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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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then see all the events that things have changed recently, but it's now dried up in, for example, the levant is dried up in iran and temperatures. it was so low of come up again to run back up to 15 degrees. in fact, the mystery is going to be the place of the next change. it's allowing air from the west and from the north cross, the black seat come together and we've got over turkey, a potential threat, i think, of flooding snow in the northeast, where the mountains are that much higher. and then east africa, a little tropical depression. you may have noticed in the west coast of india 5 days ago is large, bring rain to sacrifice the album. they are of the eastern, most time in mainland africa, with african narrative. mm. from african perspective, a new series of short documentaries,
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by african filmmakers from across the continent. this isn't really, can commit to handle the african direct. coming soon on al jazeera, serious, darkest days with one man leading the country through us. present us out as lost legitimacy. he needs to step down. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? when you reason that could effect any human aside master of chaos. on all jazeera lou.
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ah! ah! hello there i'm is. does he attain dough? that's remind you about top stories here. the salad, the world health organization says it's concerned about the record number of coven 19 effect infections across much of europe. austria has now entered a nation wide lockdown, and in germany, a hospitals are running out of intensive care beds. the president of better rule says he doesn't want to confrontation with poland over the migration crisis. alexander lucas anchor is waiting for an answer from the e. u. on taking in at 2000 stranded migrants at the border. so don's reinstated prime minister has promised to pass to democracy in an exclusive interview with al jazeera, a little ham duke was released from house arrest and is now back in his position after signing a deal with the military. now the white house says that 90 percent of federal
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employees have received at least one dose of the coven 19 vaccine. president obama announced the vaccine mandate back in september. almost all of the 3500000 employees have met monday's deadline. employees who remain unvaccinated could now face a 2 week suspension. but meanwhile public health work is in the us are quizzing their jobs after facing harassment for their role in corona virus restrictions. and at the same time, more than half of all states are now creating laws that will curb public health powers to force people to do things. to stop the spread of cobit 19, including wearing masks, how do they are as a, how does your caster reports now? from maryland, travis gales was serving as the top health official of montgomery county, maryland when the covey 19 pandemic arrived. his mission was simple. in regard to the counties, 1000000 residents keep them all and to come from dive. as hospitals across the us, filled with patients suffering from coven 19 gales,
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recommended businesses in schools, clothes, and for everyone to wear masks, the policies were restrictive, but worked to keep cases low. and the community in this liberal suburb of washington, d. c, was supportive. gail says, but then came signs of impatience while things became more political. the discuss removed from a hi good morning and here's where our cases are. here's what the test positivity rate is and those kinds of things to while things are different, why can't we do this activity and why is this particular thing close? and why is this jurisdiction open? and why are we open? says he also received a threat in email. shared with al jazeera gills was called a power hungry loser and an enemy of the people and will be dealt with accordingly . when i would leave the office, i would try to park in different places and i would take different routes home. because quite frankly, i was concerned about someone following me. public health officials all over the
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country have reported similar experiences or worse, exhausted from long hours of work than targeted by members of their own communities for recommending unpopular. but life saving mandate. a year and a half into the pandemic. hundreds have called it quits and we just can't have people and public service being threatened for doing their jobs. maryland state senator wrong young has proposed making threatening public health worker a crime. but the trend in most of the country has been the opposite. was lawmakers in 32 states, introducing 100 new laws to restrict public health actions, citing freedom of choice, and making it harder to enforce mask and vaccine mandates. happening to a great extent because of politics. i mean, if we can't trust, believe people that are experts in the field, we're better. oh, it's fear the backlash against pandemic restrictions has left the us less prepared
