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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2021 5:00am-5:30am AST

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documentary announces era, ah asylum, and limbo, the dangerous and desperate journey to the poland beller was border, comes to an end as more refugees and migraines are sent back home. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is al jazeera die from doha. also coming up. we the jury find the defendant kyle, a written kyle h rate health not guilty. i devise a verdict in the u. s. where teenager, coll rittenhouse has been acquitted, of murdering 2 men and a black lives matter protest. i returned to lockdown restrictions coming into effect and austria to get a handle on the rapid rise and corona virus infections. and troops help with rescue efforts and what's expected to be one of the costliest natural disasters in
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canada's history. ah, we begin with a crisis on the poland, bella luce, border. warsaw says hundreds of refugees and migrants of again tried to cross illegally and courage by its neighbour. while bella roosted. a sign of d escalation says it's cleared a makeshift camp and move people to proper shelter. john hall reports not far from the polish side of the border. after 5 days last, in forrest, along the polish border, syrian master has done better than most. he's just made it to safety in a hospital inside the european union, and we are all sick. i came from a route to men's. can we ended up at the border? the bellow rushing me, took our food and water and pushed us away and told us not to return. we'd been here 5 days with no food and water, and n g o work takes down my sewers, details
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a lawyer will help him sign a power of attorney and he completes a note formerly requesting asylum. they were quickly on, it will soon become the y fi . in the next door cubicle in obvious distress, land, ahmed hummer occurred from northern iraq. i am not an email word from a d and in an i c. u. bed on identified and unconscious. a 3rd man suffering the effects of prolonged exposure to cold weather. these men have been on a terrible journey drawn to bella ruth, by the promise of safe passage to the e. u. unwitting victors in a cynical stand often which neither side much cares about their welfare. they may be signs of this crisis easing of conditions on the other side of the border
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improving of diplomacy working. but for the individuals in this hospital, on the polish side of the border, at least one of them lucky to be alive while they're stuck in a nightmare. and it's still unfolding. he is why the presence of human rights activists matters. polish border guards arrive to take them in a way danny, going to the okay. i'd say okay, so just be nice. didn't be nice. okay. okay. and don't get nervous. poland is not a welcoming place for asylum seekers, and there are frequent reports of refugees and migrants being pushed back across the border. that's much harder to do now that they have legal representation. we are following the start to make sure that there are people in the refugee crisis that the guards tab at their fantasy are going to be transported the guard station
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and not to be pushed into the forest. are you worried that they might be pushed back into bellows? we are always worried about that. beauregard headquarters is the end of the line for the men, for now under international law, they should be looked after here. there's no guarantee they won't simply be sent back. jonah haul al jazeera the of the polish border. meanwhile, nato, zachary general says they stand ready to help all allies caught up in the crisis. the situation out the border o belarus with poland, but also the trainer and the latter is deeply concerning. the lu, crushing, coarser shame you so vulnerable people as means to put pressure on other countries or is cynical and inhumane. natal stands in full sort of that at the with the all
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affected allies. we remain vigilant and stand ready to further help our allies. a jury has found us teenager car rittenhouse, not guilty of murdering to men and wounding another that happened during racial justice protest. last year, john hand on a porch from kaneesha. it was a murder trial that divided a nation. and so was the verdict. we the jury find the defendant kyle h. right. how snack guilty. it was the same on all 5 charges from reckless endangerment to 1st degree. murder. not guilty. not guilty. not guilty. not guilty . oh, outside the court house for some there was another verdict. this was not self defense. this was not the appropriate use of deadly force. it was wrong. it happened on a hot august night last year during a clash of protesters encounter protesters, the violent response to the police shooting of a black man,
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jacob blake. some on both sides were armed. the facts were undisputed kyle rittenhouse armed with an assault rifle fatally shot to protesters and wounded a 3rd in tearful testimony. the 18 year old called it self defense. i did what i had to do to stop the person who was attacking me each. the jury spent 4 days deliberating, then agreed, members, the jury are these you are unanimous word. is there anyone who does not agree with the verdict says read, we wish the triple okay. oh with that it ended more than a year later on a cold november afternoon to the satisfaction of gun rights advocates. it validates that we have a 2nd, a member, right? you to, to friend our cell phone tag. but i know the case is been a national rorschach test the verdict no less. so gun rights advocates the vindication black lives matter. members see unequal justice for black and white
