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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 7:30am-8:01am AST

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stadiums and a metal system already complete, most of the hard work is already done. it will be up to the fans and the global teams who will come to this region for the 1st time and make this tournament one for the history books. door safari, al jazeera, doha, ah, you want to go to 0? me so who robin in doha, reminder of our top stories, sedans, reinstated, prime minister dillingham dock is promising a technocratic government. reversing the country's military takeover and spoke exclusively to al jazeera after reaching a deal with the military chief and vowed elections within 18 months. the human read him in the cold concept of the upcoming government is that it will be a technocratic government, made up of sudanese, qualified professionals about one and a half years are left out of the transitional period. therefore, the upcoming government, according to me, should focus on very specific issues,
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chiefly the completion of transition into a democracy. and it's related obligations like the convenience of the constitutional conference. i'm holding the elections. a number of people have been killed after a car drove into a crowd during a parade in the u. s. city of walker. sho, in wisconsin, more than 20 people, including children, were taken to hospital following the incident. fall right populist jose antonio cast his leading in chillies presidential election with 28 percent support within the all of the vote count and now he's facing of an off in december again, the former student protest either gabriel burridge us 25 percent support poses also closed in venezuela were millions of voted in regional and local elections. the main opposition is taking part for the 1st time in 4 years. $100.00 observers from the european union and monitoring the process to missionaries kidnapped in haiti
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last month have been released. that's according to christian, a ministries that they were among 17, from the us and canada, who abducted close to the capital. puerto prince, 5 weeks ago, australia has announced its biggest change to foreign travel restrictions in the start of the pandemic. some fully vaccinated students and work visa holders will be able to fly into the country from next month. australia may also welcome vaccines and citizens from south korea, and japan. and castle is marking one year until the 1st match kicks off on the 2020 to $50.00 world cup. a countdown clock was bailed at the celebration in the capital. doha, it will be the 1st time the world cup we played in the middle east country because you can follow stories on our website. that algebra dot com updated through the day, back with more news and half now. next, it's the listening post to stay with us, to say to say, and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you thing from
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international politics to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamond hill on al jazeera, protest dot and security for showing that another teen and we are doing democracy, demonstration all being that it is 0, which has been covering the demonstration chief has been arrested. hello, i'm richard gilbert, in europe. the listening posts where we dig into the coverage and look at how news is reported. here are the media stories we're examining this week. to dance flirtation with democracy ends in a coup d'etat. how far will the hunter go to control? what we know about the story, the journalist arrested in the aftermath of the qu in me and mar, finally get their day in court. the jury is still out on the justice system that a far right journalist turn presidential contender, frances eric moore,
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and the tv news channel behind his rivals. and the met averse is the next frontier, the mash up that exposes the fine line between facebook's attempts at p r. it's completely immersive and parody this past wednesday, november 17th and was supposed to be the day that sudan after more than 30 years under various forms of dictatorship, returned to civilian rule. that never happened just 3 weeks before the country's military was due to return to its barracks, handing over its share of power to civilians. the generals deposed the transitional government. they had been a part of and conducted a crew that triggered mass on rest, reminiscent of sudan revolution in 2019 that deposed the long time dictator, omar alba, sheer since then. it's been about controlling the streets and the narrative, through tactics to dan has seen before. protest or shot,
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the state broadcast or taken over journalists arrested the internet blocked out. but in a country that came so close to democracy, it could taste it. the population hasn't rolled over. activists are still finding ways including some low tech ones to organize. journalists are doing the same to get the story out. our starting point, this week is cartoon nearly 2 and a half years after the sudanese spring when mass demonstrations lead to the downfall of long time dictator, omar alba, sheer citizens, are back on the streets. ah, less than a month ago. a country that has spent 52 of the last 65 years under military rule was on the verge of restoring something. it hasn't had since 1989. it's democracy. i fell just 3 weeks. ah,
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bishop was ousted by the military in april 2019. and then a power sharing agreement was put together between the civilian s f c. the forces for freedom in change and the transitional military council, the t m. c. now this sovereignty council, this transitionary body, was only meant to be around for 3 years in 3 months, and then meant to hand over power to a civilian leader this week. but only 3 weeks ahead of this had been the day we found ourselves in the military kid clare with people that actually take place was switched on t v dash b and seeing, you know, the sort of a military back in the military songs fresh and immediately then so that's and it's more it'll shift in the content so that sort of aesthetics of s at and t b shifting back to more islam is signaling by presenting. also the content which was being shown on t v. and more importantly wasn't just state control. the sudan
