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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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oh oh, oh, lou fears the winter spike and cove at 19 infections. austria goes into a nationwide lockdown. well, there are new restrictions and other parts of yura. ah, hello there, i'm is darcy and hey, this is out there at live from doha. also coming up. the president of beller roo says he doesn't want confrontation with poland, which couldn't lead to war over the migrant crisis. to dawn's reinstated, prime minister speaks to al jazeera after his deal with the military and says
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forming a new government is his top priority. i'm this after bottler in brussels, where 5 by racial women who say their root doctor from their families on to belgian colonial rule, assuming the state ah, well, much of europe now appears to be back where it was at the beginning of this pandemic . they're on our record high infection numbers locked downs are in place, and many governments are struggling to contain a resurgent virus. the world health organization says it's concerned. austria has now imposed a full nationwide lockdown of fast you country to do so. people are now only allowed to leave their homes for groceries, doctor visits or exercise in germany hospital there are running out of intensive care beds chance langler. michael says the restrictions in place now are simply not enough that was minister as adding more citizens to get vaccinated. if you had them
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ended, jesus been to us probably by the end of this winter. pretty much everyone in germany at some time being fed so much cynically. what has been vaccinated recovered or died, but it's true with a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like the anal the netherlands has seen a 3rd night of violence against new restrictions. their 5 police officers were injured. 40 people arrested across several dutch cities. laundry simmons in vienna with more on the lockdown man. well here in the central valley, you can see a lot of people taking a stroll and taking advantage of that clause in the lockdown to exercise and so on . but know there's a real mood of anger in some places that this lockdown has happened. so late with the thinkers of a current of ours infections increasing, hovering around the 14260000 sort of number per day. and this is
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increased from the hundreds in the summer and around $3000.00 back in october. which, which really does lend itself to a lot of concern. you'll see that the, the christmas lights are on. but the stores shots that lead to this, the christmas shopping being canceled. the christmas fan as are also shut down and across the country we're seeing increases in the number of patients in the intensive care units. certainly in salzburg, the situation is really serious. now this will go on for 10 days. minimum people feel it will go to the maximum of 20 days or even more than that because of the situation. furthermore, in february, the government is introducing compulsory vaccinations. this is really the, the, the worst case in europe and the, in the, in the situation with uptake on the vaccines are dominant. kane is in berlin,
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where he says emphasis is also on vaccination health. menissi enchant saying effectively that he believes that at the end of this winter, people will either of course cove it and, and recovered from it being vaccinated or died from it. pretty dire warnings there . we also know that angle immacule, the caretaker chancellor, has been saying to people in her, in a circle of ministers and colleagues that she just doesn't, she believes that the measures in place right now aren't enough. the problem in a nutshell is that there are around 15000000 adults in germany who have not had the vaccine. now that number will include some who recovered from having cove it and have to wait to have the, the, the jap, the vast majority of that number contains people who until now, despite having the really easy access to a vaccine for effectively, the last 6 months of chosen not to those of the people that ministers are
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beseeching almost to get vaccinated and yet they still won't in several states around this country. the uptake of the vaccine is lagging behind the national average in one particular one in saxony. it's far below the average. the average here, 2 thirds of people have been vaccinated, but it's pretty clear that governments both the can't take a government and the parties who are negotiating each other to replace this government to replace angular michael's government. they're all deeply concerned now. now moving on and the president of valerie says, a confrontation with poland about the board of crisis could lead to war. alexander lucas shank is now waiting for an answer from the e. you, on whether the block will accept 2000 stranded refugees and migrants from the battle russian side. shank has already warned germany to even taken some of the migrants, so he'll deal with them himself. who will get the latest on the situation and polling from john hall and just a few minutes. but 1st step faster,
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has more on lucas shank is remark, threes in the village of bruce game that's on the been a russian polish border. he's increasing his rhetoric against the european union, saying that he's going to deal with them himself, not knowing what that's going to mean for all these people here in this camera around 2000 people here. and this is sort of seen as a last effort by look, i got to put pressure on to you to accept the people here in this town. because that would be seen as a victory for him in this what you have called an august race. it's michael crisis, that is the result of that you put the sanctions on him offer. he is been accused of falsifying his re election. but what does it mean for these people to you have called them weapons in the hybrid war, but these people here and increasingly ins are your condition. so differentiation is really running out of time here. and it seems that lucas, putting this brush up, one more time to make sure that you're going to accept them. but also on the back
