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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm AST

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facilities can his unique style really help clean up the matheny? culture? the pop culture is the fastest way those soft. if any asian problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary announces era, ah, and of a nightmare. hundreds of iraq, he refugees due to head home after failing to cross into the e. u over the beta roost. poland border. ah, hello, i'm adrian. second, this is al jazeera alive from dough. also coming up here. at least 15 people killed in sudan up the security forces opened fire on 1000 was protesting against the military takeover. troops joined rescue efforts in parts of western
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canada, devastated by floods and landslides. and many countries in europe see a surgeon cubic 19 cases. as governments grapple with pushed back against restrictions, ah, thousands of refugees and migrants is still living. it makes shift camps on, in freezing conditions on the baylor roost, poland border bengal, russo set up some shelters, but there's still no sort of any resolution to its standoff with. poland obviously was jonah hall is live for us in a coca on poland side of the border with baylor roost. jonah, bring us up to speed with the humanitarian situation there this morning. well pictures we've been looking at know that you've been seeing similar things on a live feed from just across the border in that sort of no man's land area on the better route inside show people in there,
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hundreds waking up in what is rather so the squalid tented camp, just on the edge of the board, a zone close to a forest, making their way towards what looks like some kind of an a delivery point by the better. but bell original authorities and walking away with little sort of blue plastic bags. we don't know what's in those bags, but some sort of meagre a supplies others would have spent a night marginally, perhaps less uncomfortable in a converted warehouse made available for them on tuesday night. some protection that perhaps from the cold, not a great deal, but for many boast really those who aren't getting on repack creation flight later, we'll talk about that in a minute. most will spend the long day another long day, staring out across roles of barbed wire, polish right beliefs on the other side, determined to ensure they have no way of cross again to the european union. as of course, they had come there to do and, you know, with the inevitability of that really desperation is growing news overnight on
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wednesday, according to the polish authorities here of another attempt, a fairly substantial attempt this to reach the board of defense is 80 kilometers south of this area here, a fairly substantial number of people, perhaps up to 500, according to some reports organizing a rather elaborate strategy, a decode at one point, throwing stones at polish border guards to distract them at another point, trying to break down the board offense, the polish authorities say around a 100 were detained, it seems that they may have been pushed back. it is not clear entirely what happened. that, of course, is highly dubious under international law. but really the laws along this border pretty fluid at the moment in the, in terms of an emergency, a state of emergency imposed by the polish authorities as a result of this crisis. all right, you mentioned recreation flights on the diplomatic front as they've been any progress towards ending this crisis.
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i. there been 2 sets of phone calls between chancellor merkel, the outgoing german chancellor and alexander lucas shank coat. this week at the german side said only that she'd urged him to allow greater access for aid agencies to these people. but on wednesday night, the estonian foreign minister let slip in an interview on television, a little more about the substance those talks illustrating what allas, alexander lucas shanker once in return for ending this crisis, he wants to legitimacy. he wants to be recognized as the leader of his country by the e u. r. after a rig the election last year, nobody recognizes him in the european union, least of all germany and he wants to sanction lifted in return for easing this crisis. so those are his terms that essentially is the end of the game for him. it's unlikely that that is going to come his way and he has threatened further retaliation of sanctions go ahead, which they appear to be doing. he has threatened that he has in fact, cut off oil supplies to poland. he has cut off electricity to the ukraine. and the
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council for foreign relations made the point this morning that this is a man who doesn't care about death on his board of this is a man simply fighting for the survival of his regime and urging people to prepare for just about anything out there as joan, a whole reporting live from the palest poland border. many thanks indeed to jonah at least 15 people have been killed in sudan after security forces open fire on protest us. the cracked on on wednesday was the worst day of violence center, military takeover last month. health workers say that thousands were injured by live fire and tear gas. people have been angered by the military's refusal to hand back power to civilians. let's go live down to cartoon al jazeera is at russell soda is sat there for us after that violence yesterday. what is the situation there now, russell well as the some of the funerals for those who have been careless yesterday, they are still being housed at majority of them have already been buried. but as of
