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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm AST

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to trying to bring people together and trying to deal with people who love piano. ah, this is al jazeera, ah. hello there i'm, how am i his in this is the use are live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. a roof above their heads for now, but hundreds of refugees forced out of makeshift camps along the poland bellows border. say they don't know. ports lies ahead. european government scramble to take drastic measures as cologne of ours cases touch new highs.
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i angry and defiance hundreds of sudanese are out on the streets for a 3rd consecutive day to protest against the military takeover. hands in these farmers celebrates after their protests for the government to withdraw controversial form laws and i'm fine. how much with all the sport, including f, one, tampa sibley, their max, their staff, and club, the fast, the simon 1st practice head of the 1st ever catalog hall p. ah, hollins has accused bell roofs of continuing to help asylum seekers cross since the e u. territory that despite the bell russians clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday, belarus, official se 100 says these voluntarily to reception center. the western borders of
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belarus remain essentially sealed. thousands of migrants and refugees, including children, have been stuck in freezing conditions at the border for days. while nato secretary general says the standoff is deeply concerning. the situation at the border or belarus with poland, but also literary now and the latter is deeply concerning. the luke russian coast regime use or vulnerable people as means to put pressure on other countries or is cynical and inhumane made. those stands in full sort of that at that. with all affected alice, we remain vigilant and stand ready to further help our allies. law said back joins us now live from. i know of co had some the polar sides of the border with bella recess said to a very hearing very that nato is on standby and very concerns by what they're
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seeing birds. a humanitarian groups are also very concerned about the conditions. these people find themselves and it looks absolutely freezing were you are are said just talk. history was happening on the ground there. well yes, humanitarian groups are very concerned, especially since they can't get access to this side of the polish border. because there's a state of emergency and exclusion load. now the book polish border forces said that some, all the groups have been trying to get in to poland overnight. and in fact we were standing now. we had visited this area just a few days ago and we had found belongings of people that clearly pass through here are managed to get past a border. now, there are some military behind the desk because a group of individuals that had managed to cross the border from by the route into poland. and there had been found not so far from here in the forest. now, so far,
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politically, what's taking place is that the russian president, vladimir putin has had a conversation with his brother russian counterpart to alexander lucas shanker and he has dressed a need for minsk to cooperate with the european union. now the president of valerie's is also had a conversation with german chancellor angler merkel. and what he offered was for the european union to create a humana carrion pathway from by the roost to germany. and then by the roost would help sent back 5000 people that were willing to do so. now the european union rejected that along with germany. now we've also heard that the british are 2 sent more military here in the last month sent about 10 people here. to help with the border fence now we understand from the polish that that that number could be over 100. now we don't understand or really know why poland seeking the help of britain . britain is no longer a part of the european union. they don't have a fence around the border. britain is an island and i says
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in the meantime, there's been a powerful intervention from the commissioner for human rights. what a she had to say about all of this very powerful in such she has. it's what she has said that the pit side situation or is that the narrative is one of security and she said, the state of emergency has harmful consequences or in terms of providing humanitarian assistance. no, she said that the, the media stopping the media from going into the zone is limited. the need for transparency and accountability and journalist should be allowed to go into this exclusion zone to report from the border, freely and safe in there. let me give you an idea of this exclusion. so now that was set up as a state of emergency. we can go into it. we're in fact we're standing in it right now. read the permission of the soldiers behind us. now,
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if you could see behind me to the left of me as a forest and to the right of me, of the forest, the left on that side of the train tracks is not the exclusions on this side is. and if you find yourself in there and you are stuck by the border force, or you could face a fine or be arrested nash, the commissioner for the human rights also criticized the pushback from the polish forces. and she said that she's had consistent testing me from people that crossing to poland and was wanting to seek asylum and needed medical attention. but we're forced back and she said that this has to stop. and the humanitarian issue has to be put at the heart of what's taking place. okay. and said, beg, they're a lie for us on the pool. and belarus border. i said, thank you very much indeed. well, hundreds of those, my grants are iraqi kurds. some of them have abandoned their attempts to enter the e and have returned home on to serious imminent con has more and i from appeal as