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t v showed the crew leader abdel fata albert han refusing to call the cool cool i will, it will sit without a solar lot o l m a lot of authority. you're on have blood, he branded the take over a corrective measure, instead, try to justify it as a continuation of the 2019 the alba, sheer revolution. and argued that the civilian military transitional government somehow posed a threat to peace and security because it was unstable. having just di, stabilized that government by overthrowing the ugliest of all, perhaps was the timing coincided with clear, ob, turn in a in celine fortunes that this millions had not been doing very well in government . or recently, you know, key economic indicators to start to turn around at the inflation had begun to full balance of trade in a group for sudan. and i think those instances of success started to worry and
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military who had banked on civilians failing. and that failure being iraq back to power 4 days before the qu, sudanese took to the streets in their millions, across the country to deliver one particular message. it wasn't pro government protests, but it was pro democracy and anton military protest. the message was clear, we do not want military rule. perhaps this alliance of who plotters just realized that may be now was the right moment to see. suppose that they can take a showdown between them and the sudanese people attempting to control the masses. and the narrative, the military has borrowed tactic, straight out of omar alba shares media and repression playbook. the takeover of the state broadcast. and a communications blackout landline internet is still function. but the vast majority of sudanese rely on mobile data 3, g,
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and fortune. and both have been shut down. that has left reporters cut off from their sources, their means of distributing information. and as the night activists, the digital tools they rely on to organize the internet. that is quite katy is to keep different resistance each look the back of the resistance from mobilizing beyond that, you know, businesses that have lost money because they're unable to contact their customers, adding precious regime to revise this internet back up. and the absence had previous experience with mobilizing people during into that black house in 2019, it's not as effective as to achieve might wanted to be in every area. there is a local resistance, lee, and they have been able to disseminate information,
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an old school ways in your house to house. they send out why as the let people know people choosing to not go to work to grind the country to a holes in order to demonstrate that anger and their refusal to accept this military rule. so even though the military is trying to completely isolate the sudanese people and disconnect them from the world and each other, i have been completely awed and impressed by what they've been able to do despite all of the obstacles. it is really to the credit of protesters to demonstrate calling to that they have retained and non violent posted. and that nonviolent approach has absolute confounded literature because they, they stand on the ends of streets with, with the tools violence in their hands. and it's very hard to respond, so no 3 are hyper aware of the optics and reality of violence can mean for their attempts to really maintain control over streets. in another tactic, straight out of the 2 plotters playbook, news organizations,
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both domestic and international have been target journalists, organized a protest of their own. this past week assignment, symbolizing the authorities efforts to restrain their reporter, they've had their offices rate. some of their transmissions flocked to stop their versions of the story from getting to the outside world. we spoke with general albert hans, who would not comment on those measures or on the arrests of reporters columnists and editors, including al jazeera bureau chief in cartoon. all of them have spent time behind bars since october 25th and the day the military music started playing on sudan tv . ah, you had bloomberg. i shop correspondence. mad bold and her crew were arrested in health for a couple of allison in another quite prominent columnist of the newspaper and democrats. he is a silly was arrested after giving an interview for as yet is heard of them here in
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which he criticized the key l. democracy is known for generally being favorable to what's the transition and few days after the key security forces rated its headquarters and went to the home of its editor in order to arrest him as well. another thing it's worth to note, the fm relays for b, b, c, arabic and mold carlo, radio, worst soft and her tune. when you've so pre lays, you're trying to st. talk international media from reflecting what they are seeing competing against them. so the saddam becomes a small closed box for the propaganda that the regime or the home to here wants to spread. so the safety of journalists, it is at stake. news, and the verification of what's happening in sudan is at stake. right down to the basics, like the casualty figures resulting from social unrest. this past wednesday,
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the day the transition to democracy was supposed to take place. 15 more protesters were killed that we know about. is that the whole story with most of the internet closed for business, all those journalists arrested, all the intimidation taking place. we just do not know. because freedom of expression in sudan has proved fleet. the country is back to square one. or is it my rational response was, well, this was never when you go get this coverage of demonstrations to account on social media. how people are mobilizing that hope is actually what was cultivated last year, not lost. and instead, actually we could use under the it cannot undo 30 years of repression. people are finding ways around and amplifying what's coming out from
