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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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blue they believe these films had something to give to the present moment. in the 19th sixty's, afghans and emma was born filmmakers were on a whack of the dangers to come ah hundreds of refugees go to a temporary shelter along the poland bellows border. they say they don't know what lies ahead ah, of that, i'm how the my, he did this is al jazeera and life from doha. also coming up austria, 9 says a country wide loc, dying while germany. this is a national emergency,
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a 4th wave of cove at 19 is underweighed in western europe. i angry and defiance. hundreds of sudanese are right on the streets for a 3rd consecutive day to protest against the military takeover. we would like actually to. ready hear like a veto from her or something like i really reapproved. yes. that she does. she's all right. and everything is going kohls from world tennis fairs over the whereabouts of chinese tennis star punch. why a colon says accused bell ruth of continuing to help asylum seekers cross into e territory as despite the valley of ocean's clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday by the reese official say how and
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says moved voluntarily to a reception sensor, thousands of migrants and refugees, including children, had been stuck in freeze and conditions at the border for days. natal sexy general says the stand off is deeply concerning the situation at the border or belarus with poland, but also literary now. and the latter is deeply concerning. the location closer seem use or vulnerable people as means to put pressure on other countries or is cynical ant in her main. natal stands in full solitude with all affected alice, we remain vigilant and stand ready to further help our allies. i will, we can speak now to dounia me at that. she's the commissioner for human rights at the council of europe and joins the snow on skate from strasburg. it's good to have you withers so we understand that you've just released
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a statement to report. am holding it in my hand right now at calling for immediate access to the border with belarus. now we've heard there from yan shed oldenburg about how concerned he is abates. what belarus is doing to europe, but you're concerned about the people who are in the middle of this just talk us through some of what you've outlines in this rather striking report. thank you. i'm thankful for having me. i just returned from holland with my t. v. spent 4 days in a border, and you just rightly mentioned it to the narrative is mainly about the security. it is highly politicized situation. it is very complex and it is dangerous. ah, but the narrative is dominated by security the, the basic human rights of effective people have been in
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a way brushed away and forgotten. i would say so. so the situation is the result of their reprehensible actions by balance that sense. but my job is broader than debt. my job is really to look at human rights issues. and what i've seen in the last 4 days is not only concern it is an acceptable to have this kind of situation and find p r a century. and you've a p n quarter in and mine message apart from a detailed report that you just mentioned is really to put human beings 1st and to respect their human rights. and also their dignity at the political situation does not, ah, council of human rights obligations. and this is something we should not forget in this really complex situation. it is
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a complex situation. this there's no access and i will get to the human rights angle in a 2nd because it's really the nuts and bolts of this. it's really striking. you're saying you've seen one woman fighting for her life in a hospital, dead people displaying wounds, frost, spite exposure to extreme cold exhaustion their allegations of sexual violence by state actors, which is incredibly concerning. we're seeing tweets from medical agencies who are talking about a family's dropping down in the middle of the forest and one year old children, big abandoned to die. just give us a sense of what's actually happening because we talk about security. but there's a real lack of humanity here, isn't there? i absolutely agree with this. i met of many of these people. i spoke with them. i heard their testimony stories, i visited hospital to local hospital. that is also doing extraordinary job in
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order to, to really help. busy those people that are in need and it is also important to say that there are human rights defenders that are helping and trying to help. and the problem is that they cannot access the border, the zone, and that is in a way, exclusion zone. and paula, so it is quite extraordinary, dead to media does not have access humanitarian organizations including un red cross. or this is something that should change immediately because they're the ones who can really offer out. i also went to talk to no co commanders of the border guard in order really to, to, to try to get a real picture of it. but for me, the main concern is that at the moment there are people suffering tremendously.
