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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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to dance, preserving their catch is one way to keep food longer. in fact, to smaller scale industries of sun drying, the fish have boomed because of the floods, but everywhere they look, people are reminded. the situation here could get worse. water labels are not receiving fast enough. barriers can only do so much to keep the rising water at bay harder matessa al jazeera jungle estate. thoughts are done. ah, are one of the top stories on how to 0? austria has become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a national karone of ours lockdown. since vaccines were rolled out. assurance can only leave the home for central shopping or exercise over the next 10 days. infections or surging all across the continent with new restrictions for the unvaccinated and asked in both slovakia and the czech republic. hospitals in germany are running out of intensive care beds. and the health minister has issued
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this warning. but people who haven't yet had the job. if you had them in the diesel splinters, probably by the end of this winter, pretty much every one in germany. it has sometimes been said somewhat cynically, will have been vaccinated, recovered or have died. it's true with a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like take the, i'm strictly better. russian president, alexander lucas shanker, says he wants to avoid confrontation with poland as thousands of migrants remain stuck in limbo on the border. is calling on you to take in 2000 migrants or warning . the crisis could evenly to war. germany and austria so far rejected the request. the block accuses batteries of flying in thousands of migrants and pushing them to cross into poland, lithuania and latvia. in retaliation for sanctions, ukrainian troops have conducted military drills. this phase of a possible attack, grow ahead of military intelligence, says, well 92000 russian troops of mass near to ukraine's borders. preparing for an attack for russia to dismiss the suggestion and says it's alarmed that ukraine is
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building up its own forces in the us state of georgia. closing arguments are on the way in the art of re murder trials. 3 white men stand accused of killing the 25 year old black man, while he was out jogging last year. the suspect chased him with the trucks through georgia neighborhood. one of them testified that he saw aubrey as a threat and acted in self defense. i was calling the police said they will charge a man with homicide after a car was driven into a christmas parade on sunday, killing 5 people. officials say the incident was not a terror attack. and the investigating the possibility that the man was fleeing the scene of a knife fight. it was the top stories do stay with us. here in the stream is up. next. i'll be back with more news straight up to the 514. ah ah
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ah ah ah, i am semi ok to day on the street. the story of chinese tennis play upon shy i what happened when she posted allegations of being sexually abused by a high ranking chinese communist party official. so this is a big story because punch, why is a big star as take a look at some of her achievements? she has won the wimbledon doubles, she's won the french open devils. she has been ranked number one, the women's doubles in the well, that was back in 2014, and a 3 time a limby in pung try is extremely famous in china. she is a huge celebrity. so when she posted on november the 2nd, those allegations,
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she disappeared from public view. the last few days, posts have been arriving about her. but who's doing the posting? and is she okay questions? the i guess will be outta asa later, victor jato nice to have you here. thank you for being part of the stream to day later. please introduce yourself. tell us who you are. what you do. i am later hong fencher are the author of 2 books on women's rights in china, most recently betraying big brother the feminist awakening in china. and before that left over women, the resurgence of gender inequality and china, thank you for being with us. welcome back to the stream. victor. always nice to see you. please remind our audience, who you are, what you do? hello everyone. very happy to seal this. is victor gl based in b, g. i'm a current affair. commentators in beachy ride and ya. nice to having here,
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please introduce yourself to our audience. tell them who you are and what you do. hi, my name is the actual was a senior trying to researcher for human rights watch. i cover human rights issues in china. so the name paul shy, has been all over international news in the past couple of days. if you've got questions and comments about this story, i guess i'm here to help you but your comments, right. and i will do my best to include them in today's show. let's start out with the allegations that post that punch i put up. didn't stay up for very long, only about half an hour. i'm just wondering, ya chose, can you tell us what was in the post? what was so incendiary, that had to be taken down immediately? well 1st go to say, you know, this is a very personnel emotion opposed to detailing, you know, how could that be a formal vice premier china young dolly for the to construct of sex with
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her. then they get back to the relationship. there were a lot of emotion and details, very, very personnel. so i'm going to start with a timeline. so we start on november, the 2nd with that post and then just go over the last couple of days. victor, i want you to help me understand how the chinese authorities handling this scandal . so here's the post. they didn't stay up for long, about half an hour, about the high ranking chinese official. and then we've got to see from official chinese media pictures of punch. why and a dinner with her coach going to a youth tournament. all of these pictures started to appear as people were asking, where is punch? why that last one is a video that was had with the i o. c. and punch, why we didn't hear the details of the video. but we saw the pictures of the video that was on sunday. victor, how do we understand how with it's a scandal is being handled by the communist party in china?
