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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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it's a dangerous journey and many do not make it across the jungle. migrants know the risks. they say they have no choice. ah, an agreement between sedans, military and civilian goods, could see deposed by most of that a handle back in power. ah no more about this and this is all, does it alive from doha also coming up at least one person's been killed and 4 others have been injured in the shooting and occupied east jerusalem violence in the netherlands for a 2nd night with protest elsewhere in europe. against new coven 19 measures. floods in south saddam and force, hundreds of thousands of people from their homes,
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destroying crops on food stores. ah. and sit on agreements, reportedly been reached to reinstate deposed leda, abdullah, hum dawkins. prime minister lodge gatherings are said to be taking place in call tomb. han dogs been released from house arrest where he has been held since the military seized power nearly a month ago. these alive pictures are from how toom of some of the crowds that have been gathering their abdullah humbug was placed under house arrest when the military seized power. on october, the 25th that derailed the transition towards democracy that had been agreed after the overthrow of long running autocrat omar bashir. in 2019, the military had dissolved hundreds cabinet and detained a number of civilians who were held in holding top positions under
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a power sharing of deal that had been agreed with the military following bushes. ouster now following the qu, undock had demanded the release of all political detainees, and a return to power sharing as a pre condition, foreign negotiating, according to sources close to him. say it on my face, the director of the african program at the union council on foreign relations and he explains what sort of government would appease protest leaders. what's being negotiated right now. as far as we understand is something of a return to the status quo. the situation before the crew was initiated, but don't down the street, wanted to say, we are blood hasn't been filled in vain. we need to be whatever comes next. further advancing the goal of sudan revolution towards the liberal democracy. this is our overall objective. we can't just go back to where we were or else dissolved in for nothing. basically, what would need to happen is that handles who is more or less the figurehead and
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representative of the protest movement. at that point, the prime minister even needs to show that this new government has achieved concessions from the military, which will further the strength of the civilians in it. one possibility there, the protest movement wants the military completely out. that may be a bridge too far, but one possibility is that the civilians under prime minister humbug could establish civilian control over the military apparatus of the state. concretely that would mean and the civilians could appoint the minister of defense. civilians could appoint the new head of police and also the security organ. i think that's a very concrete demonstrable step which would, which would show that the role of the civilians in this new arrangement is expanded and increase that might go some way towards alleviating the protests that the,
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that the street has now to idea which they see is maybe not recognizing the full scope of their ambitions for forcibly. let me tell you back to those low pictures from the center of cartoon. it is being reported by the reuters news agency that secrete sydney security forces of in filing tear gassed to disperse protest, hers who are apparently marching towards the presidential palace in khartoum. that is expected to be a meeting between the army chief of da fatter arbel, han and the o stood prime minister about a 100 that's happening some time today. we don't know the time as soon as we do course, we'll bring it to you. we don't yet have pictures of any tear gas being fired, but these are pictures from cartoon. i want to bring in a correspondent mohammed vall because he's covered the story extensively for us. he's joining us here on, on sat now mohammed. one of the things that i'm finding confusing about this is that abdullah hum dock was ousted from power he was put into under house arrest.