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they are suddenly needed to put aside all this issues in order to do absolutely everything, to stop the suffering. let us say, where did the bell recess being painted as the bad actor here. and we're not here to find out who the duties and the batteries are. poland, as a member of the european union. and poland adheres to international law. does it not everything that site lines in this reports is this against international humanitarian law or not? it is so why has the he sounds inverse square behind poland then? well, i'm not representing you all and is a member of the council of europe. that is more question for the union. but when it comes to the geisha and poland, the member of the council or europe, but it is clear that there are issues that should change and they choose to be taken care immediately already to put human beings at the forefront of this
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debate to help them and then to make possible that communitarian organizations and media can really come close to, to the board to be doing a report from international or, or national media reporting go from, from the border on decide to and i find is quite extraordinary, even in the time of conflict, even the time of war, you have media that already 14 been telling us what is happening in 2nd part of the pope that this will change. but 1st of all we, we should really try to make everything in our power. and here i'm talking about international vision, democratic government in order to stop this up for it in terms of stopping the suffering and getting access to medical care and so on. who is talking
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to who about this? because i mentioned the european union or stands and full square behind pool, and they see this is a geopolitical risk. nato was at sounds incredibly supportive of what the pool is doing. i mean, who can these people appeal? see, well, i mean there are international organizations and poland and are those states are members of those organizations. so when they agreed to become members of the international organizations, they agreed to certain standards. and here i can talk of course only about human rights standards. european convention on human rights and many other mechanisms answer conventions that there had to be disposal. those mechanisms show it in practice. i'm sorry to jump in there to these mechanisms to they st. fit for purpose to you. i'm just wondering because these people in your report, it says they, they have a legitimate plans to apply for asylum. all of these countries are signatories to,
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to international treaties and conventions, and what not that supports the right to seek asylum. and yet, in this case, in cases dating back at liberty, the 10 years i've been covering this, a, the, the, the draw bridge just come up. i, how do people apply for asylum in these countries? was the legal way to do it? there are legal ways to do it. i mean that's very, you know, complicated dish, but there are organizations that should be present in order to really be there and offer help to the people in order to apply for a diet. i saw also situations where it was possible for people that came out of the forest to apply for them. but this is just a drop in a very foggy situation when it comes to the right of people
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seeking protection. and that is by it is absolutely crucial that there are the transparency and human interior organizations can be there in order to offer help and assistance the polish government. this is not only the problem of poland, it is problem of all the country that should also show garrity and not really think, okay, this is not my problem at the moment. we have problems with the migration issues in europe for a very long period of time. and i think because the lack of clear policy and lack of garrity, we are facing this current situation, nbc people suffering without sort of clear messages when it comes to their rights and also their dignity. so i would like to shift the conversation if possible, a little away from the purity which is of course important,
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but i hear less human rights in the discussion in the last few days. and this is something that i think we should not forget about. absolutely. and we would also welcome the opportunity to see what is going on 1st town. we've a correspondence standing and forests try desperately to get to the front line to see what is actually happening there. but sir, no, it just said to broaden the site and, and just finally, how do you see all of this playing out now and into the future? we've moved almost from people trying to get in to europe over dingus. no, they're trying to get through for us in the middle of winter. we know climate change is going to be an ongoing battle, and we know europe clearly does not want to take in any refugees at this point. how do you see this situation unfolding in the years to come to are you optimistic or tall that people will have a change of heart in europe about welcoming and asylum seekers?
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well, be sure is not that black and white. there are still people and there are many people who wish to pass. i met those people in your last 4 days. i mentioned amazing, you know, local population, young human rights defend their fire brigade, dr. but what the problem here is more to do with political decisions and policies and lack of a clear view on how to also more legal routes to the people in need and people on more. so i think, you know, when, when it comes to put, trying hold there, there will be change. but it comes to possibilities to apply for a dial tone. and also for people to, to see, shall come to see protection. the situation is not so easy, but i also see that there is lack of solidarity european states that states that up
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at the forefront like greece, for example, italy and more talk. but then you have states that are completely avoiding natalie are not accepting refugees. busy but there are also just thing pretty avoiding discussion about this. this is not going to change . migration was always present in history somehow, or are these or another way migrants. so we need to find a way to how to address these issues. and the security of course is important, but they should not be an excuse to forget about human rights pe doing yet me out of the commissioner for human rights and so of europe. thank you so much for coming on al jazeera. we appreciate it. thanks. having will that said take,
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you know, to a he north car which is on the polish side of the border with bella, luce, we can join as said a big he standing once again in a very cold forest or trying to get see that front line. i said, what have you been seeing what have you been hearing in the time you've been trying to cover the story for us? well we've come a girl come up against a time and time again. please check points. military check points, border guard checkpoints, turning us around, telling us we can't go any further because that is the exclusions also where i'm standing right now. technically is exclusion. good zone, the forest to the left of me is in the exclusion zone. the fire to the right of me isn't not even just half an hour before i came on air speaking to you now. i was outside exclusions own walk in the forest taking a look at why i can find i found some clothes of people that clearly pass through thermal blankets and the military pull this aside soldiers and said,
