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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm AST

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ah, how i once again the weather remains remarkably wet across southern parts of india . we got 2 areas of low pressure to watch out for the still the clutches storms here in the south, west of the bye, up in gold, another system over towards sir. the arabian sea, this one of the raven safe and bringing that very heavy rain up towards good herat and he can see how it will break for the showers in across, even across the northern place. shouldn't be seeing this at this time. if you my, to the western gats, also seeing some heavy showers. we've got this other system here, little yellow shading on our rainfall chart that shows where the center, the storm is. light is to be on friday and that will bring very heavy rain back in across a good part of tom. and i'll do southern parts of under protesting for the shower. no showers really becoming very widespread as we go on 3 sat day, some a fright. the flood risk ready will be quite extensive here. red,
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orange warnings enforce across southern parts of india. at the moment. no such problems on the other side of the re b and c won't grind sunny sounded up for most i say most it's a different story just around all of that. we got little clutches, showers there, spilling in off the med, see some wet weather coming into syria, lebanon, jordan, some live the shower, even standing there when to northern parts of iraq, one or 2 showers, to for that asian sort of turkey all the way up into the taxi ah, a community decimated by kansas fights for the truth. who would listen? has cancer or knows the family that live here that has cancer? phone lines exposes houston's kenzie cluster. these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination underneath. they look damages law, pope and i come in to safely get them down. so we'll see. time put lines on al jazeera
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ah mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish, were greeted even supplied by tradition. noon where beautiful possibilities are offered. movie ah, this is the news our on al jazeera and these are the top stories, hundreds of migrants and refugees who had been stuck on the poland better. res,
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border happened phone back to iraq. insured weeks of freezing conditions. and now back in the middle of the city of bill won't confrontations have taken place between security forces and protesters in sudan. at least 15 people were killed on wednesday after police open fire. police accused protesters of attacking security personnel and germany's lower house of parliament is approved tice at corona virus restrictions after another record number of infection, the 65000 of them. in fact, the vote was close though, on the measures still need to be approved by the upper house. more in our top story, the crisis at the border between better bruce and pollen correspondence i said bake has been speaking to people still stuck in those desperate conditions. drowned it cold and living in miserable conditions. these people on the belly, russian side of the border with poland and now getting some help. but it's far from what they want and meet by the roosters. how some in a makeshift shelter,
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a warehouse with beds, blankets and food. but still they tried to cross. oh, yeah, this footage, released by polish authorities, shows people detained as they crossed the border ah, me on a dub in the green supposed have yells, cable up into to them. there were $501.00 attempts of illegal border crossings from belarus in the last 24 hours. limit of this means the total number of such attempts in november exceed 6000. i got off with a russian forces also released this footage. lithuanian border force dog bites into a man sleeping bag. lithuanian authority say they didn't know someone was inside the e you wants to impose more sanctions and the g 7 has condemned by the roost. they say it's creek to the situation on his borders in what the you called a form of hybrid attack by the russian official say the president has offered
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german chancellor and la merkel away forward resident with his resumes v e. you will create a humanitarian corridor for 2000 refugees her and the camp. you will take an obligation upon ourselves to assist the other 5000 as much as possible and in case they are willing to return home with an angler. merkel, according to the agreements, will hold talks with the ear, including the organization of humanitarian corridors, to germany. but tensions at bella roost, his boarders remain high. ukraine has deployed the national guards to its border with belarus and lithuania, as also reinforced its border with the country. by the ru, says it won't force any migrant refugees to go back home, but with no solution in sight, those who are trapped are likely to continue to be used as pawns in a much larger game. as i beg, i'll jazeera poland, us president joe biden is holding his 1st in person meeting with his canadian and mexican counterparts with the white house. on the manuel lopez open the door and just intruders gathered ahead of the 1st north american lead summit since 2016
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weather expected to discuss the pandemic and regional trades might kana to take us through this one which struck me as i said that the 1st to summit since 2016 when these last 4 years and 5 years with things with very, very different. and the relationship between these 3 countries indeed, yes. come out. if you go back to that summit in 36 being that it was attended by barack obama president penya and yet, and the prime minister to do so. now, 5 years on the 3 amigos as they are popularly called are getting together again. the day was going to begin with a bilateral meeting between prime minister today and president biden. that was due to thought about 20 minutes ago, but the prime minister has not yet arrived at the white house. it's believe that he's still dealing with those events that you heard reported about those floods in our news bulletin earlier. but the talk between these 3 b,
