentary on a. jesse. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the al jazeera and use our life from london coming up, get vaccinated, recover all risk dying from cove it. germany's warning as cases surge in europe next door in austria. it's knocked down once again. i'm with the restrictions come on even bigger emphasis on the vaccination program. more on europe's border could become unavoidable, warns the president of beller bruce, if the
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e you won't accept the migrants on ponens frontier a jury is asked to way up, murder or self defense. closing arguments are made in the latest trial to invoke racism in america. and this week we can survive until they can reach plumbing. these cut off by the water in south sudan flooding is a blessing and a curse in the daily search for food and in sport. crowd travel is once again affecting french football, ugly on order to play home games without fans. after a mass, a player was targeted during their match on sunday was ah, even in austria, can't go shopping, eat at restaurants, or get their hair cut for the next 10 days. as a country becomes the 1st in western europe, to re impose a national lockdown, a groan of ours waves surging through the continent. overwhelming hospitals as
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government pleaded for more people to get vaccinated. these nations with the highest average daily infection rates, not just in europe, but across the globe. slovakia tops the list followed by slovenia, austria, and the czech republic. a death from david 19 or climbing the most in the east. take look at bulgaria with the highest death rate in the entire world relative to its population, followed by georgia, ukraine and croatia. several european countries like belgium and the netherlands have imposed new restrictions, and that's brought houses are protested to the street. anger at new measures are spread as far as the french caribbean region of guadalupe. authorities have partly blamed the sir john the unvaccinated, including in germany, where infections are soaring. the health minister had this warning for those who still haven't had the jam. if we had them in the thesis, been to us probably by the end of this winter, pretty much every one in germany at a sometimes been said somewhat cynically, will have been vaccinated, recovered or have died. it's true with
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a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like take the i'm stick under semen supports. now from vienna, as austria goes back into tough restrictions, the lockdown is back in austria or as europe shivers at the onset of a 4th wave of cobra 90. this is salzburg, one of the worst places where intensive care units are filling up. last month, the national daily infection rates were around $3000.00 cases per day. they're now hovering between 14 and 16000 in the capital vienna christmas lights may be on, but like everywhere else, shopping has stopped for all, but essential items. stools are closed, people are allowed out for an occasional stroll in miss lockdown. there's plenty to see, but not to buy. the manager of this restaurant has closed down and is giving his fresh produce away to locals. he's pessimistic. i think everybody has enough of it and question as oh, why again, wasn't there enough time to prepare?
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i am happy that we have the looked on now because obviously it's are needed not far away. the christmas market usually brightened, busy at this time of year is a sullen place locked out a shuttle to last up to 20 days with review after 10 full or many people fear it could last a lot longer. and with the restrictions come on, even bigger emphasis on the vaccination program. only 66 percent of the population have been vaccinated, leaving one of the biggest proportions of unvaccinated people in europe. so the government will introduce compulsory vaccinations in february. it's led to resistance and protest. this woman has just had her 3rd vaccination, a booster jap. yet she says people shouldn't be forced to have vaccinations. we had it on zillow. it made only marketing for his career. and, but he didn't explain,
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and they didn't make a good preparation for, for to, to ensure that everyone will be vaccinated. capitals across europe are watching austria closely as they consider their own restrictions here. the daily number of deaths caused by the corona virus has tripled in recent weeks. this locked down is a last resort. andrew simmons al jazeera piano. michael bang medicine is a professor of political science at irish invest in denmark. he joins us from there over skype and, and we saw in the last few days quite have our reaction in some cases to new restrictions being imposed. well, why do you think that is? well, if we look at the day that we have been collecting all over europe, then we can see that support for the government's handling of the current by virus pandemic have been been going down. ah,
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and part of that is that the costs of the restrictions are accumulating. people feel fatigued, they worry about, they cannot consequences, the worry about the social relationships. and as those costs accumulate, people are more likely to get frustrated and lash out as we're given some of the homes that you know, potential homes that have been associated, been locked down. you surprised that governments are reaching for this lever again at this stage in the panoramic. i'm not surprised, but it is, it is a very difficult situation to, to handle. and i think what, what has probably probably surprised governments across europe is how contagious the delta variant is. and the fact that the vaccines have not been able to offer more protection of society against the delta vary. and what about the move in australia and perhaps being considered elsewhere to, to make vaccinations?
