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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 9:30am-10:00am AST

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answer, that is what we've always done. that's what we will continue today. ah ah. and again featured, i'll be here and there are the headlines on al jazeera, the indian prime minister. now, rand ramadi is repealing 3 controversial form laws that have triggered a year of the nation. my protest pharma said the reform threatened their livelihoods. now mister moody is telling them to go home. i'd met up to day, i have come to tell you and the entire nation that we have decided to repeal the 3 laws summoning even complete the court to the short process of repealing the laws during the parliament. the session that begin to the end of this month to day am asking all my former friends who had been protesting daycare to return to your
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homes, your farm land 0 and your family, hazel poverty. metal has more reaction for us from new delhi, one hand, they're celebrating because this is something that they've been waiting to hear for more than a year now. i mean, farmers have been stationed outside new jelly to winter to the he, to the pandemic saying that they want these 3 laws which their see would need them was off to be repealed. and the government until today has been saying that these laws were actually going to benefit them. so for so today is a big day of for them. on the other hand, the unions that are happy about this have said that they will only go home once to parliament which passed the 3 laws were repealed. am officially hundreds of iraqis who gave up trying to enter the european union, have now arrived back home their repatriation flight. first option a bill and then back that they were stuck at the border between poland, belarus,
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and cold wet conditions. the spanish coast guard has rescued a group of migrants stranded in a boat near the canary islands. the boat was carrying 40 people, 2 died at sea, 2 others were taken to hospital in a critical condition. the us president joe biden is holding his 1st in person, meeting with the leaders of canada and mexico at the white house is the 1st such meeting of the 3 north american nations for 5 years. the canadian military has joined rescue efforts in the flood, devastated province of british columbia. one person has been confirmed dead 18000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the countries western most province, flooding and landslides of cut major roads, making transportation of goods difficult. those are your headlines. the news continues after al jazeera world. adrian has more news from 7 g. i will see you very soon to the moment. by o. o.
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o 2 is the social media consultants living in working in turkeys, largest city. it stumbled. he's married with a young daughter, and as a family they decided to look at ways of adopting unless consumers life influenced by what's called the simple living minimalist movement. the family decided to a d class of their lives and live with less, even before the global pandemic struck. ah 24 to drive you. he assured him the name of all of them took her wedding. daddy's i shall my the none. within the other films. hi, lynette aluminum. it did. they are number layer by said, which, which kitchen,
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la chocolate should only take lily misty adams on the video that only steer stanley and they get to my prison. misty item is older, a shimmy. it can be a language and make the if they keep it wasn't gonna come from them on the application. ah, it's a bug as, as yet it will be less, i guess i'm it is it is. i love that she was, i love it. be a good to the guy is a who, you know. yeah. to the other lou cbl, but i love it. i'm trying to learn much. hey, she pamela,
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you love you because i don't think you think i'm to change the law from them. can you hold on that with the head of the heated them chimney? ah, possible to get hold of a boot saw diet, say to run it by sto mother and give a shimmy. get it in a box and the honey good of a bitch on cache. good old look, just hotter mahathy's shoe shall daughter. yes. here tom b, i have to boil of the wind up on me. i mean, he's on that or you know them doing just busted to jeremy like bacardi have i mix the owner's agent. we should pull them and pay the orlando we ship our chunks, shown the browser whoop, and me anthony, are 3 jobs. i kind of inter chang, old of
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t, as orlando said, i totally chi loud on mac steel. i wasn't how she i caught mac that i started as i could oh, to atkinson that tied to stick. it dance. i learned carlos in the extent that called them, they're shallow down to share on that it. i side turning on damage. nurse, no bother the clones activated his i tunnel, not direct him, are such a faint say? the simple living movement is now a global phenomenon. fuel by social media, documentaries, and blogs. the idea is that reducing household consumption should lead to less individual debt. less spending means less time earning. busy and so your quality of life should improve hutchinson's yoke, sill sons miss will even so they could sit in the sins miss massett teams would be
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ins. debbie, good news. sorry. like an amazon incense. are they like tons of clash going in, charlie in? they can bullet as you hit from us here. so they bill higher to can because getting that is see the touch here. derrick, were you bill? lemme say young high up thing with 3rd. she helped musser the other door. the car would either hire thing, get fixing in the created name. yes, you may or us nicholas dear. dear good school massage or as the georgia families journey progressed, they embraced both the practical and spiritual side of the new minimalist citizen, early snow, not on the level heard. i'm v side, an issue. i think it's in their market can charge richardson and donovan. i'm just want to let out those the famous book on my side, this is cheryl linux side in this make it now cut that along being new and novel
