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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm AST

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ends of the earth and service experience the unimaginable of the people who living witness award winning documentaries on a just a year. oh wow. i'm how am i he didn't know how with the headlines on al jazeera and the city of la horror and pakistan has been named the most polluted in the world. people are urging the government to save them from the worsening air quality and in new delhi. and neighboring india, schools and colleges have been shut indefinitely, choose to smoke. the u. s. secretary of states is visiting kenya, where he is met with the president as part of his diplomatic push to bring peace. ethiopia marked a year long conflict between ethiopians, governments and rebels, from the north and t gray region. as escalated and recent weeks until the been can
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and kenya's cabinet. secretary foreign affairs are holding a press conference. here's what lincoln had to say, a bite if you, if you watch, you know, what we seen is the way the conflict is ah, progressed, ah, more and more parts of the country have become involved and, or are in jeopardy with their citizens. are bearing the bearing the consequences and whether that's in and t gray over the last year or more recently and amorro ah, and moving further south toward toward addis. the people who suffer are the people and we have to make sure that they are getting the assistance they need and that the fighting ceases. and the, the talking starts thousands of refugees and migrants on the poland bellows border . i spent another night sleeping and make ship camps. they been trying to cross into the european union from belarus on tuesday, police,
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and pulled far water cannon and tear gas to keep the night full of the keys as belarus. if he's in the migrants as a weapon, the threats of a 2 week strike by energy workers in nigeria has triggered panic, buying at petrol stations. long keys of cars have broken streets in the capitol, hoosier. the government has tried to assure people that there's enough fuel available and she, there's president, says survived and impeachment votes. the senate fell short of a 2 thirds majority needed to ice sebastian in urine. he was accused of corruption following the leak of the so called pandora papers that exposed the hidden wealth of some worldly g as in business people. the documents linked vieira to the sale of a mining company through a family business to a close friends. and those are the headlines they witness my back to out to see a world o o
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o 2 is the social media consultant living in working in turkey's largest city. it stumbled. he's married with a young daughter. and as a family, they decided to look at ways of adopting unless consumers life influenced by what's called the simple living minimalist movement. the family decided to d class or their lives, and live with left, even before the global pandemic struck. ah, 24 to jive your he has for doing the demo of all of them. okay. daddy's i show my xena within the athens. hi lynette. aluminum. it did. they are number little way by sure. which which kitchen little
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cooler. the chocolate chick only take little misty adams on the video that alicia is stanley and they go to mac, wasn't misty adams, older a shipment. it can be a language and make where they keep it wasn't gonna come from them on the application. ah, it's not as yet. it will be my thought is i met a she was, i love being a to the guy is a table, but i love it. and china and russia. hey she pamela,
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you love you because i don't think you think i'm to change the ruffle them. can you hold on that over the head of negative thing chimney ah ah, ah, someone could get hold of a boot saw diet. say to me that my stepmother and give a shimmy, get it in a box and the honey good of an mitchell cache. good old look, just honda mahathy's. sure. she'll daughter. yeah, yeah. tom b, i boy yellow them lined up on me. i mean, he's on it or you know them doing just busted to jeremy like bacardi, shall i make sometimes. why are you shipping them? appears orlando, we ship our junk, shown the browser room. and me out of me are 3 jams. i kind of inter chang auditors
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or london. so that's already quite loud. i'm still di, barza. hi. she is scott mac that i started as i could oh to atkinson that tied to stick it. dont i live at carlos and the extent that called them there shall then thank the share on that it dissect burning and damage. nurse no bother the clones accurate it is i tunnel not the next in my such a faint shake. the simple living movement is now a global phenomenon fuel by social media, documentaries, and blogs. the idea is that reducing household consumption should lead to less individual debt by spending means less time earning. busy and so your quality of life should improve hutchinson's yoke. sole sons miss would even so they could sit in the sins miss massett teams with these
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w good inside the like an amazon incense. are they like tons of clutch going internally in? they can bullet as you hit for him as his higher they be higher to can because getting that is he the touchy a derek, where you go, lemme say young high up thing with 3rd. she helped mercer the other daughter car would either hire thing get fixing in the created name. yes, you may or as nicholas did, dear good school massage or as the or just families journey progressed. they embraced both the practical and spiritual side of the new minimalist citizen, early snow, not on the level heard on the siding issue. i think it's in their market to talk to richardson and all the little i'm in just want to let out those the famous book. i'm a saw, this is cheryl and oxide in this. make it now cut that on the, on the beam. you and me, evelyn bits all to percentage busy all to percentage minute me, me be