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compulsory what, what do you think the risks attached to that? yes, of course. this is something that's done from a public health perspective in order to to increase the health safety of the country. but the same time, i think, as the social sciences that it's important to want that are all the costs of it. and what we know from our research is that the people who are on vaccinated, they are the people who are most petite, by the pandemic. and they are the ones who had the lowest trust in the government to begin with. so when you target restrictions at this group, then you sort of pushing the group that is most easy to, to create frustrations within. and that means that it is likely that demonstrations as we have seen, will happen. and at least that this group will go out of the pandemic with less
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trust in the government than they came into the endemic what i mean. what about the fact that so many people are lucky to have? actually, i mean, all the governments doing enough to say stop, for example, the kind of misinformation which is rifle on social media. so what we know from the, from the danish handling of the, of the corona virus pandemic is that one of the things that does work is to have this dialogue almost one to one with the vaccine skeptics. so, so many of these people, they are eager to talk, they are eager to, to listen. but they do not have much trust in the health authorities. and the do have a lot of concerns about the vaccine. so you really need to sit down with, with each and every one of them and hear, well what, what are your concerns and, and this is what the evidence show. and the problem of course, is that that's a very, very slow working strategy, especially when you have a 4th wave building up and give him most of the fact that behavior space people's
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behavior is, is one of the factor in how the spreads. because it's how many contacts people have, do you think that governments actually should find a better way of influencing that side of things without having to go down the not generation? ah, so i think what governments can do in order to explain and, and sort of create legitimacy around around their strategy against cobra. i think that's exceptionally important because we know the people who support the government strategy, they are more likely to, to comply with the, with the whole range of advice with regard to behavior so, so people can do a lot on their own in order to buffer and pricing infections, but the problem is that if they don't do it on until you have to number and accelerating infection spread, then governments cannot really do anything else than then take out the hammer and
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impose a lockdown. so i think what is happening in austria and in the netherlands is a warning to all of the countries in europe to really try to do this a little early and to increase boost vaccinations. thank you very much. indeed. depression michael? bang patterson. i took him to thank you. now thousands of migrant sir still stuck in freezing conditions on europe's frontier, and the president of bell rue says up the rhetoric again. alexander lucas shameka says he wants to avoid confrontation with poland. says the conflict could still happen. he's calling on the you to take in 2000 the migrants, but germany and austria so far rejected the request. the european union accuses batteries flying in founder people and pushing them to cross into the e. u. in retaliation for sanctions. fair media reports the been a russian president said, we need to get through to the post to every poll and show them that we're not
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barbarians that we don't want confrontation. we don't need it because we understand that if we go too far, war is unavoidable. and that will be a catastrophe. we understand this perfectly well. we didn't want any kind of flare up austria lead, urge the european union not to respond to threats from members. you must not give in to blackmail. i'm look at anchor. we have to respond. united and very clearly to this state sponsored hybrid attack against your opinion. and we will continue to stand with our friends and polish rainy and lot. yeah. and react promptly and clearly if needed. and that's why i welcome that, the opinion that the foreign ministers have decided to impose new sanctions against those responsible for this misuse of migration. set lesson is individual burskey on the valerie spell and border and has more on lucas shank has comments. he's
