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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm AST

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. aah! on the news on here al jazeera, these are our top stories. poland is accusing belarus of continuing to help asylum seekers crossed into e. u. territory, despite the bell russians clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday. austria is become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a full cove at 19 locked on the new measures. we'll start on monday and the u. s. house of representatives has approved president joe biden, suspending bill $1.00 trillion dollar build back better act, which now goes to the senate for the democrats hold a slim majority. back to our top story, that situation on the poland biller rece order and hundreds of the migrant. so
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we're stuck. they are have now been flying back to iraq. man, he had sold everything they owned to get to europe. i now face and uncertain future as and when con reports from a bill in iraq as they arrive at you can see the exhaustion in their faces. well, some a glad to be hope. others say though, return, but i'm going back. i'm ready to try a 100 times again next. so my i intend to go. the kurdish regional government of which are bill is the capital released a statement blaming people smugglers for duping rockies into going to buy the roofs . the statement promised to crack down on them. in the last few days, they say they were us to 10 members of a criminal smuggling gang. some of those returning thursday described a horrific experience. those of her ivan at mcgehee. the situation is so bad. the smugglers using people i've seen people dying before my own eyes. i will not try to travel again. i will not go to live. a lot of these people have sold everything
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they own to get to europe. they are likely to come back to less than they had before. the future for them is blink. 341. people disembarked on this flight here in our bill. another 90 will disembark in baghdad. now there are more flights in the coming days. how many more is the negotiation between minsk and baghdad? but perhaps the real negotiation is exactly how many iraqis will want to get on those flights. among con, i'll desert a bill. now the u. k. government says it will designate all of hamas as a terrorist organization. supporters of the group could face up to 14 years in jail . i'm secretary, pretty battelle announced that move in washington, d. c. on friday, but i was forced to resign. you may remember as britain's international development secretary in 2017, after holding secret meetings with senior israeli officials, her masters, the decision is biased towards israel. more on the sun with ne vodka in london. these y now is a good question,
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but what we do know is that the british government, it is now prepared to take a firm and uncompromising stanza on hamas in 2000. no one is military wing was designated a legal terrace organization. the decision now is to expand that even further covering all of her masses, various divisions and, and entities. what pretty but talis saying is that she can't disaggregate between the political and the military. and that this decision is being based upon new intelligence about how masses capabilities of possibly to inflict harm on israel and others. we know that of course the, the military way was responsible for not only defending palestinians, and garza but also launching rocket attack sir into israel. it is the firm view of pretty patel that jewish communities in that part of the well but in other parts of the world to need protecting,
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which is why this new designation as she hopes will come into force. she is expected in about half an hour's time to cool her mass fundamentally, and rapidly anti semitic, so not mincing her words at all when she is expected to speak shortly in washington, d. c. okay, thank you for that update nave barker in london. just want to get a little more detail on what it means for hamas to be banned under. this is specifically the u. k. terrorism act. any one expressing support for her mass verbally or if they display the flag or symbols of m as could face up to 14 years in jail. any interaction with members of the organization would also be in breach of the terrorism act, canada, the european union. israel japan in the united states already regard had a mass as a terrorist organization. so let's put all of us to us. i'm a hand on who is a senior representative of hamas in lebanon, joining us from by route to day. thank you for your time. and mr. hunton i want to read to you and 2 of you as just briefly watch the home secretary pretty patel has
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said, as she said this through a tweet earlier today. she said her mom has significant terrorist capability including access to extensive and sophisticated weaponry as well as terrorist training facilities. does hm. as have any of that, does hm. as have sophisticated and extensive weaponry? well i have to say that it's been your british ag edition against the palestinian people. the 1st one was in 1917 with what's called what was called before the clinician, who could he had to decide on the palestinian homeland. now, after more than 140 years, then you go and you'll notice in london, they want to attack the philistines under that time, as if they are not a sufficient with all the stuff on the protein and send the last tissue center.
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what they want to say at philistine, every one knows that we are defending a lot of people who are defending our rights and according to the international law . we are freedom fighters against that you miss you. instead of having that your vacation of affects regulations against the understands this minister created a problem with the philistine ends. another time, i believe this is happening because of swan and very important please. after the last is the attack on jerusalem. and guess i want to be alive that the international community was not happy with what is what you have done against the philistines and the people in britain. they started to read a new story about the scene. and so for grants, while she did, she wants to prevent the british people to understand really what's going on to put it in their relations with christina, as, as people. and she could hear to dispense stoning,
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we have to command clearly every time that are resisting aggravation. and we will continue that until we achieve our goals as seen as to the but it, our lands stablish our independence, sovereign state. ok. i take all of those points with respect though, my question was about what pretty battelle had actually said about your capabilities as a threat, because this is what the u. k is believing, i'm not saying it's right, a roman saying the u. k says you are or how much is a threat to israel and to others? do you have that weaponry with saturday? if she's talking about it can be really thin to out of tag glitch and she is totally wrong and she is lying. but if she is talking about the ability of defending dollar centers against the ian i half lost here was a, she is a minister in the british government or communist father. and as i am coming, what do you think this will do?
