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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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use and abuse of power across the globe for now to sierra. ah, 10 dead and dozens injured is live, fire and tear gas is turned on. protest is in sudan. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera life and london. also coming up, migrants and refugees are given temporary shelter in belarus, but thousands more faced another freezing night at the border with poland. pollution from cas industry and agriculture to his health emergency across large parts of south asia. and trying to contain a new virus outbreak. well, health officials track a strain of bird flew has been found in asia and europe. ah,
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i purchased eaters, in sudan say at least 11 people have been shot dead by security forces during another mass rally against last month's military takeover. ah, dozens of people have been injured by live fire and tear gas, according to the central committee of sudanese doctors. thousands of demonstrators marching across the capitol cartoon and several other cities demanding a full handover to civilian rule. they want the leaders of october was military takeover to be tried in court. now me has locked down several areas and closed bridges. include a mechanism bridge, undermine bridge, and tuchi bridge. the aim is to stop protest as for moving south and joining up in central cartoon. i shall said, he has been national streets of the capital. among the professors. we are in the
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bullet district off deck capitol, of sudan cartoon, and to broadcasters started to gather around one p m local time, which is the usual trotter practice for the protest. they're not tied security measures all around to reach to such as the threat a one needs to go to the the check points, guarded by the army, the main roads there that, that the bridge that connect to size of the that the name river are blocked by the army to prevent people to gather however people are managing to reach to the cities . this is bullied this week and at the moment there are 7 other districts also that are forced in the protest. protesters behind me, they are barricade in the roads button in the tires and chanting. i guess it did that the military. they say they want an immediate restoration off a civilian government. and they say or so they want their release off the political
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prisoners and also on me to commit to death cause additional declaration. it's signed in 2019 with with, with civilians are the best rates for this. the protester is right behind me. you can see that it is relatively peaceful, but that is not valid for all the other products that are going on around the city . i have seen that there security forces was tearing as fighting the ideal gas over the protesters should in india to disperse them. and even following them into death is to threaten to disperse, to remove them for under 3 of these protesters here. how gathered here by the a call off, did the resistance committees, the forces of freedom and change the main civilian coalition, which had been in our power washing and with their miniature this year. so far all
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their faults to find a baltic of dialogue. i'll give this a try to find a solution out of the port because that will be super helpful you bag the civilian group says that they are going to keep organizing that protest to, to step out of the partial on the military to force it to a publisher in agreement and they said that they will not leave the secretes until a civilian government is in charge. yes, which state has reiterated calls for a ceasefire in ethiopia. is conflict expressing concern at the war could spin over to the horn of africa. and he blinked and made the comments in kenya's capital nairobi during the 1st leg of his africa tore. fighting between the ethiopian government and rebels from the northern t grier region has escalated in recent weeks. rincon urged to gray forces to stop their threatened advance on december, where the african union had quoted and his 10 people have been killed in 2
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explosions in the afghan capital campbell tanner beneficial, say many others have been injured. explosions happened in a sheer neighbourhood in the west of the city. i saw her claim responsibility for both blasts. i cast on herself and repeated attacks by on group affiliated with iso since the town of bands take home of the country. ah, enter, it says set up shelters at a warehouse to help migrants facing freezing conditions. thousands of people remain stranded on the border with poland. guards say many of them are increasingly aggressive in trying to breach the fence. poland accuses the better russian government of deliberately sending migrants to the frontier. i some vague reports from the board of aging, lining up to get some sustenance altogether of him. these refugees and by the russian troops in the britsky area near the polish border. but the ruth has in
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recent days, stepped up attempts to show its treating people humanely. on tuesday night. it provides a shelter for hundreds of men, women and children in this warehouse will dodge a bit of release. the commentary on this video comes from brother, russian states, media. many of them have now returned to the forest. these pictures from wednesday film by poland, interior ministry apparently show migrants leaving the makeshift camp as by the russian forces. look on some occurring logs. the only thing that's kept them warm at night, overnight, there were fresh attempts to break through the razor wire and reach polished territory. i was earlier. polish forces had used water cannon across the border at a group of migrants. polish border forces said they were attacked with stones polish police said one officer was taken to hospital with a head injury and the polish side to what provision there is has come from volunteers. on tuesday, the human rights commissioner of the council of europe visited one migrant aid
