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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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you must be all in the stream on al jazeera, holding the powerful to account. as we examined, the us is roll in the world. on al jazeera, ah, fears of a winter spike of coven 19 infections. austria goes into a nation wide lockdown while there are new restrictions and other parts of europe. ah, hello there, i'm is darcy at hey, this is out of your life from durham, also coming up. the president of valerie says he doesn't want confrontation with poland. much could lead to war over the migrant crisis class. so don's reinstated prime minister speaks to al jazeera after his deal with the military and says
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forming a new government is his top priority. i'm the sasha bottler in brussels. we're 5 bi racial women who say their roof ducted from their families on to belgian colonial rule, assuming the state ah, well, much of europe now appears to be back where it was at the beginning of this pandemic . there are record high infection numbers locked downs are in place, and many governments there are struggling to contain a resurgent virus. the world health organization says it's concerned. austria has now imposed a full nationwide locked down the fast easy country to do so. people are only allowed to leave their homes for groceries, doctor visits or exercise, and in germany, hospitals, they're running out of intensive care unit beds. chancellor angler, michael says the restrictions and plays now are simply not enough. and the health ministers urging more citizens to get vaccinated. i'm in the thesis,
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been to us probably by the end of this winter, pretty much everyone in germany at a sometimes been said somewhat cynically, would have been vaccinated, recovered or died. but it's true with a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like the i'm sticking now. the netherlands has had a 3rd nice violence against new restrictions. their 5 police officers were injured . 40 people arrested across several dutch cities with andrew simmons in vienna for us with more on the lockdown that ro, here, the central valley. you can see a lot of people taking a stroll and taking advantage of that clause in the lockdown to exercise and so on . but no, there's a real mood of anger in some places that this lockdown has happened. so late with the figures of a current, of ours infections increasing, hovering around the 14260000 sort of number per day. and this is increased from the hundreds in the summer and around $3000.00 back in october,
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which, which really does lend itself to a lot of concern. you'll see that the, the christmas lights are on. but the stores shots that lead to all just the christmas shopping being canceled. the christmas fan as are also shut down and across the country we're seeing increases in the number of patients in the intensive care units. certainly in salzburg, the situation is really serious. now this will go on for 10 days, minimum people feel it will go to the maximum of 20 days or even more than that because of the situation. furthermore, in february, the government is introducing compulsory vaccinations. this is really the, the, the worst case in europe and the, in the, in the situation with uptake on the vaccines. how dominic cane is in berlin for us,
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where he says the emphasis is also on vaccination health. menissi enchant saying effectively that he believes that at the end of this winter, people will either have caught cove it and, and recovered from it being vaccinated or died from it. pretty dire warnings there . we also know that angular miracle, the caretaker chancellor, has been saying to people in her, in a circle of ministers and colleagues that she just doesn't, she believes that the measures in place right now, aunt enough. the problem in a nutshell is that there are around 15000000 adults in germany who have not had the vaccine. now that number will include some who recovered from having cove it and have to wait to have the, the, the job. the vast majority of that number contains people who until now, despite having the really easy access to a vaccine for effectively the last 6 months of chosen not to those of the people that ministers are beseeching almost to get vaccinated and yet they still won't in
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several states around this country, the uptake of the vaccine is lagging behind the national average in one particular one in saxony. it's far below the average, the average here, 2 thirds of people have been vaccinated, but it's pretty clear that governments, both the caretaker government and the parties who are negotiating each other to replace this government to replace angular miracles, government, they're all deeply concerned now. they're moving on and the president of valerie says, a confrontation with poland about the border crisis, could lead to war. alexander lucas shank, as waiting for an answer from the e you on whether the block will accept 2000 stranded refugees in migrants from the bell or russian side. his anchor has warned germany into either taken some of the, my rental or that he'll deal with and himself. we'll get the latest on the situation and poland from john hall and a few minutes that fast,
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steadfast and has more on lucas jenkins remarks. she's in the village of berinsky, that's on the barest pollen border. he's increasing his rustling against the european union, saying that he's going to deal with them himself. not knowing what that's going to mean for all these people here in this camera around 2000 people here. and this is sort of seen as a last effort by look, i'm going to put pressure on to you to accept the people here in this time. because that would be seen as a victory for him in this what you have called an august racist michael crisis. that is the result of that. you put sanctions on him offer. he is been accused of falsifying his re election. but what does that mean for these people that you have call them weapons in the hybrid war, but these people hear an increasingly ins are your condition, so to speak, to ation is really running out of time here. and it seems that look, putting this brush up, one more time to make sure that the youth is going to accept them. but also on the