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americans. you what you, what the politically and racially charged trial was watched across the us. the verdict supported at the highest level. i stand by with the jury. as with the jury system work, we have to abide by for jacob blake's uncle. the verdict marks one more. it's of systematic racial injustice. along the way, honest with the lighting in the streets of kaneesha, residents braced themselves, hoping the violent clashes of 2020, or repeated in 2021. john henderson, al jazeera, kaneesha, wisconsin. at least 7 people have been injured and dozens arrested him. what's been described as chaos in the dutch city of rotterdam. lisa protest has set fives and threw rocks at offices, prompting them to declare emergency and shut down public transport. restrictions in
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the netherlands are being re, impose to combat a new wave of coven 19 cases. there were a 110000 infections reported over the past week. austria's become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a fool cove at 19 locked down. it'll take effect on monday and is expected to last for 3 weeks. austria is also making vaccinations compulsory from february dominic a report since monday, only those who can prove they've been vaccinated or had the virus have been allowed out in austria. but from next monday, even this will not be enough because ministers say the infection rate is too high. and the vaccination rate to low up montague from maxima, a nation wide lockdown, will apply from monday for up to 20 days and will be evaluated after the 1st 10 days will automatically and on december 13th, at the latest than the lockdown for the vaccinated or recovered will end up alongside the lock down is another ruling from next february, every one in austria must be vaccinated, whether they like it or not,
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the 1st for any country in europe, across the border and germany, there are similar steeply rising trends of infection and death. newly agreed rules restricting the movement of the unvaccinated are now in force. but nationwide hospitals are once again filling up with infected patients. it removes me, it's that we need to change course. now there's really no time to lose. it's like a tanker heading towards a harbor wall. if we immediately counter steer the tanker it will keep moving for a while and maybe even hit the side of the harbor wall. hopefully, however, it will not crash into it had on. we must use all countermeasures. now, one of those counter measures is the vaccine. but like in austria, only 2 thirds of germans have had their shots so far. a total, the government says, is still too little to end. the pandemic, the right is a liner infant. the truth is will be able to break the we've quick enough with just vaccinations and posters will need measures to limit context. we're able to agree
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on the set of rules on thursday, which will take effect on federal states when the incidence of hospitalizations reach a certain level. in the 1st casualty of the new measures, look to be some of germany's renowned christmas markets. already the bavarian prime minister has cancelled all of his states festive gatherings in berlin. the markets are being prepared for opening day late to this months. but many worry whether any customers will use these stalls this year. in recent weeks, it seems that well, austria has led germany, his follow not just in terms of near infection rates and deaths, but also in terms of new measures to combat cove is now that the government in vienna is imposing another lockdown on its people. the question many here in berlin are asking is, is another one here. just around the corner dominant came al jazeera in the german capital. nigeria is hoping to knock elect half the population against cobit 19
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before february in an effort to reach heard immunity so far, africa, most populous country, has administered doses to about 9000000 of it's 200000000 people. the government's trying to get religious and civil society leaders on board to back a mass vaccination campaign. and the u. s. has all been approved. kobe 19 vaccine booster jobs for everyone over the age of 18. regulate to say people who've had 2 doses of either the pfizer or madonna vaccine 6 months ago are eligible. the centers for disease control director sports boosters just needs to sign off on the experts recommendation. more than 31000000 americans have already received a booster. yes, president jo biden's, $1.00 trillion dollars spending bill now goes to the senate after narly passing a divided house of representatives, the bill aimed at improving education, lowering health care costs and tackling climate change. pass 220 votes to 13. the leading republican in the house, kevin mccarthy spoke for 8 and
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a half hours on thursday night to delay the vote. oh, so to come here now does air including turning protests into political action. the young voters determined to dramatically change one of south america's richest countries, plus i'm leah harding outside doha. we're going to take you up over the guitar desert were dozens of military parish shooting teams are competing for the world title. ah, ah, look forward to really, to scully's, the with sponsored play cuts on a ways how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast who got size of when she was returning to ne, in parts of china over the next couple of days for the time big it is largely tribe that this flabby area of high pressure, just keeping things settled, that will be some fog and frost to watch out for. as we go on through sashay,