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they arrive at you can see the exhaustion in their faces, while some are glad to be home. others say they'll return, but i'm going back, i'm ready to try 100 times again. next summer i intend to go. the kurdish regional government of which our bill is the capital released a statement blaming people smugglers were duping rockies into going to bella luce. the statement promised to crack down on them. in the last few days, they say they were arrested 10 members of a criminal smuggling gang. some of those returning thursday described a horrific experience. those of her, i will never tell you, the situation is so bad. the smugglers using people i've seen people dying before my own eyes. i will not try to travel again. i will not go with. a lot of these people have sold everything they own to get to europe. they are likely to come back to less than they had before. the future for them is blinking on the $341.00. people disembarked on this flight here in our bill. another 90 will disembark in baghdad. now there are more flights in the coming days. how many more is
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a negotiation between minsk and baghdad, but perhaps the real negotiation is exactly how many iraqis will want to get on those flights. among con, i'll desert a real countries in europe are tightening restrictions, is covered 19 infections. spike australia is re imposing a full locsin. the new measures starting on monday will last for maximum of 20 dates. vaccination will also be compulsory from february. hungary has recorded its highest number of cove at 19 infections in 24 hours. that's more than $11000.00 cases. you restrictions will also see masks worn, and booster shots made mandatory for health care workers. and in germany, the health minister says the country is in an emergency, yan spawn hasn't, will dates, a national locked, and a 3rd of the population hasn't been vaccinated. and germany has seen
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a records rates of infections is implied on account under london. unfortunately, we've reached a point where we can no longer prevent a lot of illness and suffering. nevertheless, it is still largely in our hands. how bad the situation will become in the future, and above all how long it will last. we have to turn the tide now. there's really no time to lose the girl. well, dominic ange owens, his life from berlin and dominic, how are people react? sing to the news of this locked zone in austria? with a degree of resigned acceptance on some, in some places and with some anger in others. we know that for the past few days in austria, everybody who was unvaccinated says, has already been in a form of lockdown. but those who weren't those had recovered from the virus or indeed had had the vaccine while they were able to go out of this, they still are right now to go to public places. and that sort of thing that have
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to prove their status. but from next week, that's not enough from next week. the government says everyone in lockdown schools open certain essential social services will still be available. people could still receive those benefits as it were, but principally the entire country in lockdown. why? because every other measure the government has tried to bring in has not been enough to stem the tide of new infections, of filling up hospitals of death threats and that sort of thing. that's why the austrian government is decided what is what is decided today. and dominic, what about the situation in germany? because the government is also trying to, to bring back at some steps to bring the coven situation under control. how are things looking well, we've been hearing from loss as either the man in charge of the agency that
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tabulate the information and gives the warnings to the ministers about how cove it is going. saying that that now is the time that that there's no time to lose. we've got to try and break this way. but the interesting thing is that it alongside them in that newscomers where he was speaking, the health minister, caretaker, health minister, yancey brown, who said, look, vaccinations alone will not break this wave of covert this washing across germany right now. and when he says that, that makes people think ok, we're faxing aunts enough my to lock down be the next step. certainly what was agreed yesterday in 2 different sessions, one in parliament and then one between ministers was a much tight sir expression of rules here. it's much harder for people to come and go in their daily lives. it's following the austrian pattern, but so far, at least here in germany. no sign of an absolute lockdown. yes. ok, dominant cain there, johnny. his lie from berlin. thank you. dominic. the philippines
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is among the last countries to reopen its schools after a nearly 20 month closure due to restrictions, united nations children's fun says many filipino students are suffering from reduced learning and developments. jamila alan dorgan has more from quezon province after 19 months. mark g and mendoza and his classmates are finally back in school. the c, it's a much needed reunion, even if it doesn't seem like the way it once was. but i'm saying if i am happy to see my classmates again and to be able to get the helpful that they need from the church. and 3rd, the full yearning experience on the the philippines is the last country in the world to re open its schools. after the pandemic forced months, long locked downs, but out of the thousands of schools across the country, only