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a living the to down. the lawless allows you will try to be, isn't it? she to the digest shippable to the i did a lot call id, actually had decided i actually showing that she's link in the sid resolved in a meat. lydia, it's hard to hire tardy. she the civil side to be a like a looking job. it thinks you're the packet much motiv you out, the gauge and handled stuff. i really didn't know that it is a calmly job and because i understand that she has the coldly john the wife john will sit on back the other take it which he still has feared which town maloney which fittest ah said fy osa describes himself as a miss the painter, a writer, and a flute playing. he lives in turkey's anatolia mountains. present used to be an
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architect. that is now a shepherd lou talk sunroof. the boiling kept in kiss me. it is amber alert. this num washed the canter. it is shimmy in some killing mushrooms skirted. can he dance gertrude immediately gingerly from moses judging drinking ditch? gotten was getting your the roach. i'm not sure which of his son, but i come yet just brachman her soul manager, she little black wishes that debbie's logo in general. so products must occur. michigan noticed she had him is miss dumler just gave me, can't let the iep such as were the amman chamberlain. nobody of chum belong that in alton holl burlison's ruble and chalmers yo yonder sovereigns of jackson's ah, but none of them out there. mamma, members, william thompson, mcnelson out them, i'll call you make you pay more attention and will be your car, the smoother we sure the quality, his future stem of me stare,
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him tongue them. he had your son ish, the yellen nash. among the tumbler nascent bees were every year what i mean that my really she date murs a map, woocommerce still lived here, where i can make you mildred contributing years. the solemn as of the history of burslur the getting them in a new make him bed. and so i shouldn't be purchasing the tuscany kitchen kid and get it in there, or tell me the amount from the i mentioned, we are managing and deep regular to how much rich and out to associate cables and jack me, they were parsec not outsource mom, offensive to all on yes, i will be partisan, admonished me
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. sit outside the nice home of the architect, turn shepherd. the next morning they discussed minimalism and the pros and cons of modern city life. shannon this have? yes, she had, they are. so can on jeff davis, i guess your business doctor heck is singular this year. you must not move cubby cool. and what can she do? was i went over the years in tubby. net then trick. you mentioned it to, to look different and back in the region that archie sounds on it now. does it? yes. you need some that it should be delayed. didn't you? debiana sank junior. make you a teacher meeting in a, in the is a month? yes. g q, r today, cuz i knew him cuz i was on hold on some using the us to work and how the,
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how the q and the company to get through june door drew innovation shop by the last . yes, not a sold or not a good new 6. i'm not going to be starting to miss all like it. it was vision, me. you back i was brushing, did elastic his whims were stu cushion the last that she's making years. but she a macho them, are they not, can have smokers, you could ship younger shoes. and i believe mucus kinda london mused on, give me shit. i yaki images are cultural from crashing up. george to be cheap to begin. usually keep an eye on merchant 9 little us get you to be kim. now you are not risky. picky. she is there pal. available. and he had the up under the i knew i should old on which i'm going to go. chic. listed him him kiss capable goal, segment, gastric listed, and impala credential, you can turn in and get lead. call your left can the in the top line into a bit more that he, she then we accomplish is she were the minimum door room,
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hockey cut. so will not be rendered all like will be 0 or younger solution because she, she steers, i'm a sort of that all lanky, she that it can did all the land was out and she's in my car could that would or less of wagon and let me just now let my thunder catching noticed, heavy stuff . i don't know. i think it has been out to school until the up to one my kids to make them ada. i had it hutsel flung you do this at us and let it be said tell to see that electric a be give the breath, little light at laguna niggers. a whoop. look you said to me at h a eulogy. cabbage, im, be dr. ad gag. mitchell. mac,
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his student will, is sharla, doesn't that you saw that especially as well. nick, i tried this, and b, virginia to a boutique dental fight, a little diana savage. and a card that had to do the b. nidia hodgen litigators. toby, ne. d. miss nick hadn't been affiliated him. was he shaking niggers outdated? embassy. okay. i knew she had out hot on blue to all do you she or going to, you know, any booster issue in because i saw little deal and wanted to miss that because i'm was on the question for us. you didn't say it a can a busy thursday because he doubled i'm off to the beginning. thank you. my chelsea because frankie doom said it's in harrison harrison. he's gone with that. yeah. oh
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i . 2 love to d closer in his family hood said apo joel turned his focus to food. he was also concerned about the use of cleaning materials in the home to find out more, he made an appointment to meet thought ok. good in day a practitioner of alternative met. ah. 2 2 hike is kusha, kendall to nasa. a cushion lay on the abuses he made from miss edison, in something between the cushions extended beyond luma. some sal you was among the heck is a nickel dash cautious children, if i could them do some sant oil and build them, get us none. and we're coming to us from us. was amanda. and i shave it as alkaline a shift. father, good. and de, runs the institute of natural health in his stumble. he believes that the simple
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life philosophy and natural food are inextricably linked braces. it childish them, yes. an issue of us and that is high up 1000. the sir bit us, the high gach jarling to mitchell. we shall. so let the jamal mitchell wish them be . ash i'm as i'm on the side diety, a, shamir, they or chill chung target in so little does all manage a lot valuation or casual mark is it it, children? well, any optimist bear with me. it's been a full little childish that could glee beach g, g d, you'd have to teach own d, crash, said been him, would fall behind it. mobil. alexa de new sheranda. mars in santa equally would have done. i have been an estimate on what side initially or last mitchell tobac
