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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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china has been very strategic in the way it's expanding, is reaching the indian ocean. what is it? and we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in without being national aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghani common counting the coast on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm. how am i hidden? this is the news are live from dough harm. coming up in the next 60 minutes, hundreds of migrants and refugees have breathed the called for another night in makeshift camps along the poland bella roost border. while the 1st flight toby,
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rocky refugee stuck at the border, prepares to take them home after they failed to cross into europe. the a shop leading effect, unless the i feel my deep blue remainder germany is parliament decides whether to impose new coated 19 restrictions as infections. surgeon, countries across europe. for us, i at least 15 people killed in sudan after security forces, open fire on thousands, protesting against the military takeover and humbled with all the sport, including spain's guy being mcgloid with her has claimed her 1st w t. a final title, 2 time ground sam champion, let beat on it that point of faith that ah
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well thousands of refugees and migrants are still living in makeshift camps under freezing conditions on the bellows. poland border. valerie says set up some shelters, but there's no sign of any resolution and it stands off with a pool and serv. well, let's speak with jonah hole. he joins us live from so called caa, which is on poland, side of the border with a bell roofs. you wanna just bring us up to date with what's happening in terms of the humanitarian situation. the situation would perhaps, you know, marginally improved for most of the people on the battery should side of the board . we've seen pictures of them this morning, emerging from that rather squalid looking tented. camp beside the cruise knits aboard a crossing and being given what looked like to the little blue bags of aid supplies by the better original authorities. others spent the night in a converted warehouse with perhaps some protection from the elements, not
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a great deal. so module improvements, but still pretty appalling conditions. and for the most part, they will spend yet another day looking out of roles of barbed wire and polish border guards and right police determined to make sure they do not cross over into the you. and as that knowledge sinks in that there is really no way forward. well that of course gives way to desperation. and on tuesday night there was another wednesday night rather another attempt to breach the board of defenses at a point 80 kilometers. also south of here, according to the polish defense ministry, several 100 people launching a sort of coordinated move with a decoy operation on one side, throwing stones to detract at distract the border guards at another point, trying to break through the fence, allegedly, with the help of the better solution border guards will that attempt failed. meanwhile, attempts are ongoing diplomatically to try to resolve this crisis to high level phone calls between chancellor merkel and alexander lucas shank of this week. ostensibly, according to the german side,
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to talk about making aid more accessible to these people. but the estonian foreign minister on wednesday night said that alexander lucas shan't go, had any effect made clear his terms for ending this crisis. he said that he wants sanctions stopped and lifted and he wants to be recognised as the legitimate leader of his country. well, sanctions are going ahead as we understand it, and it seems highly unlikely that the european union will change its mind about a 2020 election in bella. luce widely considered a sham follow a brutal crack down the opposition, all of which leaves alex lucas shanker. if you think about it, looking somewhat high and dry, he is a man, according to the european council for foreign relations, who is if effectively still engaged, existential battle for his own political survival. and a man who probably doesn't care what happens to the people trapped on his side of the border now. okay, just wait for one moment. there. joanna,
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we cuz we do understand that in the next 15 minutes. so hundreds old rocky migrants and refugees was still trapped. that boys are there to, to leave mince kit, to return home rocks for a ministry is trying to find others in bella reese who wants to leave. so given this, given the fact that there are these efforts to bring some of these a rocking, at least to bring them home, do these repack, creations represent some kind of easing all the crisis? well ok, inevitably it's an easing of sorts that any of these people are really being removed from the situation that they're in. but this is a pretty small percentage. initially we were told 171 that it was 200. now we understand for the validation side that it is 400 people who signed up to be taken
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away. whether that's one flight or 2, that's a lot of people. it might be a military transport. we don't know. and we also don't know whether they may be further repatriation flights laid on it, which more people may sign up to be part of cs. it could be part of a trend that represents and easing. but remember that all the people over there an awful lot of them remain extremely determined to find some way to cross into the european union. that's why they're there. that's what they came that to do. and equally remember that it remains extremely uncertain just what alexander lucas shank may be willing to do. ok, joe, and how they're reporting live from the poland beller is forward to thank you very much indeed, jonah, and a little later in the program, we will cross one of 2 correspondents, any rock for more on those repack creations that will be at the bottom of the era now armenia says the russian mediated cease far with as a by sean is mostly holding falling violence there. earlier this week,
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it was the worst flare up since the fighting over the disputed nicola cut above the border region last year was 6000 people were killed in that conflict. open for c. walker reports from tbilisi in neighboring georgia. official footage from arminius defense ministry shows strikes on what a claims were as a by johnny armored vehicles in armenian sovereign territory. as a by john said armenia provoked the fighting and describes the border area as disputed. ah, mobile footage shed on social media appears to show as a by johnny soldiers beating and taunting their armenian captives. 2 on tuesday, the head of armenia, security council, cold for russian military intervention. but so far the prime minister has stopped short of officially requesting moscow support. sir, man,