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now the, the military. a had we can say that they have reopened the main roads and the bridge and also they are removing at that. the barrack is of the brakes and rocks that have been sad by the protest as yesterday. they also being removed also. yesterday they did, the phone lines were, were disrupted, and by the turn, these morning, their phone lines are back. however, the internet blackout is a largely steel in place that resistance comedies and dead that the forces of freedom and change disobedient coalition. here they said that they are going to keep the pressure on the army to force it to a power shared in agreement, and that they are going to continue the protests over the government. did. the army says that they are committed to the road to democracy and they are not planning to hold on to power. and that they are sincere about the but the, the that hold in
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a fair and a free elections. but so far the towards between the 2 parties didn't produce any result. and as more and more people who are being killed, the anger is growing among the protesters. ah, the demonstrations ensued on continue less than a week after hundreds of thousands around the country to the seats, demanding the military of diversities. take order of the government. people came out on wednesday to the 3 that seemed demand. ah, let's, i'll not go on with anyhow. i demand for civilian government and the military council to be taken to court, and those who killed people to be handed justice city been and those who are making our lives hard here must also be brought to justice. the protests were organized by bodies known as resistance committees and the forces of freedom and change coalition, which has been shared in power with the military. again, protestors were met with widens including tear gas and live ammunition by security
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forces to disperse them. several have been killed and many more injured. o authorities also destroy the phone lines. the internet has been restricted since the military takeover and those restrictions became tougher during run as these demonstrations. but all that didn't deter the crowds from gathering in capital and other cities. protesters behind me, they are barricade and the roads are fighting at the ty, yours burdening the tires and chanting. i guess it did the military. they say they want an immediate restoration off a civilian government and they say all so they want the release of the political prisoners and also on me to commit to death cause additional declaration. it's signed in 2019 with with, with civilians. general opt ipad that will hand who dissolve the 2 years
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transitional government has promised to appoint a government of technocrats to lead on to elections in 2023. do you asked? cut 8 to suzanne after the military takeover and has urged and returned to civilian government. sudan had been on path toward a democracy. instability, returning to that path is the best way for sudan to attain patient prosperity become a leader on the continent, and to restore very strong support from the international community. the protest to see they will do all they can to force the military to hand power to a civilian government. and wednesdays demonstrations showed that there's this booth with the military leadership is far from over well as deer that protested that the civilian groups here are still a firm on their demands and they said they are going to keep in the demonstrations
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. and on the other hand, the army is still in full control of the government. so the, but the hopes are that, that the towards the ongoing tolts between 2 parties may result may, may produce a result. the international community is also stepping up pressure on the army, tu, tu, tu, tu? told to to, to, for the tours to get the further stay a step and that they are. the international community is particularly asking the also prime minister abdulla ham. look to be back in the office and also to talk to share the power with a civilian coalition. here, however, so far, all the international fords and the from the usa, european union and the you and did not produce any result to find a way out of this political that look in the concert over. we know that there are still the talks on the, on a, on the way, and that the military are now having, like the, did, the mediators also with the civilian groups. so,
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but we do not know whether they will be able to find a way to answer don's crisis or not yet. ross, who set up live in khartoum monday, thanks. wanted a state of emergency as an effect in the canadian province of british columbia. after heavy rainfall triggered flooding a month slides, highways, bridges have been cut off. at least one person has died. jody vance reports from vancouver. been stranded, forced to evacuate or left without a home to return to for steve booth. the record breaking rain in british columbia turned a typical weekend commute into what feels like an unending ordeal. we slept overnight in, in our car monday night and we were able to find a friend of a friend of a friend who lived in help and was taking people in and we. ready yesterday morning we went there and just got
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a car was what was hard prime minister justin trudeau has promised support including to playing the military. i spoke with the premier, i spoke with a number of mirrors last night to talk about how people are doing in this terrifically bad situation. we're also working with them on saving people on sending resources like the canadian, our forces to support people in the situation. but also will be there for the clean up and the rebuilding after the impacts of these extreme weather events. the british columbia premier then declared a provincial state of emergency already strained supply lines are at risk of greater disruption. therefore, as of noon today, the government a, b, c, is declaring a state of emergency. there's not a person that hasn't been affected or will not be affected by the events of this past weekend. these events are increasing in regularity because of the effects of
