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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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not building the temper has come down. never before in human history as the months prestige environment of the arctic in such peril. ah, poland says belarus is still encouraging refugees and migrants to try to cross into the european union as the border crisis continues. ah, hello sir. hello robin. you are watching al jazeera life, my headquarters hearing doha, also coming up. we the jury find the defendant kyle need written kyle age, read health, not guilty. devices. verdict in the us where teenager, coll rittenhouse has been acquitted of murdering to men as a black lives matter protest. also returned to lockdown restrictions coming into
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effect in austria to get a handle on the rapid rising corona, virus infections. and troops help with rescue efforts in what's expected to be one of the costliest natural disasters in canadian history. ah, welcome to the prego. we begin with the crisis on the poland bella roost border. warsaw says hundreds of refugees and migrants of again trying to legally cross, encouraged by its neighbor. oh, bell ruse. sin a sign of d escalation, says it's clay at a makeshift camp and moved people to proper shelters. jonah hall reports now from not far from the polish side of the border after 5 days last in forest along the polish border, syrian master has done better than most. he's just made it to safety in
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a hospital inside the european union. and we are all sick i came from bay were to mince can we ended up with the border? the bell rushing me took our food and water and pushed us away and told us not to return. we'd been here 5 days with no food and water, and n g o work takes down my sewers, details a lawyer will help him sign a power of attorney and he completes a note formerly requesting asylum. they were quickly on, it will soon become b, y over and over. but in the next door cubicle, in obvious distress, alarmed ahmed hama occurred from northern iraq. i am not an e mail word from a d. and in an i c. u. bed on identified and unconscious, a 3rd man suffering the effects of prolonged exposure to cold weather. these men
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have been on a terrible journey drawn to bellow roofs, by the promise of safe passage to the e. u. unwitting victims in a cynical standoff in which neither side much cares about their welfare. they may be signs of this crisis easing of conditions on the other side of the border improving of diplomacy working. but for the individuals in this hospital, on the polish side of the border, at least one of them lucky to be alive while they're stuck in a nightmare. and it's still unfolding. he is why the presence of human rights activists matters, polish border guards arrive to take the men away. dance man. going to the okay. i'd say okay, so just be nice. didn't be nice. okay. okay. and don't get nervous. poland is not a welcoming place for asylum seekers, and there are frequent reports of refugees and migrants being pushed back across
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the border. that's much harder to do now that they have legal representation. we are following the start to make sure that there are people in the refugee crisis that the guards tab at their back seat are going to be transporting the guard station and not to be pushed into the forest. are you worried that they might be pushed back into bellows? we are always worried about that. beauregard at quarters is the end of the line for the men, for now under international law, they should be looked after here. there's no guarantee they won't simply be sent back. jonah haul al jazeera near the polish border. later secretary general says they stand ready to help all eyes caught up in the crisis. the situation out the
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border o belarus with polen, but also the trainer and the latter is deeply concerning the lu, crushing course or shame you so vulnerable people as means to put pressure on other countries or is cynical and inhumane. natal stands in full solidarity with all affected allies. we remain vigilant and stand ready to further help our allies. the jury has found us teenager coll, written house not guilty, murdering 2 men and wounding another. it happened during racial justice protests in wisconsin last year. rittenhouse was 17 at the time. 1200 reports not from kenesha . it was a murder trial that divided a nation. and so was the verdict. we the jury find the defendant kyle age red house, not guilty. it was the same on all 5 charges from reckless endangerment to 1st degree. murder, not guilty,
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not guilty. not guilty. not guilty. oh, outside the court house for some there was another verdict. this was not self defense. this was not the appropriate use of deadly force. it was wrong. it happened on a hot august night last year during a clash of protesters encounter protesters, the violent response to the police shooting of a black man, jacob blake. some on both sides were armed. the facts were undisputed kyle rittenhouse armed with an assault rifle fatally shot 2 protesters and wounded a 3rd in tearful testimony. the 18 year old called it self defense. i did what i had to do to stop the person who was attacking me each. the jury spent 4 days deliberating, then agreed, members, the jury are these you are unanimous verdict. is there anyone who does not agree with the verdict as read?
