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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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is dangerous and exhausting work would plan to give whatever with the hope is the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything in sight. o. sedans, military signs, an agreement, reinstating abdullah, hum, doc as prime minister and agrees to release all political prisoners anger on the streets however, was protest as opposing the deal demand a return to civilian rule without military involvement. ah, i don't know about this, and this is all, does it alive from doha also coming up at least one person's been killed and 3 others have been injured in a shooting it occupied. it is jerusalem. i'm gabriel's on de,
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along the border between the united states and canada, where they're cleaning up after a major storm that not only derailed entire trains, but also the supply line between the 2 countries. that story coming up in floods in south sudan for hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, destroying crops on food stores. ah, we're going to begin in sudan where agreements being signed to reinstate deposed liter abdullah. hum doc as prime minister. nearly a month after the military takeover, they're released from house arrest humbug, signed the deal alongside army chief oblong fata, albert hon, in cartoon conduct, says that by signing the agreement, he hopes to end the bloodshed in the recent protests against the military. the reasons that i was designing dial at the moment when i 1st accepted the designation
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as inter and prime minister, i realized the road was not strong with roses, it would be a daunting task, brought by risks and danger. however, by joining hands, we can all reach a peaceful place. we can all prevent our country from plunging into the unknown. we should all come together to let these people decide who will take and hold the reins of power. in general, hon calls the deal our road to true democratic transition. according to the agreement, all political detainees must be released with dorky. i allow that i last year. see with this political document, we are paving the way for a true democratic transitional period as envisioned by ourselves and the people that what you and vision at the beginning of april, 2019. we think all the sudanese people and all the efforts and sacrifices made by all our fellow sudanese, we are adamant to remain united, remain harmonious, and it is our custom to have our own differences result amongst ourselves. but some are skeptical of the deal. crowds have been marching towards the presidential
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palace after the largest opposition coalition rejected the agreement. at least 40 people had been killed during protests in the past weeks, or him organs lifeless in hot tomb. hipaa, the, the key thing here isn't it that we're going to be watching to see how those crowds in the streets and hot to him and elsewhere in sedan. are gonna react to the signing of this agreement. yes, rob, we already had a reaction from them even before the signing of the political agreement between general albert han and prime minister, how many resistance committees have released statement and the resistance committees? once again, are the group that have been mobilizing massport that on the street setting a barricade on main street and residential neighborhoods. now they have released statements, saying that any deal between prime minister and the military is one that they do not recognize. that is also the same type statement that was echoed by before
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through the freedom and change coalition. the coalition that abroad, prime minister hummed off to his position, following an agreement between the army and before the freedom of change quality and august 2019. now, all these groups, including the nice professional association, a body that was leading protest against president dominant, back in 2018, 2019. they all came out and condemned the idea of an agreement with the military between the military and have that is something that they continue to do with thousands marching through the presidential palace just minutes before the signing and they were made by you guys. and in some cases, live amunition fired in the air at the processes. now they're spread from the front of the presidential palace, but they can, you can see some of them behind me over there. and they're also protesting. calling for a complete civilian government, saying that this is not what they have taken to the 3 were and they want not just prime minister who released initially, but they also don't want the military to have any governing role in the politics of the country. have
