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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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ah, plus thousands of our programs. award winning documentaries and debt. these reports subscribe. take you cheese dot com. forward slash al jazeera english ah . odessa, because 90 restrictions turn violent as europe is warned, more needs to be done to contain the virus. ah, clubs and robin you're watching out. there were like my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. julians get ready to choose a new president with 2 very different front runners. leading opinion polls also wrapping up his tore of africa, secretary of state antony blinkin promises the us. we'll do more to help
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development plus i'm andy richardson at the out rate stadium in cats are where in exactly one year's time, the middle east's 1st football world cup will be kicking off. ah, welcome to the program. the pandemic has stirring deep public anger in some parts of europe over new coven 19 restrictions. the netherlands are seen a 2nd night of rioting with people, frank stones, and fireworks that police in the hague. 3 protesters are being treated in hospital after police open fire. thousands of people have also rallied in vienna. now the world health organization has warned half a 1000000 people could die in europe by march unless urgent action is taken. that in barbara starts our coverage ah, gathering in vienna to say things have gone too far as governments around europe
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try to limit rising cove in 19 infection rates. austria's bringing in a 3 week national lockdown from monday, and it's making vaccinations, compulsory for everyone from next february, with fines for people who don't comply. 2 thirds of austrians are fully vaccinated . that's one of the lowest rates in western europe. vaccine skepticism has been encouraged by the far right freedom party, the 3rd biggest in parliament, which organized saturdays protest. you can see absolutely clear that where her right or guest room is a strong alleged people are election aid it and what people get ill. so you see that they have some direct influence on the other, the level of the been damage equation. benevolence is also now impartial, locked down with bars and restaurants, closing a to the evening. on saturday, they've been demonstrating against the measures in amsterdam on friday night. there was rioting in rotterdam where hundreds of protest as gather to show their anger at
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the cove. at 19 restrictions, one commentator told al jazeera he's not surprised at the protests, citing general skepticism after the previous government fell. following a child benefit scandal, people simply don't trust the government and, and that is a cause, a huge, huge challenge for the dutch government to overcome. it seeks to convince people to have vaccinations when it seeks to convince people of the need for a lot down in bavaria in southern germany, it's the last weekend before a local lockdown for the on vaccinated the countries health minister says a 4th wave of infections is so serious that a national lockdown can't be ruled out. bennett police just at 1st pick the alice dick it had the politicians organized this more strictly, we would have avoided this worsening situation with intensive care units being isolated. i think it's absolutely right in high time to react either mental it with the put on depression now and ultimately we're no longer free. and honestly, if you ask me i'm convinced mandatory vaccinations will be entertained while in
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northern italy. 3 ski slaves have opened up for the 1st time since march 2020. everyone has to show us so called green pass a digital certificate showing someone's been vaccinated tested negative, recovered from covet 19 saturday, also sort of protest against the past in rome. reminder of the tensions existing around attempts to fight the pandemic. nadine baba al jazeera. they're also protests in denmark. there's anger against the government plan to reinstate the coven 19 vaccine pass that it was scrapped in september, but reintroduced earlier this month after spike in infections. the path must be shown to and to cafe restaurants and other venues. the french caribbean islands of guadalupe pebbles have been put under curfew after 5 days of violent protests against k 19 restrictions. no one is allowed on the streets between 6 pm and 5 am. and sale of petrol and kansas no longer allowed. frances sending special police and counter terrorism officers in response to looting and asked well,
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we're just our way now from presidential elections in chile. and the nation has rarely been so divided billions are choosing a successor to sebastian panera. the leading candidates include leftist, gabrielle bowditch, and right twin jose antonio, caste, the elections being held in a new political landscape after the explosion in social and rest. the began in 2019 the new shrine la has more from the capital santiago, the 2 main candidates, the ones who have figured most strongly in the opinion polls really represent both sides extreme sides of the political spectrum. here in chile, gabriel boarded. she was a very young, 35 year old, former student leader from the fall south of the country. he supported by most of the left wing groups of policies in chile, including the communist party. he is promising fundamental change to make chilly, more inclusive, to include the people on the poverty line indigenous people, women,