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human cause. climate change canadians on the west coast have become familiar with extreme weather events like the heat dome and the bomb cyclone. this one is being called an atmospheric river, which dumped a months worth of rain in 2 days. when i 1st started studying climate change 20 years ago, there was an idea that you had to go somewhere else that the canada was wealthy and would be fairly insulated from the effects of climate change. and i mean this summer had just taught us here in canada, but i think people around the world that you don't have to go anywhere. climate change is affecting everyone at home. it could end up being one of canada's most expensive disasters. much slides have destroyed highways and bridges, cutting off access to the largest port in vancouver and flood waters are still rising in british columbia as agricultural center. historically, is the washington state nook, sack river floods 1st, and then that triggers a chain of events leading into canada. but this time, this extreme rainstorm, so the fraser valley, even before the connected river systems could flood it,
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the u. s. life has be very much still on high alert and as entire area, racing for more. jodie vance al jazeera, vancouver still to come here on al jazeera. we'll have the latest on a cease fire between our media and as a by john and whether it's likely to hold. and we'll meet the chilean senate candidates who lost a sight and senses of taste and smell after being shot in the face by police. ah hello, welcome to have a look at the international forecast. i've seen plenty of showers recently. they seasonal range coming to southern parts of vietnam. pushing across into thailand where we've seen the best part of a 100 millimeters of rain in the past 24 hours more big showers, coming through here. over the next 24 hours or so. western pasa, boyer,
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still seeing some very heavy right. and chassis, some really wet weather, also making its way down into a good part of indonesia. over the next, as a java could see some localized flooding by sas. i know we have flooding concerns across southern parts of australia. we have seen some very wet weather developing across the western side of australia and that's gonna greatly make its way through the malibu south australia down towards that southeast corner. last few days in the southeast we have seen temperature getting up into the high twenty's most have just gonna get knocked back over the next day or so. as as cool. a wetter and windy weather comes rolling in from the west, then we have got high 5 danger warnings in force. we go on through friday into saturday. that where to where the coming across a good part of south australia eventually pushing across into victoria. by the time we come to sunday, that rain really popping up into what is already flood effect to parts of new southwell. so again, we have thought consent here, making its way to will sidney for his eylandt. it's wet and windy. ah,
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the end of the country with an abundance of results for the trade already won indonesia, his friends for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let's be part when denise, his growth and progress in indonesia. now. ah ah,
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hello again. this is al jazeera, let's remind you of the main news this hour. more than 400, a rocky migrants refugees, the trap to poland, baylor bruce border, a set to fly home. iraq's foreign ministry is trying to locate others in bay, the roofs who may also want to leave. metix in sudan said that at least 15 people was shot dead by security forces of witness day during another protest against last month's military takeover. dozens of people were injured by live fire and tear gas . it's according to the central committee of sudanese doctors of the state of emergency as an effect in the canadian province of british columbia. after a heavy rainfall triggered flooding, a mudslides. troops have been deployed to help clear blocked roads. at least one person has diet. armenia says, the rush that the russia mediated cease fire with azerbaijan is mostly holding following a day of violence earlier this week. it's been the worst flare up since fighting over the disputed nagondo cadillac border region last year, which left more than $6000.00 people dead. elsie was robin frosty,
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a walker reports now from tbilisi in they bring georgia official footage from armenia. defense ministry shows strikes on what claims were azerbaijani armored vehicles in armenian sovereign territory. as by john said armenia provoked the fighting and describes the boy the area as disputed. ah, mobile footage shed on social media appears to show as a by johnny soldiers beating and taunting their armenian captives on tuesday, the head of armenia, security council cold for russian military intervention. but so far, the prime minister has stopped short of officially requesting moscow support. samhain vickery marcin herself to lydia talks about border disputes are absurd and senseless. there is no boarded dispute. there is aggression against the sovereign territory of the republic of armenia. as
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a by john re took control of most of the go, no carrabas, and surrounding territories in a war. last year with armenia. almost 7000 soldiers and civilians were killed. the latest fighting is close to karuba, but along the 2 countries border as a by johnny checkpoints, now control roads leading into armenia, scenic province, isolating armenian villages and restricting travel. the region lies between as a by john and it's autonomous, exclaim nakesha van a cease fire agreement signed last year, included a commitment by armenia to provide a road or rail link, connecting as a by john with nike shavanne and turkey. as a by john refers to it as a corridor and by implication, something it would control but russia, which mediated last year cease fire. and has peacekeeping troops on the ground in