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we wish the triple okay. oh with that it ended more than a year later on a cold november afternoon to the satisfaction of gun rights advocates. it validates that we have a 2nd, a member right to defend ourselves, our connector. and now the case is been a national rorschach test the verdict, no less. so gun rights advocates the vindication black lives matter. members see unequal justice for black and white americans. you what you want to politically and racially charged trial was watched across the us. the verdict supported at the highest level. i stand by with the jury. as with jury system work, we have to abide by for jacob blake's uncle, the verdict marks one more case of systematic racial injustice. are going to provide
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in the streets of kenesha. residents braced themselves hoping the violent clashes of 2020, or repeated in 2021. john henry and al jazeera consortia, wisconsin roles sullivan is a director for the criminal justice institute. at harvard law school. he says, the verdict should be seen within the context of the state laws, not of the country wide symbol of race in the us. justice system didn't come as a surprise to me given the state of self defense law in the country. and when the evidence came in, it was a pretty straight forward cut and dry case of self defense. so i actually wasn't very surprised by the i do think it's a potential setback for racial justice if we allow the case to be framed in that sort of way. so i would suggest that we refrain this verdict as a specific case about kyle written house and the law of self defense in the gun
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laws of wisconsin. if we keep it in that narrow frame and not associated with broader claims of racial justice, then i think it will not have that negative effect. but many are already making the claim that this is a commentary on racial justice in america. where i think this was a simple case of the jury following its instructions for the better example of a case that might impact our racial justice and is much more related is the case that's going on in georgia. the arbor case, at least 7 people have been injured and dozens arrested during protests against crone of iris restrictions and the dutch city of rotterdam. please say, protested started fires and threw rocks at officers, prompting them to declare an emergency and shut down the public transport. restrictions in the netherlands are being re imposed to combat
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a new wave of cove. with 1000 cases, there were 110000 infections reported over the past week. well, austria has become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a full cove at 19 locked down since the start of the summer. it'll take effect on monday and is expected to last for 3 weeks. all straight is also making vaccinations, compulsory from february, dominic came house the story. since monday, only those who can prove they've been vaccinated or had the virus have been allowed out in austria. but from next monday, even this will not be enough because ministers say the infection rate is too high. and the vaccination rate to low. up more info from maxima, a nationwide lockdown will apply from monday for up to 20 days and will be evaluated after the 1st 10 days. it will automatically and on december 13th, at the latest than the lockdown for the vaccinated or recovered will end up alongside the lock down is another ruling from next february,
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every one in austria must be vaccinated. whether they like it or not, the 1st for any country in europe, across the border in germany, there are similar steeply rising trends of infection and death. newly agreed rules, restricting the movement of the unvaccinated are now in force. but nationwide hospitals are once again filling up with infected patience. to remove the it's that we need to change course. now there's really no time to lose. it's like a tanker heading towards a harbor wall. if we immediately counter steer the taker, it will keep moving for a while and maybe even hit the side of the harbor wall. hopefully, however, it will not crash into it had on. we must use all countermeasures. now, one of those counter measures is the vaccine. but like in austria, only 2 thirds of germans have had their shots so far. a total, the government says, is still too little to end. the pandemic. the right is a liner with him from the truth is will be able to bring the we've quick enough
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with just vaccinations and posters. we need measures to limit contacts. we're able to agree on the sets of rules on thursday, which will take effect on federal states when the incidence of hospitalizations reached a certain level. in the 1st casualty of the new measures, look to be some of germany's renowned christmas markets. already the bavarian prime minister has cancelled all of his states festive gatherings in berlin. the markets are being prepared for opening day late this months. but many worry whether any customers will use these stalls this year. in recent weeks, it seems that well, austria has led germany, his follow not just in terms of near infection rates and deaths, but also in terms of new measures to combat cove. it now that the government in vienna is imposing another, locked down on its people. the question many here in berlin are asking is, is another one here, just around the corner dominant came al jazeera in the german capital. that tens of