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for the next pandemic. gales for one is among the public health officers who have resigned. he leaves behind a county that with his early push, now has among the highest vaccination rates in the country, but that still has a named his replacement id. joe castro, al jazeera, silver spring, maryland. while closing arguments are underway in the u. s. state of georgia in the ahmed aubrey. mad a trial. 3 white men are accused of killing aubrey, an unarmed black man last year. the 25 year old was shot dead while jogging after being chased by the men in pickup trucks. one of them testified that he saw aubrey as a threat and that he acted in self defense. well, let speak to she hubbard tansy. he is monitoring this for us from washington, dc. she, i was its all rounds up. can you talk us through some of the main arguments from both sides? sure, the 2nd of 3 defense arguments is just getting under way of closing arguments. 3
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defendants, 3 lawyers. the 1st arguments was, was over predict was on behalf of travis mc, michael, the man who actually killed an aubrey, the prosecution at earlier wrested back case. and now we'll have the chance to rebut also the 2 final arguments that are coming up this afternoon. the defense very much presenting the free the free man and certainly in this case so far the, the shooter travis, like michael asked, concern neighbors who worried about fests in the neighborhood. busy busy they so i would agree running jogging through through the streets, and they decided to make inquiries by getting into their pickup trucks heavily armed. but all i wanted to do was just find out what aubrey was doing. there was a travis from michael suspicions were alerted. those. busy are he as daughter allows you to attempt to make a citizen's arrest? albert got agitated, grabs for his shot gun, and in fear of his life, look like
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a shot over him. dead. that's the, that's the one argument we've heard so far. we're going to have it from the, from the defend, the other 2 defendants arguments which are likely to be like, well, we didn't even shoots. all right, so we were just, you know, around in the air as an awful thing about georgia law. there it does have a very specific emphasis on, on what's called accomplish liability. so even if you're, you just part of a crime, if you seem to be contributing about crime, you can be held liable. and that's what the prosecution is going for. the, the, the prosecution also saying, look, you, 1st of all, aubrey was unarmed. he was running away. you can't claim self defense. if you are the one who actually instigated the altercation, you never mentioned anything about a student's arrest due to the police and so on. and on a case, and the prosecution really rely on, on the law and the admissibility of the law, not on on race, which maybe maybe was given as a jury of 11 white people. and one black person as she had this, is obviously been
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a hugely politically charged trial throughout even through jury selection, right at the beginning. now, especially after what we saw, what the written house vatike, if you have a huge amount at stake here. if, if these men are acquitted z, clearly it will seem like, well, there are 22 types of justice in america, which i think most people certainly who are looking for a successful prosecution already. already believe i'm in the argument is always with written the house with these 2 men, just reverse the race as if it was if written houses black. imagine of these men were black and it was we should remember, even in this case, any reason. this is a trial right now is, i mean, the police don't even follow up on the killing of all. but i'll break some footage a bit on facebook 2 months later. and then they were pushed into, into, into, into investigation. because 3, what me a free whiteman being involved the killing of a black band. they said that he was a robot. well, let you go, it must, must be the case. so, i mean, clearly this will just be confirmation. that justice isn't fair,
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but the prosecution that seems, that made a very good legal case against these men, we should remember actually that was an interesting development on friday in kansas city. police officer was found guilty of killing a black man in his driveway, cameron lamb was shot, and his driver was sitting in his driveway and the court throughout the usual self defense arguments from a police officer. this is the 1st time a white police officer has gone to trial and 80 years in kansas city for killing a black map that loan being found guilty. so there is some progress in shandra tansy. it costs all that for us from washington d. c. thanks so much she had now chill a is headed, a presidential election run off in december for right candidate jose antonio cast as leading with 28 percent support. he'll be going head to head with former student protest ada gabriel barrett who knocked in 26 percent of the verse. daniel's family has worn out for us from the capital santiago with you on 20 august,
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and gabriella bought h. analyzing the figures from sunday's vote. when you look up the figures, 54 percent of the chile and electorate did not vote, they abstain for one reason or another. so you look at the votes of the 2 of the 2 candidates going through to the 2nd round in december actually got audio gas got the most votes, 13 percent of the total electric gabriella bowditch 12 percent. that's the one quarter of the julian electrode. so those 2 candidates now, i mean the cast is out there. we've heard this morning talking to the electric funds to convince the votes for the 5 candidates now eliminated from the race. and those 54 percent who didn't vote find to get them to vote for them on the 19th of december. when the 2 run off is a head to head contact. we've got 2 extreme candidates, cast off the extreme right and bought each of the of the fall left, neither of whom except the politics of their rival candidates, electorate. supporters who also don't accept the kind of politics the,