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now he's back his prime minister. i. how was this playing out or not yet? not yet true. well, look, it's very clear that this is the result of tremendous pressure being applied from abroad. the united states considers that hum duke should be in an equation of, of, of this sir problem. so that for the solution of this problem is seen as the man for the us. you know, his enemies describe is must somebody who is supported fully by the united states. but the united states thinks that abdullah handbook has been key from the very beginning to the, you know, the, the easing of the problem in sudan us on he. and also remember that he has a huge following in the, in, in the country itself. in the st. remember that, you know, at the people you seen, alden was sating, maybe, or mostly most likely they are not the supporters of our bella handbook, or maybe the half of the other supporters of the air central committee for the free, the, my change who are now the there is
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a high likelihood that they are being sidelined in this agreement that the, the military would like to keep up the landlord, but they don't want to restore the government that was with him, which is made up basically from, from that her, from that component. they are angry, that's why there people are in the states. but you know, it from my, from my consultations with all my, you know, the answers i get from sudan for medical is that, you know, people in so than they are interested in change. they are interested in development, they are interested in solutions. they're not there. you know, for somebody like, you know, they're not, they don't think that somebody should, you know, like this party of this party is a solution. they think that anybody who will be in power should be likely to be able to solve problems so that these people are, this is, they is support. those who are feeling marginalized today, but many people in sudan. they think that the destination of had them or had looked
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his office and the technocratic government in power could be the better sort of the best solution for. so that way, if there is a technocratic government in power, but the forces of freedom and change in the other resistance groups are not involved. can it actually work if it doesn't have their support? it's very difficult because they have a following as well. they have their own followed as several herb me, several parties are they, they make the, they compose this, you know, fisma for some change or the freedom of change. and so now they are going to stay in the streets. so that could be a huge challenge for their present arrangement, and that's why and they have been delayed. now, it was supposed to be an aster 2 hours 2 hours ago, but it's not being enough. and that to me is that more discussions are taking place . they are all the trying to talk to the freedom a change to have some kind of agreement on this issue. yes. given the fact
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that abdullah hon, that will be prime minister. we don't see any indication that the military is going to be pulling, pulling back from this, this structure any time soon, no way. and what's your understanding of what the power balance might be? is other. hm. duct least likely to be essentially a figurehead or do you think that he will have been able to negotiate some degree of influence and power for himself because that says you were talking about before what people on the streets really want to see you that there is a high likelihood that he will be given more progressively now for august. because you know the, the previous arrangement by the previous arrangement, he doesn't have that full capacity to appoint a ministers. he suggests ministers and they get vetted by the military. and by the freedom of 4 or 4 of change, the, the, the, the other component is she's now being a little beside the line. right now it will be that he will have more say in choosing his men,
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because he's going to be given more trust as the man who's going to solve the problems of. so that in cooperation with the military were to sing some live pictures, know from the inside of i believe it's the presidential palace, which i think is the location. if this agreement is going to be signed, that's likely no where it's going to be i'm, i want to go to our corresponded hip morgan, who's our life for us in khartoum hebert. just talk us through what is happening on the streets there at the moment. yes sir, well thousands of people have been processing in front of the presidential palace. they've made their way from, from the several locations and the capital to capital boom, protesting not just against a military takeover, but at the fact that there could be some sort of compromise between prime minister and general. i've been put that on for them. it's all about the lives lost over the past 28 days or so. many of them say that there are at least 40 people who have been killed since the takeover in october 25th. there are more than 200 people who
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have been injured in the process and the hundreds and hundreds of people who have been arrested. so the fact that prime minister humbug had the support of the streets with many people mobilizing on the street for days calling for him to be released and calling for a complete 7 in room for him to come back and sign some sort of an agreement with the military, that is a betrayal. many activists and many resistance committees, members who we spoke to say that should that agreement be complete and should prime minister him the find that agreement. then they will simply add him to the list of people who should be overthrown. and demand and your government that has nothing to do with prime minister angela behind. it looks like there is a lot of anger in the fleet. initially it was just to take over and the fact that the military isn't charged. but now it's the fact that the civilian coalition, or rather the person who represented the civilian government is now getting a bit cosy, shall we say, with the military and willing to compromise and find a deal to fight the life that have been lost. and by the violence that has been witnessed over the past 28 days. as i mentioned before, we're seeing reports which we haven't seen any pictures yet. of security forces
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firing, cheer, gas, and crowds. are you hearing anything about that where you are? yes, indeed. again, the thousands who are on their way to the presidential palace have been met with here guys by the security forces. usually that's an area that is off limits for professor, with the exception. of course, during that one time where there was a system in front of the presidential palace with protective and some political parties calling for the military to out the government this time because people protesting against the deal that is supposed to be fine inside. and because general not been put that one is inside there with prime minister, with several other heads of several of the senior army official, the government officials, and the mediators of this agreement. they're all inside that presidential palace waiting for that agreement to be signed. so it's currently being extremely secured by the military and by security forces. it is known by the that it's right now off limits to the processes. but people are still angry at the fact that this is all happening. rob, despite the fact that again,