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i'm very marcin herself. jeannette talks about border disputes are absurd and senseless. there is no boarded dispute. there is aggression against the sovereign territory of the republic of armenia. as a by john re took control of most of the go, no caraballo, and surrounding territories in a war last year with armenia. almost 7000 soldiers and civilians were killed. the latest fighting is close to karuba, but along the 2 countries border as a by johnny checkpoints, now control roads leading into armenia, scenic province, isolating armenian villages and restricting travel. the region lies between as a by john and it's autonomous, exclaim nakesha van a cease fire agreement signed last year, included a commitment by armenia to provide a road or rail link, connecting as a by john with nike shavanne and turkey. as a by john refers to it as
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a corridor and by implication, something it would control but russia, which mediated last year ceasefire. and has peacekeeping troops on the grounds in the going to car back, and armenia has played down that language and look for him. come clear. reassuring we are getting close to concrete decisions which are 1st and foremost based on the notion that countries will retain sovereignty over roads passing through their territory. as if by john and armenia accused each other of starting this latest round of fighting. but what is clear is that sticking points over those agreements signed in that piece deal last year, need urgently to be resolved. robin 1st year walker al jazeera tbilisi. clinton was still a heads, only use our including brittany, the latest on the disaster unfolding in western canada zone for
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a severe fighting and forced the government to declare an emergency defense lawyers in the us make an unusual request. in the case of a teenager accused of killing people with a black line, massive protest and is for safe special moment for bonsa luna fan than a man help the club pe success in the past will have the latest football actions later in the show. ah, several countries across europe are struggling with a new wave as cool, with 19 numbers of infections, and that's all rising, especially in russia, germany and the u. k. some governments are re imposing restrictions, particularly on people who haven't been vaccinated and ass priyanka groups or no reports that slides to protests. wow. alarm bells ringing across
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europe. once again, it's the epicenter of the croon of ours pandemic. even before winter, fully takes hold. in germany's oldest christmas market interests and traders wonder if the virus was once again steal the festive season and their profits this momentous moment. i think the problem is that the trade is feel a bit abandoned. we didn't know what's going to happen. are we going to open up the rules going to be changed? and yes, on sleepless nights we think about the goods that are ordered. no one gives any information about what is going to happen. and when germany's fault, waive is raging presenting and only emergency for the parties that form the next governing coalition. the outgoing chancellor. should this star wanting to give me the panoramic situation in germany as dramatic. i can't say in any other way than the 4th waivers hitting our country with full force. default wave has tightened its grip on neighboring belgium. in response,
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the government is extending the use of face mass and again, making more people work from home. yes, fostering the 1st observation is that the alarm signals are flashing red. we see that we have a very high number of infections in our country. we also see that the number of beds occupied in intensive care has doubled in a week. and we have crossed the red line with 500 beds occupied. in the czech republic, where deline infections are hidden, new records proposed come and restrictions on the unvaccinated, half triggered protests by large, unmasked crowds in prague. did glance at her said that i am at this scar. the situation is truly dramatic. i am again asking every one to get vaccinated. really selfish are these people who don't get vaccinated and end up in hospitals. i endangering healthcare for other citizens of a fear keenly felt in many parts of europe, where people are bracing for another winter of uncertainty. brown got up there. i'll 0 with
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a new wave of cove at 19 sweeping across europe. governments are scrambling to responds. germany's parliament is deciding all new measures after fairly infections reached their highest level since the start of the pandemic, around 2 thirds of the country's population still hasn't been vaccinated. i'm in france. president macro has re introduced restrictions including the compulsory wearing of masks for children and elementary schools. and the requirements for covert pass to access public places since they've been extended into next summer. will the netherlands, they've returned to a partial locked in on saturday. restaurants and shops to close early and crowds are banned from sporting events. the country is also running out of coven 19 test. kids will. joining us now from amsterdam to discuss, this is the freeze face science and medical journalists, covering government policies on coven 19 across the you. it's good to have you with
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this oneal, just even use. we've got vaccines, which we didn't have at the start of this. we've got treatments which we didn't have at the start of the panoramic, so why our case is still rising. yeah, well. busy i think most governments in across or are they expected and their advisors as well to to the curb. the curves with with vaccinations, but they've been surprised by the extent to which the virus can still spread among the vaccinated in on top of the infection agents. so just that kind of an issue now it is an issue and it is this a dos of options. you're the left for the governments because what do they need to do to tackle this night? there are, of course, the hard measures like lock signs, but people quite right. they feel that they've suffered enough for the great gauge
