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a issue of the bible on al jazeera part of the sent with we are the ones traveling the extra mile we are the media, don't go, we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah, oh, protests. i became 19 restrictions turned violent as europe is warned, more needs to be done to contain the virus. ah, ha ha ha robin. you're watching all of their life. my headquarters here in doha also coming up. china downgrades diplomatic ties with lithuania, after the baltic nation allowed taiwan to open an office in its capital. also trillions get ready to choose a new president with 2 very different front runners, leading opinion,
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polls and alarming evidence that over fishing is pushing some stalks to the brink of collapse. ah, welcome to the program. the pandemic is stirring deep public anger in some parts of europe. over new coven 19 restrictions, the netherlands has seen a 2nd light of rioting, with people throwing stones and fireworks that police in the hague. 3 protested sa, being treated in hospital after police opened fire. thousands of people of also rally didn't vienna the world health organization as war that half a 1000000 people could dine europe by march. unless urgent action is taken, that he baba starts our coverage. ah. 6 gathering in vienna to say things have gone too far as governments around europe try to limit rising cove in 19 infection rates . austria is bringing in a 3 week national lockdown for monday,
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and it's making vaccinations, compulsory for everyone from next february, with fines for people who don't comply. 2 thirds of austrians are fully vaccinated . that's one of the lowest rates in western europe. vaccine skepticism has been encouraged by the far right freedom party, the 3rd biggest in parliament, which organized saturdays protest. you can see absolutely clear that where her right or guest room is a strong alleged people are election aid it and more people get ill. so you see that they have some direct influence on the other, the level of the panoramic situation. the netherlands is also now in partial locked down with bars and restaurants, closing at 8 in the evening. on saturday, they've been demonstrating against the measures in amsterdam on friday night there was rioting in rotterdam where hundreds of protest as gather to show their anger at the cove. at 19 restrictions, one commentator told al jazeera he's not surprised at the protests,
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citing general skepticism after the previous government fell. following a child benefit scandal, people simply don't trust the government and, and that is a cause, a huge, huge challenge for the dutch government to overcome. it seeks to convince people to have vaccinations when it seeks to convince people of the need for a long down in bavaria in southern germany, it's the last weekend before a local lockdown for the on vaccinated the countries health minister says a 4th wave of infections is so serious that a national lockdown can't be ruled out. bennett police just at 1st pick the alice dick it had the politicians organize this more strictly. we would have avoided this worsening situation with intensive care units being isolated. i think it's absolutely right in high time to react either mental get with the put on depression now and ultimately we're no longer free honesty. if you ask me, i'm convinced. mandatory vaccination will be entertained while in northern italy, 3 ski slaves have opened up for the 1st time since march 2020. everyone has to show
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a so called green pass a digital certificate showing someone's been vaccinated tested negative or recovered from covet 19 saturday. also sort of protest against the policy in rome. reminder of the tensions existing around attempts to fight the pandemic. nadine baba al jazeera and they were also purchased in denmark as anger against the government plan to reinstate a cave in 1900 vaccine pass. it was scrapped in september, but reintroduce delhi this month after a spike and infections pass must be shown to end to kind of phase restaurants and other venues. the french caribbean islands of guadalupe have also been put under curfew after 5 days of violent protests against david 19 restrictions. they one is allowed on the strings between 6 pm and 5 am. sale of petrol. incomes is no longer allowed. frances, sending special police and counter terrorism officers in response to looting and arson. the china has downgraded its diplomatic ties. with lithuania,
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it follows the baltic nation allowing taiwan to open a representative office in its capital vilios. the u. s. has been standing by its nato ally against its rival, china. washington has rejected what it's referred to as other countries interfering in lithuania, relationship with taiwan. let's speak to ben y hardy sher tall. he's an adjunct professor of political science and international affairs at temple university in japan. join me now via skype from take a good time with us. on the program, lithuania is no different to any other european country and the u. k. should say within the e u and the u. k, who have either some sort of tie when he's representation on the soil. why has china taken on bridge to what lithuania has done? right, indeed, even though there are 15, only 15 countries of the world are recognized taiwan officially. there are indeed many, many more countries, as you just mentioned,