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because the military wing of hamas had already been designated as a terrorist organization by the u. k. how does it change if the political side as well, will this affect if there's another war on garza? will it affect what the u. k can do for palestinian people, will it affect what charities you k charities can do for the people of garza? well, i have to say that if she wants to get warm up and it's for the best thing and i mean it is what i get. this is done by here, but i spent steam hands. we will continue defending our people and fighting against their commission. and i think mostly it will effect on the people and then supporting the students. she want to prevent them from doing that. she want to prevent maybe the politicians for talking directly to her mass because she understands how to support the forties and everyone knows that she's a supporter for it. and she was expense from the government that years ago because
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she visited that have you was that without giving any information for the government for that she's supposed to for is i need one thing for is i into this limit to be expense from the government. if you decide to do that i, i believe she will not do anything but for the student. so now the question, the big question would be, what the british, what additions were do, what they was say when someone is working, i guess what, i believe the benefit of 5700 and represents hamas in lebanon. joining us from beirut today, thank you for your time. i now a palestinian rights organization has called for an impartial investigation after a prison had died in hospital in israeli custody. somebody or motor had spent 13 years behind barnes the palestinian center for human rights. as it is sorry, says it is extremely concerned. he hadn't received adequate timely medical care.
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you know, side reports, now from gather pictures of stab me alarm were hanging his home in garza, and at his funeral, they were supposed to welcome his return. after he was released from an israel, the prison had been detained since 2008, and sentenced to 19 years and weapons smuggling charges. he died in hospital on thursday in israeli custody members of his family say they have been shock since being told of his death. who is the occupation to blame the neglected him? they detains him and he was perfectly fine. he didn't suffer anything i was when i haven't seen him for long years, but they always denied or visit him. i just want them to send his body back to gather. we want to see him different. sammy suffered from congenital heart problem . his family and supporters say that was were sent by years of living in hard
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conditions in prison, the cues israeli authorities of deliberately neglecting his health. these are the b . as a result of medical negligence, that the occupation authorities practiced on the prisoner where he was left for 14 hours in the crossing while being transported from napa prison. rocca hospital shows the deliberate and intentional medical neglect by the israeli authorities. sammy's fiancee has waited for his release since 2008. she hoped they would marry soon after. we urge the united nations in the entire world to support the oppressed prisoners in their cases, they are dying and prisons and jails, and no one cares. sammy's family, say israeli authorities prevented most and his mother only so him in prison a few times over his 14 years in prison. in a statement to elgin euro, israel's prison authority, said, all prisoners receive treatment according to the need. set alarm worse. death will
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be coat, looked into or checked almost 5000 policy. the prisoners are in is really prison. the ministry of palestinian prisoners does more than 500 of these prisoners suffer medical condition and some are cancer patients. while 227 of them had died, the news really prison. this 967 sammy's relative say all the was now is to receive his body. but israeli officials have refused to release it until the end of the remaining 4 years of sentence. in the c o. 0 gods out, major highways and railroads remain closed in british columbia to flooding and landslides, damage, roads, and bridges. the canadian armed forces an hour assisting with the provinces flood recovery. we're going to get a 1st hand look with gabriel alexander. he's actually of the board and zoom us in
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washington state. gabriel. yeah, that's right. this is the border crossing between a western canada and united states. and it would normally be pretty busy around this time. it's little after 7 am here, local time with canadians coming across to do some shopping or bye and gasoline. but as you can see, the border is completely shut right now and that's because of the flooding that is happening on both sides of the border. first, just some perspective on where we're at exactly. just on the other side of the border. there is canada abbotsford, the city of abbotsford. it's a big city of about 850000 people and then about 70 kilometers north. the west of where i'm at is the city of vancouver, canada abbotsford was really hit very hard. and right now, the canadian army is actually building a levy on the other side of the border to contain some of the flooding. because a several of the levy,
