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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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and it, the air has got colder. chicago's at 4 degrees. stan houston, we've had 20 new york feel that difference on the pacific coast. there is more rain to come. the rather more usual picture in hawaii, we've just seen, it'll move south, it'll move in land, and it will stop falling. still, hands on al jazeera, a fast spreading bird flew is pretty europe and asia on alerts class. i'm a listener. i'm picked in the colombian island of providence, where people are still living in 10th a year after a devastating hurricane and in sports to the best in the n b a go had to had select more on that later in the user. ah, in the country with an abundance of resources trade are and why indonesia, his firms, for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance the green economy,
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blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now in welcome to a world of comfort in the service excellence with business class, which way your privacy is paramount. and your experience can sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera weighs the airlines you can rely on. lou
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ah, this is al jazeera and quick reminder all the top stories this arm, large groups of protest as a marching and cartoon condemn in the military takeover and calling for a return to civilian rule. within reports to police using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse hives. the city of the hor, in pakistan has been named the most polluted in the world. people are urging the government to save them from the worsening air quality. and in the deli, in they bring india, schools and colleges abuse shots, and definitely the or secretary of state as best in kenya, where his match the presidents as part of his it from attic, push to bring peace to ethiopia, near long conflicts with union few of his government and rebels from northern tikwa region, as escalated in recent weeks than can said,
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all science had to prioritize humanitarian as access. joining us from they will be, is marie thema teegan horn of africa, director with international crisis group. thank you very much for joining us here on al jazeera. see, discuss the, the crisis in ethiopia. we have had those are interventions in kenya. so the, how much of an impacts do you think kenya can have? here, wilson is particularly alarmed by what seems to be an escalating crisis in what is, of course, they mean accosted within the region. you have to remember that if you get historically has been the experimental piece of the while within the region, it's one of the biggest contributor to peacekeeping missions, not just here, but are on the wall. and can you actually alarm, i think as we had a program, kenya has a sent an advantage to that. he seems to retain
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a degree of trust with authority, the not to sum up, but also with some of the to grandly dish. so they can indeed possibly contribute, but it made that very difficult task and all parties to the wall certainly seem to think that they can achieve their goals military or what do you think it will take to de escalate the situation. if both sides are convinced that they can win this war, i think that we should, to all day this quote to cost. and we already have seen this wall marked by really, really actual cities, a huge drain of the economy and possibly tens of thousands that i think would potentially good while at the moment is all say to agree to you materially done, mike and then my loss of business for negotiations on the board and i think for that to grow to be convinced that would require a be somebody who are low,
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very meaningful. you went interior access to to where conditions are meant to be unplugged. to grow as to really all things a generated dia, crisis in the neighboring or a region. and it ends in acute everybody wants a humanitarian at seas forever and want some kind of development that will actually help the people who are clearly suffering right now. but i mean, it's been tried before and still both sides aren't moving here. what needs to happen to get them to agree to that? because it seems neither party is in a mood to de escalate. right now. all you are exactly right. and i have to say that all is a lie in the face of the european history and, and the political culture where it's one of them initial rather compromise. but i
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think it really is essential if they are to see this very important country, which they are to love it. it's really essential that they move to either direction where even even the judge that they commit to a military victory, that really easy to not be something that will not them kind of be able to go in a meaningful way without getting in some compromise. i'll say that the owner now have to follow that to some of you know, to reconnect some of the realities to recognize how deep the crisis is over there. on line human interior access into t, right? in the change for the to grand. you know, a possibly a approach which is very frightening, is calisha. none of them really kind of what caught my eye. it would be to me on the capital of africa. why we all the diplomatic mission being reduced into
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a battle ground. so hopefully this is michelle asked to come from an internal actor, but i need to take the bus to build some trust by allowing some access to to ok. marie is from the international crisis. good. thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. thank you, arminius, says the seas, far with azerbaijan is mostly holding falling a day of violence, which left several soldiers dead, both sides of released conflicting information on the number of casualties. armine, as defense, ministry says russia helped broker the truce, as or by john had accused armenia of provocation. armenian azerbaijan, forts, 844 day war last year, over the disputed territory of not gore not caravan ramadan for sir walker is monitoring developments from georgia and has more from subleasing. what we've been