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and visit all to personal busy all to percentage minute me. me be a living the, to the movie. no less allows you all sent me it and it, she did the digest, shippable de, which i did a lot call id. actually had decided to showing that she think in the sid resolved in a me, lydia, it's hard to hire tardy. she the civil side to be a like a look and you did it think you're the packet match, what have you out? the gauge and handled stuff. i really didn't know that it is a calmly job and because i understand that she had the coldly john watch and also done. but then i also attack it which he still has feared which town maloney bush fiercely. ah said fy osa describes himself as a miss. the painter, a writer, and a flute player. he lives in turkey's anatolia mountain. present used to be an
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architect. that is now a shepherd. i look sunroof, the boiling kept in kiss me a rush. this is amber alert this num washed the canter. it is shimmy in sun, killing mushrooms skirted can a dense gertrude ammunition from judge m. as in judging, shrinkage dutch gotten was get if you're the roach, i'm not sure which of his son, but i come yet just brachman her soul manager. she little black wishes that debbie's logo in general. so products must accomplish man. no, to share him is miss dumler the shows gave me, can't let the iep such as were the amman chamberlain. nobody of chum belonged at an alternate. halleck bought lessons ruble and chalmers yo yonder sovereigns of jackson's ah, but none of them out there. mamma, ma'am, with william thompson mcnelson out them. i'll call you make you pay more attention and will be your car, the smoother we sure the quality. his few she steamer me stare, him,
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tongue them. he had your son ish, the yellow nation with tom bernice and bees were every year when i'm in my room, she date murs, a map, woocommerce still lived here where i can make your mildred contributing years. the solemn as of the history of bushland again, they built a new mc, whom bennet so as shown in the purchasing attorney kitchen kit and jesse dan there or told me the amount from the i mentioned, the manager and the regular just reaching out to her associate cables and jack, me, they were presented our to social my forensic to all our yes, i'm a bi partisan, admonished o,
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sit outside the night at the home of the architect turned shepherd. the next morning they discussed minimalism and the pros and cons of modern city life. and it is hate. yes she they as her can mind, jack, will they a shark ignacio business yoke? the heck is thinking that issue, you must the pool on a clue habitual. and that the packaging do was i one of the many others jenny? as will oh, heavy no, then trick you been silent at all? will griffin him. berkener usually. archie yourself or no, no, no this it? yes. she anita santa wish debited. elaine did, did deborah sandra junior, make your yet your make the check mune a indian summer? yeah. usually queue who are to their cousin unit im cuz i go yeah. we should i know learning so. yeah. using the ash that word can had the i the q into the community
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junior door, drew inhibition, chop ranger, because i blocked mar, saquina, banassi, yet not a soul or not a quick turn. again, need 6 anti cabbage. we started the madness, all legged electric i steadily between me. get you back. i was watching. they lost his whims, watched the cushion their last. she's making years. but she a macho them, are they not, can have smokers, you could shift younger from scenarios mucous to get that lunch, meals on. give me try. yeah. okay. and which if they are comfortable from crashing up the beach, if they are given you, if we keep an eye on merchant nicholas gets you to be kim, now you are not going to skip picky. she is there pull available and he has the up and the i knew i should old on which i'm going to go checklist and him him kiss capable gold segment, gastric listed impala credential. you can turn in and get lead, cool. your left can the in the top line and you think you will that he, she didn't, we accomplish is she was there been him door room?
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i key cut so i will not be rendered all that will be 0 or you on the solution because she she steers, i'm a sort of that all lanky, she did, it can, did all the land was out and she's in my confidential or less of wagon and let me just now let my thunder catching noticed. heavy stuff. i don't know if it has been out to school or matilda. up to one my kids to make them ada. i hutsel flung you do this at us and let it be said child to see that electric a be give them without the little light athletic union niggers. eh, bullock look you said to me at h a eulogy cabbage in b. dr. ad gag,
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mitchell. my student will is sharla, doesn't that you saw that especially as well. nick, i tried this, or b, virginia to a boutique dental fight, a little to annie savage. and nick had that had to do b. nidia hodgen litigators, toby, ne, d. miss nick hadn't minister. he deems his behavior, niggers, outdated, embassy. okay. i knew she had out hot on blue to all. do you she or going to, you know, any booster issue and i saw little dual mother wooster. masochism was on the question for us when you didn't say it a may be is your 1st day because he doubled. i'm off to the beginning. i jack my chelsea because frankie doom said it's in harrison harrison. he's gone with ah
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. 2 ah after d closer in his family hood said apo joel turned his focus to food. he was also concerned about the use of cleaning materials in the home to find out more. he made an appointment to meet thought ok, good in day a partition or of alternative medicine. ah. 2 2 hike is kusha kendall. do. nasa? oh, cushman lay on the abuses. he made me miss innocent in something between the cushions. my extended beyond little muslims howled. you was among the heck is a nickel dash cautious children, if i can think newsome shan't. we don't build them, get us. none of my coming to us from us was amanda. i am ashamed as alkaline issue thought. good and de runs the institute of natural health. in his stumble,
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he believes that the simple life philosophy and natural food are inextricably linked. brazil is childish dom, yes, and is shit of us and that is high up 1000 the. so get us the high gach jarling to mitchell. we shall. so let the jamal mitchell wish them be. ash i'm as i'm on the side i out the issue here. they or chill chung target that in so little does all manage a lot valuation or customer use it. it chill. shwale up them was beer shooter fall with that leaves to been in for a little while and they still could glee beach d g d, you'd have to have his own d. crash said when him would fall behind it. the normal alexa daniel sheranda mars in santa equal, which would have been at eastern, in almost 5, initially,