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a thanks very much indeed we can hear some of those tries as you were talking there . let's have a morgan life for us in the car to me or i feel sad are, is in cartoon where he explains some of the details of the agreements. there were 3 man just sitting in front of the camera to assigned a new agreement. and 2 of them are members of the mediterranean. we can say one of the member of the military and the other one is the head of a strong paramilitary group in sudan, which is called the for the rapid support the forces mr. committee himself. so we can see that the balance of this is every a muse nivia agreement is quite in favor of the military and that is heavily affected and dominated by the military. and we could see that in today. mister ham duke was not quite happy about it, but it was rather a stab the t can based on the feeling of the responsibility and also during mr. up to for that will hand speech. also we have seen that he has tanked mr. hum. duke
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several times and underlining that he did that, that, that, that great achievement a has been made through the negotiations and also based on mr. handles good will. however, he is there a loss of uncertainties, the people that you're talking to here at the people are close to mr. of the law. hum, duke. and also even to their sovereignty counsel, to say that there are several uncertainties in this agreement. we can see that the constitutional declaration is still going to be the basis for the transitional pay period. however, the constitutional declaration that has been signed is going to be amended or also on the de mitchell agreement for the inclusion of the all parties. we do not know what, what is going to be, what are going to be the point of this new agreement. and the did it did the power she ran between the army and the civilians is still the backbone of this agreement . and this 70 council is still going to be in charge of overseeing all of the decisions color hire is the man named managing partner of the think tank,
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insight strategy partners. she says the new transition agreement is not likely to satisfy protesters in sit on quite please in the street. this is not the n c didn't come out. you know, to protest for this baby whole last is the key is just for the release or, i mean it was the whole or any to the minute, the gemini in cities, politics, a civilian rule. and disagreement does not look like it will realize that you still don't know the exact details of the agreement, but it does seem like every time that you know, tweak status quo a is in, at potentially a starting point for negotiations. but if those negotiations don't result in, you know, the military going back to the barracks that there's sort of security below to security operates the shock. then most likely we'll see the streets continue to purchase right now. and as opposed to me with civilians. and then coming to this
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agreement, we see protested right now being and they have been to the past a lot of violence just this past week. so the major does seem to be as an advocate, active coming into these and go, she was unlikely to negotiate an agreement that will not gain from in terms of the likelihood of them teaching that are eating new political together. it will have to be some incentive structure built into any agreement. so we'll need something from the military. i'm just not sure if we're going to see enough. i think that international community, in terms of, in transition is much lower than that of the street. ok, let me take it occupied east jerusalem. that's where it's really please say one person's been killed and 3 others have been injured during the shooting avenue near an entrance to alex on last compound to israel. police officers have been injured.
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there's ro says the attackers being killed, more police are deployed to area or the faucets following the incident in okay, by the eastern the incident took place just after 9 am local times about 3 hours ago. the ready police giving out a statement saying that they were approached or there was a checkpoint of security forces outside the lock. so most compounds also known as the temple mount one of those entrances, known as the chain gate. and that a man opened fire is ready, police a security forces returning fire. during this incident, we know that the attack himself was shot and killed. 2 is ready. security forces relatively lightly wounded. 2 is ready civilians, more seriously wounded. and one of those later been confirmed who have died in hospital where he was evacuated to. now these ready security minister has been at the scene. he said that this, the attacker was a member of hamas who lived in occupied east jerusalem. that seemed to be
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a planned attack because he said that the wife of this man, fuddy bush kayden, was known to have left the country 3 days before this attack took place. and that the weapon involved was not an improvised carlo style. machine gun as was reported earlier by police, but actually a beretta machine gun. so an uncommonly available gun to palestinians, more generally. so the indications being as this was a planned attack and the is ready police having killed a man now confirming that one of the 4 people wounded was killed in this incident. still hadn't al jazeera a political shake up on the horizon is chilly, elect a new president, plus as a by john's plans for the contested knuckle. no comma box legion enough to last. he was bitter war with armenia.