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a 100 were chosen by the department of education for the 2 month pilot re opening. this is just one of the very few schools that are allowed to re open here in a lab. but island teachers here tell us they remain hopeful that this week's re opening could also paved the way for schools to be back to normal. again, across the country, men or what's upon them, sanitary stations to disinfection supplies. teachers made sure no details were left out. so far, so good. according to officials. it's very critical at only in this province in this country, but in the inside ward, if the place is low risk, we need to start. when we start, we need to start now. 100 percent appearance. want them to experience face to face again. married as a leader says,
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a parents like her have seen the cost of distance learning while he's 9 year old son. m g says, although he likes being at home with his mother, just like millions of filipino children, he to mrs school. very much, i got martha jim l as in dog and al jazeera i la, but ireland inc, as in province and central filipinos, plenty. marcella harris on these are including canadian troops, helped with rescue efforts in what's expected to be the most expensive natural disaster in the country's history class. i'm saying best ravi, an eastern to paul at the border within the were a conflict is brewing over t and has spawned find out why esther alias, cricket test caps and had to sat down just a few weeks ahead of the ashes. santa will have the story later, this news are ah,
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what protests to 0 again on the streets of sit on. ah, a large herds of rallying and under man and cartoon north there colon forward returned to civilian rule and condemning the killing of at least 15 people during protests on wednesday, sedans, police chief says, security forces were responsible for the debts. miss hill search joins us why, from cartoon russell, despite the violence earlier this week before. so coming out to protest, tell us what's happening while there had been her protest today in regard to my in on demand region and also the battery districts. people are after they're the friday protests, they started to chant against a military again and also in several mosque in the, in the capital. we have seen there that the prayers and absentia for those who have
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been killed on wednesday. i will call it like a it is, it seems like a national morning baby. people are morning for their losses. they. they have lost their daughters. they psalms, the husband, they wives, they have been neighbors. they are they friends and they are more than after the prayer and both of those protest. there's also a how wisdom the wisdom is families and they passed. 5 their condolences to that we can see that, that the grievance is, is growing in sudan and the anger is growing, particularly the young people are very angry. they say they, they feel the future is, is stolen from them and was as to, that was just opening off to the world. now the world will, is as close in its doors on it again. and they say there's this, this day they are expecting for even a darker future and that is not acceptable. so people lay, i talk, they say they want an immediate solution,
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an agreement between army and civilians and also the, the army to hand over power to civilians. as soon as possible and red hill tell us about the political situation. well for now at the both sides army and did their, their civilian groups already form on the firm on their, on their position. so the civilian coalition here, they have demands. they want the army to restore the dead that the transitional government to lease all of the political prisoners and include in the also prime minister, abdullah ham look and also those who have been involved in killings of the civilians to be held accountable. but the talks between sabine as an army so far, how failed. and the concern is that if they cannot find a way that the civilian groups are quoting for larger demonstrations and their fear, they fear that there's lodgers, them session could lead to more killings. and morgans, grievances, wrestle,
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surgery and car st. thank he. the indian government has made a dramatic, you turn on an instance withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws for legislation has triggered nationwide protests that lasted more than a year. the governments introduced the measures last year saying they've modernized the agriculture sector. pharma said the reforms hurts the likelihoods. i minister the ranger moody, telling them to go home. i may apo, today i have come to tell you and the entire nation that we have decided to repeal the 3 laws, how many you will complete the constitutional process of repeating the laws during the parliament session. begin to the end of this month. today i'm asking all of my former friends who have been protesting to return to your homes, your farmland, and your family. as the michelle has more from a processed site where the out because
