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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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the people left behind ah, ah, ah, promising a technocratic government focused on democratic transitions to dawn's reinstated, prime minister of della handoff speaks exclusively to al jazeera after a deal with the military. ah, hello robin, you watch desert life, my headquarters hearing hall. so coming up today or community face or tragedy in what should have been a community celebration, a number of people have been killed and more than 20 injured as an s t. v is driven
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into a christmas parade in the state of wisconsin in the u. s. also fall right populous . jose antonio cast is eating and chill a presidential vote. he's facing a run off with a left wing activists. venezuela's opposition. take part in elections for the 1st time since 2017. as voters choose governance and mass. ah, welcome to the program, we begin in sudan where the prime minister is promising a technocratic government and the path to democracy. the military chief on sunday reinstated of della ham dock. nearly a month after he was ousted in a military coup up the fatter elder han agreed to the plan transition to civilian rule. but it's not clear how much power the new government will have. the largest opposition coalition is refusing to recognize any agreement the shared power with the military. um doc explained what the new government will eventually looked like
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as he spoke exclusively to al jazeera and fickle as he'll feel home and read him in the cold concept of the upcoming government is that it will be a technocratic government made up of sudanese qualified professionals so then about one and a half years are left out of the transitional period. the whole, the upcoming government, according to should focus on very specific issues. chiefly the completion of transition into a democracy. and it's related obligations like the convenience of the constitutional conference. i'm holding the elections, you all know that the elections would require one full year, at least, may drag on for one and a half years. i hope we can all agree on an independent government taken across during the remaining time of the transitional period. where as government would lead the country until the scheduled election go in, assessing has developed a new part in new knowledge about this is
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a key part of the political agreement. we saw. you said was that the prime minister should have the power and authority to full and independent technocratic government in absolute liberty. and without any pressure on what this is what we sign the agreement fall. and then a, consider this has a modem and i'd like to speak frankly, i don't have any personal ambitions to remain a figurehead or to join a particular party or group or to gain higher popularity. i'm all driven by the responsibility placed on my shoulder. i'm guided only by the ambitions and hopes of the nice people, therefore, i have made up my mind and sign the political agreement. although i know that many may disagree objective or rejected simply because the people's ambitions and aspirations were much higher than the moment. however, i signed it and i read to read that i do not have any personal game. otherwise i
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wouldn't have accepted the office in the 1st place with all a law challenges over the past 2 years. the issue of personal gain does not worry me at all. i believe the decision i made is correct and to the best interest of the people. that's why i went forward and signed the political agreement. and you've watched the full interview with saddam reinstated prime minister abil handle con, talked to al jazeera on monday at $730.00. she empty on what's the, have a morgan has more on the days vents from the capital call to a breakthrough incidence political crisis. nearly a month after military takeover and the solution of the transitional government on sunday military leader, general abdel for that albert han and the post prime minister. the lamp dog signed an agreement that paved the way for him took to be reinstated as a defer when i signed this political agreement, i was guided by a number of key principles. chiefly,
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among them is to avoid further bloodshed. our people are prepared to sacrifice more, but every drop of blood pressures. the agreement comes after weeks of negotiations between the 2 sides, mediated by sudanese political figures. it's called for the release of political prisoners, including senior officials who were arrested on october 25th the day of the takeover. and in the days that followed, the agreement also lays out a plan to expand political participation in the transitional government general will hon, who cited political divisions as the reason for his taking power says the deal will lead to dialogue to end those divisions with doctor i los yasser, we'd been living in crisis for a long time. and by signing this declaration, we were able to establish a real foundation for a transitional period as envisioned fall. sudan has been governed by a power sharing agreement between the military and the political coalition, known as the forces of freedom and change since august 2019. but the months leading