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the ground. the saying we are going to have our own narrative. we are not going to compromise. we're not going to negotiate, we're not going to ship our this time around. we're going to fly in the narrative, as well as industry ah. turning to me and mar, now it's been 9 months since that military to the one that ousted the democratically elected on songs to cheat. nick moore has been following developments. nick, the journalist arrested there the news outlets band, where do those legal cases stand? that media cracked on was to via at least 5 news outlets were banned, more than a $125.00 generous, arrested, 47 of whom are still behind bars. now those cases are making their way through the courts military courts and the sentencing has been cause for alarm. starting with janice minyard from the democratic force of burma. he got sentence to 3 years in prison for quote, criminal mutiny and char d b reports. and those are
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a freelancer for mizzi minute. they both got 2 years in prison and then is the american journalist danny fence the who works for frontier me. and 5 months ago he was arrested while trying to leave the country. last week he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for supposedly punishing fake news and an unlawful association with any legal group, the unlawful association charge that would be based on the work that fenster did for me in mar. now i news outlet that the one to his back, right, but the thing is mean more now says that fence to stop working for them in july 2020. so 7 months before the arctic was banned. in other words, when fenced was associated with that news outlet, it was perfectly legal. now, earlier this week, after an intervention, probably a better way to put it is pressure from the us through a former ambassador. the authorities dropped the charges against france does. so why would the authorities go to all that trouble if they're just going to release
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the guy? it's hard to say the hunter is not wanting to make new enemies of outside governments . right now it's feeling isolated. last month, the association of south east asian nations. and pardon me and me off from attending it's by and your summit because the country has failed to implement a peace plan that had been agreed at home. it looks like the hunt is trying to consolidate power. unsung suit, she is now up on charges of election, ford and lawless actions in a trial that the media will not be allowed to attend. and then of course, you've got the $47.00 janda still in prison and the thousands of activists to took part in the anti cru demonstrations. many of them are still awaiting trial, and they probably isn't an ambassador coming to negotiate their release. ok, thanks. frances presidential election is still 5 months away and one prospective candidate, a high profile journalist is shaping up. as a big part of the story, eric, the more is
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a veteran polemicist. his hostility towards islam and ethnic minorities has already earned him 2 convictions for hate speech. he is yet to declare himself a candidate, but multiple poles halves, the more in 2nd place, right behind president emanuel macro. he owes much of his popularity to see news. a right wing channel that has long provided him with a platform for his poetry. see news is now frances 2nd most watched news channel and despite having broadcast regulators on its case, seems to be having an agenda setting impact on politics. there. the listening posts, daniel tory, now on the rise of eric some more, and the main streaming of the far right in french media. ah, i do need a ton. i think the bt is actually on do it in media, some type of as possibly saw as a boss. could you just say news bus got buses?
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who cannot brucell general sheila, he did the visuals on the go really cutting with zooms. you will have to do to get that when you pull off of 4. but one of us to do this about allusions and one to do this feel to me. he may not be an official candidate with eric samuels playing to the height. his nationwide boot looks and sounds like the campaign run. so does his toward t v studios where he's debated. presidential contenders. it took a 3. 0, so keep bud but of the museum will tubes and the movie of fins. visual my printer, i also from a printer from the more media coverage he seems to. yeah, we saw him on the front page of that image. he was swimming in the mediterranean sea with his young assistant. we kind of glamorize disease image and something that there with partitions in france would would get. so he's been invited as well on by
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his shows. and the more is not even a politician yet, he's not even running a perennials. all 3 similar problem at the moment is not only that all the media outlets are talking about and using his rise as the justification which is understandable. but what raised this question is that any provocation he makes any racist sexist or homophobic comment? becomes the national debate, then sussex under and i think that he is the one setting the political debate in france that he did. i believe there was public profile has been decades in the making. the french media have been central to his rides. he made his name in the 1990 s, as a political journalist with the right wing daily lithia whole. then became a television pond. it. it was in that role in 2011 north was 1st convicted to find for haiti off the he claimed on air that most drug dealers were black,
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arab in 2018. he was convicted again. this time for saying that france had been, quote, quite faded by muslims, a. despite those offenses, the 2019 move landed his most prominent platform at sea use. a channel that had recently undergone radical may koga, under its own conservative millionaire fossil away sinews, and the poultry exact one should be seen, isn't exactly like any other channel in france's media regulation. there is a strong principle of internal pluralism, whereby different editorial perspective are represented within a single news outlet. clarity of the way it is that it's a more politically slanted channel, slanted to the right way. both greece, lemme just mentioned the, i really have done the puzzle that it's created and it's hands an editorial line.
