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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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ballard ball and will this be a step towards progress for the writing number of the living in extreme poverty the venezuela elections on al jazeera? ah you what you on there with me. so robin and reminder of our top news stories. poland says hundreds of refugees and my goods have again tried to legally cross into you territory. encouraged by neighboring bella, reese, some people found in poland. forest. the receiving medical treatment in all little native secretary general says they stand by ready to help any allies caught up in the crisis. a jury has done us teenage recall, written has don't guilty of murdering to men and wounding another open fire with a semi automatic rifle during racial justice protests in connection in wisconsin. last year, rittenhouse did admit killing the 2 men,
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but said that it was in self defense. the jury deliberated for 4 days. he was president j biden's, $1.00 trillion dollars spending bill now goes to the senate. after passing a divided house of representatives, the bill is aimed at improving education, lowering health care costs and tackling climate change. leading house republican kevin mccarthy speak for 8 and a half hours to delay the vote. let me be clear. never in american history has so much been spent at one time at one time, never in american history will so many taxes be raised, and so much borrowing be need to be needed to pay for all this reckless spending. emergency crews are trying to reach thousands of people still stranded in the canadian province of british columbia. days after floods and mud slides destroyed roads, houses, and bridges. the military is helping with recovery efforts, slow storms on forecast for the next week. at least some people have been injured
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and dozens arrested during protests in rotterdam. they were objecting to cro virus restrictions. please say they said fine and threw rocks at officers, prompting them to declare an emergency and shut down public transport. george's form a presently hung struck as billy has ended, his hunger strike after 50 days. his doctor says he has been moved to a military hospital. he was arrested upon his return to georgia after being convicted in absentia abuse of office charges that he rejects the british government is seeking to designate the whole of the palestinian group hamas a terrorist organization. it would add the political side to the military wing which is already prohibited. those were the headlines. we're back with more news at half now with halla boat. we return to witness here on out there to stay with us. oh, african narrative. mm. from african perspective.
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i knew series of sure documentary by african filmmakers from across the continent. this isn't really get committed to handle the african direct coming, sued on al jazeera, big ah, me i, i've been talking to a lot people about pilots, like villages, sanitation manufacturers and local politicians are going to please me a renewal
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with them. and i'm still trying to find out a way that is effective. a woman only wide child of bollywood, a starting over 80 fills has his own clothing line and fans stake out his home 247 . he welcome. ah, a money to charity. i want to read that money for the toilet organization and mr. toilet he likes back while it is. yes. i do raise money for so i live. we're taking this shut off. sell month. sexy body. oh yeah. how many go
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do you need one me you would you need some of the okay yeah. i would like to propose that i send you a story of a movie and you read it and you like it. perhaps this movie can change the whole attitude in india. jack things so big. that sometimes will love it. if you don't stop him, he just, she's got trained to just just on the on. when did he's a dumb christopher,
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and then kids ended up awesome. what was thought? how do you then say, i don't know why i did. i just did you to do the project. jack gets free invested into his ideas and he ends up being very protective of it as well. most of the time when we say the boardroom is telling us all these different initiatives, and at one point you know so much i'm going to say okay jack, are we talking about b t or no? he says no, no, no, it's not. but it's really it, it does a guy on the way that is supposed to be a sound proof and order prove so you can feel the lie and wouldn't offend other people. i don't know if it was had the try on the board had blog to beat, so what you can and cannot do and whether he has the expertise for it. india is the most important project. the blue chip has done the media has cover aster,
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newspaper, television. so we new results not just hot in today, i'm going to meet some government officials that by that call called vina, seems so many months. and we're waiting for what is to contact the server that i should put it, working, live, keeps changing, and all the time we had waiting. and they have our other bureaucratic process who is now in charge of what nobody knows. so i mean that hotel lobby. okay. i wait. yes sir. bye bye.