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back door, we see that we have evidence that people are also being slowly been removed to me and to go back to iraq, to the campus where they came from. what is very clear that the at least overtly the scale and urgency of the crisis has eased in reason days that is clear, although probably for god's report continued nightly attempts to cross the border by much smaller groups. people wandering down the borderline, looking for vulnerable points, allegedly acting with the help of the belushi border guard, some repelled of course, some don't get through some a push back. controversial lead by the polish border guards on the side. others do make it through small numbers. perhaps and confined themselves wondering vast tracts of far forest land for days on end hungry and in freezing, cold temperatures. 11 people we have died. well, the ponies prime minister, mateusz more of the sky has said that he doesn't believe this crisis is entirely over. in fact, he fears that all of this in the last few weeks may have been
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a prelude to something much worse, pointing, particularly at the russian military build up on the eastern border of ukraine and 55 percent of polls. indeed, believe that things could yet escalate out of control, all of which suggests that poland, heavy handed resistance of its borders pushing back and resisting unarmed migrants and refugees would have played very well with public opinion here. even as the prime minister warned that this could yet go on for months to come, while sudan reinstated prime minister has promised a pass to democracy in an exclusive interview with al jazeera and bill. honda was released from house arrest and is now back in his position after signing a deal with the military. humboldt, your call is answered nearly a month ago when the army chief seized power and dissolved his cabinet. 100 explained what his new government will eventually look like, as he spoke exclusively, to hear and fickle associate the home and read him in. the co
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concept of the upcoming government is that it will be a technocratic government made up of sudanese qualified professionals with about with one and a half years left out of the transitional period. whole, the upcoming government, according to me, should focus on very specific issues. chiefly the completion of transition into a democracy and it's related obligations like the convenience of the constitutional conference held. i'm holding the elections. you all know that the elections were required. one full year at least, may drag on for one and a half years. i hope we can all agree on an independent government. they can, the crowds, during the remaining time of the transitional period, where as government would lead the country until the scheduled elections go in, assessing has developed a new party. new knowledge about this is a key part of the political agreement we saw, you said was that the prime minister should have the power and authority to full
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and independent. no, right? the government, in absolute liberty and without any pressure, this is what we signed the agreement for and then a cone. so this has a modem and i'd like to speak frankly. i don't have any personal ambitions to remain a figurehead or to join a particular party or group or to gain higher popularity. i'm all driven by the responsibility placed on my shoulder. i'm guided only by the ambitions and hopes of the 3rd and his people. therefore, i have made up my mind and science their political agreement. although i know that many may disagree objective or rejected simply because the people's ambitions and aspirations were much higher than the moment. however, i signed it and i read the rate that i do not have any personal game. otherwise i wouldn't have accepted the office in the 1st place with all my challenges over the past year. the issue of personal gain does not worry me at all. i believe the
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decision i made is correct and to the best interest of the people. that's why i went forward and signed the political agreement. well, you can watch that full interview as to don's reinstated prime minister, abdullah hum dock on talk to al jazeera. here on tuesday at $430.00 g m t while meanwhile, several political prisoners have also been released as part of that deal. here morgan has more on that from cartoon. when the letter took over happened in october, in late october, several political figures including senior government officials, were arrested after the agreement signed between prime minister and general hon. all these political figures will be released, but only for so far have been released, including a leading figure in the party and the head of the foot in the congress party. 2 major opposition. parties that are part of the forces of freedom and change coalition. then there's also the secretary general of the bass party, as well as the advisor, the political advisor to prime minister optima ham dog. there are other senior
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official figures, however, who have not been released, including the former spokesperson of the sovereignty council, who is also a member of the democratic union party. he is yet to be released, while for many protest seems to take over their demand was very, very clear. they said that they don't want any negotiations with the military. they also don't want any compromise and they don't want any agreement that would give the military any sorts of legitimacy for many of them, especially those who we spoke to yesterday. and this morning. they say that the idea that prime minister has signed an agreement with the military agreed to return . that's the big betrayal. especially because at least 40 people have been killed and more than 200 people have been injured in the near month period of that take over from many people. the fact that the military is still part of the picture that is angering them. they already calling for more protests in the coming days. thing that now it's not just $100.00, they're coming up against, but also prime minister. hum doke. i'm still ahead here on under the chill as far as canada. jose antonio counsel leads the presidential verge, but he's facing
