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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm AST

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instilling fear on the streets. on l g 0. ah, this is al jazeera. oh, hello there, i'm this darcy at hand. this is the news. our line from our headquarters here in durham coming up in the next 60 minutes. to don's prime minister della hancock is back in power after signing a deal with the military chief. he says he wants to avoid bloodshed ah, as anger on the streets. however, as protest as opposing that deal demand a return to civilian rule without any military involvement. one person's been killed and 3 others injured in a shooting, nearly allowed some loss compound and occupied these chores and desperate for food
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will be live on the better route. poland border with hundreds of asylum seekers are trying to cross into the you. i'm javin ashwin sport as exactly one year to go into the cattle. well, come on, the 1st ever cats out of formula, one grown breeze taking place right now. and the big football news from the premier league as manchester united a sack there manager. all he got a social ah well, we begin this news. our ensued on where an agreement has been reached to reinstate d deposed leader abdullah hancock as prime minister i was ousted nearly a month ago when the military seized power. and that led to weeks of protests and unrest across the nation. the newly reinstated prime minister spoke to at the presidential palace on ways to take the country forward. lisa was, who darling to moment? when i 1st accepted the designation as interim prime minister,
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i realized the road is not strong with roses, it would be a daunting task brought by risks and danger. however, by joining hands, we can all reach a peaceful place. we can all prevent our country from plunging into the unknown. we should all come together to let these people decide who will take and hold the reins of power. well, meanwhile, sedans, military, lead and general agatha about hon has praised this agreement as a limited national unity with dorothea allow that. i see, i see with this political document, we are paving the way for a true democratic transitional period as envisioned by ourselves. and the people that what you envisioned at the beginning of april, 2019. we think all the sudanese people know the efforts and sacrifices made by all our fellow sudanese. we are adamant to remain united, remain harmonious. and it is our custom to have our own differences result amongst ourselves in thought. crowds had been marching towards the presidential palace in the capital cartoon did on the longest opposition coalition has rejected this dale
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and called to even more protests. more than 40 demonstrate has happened have since the natural takeover. wrestle said as in counting when he explained some of the details of the 2nd. there were 3 men just sitting in front of the camera to assign a new agreement. and 2 of them are members of the military and even we can say one of the member of the military and the other one is the head of a strong paramilitary group in sudan, which is called the for the rapid support the forces mr. committee himself. so we can see that the balance of this is every a muse nivia agreement is quite in favor of the military and that is heavily affected and dominated by the military. and the could see that in today. miss ham too was not quite happy about it, but it was rather a stab the t can based on the feeling of the responsibility. and also during mr. after for that were hand speech. also we have seen that he has tanked mr. hum duke
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several times and underlining that he did that, that, that, that great achievement a has been made through the negotiations and also based on mr. handles good will. however, give that a loss of us or attempt is the people that we are can ah, to here are the people who are close to mr of the law. hum, duke. and also even to this, i wanted to cancel to say that there are several uncertainties in this agreement. we can see that the constitutional declaration is still going to be the basis for the transitional pay period. however, the constitutional declaration that has been signed is going to be amended are also on the de mitchell agreement for the inclusion of the all parties. we do not know what, what is going to be, what are going to be the point of this new agreement and the, did there, the power she ran between the army and the civilians, esteemed the backbone of this agreement. and this sovereignty counsel is still going to be in charge of overseeing all of the decisions missouri until the little
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as a form a spokeswoman for the sidney is professionals association. she says, disagreement well far from some of the countries challenges. obviously this agreement at present there is no transparency about. what does it entitle as well that has been no public consultation as the people on the street. this is happening, launching the hard to, but a nationally request continue for a ticket in the government and joseph, and that's only 3 days after a massacre took place on the 17th off. and it is very clear that this does not and will not reflect what the people voice and other active pro democracy groups and defenders as well. there is a major concern after a military coup because the 100 not dissolves. this was an unconstitutional change