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told by the armenian ministry of defense is that the situation at the moment is stable. in other words, relatively calm. and it looks as if that agreement to a cease fire is holding since yesterday. but this is been what appears to be the worst fighting we seen since the nicole and car about conflict late last year. the difference is that this is taking place now in a border area, not in car fact between armenia and as a bite on which armenia is actually deep inside armenian sovereign territory. they have confirmed that at least one of their soldiers has been killed. another 13 taken prisoner by the airy forces that they've lost to military positions. and another 24 soldiers on accounted for as a, as a by chance it's 7 of its soldiers were killed and 10 wounded. what if we zoom out a little and we take a look back at what happened last year. there was a peace deal, or at least an agreement, which included
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a number of conditions. principally, one of those conditions was to allow, as it, by john access to its province. it's region of nike, javan. it's an enclave inside armenia, on the iranian border. and this fighting that's taking place right now is in that area that as that is a part that is all median, but which would provide a car is all under this agreement between as it by john chavez. so it's potentially looks as if, as it by john wants to put the hops, take that reason by force or right shit up pressure on armenia to, to move forward on, on these deals that were fleshed out with the help of, with the help of letting me a tooth in late last year. western canada struggling to contain widespread flooding. at least one person has been killed by a landslide, to those are missing extreme weather on the west coast. as for the closure of almost every route to and from the city of vancouver,
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jodie vance has more stranded for days. this air left was forced to wait for the extreme weather to subside before helicopters could even begin to rescue motorist trapped by the flood waters. this is just one of many similar scenes happening across british columbia meteorologist warned of the approaching atmospheric river headed toward the west coast of canada late last week. none could have predicted just how much rain would fall or for how long record rains devastated. major highways, one by one they were all closed. the 1st to close due to a mudslide, was the busiest, the coca, how a highway with a major connection between the port of vancouver and the rest of canada. sustaining major damage and officials have yet to determine any timeline on reopening the case of a debris, it may be as simple as removing the debris and ensuring that the road the road is
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safe. it may be in other areas that you know, there needs to be additional work done. but the bottom line is if those technical assessments are being done and the ministry of transportation, highways are working as hard as they can to get roads open as quickly and safely as possible. evacuations and rescues remain the priority. also with the search and recovery of anyone reported missing deadly heat and wildfires in summer and just 5 months later. record rain and flooding all adding volume to prime minister just introduce those plea cop 26 about the impacts of the climate emergency in canada. canada is warming on average, twice as quickly as the rest of the world. and in our north. it's 3 times quick. the science is clear, we must do more and faster with a storm. now past the repair and reopening timeline is the looming concern. jodie
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vance al jazeera, vancouver, and another city on canada's west coast as issued an urgent cold for people to be evacuated. abbotsford is the city of 150000 people just outside vancouver. officials halton emergency press conference, colin for the area of su most prairie to evacuate immediately. they say walter pumps could fail within the next few hours and the situation would be catastrophic . residence to the small islands of columbia that was devastated by a hurricane. a year ago was still living in makeshift tents. president ivan to k, had promised that infrastructure on the islands would be rebuilt within $100.00 days. at the central rump yeti reports from the columbian territory of providence. yeah. who normally robinson a year later feels much like the 1st day after house was destroyed by hurricane i
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yoda if i don't even for my family in our family, remain in attend with holds. now letting the rain through memories of the devastation still hunter, looking as if he thought to saddle naca. if they have a heart, i beg them to please help us. we need a house. we need to be living comfortably again. it has been very difficult. it is still very difficult. i am so then she had just begun this 84, afro caribbean families have this small colombian islander frustrated, still waiting for a house to rebuild their lives. a year ago, the category 5 hurricane destroyed 98 percent of the infrastructure presidency. van duka promised to rebuild. in a 100 days the reconstruction has been very slow. the remains of the old hospital of yet to be demolished. limited care is offered in temporary tense. in wallace, no smallest element a book, it's frustrating. health should be
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a priority or we should have a better separation for corporate patients. but here it is, everybody with everybody. following complaints and under increasing pressure further slow progress, the government contractor has indeed increased the speed of reconstruction in the last couple of months promising now to deliver roughly half of the new homes for the 1st anniversary. blessed by one of the longest coral reefs in the world providence. he has long resisted mass tourism large resorts in shopping malls defending its tradition. we'll face our culture, but no tourism at all has deeply impacted economic hardship. fishermen and community leader edgar stevens says many believe the delay heights. a darker plan is appro landmark. he says the rebuilding gets prioritize the states by mainland and for investors and alternatives are trying to restart longer. post plans like