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increasing our wet weather, pushing into a western parts of china. running right, the way up towards the yellow sea and middle continues to destroy its way a little further east, which as we go on through sunday and here comes at snow at when she makes coming down towards beijing 8 celsius in the heat of the day. on sunday afternoon, will widespread snow into that northeast corner of china, pushing across into the far east of russia and into north korea. it will be heavy at times and will cause some disruption. some heavy rain recently across southern parts of indo china. more lively showers, just making the way into southern areas of vietnam, tyler and seeing some wet weather or the scattering of showers there across malaysia and on into indonesia. but nothing unusual. while the more unusual as to whether we have across the northern plains of the of india, we are going to see some, a wet weather continuing across southern parts of in the air, more heavy downpours coming through here. but not quite as wet as recently. ah,
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the weather sponsored by catera always ah, the stage a thing, and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you thing. we're didn't sound bites and we're digging into the issues from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. join me as i take on the last dismantled misconceptions and meet the contradictions upfront with me, mark lamb on hill, on out 0. ah ah, welcome back from out of the top stories here on al jazeera jury has found us
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teenager car rittenhouse not guilty of murdering to men and wounding another. the open fire with a semi automatic rifle during black lives matter protests in kenosha wisconsin. last year. he says he acted in self defense. austria is the 1st western european country to impose another full cope with 19 locked out and make vaccination against the virus. compulsory restrictions will start on monday and continue for 3 weeks. more trouble on the board of poland says, hundreds of refugees and migrants have again tried to cross illegally into your territory. encouraged by neighboring bella, bruce, some people found in poland, forests are receiving medical help in hospitals. now, iraqis who returned home from bella rou, say they not only faced horrific conditions of the border but were tricked by people smugglers who took advantage of their desperation. emron. com reports from arabic, vanishing. golly, used to live in a displacement camp in the hook in the kurdish region of northern iraq. she'd gone
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there off to a home in syndrome was destroyed in the fight against deisel. she paid a smuggling ring to get it to europe. she is now back in another displacement campbell, after leaving bella ruth on a rocky government repatriation flight on thursday. she shows us mobile video of her time at the brother was born with poland. she says the whole experience was horrific. has taken 20 cams company that couldn't we moved to turkey state for a month and then we got the visa for bella. ruth, so we went there. we stayed in the city for 4 days before setting off into the woods. we were supposed to meet up with a smuggler in his car, but he never showed up. we stayed there for 3 days without food or water. we stayed inside the bell roof orders for 13 days. the polish police would not allow us to cross the border and the bell roost. police would not allow us to go back to the city and we were trapped in the border. she's just one of hundreds of iraqis who paid smugglers out of desperation and were tricked by false promises. said on her the is an activist who works for those who have been deported or repatriated. he
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says the smugglers have a sophisticated network that allows them to advertise their services, book audio, we can't afford to lose just a little below with the spread of internet and social media smugglers are widely using this networks to help facilitate the connection between smugglers and people they convince them with low prices and safe passers product, but i have met with many who tell me that was a lie, that they were abandoned with no choice but to pay more smugglers when they arrived . they are charged with a $1000.00 in iraq and then anything up to $10000.00 in places like this. people sell homes and cars and those are borrow money from the loan sharks to afford the the kurdish regional government says, cracking down on people struggling networks. and in particular targeting travel agents who offer roots to europe. still, there's plenty of smugglers in business. it's actually pretty easy to find people with smugglers online. i've just joined a social media group called iraq migration into europe and head. there are lots of people offering their services. now the word smuggling is actually mentioned
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anywhere in the site. it's anyone, people pay that money that they realize what it is they've actually paid for. judging by the amount of people offering the service, the iraqis have a challenge on my hand to stamp it out completely. particularly as the smugglers are international networks across the middle east and europe. there's also hope that the scene from the polar values pulled up will stop people going to smugglers, but people smugglers. i just one part of the issue. what still needs to be addressed is allegations of government corruption, mismanagement of resources, and nepotism and employment. the people say forced them to go to the smugglers and ron khan, how do there be a former minister? liberal party candidate in honduras is holding a rally. had of this month presidential election, jani rosen tal, has been out campaigning after recently serving a prison term, and the u. s. for money laundering is running against routing party candidate areas,