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increasing his rustling against the european union, saying that he's going to deal with them himself, not knowing what that's going to mean for all these people here in this camera around 2000 people here. and this is sort of seen as a last effort by look, i'm going to put pressure on the you to accept the people here in this time because that would be seen as a victory for him in this what you have called an august race. it's michael crisis, that is the result of that you put sanctions on him offer. he is been accused of falsifying his re election. but what does it mean for these people that you have called them weapons in the hybrid war, but these people here, i'm increasingly ins, are your condition. so to fix ration is really running out of time here, and it seems a little, it's putting this brush up one more time to make sure that the youth is going to accept them. but also on the back door, we can see that we have evidence of that. people are also being slowly been removed
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to 2 minutes to go back to iraq soon to come to where they came from on the other side of the board agenda. how has more on the situation for the migrant themselves from pose town of bellis talk? but it's very clear that the at least overtly the scale and urgency of the crisis has eased in reason days that is clear. although police border guards report continued nightly attempts to cross the border by much smaller groups, people wandering up and down the borderline, looking for vulnerable points, allegedly acting with the help of the belushi border guard, some repelled of course, some don't get through some push back, controversial lead by the polish border guards on the side. others do make it through small numbers perhaps and can find themselves wandering vast tracts of far forest land for days on end hungry and in freezing, cold temperatures. 11 people we have died. well, the ponies prime minister, mateusz more of the sky has said that he doesn't believe this crisis is entirely over. in fact, he fears that all of this in the last few weeks may have been
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a prelude to something much worse, pointing, particularly at the russian military build up on the eastern border of ukraine and 55 percent of polls. indeed, believe that things could yet escalate out of control, all of which suggests that poland, heavy handed resistance of its borders pushing back and resisting unarmed migrants and refugees would have played very well with public opinion here. even as the prime minister warned that this could yet go on for months to come. as during mentioned, the situation and batteries comes along with concerns about russian actions in ukraine, where troops have conducted military drills as fears of a possible attack grew the defense ministry release this video. the drills showing ahmed personnel carriers and airborne troops ahead of military intelligence says more than 92000 russian troops have mast near to ukraine's borders. preparing for an attack, russia is dismissed a suggestion and says it's alarmed that ukraine is building up its own forces. so
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me off on the news are from london. the polar opposites battling to become chilly is next president police arrest the man who drove a car into a crowd in the u. s. state of wisconsin. and i'll tell you what sparked this incident in the n b. a result in the games biggest star been ejected. ah, a jury is hearing the closing arguments in another court case, which has drawn attention to racial inequality, is in the u. s. a family of ahmad aubrey, or in court in the state of georgia, that the jury said to be sent out to consider murder charges against 3 white men. aubrey was shot dead while he was out jogging through their neighbourhood last year . the suspects chased the unarmed 25 year old with their trucks. one of them says that he saw aubrey as
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a threat and acted in self defense. mr. ivory was under attack. they committed for me against him. and those are the 4 felonies in the indictment. they shot in him because he's a threat to that but because he wouldn't. ready sorry to talk to them and they were gonna make him absolutely made him stop shocking to hear me. yes. are maybe right. you're in your practice as we want to talk to you. shepherd's transition is alive from washington d. c. and so we're coming to the end of this process. we fix, i guess this would be the final moments of the 3rd of free closing defense argument . 33 defendants, 3 lawyers, 3 defense arguments. all they had in common was the idea that these 3 men who were on trial, perfectly reasonable fellows who saw a one who had been concerned about crime in the neighborhood. they saw,
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i'm aubrey jogging down the street and they thought, you know, we should actually awesome a few questions as to what he's doing here. so they gave chase in the pick up trucks with the guns and stopped him. and what is one of them decided the best suspicions warranted an attempt to the citizens arrest as he is allowed to under the law of the state of georgia, abra became agitated and that in self defense, one of them shot aubrey debt. and the prosecution has already been given there. that closing algorithm now we'll be able to rebuffs after these 3 of these 3 defense defense arguments. their arguments and the prosecution points out that albert was on alms. he was running away from the 3 men that you can't actually say that your acting in self defense. if you're the one who started the altercation that even if you are having to try attempting a citizen's arrest,