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this is going to center essentially on 3 things. first of all, economic interaction. a massive trade partnership between the 3 countries, particularly between the us and canada, which is the u. s. is the greatest trading partner to give you some idea of that $2000000000.00 worth of goods bosses, the border between the us and canada every single day. it's the longest and probably most secure border in the world. the 2nd item on the agenda is going to be a common front against cobra. 19 the u. s. has the native and sold a number of fact, thing doses to both canada and mexico. further discussions are going to be held on that. how the 3 countries can work together and then last week, and very importantly, the whole issue of climate change, which has a very pertinent feel to it. on this particular day. they will be discussing ways in which mexico, canada, and the us can come together to form a code here and find a policy in this particular region as well. also under discussion will be the
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question of controlling migration. this particular importance obviously, to mexico and the united states. so there's a lot on the agenda. they'll be to bilateral meetings, followed by a joint meeting between all 3 leaders. we're not necessarily going to hit any joint news conference at the end. we understand. but this is a very significant meeting, given the fact that the last one took place before the previous administration. my can are on a windy day in washington, d. c. thank you, mike. now, in deliberations in the u. s. murder, trial of call, written house of into the 3rd day, no verdict yet the 18 year old, charged with shooting protesting fire, killing 2 people and injuring another. provide me during racial justice rallies in wisconsin last year, which in house. so the acted in self defense defense lloyd's, of all, for a mis trial over evidence presented by the prosecution. you can be more with john
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henderson in kenosha, wisconsin the 3rd day. then john it's right, changing or rising here out on the steps of the connection. county circuit court on day 3 of the jury deliberations. we are seeing more people every day and a little more attention right now, but inside the courtroom, the jury is weighing the charges that range from reckless endangerment, with a possible 12 and a half years in prison, all the way up to 1st degree homicide. and that carries a potential life sentence. so these are very weighty decisions and the jury seems to be taking its time about it. they're focusing on some drone video that they viewed late yesterday on wednesday. busy and they are still in deliberations today, and that video was at the center of a defense motion to dismiss the case and throw it out entirely. that offense was complaining that there was prosecutorial misconduct because they got
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a lower quality resolution of that video than the prosecution had itself. so the judge has not ruled on that is the 2nd motion to dismiss the case from the defense . the judge doesn't seem inclined to do that in a prosecutor. i talked, you said it's unlikely that that would happen. it never the less, the prospect of this being dismissed is hanging out there. and meanwhile, you've got people concerned about what's going to happen out here in the streets because there will be a verdict in the court house. and then the people in the streets will have their own verdict. that's what they think about that verdict. so there is concern that we might have a confrontation, like the one that started this trial when you had protesters encountered protesters, some armed on both sides, out in the street in conflict on a hot summer day in august. a great contrast to the day we're having today. terry john hendern with salazar kaneesha wisconsin. thank you john. a vote has and chill out to the polls on sunday. and what scene has one of its most unpredictable
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general elections in recent history, and among those vine for a spot on the senate is a woman who drew global attention after she was shot in the face by police. a latin america editor lucio newman is in santiago with her story taught me. fabula can be, i has found a way to get about me thinking about a but i yeah, i have to follow the rogue. see, i feel the rug and then i know there's the chair, and i know that this is the way to the bedroom. see in actual fact, she's the only one here who can't see the 37 year old mother of 3 was shot in the face at point blank range by police with a tear gas canister. while walking to the bus stop to go to work 2 years ago, she suffered multiple facial fractures, lost both her eyes and her sense of smell and taste. but not her determination to go on living. she says, oh yeah, now after multiple reconstructive surgeries, she is on the campaign trail as a candidate for the senate. oh yeah. it is here to day i've decided to run for
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a c in the center in order to legislate for my people so that the laws will benefit them. because so far the law is only for a few in america. cut b, i is still waiting for her attacker to be sentenced what she's recognized everywhere. she goes a symbol of police brutality during social protests that began in 2019. she is from a working class neighborhood and has always been a community activist. so you slide here all my life. i have used public services and that's why i want to change and improve them from the sun. it. the health and education system are terrible. pensions and terrible salaries come p, i is not just an unusual candidate because she was blinded by police. this is the traditional way the candidates publicize their campaigns. here in chile, the vast majority of those running for office have pale skin, and they have certain names that are english, spanish, german, or arab. but i'm,
