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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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one to history has once per steve environment of the object it in such peril. ah, ah. oh protest, cindy dutch city, a walk to a dime against corbett 19 restrictions more. are expected in amsterdam in the coming hours over in austria. supporters of the far right freedom party are holding a rally against st. planned nationwide lockdown. ah, other that i'm how them i had seen this is out a 0 live from doha. also coming up with joining the calls for peer c authorities to
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provide independent, verifiable proof of her whereabouts and that she is safe. the white house adds to international goals for answers about chinese, tennessee are funky, why it hasn't been seen for weeks are over. i mean bill after surviving for days on the poland, belarus border asylum seekers, mainly from iraq and syria plead not to be sent back. well as begin in austria were members of the far right freedom party year holding a rally against tough restrictions. but the toughest measures taken yet at this phase of the pandemic in western europe. austria will go into a nation wide locked own from monday. people won't spill out to leave home except
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to go to work shop for essentials and exercise. and vaccination against coven 19 will be mandatory for every one from february. next year, we'll let say across live nights here. vienna rejoins by my court bomb valo. he's a journalist and author who studies the far right. and it's good to help you with those. i understand that you're at that rally right now and, and the issue of the far, it's interesting why do you think they're seizing on this particular issue? you know, well, 1st of all, hello from the anna. i'm right now in front of the minister for internal affairs or you may see in the back over the police fence, you may see a police cars, and there are constantly passing by people going to the protests. i think it's very clear, like what the, what the far right did is they saw that there is some lay of population which was
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entirely happy with the necessary measures against the pandemic when they try to take up that issue and to organize around that issue. and also to mix it up with at the semitic conspiracy theories. and they're why doing extra miss the agenda and says supports would you say the far right hand in wider society in australia? you mentioned that there is an element of political opportunism with the colvin and the last day in issue. but in terms of the covert situation in austria, i mean, other many people who share this view well, in the way those polls the right way extra mis freedom party has around 20 percent . but in the presidential election in 2016,
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the candidate of the far right got almost 50 percent of the votes. so they really have some pretty influence. and if we look on the measures right now, i think there will be probably 20 to 25 percent of the population, which i'm not entirely happy, which are close to some kind of conspiracy theories. and that's of course the people now the right to extra missed are trying to work with and try to recruit. of course, you mentioned there that the they have her and 25 percent of the vote or so how much influence do you think the far right, how when it comes to influencing public policy and health care policy on these issues? well, you know, they don't are right now. not in government like forget till tuesday. 19 the we're in government together with cars, which is people's party right now on the government. all the national level, but they're still in some government on the provincial level. and you can see
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absolutely clear that where the right to get to miss strong less people are needed and more people get the ill. so you'll see that they have some direct influence on the level of the misinformation and just talk about the low rate. so vaccination in austria because it is almost $1.00 and $3.00 austrians aren't vaccinated against the corona virus. and now the country is going back in a long time, are people making this link between the fact that the choices over fuses are having a real impact on the many? well, i take the majority of the stances because the majority, like 2 shots, are works unaided, but the problem is the ones for which isn't obviously. and they, you really concede at the dis,
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link like among those who are not works unaided. it's clear with cedar from, from, from studies that the far right is way stronger among those who decided not to wexel themself. and in terms of how you see the situation, panning aids and they're all ready, significant numbers of people were showing of yours. you have gathered in vienna for this protest. i much resistance as they're likely to be against the measures compulsory vaccination from february and said these look signs going forwards. oh, well, what was she also here? a clear majority of the population as far as we can see now as far as was he from some polls is in favor of that. but of course this will be allowed minority, and this will be probably to day a very aggressive minority. ok. we ended yesterday in rotterdam already, and i think it could be there is a big possibility that there will be clashes and troubles to day in austria as well
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. okay, well that's certainly something we'll be keeping an eye out for a bit for now. my co bomb valo joining us from vienna. thank you very much indeed for joining us on al jazeera. thanks for me and all beth a huge riley is expected in the dutch city of amsterdam where some people are angry after the government re imposed corona virus restrictions. on friday, there were riots in the city of worth to dam following a protest. at least 7 people were injured. dozens arrested. 110000 cove in 19 cases were reported in the netherlands last week. the country went into a partial lockdown last saturday. jeff ham maker is an associate professor at the erasmus university in the hague. he says the protests were expected. the protests were very much predictable given the state of concern were rather skepticism. the