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thousands of people are protesting against cov 19 vaccination mandates. and pandemic laws in australia, so called freedom rallies are being held in each state capitol including sydney, where police monitor groups with opposing views. meanwhile, demonstrators in melbourne, a calling for the scrapping of a bill they say will give the premier too much power. the canadian province of british columbia is struggling to recover after months worth of rain fell in 2 days earlier this week. so the waters of receded in some areas, but others remained cut off a while. authorities of scrambling to rebuild roads and bridges. wall storms of forecast she had pretend, see, is that and sent this report? thousands remain cut off in the mountainous northeast of british columbia. authorities said i hope highways will reopen by the end of the weekend. in the meantime, communities are improvising, highly closed or are way out is water. so i sent
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a bunch of other guys out and we're getting people where they need to be in the flaps flood plain of the similar prairie on the us border. the waters have receded . focus now is on repairing and securing dykes and pumping stations before the next round of intense rainfall. early next week i've gone, it has been a year of extreme. so british columbia, the forest fires and record heat wave of the summer, followed by flooding. one months worth of rainfall hit b. c, in less than 24 hours. this in, in and of itself is significant and without recent precedent. we also know that so me the reason it's only the most recent of a series of extreme weather climate events that have occurred in british columbia climate. scientists are unequivocal. these whether extremes are being caused by human induced global warming and the burning of fossil fuels. and the storms on the flooding did manage to achieve a long held go for environmental activists will be at temporarily the operations of the trans amount and pipeline that brings tall sounds. oil from alberta through the
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sewer prairie and onto the pacific coast. well, holt of the canadian government though, is determined to push ahead with its expansion despite opposition. pure bath tub is overflowing, you don't do go for the lop, you're turn off the tap 1st and we're not, we're turning the top on. they continue to expands these projects or causing this problem in the 1st place that has to stop the developed world is projected to by the bruns of catastrophic climate change. but as rich nations like canada increasingly experience extreme weather events, that mismatch routine professing to care about climate change, while increasing oil and gas production will become clearer, shabbots. hence the al jazeera abbotsford. well, still had hill al jazeera international observers and venezuela's opposition return for elections many the hope or sign of change. and there's no cure inside the pain
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of rising medical calls in lebanon. hans, the government lit small subsidies. ah hello there we have got more heavy right across southern parts of india. hopefully as we go on through the next couple of days, it will quiet and ab, a lot of cloud sharing upon the satellite to pitch a here or where to whether it will linger down towards the corolla towards karnataka still got some wet, whether they are just around the northern plains for the time being, but this will tend to fizzle out as we go through saturday and on into sunday, some quite weather coming back in here. visibility problems. of course, for new delhi, for the hor, parts of northern india, northern parts of pakistan. have he showers that down towards the south western parts still seeing some pockets of maybe right. could lead to some localized flooding. got some pocket heavy right to just around the la ransom rather live he
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shout, spinning out of that eastern side of the mediterranean to turning increased the wet . therefore, syria, lebanon, jordan, maybe one or 2 shouts to enter. iraq and maybe even into northern parts of saudi arabia over the next day or so. so far, to drive here in our little breezy on sunday, temperatures around $29.00 degrees celsius. try to across the eastern side of africa, penny a shower into central parts on the other side of the rift valley. over towards the gulf of guinea moves sit chatting increasingly wet to it to zambia into zimbabwe. over the next couple of days. an eastern path of south africa. ah, oh, the land of the free. if you are black, are a criminal, you are someone who is supposed to shut up and exit. would have america. gives you a new episode of democracy, maybe explores racial conflict,
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ethnic politics and inequality in the united states. they get upset if you say all lives because they want to focus on what we had a dream on al jazeera. ah ah, welcome back here watching old 0 me said robin. a reminder of all the top stories. a jury has found us teenager, coll rittenhouse not guilty of murdering 2 men and wounding another. he opened fire with a semi automatic rifle, jury racial justice protest in kenosha, wisconsin last year. now he says he acted in self defense, austria's become the 1st western european country to impose another full cove at 19
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locked down since before the summer. that comes into fulls on monday and will continue to 3 weeks. is also making vaccinations mandatory next year. also, poland says hundreds of refugees migrants have again tried to legally cross into e u territory. encouraged by neighboring bella. bruce, some have been taken to hospital, they found in forest some the polish side of the border rockies who returned home from bella, rue se. then all tony faced terrific conditions at the border, but were tricked by people smugglers who took advantage of that desperation. among com reports now from and bill in northern iraq. in a single he used to live in displacement camp in the hook in the kurdish region of northern iraq. she'd gone there off to a home in single was destroyed in the fight against deisel. she paid to smuggling ring to get us to europe. she is now back and another displacement campbell, after leaving bella ruth on the rocky government repatriation flight on thursday.