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a several of the dikes have broken their flooding some in a big farm land. it's a devastating situation. they say that they have to start building this levy to contain some of that to flooding. that is happening in british columbia. again, this is the border area, normally would be pretty busy, but it has to remain closed because many of the roads are just impassable at this time. this is now the city of su, mass, washington state in the united states. this is a town of only about 1600 people. this is the main street through town. again, it would normally be very busy around this time. but as you can see, it's pretty much deserted. and that's because 80 percent of all of the homes and buildings in the entire town had been damaged by flood waters from this incredibly powerful storm, including the railroad tracks that are just over my left shoulder over there. you might be able to see him if i walk a little bit to my left. that is a major rail line where freight trains go between canada and the united dates that
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is completely shut down as well. because about half a kilometer down as we were showing yesterday, here now does your, the train has just completely derailed because the flood waters were so strong, it just pushed, it trains right off the tracks. so this is causing all sorts of supply chain issues and transportation issues of goods and products and services between canada and united states. so this storm is clearly having very, very significant impacts. but the biggest impact is on people. of course. so many people here in the town of su moss, about 300 homes completely destroyed. and as well as on the canadian side of the border as well. ok, bill is under with that updates new mount washington state. thank you. not demonstrations. have been taking place in iran to demand improvements in water supply. hundreds of thousands gathered in the central city of his for hon. at the
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banks of an hour drive with many who attended our farmers, demanding the government, let the river run without divisions. indian businesses are aggressively lobbying their government to impose tariffs and quality control checks on t imports. from the po, i say, the unregulated influx is hurting local brands. traders in the policy that he is not any better, but fills a gap in the indian market. same bas ravi has moved from the 11 district in east in the pall. no soldiers, no guns, but it napoleon eastern border with india. tensions are simmering. an unlikely front line is where for years the 2 countries have been locked in quiet conflict. over one of the world's most precious and widely consumed commodities for nepal. t plantations. it's a fight for survival. yeah, one of the key is the goose that lays the golden egg. there is local production
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happening. we have local companies here worldwide. people drink tea and it's also good for health. we drink it and we call alarm district. the place to mine for tea in alarms markets, himalayan t is liquid gold fuel for the country's economic engine. but growers from the neighboring indian state of westbank goal or lobbying their government to impose tariffs and bureaucratic road blocks to take their land locked neighbors t off the table. where here at the pulse border with india now. and darjeeling is just 30 minutes down this road, pass that checkpoint. now the terrain, the soil, even the plants that the t comes from. it's all the same in this area of indian grover say that there's is the original darjeeling brand, it only there. t should be allowed to carry the name, the seeds of what some nepalese have taken to calling the kettle. wars were planted more than a century ago. when the british still ruled,
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india smuggled out of china and planted in darjeeling in the 18. hundreds indian growers say their t is the genuine article and importing from the pole is destroying a legacy brand. but indian traders routinely mix nepalese t width and sell it as darjeeling to make up for supply shortfalls and meet massive market demands. in fact, india is nepalese, biggest customer, half of that he made here and almost all of the premium. great stuff. most similar to darjeeling is bought by india for nepalese owners, india, stirring up trouble is just about protecting market share. i pillsbury, engage with big country, with the tenured. we have of small birchwood army and that we have a 1000000000 and a brilliant trip deficient with india 1000000000 and a 1000000000 and that we don't have anything to sell our product to india while it d is in the very small quantity that is not due to the indian economy noting but of
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the victim power of nippon brewing tensions steeped in history at risk of boiling over, or a storm in a teacup indian concerns have merit. but nepalese, say teeth should move as freely between borders as they're peopled. zane basra v o g 0. the alarm district, eastern nepal. sports news is coming up, concluding this. i'm far it's mile. abilene sale, international circuit, the venue that's about to house tatters 1st. ever. formal wine grand prix. ah. on november 21st, venezuelans had from the polio stitches, the regional and municipal representatives after 4 years of election banquets can position parties effect change agen ballard walks. and will this be a step towards pro west for the rising number of those living in extreme poverty.
