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facilities can his unique style really help clean up the mess? sunny culture to pop culture is the fastest way those soft. if any asian problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary announces era. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call hand will, but you can use in current affairs that matter to years. ah austria announce is a country wide lockdown while germany faces a national emergency. a 4th wave of cobit 19 is on the way in western europe. ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this is al jazeera alive from dough. also coming up with
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india's father celebrates alphabet protests forced the government to withdraw its controversial farm laws. a makeshift camp on the battle, roosters border with poland. busy has been cleared, some migrants, refugees are in a shelter, or some iraqis have been flown home. plus, i'm the investor avia in eastern depaul at the border with we're a conflict is brewing over t ah austria has just become the 1st country at western europe to re impose a full cove at 19 lockdown. the new measures starting on monday will last for a maximum of 20 days. austria is also making vaccination compulsory from february in neighboring, jody. meanwhile, the health minister says that the country is in an emergency yet spawn hasn't rolled out a national lockdown. giovanni has seen a record rate of infect,
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since the 3rd of the population hasn't yet been vaccinated. on thursday, the lower house of parliament approved new restrictions. let's get more on all of this now from out there was dominic cane. you joins us that live from berlin, so just days out of imposing restrictions on unvaccinated people in austria. now the whole country is going to lock down. yeah, you have to look at what's happening in austria through the prism of these ever upward trending figures. adrian, the reality for many austrians is that it has been a sliding scale. almost that one week there's been one set of restrictions, then the next week, more restrictions, and now we're into full lockdown. clearly the reason for this is because of the incidence of cove in many parts of austria is in 4 digits more than a 1000 per 100000 of population will. that is a very considerable number. and full,
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many politicians in austria right now. it's too much and they say that even though people are being vaccinated, they say that, that the problem is such that they have to lock down. remember that austria is one of those countries where around 2 thirds of the population has been vaccinated, but that still leaves a 3rd who have not. and yes, of course, that include the 3rd who have not includes children. but it also includes a large group of adults, people for whom the vaccine has been freely and readily available for many months indeed. and yet they have refused to have the vaccine. the point to make is that the scientists emetics and to do the ministers in austria say effectively, that the numbers that they see, the numbers of people coming down with cove, it every day, the vast majority of them are the unvaccinated, and it's to them that they were originally trying to target the measures, but now they say the problem has become so big that only a national lockdown,
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which in 1st in his 10 days but could be extended to 20 days, is enough right now. and then clearly moving to forcing everyone to have a vaccine by fair in february of next year. well, that shows you quite how seriously the medics and ministers in vienna are, are taking covered right now. and is that the but the situation in germany to where also at the thought of the population is, is yet to be vaccinated in the countries health. but as the says that, that germany is, is in the midst of an emergency. yeah, this point here is similar sorts of fractions of the population. one 3rd in austria and vaccination, one 3rd in germany, unvaccinated in australia, it's a few $100000.00. we're talking about in germany, it's potentially 15000000 adults who remain un vaccinated. now some of those people may well be people who have recovered from an initial burst of,
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of cove it and have and have to wait a 6 month period before they can themselves be vaccinated. but it has to be we shouldn't assume in use, but a healthy assumption would be that the vast majority of the unvaccinated have not had cove it and don't want the vaccine. and those of the people to whom ministers medics and scientists, particularly those who spoke this morning, that's not i've either from the robert cock institute, the head of the agency that tabulate all the information related to cove it and the caretaker, health minister yan, from their rhetoric as it was directed pointedly at them. but the point here is that when mister spawn talks of an emergency situation, that's a little bit of politicking going on there because the lower house of parliament yesterday, the wonders talk yesterday passed new laws. one of which was to say that the emergency situation, these are the covert which has existed for many, many, many months now will that will expire in a week's time. so he's politicking a little bit there when he talks about an emergency because his party doesn't like
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what was passed by parliament yesterday. but in terms of the reality for all the germans who were watching the pronouncements of mister spon and mister vila, it's not what parliament passed yesterday. it was a ministers, the minister presidents of the prime ministers of the states and angle immacule and all have shots. what they agreed yesterday evening, which is decisive. that is, that the new metric which will be used to determine what sort of measures will be brought in. that's the number of the incidence of a 7 days of people with cove. it being put into hospital and the ruling there is pretty simple. what they're going to do is they will require different states in different places at different times, but all will have to, to tighten their measures and bring in what's called the 2 g rule in germany. it's vague illegal. what that means is that anyone who wants to go to any public place will have to be able to prove that they have either recovered from the, the virus recently all that they have been vaccinated. and yet further,
