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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 3:30am-4:01am AST

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this is where you have your best st through but we need the point today. it's going to be difficult to the end, but i think that's nice. yeah, it keeps keep it exciting. behind them, a name from the past blasted into 3rd place. fernando alonzo getting a spot on the podium for the 1st time since 2014. turning it finally, finally, we got it. alarms, i knows how titles are one and last, with 2 races less hamilton's chances of an 8th world championship. his 5th in a row are in his own hands, full rece al jazeera. ah . this is as you did get around at the top stories reinstate to the sudanese prime minister de la handbook is promising a technocratic government. reversing the recent military takeover hand acts as he guided by the ambitions of the sudanese people as he spoke exclusively to just
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after reaching and deal with the military treat. he's also vowed elections will be held within 18 months. feel how cool and read him in the cold concept of the upcoming government is that it will be a technocratic government, made up of sudanese, qualified professionals about with one and a half years are left out of the transitional period. therefore, the upcoming government, according to me, should focus on very specific issues, chiefly the completion of transition into a democracy and its related obligations like the convenience of the constitutional conference and holding the elections. far i populist jose antonio cast is leading in chile the presidential election with more than 70 percent of the vote. county car has just over 28 percent support and appears to be headed for run off. with his left, his libel, gabriel burridge, former student protest leader has $0.25 for oppose them. now closing in venezuela,
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where millions have voted in regional and local elections. main opposition is taking part for the 1st time in 4 years. 100 observers from the european union are overseeing the process. police in belgium's capital have used care gas and water cannons on protests as angry about cobra 19 restrictions, tens of thousands joined the market ruffles. it began peacefully, but some demonstrated later threw rocks and smoke bombs. it comes off to the government and our new restrictions. cutter is mocking one year until the 1st match kicks off. the 2022 fee for woke up. are you ready now? ah, a countdown clock was unveiled to the celebration in the capital. doha golf country has been preparing for the tournaments is winning the bid in 2010. it will be the 1st time the work up will be played in the middle east nation. so those are the
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headlines inside scores next. ah, there's growing fury in palestine after britons home secretary says she's banning. hum us. until now the u. k. had only blacklisted hamas as military when the group says the move is biased toward israel. while the israeli prime minister welcomed the decision, but what will the implications beat? this is inside stored? ah
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hello and welcome to the program. i'm how much am jerome? the united kingdom is on the cusp of designating all of hamas as a terrorist organization. it comes as you k home secretary, pretty patel who will present the change to parliament in the coming days. says there is no way in distinguishing between how masses, political, and military branches. if approved, the move would not only hinder the group, but affect people in gaza who rely on social welfare programs that hamas managers. hamas is already designated a terrorist group by the european union. the united states and canada. various palestinian factions have banded together to condemn the you case push for the ban on hamas bet to bought a honda. thomas will obama at her via we condemn the unjust british decision to consider hamas a terrorist organization and a firm that it's a political decision. and a continuation of the flagrant aggression against our people and it's a resistance. the british decision aims to gain the approval design a sloppy,
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in light of the escalation and growth of popular support in many european countries for palestinian people and their right to resist occupation. to that, we have a lot to unpack with our panel of guests. but 1st this report by humans said in gossip reactions continued against the british government's decision considering come as a tourist movement. hamas issued a statement denouncing the decision and saying that the british home secretary, pretty patel decision is a support of the aggressors at the expense of the victims. while freidman stood mohammed this to ya, rejected the british, a decision to classify, had met as a tourist movement and considered it a motive. to criminalize the policy to use people struggle to liberate from occupation and established their independence. tate with jerusalem or east jerusalem as its capital for its quite the palestinian embassy in the united
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kingdom, condemned the british government decision and considered it a dangerous alignment with the agenda of the occupying power, which seeks to criminalize the struggle of the policy team. people as a whole and kill the chance of establishing a 2 state solution. these reactions all came after the british home secretary pretty patel, had announced that she had submitted an order to the british parliament on friday to a man chapter 2 off the tourism act. 2000 to banned the entire hamis movement, including it's political. we, you, me to say it. gaza for inside story. ah . all right, let's bring in our guess in west jerusalem, anna hertzberg. she's the legal advisor of n g o monitor in london. roxanne farm, and far mayan is lecturer on international relations of the middle east. at the
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university of cambridge in ramallah myself ability is a palestinian politician and secretary general of the palestinian national initiative. a warm welcome to you all and thanks for joining us today on inside story roxanne farm on for my end, let me start with you. why is this designation happening now? well, it follows after a pushed by the prime minister of israel, tell the bennett to condemn terrorist organizations. generally, he has been part of a closure of 6 major human rights, n g o's in the, in the palace in israel, and had put in actually a personal statement to johnson prime minister johnson up in glasgow during the cop 26. asking him if it would be something he would consider