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and he supports his big change to the constitution. on the other side of the spectrum is the extreme fall, right. can do that. and tony or gas, he is an immigration, he's talked about digging a ditch along chile for that to stop immigrants getting in. he's a supporter of the former, dictate stopping oshea. he represents in many ways the, the resistance to change people pining for the past in chile that they remember with style. and he has, he was, he's been a head in the opinion polls so far. it looks likely that these are the 2 that will go through to the 2nd round in december. there's a motor up left can voter of rights candidate are also in the running with to see what their votes go. if we go to a 2nd round. but there is a great deal uncertainty in chile, given that this is a country with huge wealth. but it is a country which has some of the worst wealth distribution anywhere in the 8 and in
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the developed world. many of the people in this country would like to have a great to share of some of that wealth of some of that progression that truly has been made over the years. and they're betting everything really on these elections on sunday to see which way they go. either extreme, left or for right. now, one of the main issues discussed ahead of chillies general election is increasing violence in the south. that's where the indigenous ma, poochie community has been forcibly reclaiming. historic lands in human reports, not from community it's spring in south central chile, in a vast rural area that extends to the pacific ocean. all this is now mostly under the control of indigenous mar, poochie, who say they're reclaiming their ancestral land. i put a women show us how their animals are growing strong and fat on 200 acres that belong to a large chilion landowner. one of them, i have a letter, they're suspicious of journalists, but agreed to speak to us because they say they're being intimidated by chile and
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armed forces or get by their gift unemployed. our them, are they here for war? why do they want to wage war with us? the only thing we want is to recover our territory. what belongs to us. and they intimidate our children, enter our homes in han, yet they, they get into buses with their weapons. the helicopter is escorting a convoy of soldiers who joined militarized police. the chilean state has lost control here. this is part of it hurts the royal duncan trillion military that has been sent here to the albany, a region as part of a state of emergency that was declared by the government more than a month ago. and in fact, it's expected to be extended for even longer. and the whole idea of having them here is to fight against what they call terrorism on who to agree with. one of several so called him a put you resistance. organizations has responded with this video, vowing to confront the army and the chilean state, which it says has invaded my,
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put your territory 5 forest company workers and their vehicles were attacked and to seriously injured by who did gunman recently with one earlier and unarmed. my put a youth was shot dead and another seriously wounded by a soldier outside of this house. just the latest in the spiral of violence. but even my purchase, like 63 year old farmer alias when new men are themselves being attacked by armed group whom he says are hiding behind them up. which a cause. 6 6 in june he was attacked, tied up in beaten while his vehicle was burnt, and all his cattle stolen. merlin was unknown ago, so this is not them of what your cause. it's not like they're just arm terrorist re, delinquency thieves. love it. we see what they do every baby and i one justice it have been since the incident, his home has been attacked by unknown gunmen at least 5 times. the gunfire was
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intense. for overnight nearby miguel malley. gail shows us his crops on 50 heck dares. he says he took back from a gillian landowner, he believes chili's army has been sent in not to impose order, but to stop them. approach it from regaining control of the territory, taken from them 150 years ago the and on. but he concedes that the violence has got out of hand who saw a globe, a mac. there's some people doing things for personal gain, not them of who cher cause. and we have to start to control what is happening in our own territory. this nearby school was burned down by presumed mom put to use it's director, blame successive governments for the chaos electronica he's undergoing the state never wanted to give constitutional rights to indigenous people. it never listened to their demands over the past 40 years, including recognition of our culture. we should all be living in harmony approaches and non approaches your depending on who was elected to govern chilly. the next
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step could be the beginning of a real dialogue or the imposition of a state of siege to attempt to settle the conflict with even more force. she and human al jazeera can yet a chilly vaccinations and 75 refugees migrants drowned in the mediterranean sea north of libya. earlier this week, another 15 survivors are rescued by fishermen and brought to the port of the water in north western w. were trying to reach italy by those theories. secretary of state says washington is investing in africa without imposing on sustainable levels of debt. antony blank and wrapped up his african visit in senegal, where he expressed concerns the stability of neighboring molly. he seemed to cuz the past 18 months, he's also highlighted us efforts to help senegal manufacturer its own coven, 19 vaccines. nicholas hank has more unblinking visit from the capital tucker