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door, we can see that we have evidence of that. people are also being slowly been removed to me and to go back to iraq to the campus where they came from. what is very clear that the at least overtly the scale and urgency of the crisis diseased in recent days, that is clear. although public border guards report continued nightly attempts to cross the border by much smaller groups, people wandering down the borderline, looking for vulnerable points, allegedly acting with the help of the belushi border guard, some repelled, of course some don't get through some of pushed back controversially by the polish border guards on the side. others do make it through small numbers perhaps and can find themselves wandering vast tracts of far forest land for days on end hungry and in freezing, cold temperatures. 11 people we have died. well, the ponies prime minister, mateusz more of the sky has said that he doesn't believe this crisis is entirely over. in fact, he fears that all of this in the last few weeks may have been
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a prelude to something much worse, pointing, particularly at the russian military build up on the eastern border of ukraine and 55 percent of polls. indeed, believe that things could yet escalate out of control, all of which suggests that poland, heavy handed resistance of its borders pushing back and resisting unarmed migrants and refugees would have played very well with public opinion here. even as the prime minister warned that this could yet go on for months to come. now sir, dawn's reinstated, prime minister has promised a pass to democracy and an exclusive interview with al jazeera umbrella hand dog was released from house arrest and is now back in a position to signing and deal with a military. handoff is ousted nearly a month ago when the army chief seized power and dissolved his cabinets on him, doc explained what the new government will eventually look like, as he spoke exclusively to algebra and fickle associate. feel her home and read him
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in the cold concept of the upcoming government is that it will be a technocratic government made up of sudanese, qualified professionals who then about with one and a half years are left out of the transitional period. the whole, the upcoming government, according to me, should focus on very specific issues, chiefly the completion of transition into a democracy. and it's related obligations like the convenience of the constitutional conference and holding the elections. you all know that the elections were required one full year at least, may drag on for one and a half years. i hope we can all agree on an independent government that can crites during the remaining time of the transitional period. where is government would lead the country until the scheduled elections go in assessing and hasn't developed a new party new knowledge about this is a key part of the political agreement we saw was that the prime minister should have the power and authority to form an independent technocratic government,
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in absolute liberty and without any pressure. but this is what we sign the agreement for an hour, then a concert, if he has a model and i'd like to speak frankly, i don't have any personal ambitions to remain a figurehead or to join a particular party or group or to gain higher popularity. i'm all driven by the responsibility placed on my shoulder. i'm guided only by the ambitions and hopes of the 3rd and his people. therefore, i have made up my mind and science their political agreement. although i know that many may disagree objective or rejected simply because the people's ambitions and aspirations were much higher than the moment. however, i signed it and i re to rate that i do not have any personal game. otherwise, i wouldn't have accepted the office and the 1st blaze with all my challenges over the past year. the issue of personal gain does not worry me at all. i believe the
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decision i made is correct and to the best interest of the people. that's why i went forward and signed the political agreement and well remember you can watch the full interview with sir dawn's reinstated prime minister honda on talk to al jazeera on tuesday here at 430 g m t. well, that deal still remains controversial and to dawn and now the 12 cabinet ministers have submitted their resignation in protest of the agreement. still, though several political prisoners have also been released as part of that deal. have a morgan has more from cartoon when the letter took over, happened in october. in late october, several political figures including senior government officials, were arrested after the agreement signed between prime minister and general hon. all these political figures will be released, but only for so far have been released, including a leading figure in the party and the head of the foot of nice congress party. 2
