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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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just hopeful that the car feels like a day last week. i think we learn some things about where to put the car and i hope that applies here, but it might not this will be just the 1st chaptering hatters formula. one story country assigned a decade long deal to host a race every year from 2023, far as smile, al jazeera, doha, that take a look at this. if it's dark, where you are, you can probably see it in the sky. we can't hear in though our because it's daylight, but the longest partial lunar eclipse in italy, 600 years, is underway right now. the best views are in north and south america, australia and northeastern asia. nasa says the partial eclipse goes on for more than 3 hours, 28 minutes. that makes it the longest partial eclipse. since the printing press was invented in $1440.00 a longer total lunar eclipse is expected on november 8th next year. ah,
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it's good to have you with us adrian sitting in here in doe how the headlines and al jazeera by the roosters, cleared a makeshift camp for migrants and refugees at its border with poland. hundreds of those asylum seekers, mostly iraqi kurds have abandoned their attempt to enter the e. u and have returned home. i said beg reports from high knocker on the polish side of the border. well, belarus cleared out some of those cancer along the board and put those people in the warehouse, but the polish authorities, border guards have said that they're still attempt to cross the border. but in smaller numbers now they're, they're accused again by the russian authorities of helping people cross that board to try to get in to europe. and the, you know, what we're hearing here is that people are still managing to cross that border go through this ancient forest into poland at the hospital in high enough. go not far from here. now doctors, there have been speaking and they've said just in the last month and a half, they've treated 180 people now that as the hospital here,
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they are more along this area along the border. india's government says it's withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws. the legislation had triggered nationwide protests that lasted more than a year. the government introduced the measures last year saying that modernized the agriculture sector, but farmers said the reforms hurt their livelihoods. sedans, police chief, has defended his security forces, insisting that they used only legal means to control recent opposition. protests, doctors say that at least 15 demonstrators were killed by live fire on wednesday. canada's military is helping with rescue efforts from the flood, devastated province of british columbia on persons confirmed dead. at least 3 are missing. 18000 people have been forced from their homes flooding a gland slides of cut, major roads, making the transportation, transportation of goods and people difficult. those. the headlines. more news on al
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jazeera, after one on one east, coming up next serious dorcas days with one man leading the country through uh, pleasant alice out as last legitimacy. he needs to step down. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human eyesight master of chaos on al jazeera. ah, in papa guinea police, a waging a war against ruthless gang 1st official crowding armed robberies, carjackings murders shot it all. oh their name and you
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leave them the capital port. moresby is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world which come in your program a you to do one or one east investigates property guineas, criminal underbelly, a land of volcanoes, mountains, and vast forests. as far as the i can see. but pa, for you guinea is also home to violent local gain. these p, the police are fighting a merciless campaign against the rascals. harden criminals from the slums. ah,
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we're in the capital port. moresby, with a local police. when a call comes out, have a disorder. we marry him or, or at all. mm hm. we have to be quick. the stations reporting to robbers have gone into hiding in the area. the police are familiar with the neighborhood of a gloomy, from o'connor, with seamlessly mobil cleared on less and less ingeniously. or i was listed, i think the police start a search with lieutenant david chicks, the buildings, one by one after a few minutes, his fellow officer. find the suspect. there's no indication he's involved in the
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robbery. yet the police arrest him of the fight. just with burger king. yes. there appears to be no basic rights for the suspect. you're the policeman. holes him on the ground gray rather aside injured. they use a dog leash as handcuffs after you are you are away from here owners. they came in person in law, show us the rest of the mission. mission probably know all of them because they're, they're crusoe. they're against you'll know where they live on where they're taking their money or even in front of our cameras, the police don't hesitate to hit the suspect. oh, you sometimes show, in most cases, fully service hasn't been used to actual people. if,
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if he was continuously running out of service, lead crystal, please are, they don't carry at least other finally got my medicine. well, that a good thing. so i'm happy with the police. want to take the suspect to the victims to see if they can identify him. but when they arrive at the grocery store, the manager is on guard attacks on businesses by corrupt police officers, a common here, mr. barbie because they were from i feel under one guy and i did before a one man like a. eventually they persuade an employee to come out and see the suspect reasonably. or did you buy literally a witness to the crime. his testimony is crucial, but there's
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a heat with center channel, either the employee, certain, the suspect is not the man who robbed the store. really to define it, we're going to be sure the police asked to see the video surveillance footage water with oh, do you want to but also nice says what else with white i know how you got we're going to wait a little under pressure very much the video confirms the employee's testimony for the man is released. the federal anyways, i get a good. there's no apology or compensation or when i get out of
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swap with among other fools for just a bottle of water to rinse out his bloody mouth. as for the robbers, this dill, it launched in this neighborhood on the sea, were given the rare opportunity to meet some other no an armed robbers. cannula . barto was once a small fishing village, but with more people migrating from the countryside to the city in recent years, it's grown to around $15000.00 inhabitants. crime and violence of serge. it's a lawless zone. the police haven't been able to patrol since 2015. this is jackson bass. he's won a poppy guineas,
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most important crime balsam. after several weeks of repeated contact, he's finally agreed to meet us. if there's a job, we will have to sign us tolan vehicle to execute her. of key will tell. oh goodness. okay, you finish. try find hodges and then bring our report inside here which is safe. and then we change the plate number pool all. busy the resource to get to like arms and all that, and have a plan from here and go out if he could have come back here, no matter what jack seems, open and friendly, but he has a record as a harden career criminal. his 1st robbery was at the age of 16 and his crimes multiplied from there across the neighbourhood, stolen cars that jacket, his men using robberies a left to rust. today the gang leader has
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a job to attend to one of his specialities stealing luxury cars. okay, now dealer trails are lemme to south fire law owner actually to the yacht club. he was up to the ship one of yours and slipped them one in the crumbs oberon. and while the jacks already had a spare key made all he needs now a false papers. over the years, the gang leader has developed an efficient network of accomplices. you're going to see a man. yeah, this one's one front of what a soldier of the i want to get. so low electrical way study.