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a run off with a former student leader. and will tell you why a massive infrastructure project and indeed administered kashmir, is stirring control. and ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored by capital airway. this is made up of rain once again in tyler. now this is the satellite picture of what has happened. it doesn't look particularly extraordinary if you look at the forecast all this orange really from bangkok, science was in southern southern and southern me amount was plenty malaysia suggest more, very heavy, right? little bit out of season really. so, flooding is quite likely. same is true and a repeat performance in western bonia and more likely in java because not far away from jobs, a tropical depression revolving and the change of seasons taking place very
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obviously in east asia, the cold, really flooded through. so if you look at the time, she's not in hong kong, 10. shanghai is happening beijing about right? a little bit low. so maybe minus 7 hobbit in the cold air across the japan mean snow shows for the mountains this to see no, this is new delhi, but it represents anywhere, any city in northern india, nepal, pakistan where quality is low, pool hazardous and remains that way that you can stir up the range for the south of doing what it's supposed to do. now it's more of a case that should be raining in sri lanka towel now. do not so much for the note as it has done recently, but that there are less is the case briefly in the gulf states because he a bit of a shamar with a few light share on tuesday and mom he's blowing oh, with sponsored by casara ways in the country with an abundance of results with all over and walk indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and
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froth. we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let me pause. when do these use growth and progress in indonesia now? ah ah ha. you're watching al jazeera, that's around you bounce up stories, the salad. the world health organization says it's concerned about the record number of covet 19 infections across much of europe. austria has now entered a nation wide lockdown, and in germany, a hospitals are running out of intensive cabins. the president valerie says he
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doesn't want to confrontation with poland over the migration crisis. alexander lucas shanker is waiting for an answer from the e. u on taking in 2000 stranded migrants at the border. don's reinstated, prime minister has promised a pass to democracy in an exclusive interview with al jazeera and alam doc was released from house arrest and is now back in his possession after signing a deal with the military. hi, shalay is headed. a presidential election run off in december. far, i'd candidate jose antonio cast and the leading 28 percent support. he'll be going head to head with a former student protested at gabriel barrett. he locked in 26 percent of the vote and it's been to daniel schwein. le. he joins us now from chiles. capital, santiago, daniels. we've been saying we expected to run off by going to get one. how devices could this get? well, if anything, even more divisive than it looked before, we've got 2 candidates left in this race. as you've mentioned, for the run off
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a vote on the 19th of december, gabrielle bought a chill see him as a former student leader, a young man 35 years old. who supports a radical shakeup of chilly in society. one of the most though, and some of the most unequal distribution of wealth anywhere in the world, he wants to see more of them as a society included in this shake up support. so a radical rewriting of the constitution, which is going on at the moment on the other side of the political stress spectrum, will be his opponent in december. jose antonio cast a staunch catholic, who supports family values. free market call them is very much against the rewriting of the constitution. he supports the original constitute existing constitution, which was produced in 1980 under the former military government. although go stop in the shape of support as a his rally adhesive to briefly rally yesterday. some of them wearing the ago stooping oshea of face on their t shirts. so really, that's how far the spectrum arose between these 2 huge gaps between them. and there
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will now be debating on how they're going to win the votes. of the 5 candidates eliminated in the 1st round, as well as the 54 percent of virtual lands, who didn't vote in the elections. daniels, shamela. they're with all the natives for us from santiago. thank you, daniel. well, there's also been a huge victory for venezuela's governing socialist party and regional elections that took place down sunday. opposition figures say the result is a setback for their 1st campaign. since 2017. they boycotted to major elections accusing president nicholas maderos party of fraud and intimidation. sundays turn out was only around 40 percent. that's one of the lowest in recent history. let's be to, to re, is a bo, she's in caracas for us to raise that we were talking about this earlier. has the decision not to boycott actually backfired here for the opposition? possibly while the voting process continue, but something is certain is that the governor,
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the ruling socialist party, has one in at least 20 states. and one is still being disputed as the counting process continue and the position has come out victorious only. so we state, so it certainly a set back, i mean we have a huge impact here. we've been talking to several people across the country you earlier this morning. and many of those we spoke to were extremely disappointed mostly because of the economic situation in venezuela. right. now there's a massive economic crisis, probably 2 ways of around 80 percent. and people were hoping that in a way that the opposition could, in a way, have a better reelection, would improve their lives. well, that hasn't happened. on the other hand, we had a precedent. nikolai mother would of celebrating, until very, very late at night. he was saying that the socialist revolution wants to a thing the business, the time to start rebuilding this country's economy to improve the lives of millions of people. so yes, in a way it is a setback. for the opposition, the big question is, what happened? i mean, what went wrong?