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ah, ah, look forward to brightest galleys. the with sponsored point cuts on airways. hello, welcome to look at the international forecast. we got rain and slow when the forecast for japan over the next couple of days. lots of cloud pushing through at the moment. series of low pressure bringing that disturbance right across japan for monday that ray will be heavy at times and it could cause some localized flooding. whereas the snow well as further north, northeast and parts of china, seeing that wintry weather sliding through very cold air to runs in across the relatively warm waters. the sage pat, we'll get some see effect snow coming to western areas of han she into arcada as well. shelves by the mounts is probably not too bad at this stage for tokyo, but it does look a very, very changeable here over the next few days. not quite
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a charitable for northern parts of china, beijing 7 or 8 celsius here, over the next day, or so, particularly bright on the sky, but it will be largely dry, as you can see across a good part of china. indo china has sir. fabulous, dry weather, boise some wet weather. they're coming into vietnam. some showers cross northern parts of vietnam than the usual rush of showers through se, asia re malaysia and indonesia. whether to making its way across southern parts of india. and please to say it will improve over the next couple of days with the rain retreating south. the weather sponsored my cattle airways voted will best airline of 2021. ah mother nature's gift of cultural landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investors are willing to flourish with tv, even supplied by tradition,
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were beautiful or offered ah ah, whatever it is here to remind ourselves. so is this our incident on agreements been reached to reinstate opposing, or adela hum doc as prime minister. it was ousted nearly a month ago when the military seized power that led to weeks of protests and unrest across the nation. rising how to move in marching towards the presidential palace sedans, largest opposition coalition has rejected the deal and called for protest to continue more than 40 protest as haven't killed. since the military takeover poles have
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opened in chiles. presidential elections with the nation rarely so divided millions are choosing a successor to sebastian can europe, the leading candidates include left us gabriel burridge and right winger jose antonio cost our latin america editor and the see a newman reports from the capital santiago. little here next to the when 35 year old former student leader gabrielle bought each stops to ask for this man support his told that all politicians are liars, not only will exalt to which he answers. not all politicians are alike live bought each a congressman is undoubtedly non traditional. he doesn't look like a presidential candidate and is the youngest one in chile in history. and he represents what some called the new left part of a wave of politicians who aimed to transform chili's, political and economic structure. a tree is his campaign symbol would be your they will, you know, i can give you a cd that,
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that represents an idea. but for each to grow, you have to water it for a new chilly to water. should we must work collected or go he has support for many progresses, but it is achilles heel is not only his youth, but the fact that he's running in a coalition with the communist party and that freight was many chileans. it's given an impressive boost to his main rival for san antonio. oh, he represents the most socially and politically conservative wing of chilean society, a defender, a former dictator. i will still pin a shade he promises to restore law and order my building a 3 metre, deep ditch to keep out undocumented migrants and stopped mounting crime, drug trafficking and an indigenous rebellion in south central chile. you know, when i, when alex so this is an election in which 2 models of society confront each other, the model of freedom and justice. and another model that is led by the communist party and represented by gabriel boring. according to the latest opinion polls,
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as many as 25 percent of jillions are still undecided about a vote for the selection. and ultimately they're expected to be the ones to decide the outcome. but there is a caveat. opinion polls in this country have been systematically wrong about gauging public opinion. and that's what 2 more moderate presidential hopefuls are counting on for education minister, yes, an approval state. the only woman candidate gained a claim as president of the senate while she represents chiles discredited center, left many see her as the only option for social change. without extremes, it will go viola in augusta order. i'm confident in change that it's secure. that is achieved with consensus. yeah, i'm confident that she does not want more and stability in our banner is social justice with peers and then their center right wing sebastian teacher, an independent and former social development minister who also promised his law and
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order. but without setting the clock back on abortion and l g b t, right, among others, i asked him how he differed from the traditional right wing. but when it gets, it can come, you're put up with the kid, ma'am. yeah, we have to make changes to protect the environment for a more just society and perhaps most important of all the full social change at all . so that's finally the middle class is the protagonist of the government. my input benson o. 2 years ago, a social uprising shook the foundations, italian society so much so that no one is sure which way the country will leave, or whether whoever wins will be able to restore govern ability in what has been latin america's most stable democracy, hassey and human al jazeera santiago, millions of us were ellen's are also heading to the poles for regional elections on sunday, the recent national survey showed more than 75 percent of people now live in extreme poverty. and as theresa bought reports from caracas, many a desperate for change. a little sarah almost believes voting on sunday will be