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we can't be there. told us to move. and we argue that that's not the exclusions on the said, no, this is for your own safety because people are constantly passing through the border coming through here. and that's very much the language that we're coming up against. the polish authorities are saying that this is some sort of war that said that this is a threat. but when we speak to activists in of humanity, ariens and you spoke to doctors, but they say these people are not a danger. they come in cross wonderful men, women and children, even pregnant women. and if you even this side of the fires this ancient forest, just if you were to take 20 steps in that direction to left of me, you will see some of blankets you'll see left over food juice and see close that people have changed out of it. by the russian money in there. so people are still managing to get past past that border and into poland and into the european union. despite how many forces poland hasn't that border, roughly around 15000. and people are mentioned to get through. but the argument that aid work, hasn't humanitarians are saying now that even those that make it through a need medical attention and want to asylum polish forces are pushing them back
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across the border. okay, i said back there, bring us that live updates from the poland l a response. i said thank he now austria has become the 1st country in western europe to reimpose a fool who with 19 locks and the measures starting on monday. last for a maximum of 20 days, austria is also making vaccination compulsory from february. so when it came half more on the situation in australia, the reality for many austrians is that it has been a sliding scale almost one week that's been one set of restrictions. then the next week, more restrictions and now we're into full lockdown. clearly, the reason for this is because of the incidence of cove it in many parts of austria is in 4 digits more than a 1000 per 100000 of population. well, that is a very considerable number, and for many politicians in australia right now,
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it's too much. and they bring germany o christmas markets in the state of the varia have been canceled. the rates and infections across the country is that an old time high? a 3rd of the population hasn't been vaccinated on thursday and peas in the lower house approves you restrictions, and the health minister isn't ruling out a national lock time isn't lied on unblocked and unfortunately we've reached a point where we can no longer prevent a lot of illness and suffering. nevertheless, it is still largely in our hands. how bad the situation will become in the future and above all how long it will last. we have to turn the tide now, there's really no time to lose ice and hungary has accorded its highest number of daily infections. there are more than 11 sizes cases on friday. that's the highest tale. since the stars of the pandemic government is introducing new restrictions. booster shots will be mandatory for all health workers,
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and masks must be worn in most indoor places from saturday. you have congress is voting on president joe biden. social safety net and climate package. minority leader kevin mccarthy stole the final votes with a records long speech that lost it for more than 8 hours. 1.9 trillion dollar billed back, better act seeks to expand social services, mitigate climate change and increase access to health care. let's get more now from alan fisher. he joins us for washington. d. c. allen, this has been going on for a very long time. now. where are we at this are oh, we're very close to passing it in the house. i'm just looking at the vote totals just though $173.00 in favor, all of those democratic $135.00 against us about 7 minutes to go on the vote. it's likely that it will pass the house. of course, the next obstacle is the senate. why did kevin mccarthy speak for more than 8 hours
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while he thinks this bill is irresponsible? he thinks out loud to the deficit and he thinks it will also fuel inflation. now a number of moderate democrats said they wanted the congressional budget office to score the bill, which is essentially just put a cost on it. and they came back and said, look, this could add $367000000000.00 to the deficit over 10 years. but the cb, your also said look, we're not entirely sure of, of figures for the income coming in and taxes. that's where the white house jumped in and said, this will be paid for by an increase in taxes on the most wealthy corporations and, and vigils in the united states backed up by the treasury department. and also a number of top economists around the country. that was enough for the moderate democrats to see or kate good. wherein and then nancy pelosi scheduled the vote, which was due to take place last night. kevin mccarthy spoke for 8 hours. it's no going to happen this morning. so what happens after this? well, it goes to the senate, does it pass the senate?
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no, automatically remember that or to moderate democrats are really worried about the cost of this. so a few things may get stripped out of the bill, and then they've got to be on board. the senate would normally pay something with a $2.00 thirds majority, which means 60 votes, but they're going to do this through a reconciliation motion, which means all they need is a basic majority. and of course, remember, the democrats have got that it's 5050 in the senate, but cannot carmella harris with that being the vice president has the casting vote . so she could push it through the senate and then it would go back to the house if it has been amended. so this isn't going to happen over night. it's a huge step forward for joe biden. he thinks is a really good deal for the people of the united states, but there's still a few truck doors that have to be negotiated before he can hit the button and it says game over. and how and just quickly, how much is raising on this, not just on for in the political sense, but also for people in the united states. okay. 1.7 trillion the way it stands at
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the moment. what said the bill or things like p family, the united states, one of the with the few g 8 countries that doesn't have paid family leave because also $555000000000.00 for climate change to deal with that. there is free preschool for all 2 and 3 year olds across the united states as well. there's an extension of the family tax credit. joe biden thinks that this is good for the ordinary people of the united states, as the republicans dead set against it for a number of reasons they think or blocked the deficit. but also if people feel good above what gets passed and they go to vote in 2022, they won't care. but what nor, and the bill will just make a decision in the midterms about, hey, i feel better about life. know things better for me under joe biden, and the answer is yes, they're more likely to vote democrat, so politically. it's a big win for joe biden. but if you add this to the infrastructure bill passed the covered relief bill that he passed soon after. these are the 3 main pillars or your