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that the governments are indeed very reluctant to do more than the minimal. but that's their dilemma now as well in the netherlands, and i think it's in most countries across this continent. is there been late in re imposing a stricter general measures just like our partial look down. and a lot of experts are still doubting where that is, will be enough to get the repetition number under one. again to get the curve down . and they're discussing additional measures that we are discussing. now, department has been discussing to g, so people will only get into cinema or a bar, or a museum with a pass showing that you've been vaccinated or recovered and no longer tested. but critics day was dead, only works with a low transmission, and the transmission is very high now. so it won't help us a lot on this short medium term only in the long term and trying to get more people
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vaccinated. it will take like weeks before that helps. so the problem is the and vaccinated people isn't it one part of it. i think it's a combination of investment people and the high transmission so. busy we're all responsible in a way that this the on vaccinated people who end with the greatest of respect to teaching up all the medical resources that are putting the strains on public services. so give it a month, is it not time to start looking? don't the unvaccinated as they're doing, and austria. yeah that's, that's not that much discuss the government. and i think they're rightly are very afraid of even increasing even more increasing tripler zation in the industry and society and. and as i said, it's also been said by the data analysts said, okay, most of the people in the hospitals are, are affectionate. it and,
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and relatively it's, it's a lot more, but also quite a lot of vulnerable people that are w vaccinated fully vaccinated are being taken up and out into the hospital. so we're not done. and the particular area within where they like weeks the next. so our mission is what we're started the restrictions last saturday. we'll take 2 or 3 weeks before we see the result in the hospitals will probably get into the red zone in the most hospitals before that. so it won't help us now. maybe for the rest of the winter. it's it, it, we needs more people get fed to get vaccinated. and that's all the difference is also with across europe. like in france or in austin austria front is doing pretty well actually. now the vaccination rates are pretty diverse. in germany is it's lower than in netherlands or in denmark, it's even higher. so that also depends on what you, what measures you're taking,
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what are that are proportional sort of against and vaccinated people. so how much of this is done to politics then? because it really seems like the politics of protecting people feelings is impacting on the well being of, of the public that people say we don't, we want to protect our rights and don't want to be getting vaccinated. and that's having an impact on people to you don't think it's time for governments to, to stop worrying about hurting people's feelings and actually take some action that's going to knock this virus on the head was indeed a sentiments very strong here in the netherlands. it has been historically as well . we have a very strong voice of the particular people from the more stricter christian regions they have been against. vaccinations are obliged vaccinations. and now there's a lot of strong like individual right people and they're very focusing on
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individual rights. whereas public health is also one of the founding rights of our society. so indeed we should do more and that we should discuss how i don't see. busy a lockdown just perfect native b unvaccinated people coming in in the redlands, but they're still becoming strict trans, stricter and but, and what i think they should become more honest about it because they're really afraid of that sentiment and they're making it more strict and stricter for these and vaccinated people as well saying that they are not so and people that really get take that anymore and more. oh, i'm sorry, i'm sorry to jump and how much if there's just one final question, how much of this a reluctance to get vaccinated would you say is don't see to all the, let's say the drama when the astrazeneca vaccine was roll dates. and there was a lot of criticism from, from top political officials across europe about how effective this
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u. k. developed vaccine would be. do you think that a lot of the, the politicking around that has impact seeds, people's willingness to get vaccinated across mainland europe. i think it's part of it. i think it's a combination of all these things that were this. also these stories about the m r n a is experimental. there are, does very vague assumptions and stories about people not being, becoming, being able to get pregnant again. and then on top of that, there were all the strong bose just stories and the way that was handled. i think it's a mix up a lot of people who just don't really care even though they're they don't think the think i might get the sexy later. and that's so sad because people end up and asked about and said i should have taken it. ok. you have to freeze, great to get your thoughts on your analysis there. thank you so much for joining us for months to time. we appreciate it. thank you. so korea has recorded its highest
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number of new coven 19 cases in a single day. when 3600 people tested positive on thursday, official say they were expecting to see an increase after most restrictions were lift. it's earlier this month. 78 percent of the population has been vaccinated. a palestinian prisoner has died insides and israeli jail. after reports of the liberal, deliberate medical negligence by the israeli authorities from yellow move was sentenced to 19 years in prison. in 2008, his mother was only able to visit him a few times after his arrest when the mcmahon in law. i wished he was out of prison and got married. i wish i could give him years and years of my life so he could live longer. we were hoping to see him after this, but these were only hopes it was the will of god. i did not see him alive, but i still want to see him even if dead. at least 15 people were killed in sit on
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on wednesday after security forces open fire on protest is the crackdown was the worst day of violence and similitude takeover last month. health workers said dozens were also injured by life, fire, and tear gas. people have been angered by the military's refusal to hands back power to civilians are still certain reports from cartoon on wednesdays. processed the demonstrations installed on continue less than a week after hundreds of thousands around the country to the states demanding the military diversities take order of the government. people came out on wednesday to be treat that same demand. oh, i'll now go on with any i demand for civilian government and the military council to be taken to court. and those who killed people to be handed justice city been and those who are making our lives hard here must also be brought to justice. the protest were organized by bodies known as resistance committees and the forces of