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i want the photo suction ish you still it will within us. if a couple of going to buy to buy agreement is amazed, prepared to make a change all the paperwork and all that we allow, the metal can send a little vehicle insurance. so we'll look into it or pay for us. it is all port and then on the report and tell it so we can send it for there's a 1st name, so there's 150050000 with it because i used one. and it's more safe on the risks of been short. this 0 jack been take this to the poor district of co gary on the outskirts of the city where his family least a. that's my house. yeah, he's much, i'm really these. my mom, i one normal cuff, i'm in not eligible,
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but i one will go curled lamps. that's her daughter. my sister lives, my sister, my aunt ish. but is my, my dad martha? are you proud of your son? part of my state. why are you kidding me? why? because i'm getting old in is getting sold. so he'll request on the head of a criminal gang. jack is the primary bread winner for his family level and says everything you does is for then when, when, when you are keith, what was your jewel? i dream to be a lawyer. the course may give him a background. my father is a criminal. i focused on to go to school and get a new cushion and become a lawyer and fight justice. give justice for my, my people where there's so much injustice. maybe what i'm doing now is not for myself,
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but all my true and future jack found work on the other side of the law. inquiring to set up his operations. the gang leader needs weapons. and for this, he has an in house supplier. is with a little bit of small governance by do not genuinely shoot this gun smith, who will call john has been working exclusively for jack's gang for 28 years. this is the 1st time the gains allowed him to be filmed. 2 boys come in. no program i do to they said they went hold up for robbery. john makes one gun a month on average. his tools and techniques may be rudimentary, but the finished products are effective version and sometimes kill police man low.
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yeah, he put that that the senior with when was he didn't go to the garbage finished by how you find the bully for me if the police or medical related you to me and i do this voice to be for me and her only to, to make one, maybe one our little that's to me is kimball stubble. at them in the woodland innovative evidence or miss open? oh, come request me walking mcgee would so minutes early unplugged if auntie local to request me. okay. maybe more oh, it's a risky business. if john's arrested, he could faith 5, he's in prison,
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and how much good one this one. 0, one doesn't, came out and just like that. another wish and he's ready for p and g's gang lands. we travel to the heart of the countries mountains. here the forest cover nearly 3 who is the territory and his home to unique was life and plant species found nowhere else in the world. the famous mud men live on the outskirts of these breath taking landscape. or in the village of a sorrow gyms the leader of this community of a few 100 people these days, the mud masks are not so much a feature of their daily attire, but a more for tourists. consider for chronicle is
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a tourist hon. miss applebee po peak, my aunt taking me one day law finishing is a to son. she did get money. he talked to them to us the madman and we get money if you dollars that or is there can. then we don't go home and we have no money, no money. but the pandemic has put tourism here on hold. to supplement these meagre income, the madmen work the land in the village. we always been sweet potatoes because one beer is 15. okay. or santa can, can you see this as soon as he could he for a gritty it this latrete it vegetables profitable, but not enough to allow parents to send their children to school or by every day necessity. to make ends meet,
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the village has turned to an illegal industry making alcohol. jim takes us to a small heart with a home brew it's made. it has been in us. it's already getting ready. widow forage in charge of manufacturing it. eric explains his method. santana, but ownership, she showed her several parkway and dora, who told us that was warmer. we got water supply party at cambridge with another few with him when the snow and i am sure eric's home brew is extremely potent. between 60 and 79 percent alcohol. sometimes people cannot become a violent because of these. yes, they can fight. they really want to fight your. you can go crazy. you read, we like to kilo's, wife, we children competing with local world news
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too. so the strong. so what about his strong airy charge is less than $5.00 a liter. to supplement his income, he's developed an even riskier business. growing cannabis and stop hype and hooper has snoopy sinclair, gorgeously had rulings that'll grown and clear won't really tell you. but ly, la police and pat, and then cherish while hight people's pony shall reply and global action calaboose here 5 to 10 years from direction. the communities across the highlands are prepared to take the risk to try to earn extra income. ah, lean equality between the nations rich and poor has been the source of many scandals in the poverty stricken country such as the 2018 apec summit.