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that have some form of defacto representation from taiwan. and they have some sort of trade representative. for example, and lithuania certainly are certainly not the only one in europe. what really has barked the recent controversy of the recent tension between lithuania and china is the fact that the new representative office that will be open and lithuania is going to bear the name taiwan is going to be the time when he's representative office. typically, the sorts of representative office use the name type pay because if you refer to the island itself to taiwan in the name of the, of the office, this tends to give more legitimacy to, to taiwan. and therefore, this is something that tends to really angered china, so in order not to jeopardize relations with china, those countries usually all we have, what again is called the kind of type, a representative office. so the fact of this new office in lithuania is going to be call i will need represented office is really what started this whole row. and that
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has sparked or for us or pushed china to downgrade its relations with wayne ya. which brings me to my next question about downgrading those relationships to charlotte to fair level. what does this actually been in practical terms? in practical terms and means was going to have some bearing possibly on trade between lithuania and china. although trade between lithuania and china is relatively limited. what john is really trying to do there is to send a message to other countries that are considering upgrading their ties with taiwan . and for sure, the case of lithuania, they want to also stand up for what some of the values you repeat, the values of always the bands that they said that this is not necessarily move against china, but rather remove that is pro europe. but certainly there's going to have some possibly limited impact, but the united states have promised that they will stand by their nato ally and probably, and help them as well in terms of increasing trade with lithuania. but this is all, indicate some china about deterring other countries from pursuing similar moves.
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and he does, he just said, you know, trade between lithuania and china is minute and compare in comparison to the trade that china has with you as a whole. but lithuania was depending on some very lucrative and important contracts with china in the lights of sort of the belt and road projects that china has. it does want to expand its influence across europe. it does want to bring in smaller countries like lithuania, latvia, estonia, because if you bring those smaller countries and you can have influence, they had influence. when the you, they talk to members of the you, it's all about political massaging of conversation, isn't it? and china is not really having a great time with you right now. now you're absolutely right. you have, i would say over the last 2 years, turned on china, there has been a real change really shift and attitude, not only in western europe, but in some way as well in the eastern europe. as you mentioned,
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for china having any kind of of allies or partners in eastern or western europe, it's very useful. this is one of the reasons why it had established the 17 plus one mechanism, which was a kind of cooperation mechanism between china and eastern european countries. and now lithuania has even said that it will be, it has withdrawn from that mechanism. so that is certainly a, some kind of a blow for china. but indeed, in the last couple of years, things have not been very not gone very well in large part due to the perceptions of a sort of foreign policy on the part of china. perceptions are not very widespread in europe, and that has led a lot of countries to, you know, to focus more on pushing back again, china in this region in the, in the pacific. think your insight and certainly a story that will develop, i'm sure as time goes on. but while hardy said, thanks for joining us from take you. thank you. thank you. now so toes and the video has emerged are foolish way, which shows the tennis star at
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a junior tournament in beijing. now this video is the latest post by the editor of global times. thing had not been seen in public since making our sexual allegations against former chinese vice premier shining jolie. now the wool tennis association says, sundays video and photos are insufficient. that do not just address the concerns about her. the u. s. u. k u n. have all been demanding proof of funds whereabouts. thus where housewife of presidential elections in chile and the nation has riley been so divided. millions are choosing a successor to sebastian pinero, the leading candidate sing, tune left his gabrielle borage on right wing. jose antonio cast or latin america editor lucien newman reports can actually when 35 year old former student leader gabrielle bought each stops to ask for this man support his told that all politicians are liars, not only willing to which he answers, not all politicians are alike live bought each
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a congressman is undoubtedly non traditional. he doesn't look like a presidential candidate and is the youngest one in chile in history. and festival he represents with some called the new left part of a wave of politicians who aim to transform chillies, political and economic structure. a tree is his campaign symbol. what did they will, you know, if i can give you a cd that represents an idea, but for it to grow, you have to water it for a new chilly to whitish, be must work collected and we'll go, he has support for many progresses, but it is achilles heel is not only his youth, but the fact that he's running in a coalition with the communist party and that frightens many chileans. it's given an impressive boost to his main rival for sandal in your class. he represents the most socially and politically conservative wing of chilean society, a defender, a former dictator. i will still pin oshea. he promises to restore law and order by building a 3 metre, deep ditch,