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freedom and change position, which has been shared in power with the military. again, protesters were met with widens including tear gas and live ammunition by school. the forces to disperse them. several have been killed and many more injured. o authorities also destroy the phone lines. the internet has been restricted since the military takeover and those restrictions became tougher during run as these demonstrations. but old that didn't deter the crowds from gathering in capital and other cities. protesters behind me, they are barricade and the roads are fighting, added the ty, yours burdening the tires and chanting. i guess it did that the military. they say they want an immediate restoration off a civilian government and they say all so they want the release of the port please a nurse and also on me to commit to death cause additional declaration. it's signed
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in 2019 with, with, with civilians. general up to put that will hand who dissolved the 2 years transitional government has promised to appoint a government of technocrats to lead on to elections in 2023. do you as caught a to through than after the military takeover and has urged and returned to civilian government. sudan had been on the path toward a democracy. instability, returning to that path is the best way for sit down to attain patient prosperity, become a leader on the continent, and to restore very strong support from the international community. the protest to see they will do all they can to force the military to hand power to a civilian government. and wednesdays demonstrations showed that the dispute with the military leadership is far from over and brazil joins us live from carts. him i was so very dramatic yesterday aboard the mood like that to day
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well, of the funeral for those have been killed during the protest. yes, they have been howled early in the morning in khartoum and the army eyes now at the opening their main roads and the breeze that has been close and also they are removing that barricade that has been sat by the barricades of the b x and the rogues of hobbies, sat by the protest is now the that, that the in their own, the other hand, the phone lines are back yesterday they were disrupted, but the internet but i called shut down is widely steal in plays on the live. we can't, when look at the steed, we can say that the life was back to normal are largely, however, there are the and it looks like we have lost our connection with russel sir unfortunately, but we will try and check back in with him again later in the error,
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the source was still the, had them on al jazeera, including bolts from the philippines, the china facing of once again and the contested south china sea. we'll have more on that story. plus we'll meet the senate candidate in sheila lost her sight and a sense of smell and taste after police shoot a tear gas canister into her face. and of course the sports, the line up for the cutter. 2022 world cup has begun to take shape. bring you more later in the program. ah. hello, we still got plenty of showers in the mediterranean at the moment. some live the storm stall, rumbling away around italy, pushing over towards greece and the balkans. sir, please to say i storm system is grassy, going to wind down over the next couple of days,
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so it shouldn't be too bad because at western side of the mediterranean. meanwhile, further north, we have got lots of ice, a bar showing up on the chart here. so they're all breeze coming through, but it is a warm one for the time being at least temperatures in glasgow and in london getting up to round 13 celsius. we'll see a glossy dry here who see a few showers coming in to that western side of scott and the particular driving its way over to war. scandinavian sea are slow on the call side for the time being at 6 celsius, with some snow to the north. there, but as that to southwest me, wesley wind toxin also gets up to an 11 degrees as we go on 3 friday. but the snow does become more expansive to the north thereof for further south, much of central europe. fine, and tries to one or 2 shares into that east inside a spy, but the barrier is a lot driver may have been recently along with italy and the po cuz i'll be a few showers though. just pushing over towards greece at this stage. just wanted to shout across the far north of algeria, still got some wet to weather around western sahara and more. tavia, that becomes
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a little more widespread pushing to algeria for friday. ah, an african narrative. blue from african perspective. i knew series of short documentary by african filmmakers from across the continent. this isn't really getting committed to handle the african direct. coming, sued on al jazeera, big, serious, darkest days. with one man leading the country through prism to alice out his last legitimacy. he needs to step back. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night?
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maybe reason that could effect any human assert master of chaos on al jazeera. ah ah, the al jazeera quicker minds over top stories, this are armenia says the russian mediated c bond with as their bond. shawn is mostly home thing, fall in violence earlier this week. it was the worst flare up since last year is conflict over the dispute is not going to cut about border region g 7 nations of cold for bella roost ends the refugee and michael crisis on the board with poland.
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fellows is accused of using them as a weapon against the european union. and that comes with more than 400 rockies spell of his order, or set to fly, whom he works for. a ministry is trying to find others in bella rufe who also wants to leave. well, let's get more on this now. from my mood of de la, i had to join says from baghdad. this is going to be a heartbreaking situation for the people getting sent back to iraq, a country that they have tried to leave. oh, what have they got left to come back to? what's the situation like there because many of souls, homes, cars and property see to get over to europe in the 1st place? indeed her and yes, very definitely. blaming 1st.


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