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the corner, caraballo and armenia has played down that language, which emma come cleared from her re shania. we are getting close to concrete decisions, which are 1st and foremost based on the notion that countries will retain sovereignty over roads passing through their territory as the by john and armenia accused each other of starting this latest round of fighting. but what is clear is that sticking points over those agreements signed in that piece deal last year, need urgently to be resolved. robin for astir walker al jazeera tbilisi. the philippines is accused of aging of sabotaging a re supply mission and the disputed south china sea. it says the incident happened on tuesday near the contested sprightly islands. the chinese coast guard is accused of blocking the philippines ships and firing water cannon. the crews were on their way to provide supplies to a military base,
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more from our zeros general allen doggone in manila. president of diego de 30, i was sworn into office in 2016 and there have been a lot of incidents like this one and a lot of countless basically protests that have been submitted to china by the philippine embassy by the philippine government, through the department. the foreign affairs, but this particular incident is seen as an escalator, tory attack described by defense analysts. that's because these see the actions of over, of china was very much aggressive. it happened 2 days ago as the philippine military, 2 boats were actually on its way to a supply mission to the 2nd thaw muscle. that's where grounded ship is actually in place. the b r piece chair, a magic where they're actually philippine marines expecting for this supply, although no one is hurt. basically from the attack of china. what basically the department of foreign affairs is telling them is to essentially back off and that the philippines is free to do whatever it needs to do in the areas it controls in
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the south china sea. taiwan is deployed. 64 upgraded jets as it steps up, its defense capabilities and the face of continuing threats from china ah, the f. 16 v. as the most advanced version of the aircraft president sighing when commissioned them into service. saying that they show the strength of taiwan cooperation with the u. s. defense industry. taiwan states has become a major point of tension in the us china relationship. beijing sees the island is a break away province to be reunited with the mainland. a palestinian prisoner has died inside and his really jail after accusations of deliberate medical negligence by the israeli authorities saw me. i'll a more was sentenced to 19 years in prison in 2000 to days. his mother has only been able to visit him a few times since his arrest when the mcmahon in atlanta. so i wished he was out of prison and got married. i wish i could give him years and years of my life so he
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could live longer. we were hoping to see him after, but these were only hopes it was the will of god. i did not see him alive, but i still want to see him even if that several countries across europe are struggling with a new wave of cove. it 19 numbers of infections and deaths arising, especially in russia, germany and the u. k. some government to re imposing a patchwork of partial restrictions, particularly on the on vaccinated. and that's prompted protests as brianca group to reports. oh wow. alarm bells ringing across syrup. once again, it's at the epicenter, the crew, navarez pandemic. even before winter, fully takes hold. in germany's oldest christmas market in dressing traitors wonder if the virus was once again steve, the festive season and their profits. this will be momentous in one of the moments i think the problem is that the traitors feel a bit abandoned. we don't know what's going to happen. are we going to open up the
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rules going to be changed? and yes, on sleepless nights we think about the goods that are ordered. no one gives any information about what is going to happen. and when germany's fault wave is raging, presenting and only emergency for the parties that form the next governing coalition to own the outgoing chancellor issue, dis, star, wanting to gain voltage economy. the current pandemic situation in germany is dramatic. i can't say in any other way than at the 4th waivers hitting our country with full force default. we've has tightened its grip on neighboring belgium. in response, the government is extending the use of face mass. and again, making more people work from home is to fostering the 1st observation is that the alarm signals are flashing red. we see that we have a very high number of infections in our country. we also see that a number of beds occupied in intensive care has doubled in a week and that we have crossed the red line with 500 beds occupied. in the czech republic, where deline infections are hidden,
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new records proposed government restrictions on the unvaccinated hath triggered cortes by lodge. unmask crowds and frog to god says good, said that i am at this scar. this situation is truly dramatic. i am again asking every one to get vaccinated. this is really selfish. are these people who don't get vaccinated and end up in hospitals? i endangering health care for other citizens of a fear keely felt in many parts of europe where people are bracing for another winter of uncertainty. brown up there are 0 to lance goes the poles on sunday and was considered to be one of the most unpredictable general elections in recent history. among those vying for a spot in the senate is a woman who drew global attention after she was shot in the face by police. our latin america editor, lucy newman, reports from santiago, talk me fabula come p. i has found a way to get about me thinking about a but i yeah, i have to follow the rogue. see?
