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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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a simple life on al jazeera. oh, you want to help save the world oh, sneeze into your elbow. m. o. this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm robot this and this is the news, our life from doha. coming out of the next 60 minutes, at least one person's been killed and 4 others had been injured in a shooting in ocoee bodies, jerusalem. an agreement between sedans, military and civilian groups, could see deposed primers, a 100 back in power violence in the netherlands for a 2nd night, with protests elsewhere in europe against you,
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coven 19 measures. floods in south sudan force hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, destroying crops and food stores. i'm sorry, kind of the sport exactly one year to go until the people well cut begins here in cats on right now for that one is in town homes and unfold position to close. the gap will make the stuff in the title right? ah, we're going to begin unoccupied, east jerusalem. what is really police say one person's been killed and 3 others have been injured during his shooting. had happened near an entrance to a like some mosque compound. 2 of the injured are police officers. israel says the attacker has been killed and more police have been deployed to the area on how he faucets lifeless. now in occupied east jerusalem hardy. just talk us through what we know so far about what's been happening.
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well you said the incident took place just after 9 a m local times about 3 hours ago. the israeli police are giving out a statement saying that they were approached or there was a, a checkpoint of insecurity forces outside the alexa mos compound, also known as the temple mount are one of those entrances known as the chain gate. and that a man opened fire is ready, police or security forces returning fire. during this incident, we know that the attacker himself was shot and killed. 2 is ready. security forces relatively lightly wounded. 2 is ready, civilians are more seriously wounded. and one of those later been confirmed who have died in hospital where he was evacuated to now the ready security minister has been at the scene. he said that this, the attacker was a member of hamas or who lived in occupied east jerusalem. that this seemed to be
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a planned attack because he said that the wife of this man faddie a bush kate, him, was known to have left the country 3 days before this attack took place. and that the weapon involved was not an improvised carlo style machine gun as was reported earlier by police, but actually a beretta machine gun. so an uncommonly available gun at 2 palestinians more generally. so the indications being as this was a planned attack and the is ready, police are having killed the man. now confirming that one of the 4 people wounded was killed in this incident. harry, i understand that as being a legend this sir gunman was from hamas. has there been any reaction from the ongoing well yeah. how much? very quickly, after the attack took place, i issued a supportive statement saying that it was part of legitimate struggle against the
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occupation. it has since confirmed that the man was a leader, a hamas leader in occupied east jerusalem from the swafford refugee camp. and as for the wider political reaction in israel will, of course this comes at a time both very soon after the u. k. decided to outlaw both the political and military wings of hamis as so adding the political wing to the the u. k. banning, it also comes at a time when the israelis and hamis have been negotiating quite intensively for a potential longer term truce and a potential prisoner swap. so the implications on that are as yet unclear. we've had the former prime minister benjamin netanyahu weighing in on this, saying that there has to be a strong response, military response, presumably from the israelis or so looking at potential strikes back against him as will that lead to further escalation. so far, the only response we've had via his spokesman from the is really prime minister
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natalie bennett, is to say that he is instructing a wider or beefing up of the police presence in and around jerusalem to make sure that there aren't any further such attacks. harry, thanks very much indeed that's hurry for to bring this up to date from occupy these 2 rooms for them. okay, let me bring you some developing news out of saddam now. an agreement has reportedly been reached to reinstated, to post leader of the honda as prime minister. it was answered nearly a month ago when the military seized par well, hippo morgan's life for us in how to hebert. just talk us through what we know so far. well, if we do know from the national committee in actual initiative committee, that's the committee that was set up to try to mediate between the army and prime minister. hm. duke is that prime minister hemmed up will be returned. will be returning back to his position as prime minister and that all political prisoners would be released is also the issue of the constitutional declaration. that's the