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a few jelly at one of the 3 sites where farmers have been protesting for nearly a year. what you see around me are temporary structures they set up last year when they decided to camp out until the government revoked the 3 agricultural laws at pharmacy, leave them warsaw and benefit big corporations. now, earlier today, prime minister in the reigns removed the, made a sudden announcement, doing what the farmers have been asking for nearly a year. but these formulas and try just to say they are not willing to go back yet . it is a big tree. they have been congratulating each other, and some of them have even been bursting fire crackers. but they don't necessarily trust the government. they're waiting for the parliament to officially revoke these laws. they also point out that the prime minister in his announcement today missed a few critical points, for example, or nearly $700.00 farmers have died during the course of the protest. the other issue is the issue of guaranteeing farmers a minimum price for their produce at something farmers have been pushing for,
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but did not find mention in the prime minister's speech. the announcement comes at a critical political juncture to states that most of these farmers and protesters come from. that is punjab and not the dish are headed for critical state elections . early next year to day is also interestingly, the birth anniversary of the founder of sic is a, it's a big festival for a community that again has been on the forefront of this protest for nearly a year. let's take a look at how all of this on the folds. the indian parliament passed the laws back in september, reforms and good farmers who marched towards the capital. well, in december, governments met farmers, unions to rights of talks ended in deadlock process, intensifies in january with phases of farmers, stones, new jellies, historic red fords on republic day and in september dies is
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a farmers and fans to campaign against the gulf ring governing b. j. p, well, it's a vendor sharma is an agriculture analyst and joins us from the indian state of he marshall pradesh, gets a happy with as on the news are i've just describes how these protests have been unfolding over a considerable period of time. just reminders, what was so controversial about this law that the indian governments thought was, was really necessary. well, i think 1st of all this except that they're so historical even today as but as far as i'm concerned, because the, the central law very contentious loss is what the fight was on about and dimension bought must have been kind of being on the speech new debbie for almost a year now and therefore not to be the be not be coming something that they need to
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order. but this is only half the battle one because the repeating of the law means the kind of reforms that the government introducing that. but i would investment coming in and the law that they would be increasing productivity and fees in the income and be much more demanding will also be because a lot of them under corporate control. and that is why they had been progressing all these months. and so the, but all i think is being because most everybody should yes, but the other part is that the most demanding minimum price to be paid for them for their cross. and which means that got a good price for a, for all the commodities. but with the minimum support place become like that also every year, but it's not implemented and honest. so that is what the problem was that demanding . and i think got into the incomes is actually the 2nd part of the data struggle
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that the 5 most. so a lot of bridging, so let's wait and see what happens in the students. well exactly, it is all about the next few days, isn't it? because the suggestion that we've been hearing throughout the day is that this law was repealed for political purposes. and unfortunately we have lost our guest, it appears that we have most of into sharma, which is a shame we're going to try and see if you get more on the story. an important story over in north western, in via, let's turn to other, you know, the u. s. congress has the rails a votes on the president's job biden's social safety nets and climate package. minority leader, kevin mccarthy, stoles the final votes with the record long speech that lasted for more than a 1000 years. the house is now expected to vote later on friday. the 1.9 trillion
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dollar build back better act 6 to expand social services. mitigate climate change and increase access to health care? well, let me get more note from alan fisher. he's a correspondent joining us for washington d. c. allen, as i'm talking to you know, it does seem like service activity on the floor of the house. just tell us what's happening right now, that what will happen a no, and we should get resolved very shortly. and it is going to pass the democrats of enough forts to get through a kevin mccarthy and the republicans wanted to block it. remember, this is the $1.00 trillion dollar bill back better bill. the whole idea of kevin mccarthy trying to stall it was he was seeing that it will explode the deficit and also will mean tax cuts for the wealthy, which is an odd thing for the republicans to argue against. but certainly that was his argument on the floor during that marathon speech thursday into friday. the