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to keep out undocumented migrants and stopped mounting crime, drug trafficking and an indigenous rebellion in south central chile. i'm gonna say when alex so this is an election in which 2 models of society confront each other, the model of freedom and justice. and another model that is led by the communist party and represented by gabriel burridge. according to the latest opinion poll, as many as 25 percent of chileans are still undecided about to vote for the selection. and ultimately they're expected to be the ones to decide the outcome. but there is a caviar opinion polls in this country had been systematically wrong about gauging public opinion. and that's with 2 more moderate presidential hopefuls are counting on for education minister. yes, an approval state. the only woollen candidate gained a claim as president of the senate, while she represents chiles discredited center, left many see her as the only option for social change. without extremes,
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it will go viola in augusta order. i'm confident in change that it's secure that is achieved with consensus. yeah, i'm confident that she does not want more. instability in our banner is social justice with peers and in their center right wing, sebastian teacher, an independent and former social development minister, who also promises law and order. but without setting the clock back on abortion and l g b t, right, among others. i asked him how he differed from the traditional right wing the medical it can come, you're put up to the killer. mm hm. yep. we have to make changes to protect the environment for a more just society and perhaps the most important of all social changes. so that's finally the middle class is the protagonist of the government must put benson o 2 years ago, a social uprising shook the foundations chilion society so much so that no one is sure which way the country will leave or whether whoever wins will be able to
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restore, govern ability in what has been latin america's most stable democracy. she and human al jazeera santiago, though, the united nation says $75.00 refugees and migrants drowned in the mediterranean sea north of libya. early this week, another 15 survivors were rescued by fishermen and brought to the port of the water in north western libya. they were trying to reach italy by boat. a 100 demonstrators rallied in warsaw and solid hours. he with refugees and migrants stranded up the poland. valerie boarder, they won't punish authorities to do more for people who are in urgent need of medical support, food and shelter by poland and by the roots of accused each other of accusing refugees as political polls. a problem journalist in somalia has been killed in a suicide bomb attack and the capital market issue of the disease mohammed. good lead was the director of the government owned radio market issue and the well known
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critic of our ship bob. now the group says it's behind the attack, for others were injured, including the director of somali, national television. all stella had here on our dessert, millions of venezuelans living in poverty pin, the hopes on sundays regional inaction plus i'm andy richardson at the out based stadium in cattle way in exactly one year's time. the middle east's 1st football world cup, will be kicking off. ah hello, welcome to look at the international forecast sick. got some wet weather and some winter weather in the forecast for parts of the middle east. northern policy has to be said, we are going to see some rather wet weather, just spilling off the mediterranean, pushing into levant, syria, lebanon jordan, all with a chance of seeing some wet weather at rain,
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making its way to the far north of saudi arabia. could see a spot or 2 of right into our iran, maybe even teen to q weight as well here in doe harvard is going to set their temperatures here at around 31 degrees celsius. but look, the shower is not too far away that will push away across northern parts of the gulf by disguised to come back into the levant, find it dry across much of the raven peninsula. so a man and yemen sat fair along with the somali i, we have got a chance to some showers just filtering in from the, in the ocean as we go into next week. that's something to watch out for. but for the time being, it is fine. and try to catch a chair or 2 in kenya, majority of the showers across a democratic republic of congo, pushing over towards the gulf of guinea. we got some rather wet weather, also sliding out of the d. r. c. that'll make its way across, says ambia. zimbabwe could see some localized flooding over the next day or so. chances of mother heavy rain but needed for south africa. ah,
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a community decimated by cancer for the true true have cancer, or know someone that live here that have cancer lines exposes houston's cancer cluster. these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination underneath they look data, visible public community, get them down. we are sitting in time lying on our 20 o the ah
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look back. you're watching on there with me. so romney, reminder of our top stories. says being a 2nd night. all right? once again, you have in 1900 restriction pretenses through stones and fireworks. the police have 3 people having treated in hospital left offices, open fire, childrens heading to the polls on sunday. millions the to the successor to fasten. panera, the leading candidates into leftist capital birch and right twink jose antonio cast . and so the video have emerged on the way which shows the tennis star as a junior tournament in beijing had not been seen in public speaking, sexual assault allegations against a former chinese vice premier shandra lee. the will tennis association says sundays video and photos are insufficient. that do not address its concerns about billions of wayland heading to the poll for regional elections on sunday. a recent