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they didn't really vis before in french television. and that's what has made c news . the success, if you know your friendship citizens love to get out of that on a course, you know, they designed to show specifically cater ethics more nasty. it was called fat, along for facing the new web host. and several panelists, comment on the news of the day that intruder couldn't be named fashioned, you know, was that the application process the balance due to kill get, goldman count pita was at the popular key. mac had been african prepare measurement set up. and i hope that someone else, so no one could see it will show. in reality, he was the main attraction. and the show was based around the topics that he decided ah,
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with their move on board. see news. his ratings took off. as of last year, the channel began challenging and commercial rival b. f. m tv from told position among frances news networks. potassium news created more and more control bassy broadcast regulator. se began to take notice. in march issued its 1st ever find to a 24 hour news channels more had called migrant children, thieves were rapists and murderers on a run that costs 200000 years. as frances election season began with a more sounding more and more like a candidate, the regulator decided to treat him like one on the french middle in september, the c. s say posted here in paris for seniors to drop them off as a paid on 100. however, since then, the channel seems to have doubled down on its fall right formula with them or,
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or without that me seen use recently played host to the far right to with the inviting him to exclaim his influential conspiracy theory. notice that great replacement shows it brought up. he claims that immigration, you make up less than 10 percent of the population on track. replaced is white christian the theory as a central theme. with a more spite, his jewish algerian heritage village going on the channel has also been giving them plenty of bad times a get like this exchange with a french women of north african descent anesthesia. i don't want to give us a call back later on. it's probably the most common one, but you'll see it's in i have to say i was stunned when i saw the clip. i've never
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seen something like that. some french television. it felt like something new was happening. i did not know. i think that will show up why don't we want to be with the scene didn't really make sense to me and it turns out that was an element of theater to it. it seems that this woman wasn't there by chance. she lives 40 kilometers away and the production team brought her the apple, you have a new focus at michigan. i thought this she didn't, she didn't really cross the line because this is not just about one woman removing her. he job out. of course, we know free well that they all knocked off kind of his and when we got taxing france already, and lots of we men are being, are being a thank for wearing that he job. and now you see a potential presidential candidate who's calling very well supported by your tv
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channel. doing this as well. see news and its parent company cannot abuse, declined our request for an interview. however, said, whoops, appeal is not the work of one channel or even the french medium and look forward to ideas have flourished. the citizens of great disillusion with mainstream parties and their failure to grapple with issues ranging from unemployment to terrorism. that helped the far right politician murray le pen reached the 2nd round of the last presidential election in 2017. the media also played a role piping her rise and boosting her visibility with the moor. it looks like deja through only one class to see news with an even bigger platform. demography esco brasmer, it could be very b sweating, said the boss from before this week except the mosque was already like i did. i did a video or says today if you watch french tv and who are muslim, black, you were
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a job, you are a woman or homosexual. it is extremely violent because we're being constantly insulted by people like them and others, without anyone telling them that what they do is consistently hurtful. and i think these debates create a state of tension in french society and tensions are the source of violence, especially what i want. i sort of generals, and that's why you say that, you know, but johnny style, best friend, because then rate a buzz around him. and while we talk about the more we don't talk about an employment when we talk about them, what we don't talk about inequality is while we talk about seeing what we don't talk about climate change. and that's, i think, a big, big issue here. because of course, we should talk about the more, but we can't be absorbed by his ideas either and the problem in france at the just anyone about what's happening in the campaign. and finally, facebook spin dealing with a succession of negative news reports on how the company has done so little to stop,
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hate speech and abuse on its side time for a re brand mark zuckerberg trying to reshape the narrative. so the sites parent company is now called meta, and there are plans for met averse using virtual reality to transform things like online video calls into 3 d experiences. but v r cannot possibly compensate for zocker bergs problem with p r. his presentation style is robotics. he's a mean waiting to happen, and the parody videos now include one produced by a tourism organization in iceland out to sell the real world. we're leaving you now with a mash up metal verse versus iceland verse. where would you rather spend your day? was the next time here at the listening to hey, and welcome to connect. today we're going to talk about the met averse day. i want to talk about a revolutionary approach on how to connect the world without being super with the
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next platform and medium will be even more immersive and embodied internet where you are in the experience, not just looking at it. and we call this the metaphors. it's already here. seriously look, try to you. and what do we call this? not so new chapter in human connectivity. the iceland worse? everything we do online today connecting socially entertainment games work is gonna be more natural when vivid. in our open world experience, everything is real and has been for millions of years. so let's start by exploring what different kinds of met averse experiences could feel. i mean, starting with the most important experience of all connecting with people to
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your human right. isn't you funny? i am proud to announce that starting today. our company is now met. now please enjoy a roku. oh african narrative. mm. from african perspective. i knew series of sure. documentaries, by african filmmakers from across the continent. this isn't really get committed to handle the african direct coming, sued on al jazeera,
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big. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to plate that others and not a far as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. lou, promising a technocratic government focused on democratic transition. sedans, reinstated, prime minister of dela undock speaks exclusively to al jazeera after a deal with the military. ah, blogs, the whole robin, you're watching all of their life. my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes. today our community faced hor tragedy in what should have been a community celebration. a number of people have been killed and more than 20 injured asked nancy v as driven into a crisp.


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