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i feel the rug and then i know there's the chair. and i know that this is the way to the bedroom. see in actual fact, she's the only one here who can't see the 37 year old mother of 3 was shot in the face at point blank range by police with a tear gas canister. while walking to the bus stop to go to work 2 years ago, she suffered multiple facial fractures, lost both her eyes and her sense of smell in taste. but not her determination to go on living. she says, oh yeah, now after multiple reconstructive surgeries, she is on the campaign trail as a candidate for the senate. oh, it is here to day i have decided to run for a c in the center in order to legislate for my people. and so that the laws will benefit them, because so far the law is only for a few cut. b, i is still waiting for her attacker to be sentenced what she's recognized everywhere. she goes a symbol of police brutality during social protests that began in 2019. she is from
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a working class neighborhood and has always been a community activist. so yes, lettea all my life. i've used public services and that's why i want to change and improve them from the sun it. the health and education system are terrible. pensions and terrible salaries can be i is not just an unusual candidate because she was blinded by police. this is a traditional way the candidates publicized their campaigns here in killing. the vast majority of those running for office have pales in and they have sir names that are english, spanish, german, or arab. but i'm una can be, i is not only from a low income neighbourhood, but as her surname makes abundantly clear. she is a descendant of the i might add an indigenous people, native to northern chili, peru and bolivia. feel good. oh, she's also one of only a handful of independent candidates to this general election,
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but she's optimistic. she promises voters, you will be my eyes, and i will be your voice to see and human al jazeera santiago they by the administration, has reportedly asked countries to consider releasing some of the crude oil stock piles. the richest news agency says, the hope is it would bring down prices, the world's largest oil consumers, including china, india and japan. are among the countries that are reported to have been approached . late last month. the cost of oil touched $7070.00 a high escape estimate rebounded, was pre pandemic levels faster than the pace of supply. oh, good shall. cri is a c, the a foreign policy of energy analyst at gulf state analytics. he says that there are a number of pressures on the you s such jody, or have you are concerned about that maybe to the demand drop by coming more and especially by next summer and due to, to situation day,
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trying to keep the production limit and not interested to increase production limit . again, it's quite another solution i bought according energy crisis. i have to see did it just not pick a main, picked her up to creating such crazes. the short is lindsay and that's regarding the market and also shortage of coal in the market during the call. we to some measure procedure, try to delay it production some or and i guess from some project and due to some delay, we have a shortage in the market. this project, it's the best chance for us to keep on a pole in the european market at the same time gives and unfortunately, due to you and other countries to more focus on the renewable energy and more focus on air, domestic growing and maybe a natural gas for example, in norway and made more investment in domestic renewable domestic hydro, kevin non domestic cannibal energy will tell this country to decrease in on fossil
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because different, se russia and to be more energy sufficient. people are saying read on western australia as christmas island, there's billions of crabs begin the annual migration. every year the creatures move on mass to the beach to made roads have been closed. a small bridge has been built to help them on their way. some people haven't been able to leave their homes due to the large numbers of crustaceans since about 2 weeks. the crops will leave the eggs on the beach and claw their way back into the jungle. ah, it's good teddy with a fellow, adrian said to get him into the headlines and i was just here at more than 900.


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