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people have from the dutch government since april. we've been basically dealing with the caretaker government just not been able to form a coalition partners. i got a permanent government and then for people, even before the pendulum interrupted, very skeptical. the previous government was actually brought down because of the prices of confidence to the child benefits can go. that has never been resolved. so the crisis we're facing is another to run a crisis. it's really a crisis of confidence in the gym to see of government. people simply don't trust the government and, and that is, of course, a huge, huge challenge for the dutch government to overcome it. seeks to convince people to have vaccinations when it seeks to convince people of the need for a lockdown. the government very quickly rolled back the previous lockdown without really step by step measures. so to reintroduce the lockdown measures right now, of course are going to be heavily resisted by people. so it's,
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it's not surprising but of course it's very, very worrisome, but this kind of products are going to happen elsewhere in the country. in australia, tens of thousands of people are protesting against coven, 19 vaccine orders. cent, pandemic laws rallies have been held in each state capitol including sidney demonstrators and melbourne, are calling for the scrapping of a bill. they say ok if the state premier too much power will early i spoke to dana morse from these trillion broadcasting corporation based in melbourne. she explained why people there was so angry. there are range of things that are being protested about around the country. today is certainly the biggest day that we've seen for protesters around australia. and we had protesting almost every state and territory home today. the largest of which was here in melbourne. melbourne has enjoyed the longest lockdown in the world. and now there are concerns among parts of the community about some pandemic management legislation that the state
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government is currently trying to pass through the upper house of parliament. now that bill has stole, but people are concerned about the amount of power that the state government will have if the bill passes. now, people are also protesting around the country about vaccine mandates. many industries have now got no job, no job laws, which means people who are currently on vaccinations won't be able to continue working. and the other thing that many people are protesting about are locked downs . now. here in australia, melbourne did south of the longest lockdown and there have been locked downs in other states and territories including sydney. and there have been much sure to lock downs in brisbin, adelaide and perth, and in high bought as well. the northern territory is currently has parts of this of the state in lockdown as well, which paypal is to do with carving, still spreading there. so people are protesting about
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a number of things. and it's also important to recognize that the pros, as to some extent, have been infiltrated by far right. far, right. political activists who are, you know, staging conspiracy theories as well among the protested. so it's a range of raisins that people are protesting here in australia. it's interesting you bring up the, the fact that the far reiser are infiltrating some of these protests because to see so many people light on the streets. it just makes you wonder, is, is this a sentiment that shared by the majority of australians to these protesters represents the vast majority of australians? or is it just a small number? i would say the protesters represent an absolute minority of astray aliens as a country where currently sitting at just under 92 percent have had a 1st dose vaccination and around 85 percent have had 2 doses of the vaccine. so we're looking at a country bed on the whole believes in the,
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in the safety and the efficacy of that vaccines when it comes to trading cove at 19 . now estrella as a country, as you know, we're in 20 above 20000000 people in population here. so even when you're looking at protests of tens of thousands of people, like we saw on the straits of melbourne today, which is the city of over $5000000.00 people, we're still talking about a minority of the population to combat some of the conspiracy theories. we also saw that there were some small law pro vaccination rallies held to sort of balance out the are anti vaccination and anti lockdown protests that were held to day. they were attended by far fuel, paypal and they, they don't seem to have attracted the crowds that the anti vaccination rallies have . but it would, it would be very fair to say that they are in the minority despite being a very vocal minority. still a hands on al jazeera, more calls for beijing to good proof of the whereabouts of johnny's tennis player
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from troy. read injury, find the defendant. kyle, kyle needs. read. health not guilty. president joe biden weighs in on the verdicts in a politically and racially charged trial. ah, ah, look forward to brutus gomez. the wither sponsored boy cutaways, hello. they've got a big cold and taking place across. so china over the next couple of days, some very cold air setting in lots of cloud coming across northern parts of china rather more in the way of rain further south. we will see that wet weather just pushing across towards shanghai, temperatures here at around $900.00 celsius, but look further north. there we go. with that snowy weather starting to set in is a 15 there for soul on sunday. 15 on sunday, near a 5 degrees on monday,
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just 9 celsius for shanghai at that stage is that cold air really starts digging in . so significant snow fall into the northeast of china have been warmer than around minus 5 celsius in the heat of the day in take a look at japan, we are going to see some very heavy rain coming in here. that is likely to cause widespread flooding and disruption. we have seen flooding rain recently across the southern parts of india, please to say things starting to quieten down over the next few days, but still quite a rush of showers across much of southern india pushing through time will not do into connecticut, pushing up towards go and still sliding a little further north, which as we go through the next couple of days should be somewhat tri, are and brighter there, and of late, forceful anchor colombo, 31 degrees. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not?