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that the 2 men espouse. we've talked a lot about change here in the last 2 years. in chile, there have been math protests on the street. the constitution is being rewritten that will fundamentally change chileya and society. so really we have a very divisive situation and we should have some interesting, a few weeks ahead of us. also in south america, a huge victory for venezuela's governing socialist party and regional elections on sunday. opposition figures to say the result is a sent back to their fast campaign since 2017. they boycotted to major elections accusing president nicholas madura as party of fraud and intimidation. sunday's voter turnout was around 40 percent. that's one of the countries, the lowest or anger against france as military intervention of west africa has been growing during a 3 day stand off now in bikini faso. french troops shows an injured several protesters in the town of kaya on saturday. the government has now shut down the
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incident to stop protests from spreading. nicholas huck has been french. foreign ministers always lived that he has called on between us as president john moscow to intervene to allow this fringe convoy in this country to make its way to share the internet. it fell down in the country following days of protest over the presence of french troops on the ground. this is a convoy of 60 vehicles, a 100 french military soldiers that were coming from ivory coast rebates. in tunisia to help the forces their fight arm groups associated to okay, to affiliate an iso. now they were met in bertino far so outside the capital. with protesters chanting, anti french slogans, accusing the french military to working hand in hand with quote unquote, terrorists or arm groups in the north of the country. there's so much anger on the streets of routine saucers, particularly in the capital, because the security situation has gone from bad to worse,
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deteriorating significantly in the past month. just a few weeks ago, john donnelly, if burkina faso security camp, how, what came under attack over 50 people were killed. and then came the information that they had not received their food rations for 2 weeks and the soldiers had to hunt for their food. that really angered the population feeling that the security forces are not able to contain the growing attacks that are taking place in the country. now, the opposition with members of civil society have called for nationwide protests at the end of the week, calling for the resignation of the president of ricky mac, cowboy. now iran says at hope's a visit by the head of the international atomic energy agency will be constructive . karen is urging
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a g raphael grossi to avoid political pressure ahead of the upcoming talks in vienna negotiations with wild leaders to salvage the 2015 nuclear dealer. set to resume next week, when rather the new and nuclear watchdog agency, you said it's inspectors had not been able to access surveillance footage of nuclear sites since february more humboldt towards suca. we are always, it was the agents who, through men on the path of technical corporation shouldn't love subconscious to press ahead with 2 political orientations and intentions. it is obvious that we will make the necessary decisions based on developments and circumstances are flooding and columbia has forced at least $3000.00 families to flee their homes. many of them have made their way at a higher ground heavy rainfall. as you can see, made a river burst its banks. the flounder has left home is under water and destroyed many fields of crops. well, while flooding has destroyed or blocked access to many food supplies and sauce,
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you don, one food, so us that's actually thriving, is fish. the essential protein is now widely available as people who lost farm land and harvest from those floods try to adapt. hiring matessa reports are from fungus back in southward on stronger state. paul, next is he hadn't seen floods this bad since the 19th sixty's when he was a boy flood waters have destroyed crops, blocked access to field and reduced grazing land. the $56.00 or else is at least there is an upside to the devastation. more water than usual means plenty more. fish is available, only govern little food for atlanta. sometimes united mission takes long to bring us food. this way we can survive until they can reach families, cut off by the water. now, pretty much of this agricultural land is now under water for the 3rd consecutive year, flood waters of risen as excess water flows down the now from neighboring countries . but found these con, survive, unjust fish,
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malnutrition rates are increasing as flooding a fit, food supplies all animal. then we depend on that quote, a little follow out is that under the water natal, i'm using vegetable molten. we get to the diesel floor community is used to grow sorghum, a serial that is easy to cultivate, but there has been no farming here for more than 2 years. he monetary an aide has also been effected. this used to be offered distribution point where we were distributing for the tool over 27000 people here in oregon duck with this upward from the world food program. but now because of the flooding, we are now unable to utilize this location. some disparate families collect a water lilies to supplement their diet. the dried flowers from the lilies are grounded to small amounts of cereal. it's not justice, but the aunt of any options out o fish is an essential source of protein when the isn't much else available. foutz,