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power sharing agreement that was signed between the military and the force of freedom and changed coalition in 2019. and the force of the freedom and changed coalition at that time represented the protest movement. but that, that, that constitution, the commission will be up for negotiations and for amendments asked for the committee because when for when general abdel for the annual, hon seized power in october 25th. he amounts at his suspending some key articles. there's also the question of what authority and what powers that executive council, that prime minister him the will be heading will have as well as what the rule of the sovereignty council headed by general edward han would have let's not forget that aspect of the previous constitutional declaration, prime minister, hum dog would be picking his cabinets and best will be submitted to the sovereignty council for approval. and that counts and is currently being headed by general albert han. so they questions about how much power and how much freedom prime minister ham look will have once he forms his cabinet, especially because while this is all happening, while the initiative is ongoing. and while the military is currently heading,
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the sovereignty council prime minister handbook is still under house arrest and were yet to hear from him. i hope people reacting there to this news. well, even before the signing of this political agreement that the military has announced, people are already reacting the forces of freedom and changed. coalition has said that it is not parts of this was decent between prime minister. hm. doke and the army. they say that they stand by the 3 nos, no negotiations with the military, no legitimacy to the military, and no compromise with the military. that's something that the resistance committees have also stated. they're the ones who are organizing st. processed and mobilizing people for civil disobedience and general strikes. now they're expected to hold more protests in the coming hours and they say that they will be mobilizing for more process in the coming days, 4 weeks now, rob, they have been demanding that the military have less a role in the policies and the governing of the country, they want the military to focus only on the security of the country and its role as just like any of the military around the world, but not in the politics. they say they want a complete civilian government,
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whether it's headed by prime minister handle or by any other civilian. but the key issue here is that they want a civilian government. they say that following the takeover on october 25th, they can not trust the minister that it will not repeat such an incident against so many people already reacting many societies, many associations and many comments. he's saying that this agreement, if there is one and if it aside with hum dog and behind, they will not be a part of and they will continue condemning the takeover and condemning the agreement as well here. but thanks very much, and he does have a morgan life person call tomb. muhammad ahmed is a journalist and he's joining us on skype from khartoum. good to have you. with us on al jazeera abdullah hum duke was originally arrested. he was deposed. he was detained at the house of general albert hon, who led the qu, was entertained in his own house. and now there is a possibility he might be back as prime minister. what do you think is going on? no,
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miss her mohammed alanine at hoffman. i hope you can hear me. it's rob matheson here for al jazeera and i was just asking you if you let me. thank you. you can hear us. i was just asking you, given the circumstances, given that a brother hun, doc was originally deposed by general beau hon who led the crew. he was detained in general bohannon's house, but now he's back as prime minister. what do you think is going on with this arrangement? if indeed it does go ahead he, unfortunately we do appear to have lost our signal to hot him there we will of course try to get it back. but in the meantime, we're going to move on plenty more ahead on the news are including an empty catch, alarming new details about fish stocks on the brink of collapse, shall eons get ready to choose a new president with 2 very different front runners, leading opinion, polls and in sports, the pressure grows on the manager at manchester,
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united after their 5th defeat in 7 games. ah rather than if he of his cigar region, say government forces have carried out a drone attack. and mckelly, a spokesman for the degree people's liberation front said residential buildings and the regional capital were targeted. while the rebels continued moving towards addie sabot, they took control of the city of showed roberts, 8th, 23230 kilometers away from the capital. while that spring in samuel garzo, who's an independent journalist based in had a sub, a bugger to have you with us on al jazeera. oh, thank you. or do we know 1st of all about the air strike itself? what we know is the allegation that is being leveled again. the state your been side by the t p left in particular, as you mentioned, the spokesperson of the t p. a left guitar to red dot was been saying that at 1 am
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this morning. any fuel been drawn was launched against mccully, the capital of to grind, and he hasn't said what the damages, but again, the japan site has been commented. they're focused on a global protest that's happening currently. and many, many cities in europe, in northern north american nations, including canada and the u. s. saying no more in terms of western countries getting involved in the internal affairs of the country. so the haven't said much, but what we know so far as the u. s. in boy to the horn of africa, jeffrey feltman is an id sapa, having a conversation with different actors to try to see if they can slow down or, and this conflict that begun a year ago. but again, the u. s. happens to be a wage issue among ethiopians. there are consistent accusation of them getting involved and providing arms perhaps. but citing with the t p n f per se,