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stringent rules might be not that far away, which would be where would be the 2 g plus, where you'd have to have proved to be, have recovered, or to be vaccinated, and to have a negative test. the one thing they haven't done yet here in germany is they have not followed the austrian pattern with loc. dan's. but it is worth making the point that they are following almost as like a mirror image, but still in slow motion, the way austria went 1st, they tinkered with the rules for the unvaccinated, then they brought in this to g rule. now the austrians have brought in lock down. the question for many in germany right now is, will they also here in germany, be going in to lockdown out there is thomas cane reporting live from berlin. dominic, many thanks. india's government has made a dramatic, you turn as announced that it's withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws. the legislation had triggered nationwide protests that lasted more than a year. the government introduced the measures say that they'd modernize the
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agriculture sector, but farmers said that the reforms would hurt their livelihoods. now, prime minister landrum audrey is so telling them to go home. i'd met up today. i have come to tell you and the entire nation you that we have decided to repeal the 3 laws summoning we will conclude the gotten the short process of repealing the laws during the parliamentary session that begin to the end of this month. revenue. today i'm asking all my former friends who had been protesting nick to return to your homes, your farm land 0 and your family is number one out from alzheimer's poverty natal, who's at a protest site. when the ask us a few jelly, i'd one of the trip sites where farmers have been protesting for nearly a year. what you see around me are temporary structures they set up last year when they decided to camp out until the government revoked the 3 agriculture laws that pharmacy lead them was all and benefit big corporations. now, earlier today,
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prime minister in the ranger mode, the made a sudden announcement doing what the formulas had been asking for nearly a you. but these formulas. and so just to say they are not willing to go back yet. it is a big tree. they have been congratulating each other, and some of them have even been busting firecrackers, but they don't necessarily trust the government. they're waiting for the parliament to officially revoke these laws. they also point out that the prime minister in his announcement today missed a few critical points. for example, on nearly $700.00 farm was have died during the course of the protest. the other issue is the issue of guaranteeing farmers a minimum price for they produce it something farmers have been pushing for, but did not find mention in the prime minister's speech. the announcement comes at a critical political juncture to states that most of these farm was in protest as come from that is punjab and not their probation are headed for critical state elections. early next year to day is also interestingly,
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the birth anniversary of the founder of sic is a, it's a big festival for a community that again has been on the forefront of these protests for nearly a year. poland is accused, baylor roofs of continuing to help asylum seekers cross into you territory. that's despite that by the russians clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on faster. better was officials say that hundreds of moved voluntarily to a reception center. the western borders have better risks remain, essentially sealed. thousands of migrants and refugees, including children, have been struck in freezing conditions of the border. for days i was here, as i said, beg your life with us now from my vodka on the polish side of the border with bruce . i said, what's happening there now? well, is heard from the border authority here and they've said that smaller groups are still trying to cross the border. now there's a hospital in high enough where doctors have said that in the last month and a half,
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there's been around 180 people that they have treated in 40 minutes away from here at another hospital. we've heard that there are 3 men that had made it across the board and have been in the forest for a considerable amount of time and the receiving medical conditions. the activists have called media to attend because they believe that the board of force will turn up and push those people back across the border. that's been main concern of activists and humanitarian workers here. but another news, the russian president vladimir putin as had a phone conversation with his brother, russian counterpart, alexander lucas shanker, where he stressed that minsk and the european union should be at work and cooperation. and also the ro by the russian president, alexander lucas shanker, had a phone conversation with germany as the angler. merkle where he proposed, he offered humanitarian gateway from bella, rouge, to germany, for 2000 refugees. and in turn by the roost, would return around 5000. that were willing to their home countries that this was rejected by the european union and,