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she shows us mobile video of her time of the brother who's border with poland. she says the whole experience was horrific. this began to include cams company that we moved to turkey state for a month and then we got the visa for bella. ruth, so we went there. we stayed in the city for 4 days before setting off into the woods. we were supposed to meet up with a smuggler and his car, but he never showed up. we stayed there for 3 days without food or water. we stayed inside the bell roost orders for 13 days. the polish police would not allow us to cross the border and the beller was police would not allow us to go back to the city. we were trapped in the border. she's just one of hundreds of iraqis who paid smugglers out of desperation and were tricked by full promises. said one hurley is an activist who works for those who have been deported or repatriated. he says the smugglers have a sophisticated network that allows them to advertise their services, book audio. we can't afford to lose a little below, with the spread of internet and social media smugglers are widely using this networks to help facilitate the connection between smugglers and people. they
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convince them with low prices and safe passage, but i have met with many who tell me that was a lie, that they were abandoned with no choice but to pay more smugglers when they arrived . they are charged with a $1000.00 in iraq and then anything up to $10000.00 in places like this. people sell homes and cars and those ida or borrow money from the loan sharks to afford the the kurdish regional government says, cracking down on people struggling networks. and in particular targeting travel agents who offer roots to europe. still, there's plenty of smugglers in business. it's actually pretty easy to find people smugglers online. i've just joined a social media group called iraq migration into europe. and on the head. there are lots of people offering their services. now the word smuggling isn't actually mentioned anywhere in the site. it's only when people pay their money that they realize what it is they've actually paid for. judging by the amount of people offering the service, the iraqis have
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a challenge on my hand to stamp it out completely. particularly as the smugglers are international networks across the middle east and europe. there's also hope that the scenes and the polar bell response will stop people going to smugglers. but people smugglers. i just one part of the issue. what still needs to be addressed is allegations of government corruption, mismanagement of resources, and nepotism and employment. the people say force them to go to the smugglers. and ron khan, how do there be level has remained subsidies on some drugs needed to treat chronic diseases. it means some people are paying as much as 80 percent law, which they can't afford. the country is embroiled in an economic crisis. and how to report from beirut the seems no sign of a way out. i don't know how much is a diabetic who needs continuous medical care, but this 75 year old can no longer afford it. lebanon began gradually. ready lifting subsidies on drugs a few months ago,
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but now they include those for chronic diseases. but no mark and i am state employee and my pension is not enough to pay for the medicines i need how much we will die because we can buy medicine. i don't know how much left this pharmacy without the insulator and he wanted medicine has now become a privilege for the majority of the population made poor by economic crisis. i thought that if i stuff price is increased tenfold and these drugs are essential and life saving the patient cannot stop taking them for the living standards are falling fast and what is supposed to be a middle income country. many are now relying on local charities for health care services. a crash in the value of the local currency has made people salaries nearly worthless logic number many because we receive our salaries in lebanese lira,
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we can't afford going to hospitals. we have to come to the centers instead of the united nation says there has been a 33 percent increase in households, deprived of health care. and the share of those unable to buy medicines has increased to more than half lebanese officials are being criticized for failing to protect the poor. by making essential goods like medicine, more expensive by this thing, subsidies but the state is nearly bankrupt and lacks the foreign currency needed to import drugs. the health ministry says $130000000.00 was being spent on medical supplies a month. and that's now down to 35000000 the international community has been helping with 8, but it's limited. we tar 3rd special aircraft earlier this week and flew in 97 metric tons worth of basic supplies to help and to shore up the public system.