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center near the border. it is absolutely unacceptable what bella roosts is doing and how the people are manipulated. but at the same time, i think we need to step aside and, and think you know, what is happening at the european border. why are these people left in limbo and what can be done in order to stop this extremely dangerous situation? meanwhile, polished forces of parked water cannon opposite a new makeshift camp at the border. with no sign, the political standoff or the misery. 4000 stuck here, ending soon. as i beg, i'll, missouri, poland. chehalis includes in it's our opponent side of the border with batteries and has more than diplomatic efforts to resolve a crisis. there is a 2nd phone call this afternoon between the outgoing german chance langley merkel and alexander lucas shanker. the beller russian leader. that after a call that the pair had on monday,
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a german government statement saying that she urged him to allow greater access for you and aid agencies in particular to the people stuck on his side of the border and to allow aid to flow in the elevation state news agency says the pear reached an understanding. we don't know quite what that means. interesting and controversial contacts these in any case, given that the, you and germany in particular, don't recognise lucas as the bellows and president, after an election in 2020 at western nations, continue to have been a sham so much so that poland has said andre, due to the president here that it will not abide by any arrangement reached on its behalf by germany that it will consider to have been done over its head. in the meantime, alexander lucas lucas said he's not backing down. indeed, he's threatened to retaliate further if sanctions go ahead. sanctions that were agreed upon by e u countries this week and indeed on wednesday we hear that an oil pipeline heading towards the e. u through bell arrest. battery has been turned off,
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apparently for shed do maintenance. and all of that happening in the context of a wide, somewhat sinister looking geopolitical picture with russia tacitly supporting its out the bellows in its endeavors here. and also at the same time applying pressure to another week flank of the european union, the eastern border of ukraine, potentially preparing to open up a 2nd front with massive military, massive military build up. the us nuclear watchdog says iran has pushed and it stopped file of highly enriched uranium. the head of the international atomic energy agency refers grosse is expected to visit tara next week as well. house professor, resume talks on the 2015 nuclear deal. the agency says inspectors have not been allowed to reinstall surveillance cameras at a centrifuge workshop. it's a step seen as essential to reviving the agreement. grossey also says he is concerned by report of inspectors being subjected to invasive physical searches.
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and if those is the iran project director at the international crisis group, he believes iran is trying to pressure the west into a more desirable deal. the more iran's nuclear program verges towards the capability of producing nuclear weapons. the more international community would be concerned, and the iranian calculus is that the more they would be willing to make concessions that they were reluctant to make to the previous iranian government. the ronnie administration during the 6th round of talks that took place earlier this year in vienna. so it is, the idea is that iran can still ratchet up its nuclear program, much more and much faster than the west can reciprocate by rationing of sanctions. because the trump administration basically maxed out u. s. s leverage by sanctioning almost anything that moved into the race administration came to office with the view that its predecessor was weak and was to death threats to restore the deal, which was keep on
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a policy achievement. and was willing to accept the deal that was not fundamentally in iran interest. and so they took 5 months long, hated from the negotiations in order to focus on basically escalating their nuclear program significantly, as evidenced by the i a report and also ratchet down the level of transparency and monitoring of their new care program. in order to get back to the table and drive a harder bargain. now, the biden administration is, i don't think, in a position that it would be able to surrender to iranian demand, it control flexibility. but that has to be reciprocated with iranian flexibility. still to come around is there at canadian towns cut off by flooding, landslides the air forces deployed some areas, report, food supplies are running. ah
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hello there. the unsettled weather continues across southern parts of europe. you can see the storm rolling across the mediterranean, but conditions are going to improve here for the wet and windier weather. we have to look up north because that central band as well was seen dry a fine, a conditions of quite a bit of cloud cover though, keeping things foggy and murky at times. but it's gonna turn milder across the north west. if you look at britain, an island is gonna be west in the north dryer in the south with spouses sunshine, but the temperature in scotland is going to be well above average, 13 degrees in glasgow for wet and windy and wintery conditions. we have to look to norway, sweden as well as finn, and we've got warnings out for snow and ice here. and we've got blustery rain pushing across denmark into the baltic states, and it is going to get wessa for eastern europe as we head towards the weekend.