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arsenault to push yogi chicky austin is attending tuesday. the chiefs them at the bus just teacher but good and a family shots locally for naturally produced foods from their local market. she taken demanded. dish newton and the other tacket. somebody. good thing is she had hired negatives. mm hm. did she? no, don't drink, haven't made any young. she had lean bottled old uncle to butte, him a water care 1000 little urine everett young boarder kistin dawdle model shield. mom been bullied. she you call since them you and will die. you also issued a boat all normally been on the highway. all of the additional air opening that get me on kruchinin finish a cash ref in on e r i t shakira with silvia from the care for management to get me in is puckett amish amar referrals or to them? she should be rude and columbia, according to my dear cut, come odyssey shlang,
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shoot, a nash, genetic dish, clear water tongue should in that hot done not take by the sheila packet and and fit. then we dial it now columbia. it had hung, he was sandy to cool, cool. that dish petro kimmy are sol timothy, to lydia. cool on europe. kim jasa, lester kissing at the columbia, marshall osh, all modem, mission, margin, columbia parkway. we are in need of a out. but community champ, one step. this is such creamy below the columbia missouri miss march and not getting it. and miss harper to chris auckland. you're going to proud campbell new tradition took daniel jermel bond the coast. there is a shame each tiny, but a leaky cut into. hi, good be marginal due to the hellish was another, the child, your knowledge was another of them nauseous luggage. a missile out, which would you all know rush, which would you are that again, as it is it serve,
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accomplish it will do it yourself. should coach canyon's bed can depart from new liquor. stall in our system is corckalone on yoletta the actually a 20 color goose vehicle longer. we'll tell her, need you ask them to drop us before and put them in a box with us and they get older. not really unloading of khodiyar. it was all for some good news on the line for an issue with oh this roger the probably the sound beginning of jell because a yeah you me to do it all in my them with another every day about your little boy muck to music. my them in and out either with should be deborah jokes. let me just of the additional we have heard this is middle. welcome to his in wash the alt. i'm the media that topple noon time
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it 0. there. my stu, autumn that every day. now this is just you of the genes, hasha muttered good, every dim korean. tell much of that asian the up off your bullshit patasha the mac . you know that each and wellness age italian than the up button subunit, a dish margin on the yet can music. miser 1000000 it it should euclid i never. we run more than a little earlier with no longer that we juggle the seller on the color boy letters . stay helped i recite all the set up and chalk sandy, up to she mclaughlin. yeah. nick m following. jack took them and on behalf was not woo, the hoses. should it be a, make your bike alegretky similar to inactive shoot. i initiated the will to music legendary acquisition or that him pronounced for a cutaway usually don't. you know? they say xander began with yup, we did a deep down which took they didn't jupiter to get to know that mickey mouse arkell on mcdonald. i have several notices. j. 7 to near to is it is that i yeah,
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good things, you know, not accurate. lamps, lucretia. i said because this bob was like that we can make it to michigan bank in for satisfy the binder kick me. i saw london plus the plastic yog, adequately steering unit side to hire too modern me it all to mission is on there that you from. so in a mic that from certain mikaela the evetts bitchy, then chalk modulus, chokers them to use. he, i knew kish kill normally be your shape is sick. them, you still loved it. alma, he truly need the us unless in the gen, the check yuma stilson, can it keep him shady down here for a live gauzy chic color each. mimic been watching a kiss inactive. am offering it to chicago or she had to le mural ptolemy room just here to sit noodle gentlemen, check me. yeah. to be in some good bar. yes. tool i am us. are college
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mastering control, amos and good. all ma'am. shit, kit mess. dollars sealer told him you suck color beach mutes aside the leash mailed under becky did bit as kaleya catch me at at to hit the color she shot that image. i did. i did it. i took that model of stokes, and it would have an hon. ah, with an experiment now a lifestyle. how successfully have your child family adapted to simple living with kids? many means they're very limited with godaddy and is allowed to been so loyal by celia, basic biddable. now they say that yeah, them is not cooper band. the island in isham literature, lability telephone is emares. her kids got columbus, her, elijah, and couldn't lack of a cool, long, reddish, eating. the cut cook quoted,
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you a draft and then it was up to j. l y z m a level. and he spoke with us to get motors for gaining all man. he, she, all malaria liked it. should i? you did a moment to get her dish and timmy read it as a category some day. you speak him yourself center to cooper lou. they say they she, in order to get to us or nicole lewis her there. so the normal this can look that it was it, they did imaging and each jackson mistake mazata from a gas it then i took it sandwich, did him as i ought to, missouri that he thinks it does. renew movers. it every day. did the arnold us, are they still dick forgione, j to me? i never, they said which, which is tis nyja hodge acacia, even mid day woollen livable lacey lawyer, charlotte, and coolness it on both ends. you manipulate a key, but i was a hema cousin. the can him hijacker there locked him? is it hijack can moon can method of controlling be the old cut out?