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crucial to helping change in venezuela. she is 59 years old and she was a single room with her daughter and 2 grandchildren in a house. in the coastal city of la, wider ross, i received a pension of a dollar and a half a month. her family's revives on her daughter salary, which is around $5.00 ethan and was having an effect on me. i don't know if things are going to change, only god knows that whomever wins will help us improve how we live. we've been eating a little bit of chicken every 2 days a bit of eggs, but that's what we have. hold yet. she has recently received a bag of government subsidized food. she buys for a dollar. it is supposed to last for a month. there's 4 families living in this house because they have nowhere else to live. poverty rates in venezuela or over 80 percent. millions of people are struggling to make ends meet, were told that being able to afford food or medicines is a major challenge. but most of those we have spoken to say is that the biggest
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challenge they have to day is running water in this house for its whole. they haven't had running water in months or venezuela has been struggling through massive economic crisis for at least 7 years. is not only affecting people directly, but a lack of investment has also had a major impact on basic services. like distribution of water, electricity, and gas, or yelling at ally nice a nurse. she makes around $3.00 a month. her son is among the millions who have left the country. if there's no change after these elections, then nothing else will change in the same system of government continues. it's not gonna change because they had their chance for 20 years, and it's a vicious cycle, and they don't accept change. venezuelans are heading to the polls in what is the 1st election in years to be closely monitored by international observers. even
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though discontent is spread, millions who could have supported be opposition, have left the country. ah, venezuela, socialist party controls every aspect of the state and its candidates have political and financial support from the government. no press any good my lord or says that now he will work to was building a new economy model color. we have killed double every town we vote, it's a step forwards towards economic recovery. we're going to build a new economy and a new prosperity and annoy the economy. oh, in, within months there has been a small economic recovery thanks to a rise in the price of oil and the easing of some international and local restrictions that economy see have had an impact in some sectors. but millions are still living in poverty. and in desperate need, hoping that sundays elections will signal the changes coming. betty, so i'll just cedar like wider venezuela and voting is also underway in bulgaria for a presidential run off the countries failed twice to form
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a government this year. current presidents will nevada, the seeking a 2nd 5 year term, as well as a political crisis that's grips that you use put as country bulgaria is also seeing a surgeon coven, 19 cases. okay, let me take you back to our top story and that agreements reached to reinstate deposed liter abdullah 100 as prime minister in sudan. i'm at our guy. eli is a sudanese lawyer and legal commentator. he's joining us live long from dubai. good to have you with us sir. what do you think this reshaped or reinstated transitional council is going to have to do to convince the people that we've seen on the streets of khartoum and other places in sudan that this is actually the only route to democracy in the country. thanks for having me and i think selling this agreement will be very tough because what, what you, when you look at what happened, this is not a reset thing on the clock back to the 24th of october prior to the decisions by the military to take over what is happening is an agreement by the,
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the post prime minister to actually the, just a minute, the coo and all the measures taken. so for this to denise people, i think it's going to be a tough pill to swallow. and it's, it's too many for look like complete capitulation by a prime minister under captivity, and under duress. and from the perspective of general hahn christmas already came early. he's getting legitimacy. he's getting impunity from all the telling but happen. and he didn't get things rounded, powers over the running of the transitional government. so i would be very surprised if this agreement garner as much support. this is in the streets. do you think there's anything that the this transitional council can do to demonstrate that this is actually a step forward rather than a step backwards towards the status quo? well, i mean, we need to understand the context. this comes because the,
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the military are under immense pressure both internally by the millions also that he's on the streets as well as externally actually with the fed up sanction being waived in, in the us. so from the perspective of the, of the, of the street, the only outcome that would be acceptable is an outcome where there is a reinstatement of the prime minister. but not under the terms that were 100 liars . but with the full exit of those people who are responsible for the crew, which was a clear violation of distributed constitutions. so the return to the status quo is not something that is acceptable to, to the aspirations of the people. i would say we understand that this is going to be made up of a technocratic government as opposed to a predominately political one. but we've already had statements from opposition parties that they are not going to be part of this. can this, in your opinion actually do anything that achieve anything if it doesn't have to