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fuhrer and his top rival opposition party candidate z, a mara, castro. chillies. elections this weekend may dramatically change the south american countries political landscape. new and young faces are leading poles at the expense of traditional parties, and that's energizing chileans who usually don't bother to vote or latin america editing to see a newman report on the capital. in district 8, a working class area of santiago, young men and women, carry their political weapons to my poor plaza to launch their latest campaign for sundays. general elections. these letters, spell corrupt the word frequently used to describe all to many chilion politicians and public servants. oh, that's the message and says said label a 29 year old independent congressional candidate. i mean, if i went back looking over my main sponsor to young people between 18 and 25, they gathered the 2007 of the teachers and maybe to run for congress as the only
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independent candidate in the metropolitan area. it was an uphill battle leave was allocated time for free television election. publicity was literally undetectable. shorter than a blink of an eye will show you again. but young people in chile, especially in working class areas, don't watch mainstream tv. if cassandra, paloma by laver is young and uses social networks and a style his generation understands migalia, but if i'm hold on, what will i go to somebody think of it. oh my campaign. mainly focus is on corruption in politics, in laws on how to use public funds make hives warriors, experiencing phenomena. over the years disenchantment with chiles. political institutions has prompted millions of young people to stay home on election day anger and frustration, especially among the poorest crew. oh, this boy over into mass protest 2 years ago, when to lance, for
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a more equal society were led by young people. months of demonstrations, recalibrated chili's, political landscape, putting social change on everyone's agenda. younger gayona, increasingly more young people are involved in politics. i believe they're the agent of change from i'm political but translating protests into political participation, especially in low income areas, is still difficult to look into available. if not, that's what we tried to change in my neighborhood. we need them to see involvement as a representative resource for everyone. not just the privilege class of a previous. yeah. earlier this year, an unprecedented number of young people were elected as mares, especially women. and in this sunday's election, one of the 2 leading candidates is only 35 years old, gabrielle body to a former student leader. if the trend stanz, people like these would be playing
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a decisive role in deciding who governs chile for the next 4 years. to see a newman al jazeera santiago and regional election campaigns of ended in venezuela, most opposition candidates are running as part of a coalition. it's the 1st election of the of agreed to participate in after 3 years, a boy that the united states has condemned. what it says is the detention of yemen, the star from the u. s. embassy in summer, by hooping fighters secretary of state downs in the blink, and says, dozens of people have been detained and mistreated because they've worked for us. and i can't take a capacity since the embassy closed in 2015. the who denied that been further protest taking place on the streets of sudan. large crowds attended rallies and undermined unconscious north a crowd school for a return to civilian rule condemning the killing of at least 15 people during protests on the wednesday. sedans, police chief says security forces weren't responsible for the big move and has more
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now from the capital. no, to me, north had the highest number of victims in the protest that have been ongoing since the military took over. on october 25th, at least 10 people have lost their lives on the 7th piece alone in the north. so there was several procession with that says gathering at the how's the victim and then setting up barricades on main roads to prevent security forces from coming in and trying to disperse the process. now that did not go according to plan security for it says, why did the processes and try to pay way and open the main street for the barricades were set up with all the chase processes for people who were there. and i witnessed that they were being chased by the police and being shot at using live ammunition and tear guys. that's the fight, the police denying that they're using live amunition on processes. they said they've used the minimal amount of forward to keep it separate from that damaging public property. as a police property,