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i shall, musson at that city. you knocked at the be they don't all do the high additional nachos i ought to, missouri dounia on the shop. there was edition in the city, at least today. it is to much for that point because on the quote cuz i wanted to satterfield together barely be sure you can my so the one on patient dish medic bullet is fitted up to an end of march. took a dolefully up machine, manon. util. the each hulu is cut me. talk to her note. pads was in utica. michelle, the guiding is up there that jo shamir, down with the visitors. she cabana took which to almost all the tissue, the dead sided shaking. there shouldn't be janie in roanoke. today's yeah, little to do those. i looked at the huddled shock live that it is to make the only guest i look at the 9 am to max. whichever chiefly did he did, began museums, english of india, and all an ottoman them, ahmed, it all to them when you pull the i niggers to make him no seal balloonist and that
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that the name orlan dollars for shipping and or let down the seneca them be study up mitchell's shoes and the autumn food is under this. ah, do it on the be suitable, shall there was additional ship to set up at london at some future. hot delish man? yeah, i ne, i had to lose the keys on little heaney. she did it up to marie she the him is there. yeah. little town miss cooler than and dish it it suitable on my own little delays to the may, the old must get a can hardly get that. may i get the stone? i mean i. busy urge all families enthusiasm for seemed living has continued since this program was made
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. so that has not gone back to his former consumers lifestyle. but says that making the necessary life changes in a huge city, light is sand. bell is hard for a whole family. it sounds as though the quest for a simpler life might just make things more complicated and every one in east amble has had to simplify their lives in many ways during dakota 19 pandemic. that's another story. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. busy ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah, can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing. as cattle always brings your favorite team to catch up for the fever arab called 2021. greatness is in the air. late sore is one and to reach new heights. join us in, cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canada airways dot com. ah, look forward to brighter skies. the winter sponsored my cattle at ways once again the ban spectacular sites in the sky is above uruguay and soon that'll happen
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in southeastern brazil. this, for example, over monte de, or thunderstorm was extremely good lightning shots, and that's the line anywhere which you could find. a similar sort of action in the sky is focusing probably on bolivia and this western side of brazil. but you'll notice although uruguay is dry, the se, brazil still got that, potentially that whole lot moves slowly know what its a seasonal thing is, should very active and very interesting that the rain that goes around the west of the earth, this line here, the atc said is still given the risk of floods in columbia further south, but the focus, the north that and central america is still from belize down to honduras and up through will probably cuba to the bahamas has been a persistent movement, a bit north and a bit safer. the next or last week or so is going a bit north now heading towards can, could flash, i think is a possibility. the river of rain has stopped in british columbia. now this story is cold and dry and has been snowy. but the snow storm is for the east in canada,
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it's spreading cold air fil a south watch. the attempt has changed as louis dant about 8 degrees. that'll eventually reach the gulf coast of the weather, sponsored by katara, always serious, darkest days. with one man leading the country through uh, pleasant alice out as last legitimacy. he needs to step down. how is he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power games of president basha, alyssa, we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night when the reason that could effect any human aside master of chaos on all jazeera, the latest news as it breaks it in the brazilian rainforest, means these areas are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they're absorbed with detail coverage. country like chile because of its geographic conditions,
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has an enormous advantage from around the world. what's happening here is local forming communities using simple method to solve a complex environmental problem. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello there. i'm hello, mom he is in. this is the use our life from dough home coming up in the next 60 minutes thousands of sudanese are out on the streets to voice their anger against the military.


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