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they say that despite the fact that they have been taken to the 34 weeks now. and despite the fact that they live last, we can actually hear some processes right now behind me. many of them are saying that, you know, we've been demanding a civilian government. we've been demanding prime minister, have to be released, as well as other senior officials who were arrested following to take over even of their release happens. now if that means getting back into a partnership with the military, but it's something that people on the 3 is acceptable resistance. committees have been saying that they don't want negotiation with the military and they don't want the compromise. they don't want a return to that partnership. agreement, but it was fine between the 4th of the freedom and change coalition and the military in august 2019. while this kind of this political agreement may mean that the force of freedom and change as sidelined as a coalition, that also means that the military billing charge and for many people on the street, that is the big issue here. but thanks very much indeed. i want to come back to our correspondence mohammed vall, who's in the city of forest hipaa was talking about there that the,
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the mood of the people on the streets is that this is a big trail that far from actually paper with the cracks or even we moving the process forward, if this to this agreement is signed, abdullah hundreds may not be the result that people are looking for in the fight might actually make things worse. well, it is, it's obvious that abdullah handbook is on the house at rest world know that, and we all know that the people have to that haven't heard from him directly. so there is a, i mean it's so there is, it could be said that there is some legitimacy to what the people are saying. i mean, this partner in this new expected agreement, he doesn't have the full freedom to address the public and explain what's going on . and so they can see that he is co west to sign this agreement. or it, i mean, it remains to, to be seen whether you know, how many other parties because some of the party, some of the traditional parties, they have announced that they are on board. but it's only their forces of freedom and change and some few other elements of the previous government. they are now
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that a crying fall. so we don't know what we should hear from the other parties in the next few hours on the next couple of days. and probably in all of the land, look my speak very shortly because that's, that's what we heard in the news. i mean from our sources that once this agreement is signed, he will be seen on tv. he will be speaking to the public and then the public will know what's going on in again, his habit was mentioning that there's a suggestion that even of political prisoners who had been arrested were subsequently released that may not be enough to to satisfy people. is there any indication of what if this goes ahead, abdullah 100 and the military, the coalition that they, they formed the agreement that the form as many indication what they could do in order to try to allay the fears of the people and stop the violence that we've seen, i think 2 things should happen. abdullah handle should be able to meet with their, with their forces of freedom, a change face to face to negotiate with them. is that happening?
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we don't know whether it is happen. this is a problem here. we have a man who is going to be the prime minister again and who has, you know, dirty sons, his colleagues and the government and the previous government. they look at it as be 3 of the he has to be able to, they have to have access to him. he has to face to face, to have a face to face negotiation with them to convince them that what he's going to sign is good for the country is good for them. and that they are not really like, you know, throw in weight buttoned that from the looks of it. they're not going to be a part of the new government. he's going to choose a technocratic government. and, and that's why they are a mobilizing the slit against him. and we're just seeing some live pictures know from khartoum. and i think we have seen some pictures of tear gas that have been a fire the the target sir, but the security forces that we were talking about earlier. and if we're able to go back to hebrew morgan who i think is standing by for us, i just want to get an idea of fun. what the circumstances are in the event that the security forces do, take this action. do you think that there's
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a risk harbor that we're going to see more of the violence on the streets that we have seen in the past? well, people, one thing they say people have been saying is that they will not stop protesting. and again, we've seen over the past few weeks, security 4th is rejecting the idea that protested, setting a barricade on main street. and that is the form of resistance that people have been adopting over the past few weeks. roadblocks on main main street rather than residential neighborhood areas. that cute the 4th of using live ammunition and tear guys to try to disperse the professors, but also to open the barricade, but are set up by those protest. plenty that we will be seeing more of that. we will be seeing processes and, and, and security, 4th of confronting each other while both try to make their point on one side, the people saying that they are not happy with the agreement on the other side, security for the thing. they will not tolerate this the form of protest with main street being blocked by people. so it is likely that we will be seeing the
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continuation. but the, the question would be, how much momentum and how much energy will they have and how much force or how much, how convincing 10 political parties be once the deal is fine? again, we still don't know the details of that agreement. what we do know is that prime minister will be reinstated, we know that he will be allowed to form his cabinet. but who also know that any minister he chooses has to go back to the sovereign counsel for approval. and that's up in the counsel is being headed by general albert han. we did all the transitional government which led the country to the current crisis in his, in the pocket. how much we them, he has when it comes to appointing a government. then there the other political part is many of those political parties so far have come out and rejected the idea that there will be a deal in the coming few minutes. they say that they were not part of the negotiations. the fact that this is all happening, despite the fact that the military developed the transitional government, despite the fact that protests of have been killed. how much impact both political parties will have mobilizing the street for days. now, many of them are thing. they're not out because of the force,