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well you have to have seen a prime take place. will have, have this explicit knowledge of a crime having taken place and then did not have either of those things, even if you are doing the rest, you can't use excessive force either. in fact, actually none of them had mentioned that they were attempting assistance arrest when the, when the police arrived. so very much sticking to how the law applies to this case . the prosecution not mentioning race very, very often. and perhaps that's because the jury is composed of 11 white people, $11.00 black person, and it just takes one member of the jury to believe that there is reasonable doubt again for the case in the case against the case of the prosecution. she returns, thank you very much indeed. just a day after one election, people in chile know they'd after you're back to the pose in less than a month at the 1st round of the presidential election, left a choice of 2 polar opposite candidates from the hard right to former congressman jose antonio cast took nearly 28 percent after promising
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a harder line on crime and immigration, he'll face leftist. gabriel burridge. at the former student protested it took just under 26 percent of the boat. with his promise to reform chinese free market economy or latin america editor understand human reports from santiago the results of sunday's 1st round presidential elections. wolfe was chileans to choose between 2 radically different busi the future in less than a month. one that promises a new economic, political, and social model and another that valves a return to stability, family, values, and law and order. both candidates are practically tied conservative. cassandra new cast was the 1st one out of the gate on monday, confirming he's willing to modify what many c as an extreme right wing program in order to seduce moderate conservatives. the name of water must be moving when we have a lot more in common than differences. we've always said the, our program isn't written in stone. we can modify and improve many things. a key
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factor in cash success has been the growing sensation. the chile is out of control, fed by an explosive rise and violence, drug trafficking, and in uprising by indigenous map butcher groups terminal. that's why mattie voted for cast them. i'll refer the local. there's no more respect for authority any more for the police. it's not safe to walk on the streets at night, any more phone provider gabrielle body to the left when congressman and former student leader also needs to modify his message to appeal more to the center and attempt to assure chileans that he can provide order as well. as dress income inequality, if dyslexia must receive the evil any soccer, this is the most uncertain and polarized election, and julius is 197. thank him. why we don't know who the next president will be, and that alone is a novelty here lawyer in chiller to want to go to house the 1st round of us always wanted the 2nd year. but we can't say another e as in audio central lift,
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candid it might go in because when we now me who did not make it to the run off, it says the name to, to you from march to the more social justice 2 years ago had not signed up for the violence is often accompanied protests. elaine over from van hole, it became a debate between distribution of income and order. and so far it seems that order is winning because a large part of the country understands that order is more important for social justice than social justice is for order. as is usually the case, the markets have reacted positively to the strong showing of the conservative candidate chili's currency as rebounded and the stock exchange is up 8 percent. but given the total uncertainty about the final results of the selection, that enthusiasm may not last long were 22 percent of chilion, still uncommitted to either candidate and certainty would be the only given until they return to the poles. see,
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in human al jazeera santiago police in the state of wisconsin if arrested a man who drove a car into a christmas parade on sunday, killing at least 5 people. 39 year old daryl brooks will be charged with intentional homicide. all in 40 people were injured in the incident, many of them seriously. he said, was not a terror attack. and the suspect was fleeing the scene of another incident. this is a message is for us in the prior in the scene, just prior arrival of the missing for the purposes from scene, we're acted. oh, there it is. and this is the terraces. jay gray joined us live at from the city of walker show where the instant at to place it and we're getting bit more detail of, of their circumstances surrounding that episode.