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or less. mitchell tobac arsenault to push yogi chile aston isley can, which is the chief limit of ecstasy but good. and our families shopped locally for naturally produced foods. from their local market, she taken demanded to shoot him and yet attack it suddenly hitting initiate, harden egotism, did she wouldn't drink about mid any gang? she lean, put a dongle to butte, him a water care tarzan ingram everett young, bullock histamine, dawn, london, she normal been bullied, she, you, colson, stimuli will the height, your phone is stuart of bird. all mom on the been on the highway, all of our the additional air dropping it out. get me in clinicals for finish cash. rough in on e r. i chic yama. sylvia. from the care management to get me is pocket amish. amal fools are to lose cheltenham columbia, according to my dear cut,
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come odyssey shlang, shooting, nash, genetic dish, clear water tongue should in that hut done not take the machine a packet, linen fit they needed and do not belong little there hung he was sandy to cool cool with dish petro kim. your son, tim, is each elliptical on europe. kim jasa lester kissing the columbia. i shall ash all modem, mission, marginal columbia parkway unit of a out. but community champ, one step. this is such creamy below the columbia missouri miss march and not getting a miss hart boot to restock. learners will not be proud. campbell, new air division truck dying or you'll know bol the coach to do the shameeka tiny, but it keep cutting. sure. hike of the marginal. do know that had been hellish. wasn't that the child? your knowledge was another thing with nauseous luggage. a miss it out. which would you all know rush? what would you say that again as it is
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a server converged it. how could do it was i should cushion canyons there came apart from the liquor store assistance corckalone on yolanda they actually a 20 color goose vehicle on you. we'll tell her, need you ask them to drop us before and put them in, but the rhythm is it all done or not on so you can figure it was all for some goes to do with me on the line fall to her knees, you know? oh, this roger, the puppy zone, beginning of jelly, because you did. yeah. you me to do it all in my the 1000000 other every about killer okoye muck to music. my the melinda, he should be deborah joke. so let me just of the additional, we are the 3rd this is a middle welcome to his in wash the alt on the community that topple noon time it z
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z there my stu, autumn, that every day. now this is just you of the dance, hasha muttered good every dim korean. tell much of that asian, the help of your bullshit patasha the much you know that each and wellness is italian than the up button. yes, hobble not a dish margin and yet can music. miser 1000000 it it should euclid. i know we're going more than a little earlier with no longer that we juggle the seller on the color boy letters stay stopped. i recite all this on our end chalk sandy, up to she mclaughlin, the i nick m following. jack took them and done the half. how's that will will the hoses, should it be a, make your bike, alegretky civil and luxury now good. should i initiated the will to music man's him and he optimization or that him pronounced for a cutaway usually don't. you know they say xander began with yup. we did a nick down which took 30 jupiter to get to know that with mickey mouse, alkaline mcdonalds, and i have several notices. j. 6 near to is it is that i yeah,
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i think nadia lives her lucretia. i said, because this book was the look of the way to make it to michelle bank in for satisfy the buying. the kid kiosa loud and fluffy, blasted out on the quickly he on its side to hire trim model, me it all to mission in your song. to choose from. so to mc nash from certain mikaela, the evetts bitchy than chalk, martin was choker, lam, toyotas, hannah kish care all known to be a shabby sick there in miss taylor did. alma he truly leave the us unless in the gym, the check yuma stilson, camden, it keeping shady down here for a live gauzy chic color. each. mimic bin imaging, a kiss inactive, am offering it to chicago, or she had to learn mural ptolemy room just here to sit noodle gentlemen, check me. yeah. to being some good bar. yes. tool i am us. are college
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mastering control, amos and good. all ma'am. shit, kit. mess dooley sealer told him you suck color beach mutes aside the list, milled under becky did bit as kaleya catch me at at to hit the color she shot that image. i did, i did it and shook his head, modelled stokes. and it won't blow inevitable. look, ah, with an experiment now a life style. how successfully have your child family adapted to simple living? ah, that kid minimize the brain in this kid is gonna be decorative. latham is allowed to put in a sort of lawyer by shirley athletic biddable. tonight they say that yeah, them is not cooper band. the island in isham latricia lability telephone is emares etiquette. columbus and he latch man couldn't lack of a kilometers. eating the cut, cook quoted, you a draft,
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and then it was up to g. l my z m a let alone he spoke with us to get motors organic. all man he, she on malaria. it was like that was i you did a moment to get her dish and timmy read it as a category and in there he speak him yourself center to cooper lou they side a she in order to get to us an equal loaners there. so to normal, this conduct that it was it, they said imaging air each actually stake mazata from a gas it then i took it sandwich. did him as i ought to, missouri, di listings. it dish new movie or is it every day? did the another saturday stick for shawnee j to me another day said which which is tis nyja hodge asha even mid day bloom. livable lacey lawyer, charlotte, and coolness? it almost ended. you manipulate a key but i was a ham cousin there. can him hijacker there locked him? is it hijack can moon can method of controlling be the old cut out?
