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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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oh, cup trophy was on display ahead of the formula. one race and cat are the 1st time the country is hosted an f one race fee for president journey infant tino and tournament ambassador david beckham were amongst the fans sadies. dr. louis hamilton won by nearly 25 seconds ahead of rebels max. the stipend ah main stories now ensued on an agreement has been signed to reinstate to post liter abdullah. hum dock as prime minister, general abdel for tucked behind. ugly to restore the plan, transition to civilian rule, spend nearly a month since the military seized power, dissolving the interim government and declaring a state of emergency. weasels are, i'll gladly, garland for moment. when i 1st accepted the designation as inter and prime minister, i realized the road was not strong with roses, it would be
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a daunting task brought by risks and danger. however, by joining hands, we can all reach a peaceful place. we can all prevent our country from plunging into the unknown. we should all come together to let these people decide who will take and hold the reins of power. but crowds have been marching in a capital hard tomb and other cities after the largest opposition coalition. the country rejected the deal. a doctor's committee says that one person has died from gunshot wounds in the city of m dorman, more than 40 protest as have been killed over all since a military co. we're now in chile, millions of people are voting to decide who will succeed. the president sebastian penny era, after 2 years of social unrest and political uncertainty, leading candidates are left as congressman gabriel borak on the right when populous jose antonio cast. poland is again called on bearers to stop sending asylum seekers towards its order. now threatening to stop on trains, garen good from batteries into the european union. on thursday,
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officials and batteries cleared and makes of camp along the border. moved hundreds of people to a nearby warehouse. is there any police say that one person has been killed and 3 others injured during the shooting in occupied east jerusalem? this happened near an entrance to alex. i'm mos compound to israeli. police officers have also been injured and rebels in ethiopia is northern at tegra, which is a government forces of counter a drone attack in the city of mccalla spokesman for the tig people's liberation front, said that residential buildings were targeted in this attack. it comes as reports a, the rebels have taken the city of shale robert as they move towards the capital. do you stay with us talk to al jazeera? is the program coming out next with paul cook army, the president of rwanda. ah
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ah, he threw wanda for 21 years. paulk again me took office to 6 years after the 1994 genocide where some 800000 people were slaughtered in an ethnic conflict. but although wanda had transformed into what many consider apricots tech hub and achieved rapid economic growth, it struggle to leave its dark path behind. and while many seek a gummy, as a visionary leader, others crane he is a threat to democracy. ah, after winning his 3rd term in 2017, with nearly 99 percent of the boat, how much longer is he planning to hold on to power?
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and is there any guarantee ethnic conflict will not arise again? the president of rwanda, pog army, talks to al jazeera they delays walked hargum your life, mister president polka garbage. thank you very much for accepting our invitation and hosting ours he at the presidential palace. thank you so much. marcell most welcome and am i can turn the mock into another customer when i was 19 years old. mister president, we only knew rwanda through the massacres. that took place in this country through the news or one bulletin in obama in the year. 1994 to their reward, the house thus formed and changed mother is a very big renaissance. what have you done? so what is the password that you use to achieve this grapes? us formation as success in your country. while trio, how come from far?
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oh, almost to to non existence to now where we are, we the country's table is his full was making progress. his growth is never of land. people coming back together, the contrast saw divided in the past and now there is unity in the country. so i think for his own there is still a lot of work to do. we have a long journey to travel to be one to be so there is not a secret. i think it's just people understanding the need to address the challenges with this and we try
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to do out the best where we can and involve every but yes, the read does people or deny citizens who have to be involved and to benefit from the different policies the social economy, policies that lead to the transformation. thus, what we as that he does have hard to do is make sure that we put in place these social economy policies walking together with the citizens and also making sure that everyone moves the direction right. there were 800000 deaths from april to july 1994. it's not easy at all to turn this page. what were the initiatives that you have adopted over the bus 27 years to overcome this issue amongst through one days when
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i talk about policies i talked about citizen is being involved, a talk about does get to being focused on also doing things in a way that the under the trust of the people of this country, i think that's well put a lot of energy and we have not been mistaken. the results have been speaking for themselves. what are the guarantees, the one that will not return to these very difficult days? why? because we're not walking towards working towards something. yes, we do it in a sustainable moment. we're under to sustainable because of one, the people themselves that get the world and understanding the need for being what they are doing. pool it to bring this to be written and
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continued to build on large. and so we concentrated on building a foundation distributions. we've also tried to and create a mind to fit change dinner for our people. in the past, we had lambda is all, all the seats to bargain. almost some time was do nothing because the rich people who had put a pool and we come to help. and so now we are saying ok, no to age for people who want to beware and do good and bring out you know, what they can give us to, to leave this. do that tell us adults is to be able to of course, when you're working with others of those who want to do good and bring whatever