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doing. so we had quite a bit of lead up to this, and that's very much why has happened now an hertzberg from your vantage point, what message does this action send? i think it's a very important message. i would just quibble a bit with the last speaker. this is something i believe it's been in the work with government. it's quite a long time. so, you know, i think it's quite, it's actually a fallacy to consider military and political way and separate the political wing is integral and helping the military way of terrorist organizations. we see the same thing with has the law. and that's why there's also been a move across europe to really and designate all has a mass as terrorist organizations. so this is a important move and it is a trends that hopefully will be you'll be seeing more across the board more often,
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most of it, but with the palestinian embassy to the u. k. condemned this move to designate hamas a terrorist group. they say the u. k. government has complicated palestinian unity efforts and undermined palestinian democracy. do you agree with that? absolutely. more than that, i think what you see is mr. buddies. johnson, i'm the government is subjecting themselves to the dictation of nestali bennett and those that are the government, which is clearly deciding this policy. and what you see here is an act of trying to deal my eyes, palestinians completely. if palestinians conduct what is allowed by international law, this is terrorism. and today it's their conduct popular non violent resistance, declaring its violence if their protest against israeli policies and for your patient. and then they call it at the division of violence. and if even
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jewish person criticizes the israeli government for its policy of occupation and apartheid, they call it, they call him or had i since hit in june. i think this is a policy that is reflecting the long term act of occupation, which is illegal, long term and continuous and growing system of our prototype and discrimination against the palestinian people. and this whole policy of mr. bennett, and those who support them is about the denying palestinians that i struggle for their rights, the 9 then the right to struggle for international law denying them the right to struggle for equality. and this is totally unacceptable. and i don't know why they don't really act as we know that is really me is killing palestinians. there they are buying us in 5040 years. and they have created the war system of apartheid in
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south africa and apartheid. and the western governments should impose sanctions and israel for doing these policies rather than punishing unions and hurts for a good look. to me like you were reacting to some of the stuff about who you was saying, did you want to jump in? yes, sir. i mean, i find it quite interesting that he thinks it's, it's part of international law to target civilians which is what harass does just this morning. a hamas aperture shy and injured and murdered shad 4 people. one of them died this morning praying at the western wall in jerusalem. so i hardly see that as part of the human race struggle that mr. very good, he's speaking about. and of course last may we have huh. shoot over 4000 rockets and is really population centers. how many people are in days of the conflict? how many of those were that is not?
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that is not a part of any human rights struggle. and i find that disturbing. i one, sorry, one speaker. sure. that there was a little who to let me get to you in just in just one moment. i just want to ask roxanne farm on for my end here. one other question in the interim, this statement, i want to go back to the statement from the palestinian embassy to the united kingdom because it also described this move to designate hamas a terrorist organization as a quote retrograde step, that will make peace making harder and diminish for you kay's role from your perspective, is that accurate? does this make peace making harder and doesn't diminish the u. k. 's rule? well, i think the pay is got a different view on this and that it's a very pro israeli government. and in fact, the home office, the whole minutes, are pretty patel who is making this has made the statement on the part of the
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government. it will be bringing it to parliament. of course, it won't get passed until the parliament agrees to this, but we have to look at this against the background. she had gone several years ago under the may government when she was an international development as the minister and had spoken with various members of the yahoo government, but unofficially and that is against the british law. so when she returned, she was sacked, but she is very clearly a very pro israeli politician, as is for johnson. and they have made it very clear that they feel they need to catch up with what you have done and have therefore designated the political wing as well as the military wing as, as, as terrorist. and i think they have also gone the step further to say that they
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will be presenting the israeli views to the other great powers in the course of the negotiations for the iran nuclear deal that have just begun again. so we see that from the british governments perspective, that is going in a direction that it has indeed been going for some time. i completely agree with that. and we have to see this against the background of the anti semitic public political fear that condemned the labor party for our actions that it has now changed very significant on. so it, the overall view from the british capital today is that what they are doing is, is joining a larger western alliance that is more pro israeli. i personally would agree with that. it makes for negotiations more difficult, but that is not the,