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it's also going to get wet for western parts of greece and that heavy rain, as you can see, see continues across the adriatic, heavy, forceful puleo m. sardinia and it continues to be rather windy across the belly. eric islands the heavier rain, however, can be found in southern parts of spain and algeria. but by the time we get into friday, we're going to have sunshine in algiers with the temperature sitting at 20 degrees celsius. ah, it says he took the whole room with somebody's going to do it. where do you go to the the voice you promoting clean, safe sanitation for rule. but with a 3rd of the world lesson basic facilities can his unique style really help clean up the mess? the culture to pop culture is the fastest way to solve the sanitation problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary on al jazeera lou
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ah, from one of the top stories you're now to 0. purchase d, as in sudan, so at least 11 people have been shot dead by security forces. dozens of people were injured by live fire and tear gas during another mass demonstration against the military takeover. and he's 10 people have been killed in 2 explosions in the afghan capital. kabul taliban officials say many others have been injured. eyesore has claimed responsibility for both blasts and i've been calling. i've seen that the better bruce poland border. a day after water cannon was used on migrants accuses batteries of deliberately sending 2000 migrants to the frontier.
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app solution is choking millions of people across south asia. a cloud of smokers developed several countries including india and pakistan in india's capital. new delhi schools have been closed indefinitely and many businesses a shot the pollution in the pakistani city of the hor, is even worse. a recent index puts it as the most polluted city in the world. or in india's capital authorities have passed a raft of emergency measures to try to address worsening air quality schools, colleges, and many businesses in new delhi and nearby areas. are we forced to close the meet our reports in new delhi emergency measures to protect people from this a pollution crisis. schools and colleges are closed indefinitely. classes will be taught online, polluting industries that construction have been ordered to shut down until next week. and nearly all vehicles are banned from entering the city. these people
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aren't pleased to gradually the school shadow, but because i want to play with my friends, have funded my classmates and also known better. we don't need new york solutions to this kind of problems because those things will never solve authorities or sprinkling water to set his dust and using anti small guns. they're also encouraging people to work from home, one climate activist off the supreme court to force authorities to reduce pollution levels every morning we get hefty affidavits containing long list of promises and assurances on ladies government. but nothing is changing. experts say the government needs to involve corporations and citizen groups to make its policies more effective. what we need are, you know, more concrete, my shows, which can actually go beyond just a policy directive from the government to the community and to other stakeholder
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groups policy. so statement of intent, but you know what really do. so direct action and marty stakeholder engagement is needed. the new steps are facing political and legal problems. construction unions are challenging the ban and pen jobs. government is asking for more funds to help stop farmers from burning their crop residue. the met department predicts the weather will remain dive for the next few days because a falling temperatures and slow winds, the supreme court will decide next week whether the city will go into locked down. much of that depends on whether the measures that have been taken have any effect. patheon little al jazeera, you jelly in law residence in pakistan's, 2nd largest city have been pleading with officials to take action after it was named the most polluted in the world. people have been told to stay in doors while the hall remains blanketed in acrid smoke. at schools and businesses are still open . the city has an air quality ranking of 348, while over the hazardous benchmark of 300. as in india, coal fired factories,
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vehicle emissions, and farmers burning crops will be blamed for the heavy smoke. the canadian air force has been deployed to british columbia to help deal with massive floods which have cut off the country's largest port and left thousands of people stranded. 2 days of heavy rain triggered mudslides blocking key roads and leaving one person dead and at least 2 others missing. several towns have been completely isolated and the reports of food supply is running low. the military is expected to help clear key supply routes ahead of moraine expected in the coming days. and focus of concern. now as you must prairie, the low lying rural area is about an hour drive from vancouver and east of abbotsford. it was formed by the draining of a lake early last century. the abbotsford mare has pleased with every one and a perry about 2600 people to abandon their livestock and leave immediately.