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assume wilson and that city you knocked at the be didn't all do the hierarchy, shall i chose? i ought to, missouri dounia. on the shop. there was additional michelle, at least today is to much for that because on the quote cuz i wanted to satterfield together but barely be sure you can. why. so the one patient dish medic bullet is fitted up to an end of march. took a dollar fully up much all morning. util. the each. hulu. it taught me talk to 100 patters in utica. michelle, the guiding is up there that jo shamira, individually, stinky bag took, which to almost all the tissue there there inside, shaking. there shouldn't be janey in a normal role of today's yeah. little to do those allocate, the huddled shocked lava yet is to make the only just look at the 9 am to max. whichever chiefly did he did, began museums, english al vitti and all a tunnel monday law. midday dalton. and when you pull the, i mean,
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i guess to make him no seal balloonist and that doesn't have moral $9.00 for shipping. and or like down the sand, the couldn't be stopped my toe shoes. and the autumn food is under this. ah, still on the be suitable, shall there was additional ship to set up at london at some future. hot danish man . yeah, i ne, i had to lose the keys on little he she did it up to marie she the him is there? yeah. little town miss cooler than and dish it. it shall go la maya on let us hard to listen to the may. the old must get a can hardly get to me again. the sedona ah ah. busy ah, ah, the audio families enthusiasm for simple living has continued since this program was made. saddam has not gone back to his former consumer's lifestyle,
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but says that making the necessary life changes in a huge city, light is sand. bell is hard for a whole family. it sounds as though the quest for a simpler life might just make things more complicated. and every one in east amble has had to simplify their lives in many ways during dakota 19 pandemic. another story ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. busy ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, assassinations in broad daylight and increasing moderates,
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towns and cities living in fear, al jazeera world examines the rise and criminal gangs, and the palestinian israeli community. how are these violent crime syndicates operating and are the, is there any authorities doing enough to combat them at palestinian israeli crime? waived on al jazeera. ah ha, once again, the weather remains remarkably where to cross southern parts of india got 2 areas of low pressure to watch out for the still the clutches storms here in the southwest of the bye have been gone. another system over towards sir, the arabian sea is one of the rabid safe and bringing that very heavy rain up towards good to right. and you can see how it will break for the showers in, across, even across the northern place. shouldn't be seeing this at this time if you like. the western gats also seeing some heavy showers. we've got this other system here,
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little yellow shading on our rightful chart. there shows whether central the stories light is to be on friday and that will bring very heavy rain back in across a good puzzle terminal to southern parts of under protesting further showers. no showers really becoming very widespread as we go on 3 sas day. so i'm afraid the flood risk really will be quite extensive here. red orange warnings in force across southern parts of india. at the moment, no such problems on the other side of the arabian sea. won't ryan sally send it up for most. i say most, it's a different story just around all of that. we got little clutch of showers there, spilling in off the med, see some wet weather coming into syria, lebanon, jordan, some live you shout, even standing there, went and northern parts of iraq. what a 2 showers to for that ation, sort of turkey all the way up into the taxi. ah, serious dorcas days. with one man leading the country through us present i was out
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as lost legitimacy. he needs to step out as he retained control through over a decade of war. we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many reason that could effect in human eyesight, master of chaos on all jazeera november marks, the 5th anniversary of a peace treaty between the columbian state and fark rebels. but the security situation in conflict regents like hearing coca is far from resolved. can the government still deliver on the promise piece, special coverage on august the euro. from the al jazeera london broadcast fantastic to people in thoughtful conversation. we were 1st generation of black british people and we have to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries,
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film direct, thank you. in to tell me thing is tongue right back again. you think about racism certainly have is making often visible today be unscripted on out to thera ah. ready after months of protest, india's prime minister marin ramadi says that he's withdrawing controversial farm laws ahead of states elections. ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up for lease and pay the roofs clear, a makeshift refugee.


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