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dead we are learning factor, what police are saying at this point and their investigation is ongoing or saying that this suspect left to what was a stabbing, a domestic abuse situation before running his s u. v is through the crowd that had gathered here injuring dozens and at least 5 perishing as a result of what happened. you can see it marked out on the streets here and, and the sidewalks paint from investigators the downtown area open. but these marked areas are where there were incidents or injuries and, and that's going to be a reminder for quite some time for a lot of people in this area. a small town is very tight knit and now struggling with what happened here. and believe me, the feeling of shock that tell us what we been saying to you about what happened yet, you know, i think
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a lot of people still overwhelmed still in shock as you talk about stunned and trying to piece together would happen. you hear accounts of others who are just burying themselves and trying to help those who were injured here to help the families of those last and to try and, and piece together would happen. hard to get your head around it. even for those of us that don't live here, but being in the small town being at what is a tradition, the holiday parade through main street here and having it go so terribly wrong that you can understand why it's hard to get your head around that jane great, thank you very much. and ethan, thank you. venezuela is ruling the socialist party, his claim victory in regional elections. president nicholas madura, his party, 120 of 23 state governorships. turn out was just over 40 percent. one of the lowest in the country's history. opposition figures say the result is a blow to their 1st campaign in full years. the boycotted to major elections accusing the doors party, a fraud,
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and intimidation was going on to tourism in caracas. the results of a set fox, the opposition well, certainly the result, harris headed back the government for winning 20 states across the country. the opposition for now, winning in 3, they're going down from $4.00 to $3.00. so it's a major setback at the interesting to know that the opposition has gone through the elections in the past, but in a way, be they decided to participate in the elections because they're frustrated by the failure of us sanctions to we move nicola from office. they were also involved and by the presence of servers from the european union in the country, they have been deployed to several parts on the country talk tobar. so they were expecting that control on the ground would help them achieve their object. however, things did not plan, they were the biggest problem of the opposition phase. here is that around 60
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percent of the population did not vote. there were also 5000000 people that could have voted for them that have left the country, but also the big divisions that exist within the opposition. among them is opposition leader, one way or who has been challenging me. my little constantly, he was reluctant to participate in the election. what other members 150 to participate in the election. then what we saw in there, we started this division in many local parts of the country where there were 2 candidates from the opposition ended up hurting their chances of winning those municipalities, those states among others. and when you see the national results, you see that the opposition in total had at least 9 points ahead of the ruling socialist party. and that those divisions is what complicated their chances of winning in many parts across. and if we're interested in the past, the positions accused the government of fraud. what are they saying this time? well, when you talk to experts say on venezuela on elections on venezuela?
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no, the elections here are not perfect. they are candidates have been banned candidates higher. next style parties have been ability to their political prisoners and their government tends to support members of their own party and they have a great advantage when elections come. among many, many others things that the opposition right now, especially one way those spoke earlier today. and he said that this was not, this is not a democracy that this elections were filled with irregularities. the united states, it's backing this hops are saying that venezuelans did not vote in freedom, that they were curtailed, that they were intimidated in many polling stations. we have to hear what the european union of servers have to say. this is the 1st election. they'll be monitoring in 15 years, and that's why the reports that is coming up. the initial report is coming up this tuesday is crucial to see how this whole process will move forward. the process of
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electron from cuz in various ways to see whether the position will continue to participate in election, whether there was a chance in participating in reaction when the presidential elections will, will be happening in the fear supposedly in 2044. there was a both. thank you very much and ease still to come on out, is it? why again, does tough security response to last week's attacks could backfire and majesty not his players returned to training for i was thinking of a manager. well, if a man who's in the temporary charge, ah, it's about to get colder again soon. often, europe, this is the 1st bit of code the came in that so we can encode front drop tensions little bit. this is the next one coming in, ran this east inside of was already settled,
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winter high pressure area. so it's been cold, but not wind investing foggy, for many reasons, by the change. an immediate future on tuesdays just rain and stove in norway and this is still settled, but not war. blundered. 8 prox 6. not cold either except in the mornings, of course. but then this thing really winds up that's really cold as brought in the arctic chill. that snow heading down towards scotland high ground. then later i think england by the end of the week on the high ground at least. and that will eventually move into the rest of europe. but the mean time each just quarter, whether we've had that cold or pushed before that effect is spain. so max of 70 madrid, warnings us. so this no, potentially in the northeast of spain and our old friend the bore that when that comes out of croatia down the coast gussie, up to 100120 calories surprise, you can see it's potentially dangerous. that is significant. rain continues and focuses. i think the ne, a, spain, or southern france and at some point because it will go across into those after once again on tuesday, morocco,
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wednesday property adria with one of the fastest growing nations in the money needed land development school track, international shipping company to become a p, middle east, and tough, or trade and money skillfully knocked down 3 key areas of develop oh, filling a promise of connecting the world, connecting the future. ronnie, cato cutters, gateway to whoa trade. there were says i was a little boy in india. my dream was to make bollywood fence. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. this story i chose was of my own village and it stands permission going behind the.


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