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they want to bring, then they should find us already making progress. say that i may have had the, i was the president one, the person looks about the future project. this is important and logical and it is logical that change needs many years to be achieved. but when a president talks about the future and has been out since the 2000, i think this isn't the case that you intend to stay for longer as president of wonder. what i don't have to be in the power to see the benefits of what i'm talking about. some of the will, the things have already happened in new and am seeing them. there are many other things we expect to happen that will before us for the country. maybe some of those will come when i'm not that much 2nd it or want and wait in see that go to be contributing to that happening and so on and so forth. so that's
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why it takes me about to say for, for, for me that's not the data issue where the time being and now i tell you to do a lot day to see tomorrow is just part of a bigger thing than me. and also it's part of a process, but as a mission area, it also depends on what the people of this country or what is the political peaceful opposition allowed to work here in wonder at to face the president to disagree with the president at the see we're competing with him through the ballot boxes, they'll position exist, the opposition men is people having a different views about governance, about to whatever is happening in the country,
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even if they were 10 and pursuing different lines of thinking. but it was thinking they can vive june, 1 thing or of them. that's my expectation. if converge on the world being of the people. and also the study of the country they did, i think on that one they don't disagree. i don't think there would be any one cordial position and that is understood as being opposed to the established his arrangement. that is, that, that time thinking that no, i want to remove these ones and bring is the ability to the account. so in other words, those are things the, me can value. so in our case, we have also had that anyway, no history, we have our disability. and we have high disability at the time. in fact, to these different parties,
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the code to position but is had emerge and no, all of them participated in that is the ability all of their parties, this agenda say do you hear about that up in the front of the vineyards or? well, it doesn't matter which side they are coming from. so there was not a position so called lewis, you mention that screwed up and said, no, we can't go down this route. they actually beach participated in that. why would be you think that happen? so i'm trying to bring at your attention the fact that each country has its own context and circumstance is and wish to oppress. therefore, you don't want to establish just a template and to say every county must follow this way of being things. i don't
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think even these champions over democracy. i try to do that that can you kind of both serve god. some people said that president bull who jeremy has a tendency towards the african continent as an african flare that rejects the western standards in matters like democracy and human rights. good god was says that we have african values and we have culture. we are the ones who decide how and in what way we mostly above the western modern was the president bowman, it's the world. so how do you face this more than and what was the model? and what are the african values that you want them to dominate the african reality? when you're talking about africa and in you're talking about the history of africa and the present time governance, and it does. why should we forget the histories where people come forth? and they want to pretend delayed the problems,
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i just say starting to day or that they don't actually involve these same people. we are being authority to emulate, to admire, to no, they are part of my problem. we have to take the blame for our own wrong boy. africa is no question about it. we can't escape it. who shouldn't escape but should we are so keep quiet about the wrongs done by others to africa in the past may they were even in the prison. so how do a ne pound then i in the near as a person accept that does dictates prevail, that they should keep quiet about certain wrongs that tell been done to me against me. and to just follow the dictates of others to
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me, even when they made similar or western mistakes in their on the situation. there were some problems that happened with you guys the in march 2019 in the great lakes region. how do you overcome of these matters? specialist as most of any, is in the law of brazil could go me as you, i've worked together about 4 won't periods of time. have you overcome this matter and how has this, this bit affected the region here in east africa? not yet. then there are still a number of reasons that we have to be zeroed low to text, talk to congo. i guess both countries are we to continue searching for, for a solution to the problems that exist. we understand the root cause. therefore,
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we should be able to find a and their way of fond and better understanding how log into the sent us, mr. president, what is the nature of the dispute between you and you got into? in particular, the problem is between, you will have law day, paternity is to discuss some of the problems up in the day. for example, i did just the state to, to keep fucks big part over the border is closed. and some people is they just opened the border to do trade and which of it or no one in the whole region. now for us, the problem is what does credited to the quote over the border that needs to be answered before the board? the such is open,
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we have our district and we're wondering is safa are not allowed to work. you gander to do their business is no money and they establish dementia in uganda, symphony hands down to whatever they find to them. they have little kinds of critics. they put for talking about to insecurity that is caused by london and who have raised the issues around that sion which really amount to persecution rather than in a single unit in london. is that to go to van. but when new garden is to come through they have not to experience this them hardships. one is a do when they were you gonna?