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to the recent military takeover. so tensions between the 2 sides, both accused each other of slow economic recovery and lack of judicial reforms. the agreement signed between ham dog and general behind may have reinstated him dog as prime minister. but it doesn't mean the end of the dance political crisis. since the takeover nearly a month ago, there had been processed nearly every day with people demanding an entirely civilian government and an enter the partnership between the military and civilians . sanders deal means the military remains as a governing partner and that has angered many here. thousands protested near the presidential palace in cartoon before the signing the deal. authorities responded by firing tear gas, and live ammunition in the air. at least, 40 protested have been killed since the military took over and more than $200.00 injured. the forces of freedom and change which nominated ham duke as prime minister back in 2019 has distant itself from the deal. and analysts said they are questions about how much the military can be trusted. the last month has been
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a total fiasco for the military. why? because they did what they did, and suddenly they had to do a 180 degrees return. that doesn't mean that the prime minister suddenly, the whole lot of the land. but what it means is that there is a momentum, suddenly not in favor of the genitals, but rather in the favor of the street. but as you said, we will see where will this take us? because there are a number of dynamics at play here. there's that many 30, there's a street, there is the neighbors on the african union, and there's the international community for now. so dan takes another and threatened step in its transition. he, bull morgan al jazeera cartoon. a number of people have been killed after a car drove into a crowd in the us city of walk ashore in wisconsin. that more than 20 people, including children, were taken to hospitals following the incident. that happened while people were marching in the cities, christmas parade. and su v a broke through barriers before driving through the parade route at high speed. one person has been arrested. i walked in the parade at
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the beginning, i saw the happy children sitting on the curb. i saw a happy parents behind their children. i can still see the smiling faces. a parade is a celebration for our community. today. our community faced hor tragedy in which should have been a community celebration. i'm deeply saddened to know that so many in our community went to a parade, but ended up dealing with injury and heartache. let's bring him peter off. he's a news we call missed and contributing. editor joyce, no alexandria in virginia. peter could help you with this good evening. it does seem that this is a developing story and one that has different facts emerging as time progresses. now we've got news of fatalities as well as many injured. just bring us up to speed on what you know. in terms of those that have been involved in this incident right now, what we know is that a red ford s u,
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v is you said raced up through the parade route and slammed into a group of people who were marching. and in total, there seemed to be about 2 dozen casualties. how many of those are fatalities? how many of those are symbol injuries? i don't know yet. and the driver of the s u. v has been taken in the police custody, of course, and the f b i and i involved in this investigation. you just mentioned that this person of interest, the motive is unknown for the moment. it leads to lots of speculation, doesn't it? but also raises attention about security around events like this as we lead up to the holiday season. it, we have always had to be careful. there are of course, 2 things to consider right now in the political life of the nation. one
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that this is potentially some kind of act of terrorism. the 2nd that this is somehow related to the decision last week by a jury of 12 americans to quit the young man cal written house of murder. and to affirm his claim that he acted in self defense during the riots in 2001 in kenosha, which is about 80 kilometers away from walker's shop. simply the proximity of the 2 cities requires you to get at least to consider that this somehow may be related to that verdict. of course i pita, the fire chief a steven how to talking about those that have been injured. also news coming through that the person in detention may have been shot at on that the vehicle itself may have been leaving another scene of the crime. lots of options here for
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the police. in terms of our investigation, it would be a very wide ranging investigation. at the moment in these early few hours. i think that they're probably exploring all possibilities again, as you said, it could have been someone fleeing another incident on the the mirror walker shows, i understand it has confirmed that the police did use force to bring down the driver of the vehicle. no bystanders were injured as a result. busy of that, but because of again, the written house verdict last week, wisconsin municipal authorities in particular have been on edge for fear that there would be some kind of social protest or violent action taken by people who are angry. that mr. written house,