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you're not gonna be, i is not only from a low income neighbourhood, but as her certainly makes abundantly clear. she is a descendant of the i might add an indigenous people, native to northern chili, peru and bolivia. fail. oh, she's also one of only a handful of independent candidates to this general election, but she's optimistic. she promises voters, you will be my eyes, and i will be your voice. to see in human al jazeera santiago, rival groups of protest ins faced off in bolivians, capital a pass on wednesday after the repeal of a controversial money laundering law. oh, supporters of president luis, i'm say clash with demonstrators who accused him of trying to squash dissent. that the low gables are his power to investigate and he citizens assets without a court order. the president back down for
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a 9 day long national strike and purchase to afghanistan, where for decades helmand province was on the front line of the country's conflict . now, there are groups trying to clear away bombs and land mines, which were left from the wall to prevent even more people being killed and injured . the haunting as our report. instead of just learning math and science, these children are also being taught how to identify mortars grenades and signs of land mines mistaking them for toys could cost them their lives. yeah, mother, she knew mostly the streams were dry, so we were looking for water then an old man shouted at us that there's a big snake nearby. and he tried to cover with grass. it was actually a rocket. so he left the area, fearing there might be more bond, nonprofit groups like the halo trust are working to prevent more casualties. one way is to paint rocks. the white side means the path has been cleared, read points to areas with potential minds buried underneath. oh yes, i'm afraid,
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but i know that when i see white students we can play there. and when it's read, we can't play there. since 1989 more than 40000 people in afghanistan have been killed or injured by land mines. an unexploded ordnance, according to the un. a few months ago this malice wife lost both of her legs in the explosion, just outside their home up bird. this incident was very painful. i saw it happened with my own eyes. i saw my children screaming and crying of the scene was very painful for me. i feel alone and the stress is too much, too much. so now others like him, are employed by groups to help locate minds before they explode. we also give jobs to people who would otherwise be in the fight. we give jobs to young men who a forced through desperation to join the insurgency or had joined the army. and so
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we can give peace for what we. we take the rifle of them and we give them a mind to touch it. over the past 3 months, about a 100 explosive devices have been diffused in the region, including $25.00 in this village. we were there with the russians. we were there with the civil war. we were there with the 1st taliban regime. we were there with nature, and we will stay thousands more land mines are believed to lie undetected, a legacy of war that continues to maim and kill. leo harding al jazeera croatia is commemorating the 30th anniversary of the worst massacre. if it's 4 year war for independence. thousands of people gathered in a book of honor which the sub militia and yugoslav army soldiers captured in 1991. hundreds of creation fighters were killed in that 3 month siege. the city was returned to croatia, 7 years later and rebuilt me that i got my daughter is alicia. oh,
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you're still searching for more than 1800 missing persons. our vice president and all departments are working on it. we're looking for information. first of all, from the authorities of serbia and we will persevere in this effort, primarily in partnership with families associations and those who do not know the faith of their loved ones and who have suffered a loss and still suffered today. more on this from nick lena's on the switch, inver grove, on the battle of hooker. it was the turning point in the war for gracious freedom and independence. the gratian army defended the city for free months, which home made bombs and home made guns. on the other side was, you were slow. people saw me and surprise. the military's heavily armed on these, they are 40 years. the goal gratian flag on this tower was replaced by you with a flag, members of yugoslav, people's army, gather the sick people, and the wounded people from the hospital, and they gather civilians from walker and transported them a nearby farm officer in kill them. this was the larger semester occur in the war
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for gracious freedom. so each year on these, they tens of thousands of people from different parts of crecia gather in will cover to commemorate and the victims. they walked away from the capital to the cemetery. a massacre of 3 brandy saw it was a threatening point because i'm after dismiss occur. many european countries decided to recognize crecia and today it 2 neighboring countries creation. serbia still have open questions from the war. a grey. she's looking for information and documents about the mass grace and meeting people around 400 residents of walkover are still considered missing after the battle of covered just before we take a break, we're going to talk about some craps. if you don't like crabs, don't watch those people thing. read on western australia, christmas island is millions of them begin their annual migration every year and
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move on mass to the beach to mate. roads have been close to small bridge has been built to help them on their way. some people haven't been able to leave their houses because of fall, the crabs around the place. in about 2 weeks though, they will leave their eggs on the beach and then claw their way back into the jungle. just i just want to wait just a 2nd because there's a shot of a crowd pushing over a mobile phone. no selfie. thank you very much. cilla head. yes. sports nice. i'm far it's mile. abilene sale international sir. get the venue that's about to how is patters 1st the ever formula? one grand prix. ah.