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first of all, it's a very low turn out around 40 percent of the population voted around 5000000 people have left this country. many of those votes could have been gone for the opposition . on the other hand, the opposition is divided is something it's extremely interesting is i have here the national position got 54.3 of the told her result was the ruling socialist party had 45.7. this is 9 point difference in favor of the opposition and they still last in around 20 governorships across the country. and the main issue here has been the deep divisions within the opposition. this is something that would have improved their outcome in many parts of the country. could have one in at least 10 states, but this did not happen. theresa, the in caracas. the for us. thanks so much. theresa. well, president joe biden has now re nomination drone powell as head of the federal
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reserve a 2nd for your time. and it's one of the most important economic policy decisions of his presidency. that's bringing our white house correspondent kimberly hacket. kimberly. we recall that how was a trump appointee? right. so this really reflects how bipartisan all of this process has become and there's no question that this is something that was taken into consideration by the u. s. president. as he made the announcement that jerome powell would be his nomination for a 2nd term, his chair of the federal reserve. now the reason the u. s. president said that he made the selection is for a number of reasons. number one is because of the job that he's already done as you point out. he served under president trump and also the u. s. president bite and believe skilfully handled. some of the market challenges and economic challenges as a result of the coven pandemic. so the u. s president saying that he helped steer
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down through rather steer through one of the worst downturns. and so he's optimistic that he can also, when it comes to monetary policy address the challenges ahead. so the u. s. president also suggesting the 2nd reason that he wanted to see jerome power for a 2nd term is the fact that climate change is a shared belief in terms of the fact that it has an economic impact. so we're watching carefully the us president expected to talk about this in the coming hours . but the headline coming out of the white house at this hour is that there will be an end to some of the uncertainty that there's been for a while now about what the pick would be by jo. by that it will now be jerome powell. as this has to be approved by the u. s. senate, but it is certainly one that both democrats and republicans seem to be encouraged by both democrats, republicans and the stock market since seems kimberly, they seem to rise this morning with this announcement of more continuity. that's
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right. the you market have been uncertain as a result of the question mark about whether or not this was going to be an appointment that the u. s. president would make. and so already we've seen that their markets have been responding favorably to this news. and the reason is, is that it comes at a critical time because the u. s. is facing not only inflationary pressures where we're seeing the cost of gasoline. for example, this country i'm high is 50 percent higher, but we're also seeing supply chain shortage in some cases. shelves, barron consumers, i'd able to get the goods they need. so the debate right now from the federal reserve is how to address monetary policy moving forward. is that time to raise the interest rates to combat some of these inflationary pressures? and that's why the markets responded. favorably they like them when they've seen from jerome panel is federal reserve share in the past and they want to see more of it again. our white house correspondent. kimberly how can that for us?