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secretary, lincoln's parting idea before he heads back to washington. d. c. is a message to the african continent that the united states remains a partner to african countries. this is a break from the previous administrations where many africans had a states felt that the white house in the previous administration treated them with contempt. on his visit in kenya, he addressed the ethiopian crisis, calling for an immediate cease. fire. of people who suffer are the people and we have to make sure that they are getting the assistance they need and that of the fighting ceases. and the, the talking starts in nigeria. he made a seminal speech calling for the defense of democracy and democratic values saying that africans should not be treated as junior partners, but as equal partners on the global diplomatic playing field. now these are strong
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words from the secretary of states who's trying to re establish relationship here in the car. he spoke in french, signed a raft of deals between u. s. companies and the government here, infrastructure deals and was he didn't mentioned china by word. he alluded to chinese investment, ensuring that american investment would not put african countries in debt here in the pesto institute. that blinkin said that the united states will continue to help the manufacturing of cobra vac right here on the continents. only 2 percent of people in africa are vaccinated, and that's a concern, not just the people here in senegal or the african continent without an issue. globally, china has downgraded its diplomatic ties. with lithuania, it follows the baltic nation allowing taiwan to open a representative office and its capital bilious. the us has been standing by its
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native ally against its rival, china. washington has rejected what it's referred to as other countries interfering in lithuania relationship with taiwan. the rebels in ethiopia in northern t cry region say federal forces have carried out a drone strike. toggling a residential area and mckelly government and to grow in forces have been fighting since last november. thousands have been killed and more than 2000000 displaced. a police station has been set on fire in sudan during the latest round of demonstrations. i know people are demanding justice to those killed during protests and to handle the power to civilian rule. at least 40 people have been killed since the military takeover from hippa, morgan has moved from car to police. have been saying that despite most of the pros as being people, some, some of the professors have been attacking police properties and public properties,
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but it looks like this is one of the scenarios. however, some of the processes in florida from north where this police station was burned, those for testers who we speak, we have spoken to see that they were not involved in the branding of the station. and that it was the police themselves who said the station on, on fire to lay the blame on protest those. now this is the 3rd day that hudson north is witnessing, confrontation between the police and protest says they have been sending the barricades on main roads. and many roads, it would been the residential neighborhoods and police have been responding using your guys and live in relation up to late hours over the past 3 days. now, this is our angry following the death of follow a demonstrators on november 17th. the north, let's not, let's not forget to mark is the area that for the most amount of beth on november 17th, would at least 10 people being killed with the others being killed here in the city and undermine. now people are mobilizing for more pros has they're saying that they're going to continue to voice their anger, not just at the military takeover, but the fact that security forces have been using excessive,
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brutal force to response the processes for largely on on and have been very peaceful, well still had here on al jazeera will take you to a new school in somalia that's helping turn around the life of children with special needs and the families. the efficient to see alarming new details about the number of fish stocks on the brink of collapse life stories up to the break. ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with the sponsored play cut on airways. hello, welcome to look at the international forecast sickle some white weather and some winter weather in the forecasts for parts of the middle east. northern parts has to be said, we are the sea, some rather wet weather, just spilling off the mediterranean, pushing into levant, syria, lebanon jordan, all with a chance of seeing some wet weather at rain,
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making his way to the far north of saudi arabia. could see a spot or to move right into iran, maybe even teen to q 8 as well. he went to harvard, he's going to set that temperature here at around $31.00 degrees celsius. but let the show was not too far away, that will push away across northern parts of the gulf by disguise, to come back into the levant font drive across much of the arabian peninsula. so amman and yemen sat fair along with the somalia. we have got chances, some showers just filtering in from the, in the ocean as we go into next week. there's something to watch apple, but for the time being it is fine and try catch sharrell to in kenya, georgia, the showers across them, republic of congo, pushing over towards the gulf of guinea. we got some rather wet weather, also sliding out of the day. our c that'll make its way across, says ambia. zimbabwe could see some localized flooding over the next day or so, chances rather heavy rank but needed for south africa for the weather sponsored