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that has been alleged by the european side and by the children's social media. and again, the african emvoy as the former president ofa nigeria. mr. obasanjo is also is said to be $97.00. we're trying to speak to different doctors trying to see if this conflict not be gone a year ago would. and because again, there are rumors that the conflict is ongoing, and there might be a conflict bay nearby, but we just can't verify the information. i would imagine that particularly if people and i decide about where you are, must be feeling a particularly concerned at the moment. because if they articulated others appear to be moving in that direction. but the ethiopian government is under a lot of pressure to try to bring this to some sort of conclusion without violence . is there any sense there? do you think that the government is actually concerned about that? that it is making those efforts when we just, again, we just don't know how close they are,
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but the to open government is insisting through the local government that if your parents need to raise their arms and defend their neighborhoods, should the t p live, which the kilbourne site has claimed as a terrorist organization by an order from the parliament that they might be coming to the suburbs and attack residents. so they've been telling residents to get ready . and as you know, as you may know, this, ethiopia has been on a state of emergency for about 10 days, which is lasting for 6 months, which the state has been granted more power to did 10 any one, the c assa, supporting directly or indirectly of the t p a left, there has been hundreds, if not thousands of people latin be did tend. the government is insisting at, they're just detaining people that are supporting a terrorist organization. while the ethiopian human rights commission is seeing some kind of ethnic elements said on the head of for the children human rights
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commission, daniel began as he told al jazeera last week, so there has been confusion, but there is a sense that this conflict begun a year ago will end, and again, many, many people are being impacted a least 2000000 people are said to be displeased as a result of this conflict and the number keeps going up as we move forward. let me ask you about that, because as you say, we've been reporting on the fact that there have been so much that has been so much of an impact, as you say, on the people in ethiopia. how are people there feeling about this whole conflict? do they feel that it is something that is connected with them or is it that they feel that it's something between the ethiopian government and the to drive people to liberation front? well, again, it's like everything. and if you're good, this is a wage issue. there are those that are siding with ethiopia and governments, you know, explanation that this conflict is about the independence of the country to defend
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the constitution of the land. they often compare the pressure they have been filling in terms of having a conversation or perhaps a negotiated a ceasefire. something that the u. s. might be forced to negotiate with the tiny, right, and they've been saying, but if you speak to the other side, they're insisting that they, they haven't been receiving the kinds of aid they need. a backed out by the us are saying that their people are under siege. there is a sense that there is a genocide that's happening. so again, it depends on who you speak to. and this conflict is a real one of those which issues among ethiopians. but again, will, among, if you're against there's a sense that the conflict cause really impacted so many people, not just humanitarian issues, i'm referring to, but even the economy of ethiopia has really suffered. there are stories of foreign investments that are fleeing, if you will be, are fearing that this conflict will just drug them down and have them lose even
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more resources or money or even the loss of lives. and many, many organizations, including embassies, are fleeing. if you're feeling that this conflict might come back home to andy, some about this is a home stretch that the fear in the most. and again, the conflict is ongoing and there's no end in sight. it seems samuel got a child and a thanks a lot. thank you. problem journalist in somalia has been killed in a suicide bomber attacking the capital market. issue is mohammed go live? it was the director of the government owned radio market issue and the well known critic of all survive the on group says it's behind the attack for others were injured, including the director of somebody national television. tens of thousands of people have protested and the austrian capital vienna against a nation wide lockdown and plans for compulsory vaccinations. while the netherlands
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saw a 2nd night writing against new restrictions triggered by record, high coven. 19 cases that in barbara reports, gathering in vienna to say things have gone too far as governments around europe try to limit rising, coven 19 infection rates. austria's, bringing in a 3 week national lockdown for monday. and is making vaccinations compulsory for every one from next february, with fines for people who don't comply. 2 thirds of austrians are fully vaccinated . that's one of the lowest rates in western europe. vaccine skepticism has been encouraged by the far right freedom party, the 3rd biggest in parliament, which organized saturdays protest. you can see absolutely clear that where her right to get to miss are strong. ah, less people are which made it and more people get the ill. so you see that they have some direct influence on the other, the level of the banner mitigation. the netherlands is also now in partial locked