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major opposition. parties that are part of the forces of freedom and change coalition. then there's also the secretary general of the bass party, as well as the advisor, the political advisor to prime minister optima. hm. dog. there are other senior official figures. however, who have not been released, including the former spokesperson of the sovereignty council, who is also a member of the democratic unionist party. he is yet to be released, while for many protest seems to take over their demand was very, very clear. they said that they don't want any negotiations with the military. they also don't want any compromise and they don't want any agreement that would give the military any sorts of legitimacy for many of them, especially those who we spoke to yesterday. and this morning, they say that the idea that prime minister has signed an agreement with the military agreed to return. that's the big betrayal, especially because at least 40 people have been killed. and more than 200 people have been injured in the near month period of that take over from many people. the fact that the military is still part of the picture that is angering them. they're already calling for more protests in the coming days. thing that now it's not just
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$100.00, they're coming up against, but also prime minister. hum, doke. well, still ahead here on our end, as the pandemic ranges on in the united states, health workers are now being forced to from their jobs due to harassment. my security expense, why that uganda is crackdown off there last week. suicide bombings can lead to even more time ah, with it's about to get windy, the wind blowing out of iraq desert, the gulf states once more briefly if you like sharon eastern society or maybe bahrain, then that's the picture on cheese. and i said he wasn't. seems quite warm, but i think it will feel more like 25 fairly dry air wants to shout it comes for that carries on during wednesday all the way from q 8. that was abu dhabi just to breathe, probably caught a dusty one, and it represents really the,
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the set up for doha for a couple of days. and it warms up a little bit, and the wind drops out by the end of friday, not unusual seasonally. so if that's not unusual for anywhere in the re being put in seattle events, things have changed recently, but it's now dried up in, for example, the levant is dried up in iran, intensions it was so low of come up again to run back up to 15 degrees, in fact, the metro is going to be the place of the next change. it's allowing air from the west and from the north cross, the black seat come together and we've got over turkey, a potential threat, i think, of flooding snow in the northeast, where the mountains are that much higher. and then east africa, a little tropical depression that you may have noticed in the west coast of india far days, regard is large. bring rain to sacrifice the alba barrels the easternmost turn in mainland africa. with the end of the country with an
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abundance of results for the road already won indonesia whose firms for me, we moved full to growth and france. we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let me pause when the this is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah ah ah hello there i'm is. does it hey, and are home that's remind you about top stories here. this out. the world health organization says it's concerned about the record number of code 19 infections
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across much of europe. austria has now entered a nation wide lockdown, and in germany, a hospitals are running out of intensive cabinets. the president of valerie says he doesn't want to confrontation with poland over the migration crisis. alexander luther shanker, is waiting for an answer from the e. you on taking in 2000 stranded migrants at the border to dawn's reinstated, prime minister has promised a path to democracy and an exclusive interview with al jazeera umbrella hancock was released from house arrest and is now back in his possession of that signing a deal with the military on public health work as in the united states now cushing, their jobs, after facing harassment for their role in corona virus restrictions the same time, more than half of all states are now creating laws that will actually curb public health powers to force people to do things to stop the spread of coven 19 and cooling, wearing masks. houses here as heidi's. castro reports now from maryland. travis
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gales was serving as the top health, official of montgomery county, maryland, when the covey 19 pandemic arrived. his mission was simple. in regard to the counties, 1000000 residents keep them all and keep them from dive. as hospitals across the us, filled with patients suffering from coven 19 gales, recommended businesses and schools close. and for everyone to wear masks, the policies were restrictive, but worked to keep cases low. and the community in this liberal suburb of washington, d. c, was supportive, gail says. but then came signs of impatience while things became more political. the discussing moved from hi good morning and here's where our cases are. here's what the test positivity rate is and those kinds of things to while things are different, why can't we do this activity and why is this particular thing close? and why is this jurisdiction open? and why are we open? says he also received a threat in email. shared with al jazeera gills was called
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a power hungry loser, and an enemy of the people and will be dealt with accordingly. when i would leave the office, i would try to park in different places and i would take different routes home. because quite frankly, i was concerned about someone following me. public health officials all over the country have reported similar experiences or worse, exhausted from long hours of work than targeted by members of their own communities for recommending unpopular. but life saving mandate. a year and a half into the pandemic. hundreds have called it quits and we just can't have people in public service being threatened for doing their jobs. maryland state senator wrong young has proposed making threatening a public health worker a crime. but the trend in most of the country has been the opposite. was lawmakers in 32 states, introducing 100 new laws to restrict public health actions, citing freedom of choice,