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national survey show that more than 75 percent of people in the country now live in extreme poverty. and it's theresa by reports on caracas. many have been desperate for change. probably most beliefs voting on sunday will be crucial to helping change in venezuela. she is 59 years old and she was a single room with her daughter and 2 grandchildren in a house in the coastal city of winder ross. i received the pension of a dollar and a half a month. her family survived on her daughter salary, which is around $5.00. if and i don't know, things are going to change. she only god knows that whomever wins will help us improve how we live. we've been eating a little bit of chicken every 2 days a bit of eggs, but that's what we have. she has recently received a bag of government subsidized food. she buys for a dollar. it is supposed to last for a month. there's 4 families living in this house because they have nowhere else to
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live. poverty rates in venezuela or over 80 percent, millions of people are struggling to make ends meet, were told that being able to afford food or medicines is a major challenge. but most of those we have spoken to say is that the biggest challenge they'd have to day is running water in this house for its whole. they haven't had running water in months or venezuela has been struggling through massive economic crisis for at least 7 years. is not only affecting people directly, but a lack of investment has also had a major impact on basic services, like distribution of water, electricity, and gas, or yelling at hawaii, nice a nurse. she makes around $3.00 a month. her son is among the millions who have left the country. if there's no change after these elections, then nothing else will change in the same system of government continues. it's not gonna change because they have their chance for 20 years. and it's
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a vicious cycle and they don't accept change. venezuelans are heading to the poles in what is the 1st election in years to be closely monitored by international observers. even though discontent is widespread, millions who could have supported be opposition, have left the country. ah, venezuela, socialist party controls every aspect of the state and its candidates have political and financial support from the government. no president got my load or says that now he will work to was building a new economy model color. we have kill double every town we vote, it's a step forwards towards economic recovery. we're going to build a new economy and a new prosperity and annoy economy. oh, in recent months there has been a small economy recovery to rise in the price of oil and the eating of some international and local restrictions that economy see have had an impact in some factors. but millions are still living in poverty and in desperate need. hoping
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that sunday for elections will signal the changes coming there is i will, i'll just cedar like wait a minute will around a 1000000000 people in low income countries rely on the oceans of food. but fish populations that declining that a faster rate than previously estimated, according to a new study involving hundreds of global fisheries experts. the mon, the roof, and ation says there's evidence that half of the world stalks the fished. and it warns that about 8 percent of these fish stocks on the brink of collapse of $142.00 countries that were assessed 20 received a failing grade. then he all of our stokes having wiped out with little hope of replenishment. tony worthy is the chief executive of the flourishing ocean's initiative, and the men drew foundation. he thinks both rich and poor countries need to do that bit. to address the problem. basically, it boils down to not enough management oversight by already when it comes to
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whether it's fishing in exclusive economic designs or whether it's fishing on the high seas. we know from a lot of science and a lot of experience around the world. the way you have good management, there are more fish in the say, there's more fish to go around. and so what we absolutely need to encourage and drive through different governments all around the world. recognize the scale of this problem. recognize that by introducing good management, good governance, we actually end up in a much more positive productive situation where companies can catch the fish they need. people who depend on fishing for their lively could, can, can catch the fish they need and there's plenty for future generations. some of the wealthier countries have more capacity to develop the governance systems in order to be able to put a bit better fishing practices in place. but let's be honest, every country needs to lift the game. there are quite a few well developed countries with well developed governance systems in australia is one of them where still 38 percent of the strategy is fish stocks,