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well, 1st of all, allow me to say, we all know by now that punk shy is in china, she is in b, g. she is alive, she is well, and this is what matters the most. now what she said at the beginning of this month is as mentioned by the other panelist, highly personal. and when it surfaced, of course, because this person or because it involved more than 2 person doesn't, it could g treated in another way. in china, there is a process in china. if you allege someone did something to you, you can do this in multiple ways. posting ah, writing other internet is one of the many ways. and each way of dealing with this will trigger different consequences. i'm so happy that we all know that portray as a household naming china is highly liked and she is highly respected. she is no,
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not only in china, she is no everywhere and i'm pretty sure upon so i will continue to be very famous, very well liked and very well respected throughout the world. this is what matters the most. and i hope events like this will not be a highly publicized or politicized, because that's not the most constructive way to deal with. such highly personal matters to start with. and privacy need to be respected and privacy is what matters when you have, in a very, very personal things, emotional things like this. so i'm just going to share this with him later. this is from one of our viewers who've been following the story on my laptop, vincent comments, the chinese government just want to force her not to further comment on the rape issue. again, the well, she would shouldn't allow that to happen. she and her family must be evacuated immediately for the truth to be heard. so late to her saying the most important
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thing is that she saved them well i'm, we love her. she's a big celebrity in china. you are saying what? because the allegation is sitting out there and also her, her social media was swapped on november the 2nd. right, so victor said that pung, shy is alive and well. well, i think that these propaganda pictures show that she is alive, but i hardly think that she is. well, we haven't heard directly from pung chalet at all. i mean, i remember that she posted her lengthy accusation accusing a former vice premier a john gali of sexually assaulting her. and she posted this very lengthy accusation on november 2nd. and so that was a long time ago. and then they scrubbed it instantly and we haven't heard from her
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at all. i have no doubt that i am. chinese security agency has been working on her probably um, interrogating her probably i wouldn't be live least bit surprised if they been threatening her. 2 threatening members of her family, i'm and so they've been working on her preparing her to make these appearances solely for propaganda say, and of course, are the chinese people haven't seen i'm any of or the vast majority of these images. so i don't believe that she is, well, we certainly can't ascertain whether or not she is. well, i'm and i, i and i actually agree she should be allowed to leave china. and even if she leaves china, she's probably very worried about her own family members. not i'm, i'm just wondering, this is not the 1st time that a celebrity from china has disappeared from public view to the best of your
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knowledge. what happens in that kind of situation? well, i mean, i totally agree with let out what this video show is that you know, it's a lie, but we can say that she's well because there have been so many is it is before where a human rights lawyer, a journalist, a writer who firstly would disappeared by the government and then they re emerged on some kind of deal either confessed to the crimes or say, you know, i'm doing well then some of those people with that later left to try and they can't get to their story and say that we know in under that circumstance, and i were forced to say that i was doing well, i will confess to crimes that i have never committed. so we must understand the polish ideals in that comcast given that history think, let me share this with you. i'm sure you've been scouring the internet as, as i have trying to work out what has happened to punish why. but from your
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perspective, you're looking at how china is perceived elsewhere in the world. and i want to show you this, this is from fiji t an official, and this is an email sent to steve simon, the weld tennis association. chairman, i'm just going to click on this email. want to tell us what you think about this is quite a management at this point. a common fall punch. why? if the world tennis association publishes any more news about me, womens tennessee association, excuse me, please verify it with me. i release it with my consent as a professional tennis player. i thank you all for your companionship and consideration. it goes on and on. victor, do you truly believe the punish? why actually spent with him? how are there other forces intervening here? why is a good this is for victor? cuz i know ladies what you have to say about this victory, go ahead and get very much. first of all, there are several things i want to emphasize of. first of all,
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i trust among try and i trust that she cares about tennis in china and in the world she cares about st. martin's and obvious aramark to so of a certain. secondly, i trust that she cares about privacy issues about herself, about others. and if there is any problem i trust, she will use our best judgment to come up with the best solution assault of this. we need to respect her, we need to respect her privacy. now if you do not trust the a letter conveyed by c d t n, is there anyone in the whole world who can rise up and say he or she does not trust the video conference between post i on the one hand and the head of the aisles leaky mr. bar, on the other hand, so that i only willie, i don't know those ends will need to put politics. be hot beside us. yeah. need to
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really look at this matter as it is rather than maximize it or to, ah, try to get some other motives out of very, very important thing. okay, that's respect. oh, shall i as a person, respect her privacy. and let's deal with this as it is, are other than saying to later when i was trying to understand how the chinese communist party is handling this situation. what you think of their crisis management twice. either they did that question and then put it back on to punish why and have privacy your child. let's talk about this a broader ah reaction in china and outside of china. what this means. the women in china who want to say, i've had an a situation where i've been sexually abused, where there is censorship, where anything can get taken down. tell us more about that. i think, you know,