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biden's domestic agenda, and he really wants to get this done before christmas before december 25th. and if it gets through the house, that's one big obstacle that will be negotiated. our k allen fisher, they're bring as up as 8 from washington d. c. thank you. allen. protest, ezra again on the streets, off sedans, capital ha. large crazed rallying in the suburbs of on demand and current in north colon for a return to civilian rule and condemning the killing of at least 15 people during protests on wednesday. missile soda has more from cartoon the had been her protest to day in khartoum. i in undermined region, and also the battery districts, people are after the, the friday protest. they started to chant against the military again and also in several mosque in the, in the capital. we have seen there that the prayers in absentia for those who have
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been killed on wednesday. i will call it like a. it is, it seems like a national warning. they, the people are morning for their losses. they, they have lost their daughters, they songs, the husband, they wives, they have been neighbors, they are, they, france, and they are more than after the prayer and with those protesters or so a how wisdom the week them is families and they passed. 5 their condolences to that we can see that, that the grievance is, is, is growing in sudan and the anger is grove him, particularly the young people are very angry. they say they, they feel the future is, is stolen from them and was as so done, was just opening off to the world. now the world will is as closing this door on it again and they say this, this, this they, they are expecting for even a darker future. and that is not acceptable. so people like to talk,
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they say they want an immediate solution, an agreement between army and civilians, and also the, the army to hand over power to civilians. as soon as possible, the indian government has made a dramatic u turn and denounced its withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws. the legislation had triggered nationwide protest that now says more than a year. the government introduced the measures last year saying they modernized the agriculture sector. but farmers, santa reforms hurts their livelihoods. i'd may apo today i have come to tell you and the entire nation that we have decided to repeal the 3 laws harmony. we will complete the call to the short process of repealing the laws during the parliamentary session. begin to the end of this month. today i'm asking all my former friends who have been protesting to return to your homes, your farmland, and your family. that governments expect to designate hum us
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a terrorist organization. the colon gets a fundamentally and rapidly anti semitic group. home secretary pretty patel is expected to outline the move in washington dc. later on friday, the us military wing has already been banned in the u. k. since 2001. the fokker is more from london. british motto makes this key speech over in washington in a few hours time. the intention is to prescribe the entirety of half a mass as a band, a terrorist organization. the united states has done that. the european union has done that in the united kingdom is now a following suit. it's military wing, though, has been designated as such since 2001 by the british government. and i massive already commented on the u. case impending judgment by saying that they feel that it's biased towards israel and potentially undermines the other dimensions to hamas as well. yes, of course the organization does have a military wing that we know all see well about it does have a political wing as well as govern the gaza strip since 2007 and an election that
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you're there. but it also has a social services wing as well that sir has been responsible over the years for funneling large sums of money into grass roots projects. we're talking about clean water project schools. orphanage is even providing rent relief for peoples whose houses are destroyed during a s railey as strikes. and the concern is that, given this potential blanket bombs, this view that the entirety of hamas is a terrorist organization that it does potentially have the negative impacts on undermining the work of a mass. and us affiliated grass roots organizations on the ground is he front runners in china is presidential election have held final rallies before sundays votes, right when candidates, jose antonio cast wants to bring down taxes and reduce the size of the government's master scape bill brick wants to g,
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the exact opposite. it's neither of them gets 50 percent of the votes. it's he man will face off in another round of voting. december 19th. yes, santa star civilian says joins a growing number of people who are concerned about the safety of chinese tennis star puncture. why she hasn't been seen since. she accused a high ranking chinese politician of sexually assaulting her marriage. chandry reports package wise, one of china's most successful tennis stars. she's a former doubles world number one, winning the french open and wimbledon. but she hasn't been seen in weeks. now the united nations and a growing number of her fellow players are speaking out. we would like actually to hear like a video from her or something like really real prove that yes that she's, she's all right and everything is fine. ah, yeah. it's a very strange situation and though we really want to hear so on some news. i'm
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really sad about a, i don't know what to say. we had to talk in the morning for half an hour. we're talking about these and i really hope she's okay and really waiting for some news from her. she's defeated top plays including venus williams, his sister serena express support, the sh. why? saying, i'm devastated and shocked to hear about the news of my peer punch. why? i hope she is safe and found as soon as possible. this must be investigated and we must not stay silent. she disappeared after accusing a top chinese government official of sexually assaulting her. the heads of the globe women's tennis association has questioned that centricity of an e mail released by the chinese government this week, said to have been written by the missing 35 year old. the letter says she retracts the allegations and she is quote, resting at home. this case has not been reported by the chinese media and any
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online discussion as it has been censored or removed. or to respond to the mounting questions. china's foreign ministry spokesman had this to say, well, you know, i've not heard of the issue you raised well, this is not a diplomatic question. the us is threatening a diplomatic boy caught of the upcoming pacing lympics sighting china's human rights record. the head of the all tennis association has also said he's prepared to cut lucrative business ties with china. if tennis star punch, why remains missing a marriage or 3 out you 0? ah, i'm how about his in with the headlines on al jazeera, poland has accused bella bruce of continuing to help asylum seekers call since e. u territory. that's despite the bell russians clearing
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a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday. belarus, officials say hundreds of moved voluntarily to a reception.


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