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and making it harder to enforce mass and vaccine mandates. happening to a great extent because of politics. i mean, if we can't trust and believe the people that are expert in the field who weren't bad shape, it's feared the backlash against pandemic restrictions has left. the us less prepared for the next or panoramic gales for one is among the public health officers who have resigned. he leaves behind a county that with his early push, now has among the highest vaccination rates in the country, but that still has named his replacement. heidi joe castro al jazeera silverspring, maryland was staying in the united states and president joe biden has not renominated jerome powell as the head of the federal reserve for a 2nd 4 year term. it's one of the most important economic policy decisions of his presidency. kristen salumi has more from new york bank stocks and treasury yields have moved higher on the news of the new fed chiefs almost as soon as the
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announcement was made even before the markets officially opened and pre market trading. we saw j. p. morgan and morgan stanley, big banks, financial institutions moving significantly higher jerome policy and as a steady hand at the fed, someone that investors know and trust. particularly as the fed begins to wind down, pandemic stimulus programs. and amid rising inflation, consumer prices are the highest, are seeing the biggest increases they've seen and nearly 3 decades. and that has the markets spoof so investors with powell are expecting him to raise interest rates. the fed has been suggesting as much we've got supply chain issues and workers shortages in the midst of this all as well. but for investors pal again seen as a steady hand and the markets do appear to be reacting favorably to this. now huge
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victory for venezuela, the governing socialist party and regional elections on sunday opposition figures say the result is a setback for their 1st campaigns in 2017. they boy cause to major elections accusing president nicholas maturer as party of fraud and intimidation. teresa bows in caracas, and she explains what this loss will mean for venezuela's opposition. it's certainly a set back. i mean, we've it, and this has a huge impact here. we've been talking to several people across the country you earlier this morning. and many of those we spoke to were extremely disappointed mostly because of the economic situation in venezuela right now. there is a massive economic crisis. poverty rate of around 80 percent. and people were hoping that in a way that the opposition could, in a way, have a better election would improve their life. well, that hasn't happened. on the other hand, we had a president nicolai my lord, or celebrating, until very, very late at night. he was saying that the socialist revolution, one, he was saying that this is the time to start rebuilding this country's economy to
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improve the lives of millions of people. so yes, in a way it is a said back for the opposition. the big question is, what happened? i mean, what went wrong? first of all, it a very low turnout. around 40 percent of the population voted around 5000000 people have left this country. many of those votes could have been gone for the opposition . and the main issue here has been the deep divisions within the opposition. this is something they would have improved this, it to their outcome in many parts of the country. they could have wanting at least 10 states. but this did not happen. how security forces in uganda have increased their patrols after recent suicide attacks that killed 4 people and a capital cam. paula. and to 100 people have now been arrested since tuesday. 6 people have been killed. please say the allied democratic forces from neighboring democratic republic of congo carried out the attacks. catherine's reports now from the uganda capitol,
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police and soldiers in kampala prepared to go out on night patrols these a coffee in place because of coffee 19. but the patrols are now more frequent and thorough. falling attacks by 3 men who detonated explosive devices killing themselves and other people, me out a police station and parliament last tuesday. george hannah, who had a shop on parliament avenue, was one of 4 civilians were killed. he was the bread winner of a big family. he sent says he was stuff but loving. could push ship something like school. we have gone to good schools. mattress no man has been there 1st. the attack comes off the back of 2 others in october, 1 at a restaurant in the city, and another on a bass that was traveling to western uganda. the government has blamed allied democratic forces with routine uganda, but now based in the eastern democratic republic of congress,
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not kiva province is not a military. coffee. is more of an internal use lead oh, campaign. just needed to find out who and where, hey, dea fighters have carried out a series of attacks and killings in recent years, including an assassination attempt in june on general cartoon bow, marla, the roads minister, he stoughton and driver died in that attack. i seal has claimed the most recent incidents in the name of its central african administrative branch. adf is safe to have links to it. about a 100 people have been arrested and 12 others killed by security forces in the last 5 months. police say they're all links to adf, and some have been actively recruiting young ugandans to join the ranks with some security expert, say,