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by caraway's. ah, the stage is said and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you thing. we're ditching the sound bites and we're digging into the issues from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. join me as i take on the large, dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradictions upfront with me, michael might help on out 0. ah, the me looking back here watching over there with me. so from the reminder of our top you
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stories, there's been a 2nd most of riots in the netherlands against new cave in 1900 restrictions protested through stones and fireworks the police in the hague. pre people are being treated the hospital after office opens fire. children's heading to the polls on sunday, millions of choosing success that use about him. panera bleeding candidates include leftist, gabriela, rich and wright. twin jose antonio and the secretary of state has wrapped up his tour of africa with a visitor, said to go on to the blink and left with a message that washington was a partner of african countries surveys and concerns about gaines stability in ethiopia. and molly, for the 1000000000 people in low income countries rely on the oceans of food, but fish populations of declining the faster rate than previously estimated according to a new study involving hundreds of global fisheries. experts layman to refund ation
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. so as evidence that half of the world's stocks are over fished, and it was at about 8 percent of these fish stocks. on the brink of collapse of $142.00 countries that recessed 20 received a failing grade. then the, all of our stocks have been wiped out with little hope of replenishment to be worthy is the chief executive of the flourishing ocean's initiative. that the mystery foundation, he thinks both rich and poor nations need to do their bit to address the problem. basically, it boils down to not enough management oversight by already is when it comes to whether it's fishing in exclusive economic designs or whether it's fishing on the high seas. we know from a lot of science and a lot of experience around the world. the way you have good management there, i'm more efficient to say there's more fish to go around. and so what we absolutely need to encourage and drive through different governments all around the world. recognize the scale of this problem. recognize that by introducing good management,
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good governance, we actually end up in a much more positive productive situation where companies can catch the fish they need. people who depend on fishing for their lively could, can, can catch the fish they need and there's plenty for future generations. some of the wealthier countries have more capacity to develop the governance systems in order to be able to put a bit better fishing practices in place. but let's be honest, every country needs to list the game. there are quite a few well developed countries with well developed governance systems in australia is one of them where still 38 percent of the strategy is fish stocks, fish to unsustainable level. so it's not just a rich versus poor country issue. every country needs to list a game. you can do as presidents as those responsible for tuesday, suicide bombings in compiler must surrender or be killed. present the outcome of 70 address the nation for the 1st time since the attacks left for people. that of
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$33.00 injured security forces shot and killed 5 suspects, including a cleric and arrested another $21.00. others. catherine soy has more from the scene on the south explosion on tuesday happened. he had parliament avenue. they close to parliament building and other government offices as well. but the big impact with cells and buildings along this route. life is slowly coming back to normal and own end of the properties here are beginning to repair their damaged properties. another attack happened near the central police station, so police hello since with incident, and they have been carrying out increasingly patrols in different neighborhoods in the city center as well. they say they have arrested several people including mine and have shot down 5 people who are trying to resist the arrest. they accuse a yoko, pero gung, who are working or affiliated with. i like democratic forces. this is
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a rebel base in the democratic republic of congo. thousands of people have been killed 5 if a group, so police say that now they are recruiting, actively young ugandans here. the president has also been talking about this incident phase that his government has improved for beaman my others for with this to idea in the near mozambwe foam roll over the summer on december themselves. wash re procedure to do whatever it will do to promote do or die. this attack comes off the back of who i the last month. why not a ref, friend, and another one about 30 kilometers away all have been claimed by i fell on behalf of if administrative division calls are the central african province,
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we could also say to have linked with adf. this also comes at a time when the military is planning to deploy its soldiers to the democratic republic of congo, to how the colonies forces and the un fight adf. in the slides have been disrupted at atlanta airport on saturday, after a gun was accidentally discharged in the security area. a passengers weapon went off as airport stuff search the bag, sending people scrambling to safety. it's an attempt to leave the apple, but wasn't allowed to go according to an apple spokesman flights resumed after a 2 hour delay. chinese state media has released another video of bush way showing the tenant star at a junior tournament in beijing. the video is the latest post by the editor of global times. boone had not been seen in public since making sexual assault allegations a former chinese vice premier, shang joey. the world tennis association says, sundays video and photo insufficient and do not address the concerns about her. the