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the venezuela elections on al jazeera i with i guess with ah ah ah ah ah
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ah oh, that was exciting formula one during break here it was than i expected driver of ounce rubashaw is gone quickest in 2nd practice out of the inaugural castle, girl bright red bulls max for stopping as a narrow lead of lewis hamilton in the overall will title standings heading in su, sundays rights are a small repulse from the la salle international circuits. ah, a year before kat to her house, the middle east, 1st football world cup formula, one is about to make it said view appearance in the gulf state. catherine seizing its opportunity after ra, press, and 5 other countries were cancelled due to cope with 90000000000 sale. international circuit is an established venue on the moto g p calendar, but it's had just a few weeks to prepare for this race. the changes requested by formula one were very, very small. the rest of the changes are related to sponsors and you
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know, beautification, if you, if you will. so what will happen to the tires? what will happen to each corner? how teams will be ready and set up their cars. all these questions add to the excitement, and i think a lot of friends are waiting to see how things will happen here. which is 3 races. laughter sees in cats are, couldn't have picked a better time to enter the sport. tens of thousands of fans will be here to witness the latest episode in one of the f one closest ever season. 7 time world champion, louis hamilton is locked in a title battle with red bulls. max for stop in for stop in is amy to win his 1st ever world title. going into this race. he leads his mercedes rival by just 14 points and the drivers standings. most of the races are really pushing like the whole race flat out. and that is something which not. it doesn't happen all the
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time in order. and so of course time management and stop it now you're constantly like under pressure or you are the one attacking right. and i think that's just great because it's nice to have leaves now to teams like fighting for when was on weekends. it sounds like this gets home weekends is not and not been here before. so we like everyone, not really knowing what to expect just hopeful that the car feels like it did last week. i think we learn some things about where to put the car and i hope that applies here, but it might not this will be just the 1st chapter encounters formula. one story. the country has signed a decade long deal to host a race every year from 2023. far as small al jazeera doha. well, australia is, has crick accounts, and tim pine is stepping down to being investigated. after sending explicit text messages to a female coworker back in 201736 ro, payne said he was exonerated at the time. but his quitting now after learning his
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techs are bound to be revealed publicly. the news comes just a few weeks ahead of the ashes. series against england. my actions in 2007, i do not meet the standard of an a strain critic captain or the water community. i'm deeply sorry for the hurt and pain that'll have caused to my wife, my family and to the other party. i'm sorry for any damage this does to the reputation of l sport. and i believe that is the right decision for me to stand down as captain effective immediately. how from a well number one boss, one village says, retard from all forms of cricket. the south african had quit internationals in 2018, the continued playing c 20 cricket across numerous leagues, including the indian, primarily the $37.00 out south africa, the 4th highest around the score at test. now after a few days of welcome qualifying the focus is returning to domestic football, premier league leaders. chelsea start the action in england on saturday. they're
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away at lester city. i expect a tough one. but i expect also chelsea team our team to play with hunger and with, with, with passion and with a pure will to win. and this is the mindset which we want to install again to, to, to restart, winning and to, to restart our engine after the international breaks for liverpool and england council, steven gerard is making his managerial w in the leak is aston villa team playing brighten austell. they could move into that. so for the, when over liverpool, liverpool, they were beaten by west ham in their last game before the international break. the national team say they train pretty much through all this because her coaches one to a, for their own targets and on again then they wanna very often think that they have to physically work with them as well and, and not,
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i don't like it. and so it was not helpful in the ambiguity. my me hates, have one that falls straight game. they did it by beating the visiting washington wizards. jimmy valez start on the night with 33 points to leave the heat by 112 to 97. when this is a 2nd straight last full time, our washington author read it, butler, we'll throw it down. and the japanese prime minister has congratulated baseball's thought show, hey o tony, for winning the most valuable player award in the american league, the la angel sensation was the unanimous winner after a season that included 46 home runs, a 27 year old is often compared to bait route because of his ability to both pitch an hit at a high level is the 1st japanese bye to win this award. since it's your suzuki that was back in 2001. okay, most bought from a little trouble that i saw were looking and co thanks. and to your see you for that at 1800 hours gmc, that's our next news. our which is in
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a couple of hours from now, but we're back with plenty more with the world news in just a couple minutes. they lead ah, ah, a o the land of the free. if you are black or a criminal, you are someone who is supposed to shut up except what america gives you. a new episode of democracy, maybe explodes, racial conflict, ethnic politics and inequality in the united states. they get upset if you say all lives because they want to focus on what we had
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a dream on al jazeera got on one of the fastest growing nations in the want, a kind of needed to open and develop a pool international shipping company to become a teen middle east and we'll try them one, a skillful enough, 3 key areas of develop, filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future, wanting cato, gotta gateway to whoa trade. ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish. with tv even supplied by tradition, knew where beautiful possibilities are offered.
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play an important role. protecting you with. ringback your face, m for oh, hundreds of refugees on now at a temporary shelter on the poland bill restored it, but i still don't know what happens next. ah, hello den on come on santa maria here in doug. hope this is the world news from al jazeera. the bill that better bill is past.


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