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down with bars and restaurants, closing at a to the evening. on saturday, they've been demonstrating against the measures in amsterdam on friday night there was rioting in rotterdam where hundreds of protest as gather to show their anger at the cove. at 19 restrictions, one commentator told al jazeera, he's not surprised at the protests, citing general skepticism after the previous government fell. following a child benefit scandal, people simply don't trust the government and, and that is a cause, a huge, huge challenge for the dutch government to, to overcome it. seeks to convince people to have vaccinations when it seeks to convince people of the need for a long down. in bavaria in southern germany, it's the last weekend before a local lockdown for the unvaccinated, the countries health minister says a 4th wave of infection. this is so serious that a national lock down can't be ruled out. then as police at 1st clicked the alice didn't give had the politicians organize this more strictly way would have avoided this worsening situation with intensive care units being isolated. i think it's
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absolutely right in high time to react as in my look it with being put under pressure now and ultimately we're no longer free honesty. if you ask me, i'm convinced mandatory vaccinations will be introduced while in northern italy, 3 ski slopes of opened up for the 1st time since march 2020. everyone has to show a so called green pass, a digital certificate showing some one's been vaccinated, tested negative, or recovered from covet 19 o. saturday. i also saw a protest against the past in rome, a reminder of the tensions existing around attempts to fight the pandemic. nadine baba al jazeera, the french caribbean island of guadalupe, has been put under a curfew up to 5 days a violent protests against corbet 19 restrictions. no one's allowed on the streets between 6 p. m and 5 a. m local time, and the sale of petrol in cans is no longer allowed. france is sending special police and counter terrorism officers in response to looting and arson. all pulls
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open and less than an hour in shelley's presidential elections with the nation. rarely so divided millions are choosing a successor to sebastian pin. yet the meeting candidates include leftist, gabrielle, butch and right winger jo. jose antonio hust, our latin america eternity in human reports in the capital santiago. here next to the when 35 year old former student leader gabrielle bought each stops to ask for this man support his told that all politicians are liars, newly williamson, to which he answers. not all politicians are alike. but each a congressman is undoubtedly non traditional. he doesn't look like a presidential candidate and is the youngest one in chile in history and says, he represents what some called the new left part of a wave of politicians who aim to transform chillies, political and economic structure. a tree is his campaign symbol. what did they will, you know, if i can give you a cd that represents an idea, but for it to grow,
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you have to water it for a new chilly to whitish. we must work collecting all go. he has support from many progressives, but it is achilles heel is not only his youth, but the fact that he's running in a coalition with the communist party. and that frightens many jillions. it's given an impressive boost to his main rival for san antonio class. he represents the most socially and politically conservative wing of chilion society, a defender, a former dictator. i will still pin oshea. he promises to restore law and order by building a 3 metre, deep ditch. to keep out undocumented migrants and stopped mounting crime, drug trafficking and an indigenous rebellion in south central chile. and i think when alex, so this is an election in which 2 models of society confront each other, the model of freedom and justice. and another model that is led by the communist party and represented by gabriel boring. according to the latest opinion polls,
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as many as 25 percent of chileans are still undecided about to vote for the selection. and ultimately, they're expected to be the ones to decide the outcome. but there is a caveat. opinion polls in this country have been systematically wrong about gauging public opinion. and that's with 2 more moderate presidential hopefuls are counting on for education minister. yes, an approval state. the only woman candidate gained a claim as president of the senate while she represents chiles discredited center, left many see her as the only option for social change. without extremes. it middle . gov. yeah. in augusta order, i'm confident in change that it's secure. that is achieved with consensus. yeah, i'm confident that she does not want more. instability in our banner is social justice with peers and in their center right wing substantial. an independent and former social development minister who also promises law and order. but without
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setting the clock back on abortion and l g b t, right, among others. i asked him how he differed from the traditional right wing america. come you put up to the kid, ma'am. yeah, we have to make changes to protect the environment for a more just society and perhaps most important of all social change at all. so that's finally the middle class is the protagonist of the governor, my input benson o. 2 years ago, a social uprising shook the foundations of chilion society so much so that no one is sure which way the country will leave, or whether whoever wins will be able to restore govern ability in what has been latin america's most stable democracy. she and human al jazeera sent out millions of his friends are also heading to the polls for regional elections on sunday, the recent national survey shore, more than 75 percent of people now live in extreme poverty. theresa ball reports that i wanna verify. ramos believes voting on sunday will be crucial to helping