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push only, i mean only existed own line for 30 minutes, but i mean, during that 30 minutes, you see a lot of response to that. i would say that it was extraordinary and inspiring. it's not that, you know, people don't know. this happens to try in china that a government official, sexually assault sexually abused or exploited a women or, you know, lower power positions. so everybody knows that. but the given, you know, the chinese comments party is always. * unaccountable people are afraid of speaking . uh huh. now this woman was very famous and she's making this allegation. again, it's a very, very powerful chinese man, a people i think people are absolutely inspired by that. and i think, you know, by having this posted by speaking, but you know, it's going to inspire more women to come forward on youtube. i'm going to put this to you later on. youtube home is asked, watching right now, does the chinese communist party view the meeting movement as
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a means to undermine chinese culture? is it seen as a threat? oh, what i write in my book betraying big brother that i, that the chinese government does see the feminist movement, which is rowing out. actually, it is grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. it has an enormous amount of momentum. the chinese government definitely sees the feminist movement and the me to movement as of threat. and so it pung, shy of is, of course, very famous. but there are so many other women um and, and marginalized people who are victims of sexual abuse, who try to post and tell their stories. and they also get stroke scrubs from the internet. but then, you know, people don't ask where they are. so who are so hung shies message and, and may i just comment on victor's a claim that pung, shy,
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wants privacy at that time. first of all, we haven't heard from punchline at all. so we don't know. i would argue that i, if she had wanted privacy, she would never have hosted this very lengthy accusation of sexual assault by this very senior, powerful communist party official in the 1st place. so she does not want privacy. i think she wants people to know what she's suffered and she acted out of desperation . but i might add that many, many other countless other women are members of the l. g, b, t, q plus community. other marginalized people in china have suffered also and we never hear from them. i'm because they are very aggressively censored from the internet as well. the chinese state media does barely reports on the need to movement at all because it is seen as a threat and a and the, the government is also carrying out
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a brutal crack down on feminist activists over the past few years since 2015 when it jailed 5 feminist activists. those activists at that time were merely trying to celebrate international women's day i handing out stickers about sexual harassment . and so i think that they're very clumsy. just just a incredibly awkward, bizarre way that aging is trying to manage the propaganda around time. shy is going to backfire and i and it is going to galvanized, in fact, it's already galvanizing a lot of members of china's feminist community. a very specific question here for him. i wouldn't say, victor, does the chinese communist party intend to investigate this matter with allegation? will it ever be investigated, victor? uh, before i answer your question, and i me to say that so called the sexual harassment does not just exist in one
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country. all one culture, it is a universal phenomenon. if we use the same logic or the same way of critiquing about this particular issue, we could be mad about allegations and launching against the city president of the united states. about one year ago between 2017 to 2021. it evolved, a former president of the united states involved the city governor of the new york . it involved a trains in the united kingdom. so let me, let me re, re focus victor. you allison, up at elaine's or leslie focus though, because you help us understand what is happening in the chinese communist party. absolutely. yes. goes without saying, we should be angry about every woman who is sexually abused, wherever they are in the world, whoever does it to them. absolutely. victor, i wanna re focusing though, on what is happening in china with high level party officials. will this allegation
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ever be investigated? listen to me when you talk about a situation like this, the principal parties involved will be the most important. and in this particular case, what is, what matters the most is punked by herself. so let's give time. you do not need to rush through the process. just this is not instant for example. so let's give pony, sorry, time live, let's respect to pung, so as a person, as an athlete, as of celebrity, as a chinese national, not just not, i mean, i mean, they don't let me just bring in the alternative. pickable. yeah, i know that big. yeah, i hit my head. i yeah, i feel what you're saying, victor, i'm just going to bringing your child so that he can add some of health or to the matter. go ahead, your child, please way him. well, i think given, you know,
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the magnitude of the situation, especially the, just the, you know, the higher the tank all these higher in the hierarchy of the chinese communist party. i don't think it's likely regardless of whether an investigation is likely and not 1st stop answering. you. ringback know the any discussions on the trans internet if the chat is permanent, has any faith or general in. ringback no desire to have this case to be heard and prosecuted or investigated fairly than that started. first. i'm just stop answering the discussion on i'm going to bring it, i'm not going to begin to what 11 more voice later than i come right back to this. all the voice is, is drawing a line between this current crises and scandal info involving, punish. why an upcoming olympics, there's going to be the beijing winter olympics and there will be the beijing some olympics as well. what is the impact of this kind of scandal on the olympics?