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thanks so much. kimberly. now at least 5 people have been killed off to a passenger in a car and to a crowd in the u. s. city of wilco show in wisconsin. now more than 40 others, including children, were taken to hospitals and happened while people were marching in the cities christmas parade. the driver of the s u. v broke through barriers before going through the parade route at high speed. he has been arrested. moran says at hope's a visit by the head of the international atomic energy agency will be constructive terran is urging i ha raphael grossi to avoid political pressure ahead of the upcoming talks. in vienna. negotiations with wild leaders to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal are set to resume next week. new nuclear watchdog agency though has said its inspectors have not been able to access surveillance footage of nuclear sites since february, march, hunger tor suca. we have always, it was the agents who through men on the path of technical corporation shouldn't
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love some countries to press ahead with the political orientations and intentions. it is obvious that we will make the necessary decisions based on developments and circumstances. now belgium's parliament is set to examine crimes committed during the countries colonial era. some em, he say it's time to confront atrocities committed and congo, maroni and rwanda, according brussels, is now considering a law suit brought by 5 women who say they were abducted by from their families by belgian colonial authorities. and asked about that reports from brussels. the photo shows les tavares as a child in congo in the 1950s. what it doesn't reveal though, is her suffering and pain layer was born under belgian colonial rule to a white portuguese father, a black congolese mother. but mixed race, couples were forbidden, and their children were considered a threat to white supremacy. so when layer was 2 years old, belgian police seized her from her home and placed her in a catholic institution,
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far away, severing her from her family. and play. come to pass her own pasano mamma on play. when we thought about our mothers, we cried all to their want their mother's fun. we wanted our mother's warm tongue, but she wasn't. there had mom layer is one of 5 by racial women. now suing the belgian state for crimes against humanity and seeking compensation, says occasion of what we want the belgians day to do is explain why they abducted us from our families and mistreated us. why they took away our rights and cut us off from our roots and the world so, but a campaign, a se. tens of thousands of children were torn from their families in belgium's colonies. the span, today's d, r. c, rwanda and burundi. some were placed in orphanages, others was shipped to belgium. jacqueline goldberg was 3 when she arrived in belgium and was put up for adoption of to being snatched from her mother's arms. in
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rwanda, she runs an association for other so called stolen children. they're connected, she says by their loss, trauma and broken identities, celestial. it is an enormous loneliness in your heart. you don't know who you are. it was racism. it was dividing races to maintain a hierarchy that was not to be challenged. run in 2019 belgium's government, apologized for the systematic segregation and abduction of biracial children. a year later, it set up a commission to examine the country's colonial history in the wake of black lives matter protests. the looks of the commission's goal is to hail a wound of quarter lawyers be a scar, but if we don't treat this wound, it will lead to more of the racism and discrimination we can see in belgium today. so we must woocommerce for layer the government's apology isn't enough. she wants answers reparations and for future generations to better understand the abuses of belgium's colonial passed. taking the state to court hasn't been easy. but after
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decades of silence layer hopes for justice. natasha butler, al jazeera brussels on the indian government is building the last of 4 major tunnels and indian administered kashmir. an official say it will be the country's longest pass for vehicles. they'll connect areas that are usually cut off during winter time. but as part of the missile reports, the project has proven to be rather controversial, highly himalayas. these men are building a tunnel in freezing temperatures and in some of the was toughest to re, very little challenging. no, the temperature is going out into diggity. i'm got expertise that m brazil goes minus $25.00 degree elsewhere within the span of $15.00 to $20.00. this i'm replying to continue over. what does o g latan and an indian administered kush? me will be one of the longest in asia and drawn between the lead off region and the kush, me valley. it's an area that is both politically sensitive and strategically important,
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the values and push me to where control is divided between india and pakistan. the booklet serenity over the entire area. china also came some areas and the dark is along the de facto china india border. during the winter, heavy snow blocks the only road leading to a dock, the tunnel will connect the 2 districts and eas movement for indian soldiers deployed. there it was only these are troops right now in peacetime, in east. they're gone. i good. all right, russians food, it kill plant because they are there are inducting a lot of heavy equipment there on the siskin gold. ringback via rod now and again go through the window that the dispatcher will not be killed. this huge infrastructure project comes off to new delhi promised more and foster development construction is expected to be completed in 2023. and it will reduce travel time between the 2 regents from 3 hours to just 15 minutes. how many people are pleased?
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all of us bear poly rolled to shauna. mark remains close for 4 months, beginning november and we have to stay home with no work. these tunnels will benefit business. all the tunnels and bridges are also in the work order part of india us push for foster growth near its border with china. parking little al jazeera new delhi. ah, and that is out there on these, the headlines, the wells health organization says it's concerned about the record number of private 19 infections across much of europe. austria has now entered a nation wide lockdown, and germany, hospitals are running out of intensive cabinets. if you had them in the thesis, been to us probably by the end of this winter, pretty much everyone in germany at a sometimes been said somewhat cynically, would have been vaccinated, recovered or have died. but it's true with the highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like take the i'm sticking.


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