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the representation of the government that i see here of a bit of what the, i know you wanted to jump in before and respond to an hertzberg. please go ahead. well, 1st of all, this is also an act, i guess democracy, that's for sure because there's like, denying the listing in the right there to present who should there present them. and how much is one of the political factors that participate in political life? so it's like i say, and a british people do not have the right to choose conservatives, audra elect conservatives to the parliament. i still hope that the british parliament will not approve this move from the side of the interior administer. we know that johnson represents the same, but this is that trans presented. i know that the millions of british people are against this policy. and definitely there is a huge group and a but a party that is against this policy. this way, the way that you try to declare that people are anti semitic is nothing but
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a way of trying to frighten people from criticizing as an influence, violation of international. let us remember the basic facts. the basic fact is that who is occupying whom israel is occupying us, we are not occupying israel, who is putting 640 military checkpoints in the queue by 33. it's israel who is conducting a system of apartheid and discrimination against the palestinian people. it is israel, you will be a guest, spoke about attacking civilians who is killed among civilians. it's palestinians during the last attacks on the israel, more than $4000.00 people, including in the last lord on guys. they killed 169, palestinian children 169 palestinian children. israel is conducting a policy of aggression, is conducting a policy occupation, is that i was conducting the policy. if i tied, if they want peace,
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they would have agreed to the 2 state solution. but this is early government declaring that there is no place what ballasting in state, there is no place for palestinian freedom. there is even no place for negotiations . so what do they want? i mean this is an extreme government. and by the way, and you want it, that is nothing but an instrument that is helping the israeli government and its security establishment. their attacks on human rights organization are unbelievable as if polished. and you don't have the right to send the human rights as if they are not entitled to practice in democracy. this palestinians are not entitled to struggle for them to be them. and this is unacceptable and it will not last. let me tell you that i am sure that the majority of human beings on this, in this world, the majority of people, including the majority of what's in the united nations, are supporting the palestinian rights, which are totally compatible with international law. those type,
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the country that is violated, international law is automated. it's intelligence services. and that is unacceptable. and hertzberg roxanne farm on farm i and a few moments ago brought up iran. and i want to ask you about that because there are analysts who posit that the leaders of israel and the u. k. have stepped up the relationship between both countries as a way to deal with iran or focus on iran nuclear negotiations. do you believe that that's a factor at play? it's definitely a possibly a factor. i mean, when you look at how my son has a lot of those are really in proxies in the region. and so i, you know, i think that is something that is probably on their minds, but also it does bring, you know, makes peace more likely in the research region when you can just arm has black and hamas that are acting as extra military actors. you know,
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it has bloss case, it's basically taken over southern lebanon and hamas, as we all know, was taken over garza and i don't think that reflects the will of either the lebanese people or the palestinian people in contrast to the propaganda. there was data by mister burgundy, and so i do think that is something that a you are to conducting a that i mentioned to you and you were going off for quite a long time. so i would appreciate you don't do the same for me. go ahead and go ahead and tell me i would just i would take issue it and many of the things that the guest previously said on the fax. and frankly, when we look at the casualties they've been happening in gaza,
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pretty much all of them can be attributed to us because from us, embeds rocket and other chair infrastructure within civilian areas that endangers the entire population. in gaza. a bit on for mr. bragg, you are responsible for our own death. all right, my son. acceptable roxanne, farm on for my and let, let me get to you right now because earlier you, you brought up the labor party in the u. k. and i want to talk about that for a moment because traditionally the more left wing members of britain's labor party have been strong supporters of the palestinian cause. and there are, as we know, deep divisions within the labor party. what kind of impact is all of this going to have going forward? well, i think the labor party itself is undergoing quite a huge stage and it's definitely no longer the party of jeremy corbin, who was very strongly pro palestinian or at least pro the idea of
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giving them the rights of, of the debate here. and i think that that proved to be very, very problematic for the labor party and under secure storm, or they have undergone a quite deep cleansing and a set of choices in order to prioritize the jewish community within the party. and it has been well received here. and so i think there's going to be much less ramification of this in terms of how the labor party itself will supported. in fact, i think they've already come out saying that they will support this and, and just to follow up on the ramifications. because the terrorism act in this country means that any support for terror groups that have been designated as terrorists do have consequences for those that are promoting
