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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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sam, in the country's colonial history, in the wake of black lives matter protests received. the commission's goal is to heal a wound. of course our laws be scar, but if we don't treat this wound, it'll lead to more of the racism of discrimination. we can see in belgium today, so in most woocommerce for layer the government's apology isn't enough. she wants answers reparations and for future generations to better understand the abuses of belgium's colonial past. taking the state to court hasn't been easy. but after decades of silence layer hopes for justice, natasha butler al jazeera brussels. ah, hello, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines, the wells health organizations, as it's concerned about the record number of cove at 19 infections across much of europe. austria has now entered a nation wide lockdown, and in germany,
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hospitals are running out of intensive care beds. meanwhile, though it's trailer has announced the biggest change to its foreign travel restrictions since the start of the pandemic. from next month, a fully vaccinated students business v as the holders and refugees will be allowed in australia shut its international border in march. last year the president of valerie says he doesn't want to confrontation with poland over the migration crisis . alexander lucas shanker, as waiting for an answer from the u on taking in 2000 stranded migrants and refugees at the border, the good sedans reinstated, prime minister, has promised to pass to democracy and an exclusive interview with al jazeera abdulla hancock was released from house arrest and is now back in his possession after signing a deal with the military, while several political prisoners have also been released as part of that deal had been morgan has moved from cartoon early this morning on monday morning, at least for political prisoners were released. they include the head of the city,
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nice congress party and leading figure from the only part, one of the biggest opposition parties here in sedan. the secretary general of the arab socialist boss, part the here in sedan, as well as the advisor to prime minister, hum dog, who's a member of the sudan people liberation movement. one of the arm groups that signed a piece deal with the government in 2020. however, despite the agreement saying that all political figures who were erected on the, on the day of the to cobra and the following days should be released. not all have been released. for example, the spokesperson of the former sovereignty council, which was dissolved in the day of the military, took over. he's yet to be released far right canada. jose antonio cast as eating and chill as presidential election with 28 percent support. he's facing a run off in december against a former student process leader. well, there is the headlines. i'll be back with a news. our for you here off the inside story. ah. ah.
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ah, topples a month ago, sedans, prime minister, is reinstated, after an agreement with the military. now a new technocratic government is expected to take office, but as angry protest continue. will this agreement hold and how much power with the military have this is inside story. ah hello, welcome to the program. i'm rob patterson. now it's a deal that's being met with optimism and uncertainty. sedans, prime, minnesota, bella. honda is promising a path to democracy after being reinstated and an agreement with the military. it
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was ousted nearly a month ago when the army chief seized power and dissolved his cabinet. weeks of protests followed at least 41 people died, june confrontations with police. several political factions have rejected the deal . they say they won't recognize any agreements with the armed forces. we're going to get to, i guess shortly. but 1st hippa, morgan reports a breakthrough incidence political crisis nearly a month after military takeover and the solution of the transitional government on sunday, military leader, general abdel for the albert han and the post prime minister. the lamp dog signed an agreement that paved the way for him took to be reinstated as a defer when i signed this political agreement, i was guided by a number of key principles. chiefly, among them is to avoid further bloodshed. our people are prepared to sacrifice more, but every drop of blood pressures. the agreement comes after weeks of negotiations
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between the 2 sides, mediated by sudanese political figures. it's called for the release of political prisoners, including senior officials who were arrested on october 25th the day of the takeover. and in the days that followed, the agreement also lays out a plan to expand political participation in the transitional government. general hon who cited political divisions as the reason for his taking power, says the deal will lead to dialogue to end those divisions. re daughter. i love the los yasser. if we'd been living in crisis for a long time. and by signing this declaration, we were able to establish a real foundation for a transitional period as envisioned to down has been governed by a power sharing agreement between the military and the political coalition, known as the forces of freedom and change since august 2019. but the months leading to the recent military takeover so attentions between the 2 sides, both accused each other of slow economic recovery and lack of judicial reforms. the agreement signed between ham dog hon han may have reinstated him dog as prime