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of power. will not be subjected to any accountability for interrupting the transition of democracy. i'm forcing people just to follow what they want. i don't think an agreement can take place with someone who's under home arrest and people are arrested. you being killed. this is a biased balance unit. direction and agreement, and it will be rejected by the public. the people of sudan, who are the majority on this agreement comes after weeks of violent scenes, both in khartoum and other parts of the country. so don's military and civilian leaders had been sharing power since long time neither amal, the share was removed from office back in 2019. but then in the months that followed both sides blamed each other for slow reforms or worsening economic crisis . and corruption that's led to big divisions within the transitional government and
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in the situation got worse last month, after general or professor albert hand dissolved the interim government and attain civilian leaders. who are, let's now speak to al jazeera senior political analyst, my one bashar he joins us now here. and there are more on just listening there to what, sorry thing. i'm curious about where this leaves the level of trust in sudanese politics. now not just the trust between civilian and military sides of government, but also the trust between the street and hum dock civilian government. does this taint ham doc? yes, there's an issue now and i think it's all depends on how we are looking at her or at what we saw earlier today. is it had the end of our process, or is it the beginning of a process? if it's the end of the process, then there's no doubt that street anger's gonna continue to boyd over that. this is not the end of the story. and as far as the suits are concerned, because they're in the no longer trust the military. but if this is what a by dynamic that started a few days ago, whereby the military generals had to do
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a 180 degrees reverse of their position. and they could, it's out by the, posing the fire minister. then we could see in the days to come with the pressure of the street and the pressure of international community that her, that but mr. ham dog and the street in general will be able to start imposing more and more of the order interpretation of where sudan needs to go next. because for the time being, if we look at the document, then if we look at what the general behind said that this is a take an aquatic government, then certainly we are not on that process. if the prime minister recognizing the sovereign counsel, as if this is indeed in charge of the affairs of sudan lyn. again, this is not a good thing. only if this is part of a process that basically has started today, whereby the civilians will be taking more and more control of their f as the country. then perhaps sedan might, might be back on the track towards something more democratic. and of course,
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the devil will be in the days how that now and how did we even get here after these meets i see the u. s. as top african diplomat. net with handbook what less than a week ago. now, as you say, it is in plenty of international pressure, it is by my understanding the seed and ease lead time. so who actually manage to broken the steer? where clearly are the 2, the 2 factors are not mutually exclusive. in the sense that i think that the national community moves the wash intern moves the european community and the african union. when the said then these people themselves move and so the knees move more forcefully when there is international pressure on the military and so done. so i think the coupling of both the pressure from the street as well as from the international community did or did force their genitals to reverse course on the could be tough. now there's another factor which is, are there generals, regional allies of also in some ways backed off and there them and support of the
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military council. and the generals in the sense that both egypt and saudi arabia backed off, that so you are the, and fact condemned what happened in sudan along with the united states when both foreign ministers met. when mister fort hannon, mister bin, can met and condemned at that could it does. so in a sense, you can say that the international pressure, especially western pressure as well as african union pressure on the one hand and the street pressure on the other have created this momentum. as i said, unless this momentum continues, then we are not really going far in what needs to happen in sudan were by the civilian take over the power and had a process of little conversation started taking place. and he has, he had his continues and funding in the coming days out in the senior political analyst numbers are always great to speak to him now. and thanks for joining well, there, so plenty more a has here, this is are including to lands are voting and one of the most politically polarized
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elections in recent history class. i'm gabriel's onto along the border between the united states and canada, where they're cleaning up after a major storm that not only derailed entire trains, but also the supply line between the 2 countries. that story coming up and then in sport will keep you across. what's happening right now in the formula one categor on pre ah, no, israel, please say one person has been killed at 3 others injured during shooting and occupied is to resent and happened in the an entrance to the alex. the mosque compound to israeli police officers have been injured. israel meanwhile says the attacker has been killed and more police have been to point to the area. of course on high force. it is there in occupied east jerusalem. while is around 9 am local