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the. ready the 18 year old young man who shot 3 people killing 2 of them in self defense during the black lives matter related. i riots in kenosha, a just about a year and a half ago. and that, that somehow there might have been some that they, that it may somehow be connected with call that in charlottesville, after and after the neo nazis marched early in the trump administration, a man broke his vehicle into a crowd of people and did wrong with it. yeah, i will not think urgency and certainly how the investigation pans out of the lots of lead. so the police to follow for the moment to peter off i from music. thanks for joining us from virginia. like if you the far right populace. jose antonio cast
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as leading a chili's presidential election with 28 percent support. with 90 percent of the vote, county nice facing, are run off in december against laughing congressman and former student protest leader gabrielle boris. choose got 25 percent of the vote. both of them are outside, the traditional political parties cast has addressed his supporters. he's already claimed victory and we made a bizarre, but i get it as a, sag our leader. many today we have made a 1st step so that help becomes a reality. we've been walking along towards this step, and it's the 1st one that important, though will be opinion polls. but today, the tulane people have spoken and have given us the majority to all of them, to the simple and humble people who dare to vote to all those who came from hundreds of kilometers away just to vote. thank you. from the bottom of my heart, we're going to regain peace, order progress, and our liberty. from to day onwards. gabriel burridge has also spoken to his supporters, saying he is determined to win the race up
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a little. you don't have to do this more counting to be done, but it's not the 1st time we've done it. we did that when we fought for education. we also did that when we achieved other victories, and there's no doubt that we're going to win the 2nd round together. it's going to be tough. it won't be easy, but we're going to win it. it's exactly during tough times when leadership must be shown. this is the challenge we have to fight. i'm not here to speak against the of a candidate, but today i'm here to be the spokesman of dialogue of unity and of hope. that goes weimer joyce in our live outside the campaign headquarters of jose antonio cast in santiago whether it's cast or, or bar it. sure, daniel, it seems now to be a to horse race. but does this really reflect sort of the split in society in the country, in the direction that they want the country to follow? it certainly a represents a state is just midnights are here in santiago,
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so chilly but sleeping now. but they will be analyzing those results. 28 percent are for cogent on your gas journey. 26 percent of 4 o 4 borage. but the other 5 candidates who took part in the, in the race and now dropped out the to moderate candidates. moderate. right. a moderate left didn't get more than a 12 percent of the vote. they finished in 4th and 5th place. the 3rd place candidate, franco, but he see didn't even campaign. he's been abroad for the last few months. so what quite what that says about the state of chile and politics or the other key figure is that there was a 45 percent turn out to something like 8 and a half 1000000 to lands a did not to vote in these elections. so there's going to be a big campaign now to try to try to win the votes of the 5 candidates who have now been eliminated from the race and the 55 percent of the chile an electorate. so that the extreme right and the extreme left in the, in the, in the form of
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a body. and the cast at will now spend the time until the 19th of december. and that 2nd place, ronald trying to convince actually and that they should come out and vote and vote for them. the fact that so many people didn't vote. does that say that church lands have lost faith in their politicians and their politics? and we have been hearing in the last couple of years about how they're so keen for change are there have been, there's been unrest on the streets. and so really a lot to analyze now in these next few weeks, leading up to that, that 2nd round of voting and to see exactly where actually don't stand at the moment for the update. thanks so much. daniel schwab la force in santiago. now our latin america editor lucio newman, says gabriel bar, which is supporters. are still optimistic about the outcome. i'm a give me a body just campaign headquarters where hundreds of his supporters and advisors are here and they're all saying the same thing. they have a battle ahead of them, but they believe that they will win. as you see here,
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people are saying know log has no more, right wing bar. it will be the president of chile. no more going back to the nursing over and over again. and then, because nobody i wanted to present for them a future, a different future for this country of social political any can only concede that one to make to lead a far more equal society. but they know that they are confronting a very, very important rival, a very strong rival, much stronger than they could have expected. and it's very uncertain right now which way the vote that did not go to either one or the tuning candidates will go in the 2nd round. so as of tomorrow, they say they will go out and fight for every single mode. it did not go to that, but he had bought each so that he can win in the 2nd round either way. it makes it very clear that chile is now and more divided country than it has been since 1990.