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buy in from other political parties within the country? i really doubt that this is, this is just another attempt that window dressing the crude that occurred on the 25th of october is rejected by the political opposition. it is rejected by the streets and it keeps the perpetrators of the atrocities that have been happening for the last 3 years. and indeed for the last 2 years in power, i mean we need to look back and realize that once again, the sudanese political league, our reward, the bad behavior, the same military guys were involved in a massacre 2 years ago. and yet they struck a deal with them and then once again, they over through a legitimate government and violated the constitution. and then were asked to just forget the last 3 weeks and go back to where we were or, or even worse, we're going back to your reality that kills the scales in favor of the military even further. i don't think that's going to work for for this is denise people who
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demand justice demand freedom and the amount of future where their affairs are not run by the military. really good to get your thoughts on the summit. oh golly, we appreciate your time. so thank you very much indeed for joining us and i'll just hear thank you. supply chains in western canada and the us taking i had because of heavy flooding. it's prompted the canadian province of british columbia to impose restrictions on fuel. alexander reports from the border town of some us in washington state. when the heaviest of the rains started falling, rivers, swelling, and flood waters surging. the force of the water took down anything in its path, including a freight train. this is all that is left of what has long been a major rail line. running through the town of su, mass connecting the northwest of the united states with british columbia canada. the loaded rail cars were toppled by the force of the water. the steel tracks
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washed away and in some parts twisted beyond use. some of these rail cars were carrying products and farm produce. others were loaded with lumber. we have a lot of our industrial parks businesses that rely on that railway to transport items where they're going to canada or south on the railway through the other parts of the state. the longer the railroad is down and not able to do that transportation. it's just going to hurt the businesses here. the rely on that. it's never a good time for a freight train to derail. but now more than ever, already supply chains are stressed at the port of vancouver about 75 kilometers north west of here. there is already congestion with a backlog of cargo ships and many roads around vancouver have been washed out. add to that these train derailments and you've got a supply chain that went from stressed to completely broken rail
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officials had begun the difficult task of writing the fallen train cars. but it will take weeks to get the track completely fixed and likely even longer. for this western corner of the us and canadian border to even get back to normal. gabriel is on auto. al jazeera su mass washington as a by jeans investing heavily in the corner car buck. it's been a year since a peace deal ended fighting with armenia and the contested region, as by john recaptured parts of the region that were previous controlled by its neighbors. and of course, the other has more from facility this says as our b, john will soon be up there less than not go no car off with its own school civil services. and i grew culture. the pilot project is promoted as a new beginning in the land. that for decades has been ravaged by conflict. a 6 week war with our mania ended in november last year as our job to control of
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several areas of now going to car off as far as overseas fire deal. now the focus is on developing the territory building piece, bringing their normal life back to this region. means on looking all these communications will help or benefit not only other by job, but also georgia, russia, iran, turkey, and even the menial with the villages took my john lee was built for returning this place as there is in 2017. after fighting the year before here that has the family knows what it's like to start over. well, that was the day that they were pushed out of the hometown when our main communities moved in during the 919 basketball in the electro. it's chilly. they are rebuilding our villages and launching large scale construction projects, and this makes us very happy we will thrive but dangerous. linger the peace deal has been tested by fighting at the border and there are land mines and unexploded
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bombs in the area. still developments like this new airport are forging, get had there no plains and no passengers yet. but local leaders say that will change this airport. took 8 months to build and opened a month ago. those are be johnny government thinks it's will be a vital part of carbonic economy in the years and decades to come actual. so almost new port is the gateway to karuba will bring jobs for the local community. and wife is on a route 20 the federal airport, maybe new, but the area around it carries a long and bloody history. much like the road that leads to it. now going a car, a bar may have a long way to go before it's fully opens to the nearly 1000000 as series. who want to call it home? seen m casala physically as every job on some football news, manchester united have sacked their manager. all
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a gone are so sharp and followed saturdays. premier league 2 feet away at watford were all ready behind when captain honey mcguire was sent off in the 2nd half. what food went on to school? 2 more goals, who completed for one victory? a news united have not lost 5 of their past 7 friendly games. the subs bosses met out to the game to discuss social future. they said will always be a legend at majesty united, and that is with regrets that the port company ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories in sudan and agreements, been reached to reinstate deposed liter. abdullah conduct as prime minister. it was, i said, nearly a month ago from the military seized power that led to weeks of process and unrest across the nation. the nearly reinstated prime minister spoke of the presidential palace about ways to drive the country forward. louisa.


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