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and the question here is, if you're talking about your border lawyer, a border is full people. people who brought us back and forth. why is most of the new form of ally doing this? people say that there is a fee of poll guy, ms. leadership, and he government in the region, is this more competition than this bits over borders? and i don't know, i don't want to argue for someone this if you ask me what concerns me, i tell you that if you are i was the president, do you call president 70? 0, do you communicate with each other or you to use to talk to one another but of lead to more or less stop? is it a long time ago? is for some time and then to these issues are resolved and then
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talking isn't just talking for the circle to the talk because we did it and have 2 things together. but if not, then know what is talking about mr. president, what is the one me do? megan was a big in central africa. how long will obviously outside the country? what then was the kind of problem we 1st were as african and as many friends of mozambique when was the, had a problem and wanted us to work with them to our grid, to whatever program. there was the went to other countries. it's not just under for us, we responded to the way with who and do we have worked with amazon beacons to address
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the problems that they're under the way we have to i think mike success has been achieved again this between us and mozambique guns and whatever else they asked to, to help to decide they were fought and they were far due to be dictated by their condition is under ground under their work that has to be done in view of that. so i needed done to see that as a proceed with the one the army will stay in was a big shouldn't this mission be left to them? was a big or as a tablets of africa, of in years. so is army going to stay longer in was a big just what i'm saying would be a sort of a between one and amazon b capable of discussing and seeing what issues on the ground to address and how and what time does it get. but some of the things you, you don't just give
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a debt and to say no way, even when you are going. we're going not saying we are coming to resolve this problem in a one week and one last and we are good. it doesn't happen that way. so what can we do about that? and a lot has to depend on the circumstances as where henderson watches on the ground area and also the the feeding rules of their mozambique and who asked for her in the region is south than african region who asked us. and that is there a lot of discussion that goes on in the knowing what to do next to. so that's not a big problem, but assume you to the african union during the before last session, or thought you offered several african them in to gratian project, such as the free trade,
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the single african address with markets of the african fleet trade. in your opinion, what are the volume of problems facing these 2 of african corporation and building a strong economic block that the bends and benefits from the wealth of the continent it achieved the progress of the country. africa has to come together and that's why you have an african union. it was to try try and bring africa together to work together or corporation or you know, to be able to address the many challenges in a test africa. so when i became the chair of the african union in 2018, that even before and after that we always emphasize africa walking together where it is for security for tread and invest demands are actually facing together these injustices that we
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talked about. idea, what is the obstacle, some people say the large part of the citizen africa coming from outside africa? well, that's led to have to agree, 1st of all, does it come from outside in the, to something we can. and therefore, why did it is whatever to comes from, even if to comes from within, by the way, can still work together to address it. it's not that we shall become together. clarisse light comes from last night. no, it's scanning together to address what effect sess, common even if you have 30 you need from another country within africa. you know, affects us on a fixed number of us. it needs to be address. president tagami has been a victim of at the conflict himself. in the late 19 fifties, many wanton including ca gamete family and other tootsies fled persecution to
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neighboring uganda. there than 3 year old paul cook army grew up as a refugee. we will explore more of his personal journey from a child refugee to one of africa's most respected leaders, as he walks with us around the garden of his official residence. maria, florida. what is the worse picture it breathes, apopka gum as memory of the use of asylum that still stuck in your mind? that are, why is this an image of wrong poverty? so this a new image of the profession? no, it's an image of or instability because if the new i know as if he had to for years or do in it. we my family to us for being in the account tree and going into the neighboring country, uganda. bell. i steer even as the young kid they remember the curse that i could see. they were being rushed to here and there. so as i kept
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growing, these memories also kept to, in my mind, up to now mom, good lord, elizabeth gaines and centuries have not created and they get the image to your tie phone, the africans again to day, the barrels. and that's led by the african image of the africans today. the concern you the time where the africans are presenting successful, what we and unique model evolve. so for me, i see my sort of as the pos one, as the human being as that one is an african. and therefore, these are struggles, are things you have to confront and did a, with data without any apologies,
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without fear, without even a sense of feeling. we are doing it for 21, rather tall, a service to humanity, to many others who have a lot to be able to may be, have a chance. so has a thought about doing what to we have done. so it's quite a broad c i. c. indeed, my way of revolving into this as part of the history of men, africa, of men, is given to history, where it is corona times or by the governance over today or injustice is double standards and that exists in
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the world. does that affect us to the africa one you will find we are a country laundry and the citizens want to do their best for themselves. do you happen to be lead though? is people. but you'll find there are these injustices and other kinds of problems that affect, you know, to the own making that come from somewhere that are linked to with the history of how people view you, how they want to see you. and so you are a quarter for a day and a mirror and you have to do something about it. there is not too much you can do just as an individual. you have to do much with other people. and the total comes on the beards and put it was thinking, if you mr. pleasant to got me up,
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you want to thank you very much. i ah a we know what's happening. you know, i region, we know how to get to places that others and not i was just own here guy by the police on purpose and fires. and i'm going on with the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. mm. meet the minimum is
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a tough is helpful and the daughter decided to quit the rock race hoping to live better with. let's just throw everything away out there will expose the simple living movement aimed at reducing personal consumption, credit and clutter. and i hope to be happier as a result. a simple life on al jazeera. although counting the cost of big follow refuses to say, has private back soon. secret wells health organization has a south african labs, black line, a coast i'm facet, by the pandemic. the airline industry. what route to madison? counting the costs on average is there a war in afghanistan is now old. will non taliban figures make up a part of with that american root canal report within the taliban?
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i believe that there will be a powerful itala baldessari inside story podcast. a frank assessment of the days headlines subscribe now, however you listen to podcast. the news i, mariam, mighty and ogden with a look at the 9 stories this hour. now we begin in sudan where an agreement has been signed to reinstate the deposed leader up the handle because prime minister, general abdel for todd han agreed to restore the plan transition to civilian rule. it's been nearly a month since the military seas power dissolving the in from government and declaring the state emergency deal also much from going to ham dogs release from weeks of house arrest, provides for the release of all political prison if the prisoners detained during the takeover.


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