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fish to on sustainable levels. so it's not just a rich versus poor country issue. every country needs to list a game. now you go to the president says those responsible for tuesday, suicide bombings, income, parliament surrender, or be killed, present yard, him 70 address the nation for the 1st time since the attacks that left for people dead and 33 injured security forces shot and killed 5 suspects including a cleric and 20 and us 21 others. catherine slowly, husband from the scene on the south explosion on tuesday happened. he had parliament avenue. they close to parliament building and other government offices as well. but the big impact was cells and buildings along this route. life is slowly coming back to normal and oh, none of the properties here are beginning to repair their damaged properties. another attack happened near the central police station, so police ellison was incident and they have been carrying out increasingly patrols
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in the french neighbor who's in the city center as well. they say they have arrested several people to the mine of and have shot down a 5 people who are trying to resist the arrest. they accuse a yoko terra gung who are working, were affiliated with. i like democratic forces. this is a rebel who plays in the democratic republic of congo. thousands of people have been filled by this group. so police say that now they are recruiting, actively young ugandans. here the president has ever been talking about this incidentally phase that his government has a proof of alien my others for with this to the idea is tanya wilson. oh so so ref. sharonda. i'm assuming themselves wash will the procedure to do with it will do it
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from all day. this attack comes off the back of fly this last month, one at a reference. and another one about 30 kilometers away. all have been claimed by i fell on behalf of if administrative division calls are the central african province . we could also say to have linked with adf. this also comes at a time when the military is planning to deploy its soldiers to the democratic republic of congo, to help the colonies forces and the un fight adf. in the us slides have been disrupted at atlanta airport on saturday after a gun was accidentally discharged in the security area. passengers weapon went off as apple stuff such a bag, sending people scrambling to safety its own or attempted to leave the pores but wasn't allowed to go. according to the spokesmen nigh flood head province of
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british columbia and canada has imposed temporary restrictions on fuel. another central travel to help stabilize supply chains as recovery efforts continue. non essential vehicles are limited to 30 liters of fuel per trip to the petrol station . an order expected to last until the beginning of december. travel is also forbidden on sections of several highways. well who was payday for several people in the us state of california but one that could get them in a lot of trouble that all is going on. but the van popped open on the freeway and sending bags of cash flying out video on social media, show people picking up the know the police have warned the footage will be used to find those who took the money if they don't return it one year from now the 1st world cup to be held in the middle east will kick off here in cattle. it wasn't a bit to host the events more than a decade ago. and since then, the country has been transformed and richardson reports. now,
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i'll call north of doha, where we're little begin. a stadium designed to reflect the nomadic culture of the region will soon be providing a home for footballs. most priced events, catalyst, elevate, stadium will stage. the 1st game of the 2022 world cup. the monies overseen every stage of its construction hopes it will make a lasting 1st impression. the design of the stadium resemble the bed when 10 beta shot, which is the welcome sign back in today's. this is where not just category region. people used to live in charlotte. this is how you welcome your guest. it's a fine of guitar is open the door to everybody around the world to welcome them inside guitar by welcoming them in a bit stadium in 2020 to 60000 fans will be inside this stadium for that opening match. and one thing we know they'll be watching is casso the whole nation, not just picking off the middle east's 1st world cup. it will be the 1st ever time
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. catherine national team has kicked her bull at the school. the biggest tournaments more teams are getting ready to join cattle at the world cup each time a country qualifies. the national flag is raised at a ceremony held on the sea front of the capital. doha, i know the origins, ions are thrilled to come here. they are planning their trip. they are now in social media posting about it. they are very happy. doesn't messy will be here all over. a good players will be here. i think this is going to be a very great, extremely important role. moving a 1000000 supporters are expected to make the trip to cancel what will be the most compact world cup in history all 8 stadiums with an a metro ride or short drive of each other. meaning fans could go and watch more than one matcher day. what i looking forward to is that you feel it will go on. everybody's basic, the indo. so the mexicans with the dots and the germans are with teenagers
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and whatever the tickets are with the suite for that is that connection that will make it so special some finishing touches and a few more qualified teams. and now all that needed before the middle east, biggest sporting events can begin. and the richardson al jazeera, though arg, there with me. so rom, the reminder of all top stories has been a 2nd night of riots in the netherlands against the 19 restrictions protested through stone. by work the police have 3 people are being treated in hospital and offices open fire the french caribbean islands of gaudily pebbles of inputted the curfew after 5 days of violent protest against it received.


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