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could he vans joins us by skype from vancouver, a jody with so many disasters owns what's the response been i can, and is there any update on support from either the provincial federal government? well, certainly all eyes on abbotsford, as you mentioned there, the state of emergency, the pump outs failing and what was a century ago, a lake that was drain. this is a major agricultural location in canada and certainly a concern. as you mentioned, the rescue of, of people, of livestock in animals, the clean up, the hopeful draining and then the aftermath and how this might impact supply chain . we have heard from prime minister just ensure dose specific to what is happening in what is called the fraser valley, that abbotsford chilliwack area where a big portion of the trans canada highway highway one has been closed. now since sunday evening. many people still stranded and trapped in various locations as all of the major arteries, all of the major highways leading from the rest of canada into the lower mainland
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and the metro. vancouver area have been cut off since sunday, a minister of public safety and emergency preparedness bill blair put out a statement saying the canadian forces air supports would be deployed in order to help with the rescue with clean up. and also with rebuilding the prime minister referencing that, as well as the federal government and certainly heat in on what is happening here in british columbia. as is the provincial government, our deputy premier, who is the minister of public safety mike farnworth has been at the for here as the premier of british columbia was diagnosed with cancer and his undergoing treatment even diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. so very much of things are ever evolving here in the province of british columbia. with regard to the response, the highest priority remains rescuing those who are trapped and clearing the debris off of highways. and you mentioned there's may not trans that connect, vancouver to the rest of canada is any update on the timelines for reopening.
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there's you know, that is the big question here. one on the minds of so many, whether it be those who are trapped or those who need to get to and from the interior of british columbia or beyond. not to mention supply train, we can in vancouver. this is a port city, a major port for the rest of canada. trade and supply chain is vital here and c, p rail canadian pacific rail lines have been halted on most routes out of metro, vancouver due to instability and debris, mud slides and impacts on those transport areas. so the timeline is certainly the question that is coming out, the government, both provincially and federally at this moment. and yet there are no answers, waiting for the flood waters to subside so that the damage can be assessed. and then the rebuilding and the timeline of rebuilding is put forward. it is a very one moment at a time, rather state of emergency and british columbia on the west coast canada current
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events. thank you very much. indeed. you're welcome. and the world health organization says her and of our death in europe have risen by 5 percent in the last week, making it the only region in the world. we have. our tests are upward trend. the highest numbers of new cases are in russia, person and germany, that the government has waters its highest single day. increasing infections since out began on $52800.00 cases were detected on wednesday. around 2 thirds of germany's population is fully vaccinated. chancellor, i'm going to marco says booster shots should be delivered as quickly as possible. new outbreaks and bad flu have been forced across europe and northern asia. it's called the attention of global health officials after $21.00. people in china reportedly contracted the virus, and as migratory, birds had north for the winter fairs during the virus will spread farther. t chang reports from bangkok. this is
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a chicken bomb with the difference. the birds of fighting talks for adam raised for the ring. not the retiree siri and they sell for up to $30000.00 each across asia and the middle east. laser garden chub shows me his prize fighter strong wings and a long neck. but the birds need an extra barrier against infection and a given a bath in water infused the tumor on top of the vaccines. they've already had. the latest outbreak of bird flew doesn't just threaten his livestock, but also the international market on which he relies on it. i told him that i can't sell these chickens and thailand because the fighting pits are closed. so i have to sell my beds in another country. there's another outbreak. i may have to close down my business with a gun. the bird flew our brake in europe has now forced these geese inside bread for their fatty livers for the luxury patty, while gruff. the farmers can't risk an outbreak from wild migrating birds outside
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in thailand's wet markets. the poultry may not be as valuable, but here, probably more than anywhere else. they know how costly bird flew can be back in 2004. when bird flew hit thailand for the 1st time, they had to co more than 60000000 birds, devastating for decades. what had been at the time, the largest poultry expo business in the world? in recent days, outbreaks have been detected along with a new strain. each $5.00 and $8.00 colds are already underway in south korea, japan and china, the only effective way to stop the spread. and in china, the new strain has already jumped into the human population. infections that have left 6 people dead, there is always a potential that one of these viruses once will adapt itself so it can jump to to humans. it could be one similar as the 1918 spanish food. as one beef comes from birdson makes its way into humans. buddhists and thailand released captive birds for merit or good luck with the world still reeling from the impact of one animal