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both still had healed algebra. why friends has sent its own special police officers to its overseas territory of waterloo in the caribbean. one year to kickoff kensal starts counting down to the 1st world comp in the middle east. ah. hello we have got side to some west to where the pushing towards british columbia over the next a day or 2. we have got this little area cloud just running up towards the pacific northwest eating up into that western side of canada. nothing like what is it has been recently, but it saturated ground, of course that will add to the flooding concerns here be more of a central parts, cold air digging in piling outs of 1st central canada and sliding further southward
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. now the band of cloud and rain pushing further east was, is that cooler weather we have minus 8 the top temperature in winnipeg. we'll see that or warming up over the next hour. so monday we get up to minus 7 proper warm up. by the time we come to tuesday, we getting just above freezing. so that's something to look forward to. it will be largely dry. that wet weather, moving across the eastern seaboard through a monday, dry weather coming in behind a few wintry flowers around the legs. there's that wet weather, and at times wintery weather for b. c and the north west of us. so washington state, seeing some of that winter mix as well, which will drive its way a little further eastward. moving across the cascades through the rockies, becoming a little lighter as it does so. meanwhile, into the caribbean, this latch upon a dry for the east, not as set. fair haven present sunshine, sunshine is showers further west. ah, the world's pollinators are in decline. in this episode of arthritis,
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we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet. protecting insects of all sizes, crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to be your k to see how old industrial sites are being turned into a bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this warring trans hiking and sec to get on on al jazeera. oh the the book about you're watching over there with me, the whole rom, the reminder of all top stories, sedans, reinstated, prime minister of dela handle is promising a technocratic government. reversing the country's military takeover and
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exclusively to al jazeera after reaching a deal with the military chief and vowed elections. within 18 months. some people have been killed after a car drove into a crowd during afraid in the us city of walker show in wisconsin, that more than 20 people, including children, were taken to hospital following the incident and fall right populous. jose antonio cast is leading in chile presidential elections with 28 percent support. with nearly all of the vote counted now he's facing a roof in december against the former student potency the gabriel burridge, who has 25 percent of the supports full thing with poles. they've closed in venezuela where millions of voted in regional and local elections. the main opposition is taking part for the 1st time in 4 years. 100 observers from the european union have been monitoring the vote at 1000 polling stations present. nicholas madeira has been accused of electoral fraud in the past. teresa bo is in
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the capital crockett and said this report were here at the national electro council . and this is the place where there were cause of these regional elections will be coming in this important election for venezuela because it's the 1st time in 4 years, separate opposition of the country decided to participate. and why is that? well, the opposition says that they have been given suddenly assurances by the government among them, the presence of witnesses at the polling station goal. so that now to members of the national actually council are part of the opposition are also of course the presence of the european union. this is the 1st time in 15 years that the european union of reference in an election in venezuela, their own servers have been deployed all across the country. they have been monitoring the results. they have been monitoring the campaign, their legal expert to and rights lawyers, among other things that are monitoring and observing this election. but if we had
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been in the middle of an enormous crisis and economic crisis, a course mostly by a dropping the price of oil by your sanctions, among other things. and also our political crisis with thousands of people protesting on the street and millions leaving the country escaping poverty. so in a way for many, this elections are important because it's a step towards the opposition participating in this process, a possibility, an opening away towards president of elections in the future. and that's why the final report by the european union, is going to be monitored by the government of nicola, but also by the opposition to people kidnapped in haiti last month. have been released, according to christian aid ministries. they were among 17 missionaries from the us . and canada, including 5 children, abducted close to the capital puerto prince 5 weeks ago. now their names and current location have not been released, but they are apparently safe and in good health. phil laval has the latest from
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washington dc. we have learned that to the hostages and haiti were released, we can tell you that they are in good spirits, that being careful, that is it. there are no names. there's no identity, there's no detail of nationalities. and in fact, they're saying that anybody on the ground who does have information, they want to keep that information quiet because obviously there are still potentially 15 other people who are being held captive. now it's an interesting choice of words here because they have said that these captives have been released . they haven't used the word rescued or freed which implies that the captors have voluntarily for whatever reason, let them go. and that could be for a number of reasons. it could be down to help grounds, it could be down to ransom being paid, officially, the line from the u. s. is that ransoms will not be paid, but we do know that there are other ways of money making the way to this group. if for example, that is what will happen now, australia has announced its biggest change to foreign travel restrictions since the start of the pandemic. some fully vaccinated students and work visa holders will be
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able to fly in the country from next month, australia. they also welcome back city citizens from south korea and japan. france has some special police officers to it's overseas territory of guadalupe in the caribbean. now there are be 90 riots as well as a strike against compulsory cove at 19 passes that he bava husband buildings on fire in one up in the caribbean archipelago of guadalupe. this is french overseas territory, and after nearly a week of civil unrest here, the government in paris is sending reinforcements on top of the $200.00 extra personnel already in place. 50 police special forces have just arrived. these pictures are from a local news channel. ah, a nighttime curfew was imposed on friday, but it hasn't brought com more than 30 people were arrested that night alone.