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the gun is no stranger to floods, but they are becoming more frequent too much water cove at 19 poverty and conflict . make the situation here. dia, people say they'll have to find ways to adapt. preserving their catch is one way to keep food longer. in fact, smaller scale industries of sun drying, the fish have boomed because of the floods. but every way they look, people are reminded the situation here could get worse. water labels are not receiving fast enough. barriers can only do so much to keep the rising water at bay harbor matessa al jazeera jungle, estate, southside, on, well, still ahead here in sport, crowd trouble continues to plague the french league again involving one of the country's biggest teams. ah.
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with mm. pool. ah
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ah, on the back it's now time for sport and his gemma, like anastasia, french football giants. leon have been ordered to play home games without fans until further notice. following sundays, crowd trouble against ma say, the game was halted and then abandoned after ma say piet's. dimitri piatt was hit on the head with a bottle filled with water just 4 minutes since the match incident was the latest in a series of disturbing episodes. in this season, the french sportsmen assist has repeated crowd problems of putting the future of french football at risk. leon may receive further sanction from the disciplinary committee. for more on this were joined by french, but were done list jonathan johnson in paris. so yeah,
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another incentive crowd trouble. why does this keep happening in french footboard? you think? thanks for me on. yes, this is a problem. 15 french for all season. not the most positive senior. she's real shame because young is actually going through. so can you manage to touch the quality of football on display on the dish, but you know that there are many different schools falls on why this is happening. this one's not much of it related to the lingering impact of curvature 19 on society as a whole. fact that many people feel this is, you know, a lot of supporters, benson frustration or 18 months for nobody was allowed to see them. and this is the 2nd time this season that dimitry piatt has been hit by an object. why is he being targeted? well, i think obviously when you all the star player, the key plan for such big team as the nobody is going to meet your target play is
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somebody who is extremely divisive. the plan you found basis? well, i think as well when he reacted in that gave it gives me the see through the project for the crowd here. basically put toggles when they're going back to feature. when martha go to any stage, even from where they're going to be looking to pinpoint via and try to get him on the rise, that's why we saw the target him of dakota, kate, with a water bottle here. and as i mentioned earlier, the french sports minister says repeated crowd problems of putting the future french football at risk. what does she mean by that? i think what she means by that is probably the ability for friends football to rebuild itself financially. often the crippling effects cove at 19 and the collapse of the media pro deal,
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which was disastrous for domestic principles. there are signs of progress, the legs and the french could be about to steady the shit. you know, it's new in terms of sort of the short to medium, but obviously incidents like they don't help trying to sell me. especially when you've got the, the prime time broadcast of the not being interrupted. also just a few minutes and then a lot of messing about which basically took over an hour before the decision is ultimately made. so it's not comes in again. and what do you think can be done to try and solve the problem out? well, when can we just take walter? show me sure. let me just a couple of months ago, you know, basically the only way to show that this will stop by is for clubs to be punished with point deduction. whenever this happens, obviously it's his proper, this one would be on the receiving end of that. but i agree, i think it's jeremy way that will really ensure that this is stamped out and the thing twice before that sort of behavior. when you could see as well the,
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the division between the different sets of the on from last night when they were dealing with the perpetrator before, they're actually kicked off the stage and it was very much warm pass and acting and wishes the rest of the crowd but that doesn't do that, doesn't take away from the fact that still needs to be measured handed out. so points deductions, i think really are the only measure that can be considered at this one. and just briefly, a thing reported at p. s t, boston, right? say port to tina is interested in the manchester united job. could you see him leaving? i told him leaving, right. this one's in time. the results have been fairly good despite the fact of management hasn't been 6 bits. but i also think that it would have to take matches to mention the 1st move, going to be s g and saying okay, we would like to manage. and now would you be willing to consider this?