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time that this incident took place in these alleyways close to one of the main entrances to the alex, almost compound, known to jews as a temple mount israeli. police say that a man armed with a beretta submachine gun opened fire on a group of his ready civilians. one of them was lightly wounded, one of them seriously. and one of the pronounced dead on arrival at hospital is ready. police security forces responded to that. they said an open fire on him, killing him on the streets here to is ready security forces members will also injured in the incident. hamas has claimed this action and this man as their own, a leading figure affiliated to hamas in occupied east jerusalem in the shaw thought refugee camp. they said that this action was heroic and a legitimate part of the struggle against occupation. the israeli public security minister came here to the scene shortly after the incident so that this was a planned attack that access to weaponry was uncommon that the man's wife had left
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the country 3 days ahead of the incident. the involvement of hamas has prompted the former's ready prime minister benjamin netanyahu to call for a high price to be paid by the organization, which of course, is in control in gaza. the israeli prime minister natalie bennett, has, through his spokesman said that there will be a beefing up of the security presence in and around jerusalem to prevent any further such attacks. now poland has once again called on barriers to stop sending asylum seekers towards its border. and so now threatening to stop all trains carrying goods from batteries into the european union. on thursday, officials in batteries. kid makes his camp along the border and we have hundreds of people to a nearby warehouse. well, let's not bring in our correspondence to fasten. she's in the belly, russian town of bruises div that's very near the border step the last time you and i spoke, there was what care? gas, water cannon stung grenades being fine. migrants on that water. what's the situation
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like that now? oh, yes, exactly. people i have still been know, quite traumatized by that situation on the border a couple of days ago. now they're in this so like show warehouse or sort of a logistical sensor. as you can see, they are gathered here. now that's where they have, they are very basic, needs be math, they have a place to sleep. they have for, for her. but it's all very, very basic. yeah. they are so desperate. they've been really now clinging on to hope that they can still go to europe. everyone has been asking me, what is germany doing is germany really still are willing to take us? there are lots of families here also with small children. there are lots of them. i also think everyone here with aliya really bad shape her here at the moment is there how hosted between this all cleaned bell over here at one site and the
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poland to answer the european union on the order. and they really can't understand that whole and have frequent them that way. and also all summer they're really telling me that they are very, very frightened about what the bellows also doing to them, of course. and so it does appear that we are now seeing even more pushback from the polish side. is there any sense that you get that that you might budget or given the situation with? no, we're not seeing any signs that you were gonna take these people and we're talking about 2000 around 2000 people still here. and what we are also hearing in this camp is that the nice battle was official. some in and take some of them. they say, do you want to go to poland and then some interviews people disappear. what we know is that they are still more than
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a 100 attempts every night to cross the border. so at the moment that must be around. hundreds of people still stuck in this very pool and at the moment what's forth between levels and polar cos and stuff i can see as you said, the a number of women and children who are also in that facility where you are all people that are getting actually the resources and health and support that they need just to get through. i know it's obviously very cold at the moment. can you tell us a little bit about what you've seen? yes, they are very desperate. they are getting the basic needs. they get the food and they get water, but it's very difficult for us, but i'm here because we have no way out there what they say. they're just basically in prison and people are really been whispering to me here about what happened. we won't want to go into the forward,
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but they feel that they have to go into the forest ferry, unknown journey for europe. that so many have really, you know, have been preaching in the last week. some have died there. so i really fear that they are being forced into the forest and hoping that they can swap to europe officially. there's also a group of this, a people here around disabled people who actually got the message in the iraq. they have no other way, but to go to europe, get some medical treatment. so they are here with, well, couple of people also have family members in europe in germany, and i love to be reunited with their family member. and some children have german black on their faces, painted, desperate to go to europe. that fastened correspondent in the bella, washington a brookins, very near the batteries and hold on for the thank you so much that well,
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let's take you to some live pictures. now that we're getting for further west in europe, police in belgium's capital have use tear gas on a crowd of protest as they're angry about coven 19 restrictions. march began peacefully, but then some demonstrated started throwing projectiles at please. this is a response to new restrictions announced by belgium's government work from home rules. there have been expanded and there's also been further cubs for the unvaccinated implementers while moving on now. and polls have opened and bulgaria for a presidential run off. the country has failed twice to form a government nicea president room, and rather is seeking a 2nd to 5 year term. now on top of this political crisis, bulgaria is also seeing a surge in coven 19 cases all to another election. now, where president, sorry, people in chile are voting in a presidential poll, which is also one of the most politically polarized in recent history. millions