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but this will only last so long. we are seeing children dying needlessly from things like a fever. they didn't have the medications or they weren't affordable for them. they weren't available in a health facilities when the children needed at the most. some medicines are given for free and government health care centers and officials are promising locally produced drugs will soon be made available at lower prices. but for now the lifting of subsidies is hurting. those in need said, osha zito. they root george's full president because shock has really has ended his hunger strike up to 50 days. chuck is philly's doctor says he's be moved to a military hospital. it was arrested upon his return to georgia and face is 6 years in prison. after being convicted of censure, full abuse of office charges that he rejects on friday, thousands of protest his march through the georgia capital tbilisi demanding check, usually be transferred to an intensive care unit. that is way lindsey heading to
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the polls on sunday for local and regional elections with the countries opposition hoping to make inroads. it's the 1st time since 2017, that opposition groups will compete against president nicholas madeira. the socialist party trees a bo reports from crackers. for the 1st time in almost 4 years, the venezuelan position is back in an electro race. the voters are heading to the polls on sunday to pick local councils may use in governors across the country. the county is wanting for the governorship of the state of media, and he says, this is an opportunity for the opposition to gain strength against president equal am i the widow, so much were per se, and we have major titanic efforts to guarantee to in each voting table, there are at least 3 witnesses, a principal and 2 replacements. there are people in the districts in transport,
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people that are working to guarantee that we have a chance. but the opposition is divided and some have supported the call to participate in the elections. others like one way the have challenged breath in equal my ludo in the past have remain silent. the main opposition for residential and legislative elections in the past over allegations of lack of free and fair polls for the grid support dissipate on sundays vote. after they were given reassurance as by the government, the internal divisions could certainly damage their chances of winning in many parts of the country. something that the ruling socialist party could certainly take advantage of. my life is running for the governorship of wida. he returned recently after being forced to leave the country for 3 years. he says he was a victim of political persecution by the government of nicola, my daughter got to her physical. i've never been chief of the opposition, but i'm part of it. people deserve we acknowledge our mistakes, i reckon,
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sock and say, sorry, i also say please don't ask me to stop fighting to change the country for my son's future, for a country that's not what venezuela's become. for the 1st time in 15 years, the european union has sent a mission to observe the electoral process. over a 100 of servers deployed across the country will be evaluating the candidates freedom of expression as they campaign. the voting process and other issues considered important to guarantee the impartiality of the boat. he's having sandals is a member of the european union parliament, one administrative memorandum, where we have their inscribed conditions of full freedom, of movement and freedom of expression for these. only these conditions we could be here. we need to listen everybody. this is 1st condition plurality. you spent
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everybody. and in the end, we have our conclusions and we will have our recommendations for years, be your position has been demanding free and fair elections in venezuela. we out of the countries enormous economic and social crisis exacerbated by tough us sanction . for many, this is a major test and a chance for the opposition to finally gain ground against the leader. many blame for the problems they face. various i will, i will cedar crackers. now there have been further protests against military rule in sit on large crowds attended rallies, then armed men and car, 2 north. the crowds called for return to civilian rule and condemned the killing of at least 15 people during protest on wednesday, sedans, police chief says security forces weren't responsible for the deaths. and you can follow all of the stories that we're covering here on al jazeera by logging onto
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our website at amazon dot com is updated throughout that. our top story, of course, on it on kyle rittenhouse in the u. s. which is gaining traction there on the website. ah, he was able to 0 with me. several rahman, a reminder of our top news stories. poland says that hundreds of refugees and migrants have tried to illegally cross into your territory, encouraged by neighboring belarus, that some people found in poland forests are receiving medical treatment and hospital. nato secretary general says they san, ready to help, all eyes caught up in the crisis dissertation at the border o. belarus with poland, but also the trainer and the latter is deeply concerning. the lu, crushing coarser shima use are vulnerable people as means to put pressure on other countries.


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