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which is a sporting event was an athlete who is well very well known around the world. he is howling to add a comment. the chinese authorities have made every effort to systematically silence the me to movement in the country. survivors of sexual abuse are routinely ignored and often harassed and targeted when they do speak out the lack of transparency around. what's happening right now with punch. why will only serve to fuel this culture of fear and self censorship? that is so prevalent in china today as the host of the upcoming winter olympics, the chinese government has invited international attention. now they need to demonstrate they can respond to international calls for transparency and accountability. franchise allegations must be fully investigated. evidence must be made available that she's not only safe, but that she's able to go anywhere she wants and say anything that she wants. unless and until that happens, countries must think critically about what the situation might imply for the safety of any athlete intending to participate in the winter games lights. i've also got
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this comment half of richard who is watching abil costs right now. he says, the i o c's involved, you may remember that that video call the i o. c. had with pung, shy on sunday, they're involved because they are worried about a diplomatic boy. it's not an athletic boy called go ahead. right, well i think i, i think that we should actually pay attention to what the women's tennis association has said. they've really made some very strong statements in response to pump skies disappearance. and then, and now her being trotted out by beijing's propaganda apparatus to make everybody think that she's fine and to back off and get her privacy on. but so the i o c, i believe is just really discredited itself even. ready further on by participating . sure, ray. and saying that they are assured that i'm showing is fine,
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and i mean it's really embarrassing and shameful. and, and i think that if we look at what the head of the w t a has said, a said that he, this is what they say. we expect this issue to be handled properly. meaning the allegations must be investigated fully, fairly transparently. and without censorship, let me just share this with your child. is that not a to happen? no child. i don't. i mean, i think what's important for us is for the international community to keep voicing our opinion and you know, to question the validity of the videos that are, you know, turned out to buy the chinese communist party. i think that's what he ordered it. without that, i mean an investigation is very unlikely. i want to add something here because this is vic to you. you taught us often about how personal this is
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a personal private issue. and andy is wondering some of the i also one day, particularly when b 2 situations are talked about wherever they are in the world. and he says that you're quite nonchalant in your attitude towards the whole harassment issue. what if it happened to somebody in your family? absolutely. sexual harassment is wrong. in many cases it's the legal in need to be dealt with very swiftly have properly. however, in each case, it is different. each case involves absent 1000 details equal facts, et cetera. so no 2 cases will be alike in sexual harassment. and a details will matter the most and in most countries there is a process. there is a very, very well stipulated process to go through if you do not believe me, just look at what a former president of the united states has gone through that kind of process. and
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why would you not use the same kind of level and rigor and discipline to go over each of the cases more than 2000 woman rolls up to a res allegations. of course, like this is the 1st time i've ever had to look to the u. s of a for a model for what should happen in china. it really is a unique story and unique situation. i never heard you say that before. i used the lots of us models. there are a good or bad to bottles, etc. but i would me, each case is different, each case need to be respected and we cannot just jump into conclusions. and what matters the most it is, as i said, is ponce herself herself, keith, all got a big flag instead of the i hear. all right. i she is, well, she spoke to the chairman of, i'll see, and an hour allow me to add another point. tennis is going to stay in china regardless or whatever that has happened. w t a will be in china for decades to
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come. why? the mostly long they is the jack people loved tennis, and the chinese people want to have w t a to stay in china. that's the only thing that matters. eventually i've asked the most, but yes, i am fascinated by what the w t. i would have to say to that they out in my own edification, yochi very quickly in a sentence. what have we learned from the situation so far? i mean, you know, i'm very inspired by precise maria. she, i am not very inspired by how many women supported for a site or invite china, i think by the risk and also i mainly spy it by phone fence to support your child. thank you so much and victor, thank you for your perspective later. thank you and youtube for your comments and questions as well. appreciate you. i'll see you next time. thanks for watching everybody take at. ah
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ah, ah, ah ah. oh, the could. the 19 pandemic has led to a spike in child trafficking across india. one don't want to mix those fighting to say one or both children on al jazeera. this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of the new era and television. you, if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still going to go to miss all landed
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about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on the road. we saw the union army flag hoisted high in the city. many people here have told me that the war will not end until they secret duffy and his son brought to justice. gonna get 90 seconds for this on so we have all the different army is very real coming. our way buying brides is lack of respect for women and lack of any value that the woman i was just the peer guy by the police on purpose my there's at least 20000 for him to refugees who live here. i'm on l 20. i got to commend you, you're not trying to push people to believe in this or believe in that the. i'm a say hey, has completely changed you with
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the board. how does the results this is in gaza? our house in that building however, has come down. never before in human history as the months for steam environment to the arctic students such peril. hello, i'm learned adrian, under the top stories on out his era. austria has rented a full nationwide lockdown the 1st you country to do so. the average daily deaths there have tripled in recent weeks. people are only allowed to leave groceries doctors visits or exercise under simmons reports from vienna. the lockdown is back in austria, or as europe shivers of the onset of a 4th wave of coven 90. this is salzburg, one of the worst hit places where intensive care units are filling up. last month the national daily infection rates were around.


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