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minister. but it doesn't mean the end of the dance political crisis since the takeover. nearly a month ago, there had been processed nearly every day with people demanding an entirely civilian government and an enter the partnership between the military and civilians . sanders deal means the military remains as a governing partner, and that has angered many here. thousands protested near the presidential palace cartoon before the signing the deal. authorities responded by firing, tear gas, and live ammunition in the air. at least, 40 protested, have been killed since the military took over and more than $200.00 injured. the forces of freedom in change, which nominated ham duke as prime minister back in 2019 has distant itself from the deal. and analysts said they are questions about how much the military can be trusted. the last month has been a total fiasco for the military. why? because they did what they did. and suddenly they had to do a 180 degrees return. that doesn't mean that the prime minister suddenly,
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though lot of the land, but what it means is that there is a momentum, suddenly not in favor of the generals, but rather in the favor of the street. but as you said, we will see where will this take us because there are a number of dynamics in at play here. there's that many 30, there's a street, there is the neighbors on the african union, and there's the international community for now. so dan takes another and sit and step in its transition. he will morgan onto 0 platoon, or speaking exclusively to al jazeera abdullah humbug explained what he hopes the new government would eventually look like. and sickle assess here. the co concept of the upcoming government is that it will be a technocratic government was made up of sudanese, qualified professionals about one and a half years are left out of the transitional period. therefore, the upcoming government, according to me, should focus on very specific issues. chiefly the completion of transition into a democracy and its related obligations like the convenience of the constitutional
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conference and holding the elections. you all know that the elections would require one full year, at least, it may drag on for one and a half years. i hope we can all agree on an independent government of taken abroad during the remaining time of the transitional period, where this government would lead the country until the scheduled election. yeah. ah. okay, let's bring in our guests and cartoon. we have color clam, she's managing partner at insight strategy partners into by our guy use a suit and his lawyer and a legal commentator. and and, oh, how we have what a mighty bold and founder and president of the sudan policy for them. thank you very much. indeed for being with us. hello, i'm going to come to you 1st. this is going to be a technocrat government extensively with no political affiliations. political prisoners have been released and investigations apparently will be held into the
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killing of processors is not going to go some way to satisfy the opponents of this agreement. it doesn't look like it. and then it was very, very easy and have to see must have a lot of st. learn meant or was it or in the b t. and it used to a minister in many a bit. it's not which of disagreement i her, it's a really messages about what and i minister happens from and civilian law going for one of the original transition transitional process had effectively grown to
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a halt. at least that's what it looked like from the outside. doesn't this agreement at least create some sort of room for maneuver to move forward? i believe. does the dissolution of the transition of government then to deal in the process in that transition thus far as, as planned, the country backing to the cycle of violence. i believe if you look at the fact that nobody has been to reach mr. s. a. m s p m a n a . and it's a democracy i. i don't believe
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that this whole issue to progressive government is going to resolve this situation because the choir, he's a niche, i'm at at the signing it was suggested that this was a return to a prior constitutional agreement. can you just clarify if that's the case far from it, but i think any interpretation of what was signed yesterday will tell you that this is a mere institutionalization of the crew that took place on the 25th of october. the only decision that was the reverse from the long list of, of the decision taken on the 21st of october was the reinstatement of the prime minister. however, were still fully and squarely within what i would call the extra constitutional order that was created that morning. the, the general still call all the shots they have illegally sacked the cabinet
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sack, the sovereignty council replaced with individuals that are to their liking . they have re appointed the prime minister, who has been under collectivity for 3 weeks and they have in prison. hundreds of politicians and activists. so any suggestion that this is a return to the 24th of october is, is, is defined reality. this is a continuation of the crew and full capital ation by the prime minister. by joining the colored, i'm making the point there that this agreement is being accused of being an effort to research the fight, wash, the military takeover if it that is what the intention is. it doesn't seem to be very effective, doesn't i mean the lots is miss