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killing suspects could be harmful to the fight against what the government calls terrorism. if we don't get very, very careful as to what it should elenbird or the day, then we are turning them into matters. we're mcgee, or lou attorney their lives into mothers because they'll know have reason to join what they believe. what would they not, possibly believe in life is coming back to normal in compiler, following the explosions. some ugandans are worried about the possibility of more attacks, but they also see they're determined not to leave in fear. katherine saw al jazeera kampala, uganda, or anger, against frances military intervention of west africa has been growing during a 3 day stand often burkina, faso, french dreams shot and injured several protesters in the town of kaya on saturday. the government has now shut down the internet has stopped protests from spreading. nicholas hack has more french foreign ministers always lived that he has called on between us president john moscow to intervene to allow this fringe convoy in this
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country to make its way to share the internet. it fell down in the country following days of protest over the presence of french troops on the ground. this is a convoy of 60 vehicles, a 100 french military soldiers that were coming from ivory coast rebates. in tunisia to help the forces their fight arm groups associated to okay, to affiliate an iso. now they were met in breaking off. so outside the capital with protesters chanting, anti french slogans. accusing the french military to working hand in hand with quote unquote, terrorist or arm groups in the north of the country. there are so much anger on the streets of routine of foster. it's particularly in the capital because the security situation has gone from bad to worse, deteriorating significantly in the past month. just a few weeks ago there's john donnelly, if burkina faso security camp, how, what came under attack over 50 people were killed. and then came the information
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that they had not received their food rations for 2 weeks, and the soldiers had to hunt for their food. that really angered the population feeling that the security forces are not able to contain the growing attacks that are taking place in the country. now the opposition with members of civil society have called for nationwide protests at the end of the week, calling for the resignation of the president of ricky mac, cowboy. now belgium's parliament is set to examine crimes committed during the country as colonial era. some and he say it's now time to confront atrocities committed and congo, burundi and rwanda. now, a course in brussels is considering a law suit being bought by 5 women who say they were abducted from their families by belgian colonial authorities. natasha butler reports from brussels. the photo
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shows lay tavares as a child in congo in the 1950s. what it doesn't reveal though, is her suffering and pain layer was born on the belgian colonial rule to a white portuguese father, a black congolese mother. but mixed race, couples were forbidden, and their children were considered a threat to white supremacy. so when layer was 2 years old beltran police seized her from her home and placed her in a catholic institution, far away, suffering her from her family and blurry, come to pass her own pasano mamma and put it when we thought about our mothers re cried. all to their want their mothers. we wanted their mother's warm things, but she wasn't. there had mom. layer is one of 5 by racial women. now suing the belgian state for crimes against humanity and seeking compensation certification of what we want. the belgians day to do is explain why they abducted us from our families and mistreated us why they took away our rights and cut us off from our
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roots and the world. so baskets at dinner campaign, a se, tens of thousands of children were torn from their families in belgium's colonies. the span today's, the asi, rwanda and burundi. some were placed in orphanages. others was shipped to belgium. jacqueline goldberg was 3 when she arrived in belgium and was put up for adoption of to being snatched from her mother's arms. in rwanda, she runs an association for other so called stone and children they're connected. she says by their loss, trauma and broken identities. phyllis fuller, it is an enormous loneliness in your heart. you don't know who you are. it was racism. it was dividing races to maintain a hierarchy that was not to be challenged. long in 2019 belgium's government apologized for the systematic segregation, an abduction of biracial children. a year later, it set up a commission to examine the country's colonial history in the wake of black lives
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matter protests. richard miller, the commissions goal is to hail a wound of quarter lawyers be a scar, but if we don't treat this wound, it'll lead to more of the racism and discrimination we can see in belgium today. so we must woocommerce for layer the government's apology isn't enough. she wants answers reparations and for future generations to better understand the abuses of belgium's colonial past. taking the state to court hasn't been easy. but after decades of silence layer hopes for justice. natasha butler al jazeera brussels. ah no, that is out of there. and these are the headlines, the wells health organizations as it is concerned about the record number of cove at 19 infections across much of europe. austria has now entered a nation.


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