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the expansion of the airport is. but i can sadala hand they bought you, we fear that they are trying to tire people so they will start selling their land. or how do you explain that there is no hospital yet indian or that the houses their building are not made to last? the hurricane was a godsend for columbia's political elite ah, the united nations development program plans to stream a concert and launch a crowdsourcing drive to raise funds and bring attention to the plight of its inhabitants. that many here are left wondering when they will return to a dignified home, and if they will be able to sustain their traditional way of life. allison petty al jazeera island, the dancer new outbreaks of bird flu have been reported across europe and northern asia. this is also called the attention of global health officials. after 21 people in china reportedly contracted the virus. and as migratory, birds had north for the winter. fears growing the virus could spread tale chang
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reports from bangkok. this is a chicken bomb with the difference. the birds of fighting talks, read them, raised for the ring, not the retiree siri, and they sell for up to $30000.00 each across asia. and the middle east. laser garden job shows me his prize fighter strong wings and a long neck for the birds need an extra barrier against infection and a given a bath in water in pews with chimera on top of the vaccines. they've already had the latest outbreak of bird flu, doesn't just threaten his livestock, but also the international market on which he relies on the right one that i can't sell these chickens in thailand because the fighting pits are closed. so i have to sell my birds in another country. there's another outbreak. i may have to close down my business with a gun. the bird flew outbreak in europe has now forced these geese inside bread for their fatty livers for the luxury patty juan gruff. the farmers can't risk an
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outbreak from wild migrating birds outside in thailand's wet markets. the poultry may not be as valuable, but here probably more than anywhere else. they know how costly bird flew can be back in 2004. when bird flew hit thailand for the 1st time, they had to co more than 60000000 birds. devastating for decades. what had been at the time, the largest poultry export business in the world? in recent days, outbreaks have been detected along with a new strain, h 5 and 8. colds are already underway and south korea, japan and china, the only effective way to stop the spread. and in china, the new strain has already jumped into the human population. infections that have left 6 people dead, there is always a potential that one of these viruses once will adapt itself so it can jump to to humans. it could be one similar as the 1918 spanish route. as one day comes from
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boards and makes its way into humans, buddhists and thailand released captive birds for merit or good luck with the world still reeling from the impact of one animal born bars that spread into human populations. many will be praying this portion of birth lou doesn't do the same. tony chang, al jazeera banker, still ahead on al jazeera. it's again as well, record stay and we've got some of the more unusual achievements coming up in sports . ah
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ah ah ah
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senegal is starting to fall in power stations in response to an energy crisis. the national power company has been struggling to provide electricity to the people. nicholas huck has more from singles capital decay in the course chart, suburb, a 13 year old boy is doing what synagogues government is struggling to do. keep the lights on for his family. and neighbors fed up with a constant power cuts values and uses material found in trash to build solar powered lamps, money. but as well, it was a used batteries in scrap metal electrical wiring, all solar panels and light bulbs. it doesn't take much, we have all the resources we need to power our homes. i don't understand why it's so hard to bring electricity dry with families. almost half of the country is not connected to the power grid run by senate like the state run electricity company. traditional land based power stations are costly and take time to build. busy
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lamont are very smart on the really got a we need $2000000000.00 to provide electricity to all, but our national budget can afford this me, but there are private countries as they can do the job better. because what we're hoping for, we're basketball center like is turning to these floating power plants run by turkish owned car power ship to meet its immediate needs doc, into cars, ported burns, a 1000 tons of fossil fuel in just 5 days. it is also connected to a boat offshore carrying liquid natural gas. we can't progressively switch from having fuel oil, retro gus. this would have to impact 1st think reduction in the to surprised 2nd. think more a friend. it was environment, at least to 8 african countries and 30 world wide, rely on these floating power stations to meet their electricity needs. every 15 minutes, an engineer from the national power station sends out a text message to the crew on their ship indicating the amount of electricity senegal needs. at its peak,
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it provides 25 per cent of senegal to power. millions of people depend on it. but few can afford the price of power, mentally, u. synagogue, electricity prices among the highest in the world. more expensive than most european in north american countries. mother of 9 ac to fall is forced to choose between food or power. the viet, marvin? it's such a difficult choice to me. one that i'm forced to take when made is to see down market. i have hope, look at someone god willing will find a solution the while the government promises to deliver electricity for all by 2025, but loose and sees an opportunity to help take small steps during power to the people. nicholas hawk al jazeera charo, the synagogue, and center sports. here's far how i thank you so much. roger federer is edging closer to retirement after announcing he's unlikely to play competitive tennis