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a meeting for leaders from across the asia pacific region to transport 21 heads of state during the summer. the government board, dozens of luxury maserati cars with public funds, the cost to the taxpayer, nearly $4000000.00. but what happened to them since after investigation, we learned they stored in these nearby sheds. when we arrived, the guard confirms the cause of behind these gates, where they are gathering dust inside. we find 40 brand new maserati imported from each lea was a $100000.00 each. the finance minister said the cars would be sold to the highest bidder after the summit and that he expected them to fill like foot case.
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while critics called the cause a symbol of government waste. in other places, public spending is hard to see the mana penitentiary, the largest prison in the country, lies just outside the capital. where am uniform strider procedures filters this roller? i remember that a book let overflow to go. the august. inside these rusty metal barracks, rapist murderers and robbers together. ah, he is the administration only separate so is awaiting trial like this man who's been behind bars for more than a year. you had our meta matter in the prison for unarmed guards are responsible for more than 600 inmates. we will, if maybe we on them are we, you shall we moved in our brain to, you know, talk to them,
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to stablish them down to how you manage to submit amy joshua with dish i'll on there. when a we can not contain none of the group, we used to allow him to get the support. that was really, i mean there was come and reinforcement or comments or what else in our duty. but these gods really cool for reinforcements once the most dangerous prison in the country, it's improved in the last 5 years. in order to ensure pays, the new management asked the prisoners to take control of their own security. in exchange, they are given more freedom within the grounds. electrically there is one over to you. each barracks has its own head of security. in this 145 year old joe is the boss. i broke in, push it in this i wish learn to torrijos own i can you said prison.
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i thought he so different sentences for different crimes armed robbery. peyton, 50 even murder, serving 25 years in prison. joe will remain here until 2025 or he spends his days in his dormitory hot dish with british my gonna actually fear my sleep when it skips all the. i don't have blanket. i want the ish hot climate, the short and this one to will be hot with climate change cold when comes to the my breath with. if any, what they come down that you don't wanna cement with prisoners here have no mattresses to sleep on. no television and no phone, but some like joe managed to get one. i have my, my phone. i want, i can see which look here. sounds positive on those.
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what happened with behind this i and barrier is solitary confinement in this very small space prison. this can be held anywhere between a few weeks and a few months. i vote no of these men are all here for the same reason. they broke prison rules. i incident or style. customer drinking. alcohol is a now con, how you manage to get on call. telephone, all this data requested they're so big confidential you know, what i'm saying is a prisoner is cautious as a god stands right behind us is or what is to get in after years of
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confinement, the prison allow some inmates to work outside. ah, this morning where port mosby central market, under heavy surveillance prisoners will clean the area around the market with only prisoners who meet certain conditions and who are approaching the end of their sentence are eligible for they are from hill from one to let go. they have become more easy. so with that, they will think you have all i have from fremont before i get this free go, i don't get with this community service provides an opportunity for
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surprising were union family can sit and people a house against them and talk to deb this detainee has not seen his daughter for 9 years here. then with the watch moreland, i left him with my wife with a plan which they can for his family. they've been trying times for his room and i have no retention with him. we returned to the city center to find jack the head of the gang. he's meeting up with his associates far from prying eyes. sexual play is
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a safe place where we can come and talk and discuss things here. the body of jack's long time friend and partner in crime is marked my years of violet confrontations. my little brother is shot 9 times different occasions ah saturday. so we call him or whatever. oh yeah. national glance again, them 16 when did same simply again, i know i saw my teacher. so my friends linden did do a written by a college bill, shot me in and i saw 3 policeman jacks. also being shot and short here while others still him and you live or want to remove it. my risky in operation
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there might cut and there was something anal peralez or something as well. so you can google it. yeah. yeah. jack says he's working more and more with his former rivals to evade the police roof. i am a tall and we are here. look for gun or several guns middle lego. the come for a good place or nice, and then when the time comes, we will hit come. what are we get? 50020000 or 30000. we come with spit jo. between them, these gain ladies have spent nearly 20 years behind bars. to what i do knows, i see the small ones come never at the local from coming up. i tell them, nourish you leash and keep your mouth. auto challenge. talk if i, if we can do an operation chapter full and i was it in that you renter of the polish been vectors, are shown a name a friend want to watch. you'll have to we shalon if your been
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a mouth and live in for my rent, and when it will up to present. you haven't washed up pop, when you guineas, government came to power promising to fight systemic corruption. but faith in the country's leaders is low crime remains rampant, and the countries gangs was stronger and bolder. a with a,
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with a mm. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe follow to sierra. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, there i'm, how am i here, dean. this is the news are live from doha. can i up in the next 60 minutes? i india's farmer celebrate after their protests force the government to withdraw. it's controversial farm laws make shift camp and belarus is
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border with poland has been cleared. some migrants and refugees are in a shell.


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