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born bars that spread into human populations. many will be praying this version of the plu doesn't do the same. tourney, chang, al jazeera banker, one on our top story there mass protest since you down at resource. and i was live from cartoon maricel as several people have been killed so far and bring us there at the very latest on that. well, i to, there has been that, that this day since the october 25th day that the military takeover may happen. so up by one p, m, local time, people have started together industries, despite the security measures such as a block in day roads, the main roads and some of the bridge that are connecting the 2 sides of the niles to prevent people from gathering. but people managed to reach to the city, and there has been, at least brought us at 8 different districts in, in, in, in how to, particularly the,
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the 6th street or that the bully district on dorman and bar districts were the apis centers of the wireless to day according to their da da da da at central doctors committee in, in sudan at least $25.00 people have been killed, which is the highest death full since the military take over. and they say the hundreds of the others have been endured here. so the protest i was in the bullet district today to follow that the protestors and i, they, i, there was demanding the military to step back. they were chanting against military barricading the roads, burning the tires, and all so neither did there been having confrontations with the security force. i could see that security forces comparing to the last week. they were much tougher and much more prepared to disperse people. they were fired and tear gas on the protesters and the even using the live ammunitions shooting in the air and
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following the protesters until the, till the, it did that the by streets as well. so the protesters are, are of what demanding an immediate reservation of a civilian government, fleas of the political prisoners. and also they asked dick armey to commit to the constitutional declaration that it signed in 2019 with the protest as the those protesters, how been organized by the that the resistance committees and the forces of freedom and change the main a civilian coalition which has been shared empowerment with military since 2019, and they say that they are stepping up the pressure on the military to buy organizes such mass protest across the country and particularly the capital to force the military to a power sharing agreement. but so far, all the, a force coming from the protests organizers or the international for such as the 0,
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the, the pressure from the usa european union, which all of them are unanimously, did the condemned in the military co and asking a general of to for that will hand who dissolved the government at to immediately or restored their government and get all the prime minister, abdullah ham, look back despite all of that, a force so far there hasn't been a solution or out of this public the political deadlock in the come through all the efforts to find a solution to sedans, crisis, how fear of some of the protesters to they were saying that they will keep protesting against the, the military until a civilian government is in charge. as i said, that security measures are quite half here and very much tied across the horses. you can see that just to reach to their, to the areas that the protests are been organized, you need to pass the security agenda. did the checkpoints that are guarded by the, by the, the but by the military. so we do not know what's going to happen a,
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but the protest is already the organizer or organizers are already calling for a ne way. was there protest? and there are the concerns that if the a military id to increase it into interference, added that the casualty is the number of the casualties cool. increase my so center . thank you very much indeed. chaise president sebastian panera, has survived an impeachment attempt over corruption allegations just months before his due to leave office. the senate vote fell short of the 2 thirds majority needed to ask the center. right. leader pinero was already due to step down in march. but tuesday, his vote saved him from ring, removed immediately and from being disqualified from holding office for 5 years, chileans will vote in presidential elections on sunday. but the billionaire businessman is not a candidate the european union has proposed a new law curbing the import of goods linked to deforestation. mandatory due
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diligence would be required on the global supply chains of commodities, including beef soil. it would palmer oil, cocoa and coffee companies would need to prove they were not grown on any land deforested or degraded after december last year, even if it was legally produced in the country of origin. ah but up stories are al jazeera meant medics in sudan say at least 25 people have been shot dead by security forces during another mass protest against last month's military takeover. dozens of people have been injured by live fire and tear gas according to the central committee of sudanese doctors, thousands.


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