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until midway through. next year. the 40 year old is recovering from the surgery and we'll definitely miss the australian open in january, but are also told switch media or he would be extremely surprised if he was able to play at wimbledon in june. the 20th time grand slam champion doesn't expect to be training on the court for another 3 or 4 months. the netherlands are heading to next years, world cup and cats are the dutch failed to qualify for the turn message 2018, but their schools from stephen berg when put them on their way to victory over new ways. the netherlands are top of their route. thank to a to know when nor where their campaign and 3rd spot will. turkey finish. second to book a spot in the argentine are secure to place in the world cup with the 5 games disparate scoreless straw with arch rivals. brazil proved to be enough. this from the city as junior was one of the few highlights in the game. we don't last, he started his 1st match, then coming back from
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a half injury. while nations have qualified so far, plus of course, house country cats are in south america, there are 2 more automatic places available while europe will fill the remainder of their 13 places with the playoffs. in march, canada's dream of reaching the world cab is very much becoming a reality. the canadians are now top of the group in north and central america following 8 to one victory over regional power health. mexico, and freezing conditions. call aaron score and both goals for the home side. in edmonton, the unbeaten cannot jump over mexico and usa the lead the group by one point with 6 matches remaining. canada hasn't played at the world caps since $986.00. really proud of the large crowd of the performance at a big thumbs to the city of edmonton. if they've been different class, the old time would be in a admitted oh for us we've had the oil is helping us with our messages from gretzky
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. we've yeah, the pm visit knows it's just been and i'll just be in a memory to cherish i is a kid is a so honorary canadian, now these is some of the best moments in my life and these guys will never forget this. the snow, the crows, the mexicans, just is brilliant, much african champions. algeria survive the scare and their final great match against burkina faso. they needed to avoid losing and twice how the lead, before the visitors equalized them. 84th minutes algeria held on for to, to draw and reach the play. there is also a top table clash between cameron and ivory coast cameron's for the only goal of the game midway through the 1st half ivory coast missing out on the world. for the 2nd 3 turn to fairly clear, british and other match winning performance from andy,
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superstar steph curry, who guided the golden state warriors the victory over former teammates, coming around from the brooklyn. that's curry, have $37.00 points, and hit $93.00 pointers out, performing duran, who could only manage 19 for the game. golden state, rolling to 11799 victory garbage. ruth, i will face in that con device for the title at the w t. a finals in mexico with ruth and knocked out fellow spaniard paula pedo sat in strength fast to book a ticket for the final v to time grand slam champion reaches the decider for the 1st time in her 4th appearance at the things and events. i'm calling to try to reach the final with 8th street sent went over greece's merisa, cory. this is the feeling 1st, the parents of the season ending events and will be aiming for the biggest title of her career on wednesday when she faces the former and the one and the
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atp finals in italy, defending champion danielle madame book to spot in the semi finals after recording his 2nd street victory in the group stage was number 2 at last that alexander read in 3 fact the rab can still make for semi if he, when his final match. and finally to celebrate goodness, world records day. here's a couple of unusual achievements from around the world. american tyler phillips now has the title of most consecutive cars. johnson polo sick. he bounced over 5 black land and cabs at the olympic stadium in london. englishman, oh, ashley watson broke his own record for the for this back flip between 2 holds on to 55 meters and 87 centimeters. and in china, jane shlang broke the passes time to pull a car, 50 meters walking on hands, managing and impressive one minute,
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13.27 seconds. amazing. that is all your sport for now. holler back to you. thank you very much indeed of faro about set for this user to stay with us back with you after the break. ah, it said to, as he jo, this whole real way with somebody's got to do it. where do you go do that by look, use their voice here. promoting clean, save sanitation for all. but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities, can his unique style really help clean up the man? the culture to pop culture is the fastest way those softer sanitation problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary on al jazeera, with african narrative. mm. from african
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perspective. a new series of short documentaries, by african filmmakers from across the continent. this has been really good to let her handle africa direct coming soon on al jazeera, to pick a community decimated by cancer fights for the truth. who in this room has cancer, or knows the family that lives here that have cancer? phone lines exposes houston's candidate cluster, these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination underneath. they look data visible public community. it just say forget bill, them bell. no, no. we were sitting in time for lines on al jazeera, compelling journalism. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire
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program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your ro, undeliverable? i made fab al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, we have to make sure that they are getting the assistance they need and that the fighting ceases. and the, the talking starts. the secretary of state backs regional efforts to end the fighting in ethiopia. ah, none of them have them on his him. this is al jazeera, my.


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