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calculating the responses several times. this is my new lease right now and i see what i'm telling is what extent you teach miscalculate and how how can it amenities? many people are street and you know they've been calling for full civilian, got a return handle as something that satisfies well need not to sit in the street. and so i wanted to get some kind of domestic and just to see, i, you know, but i want her to bring, you know, we start thinking about ways to make, make my meaningful a and in many ways. so they think of another way rather than disagreement received very little and with me street to get a crisis. what did you mentioned before the one of the,
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the significant problems that they sit on was facing war of a political nature. now if this is a government of technocrats, if that is essentially an attempt to remove politics from the process and, or shall we say remove politics as a distraction from the process isn't not actually a legitimate way of moving the country forward. if we go back, we're trying to look through the process and then he thought it who love to do to muted us military functions and she, loyalist, so it's obviously he was under pressure from fractions in the army and his deputy did. but the populace, she has become increasingly, is today by demands for military to be brought under c b. and
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now is this your raymond, it's very obvious that the civilians have been brought a years. so i don't think that this whole issue of integrating government is going to resolve the situation because if you look at the previous don't 70 percent of them. and i know them personally way to be considered across the military. had some disagreements with some political figures, but i don't think that it would. the top is the way to have resolved the situation . getting all 40 use of a getting about 300 and imprisoning at the 600 individuals. i think that we are going back to the days of an issue and this,
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and we see what kind of indeed hum, could have preach to me. it's more very clear that he has a need for some sort of a deal that would be that we need to have the video on it. and in previous years we've seen a lot of pressure, a lot of statements being made by foreign governments. foreign diplomats about the situation in sudan. it all seems to have gone very quiet on that front since the military takeover. why do you think that is? well, i think you can address the international community aggregate i think they've been pretty vocal forces in the west, especially in the us speaking out pretty loudly against the, the crew. and i think one of the triggers for this agreement was the introduction of potential sanctions against the cool plotters. i think that increase the
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pressure significantly on the military meters. unfortunately, that pressure was not utilized to, to gardner a better deal for the people of sedan. but to be so dense, this is a tough neighborhood. i appreciate that. and i appreciate that. not everyone in, in our immediate neighborhood, once a beacon of democracy, had their doorsteps. having said that, it is in the interest of every single neighbor dad see to dance table and sudan, prospering. and that will not happen without heating. the cold calls 1000000 district, and he's on the streets who are not going home until they gets what they want. and that's freedom from military rule. back in 2019 the african union gave to cancel that existed then 60 days to hand over parts of civilians. then it's suspended
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sedans. membership. again, why are we hearing more from the african union in this? because given for i'm, i was saying it is in everybody's interest in the region to make sure the stability and sedan is maintained. well, yeah. do you do a lot of late? i just need haley. h a been a union, maybe a jacket by egypt and jerry, but the motion, what you've seen is really a prime minister. hong is heading a full in many ways
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with behind the ceiling. a money. it's much more with it. and my, it was like right now, while he does, we mentioned that that's at the start of the program. there are several political factions who have said they're not going to support anything to do with this agreement. is there any way that this agreement can actually function if that support is not given? this is nice. i think that's the see jill question now in this process. obviously, i think the strikes and the civil disobedience to a great extent have been very successful. but it has brought the whole
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economy and the whole the grooming activity to a whole. nonetheless, it remains unclear whether it could you do us change in the absence of any point you can see what's a good thing about is that he has adopted a policy of containment rather than the notes. but it's, it's not clear that he, he has succeeded in brokering a deal that will satisfy the young news, evolved in the sleep. nor do i think that he has given enough time to confront his social and political base. so i, if, if the young use industry are saying that we don't want any dialogue with the doctor and immediately john refuses to answer some political figures,
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then obviously indefinitely. we do have some sort of nicholas fob or we need the interference of the african union. we need that the got the government all develop made to get involved to help this denise people is brokering a deal that is principal by this moral and that is satisficing with i'm and if the military does continue to hold control incident, of course long term it's going to be responsible for all the problems that sedan is facing with the economy, with food shortages. and so do you think that the military is actually prepared to deal with situations like that? absolutely not. i think just, just, just to, to add to what,