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and germany. but we've also heard that the british are to send more troops here. we understand in the last month there were 10 that were helping polish authorities with the board. and now they're going to send another 100 nice and clear why poland is seeking help from the u. k. the u. k. a not in the european union. and also the u. k. doesn't have a fence along its borders because it's an island. meanwhile, there's been a powerful intervention. i said from the ears commissioner for human rights. absolutely very powerful in some cases, scathing. now what she has done is she said that the, the picked, such a situation is sustained by a narrative of security. she's criticize the state of emerging that emergency that's been brought in here alongside the border and that seclusion. so now we've been reporting about, that's occlusions on that stretches along the border that compet encompasses around a $180.00 villages and towns. and in that seclusion on age,
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workers are not allowed to go in journalist and not to like to go in to the con, get up right next to the border to let you know what the polish authorities are doing to keep people out. know what she has said her that it's or has harmful consequences, an agent and it stops agencies from providing humanitarian assistance. and she also said the stopping media from going into that zone are it stops or limits much needed transparency and accountability and journals should be true poor from across that border, freely and safely. now she also said that this policy of pushback, pushing people back across the board, as i mentioned earlier earlier, and she's had consistent reports of people coming into the country, crossing that border, seeking asylum, and some needing urgent medical attention and been sent back. and she said that this was an acceptable but she praised local human rights organizations and agencies that i've been trying to help people that crossed that border. but she also added that there is a palpable atmosphere of hate and fear towards people that also that surrounds
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humanitarian aid. and that follows a group of doctors here who were giving age to people that crossed at border and their vehicles were attacked. and she urged the government here to investigate that . but she also said that that state of emergency that, that exclusions on shouldn't be extended or once it ends in december. now the government here is looking to extend the exclusions on or although the state of emergency. oh will end, but they want to maintain the exclusions on stopping agencies and journalist going again and as she has spoken and very tough and strong to and against them. as soon as i said, beg, they're in, hein, oscar on the polish side of the border with baylor roost and said many thanks indeed. warrior keith is a specialist on the legal and political aspects of migration. he says he has no doubt the poland and the e. u of breaking international law. i think we have to treat them as if they are asylum seekers until the point of which they failed to reply for asylum. i'm sure
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the door is very, very clear on this. people are entitled to answer to cross over to answer country and then and on to only at that point, they are obliged to express their desire to apply for asylum. so i think at this point we have to treat them as if they're asylum seekers, even if they were migrants, they would be a case that the way that they've been treated is morally terrible and audio video legal. but yes, at this point i think asylum seekers is the only sensible sentence is not legal for them to on iraq, frances, all to deploy as they have gone, as i mean at the moment on the polish border, i apologize but, but there are 5 armed people for every one, man, woman and child who's attempting to her and poland, and no, it's not legal, it's, it's absolutely legal. does come to light that are in conversation with anglo michael arms. alexander lucas shanker offered that they should be 2000 people allowed to enter. poland, a lot, 20 you through a humanitarian corridor on the european union has dismiss thigh. they are out of hand. yes. the european union is acting absolutely illegal and it knows ease. the
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european union knows international law, holland knows international law, the polish government, those in social law, and they know that they're breaking instructional. so to come here on out a syrup canadian troops helping rescue efforts in what's expected to be the most expensive natural disaster in the country's history. plus, i'm sorry, it's mile at the sale international circuit, the venue that's about the house. patterson, earth ever 4 mill, wine, robbery? ah, ah, look forward to barometer skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. however, we've got more snow in the forecast, sir. northern parts of china over the next couple of days. you had a little bit of a break recently. but we have got a winfrey mix coming in as you go on through the next day or so. if your showers is
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clearing away from northern parts of japan, at the moment, japan will be largely dry and fine along with the korean peninsula might just catch your ro, shout was eastern parts of north korea, but he comes at wet weather as we go on through saturday, he comes at winfree whether as we go on through sunday, so when swinging round with northwest the direction just 8 celsius there in beijing, a fair bit of snow sliding into that northeast corner of china. and we could see some significant snowfall, disruptive snow coming across a northeast of china, along with north korea some other way, whether to on the other side of the yellow sea. fine a dry c once again. therefore, japan temperatures in tokyo, at around $800.00 celsius. but central parts are trying to see some very heavy rain heavy rain continuing to across sir, southern parts of india. not quite as wet as it has been pleased to say, but we have still got some big downpours coming through at wet weather. continuing to lurk its way across, southernmost past commonalities seeing more heavy downpours where the weather will gradually slide a little further west,