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there are choosing her to succeed, sebastian panera, but even can, let's include left us, gabrielle burridge, and right wing jose antonio cast. or let's beat her out. i'm sorry, our latin america is and you see newman has this report now from the capital santiago. lexi, the when 35 year old former student leader gabrielle body stops to ask for this man support his told that all politicians are liars, ruefully willing to which he answers. not all politicians are alike, but each a congressman is undoubtedly non traditional. he doesn't look like a presidential candidate and is the youngest one in chile in history that he represents with some call that you left part of a wave of politicians who aimed to transform chili's, political and economic structure. a tree is his campaign symbol. what did they will, you know, i can give you a seat that, that represents on the idea that but for each to grow, you have to water it for a new chilly to water should be, must work collected. foremost,
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although he has support from many progresses. but it is achilles heel is not only his youth, but the fact that he's running in a coalition with the communist party and that frightens many jillions. it's given an impressive boost to his main rival for san antonio cas, he represents the most socially and politically conservative wing of chilion society, a defender, a former dictator. i will still pin o'shea, he promises to restore law and order by building a 3 metre, deep ditch to keep out undocumented migrants and stopped mounting crime, drug trafficking and an indigenous rebellion in south central chile. you know, when alex so this is an election in which 2 models of society confront each other, the model of freedom and justice, and not a model that is led by the communist party and represented by gabriel burridge. according to the latest opinion polls, as many as 25 percent of jillions are still undecided about
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a vote for the selection. and ultimately they're expected to be the ones to decide the outcome. but there is a caveat. opinion polls in this country have been systematically wrong about gauging public opinion and that's with 2 more moderate presidential hopefuls are counting on for education minister. yes, an approval stay. the only woman candidate gained a claim as president of the senate while she represents chiles discredited center, left many see her as the only option for social change. without extremes, it better go viola in augusta order. i'm confident in change that it's secure that is achieved with consensus. yeah, i'm confident that she does not want more. instability in our banner is social justice with peers and in their center right wing, sebastian teacher, an independent and former social development minister, who also promises law and order. but without setting the clock back on abortion and l g b t, right, among others. i asked him how he differed from the traditional right wing america.
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come, you're probably kidding ma'am. yep. we have to make changes to protect the environment for a more just society and perhaps most important of all the social change at all. so that's finally the middle class, is the protagonist of the government and put fences. ah, 2 years ago, a social uprising shook the foundations of chilean society so much so that no one is sure which way the country will leave or whether whoever wins will be able to restore govern ability in what has been latin america's most stable democracy. she and human al jazeera santiago. well that sounds fake to daniel. finally, he's out of polling station in sheila is capital santiago, forest. daniel with the level of division and unrest that we've seen not to mention medical drama. this appears to have become a bit of a showdown between 2 very different men. it seems a very stark choice for voters that today. that's right. i
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mean, the chile is, as lucio mentioned in that report is a country that prides itself when its stability economically and politically. that it's not shaken in the last couple of years. and many are hoping that these electrons will be a way of routing chile back into some kind of stability. at the moment. it doesn't look likely with off the 2 years of unrest and really uncertain about how they're going to go through with a 2nd round of voting in december. when all the candidates were voted so far and the outgoing president of asking benita have been asking for, is that people turn out in large numbers. are we here at the polling station, the center of santiago at the local football ground stadium. and as you can see behind me, there are many, many people coming up to vote. it's a non voting process. they're also voting for the senate, senators congress, people and regional elections, as well as for a new president. so long, complex voting system voting here is not obligatory. so again,