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a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, the u. s. is always of interest to people. all right, the world people pay attention to what was going here. and i'll just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. lou. ah, this is al jazeera cook provider of the top stories. this are in australia where members of the far right freedom party are holding a rally against tough corona virus restrictions. austria will go into
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a national walked own from monday. people won't be able to leave home except to go to work shop for essentially an exercise. and has been rioting and the dutch city of rotterdam, mac, after a protest against coff. at 19 restrictions. a big protest is expected in amsterdam, in the coming arrows and tens of thousands of people in australia are protesting against corporate 19 vaccine orders and pandemic laws. rallies are being held in each state capitol you are a secretary of state's antony blinkin as expected to visit a cove with 19 vaccine manufacturing facility in synagogue, capital decker. the pastor institute received millions of dollars from foreign partners, including the us, to help african nations produce their own jobs. as of now the continent and ports 99 percent of all its vaccines. will nicholas hak jones been alive from
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darker nick, tell us more about this visit to the vaccine manufacturing facility because this is a really important issue in africa. is it not? no, that's right. i mean, it's specifically for some of the countries that are still dealing with this outbreak. i'm thinking here of tunisia and there's also a south africa withers increasing number of cases. yet, only 2 percent of the continent out of the 1000000000 people living on the continent are actually vaccinated. so and he blinked him this morning was finding a raft of deals with her, dealing with infrastructure deals with senate go companies and american companies. but later on who go to the past institute, which was key in trying to protect the region from infectious diseases. and they're, they're already have develop vaccines against other infectious diseases like yellow fever. now they'll have the ability to produce vaccines against cove. it at least
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in the near future, the idea here is to ensure that african have african solutions to their needs. and that the pastoral institute can only make vaccines for senegalese, but also export them throughout the region. paula. and then just give us a sense of what the general corona virus actuation is like across africa. we've been hearing in europe. obviously, rates are going up because vaccination rates of, of kind of stems. but vaccination has been a challenge in africa. so what it like there in terms of corporate well, it depends on which country you're, you're thinking because in south africa we're seeing numbers slowly but surely increasing in tunisia i mean that the health system, they're almost collapse because of the cobra outbreak. so it really varies depending on the region, but worth remembering. holla, that before the outbreak even started, there was this fear of doom and gloom in africa that millions of people would die
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from the current of virus. well, that actually hasn't happened. and despite a low vaccination rate, the rate of infection is fairly low compared to european or north african countries . and scientists are still trying to figure out why that is the case, recent research from and then bob, when researchers suggest that perhaps that people here are exposed to malaria. and that might blunt the effect of the crew of virus is also the fact that people here, there's a low population at the low age of the population and people living outdoors. but make no mistake. people have been badly affected by the economic fall out of the corona virus, and that's also something that 90 blink can try to address your throughout these various business deals. what the united states are trying to, to see with this, the funding of the pastor institute making vaccines is to ensure that in remote areas, that the vaccines that need to be kept up very low temperatures,
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can be access to the most remote areas of synagogue. and throughout africa because while the number of cases are quite low for the moment, there's fear that as we see an increase of cases both in europe in north america, that this will happen next year on the african continent. all up nicholas harker, reporting live from car next. thank you so much. i jerry is even say no killing half its population against school with 19 before february. so far it said minister doses to about $9000000.00. it's 200000000 people. while the government is trying to get religious and civil society leaders to back the mass vaccination campaign, poland says hundreds of refugees and migrants have again tried to beach breach. it's border polish guard, said they arrested $45.00 people for throwing rocks and tear gas canisters. there's
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been a humanitarian crisis in the region 4 weeks now. john holl reports from a hospital on the polish side of the border. after 5 days lost in forests along the polish border, syrian master nasa has done better than most. he's just made it to safety in a hospital inside the european union, whitman and virile. allah vincent, i came from beirut to mince can we ended up at the border. the bellow, russian army took our food and water and pushed us away and told us not to return. we'd been here 5 days with no food and water. and n g o worker takes down my swords, details a lawyer will help him sign a power of attorney, and he completes a note formerly requesting asylum. they were quickly, it'll soon become clear why homes through her bookmark. go over. in the next door cubicle in obvious distress, alarmed ahmed,
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hama occurred from northern iraq. m. m, m m. m. not an email. i roared you from i do. and in an i c. u. bed, unidentified, and unconscious. a 3rd man suffering the effects of prolonged exposure to cold weather. these men have been on a terrible journey drawn to bella roost by the promise of safe passage to the e. u. unwitting victims. in a cynical standoff in which neither side much cares about their welfare, they may be signs of this crisis easing of conditions on the other side of the border improving of diplomacy working. but for the individuals in this hospital, on the polish side of the border, at least one of them lucky to be alive while they're stuck in a nightmare. and it's still unfolding. here's why the presence of human rights activists matters. polish border guards arrive to take them in a way going to the okay i pray. ok.