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that support. so this will affect any kind of fundraising that may have been going on in the country for hamas. it will certainly mean that there will no longer be any kinds of meetings or any kind of coverage for huh. speaking positively about it, and in fact it effects us as lecturers and teachers. and there's already been quite a bit of difficulty about our right to, to self expression across several other areas in this country. and this is definitely going to add to that as a, as an issue, because if one speak out or support or fund a group that's been designated us as a terrorist, then we are liberal for up to. busy 10 years of prison and that i would say would
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be putting quite a bit of pressure on the palestinian community here, which is officially about 5000 people because it will mean that they will not be able to speak freely about this issue any more erosion. we are starting to run out of times i'm ask you to please keep your answer to this brief, but because you mentioned the fact that there are these penalties, i do anticipate that there will be more prosecutions going forward. or we know that, you know, it is said that now people who support hamas may get up to 14 years in prison. that's one of the penalties. do you think that more people will be prosecuted going forward? we'll have to see the, the difficulty about a terrorism law is that it is very different. it doesn't have a whole lot of leeway. and so i think people will have to self sensor or alternatively find different ways if they feel that it is important to do this. and
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it must be said that it has not passed parliament yet. and i think we need to wait and see how much support it gets and what the discourse is around that to see where the legal situation will come down on too much of a bit of a t a. what kind of impact does this have going forward? when it comes to the prospects of palestinian unity, i mean, what kind of challenges does this add to that? said the wall, it's an act against unity. it's an act to prevent palestinians from getting unified on democratic. this is where we would have a free democratic elections and in, in part this could run in these elections. and as you know, we are also struggling for democracy. and we were against the decision of the authority to counsel elections. so in my opinion, this is, this is an act against democracy and an act against, but it's in unity. what exactly what, what, what is really occupation once?
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but let me, let me say something. we have to put these acts into that context. there's another context is to try to criminalize the victim criminalize the palestinians who are struggling for their freedom. and i found it. i find it really disturbing when one of your guests saying that you can kill palestinians and then claimed responsible for their on death. this is the utmost the human eyes vision of any human being. it's like reminds me of those criminals with a women and then claimed that women are responsible for being ramped. it's exactly the same. and i think this is totally unacceptable. if you were to just had the minimum of feeling of justice, that would be nice. no people in the world should be kept under israeli, or any military occupation. they would, they could not the right of palestine ins for the freedom for subs permission
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before that was come as they were many political palestinian parties try to teach these agreements with israel. and israel refused. israel is the one that destroyed was the agreement. israel is the one that is right is, is the one that is not up to me is the one piece. israel is the one that was in all united nations resolutions is what is the criminal in this case? and the very fact that they are the ones who are you buying just for life is totally unacceptable. i accept a but i grew up on my other life on the completion. i am entitled to see them. i, i'm sorry to interrupt. i'm, i'm sorry to interrupt you, but we only got about a, a moment left. i do want to ask an hertzberg, one last thing here. how big of when is this for natalie been it does, does this have an impact on him politically? i mean, i think it's, it's very different. natalie bennett. i think it's,
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it's not even necessarily a wait for him per se, but for people around the world, we're trying to put an end to terrorism and support for terrorism and promoting un resolution, $1373.00 and or chapter 7 of your, of the security council ending all direct and indirect support for terrorism. so i consider it a win for anyone who actually does care about human rights and care about democracy . all right, well we have run out of time. we're going to have to leave the conversation there. thanks so much. all of our, i guess, an hertzberg, roxanne foreman for my and, and myself ability. and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also during the conversation on twitter or handle this at a j inside story from emergent driven. holton here, bye for now. ah
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the narrative. you don't have ways to shake weight or disinformation is real or not . you don't have any way to verify, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people died because of the lifting pace. deconstruct the media on out is era part of the samples? most always on good luck. god. we are the ones grappling the extra mile where are the media? there we go. we go there and we give them a time to tell their story. ah, al jazeera, with all 8 such as he just threw away with somebody's got to do it. where do you go to the pilots?
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their voice here? promoting clean, save sanitation for all. but with a 3rd of the well basic facilities can, his unique style really help clean up the culture to pop culture is the way those softer any patient problem. mr. toilets, witness documentary on al jazeera, the. ready news. hello, i'm hasn't seek. i end on the top stories on al jazeera, an agreement has been signed to reinstate sedans, to pose liter dotala handbook. as prime minister, the military sees power nearly a month ago. general elbert han agreed to the plan transition to civilian rule. it's not clear how much power the new government will have. the largest opposition coalition is refusing to recognize any agreement,
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the shares power with the military handbook, explain what the new government will eventually look like. as he spoke exclusively to edge.


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