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which as we go on through sunday and not too bad for the northern plains. oh, the weather sponsored by cataract ways. in the country with an abundance of results . re byron walk indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to growth and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now with ah,
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hello again. this is alters, here are the main news. the south austria has become the 1st country at west of europe to re impose a full coven 19 lockdown that he measures will start on monday. it germany, the health minister says the country is facing a national emergency. india's government says that it's withdrawing free, controversial farm laws. legislation have triggered nationwide protests that lasted more than a year. and poland is accused by the roofs of continuing to help asylum seekers cross into e u territory. thus, despite by the russians clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday, saddam's police chief has defended security forces, insisting that they used only legal means to control recent opposition. protests talked to say that at least 15 protests were killed by live fire on wednesday. it was the worst to have violence. since the military took power last month, the head of police is denying its involvement and the deaths say that police use
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tear gas and rubber bullets, and we're protecting civilians, overseers result solder has more from khartoum. 30 expectations for their protests after their friday prayer, which is a usual practice here in, in, in, in sudan off there, the military takeover on october 25th. so at that today, the center of the process is expected to be al and saw malls. and i live in the expectations are not for the big a big scale demonstration. so on the other hand, across the capital, did that in at several, most people are going to have the prayer in absentia for those who have been killed on wednesday during the widened confrontations between d. a security forces and protest her. so ab did the internet blackout, you know, have been conducted on the or in, in the country, sees the military takeover. and finally the internet shut down is partly lifted.
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people are receiving the signal on their phone. however, they still do not have access to the social media platforms and also the communication apps and their phone lines are completely back. they have been disrupted on wednesday. the did as of today, we can see that the life to a certain extent is back to normal that the bodies are reopened. the main roads already opened and the better kids that had been sad because of the brakes and rules that had been said by the put of testers. aud removed canadian troops, helping with rescue efforts in the flood, devastated province of british columbia roads bridges, and railways had been washed away. of several towns remained. cut off. officials say they expect this to be the costliest natural disaster. in canadian history, al jazeera shall paternity reports from abbotsford. the sumac prairie is british
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columbia's agricultural heart loans, but now it's submerged. in fact, sue must prairie had been su, must lake for millennia, before it was drained in the early 20th century for settlement. now it's a vast flood plain, particularly vulnerable to more frequent weather extremes. the scientists want us to expect in the changing climate. over 2 days. this week, a months worth of rain fell here. now thousands of displaced or cut off roadways. railways and bridges have been washed away, some of those rescue to staying in this shelter with no idea when they can reach on home, given the continued flooding and the uncertainty about the structural stability of transport routes that remain. i've heard 2 days to 10 days. no one knows, so i heard 2 days, 2 days ago, so i'm still here. farmers have desperately been trying to rescue their livestock some 20000 dairy cattle once grazed her many a fool to have perished in washington dc after the so called a 3 amigos summit. with his u. s. and mexican counterparts,
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the canadian prime minister pledged coordinated action. we will continue to work with indigenous communities to keep people safe. we'll work with the province with industry, all of the partners to on logistics on repairs and getting goods moving true to did mention climate change in general terms, but didn't take the opportunity to link the catastrophic flooding in british columbia to greenhouse gas emissions. but climate scientists are being explicit, they say that is all set is part of a destructive cycle caused by human induced global warming. just a few months ago, a record heat wave caused by changing jet streams lead to forest fires that stripped the landscape of trees and the stability of their roots systems. that was then followed by intense storms fueled by the warming ocean. that washed away everything in the path. in the past climate scientists are locked in to say that one specific weather event was definitively connected to global warming. but now
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such as the strength of the science, that ambiguity is gone. they say this is what climate change looks like. she advertise the al jazeera abbotsford. the 2 front runners in chin a is presidential election has held final rallies ahead of sunday's vote. the right wing candidate jose antonio cast wants to bring down texas and reduce the size of government. leftist gabriel burridge wants to do the exact opposite. it's neither of them gets 50 percent of the votes for 2 men will face off in another round on december 19th indian businesses, or aggressively lobbying that government to impose terrorists and quality control checks on t imports from the power. they say that the unregulated influx is hurting local brands. traders in the pall say that their t is not only better, but fills a gap in the indian market. i'll just hear a same disruption as more now from l. m. district and east on the pulse.