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so just be nice to them. be nice. okay. okay. and don't vote. poland is not a welcoming place for asylum seekers. and there are frequent reports of refugees and migrants being pushed back across the border. that's much harder to do now that they have legal representation. we are following the start to make sure that the people in the refugee crisis that the guards are going to be transported to the guard station and not to be pushed into the forest. are you worried that they might be pushed back into better route? we are always worried about beauregard headquarters is the end of the line for them in for now. and the
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international law they should be looked after here. there's no guarantee they will simply be sent back. don't a whole al jazeera, near the polish border. the united states is calling on china to prove that tennis player pung, shy, is okay. she hasn't been seen since accusing a high ranking pull it, and sexually assaulting her home air chandry reports. she's china's most successful tennis dollars. a former doubles world number one, winning the french open and wimbledon. but she hasn't been seen in weeks hang has taken to social media to accuse the top chinese government official sexually assaulting her white house press secretary and saki says the us once a verifiable proof from china. that the player is ok. we are deeply concerned by reports that peng try appears to be missing after accusing a former peer c senior official sexual assault with joining the calls for peer c authorities to provide independent and verifiable proof of her whereabouts and that
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she is safe. the united nations also wants answers and has insisted on the fully transparent investigation into pangs, accounts of what happened to her. we would stress that, that is important to, to, to know that, that she, you know where she is and, and, you know, her state, you know, know about her well being. and as i said, we think it would be important that there's an investigation into her allegations of sexual assault, tennis players including serena williams and novak chalk of the wealth hotman's player have also voice their support for the chinese athletes. i mean, i hope that for you know, for the sake of tennyson and, and chinese tennis and pang shy to, to find her very soon because this is, is terrible. i mean, this could happen to anybody, the well tennis association has questioned the authenticity of an e mail released by the government, which retracts the allegations. this case has not been reported by chinese media.
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and any online discussion has been censored or removed. one saturday, the editor of the global times tweeted, pang will make a public appearance soon. china has remained largely silent over the tennis sto, asked to respond to the mounting question. china's foreign ministry spokesman had this to say we and 100 they do. i've not heard of the if you raised this is not a diplomatic question, but 1st journalist says beijing won't be able to stay quiet. the tea long is already reached the white house. so this has been building and building and building. the foreign ministry is going to keep getting questions on this and i can't keep saying, i don't know about this particular on its own media is tweeting and, and putting out posts on that very topic. government have fellow players and have fans. and now waiting for answers and marriage, audrey al jazeera, people in lebanon are struggling to paying for medicines after the government cut
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subsidies on some drugs. the countries already in a severe economic crisis. and as in a 100 reports from bo routes, there seems and no way outs insights about how much is a diabetic who needs continuous medical care. but this 75 year old can no longer afford it. lebanon began gradually lifting subsidies on drugs a few months ago. but now they include those for chronic diseases. wagner marshal, good. i am state employee, and my pension is not enough to pay for the medicines. i need to have no idea how much we will die because we can't buy medicine. i'm mohammad left. this pharmacy without the insulin he wanted medicine has now become a privilege for the majority of the population made poor by economic crisis. that's gotta buy stuff, the price is increased tenfold and these drugs are essential and life saving the
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patient cannot stop taking them for the living standards are falling fast and what is supposed to be a middle income country. many are now relying on local charities for health care services. a crash in the value of the local currency has made people salaries nearly worthless logic number many because we receive our salaries in lebanese lira, we can't afford going to hospitals. we have to come to the centers instead of the united nation says there has been a 33 percent increase in households, deprived of health care. and the share of those unable to buy medicines has increased to more than half lebanese officials are being criticized for failing to protect the poor. by making essential goods like medicine, more expensive by the subsidies. but the state is nearly bankrupt and lacks the foreign currency needed to import drugs. the health ministry says $130000000.00 was
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being spent on medical supplies a month. and that's now down to 35000000. the international community has been helping with aid, but it's limited. we chartered special aircraft earlier this week and flew in 97 metric tons worth of basic supplies to help and to shore up the public system. but this will only last so long. we're seeing children dying needlessly from things like a fever. they didn't have the medications or they weren't affordable for them. they weren't available in the health facilities when the children needed at the most. some medicines are given for free at government health care centers and officials are promising locally produced drugs will soon be made available at lower prices. but for now, the lifting of subsidies is hurting those in need said their elders, ito,
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they root us president joe biden has said he's angry over the verdicts in the murder trials on american, teenager, cal rittenhouse responds not guilty of murdering to men. and one thing, another during racial justice protests in wisconsin last year, he said he wanted to defend businesses. like are they said he stood by the jury? ah, i'm how them are hidden with the headline sun out to 0. members of the far right freedom party in austria or holding a robbery against stuff corolla virus restrictions, the country goes into a national lockdown from monday. people won't be allowed to leave home except to go to work shop for essentials and exercise in vaccination against school with 19 will be mandatory for everyone for february 1st, next year was rising in the dutch city or rot.


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