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hey, are you they need to know every day. who do i have dr. key? when he's here for oral, it's a mr. diesel. a book. it will take on another one. meet that goal with jackson america. while you're from single ford and just a before we proceed, i should have clarity. yeah, i need information. please give me the thought, the picture. what is already possible? what is still very difficult so i can go and call her all the different people to help in all aspect. because with to finish the job,
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no matter what we want to do to work with. yeah. think the approval for with, with different definitely bill and i have more information on it. okay. you can say this is a book industrial. there's nothing to approve. it only will know what we want. everything is just to slow down to hope for a fair to cover his ass, right. i don't care who is on my side. i really don't just, i just want to get the job done. the prime minister says india is on its way to becoming an open delegation fee society. the big question we are partnering is this
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watch thump mission walking. despite the letters, photo ops and the many schemes that sound impressive on paper, those who actually clean the streets on a daily basis, say a lot more needs to be done. done. most people believe that the availability of toilet has not changed in the country and opened application is still a major issue. break by break furious villages. a mark of protest of the government officials refused to be the promised 12000 police, but toilet the distant magistrate doors of villages. they do not have money to build a toilet at home. they should so thereby. hm ah, you see his soul yet to get him? ah,
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at that time he was still running his business. he was relieved and i loved stress . the economy is not so good. i think he was a little bit under depression. one money, he will come. and he said, i have enough of business. is it okay? if i quit, maybe i'll be switch bankrupt and the we don't have money. i saw him. i said, jack, it's ok with me. if you quit the business. oh, we just need his family to be together and you're happy and always traveling alone. and those ones i brought a school by with me in america. and one day we
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were walking to deny and he said to me, if i am not here, you will be walking along and you're in walking alone all over the world. don't you feel lonely? on the road. so long of close. on the why hand, i feel much more useful outside my country and on the other hand, i miss my family. but i mostly miss her because the children have their own live. yeah, i miss julie very much. in the 1st all night a man always have to look so strong lawyer really one is to now go to life trash and get her to col,
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color you and be a like a child. and i think these are things that mendelian say it's been a year since i was a point that cool convenor, but they're still so much to do. i think that this toilet licking them and then probably, you know, don't think that there's no funding or is just simply neglect that because some bureaucratic profess doesn't allow it to be
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address. i don't have enough sleep and it's quite stressful. who feel redundant to be useless? is a very terrifying pain on dick sammy's the beginning of the the books and listen to the successful person. but did greg compared to the w 2 and sheila, at this stage, i've read 20 years 40 as it can become barret who's been here
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now i've been a diploma. i'm blending community if successful, but i am trying to approach many millersville nurse to choose one district in india and make a district freeform we opened the package. every house bill high with it. i assure you it is not on this. they are this. oh is that me? only your cation of world toilet day doctor been bishop at bottom, expressed that he would get a village in india named often the best known sonya of sanitation in the world. a tireless crusader in icon for progress, development and dignity. u. s. president donald trump,
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the $165.00 families of the putative trump vintage jumped to the idea. exhilaration and joy written on their faces. though not sound in the business l. baker, because they didn't, i was america just on this going to. so i thought, do i not put in there and that to build a check people who are the, was on the in this, how did you did that senate? you said yes, fight. and this has gone it out. mm . now, the monthly gesture, what are the best hardness dispenser understand? ah, so and this is julia bertrand. yes, it should definitely got me. ah, but i feel happy because if you wanted to go to this then you can go,
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it would take like yourself, you are gonna have to wait the the, the me he told me that he was trying to get the pension. but the image of donald trump with the plan that i go waste of time,
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my life is like that. you don't always get in and you have to just log and move elsewhere. me. ah . the problem is he want to do too much and was research too much. that was also. ready in fact of rich paul, i think, i think we have, i hear the on of the deal. they say is all your fault jack? so we want to be in charge of the feel and i see you can do that.
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and then they quit. we had a conference call where everybody had decided that, you know, i think they, they had enough. some of the older members said those huge miles and focus energy going everywhere. and we don't feel like we're doing anything we really being as impactful as we came to be the board at that time was some of his best friends. and i don't know if he was angry, but i think the way that came to mind was set me in those different site project. right. i mean, this sense of helplessness, that's a lot of things in his mind. if couldn't sleep. now he says,
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can you fire me, you know, say i'm, he's minutes left, you're looking. if i am me, i c k say i need to have you, you keep me energy and it and then you from you can check in i it's a big dream. yeah. and it's killing you all he know is just social work. is flu missing up on or is it? was it all? i don't know way now. because anyway, i don't have, don't think so far. when it comes, it comes to let's just see what, what life has been for us. the positive been easier to solve the problem. i learn this than this really.