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ah ah ah
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ah, i'm going to be 14 with andy. thank you so much. come all well, the head of the women's tennis association has question. the validity of an e mail sets who have been written by a leading chinese tennis player. pang show hasn't been seen in public since making sexual assault allegations against a top government official on social media. the e mail states, she's fine, is not missing, and that she's just been resting at home while this will be overcharged. boss, steve simon, had to say the statement released today by chinese state media concerning pang choice only raises my concerns as to her safety and whereabouts i have a hard time believing that pang. sure, i actually wrote the email we received all believes what is being attributed, say we're now the beijing olympics just a few weeks away. huff post report to traumas. waldron told us that this gives the statement from the w t, a added importance
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w t a and the simon are coming out with with essentially a very strong challenge to the chinese government. and you see it also from other tennis players including naomi saca, who tweeted about it today. so i think it is really quite remarkable. it's something that we haven't seen a whole lot of major sporting organizations at least to this extent. there are already calls from human rights groups around the world to boycott 2022 games. and it's not clear that they're going to be widespread boycotts of those olympics. but the united states is already pondering a diplomatic boy kind of those gates, but i think we'll see more from other countries. the question is whether athletes and sporting organizations, including, and especially those that do a lot of business with in china speak out because what's clears do international committee itself has no interest in standing up for human against human rights
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abuses of that country are really any other in the past or the future, the i o c. as basically state that a position that human rights are not its concern of the season ending events on the women's tennis tow. it should have been held in china as any moved from shins and due to carved 19. instead, mexico has been hosting the w t, a finals or the past has been won by got the new marissa peters. sonya opponent and it comes with straight set to present to you the w t if i well, i mean i didn't thought all of these things because i really want to have more pressure. but if you're the main thing to be part of the history and you know, this is a very special tournament, only to bet aide and you feel like every much as a final and i, i made it a form, a character as a refill is apologize for using anti semitic language in a text exchange 10 years ago. the 3rd year old said he was deeply ashamed and had
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absolutely no excuses for sending the messages. early this week or figure appeared in front of you. k politicians to discuss his experiences of racism and bullying at england's yorkshire county cricket club. now the style is a formula one or a bounce. it can be seen cats are for the 1st time, the growing pre could have a big sound who wins the world title max stuff and has a narrow lead over louis hamilton as the season and says its final stretch far as small reports from the la salle international circuits the a year before, chatter house, the middle, the 1st football world cab formula one is about to make it a view. appearance in the gulf state. katherine, seizing its opportunity after rob priest and 5 other countries were cancelled due to cope with 19000000000 sale international circuit prison established venue on the modo gp calendar. but it's had just a few weeks to prepare for this race. the changes requested by formula one were
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very, very small. the rest of the changes are related to sponsors and you know, beautification, if you, if you will. so what will happen to the tires? what will happen to each corner? how teams will be ready and set up their cars. all these questions add to the excitement, and i think a lot of friends are waiting to see how things will happen here. which is 3 races. laughter sees in cats are kind of picked a better time to enter the sports. tens of thousands of fans will be here to witness the latest episode in one of the f one closest ever season. 7 time world champion, louis hamilton is locked in a title battle with red bulls. max for stop in for stop in is amy to win his 1st ever world title. going into this race. he leads his mercedes rival by just 14 points and the driver's standings. most of the races are really pushing like the whole race flat out. and that is something which not. it doesn't happen all the
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time in order. and so of course time management and stop it now you're constantly like under pressure or you are the one attacking right. and i think that's just great because it's nice to have at least now to teams like fighting for when was some weekends? it sounds like this gets home weekends is not and not been here before. so we like everyone, not really knowing what to expect just hopeful that the car feels like it did last week. i think we learn some things about where to put the car and i hope that applies here, but it might not this will be just the 1st chapter encounters formula. one story. the country has signed a decade long deal to host a race every year from 2023. far as small al jazeera, doha. steven gerald has officially signed in as the new manager of aston villa. gerald guarded ranges to the scottish title last season. this is the formal livable captain's 1st material job in the premier league,
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and he's already looking forward to going up against his former boss. you can comp been in. so since day one arrived here, we live in a very similar area to bump into very regular when he was in his dogs. and it's a great money to pay coach. i think a little very lucky to have them at the helm. and i will have to farm so long may that continue. and he sent me a message and he said he looking for 2 vehicles on the side and on december, the 11th. so it's sort of for me to look forward to. and roy macros leading the way after the opening round of the european, sold season and events into by the world. the bright. how's wellness title? a couple of times before mcroy. it's like a 2 shot lead into friday. second round the world championship. it's after 7 on the round of 60 okay, that is how you sport is looking for an alcohol. i'm not going home. don't worry. no, you not. i am not to rub it in. sorry. i'm finished fits
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a day and he's gonna stick around for a few my hours. lauren taylor in the team in london. i've got your next news just a moment. mm hm. and a african narrative, a from african perspective. i knew series of short documentary by african filmmakers from across the continent. this is going to really get committed to handle the african direct coming soon
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on al jazeera, pick serious darkest days with one man leading the country through us. present to alice out as lost legitimacy. he needs to step back. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human eyesight master of chaos on all jazeera oh, there's a lot more into al jazeera than t v. with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is a world to award winning online content. and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to frighten the people to leave it to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online,
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catch it here with me sound gottman on al jazeera, the usa, a we've infected people, wrote the world, people pay attention to what we thought here. and i'll just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah, hundreds of iraqis abandoned and therefore it's to reach the e. u. and fly home from beller. bruce, this is better is clear. the main camps were asylum seekers were stranded in freezing conditions at the border with poland. ah north tina, this is andrew 0 live from london also coming up.


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