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michigan has ever called a school course that we've ascertained not only that there was this order, but that live ammunition was used against law enforcement officers. lou things now taking place of the island which has out fi may say so. nothing to do with the color protest. trade unions in guadalupe started an indefinite strike on monday. they're angry about the compulsory vaccination of health workers against covey. 19 and about the french health pause, which is required to access restaurants and cafes. cultural venue, sports arenas, and long distance travel. one with them are, they said that because of this criminal anti social no, which they set up hundreds of work as a being fine on to the stay. why and by extension, thousands of people because behind each salaried employee, there's a fam ran out. the french government says about 80 percent of health care workers in guadalupe have already been vaccinated. it also says road blockades of disrupted supplies to hospitals. not obamacare local, both of them are middle reflection. i blame those who may vaccination, compulsory. you can't do that and then suspend stuff without salary. they're
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effected morally and physically and 50 percent of staff is suspended. so vaccinated staff will be doing double the work. the local authority says some electrical facilities near dams have been damaged, causing power outages to some areas. french prime minister john castillo is set to meet guadalupe officials on monday to discuss the crisis. nadine barber al jazeera no cuts are marking one year until the 1st match kicks off in the 2020 to fif, woke up the count on glock has been unveiled at a celebration in the capital tow hall. the gulf country has been preparing for the tournament since winning the bed back in 2010. it will be the 1st time the world cup has been played in the middle east. dorothy jabar evils. ah, the count down is officially underway to the biggest football tournament in the world. the 2022 fif
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a world cup will be hosted in cuts are from november 21st until december 18th. the but the excitement has already begun. this is a unique, unique opportunity for cats or the goddess for the world to show to the world that some of the prejudice that exist towards this part of the world is wrong. simply prejudice. it's wrong that people are welcome to hear some major sports star power was on hand to ensure the world knows katara is ready for one of its biggest events in history. just conveying to this country has come much further than we ever imagined in terms of infrastructure modernization. and i hope the whole world will appreciate what capital is going to offer to put your own stance from everyone in the world will be to enjoy the beauties of catch up on top of that. cuts out through football is
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opening doors to people to visit the country and enjoy the world come. this is the latest stadium to be completed out. a stadium will stay to the 1st game of the 2022 world cup. it's a facility designed to reflect the nomadic culture of the region. this will be one of the 8 stadiums that will be hosting $32.00 countries next year. cut our has spent $6500000000.00 on building new infrastructure. and metro system and numerous training facilities, more than a 1000000 supporters are expected to make the trip to cut our for what will be the most compact wall cup ever. join the beats is the official theme of the 2022 fif of world cup and with less than a year to go before they big day arrived. officials will work to make sure everything goes according to plan with 7 of the 8 stadiums and a metro system already complete. most of the hard work is already done. it will be
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up to the fans and the global teams who will come to this region for the 1st time and make this tournament one for the history books. door such avari al jazeera doha . i think by that much more on our website at al jazeera dot com, it's updated throughout the day. of course our top story dr. coff plan through crowd in the us. ah, you will watch realtors over with me. so robin little headquarters here in doha. let's bring you our top story. sedans reinstated, prime minister abdulla ham dock is promising a technocratic government reversing the country's military takeover. hon dock spoke exclusively to al jazeera after reaching a deal with the military chief and board elections within 18 months. feel how common regiment in the cold concept of the upcoming government is that it will be a technocratic government made up of sudanese qualified professionals about one.


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