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the freedom in change, they're not out because a prime minister hummed up, although they do want him to be released as well as other senior political figures . what they do want civilian transitional and government to complete the will in transitional government where the military has no role in the governing and the politics and the day to day affairs. so if that continues, if it, with the military fill in the picture as that agreement, that is going to be fine. if the protests continue, then yes, the legacy confrontation continue between the security. 4th it and the protected under 3 here. but thanks for that. the mohammed val, in the studio with, as you, as i said before, talked about this a great deal. you've covered the story for us. there is a lot of foreign investment and foreign aid that is being withheld. as a result of this, there's a lot of, there's a lack of confidence in sudan at the moment, and money is being held back by this would m one would imagine is going to be a very important moment for sudan. because if some sort of stability is even shown to be happening, that would imagine one would imagine is going to open the gates for that aid to
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come in. and that is very important for sedan, isn't it? absolutely. but the problem now is whether that change will be seemed soon. because if there are forces or freedom or change continue, if they manage to mobilize more people in the streets. and if the demonstrations continue, then the new agreement, even if it is signed, will not be convincing to the, to the partners outside of them. i mean, they would like to see a stable sudan. they would like to see com street. they would like to see a, a government of national unity and they would like to see the process to was the, the democracy illustration of democracy going unsteadily. but with demonstrations, with our streeter skirmishes, the 3rd earth, tear gas and things like this. i don't think the new arrangement will stand in mohammed for now. thank you very much. indeed. i think we can go to our correspondent russell. so dar who is and note we can go to it yet, but we are expecting something to be happening at the presidential palace, possibly the signing of this agreement that we've been talking about to which may
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well put am a former prime minister, abdullah hum ducked back into his position. so mohammed, let me just ask you this, given the structure of the country, given the nature of the violence that the people of sudan have seen. and are we talking about a situation that is quite politically quite small, that we're talking about something that involves the military and involves under the 100 and political parties, or is this wide spread across to dom we're talking about? a few 1000 people are marching through the streets of cartoon, give us an indication of you can of just how much people across the country have been affected by this. well, the entire country is affected. during the last few weeks, we have seen demonstrations in dozens of places for them and to we are expecting more to day over the same type. so this is not a problem of cut him, but capital being the cups loved it at the federal capital of the country. it's in it, it has people from all the ages we have people funded for. we have even militia in
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cotton, cultural today. it's not like ultimately the years ago got on to the is swarming with armed men, but they don't show it. but they came from all the regions on the far flank areas of stan form called the far from the blue nile from dar for because because he had a share in polar. and they had a level of freedom to move across the country, even with their what there's and so on. so i mean, it's a, believe me, it's a powder kick saw thus why the military are very much concerned. but if they don't control the situation, if they don't find a solution to what's going on, it might constantly great into a esivore when we're talking, i mean this, it sounds like a naive question. i apologize for asking it, but in our experience, having reported so many civil war, some in the to internal conflicts over the years and et al jazeera, there are different types of civil war. are we talking about something that will envelop the entire country and leads to a conflagration?
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are we talking about local outbreaks of phasing that? the thing is that what we're, what might happen is the regions trying to, you know, just split because we have that for that claim has been going on in those. the minds of, you know, a separate doth for, has been gone for a long time. even recently, huff we have seen or saw the mines by the center itself, the north and the center to be added for a different country. we have the east, as has or be also been fighting against the central government in cartoon, demanding more wides, demanding, more share of the economy and talking about an identity for the east. a few weeks ago the blocks, the, the life, the economic lifeline. you knows transportation of goods between that had see ports and, and capitol, the tribes of the east. we have the south balloon at the south, bruno, we have the south called the van. these are areas which have some ethnic em distinctions . we had the newer we had the dot for is the african ethnic that forties, we have the african ethnic nubians in the maneuver mountains. and those these vying
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identities and buying regional entities have always been talking about either we get our rights from the central government in a fair manner. all. busy we split, we create our own countries. this is the biggest threat you might, you might not see. like it probably that you might not seed cartoon itself being like, you know, or east booth and westbury road or something like this. but you might see people pulling away to the regions taken up arms and the and defending those regions. i'm trying to push the, the central government away from the regions and, and claiming their own if a new i'm a for no, thank you very much indeed. let's just let me just bring you up to date with this agreement that we're talking about because this possible agreement comes after weeks of violence scenes in khartoum and other parts of the country. but that both were hammered. inhibit, i've been talking about sedans, military and civilian leaders. had been sharing powers since a long time lead
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a normal over. she'll was removed from office in 2019. but in the months that followed both sides blamed each other for slow reforms or worsening economic crisis . and corruption or that has led to big divisions in the transitional government. and the situation got worse. last month, after general abdel thought our behind dissolve the interim government and detained civilian leaders and went across to the presidential palace. russell sat as lifeless then occurred to him. just talk us through what's going on their muscle russell, i dont know if you can hear me. this is ray rob madison. in doha wrestle i was et cetera in the presidential palace in khartoum. i was just asking if you could give us an idea of what's going on there at the moment.