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congressional bosley office has scored this so essentially have gone through and said, look, what will this course they'll come out said, or course $367000000000.00 over 10 years, adding to the deficit. but the white house has said that they've got the figures wrong. we're going to take a lot more in, in tax revenue, particularly taxes on the wealthy. so they haven't quite scored this right. and the moderate republican, moderate democrat. so assume are we want to see what the cb or says said we believe what the white house is same, we think the will actually get more money and so they throw in their support behind it. so what happens next? well, this will go through the house, it will pass 1.7 trillion, it will then go to the senate. there will be a few amendments that will take some time. will probably get a vote before christmas, december 25th. and then we'll go back to the house and then it's likely to pass there. it will go through the senate and not with any republican support. and it will go through in a simple majority, because they will use a mechanism to do that rather than the 60 votes that they need. but this is a huge step forward for joe biden and his agenda to try and improve the lives of so
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many people in the united states by including things like tax credits, 555000000000 dollars on climate change, and also a giving a free preschool to 3 and 4 year olds across america and came well that voters still continuing lots and actions. keep an eye on over in the senate, alan. we're going to let you get back to it. and we'll check in later alan fish in there live from washington. d. c. canadian troops, or on the grounds, helping with rescue efforts in the 4 devastated province of british columbia roads, bridges, and railways have been washed away, and several towns remain cut off the official se they expect us to be the costliest natural disaster in canadian history. she returns the reports form abbotsford. the sumac prairie is british columbia is agricultural heart loans, but now it's submerged. in fact, sue must prairie had been su, must lake for millennia, before it was drained in the early 20th century for settlement. now it's
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a vast floodplain particularly vulnerable to more frequent weather extremes that scientists want us to expect in the changing climate. over 2 days this week, a months worth of rain fell here. now thousands of displaced or cut off roadways, railways and bridges have been washed away. some of those rescue to staying in this shelter with no idea when they can return home, given the continued flooding and the uncertainty about the structural stability of transport routes that remain. i've heard 2 days to 10 days. no one knows. so i heard 2 days, 2 days ago, so i'm still here. farmers have desperately been trying to rescue their livestock some 20000 dairy cattle once grazed her many a thought to have perished in washington dc off to the so called a 3 amigos summit with his us mexican counter pulse. the canadian prime minister pledged coordinated action. we will continue to work with indigenous communities to keep people safe. we'll work with the province with industry and all of the
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partners to on logistics on repairs and getting goods moving true to did mention climate change in general terms, but didn't take the opportunity to link the catastrophic flooding in british columbia to greenhouse gas emissions. but climate scientists are being explicit. they say that is also is part of a destructive cycle caused by human induced global warming. just a few months ago, a record heat wave caused by changing jet streams lead to forest fires, that stripped the landscape of trees and the stability of their root systems. that was then followed by intense storms fueled by the warming ocean that washed away everything in the path. in the past, climate scientists were reluctant to say that one specific weather event was definitively connected to global warming. but now such as the strength of the science, that ambiguity is gone. they say this is what climate change looks like. she
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advertise the al jazeera abbotsford, stanford, whether he is everton. hello, the weather sitting rather cool and wet across south australia at the moment, some heavy rain making its way across the southern parts, spilling outs of fur w way through south australia, down towards that southeast corner. little sporadic at times. but we have seen some notable rainfall coming in for some nother ball. st. 22 millimeters afraid. let's just down towards that southwestern corner of adelaide. it's normally pretty try here. it's actually been, it's wet is november, since records began a 135 years ago. 85 millimeters of frame for so far. there's more where that came from. we got some showers, longest bells of bright, still sliding across south australia, pushing down towards the south east victoria. we'll see some wet weather and turning increasingly wet into new south wales saturday. going on into sunday, the y spread rainfall to setting in here, and that is likely to cause some localized will flash flooding summer where to
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weather even creeping into southern parts of queensland over the next couple of days. so again, watch out for some high river levels and flash, letting coming through here monday. see where to whether making his way back into where doubly way should be dry down towards that southeast corner, sunshine and showers. therefore, new zealand, a little bit, a shabby agent making its way across japan, but for the most part is funded. try still ahead on al jazeera calls for an investigation into the death of a palestinian prisoner in his really custody. and it was 50 years for 2 men convicted of killing malcolm acts of their names cleared this japanese baseball stars, receiving some high praise back home to be names the most valuable player in the american league will have more in schools later on the user ah.


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