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they design, i level and then they put a band no, i cannot see dangerous. or those people just fall in need to have a view also view today. so you for you, why you yawning, why am i bothering you? want to say go ask me that questions like am i to be when you you are the best? yeah. you think so? i mean, if you have found the best ones that the last right now, i don't know if i continue to find maybe that would be a better one lesson. try to get everything done. i played by all the rooms, but like very rarely, one by small them chombo. i love the last to know around like
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a today we're going to make a lot talk leave. generally i like making like costume bits to learn how
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to be or something like that. wow. ok. my, well, you know, you know how we always tell mom. oh your cookie. you so good. why don't you become a chef? it's the same reason. you're not doing it because you love any more. you're doing it for another human being. that's all. i'm sure someone like me, the pallets. i don't like being like, you know, you understand. you know, someone with a new one. you know, i used to find a quite a few things just like, oh no, the blue water. oh, he seems to share. like kind of his ideas. more. just a little with his family. i wouldn't say you know where like hossa means sunshine. every boss dolphins flying across the sky. like but it's just, he's become more patient as a human for other things because he himself is trying to find his own answer.
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wooster. with an outward on. yeah. oh. thank you very much. no wish is okay to be a therapy. it's okay to love others and assume that they love you to is okay. not to bother the file. if this is true, you read personally. i wrote it is a boss. got it done. so and her to be a freight one her to assume everybody loves her and on find out though and find out if they love you or not. just assume better like that. when i think about how i feel about my job,
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been mr pilot for the last 22 years. i was a, i cannot be complacent. and i cannot say this is just pretty good. i'm only at the tip of the ice, but oh i like for the a dick. the purpose of this here to make and you have few phone open if it is
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certainly will have to face some problem. but he can do it. he can get help from the people you. when would you fix it? he may be a sensitive when he did some things. but if he got ship, told them that he can't do shit. oh, don't think small. small is not sexy. smallish, not meaningful. thing. shoot how to make india opened if occasion fleet, the top agenda for delegates at the boys toilet summit and debbie. good toilet of musicians 1st toilet college. that's right. taught at college, this college hope to fuck off the annotation. devolution being of things that scared the hell our view and believe they can be that not by yourself alone, but by everybody
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ah . in the light of the open sea hides a dark secret. men forced to work without pain inflame for years, but a glimmer of hope remain for the forgotten fisherman. as a group of activist of the things, the illegal fishing industry, demanding justice and freedom goes fleet, or witness documentary on al jazeera
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hello. there we have got more heavy right across southern parts of india. hopefully as we go on through the next couple of days, it will quiet down a lot. so cloud showing up on the satellite to a pitcher here or where to whether a wool linger down towards a corolla towards kind of darker. still got some wet weather there just around the northern plains for the time being, but this will tend to fizzle out as we go through saturday and on into sunday. so some quite weather coming back in here. visibility problems. of course for new delhi, for the hor, many parts of northern india, northern parts or pakistan, heavy showers. they're down towards the south western part. still seeing some pockets of heavy rain could lead to some localized flooding. got some pockets heavy rain, so just around the love and some rather live the shower spinning out of that eastern side of the mediterranean to turning increase the weather for serial lebanon. jordan, maybe one or 2 showers to inter iraq and maybe even into northern parts of saudi arabia over the next day or so. so far, to drive here in doha little breezy on sunday. temperatures around $29.00 degrees
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celsius. try to across the eastern side of africa, penny a shower into central parts. so on the other side of the rift valley, over towards the gulf of guinea moves sit turning increasingly wet to into zambia into zimbabwe. over the next couple of days. an eastern path of south africa. ah question the narrative. you don't have ways to shake whether disinformation e's real or not. you don't have any way to verify. identify who is telling the story that those debates and these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people died because of the lifting pace, deconstruct the media on altus era. ah
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al jazeera when ever you. oh, i meant i'm. i'm not, i mean bill after surviving for days on the poland, belarus border, asylum seekers. mainly from iraq and syria cleans not to be sent back. ah, hello, i'm hello, am i hidden? this is al jazeera life from doha. also coming up protests across estrella against vaccines locked on sunday, controversial pandemic bill.


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