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no soldiers, no guns, but it in a paul's eastern border with india. tensions are simmering. an unlikely front line is where for years the 2 countries have been locked in quiet conflict over one of the world's most precious and widely consumed commodities. for nepal. t plantations . it's a fight for survival. yeah, one of the key is the goose that lays the golden egg. there is local production happening. we have local companies here worldwide. people drink tea and it's also good for health. we drink it and we call alarm district. the place to mine for tea in alarms markets, himalayan t is liquid gold fuel for the country's economic engine. but growers from the neighboring indian state of west bengal, or lobbying their government to impose terrorists and bureaucratic roadblocks to take their landlocked neighbors. t off the table where here at nepalese border with
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india now and dar dealing is just 30 minutes down this road past that checkpoint. now the terrain, the soil, even the plants that the t comes from. it's all the same in this area of indian grover say that there's is the original darjeeling branded only there. t should be allowed to carry the name, the seeds of what some nepalese have taken to calling the kettle. wars were planted more than a century ago when the british still ruled. india smuggled out of china and planted in darjeeling in the 18. hundreds indian growers say their t is the genuine article and importing from the paul is destroying a legacy brand. but indian traders routinely mix nepalese t with and sell it as darjeeling to make up for supply shortfalls and meet massive market demands. in fact, india is nepalese, biggest customer, half of the tea made here and almost all of the premium. great stuff. most similar
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to darjeeling is bought by india for nepalese owners, india, stirring up trouble is just about protecting market share. i. pillsbury, india is very big country. with the tenured, we have of small bird economy. and that we have a $1000000000.00 trip deficient with india $1000000000.00. and that we don't have anything to sell our product to india while it t is in a very small quantity. that is not going to the indian economy, notting, but of the victim power of nipple brewing tensions steeped in history at risk of boiling over or a storm in a teacup indian concerns have merit with nepalese, say t should move as freely between borders as their people'd then bas ravi ultra 0 alarm district, eastern nepal. ah,
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the stars are for we, the one are about to compete in cut off the 1st time, the goal pre could have a big se on who wins the world title. max for stipend has a narrow leader of louis hamilton as the season enters its final stretch for a smile, reports from new sale international circuit. ah, a year before canter house, the middle east, 1st football world cut formula. wine is bad. make it, did you? appearance in the golf state. cat are seizing its opportunity after robberies and 5 other countries were cancelled due to covered 90. billy sale. international circuit is an established venue on the modo, cheaply calendar, but it's had just a few weeks to prepare for this race. the changes requested by formula one were very, very small. the rest of the changes are related to sponsors and you know, beautification, if you, if you will. so what will happen to the tires?
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what will happen to each corner? how teams will be ready and set up their cars. all these questions add to the excitement, and i think a lot of friends are waiting to see how things will happen here. which is 3 races. laughter sees in cats are, couldn't have picked a better time to enter the sport. tens of thousands of fans will be here to witness the latest episode in one of the f one closest ever season. 7 time world champion, louis hamilton is locked in a title battle with red bulls. max for stop in for stop in is amy to win his 1st ever world title going into this race. he leads his mercedes rival by just 14 points and the driver's standings most of the race is you know, really pushing like the whole race flat out. and that is something which not, it doesn't happen all the time in order. and so of course time management and stop it now you're constantly like under pressure or you are the one attacking right. and i think that's just great because it's nice to have leaves. now to teams like
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fighting for when was some weekends, it sounds like this gets home weekends is not and not been here before. so we like everyone, not really knowing what to expect just hopeful that the car feels like it did last week. i think we learn some things about where to put the car and i hope that applies here, but it might not this will be just the 1st chapter encounters formula. one story. the country has signed a decade long deal to host a race every year from 2023. far as small al jazeera doha. ah, it's good to have with us. hello adrian, sitting here in the how the headlines on i was 0. austria has become the 1st country in western europe, reimpose, a full, coven, 19 lockdown that he measures will start on monday in germany. meanwhile, the health, but it's the.


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