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u. s. you can the you and hoping, demanding proof of those whereabouts. somalia has one of the lowest enrollment rates for primary school students in the world. and for children with special needs, it's almost impossible to find adequate education. but a new school in the capital market issue wants to change all of that by giving new hope to families with autistic children. mohammed valve has more it's been a yes and sally said was admitted to the center and we got issue for people with special needs. he's autistic when he arrived here and he had difficulty speaking. but his symptoms had begun to improve, is not able to learn and he talked with his surroundings. his family is up to the mom and i know how much he's been taken. good care of. now he can read right and do some mathematics. he has improved above all, he has made some friends within the community. he started to enjoy his life. i hope
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there can be many centers like this one to help more autistic children. about 60 autistic children are receiving care in the center at the moment. every year that number exceeds $400.00, those who run the facility, say the treatment, they provide israel and somalia. so somebody had a hello by our center is the only facility for children with disabilities which makes its existence a matter of necessity. despite limited resources and shortage of qualified specialists. many children are now able to read, write, and interact with their community. we'd wish to expand, but we lack the means. the low level of public wellness about autism in somalia presents and other challenge many autistic children here miss the opportunity for early treatment. they're often kept behind closed doors without the help they need must be less than most families here do not recognize the symptoms of autism. they believe their children are processed and can not be treated. that's why they locked
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them at home, thus denying them the opportunity of treatment. raising awareness is a priority to help or to stick children at an early stage. despite the lack of official statistics on autistic children in somalia, health workers say their number is rising. the attribute to a combination of factors that include headed to tell causes and armed conflicts. hum, yvonne or dizziness that was payday for several people in the us state of california . but one that could get them in a lot of trouble. now the doors have an arm, and van popped open on the freeway, san diego sending bags of cash flying out video on social media, and people picking up the notes. the police have warned the footage will be used to find those who took the money. if they don't return it, that's a warning, isn't it? now one year from now, the 1st world cup to be held in the middle east will kick off here in cattle. it was the bid to host the event more than a decade ago. and since then has been transformed and richardson reports from our
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cool lot of doha, where law begin. a stadium designed to reflect the nomadic culture of the region will soon be providing a home for footballs. most prized events. cattle is alvin stadium will stage the 1st game of the 2022 world cup the monies overseen every stage of its construction hopes it will make a less thing. first impression the design of the stadium resemble the bed. when can better job, which is the welcome sign back in today's. this is where not just category region. people used to live in charlotte, and this is how you welcome your guest to fine of guitar is open the door to everybody around the world to welcome them inside guitar. by welcoming them in a big stadium in 2020 to 60000 fans will be inside this stadium for that opening match. and one thing we know they'll be watching is casso the whole nation,
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not just kicking off the middle east's 1st world cup. it will be the 1st ever time . catherine national team has kicked up all of this for the biggest tournaments. more teams are getting ready to join cats at the world cup each time a country qualifies. the national flag is raised at a ceremony held on the sea front of the capital, doha. i know that the origins, ions are thrilled to come here. they are planning their trip. they are now in social media posting about it. they are very happy, messy will be here all over a good players will be here. i think this is going to be a very great, extremely important role. god. moving a 1000000 supporters are expected to make the trip the cat. so what will be the most compact world cup in history? all 8 stadiums within a metro ride or short drama of each other, meaning fans could go and watch more than one match. today. what i looking forward to is that you feel that the world's going on, everybody's basic,
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the indo. so the mexican is with the dots and the germans are with teenagers and or whatever with the swedish for that is that connection that will make it so special. some finishing touches and a few more qualified teams. and now all that's needed before the middle east's biggest sporting events can begin. andy richardson, al jazeera, though ha, ah, your jail deserve me the whole robin in doha reminder of all top news stories. there's been a 2nd night of rights in the netherlands against new cove, with 19 restrictions protested, threw stones, and fireworks at police in the hague. 3 people are being treated in hospital after officers opened fire. the french caribbean islands of guadalupe have been put under a curfew after 5 days of violet.


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