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with what he was saying. i think the, the, the fundamental choice that sudan is facing is not about a 2nd accredit government or. busy who should be the prime minister? it is, what is the role of the military and public life? and when, when we review, what are, what is the menu all available options, there is one option that we have tried for the last 2 years. in fact, for the last 30 years that hasn't worked, which is rule by, by the military so that the millions on the street have spoken and their word is clear that they don't want anything or any role for these individuals in the future extra damn, that makes them ungovernable, for them politically, economically cetera. these guys are not experts or technocrats themselves, so they are unable to deliver on the prosperity. that's true down one, but more importantly, they have a lot of blood on their hands. now, joe, from the last 3 weeks back from the cartoons to massacre from the,
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their involvement and some of that are for atrocity. so clearly these are not the suitable people to lead to that, into adam accredit transition. and that's why people are not accepting the ellen will not accept that the, the standoff will continue. we don't want possible outcomes, which is their exit from political color. it does look as though this arrangement between the military and the prime minister is, is here for the duration. it's not going to change any time soon unless something of course, significant happens. would it be a responsible response by the protesters, by the opponents of this agreement to at least give it some time to see if it can start delivering on anything that might give some sort of indication that things could move forward. me a sort of high emotion in speech and the
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level of the tray. no 1st, when the military shit and by a rebels when the site is enjoying. so i, me, and then yesterday, i mean, i think it's a chest and the whole and it looked at this. but beyond that, you know, it's very difficult to see how it was well me and broke it by one side to clear the expense of the other. and the quest of the prime minister, eisley speaking his constituents into the school system. ah, would bring him a kind of things that i minister was i was trying to implement. it seemed like an inherent in the way this agreement was broken and the way and what is taught to him
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. and so i think that it goes beyond it goes beyond the human, saw more about the ways in which you may be having a said it is much more c wrong coming over. what we heard in the speeches that were made at the signing of the agreement, but there seemed to be a lack of acknowledgement on the part of adela handle. all. busy the actions of the military and one would imagine that it is important for the military lead by general behind to get some sort of legitimacy. if you're like on the military takeover itself. the 2 men seem to be working reasonably well together at the moment, but do you think that that lack of acknowledgment, that lack of, of agreement if you're like with what the military did,
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might actually cause problems and caused this to split farther down the line. i did want to even dig a much time, i think with one month, one month, this is going to last. i see it's not, it's not about who are taking over or is it is we are seeing that he was seeing the prisoners called back in poa. and that one of you respected goose was speaking about the fact that it's the sudan is in the middle of a room by a c d. 's autograph the they don't like to see the back. so i think ha, now in a few the one month he has to be there,
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he's that missed currently at least mid level book writes back into place. and that is where that is going to be a disagreement between him or between, between 2 and a use is just going to be a resist. the idea of going back to the days with the so that is people who are reporting to do to be able to decent the d. d. a decent the government but more important. they wanted to get it now once a month ago. i'm very sorry, but i'm afraid time has caught up with this and i apologize for cutting you off
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like that. but i do want to say thank you to all our guest colored higher. i'm as gully and at wiley the mighty boat. thank you very much. indeed. for being with us, you can see the program again, of course, any time by visiting our website, i'll just either dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page, that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle as eiji inside story for me, rob madison, and the whole team here, bye for not a ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a story of a small community. in what of mexico's most dangerous states standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians, we don't want to politicians anymore. they just dis, united the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how sharon's elders led the fight for self determination for that time thinking that the norco was the same as thinking of to and government by the people on al jazeera
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with ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello there. i'm this dog here diane, this is the news i live from our headquarters here and are coming up in the next 60 minutes. austria is back in lockdown as a new in coven 19 infections forces, countries across europe said, imposed tougher restrictions. french special forces deployed to the overseas department of guadalupe to try to restore order after days of protests against the


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