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this appeal for people to come out and reestablish the roots of of july and the democracy is a call that many people are making but really undecided at the moment against lucy, a mention of the opinion polls those he does have much faith in them that they do talk about the quarter of the 50000000, also electorate. not knowing who to vote for disillusion with politicians on with politics in general. so again, waiting to see how what's likely to emerge from this day of voting today before going through to a 2nd round in december. daniel, as you say, there's been a fair amount of political disillusionment internet, especially over the last couple of years. you say there have been this appeal, i guess, to people's actually come out and vote and there were concerns about that. how is turned out looking there people of icing? are you saying the crowns? the crown sent me here in santiago to the polling stations. we've been to avoiding
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whole day hear something like 323033 degrees centigrade, as if he was standing outside in the song, waiting to come in with a very well organized situation for about 4 hours for the half hours into the voting. still another going to 5 and a half hours or so left to go. we're gonna have to wait and see what the tow and now is like in the rest of the country. i want the feeling here is many people i've been fully marginalized in recent years by chile and politics. a new constitution is being written, being negotiated at the moment. and these people, we have to wait and see whether they're going to take part in the political process . we're talking about the large indigenous community here. the marginalized poll. busy i sense of many, many groups in society feeling left out, whether the politicians can bring them back into the political process and make their opinions. hud is really the big question here, which will hopefully become apparent, you know, as,
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as the vote start to come in here. later tonight, daniel shy, met in chillies, capital santiago for us. thanks so much. 10. now supply chains and western canada and the u. s. are taking a hit because of heavy flooding. it's pumped to the canadian province of british columbia to impose restrictions on fuel. gabrielle is under reports now from the border town of soon us in washington state. when the heaviest of the rains started falling, rivers, swelling, and flood waters surging. the force of the water took down anything in its path, including a freight train. this is all that is left of what has long been a major rail line. running through the town of su, mass connecting the north west of the united states with british columbia canada. the loaded rail cars were toppled by the force of the water. the steel tracks washed away and in some parts twisted beyond use. some of these rail cars were
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carrying products and farm produce. others were loaded with lumber. we have a lot of our industrial parks businesses that rely on that railway to transport items where they're going to canada or south on the railway through the other parts of the state. the longer that the railroad is down and not able to do that transportation, it's just going to hurt the businesses here. the rely on that. it's never a good time for a freight train to derail, but now more than ever, already supply chains are stressed at the port of vancouver about 75 kilometers north west of here. there is already congestion with a backlog of cargo ships and many roads around vancouver have been washed out. add to that these train derailments and you've got a supply chain that went from stressed to completely broken rail officials have begun the difficult task of writing the ball in train cars. but it
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will take weeks to get the track completely fixed and likely even longer for this western corner of the us and canadian border to even get back to normal. gabriel, as ontario algae zita su, mass, washington hostile head here on al jazeera floods in south sea. dawn force hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, destroying crops and faint stores. opposition tardies returned to the poles and venezuela, after 4 years of boycotts and manchester united have sat to the manager will look at who they might bring in next in sort. ah hello, we have something of a north south split in the weather across the middle east,
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over the next couple of days. a fair amount of cloud across northern parts actually and some bits and pieces of sherry, right. so we got some where to whether to was the levant, that is to sort of the mediterranean chances, some showers into iraq, into iran, south of that. it does stay generally dry. 3132 celsius here in a doha, although we will see some cherry ranger sliding a little further east, was, could catch a shower to making his way into afghanistan. turkey looked while the disturb pushing up towards the black. see some wet weather, also affecting hey a notice in what a weather also making its way through the gulf of aidan to sliding across southernmost parts of yeah, i mean, as we go in to the next couple of days to was the horn of africa. but for much of north africa, it is settled, you might get a shower to just around the mediterranean coast, a chance of a shower, to course around the coastal fitness of west africa. joining up with the showers that we have into the gulf of guinea. and those showers, they drain the way out to the tropics, across angola, botswana, zambia, could see a shower to eastern parts of south africa. could see some much needed some heavy
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rain for a time that wet weather will gradually make his way further north was pushing into southern parts, mozambique and madagascar ah, intervened the country with an abundance of resource red, byron walk, indonesia whose turns forming we moved pool to grow and frock, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs through investment. let be part when denise is pros and progress, invest indonesia. now most.


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