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change in venezuela. she is 59 years old and she was a single room with her daughter and 2 grandchildren in a house in the coastal city of la wida. but also receives a pension of a dollar and a half a month. her family survives on her daughter's salary, which is around $5.00. ethanol selling a lot of. mean, i don't know, things are going to change. only god knows that whomever wins will help us improve how we live. we've been eating a little bit of chicken every 2 days a bit of eggs, but that's what we have. she has recently received a bag of government subsidized food. she buys for a dollar, it is supposed to last for a month. there's 4 families living in this house because they have nowhere else to live. poverty rates in venezuela are over 80 percent. millions of people are struggling to make ends meet, were told that being able to afford food or medicines is a major challenge. but most of those we have spoken to say is that the biggest challenge they have to day is running water in this house for its whole. they
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haven't had running water in months or venezuela has been struggling through massive economic crisis for at least 7 years. is not only affecting people directly, but a lack of investment has also had a major impact on basic services, like distribution of water, electricity, and gas, or yelling at hawaii, nice a nurse. she makes around $3.00 a month. her son is among the millions who have left the country. if there's no change up to these elections, then nothing else will change in the same system of government continues. it's not gonna change because they had their chance for 20 years. and it's a vicious cycle. and they don't accept change. venezuelans are heading to the polls in what is the 1st election in years to be closely monitored by international observers. even though discontent is white spread, millions who could have supported the opposition have left the country. ah
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venezuela, socialist party controls every aspect of the state and its candidates, have political and financial support from the government? no. priscilla, nikolai, my lord says that now he will work towards building a new economy model. color with care will double every town we vote, it's a step forwards towards economic recovery. we're going to build a new economy and a new prosperity and annoy the economy. oh, in, within months there has been a small economic recovery to a rice in the price of oil and the easing of some international local restrictions that economy see has had an impact in some sectors. but millions are still living in poverty and in desperate need. hoping that sunday's elections will signal the changes coming that he said, well i'll just cedar lag wida, venezuela. pose of opened in bulgaria for a presidential run off the countries failed twice to form a government this year. the current president's rumor rider was seeking
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a 2nd 5 year term, as well as a political crisis that's gripped the e news poorest country bulgaria is also seeing a surgeon covered 19 cases. so head on al jazeera and new video said to show missing chinese tennis fair punch. why emerges online, but some say it's not enough to prove that she's safe. on the french rugby team beat new zealand. all blacks in paris for the 1st time since 1973 that's coming up and sports was so ah hello, we've got more thundershowers returning to the western side of the mediterranean. in fact, across much of southwest, you can see how the storms have been gathering over spain and portugal began to slide the way a little further east, which as we go through the next couple of days. but, but further north,
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when's coming in from a nor the direction to see how the ice a barza lined up here we got a cold blast coming in in that cold air will gradually make his way across much of western europe, even into spain. so willing it, sir, quite a brisk wind 7th. the mate there for glasgow and for london on sunday afternoon where to weather on that cold front sinking further south was so some rain coming down across germany through poland, pulling all the way across into france, pushing down towards sir the pyrenees. and we will see that wet weather, that cold, rare, grassy, making its way a little further south, which is 3, monday could be cold enough, but to snow over the high ground, even in spite madrid with a top temperature just 9 degrees celsius. there we go with a shower, was across the meg, pushing water across italy and on into the balkans, evening eastern side of the mediterranean. he could catch a shower or 2 here. what are those showers just lapping onto the shores of northern egypt or positive algeria could catch a shower or 2 over the next couple of days. we said where to where the crash, making its way to tennessee.
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ah, this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of the new era and television news. if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still going to go to miss all landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on here. the call that isn't on the is very, really coming our way. i was just own here god. by the police on purpose. ah, you with the 0 offices in garza, our house in that building has come down. never before in human history as a month for steven barn to the arctic. been such peril.
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ah ah, what he does eat a reminder about top stories this hour is ready for you say one person's been killed and 3 others have been injured in a shooting and occupied east jerusalem. it happened near an entrance to the al ox, a lost compound. 2 of the injured are said to be as really police. israel says the attacker has been killed. rebels in ethiopia is northern to good. i regency government forces and carried out a drone attack in the city of michaela. a spokesman for the to guy of people's liberation front said read.


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