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we will pay full compensation, might perhaps spark a bit of reflection. she can't, but it's my understanding that the most such we have noticed i would definitely watch this form with interest. thank you for you insights that jonathan there was an instant packed game in the n b a which solar bron james a jack said for any the 2nd time in his career. the los angeles lakers that was punished, the punching as i asked you, it in the face. so that will be the detroit pistons were 12 points clear of the lakers in the 3rd quarter when the chaos began as being knocked to the ground. isaiah stewart got up and confronted the embassy. biggest star lebron james with blood streaming down his face. did you? it wouldn't let it go look at way. cases like just calm down his pistons, teammates, games, officials and security tried to restrain him, but he still kept going after james,
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along with moods were more used to seeing in the nfl. not the employer he is it over? well, he's on the game without question. he was eventually escorted to the locker room and things calm down at this point. it still wasn't entirely clear what had spock the whole thing in the 1st place. but replace showed that the brawn had slammed his fist into stewart's face. that meant he was also asked to leave the court ejected for only the 2nd time. it is 19 year career. james didn't speak after the game, but his teammate anthony davis said it was unintentional. everyone in a lean old man on a dirty gar. agnew had him so as he did it, he looked back at him all my bay. i tried to do each other on all you shot to do. but i know nobody on our time i want to to retain was, was avenue no longer checked. our brother it remains to be seen if he m b a will suspend, le bron for his actions. he may have started it, but if anything,
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it's stewart, who could face the biggest punishment from the league, given his extreme reaction. his coach believed that would be uncalled for though you know he was osa and young blood running down his face and i don't see any ramifications from the li, less dam. i know except for just not leaving the court in time. maybe in that thought this why gotta check it out game. so to me, that's enough punishment in the end. it was the lake as he fought back to win the game by 5 points. the 2 teams meet again. next sunday in ally. it will almost certainly be a much calmer, a fair. well, maybe folks out there and as always, but for now, i'll have more lights there, including we'll hear from michael carrick. he's in charge of manchester, united mars champions, a match that be interesting. get his thoughts on only going to so shall sacking on sunday. and here thanks so much, jenna. well, that is it for me, miss darcy tay in durham. but i'll hand you over to lauren taylor. she's in our
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london board call center, and she'll have much more of the day's news for you. and just a moment to stay with us here on out of there. ah. in the country with an abundance of resource rate already won indonesia whose firms for me we moved full to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, invest, let to be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest even easier. now. a
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war in afghanistan is now who will non taliban figures make up a part of that american youth can oil within the taliban? and believe it, there will be a powerful itala baldessari inside story parker, a frank assessment of the days headlines subscribe. now, however you listened to podcasts. graves of the unmade evidence that schools designed to strip indigenous people in the us of their culture also claimed the lives of their children, abuse. corporal punishment forced to child labor loss of identity, loss of langley fin, loneliness, the discipline was hm. if, if kids were killed, there isn't any native place in the mail today that hasn't had someone that went to
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boy's school in their family. very truth on a jesse, you know, a lot of the stories that we cover a highly complex. so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can as al jazeera correspondence. that's what we strive to do with get vaccinated, recover or risk dying from cove. it. germany's warning as cases surgeon, europe, next door in austria is locked down. once again. i'm with the restrictions come on even bigger emphasis on the vaccination program. ah. lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. was that coming up? war and europe's border could become unavoidable, warns the president filarious. if the you won't accept the migrates on.


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