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they said the only use here guys to prevent processes from congregating. now people say that that's not going to stop them despite at least $39.00 people being killed since the protests against the military took over. nearly a month ago, people say they will continue to voice their anger and frustration. so the momentum of the processes still keep going to say that they will mobilize for more mastery in the coming days. george's former president because successfully has ended his hunger strike after 50 days. his doctor says he's been moved to a military hospital. soccer field was arrested upon his return to george and face is 6 years in prison. after being convicted in absentia for abuse of office charges . he rejects early on friday, thousands of protest as march truly george and capitol tbilisi, demanding soccer should really be transferred to an intensive care emergency crews are trying to reach thousands of people still stranded in the canadian province of british columbia. days after floods and mud slides destroyed roads, houses, and bridges. several major highways are reopening to limited traffic,
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but most are still cut off. the military is not helping with recovery efforts, at least one person has died. gabler is under, has more now from so less that's on the us side of the border here in the city of sioux mass in washington state. they're starting the cleanup efforts here as well. but as you can see, it's hard because though the storm was so strong that it de railed an entire train . and as you can see though, the waters were rushing in this direction so strong that it just burrowed under the entire tracks there. and so they have crews here for the last 24 hours, really trying to get this area cleaned up. but this just gives you an idea of how bad the destruction was here. the train derailment goes all the way back. as far as you can, the i can see back there. this is a town of only about 1500 people. about 80 percent of the homes were damaged or partially destroyed. that good news is,
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is that the vast majority of the people here were able to get out of here before the storm hit, more than 75 percent of the people simply just left when they got those warnings to evacuate. california has been assessing the tow lung giant sequoia trees from wildfire that a torn through the us state in recent years. nearly 14000 of the red trees have died in the past 2 years alone. that's almost a 5th of all the world sequoias they can grow to more than 60 meters, so high they were once considered. fireproof? yes, president joe biden has issued his 1st pardons of the holiday season in a ceremony at the white house. i pardon you to say that you have it to turkey's name peanut butter and jenny receive presidential pardons. had a thanksgiving next week, the birds will get to live out the rest of their days on a farm. in the state of indiana. categories,
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hosting this year's world military parachuting championships for the very 1st time . there are more than 40 teens participating with hundreds of athletes, hoping to claim the will title. leah harding took the punch above dough, huff. free fall precision. oh, these athletes are experts in the art of jumping out of planes. more than 40 military parachuting teams have descended here to the desert of guitar to compete for the world championship title. the competitors are all active military members and have been training for years to get here. most have tens of thousands of jumps to their names. you know, we all had the, the tactical and technical expertise of the american sold room. we just rely on our training. we fall back on what we've done 1000 right. loudon times guitar is hosting the world military parachuting championships for the 1st time. but the gulf nation is already well known in the air sports community. it's national team,
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12 gold and one bronze metal in the last competition. this squad and country are hoping to make a lasting legacy in the sport. as everybody know, after, let's say, one years we have the war championship board comp, let's say 2022. so this one. well, how did the people who don't know, got the like that teams never been to cut out to have idea was cutter to see, to see the stadium. we really saw this one. it's all full bar to show what got that can do. each country will compete in 3 disciplines. freefall, skydive, accuracy, landing, and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately, but under the same flag, i say hello firm as if he hybrids you. the events are all dependent on whether
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we had to take a break while filming to wait for a sandstorm to pass. team usa waited with us around one always need to get you a feel like near the jitters until you get around one of them in the field. okay. but that's the time it was usually pretty nervous for the 1st time. we were invited to join the teams in their final moments before competition. results of these jumps will be tallied in the coming days before winter is announced. you know, i can't do a story about parachuting and not jump out of a plane. this guy, he's the professional. he knows what he's doing. i don't what we're going to go give us a try to have some fun. we get in the plane with other teams who are about to compete. we climb for several minutes until we reach 3000 meters. as we climb up in the teams, mentally prepare for their jump. i try to do the same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blurb below, it's time to free fall. i believe.
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with ah, type of critical headlines here now is there a more trouble on the board of poland says hundreds of migrants and refugees of again tried to cross illegally into your territory and courage by neighboring, but a roost. some people found and ponens forests are receiving medical health and hospital. nato 2nd general says they stand ready to help all allies caught up in the crisis. the situation out the border o belarus with poland.


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