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no, we seem to have lost our line or to cartoon for the moment. let's see if we can bring in haber, morgan, who is a lie for us in a car tomb hebert. rob matheson here, the protests that are going on in the streets of cartoon. is there any indication, do you think that if this agreement is signed that they are going to get bigger and we have any indication of how people might react? well 1st thoughts is considering the fact that then the takeover, this is the 1st time processes are making their way in front of the presidential palace. it looks like the news that there will be an agreement between prime minister and general hahn is not impressing many people here on the resistance. committees have already come out and said, but they're not part of that agreement that they do not want to see prime minister and general hunt sharing and other kind of power sharing agreement or any sorts of compromise. especially since, according to their view, that the military cannot be trusted to not overthrow or not dissolve. the
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transitional government wants prime minister. he is back in his, in his former position. so it looked like this. this knew that the prime minister will be returning back to her position will be appointing, as cabinet has only made people more angry. or we have seen protest in her film since october 25th the day of the takeover. but many of them have been on main street dispersed around the capital. none of them were actually in the center of the big one today. here is at the center of cartoon. and yes, it's true. the military did not blood the bridges and many men root like they usually do every time. but then now you have thousands of people in front of the presidential palace, despite the fact that they've been met with peer got to try to disperse them. all of them think the same thing. the fact that prime minister handbook is willing to once again share power with the military is once again willing to have any kind of agreement in any kind of dealing with the military. following the, the way he was arrested from his home and the pain that the house of the general alcohol and following the fact that at least 40 people have been killed and following the fact that many people have been injured. all of that for many people
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is anger in them and has mobilized more and more anger. we have seen again the violence that has been that the processes have been met with live ammunition. your guys processed as being the pain and chase inside residential neighborhood. that hasn't stopped the protest throb, but the fact that that the prime minister, dog after how people have been calling for his release and after the fact that people have been saying he represents a civilian government. the fact that he's willing to go back and find any kind of compromise, any kind of agreement with the military has angered so many. but even before the deal has been fined, people have been taking to the 3. the normal time for people to come out is around 1 o'clock local time. that's around 11 g, but people have been taken to the street the day even before that. just because of that news that there will be an agreement between the military and handle. hipaa thanks very much, and he does have a morgan talking to his from hall tomb, and that is where people have been taken to the streets in hot tomb. after the suggestion that on agreements reportedly been reached to reinstate him to post liter abdulla hun doc. as prime minister,
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we're waiting to get live pictures of that's possible signing ceremony from khartoum. but we're going to bring those to you in a couple of minutes. port laws b, the capital of puffy gide is ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the world. one, a one east investigate the violent gains, instilling fear on the street. on l. g 0. can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing. as cattle always brings your favorite teen to cut off for the fee for arab comp 2021. greatness is in the air. late sore is warner, and will reach new heights. join us in, cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canada airways dot calm.
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oh, african narrative. ah, from africans perspective, a new series of short documentaries, by african filmmakers from across the continent. this has been really committed to head down to africa direct. coming soon on al jazeera, big from the al jazeera london broke off and past 2 people in thoughtful conversation. we were 1st generation of black versus people and we have to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries, films. i reckon you're in to tell me things some right back in what way through the breaking separately have is making off invisible. you dear
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b unscripted on out to they wrap. ah, al jazeera with every oh. oh oh oh you watching all 0 people are gathering in sedans. capital as an agreement is reportedly reached to reinstate deposed liter abdullah. hum dog has prime minister . mondanca was ousted nearly a month ago when the military seized park on dogs. house arrest is no said to have been.


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