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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 1:30pm-2:00pm AST

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had those trying to crossover armenia, says the seas found with us or by john is mostly holding, following a day of violence that left several soldiers dead. armenians, defense ministry says russia helped broke the truce. both sides were in the other for provoking the fighting. and the city of la horror in pakistan has been named the most polluted in the world. people are urging the government to save them from the worsening air quality. and in italy in neighboring india. schools and colleges have been shots in definitely or for more or less so to speak. and i'd say part of natal, she joins his life form at new delhi. have that was the government's doing to try and tackle this, this growing problem of air pollution because causing schools isn't going to rate the small go away. is it? no, it's not what you're seeing right now is emergency measures being forced to arrest
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. what is an emergency situation? you know, new dad, he is one of the most polluted cities in the was it the air has had as hazardous and unhealthy throughout the year, but becomes worse this time of year, largely because of the fact that it is the onset of winter temperatures are dipping you know that farm fire and things like that. so what the government has done is, is, has shot schools indefinitely. sh of schools and colleges in delhi and surrounding cities were in fact outside a school like that. and you can see the gets a shot. and at this point, we don't know when they're gonna open, you know, the students had just returned to the classroom. oh, just a few weeks ago to review in person learning. and now another emergency has sent them back to online classes. authorities have also taken some emergency measures on other fronts. so construction which is one of the largest polluters in the city, has also been a pause for the next few days. only trucks that are carrying emergency goods will be allowed to enter delhi. the government are employees of the city of delhi will
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be working from home. but the central government, which is also here, because this is the nation's capital, says its employees will not be working from home and has instead suggested they do what is called a carpool. so you sort of chevy, it goes to reduce the number of cars on the street. now, apart from bad authority, said there will be doing some other things, like sprinkling water on plans on the streets to settle the dust or using dust suppressants, and also generate us or diesel generators have also been banned except for an emergency. 2 situations tom atlanta: you know denny has it on 11 toma power plants around it and 6 of them have been temporarily shot. now the city has been considering a 2 day locked down. but that decision will be taken in the supreme court only next week. but you know, these are against got situations and what activists have been seeing is that they want a long term systemic solution to what is a long term systemic problem. ok,
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poverty retell their bring is up to dates for you daily. thank. keep having me, let us get more on this now. joining us from pu ne, in india is vino winode men on. he's a disaster management and climate consultants and was cell phones or member of the national disaster authority of india is good to have you on the show. mr. men, on, it does seem like a real situation that india's finding itself in. why do you think india's air pollution problem it is getting worse? you know, we are see increasingly the impact of climate change in many cities and we're seeing on pretty little brain power. busy busy with seeing moving on seeing a lot of pollution and we also see the sea level rise and various other consequences of the way in which human interference with nature is creating
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problems. and weight. collusion is one of the sources of pollution and data during quality in the national capital region and many solutions. somebody proposed. but then we know we need to understand that in many parts of the developing countries, we see more and more increased use of charcoal, more colorado and various other means of creating energy for cooking, heating, water, and song. so i'm sorry to jump in that you've mentioned some of the things that people could be doing in a way to try and mitigate this problem. is there a concern to jeff from the government to bring in some policy that will help clear the air? because as we heard from our correspondence, it's still got measures that are being introduced and nothing more wide or long
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term. rather, i think the situation demands in only the formidable white paper which can actually under so some of these measures i don't, my shows are really shocked by solutions which will not be able to really address the problem. so what we need are, you know, more concrete, my shows, which can actually will be on just the policy from the govern, the community stakeholder groups. all statement of in didn't, but what we need is better action. multi stakeholder engagement is needed. we need to know what the corporate sector we need to work, but we need to look, you know, the chambers of commerce and industry, and many other groups in a whole bunch of the problem. i'm sorry, again, to jump in. it's not
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a recognition from the government that they are prepared to do this because this is an annual problem that the pollution is coming back coming back. is the government saying we want to do this, or is there no willingness and on a governmental level? actually in the government constituted commissions for quality management and they hadn't come to some meetings but you know what we needed so you know, all the actions which the community and the other groups will participate. so we know that heating water for booking and you know, we using or be using more other forms for energy. but then what we need to understand is that, you know, we need solutions which are you solution. so the like the plans which are
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actually working, the solid waste management itself in a burning of plastic incinerators being used and these are all contributing to the problem. and then the results of the struggle barney, my follows, you know, in job and then how do you know which actually also created pollution. ok, this is the problem. yes it is. i think it's an a serious problem. vino men on we're out of time, but thank you very much indeed for joining us on the user. thank you very much. thank you. the western canada is struggling to contain widespread flooding. at least one person has been killed by a landslide and 2 others are missing. extreme weather has forced the closure of almost every routes to and from the city of vancouver showed. events has more stranded for days. this air left was forced to wait for the extreme weather to subside before helicopters could even begin to rescue motorist trapped by the flood
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waters. this is just one of many similar scenes happening across british columbia. meteorologist warned of the approaching atmospheric river headed toward the west coast of canada late last week. none could have predicted just how much rain would fall, or for how long record rains devastated. major highways, one by one they were all closed. the 1st to close due to a mudslide, was the busiest, the coca how highway with a major connection between the port of vancouver and the rest of canada. sustaining major damage and officials have yet to determine any timeline on reopening the case of a debris, it may be as simple as removing the debris and showing that the road that the road is safe. it may be in other areas that you know, there needs to be additional work done. but the bottom line is if those technical assessments are being done and the ministry of transportation,
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highways are working as hard as they can to get roads open as quickly and safely as possible. evacuations and rescues remain the priority. also with the search and recovery of anyone reported missing deadly heat and wildfires in summer and just 5 months later. record rain and flooding all adding volume to prime minister just introduce those plea cop 26 about the impacts of the climate emergency in canada. canada is warming on average, twice as quickly as the rest of the world. and in our north. it's 3 times quick. the science is clear, we must do more and faster with a storm. now past the repair and reopening timeline is the looming concern. jody vance. al jazeera, vancouver, and another city on canada's west coast has issued an urgent cold for evacuations.
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for it is a small city of a $150000.00 people, just outside of vancouver. officials, housing, emergency press conference late on tuesday, calling for the area of seumas prairie to evacuate immediately. they say water pumped could fail within the next few hours, and it would be catastrophic. the situation is changing by the minute, and that is why we are taking all steps necessary. at this time, residents need to place priority on life safety and not ignore the current evacuation orders that are in place and have been since this morning and to leave the area immediately. there's no way for that water to go, so people will be incredibly surprised how quickly the situation will, will develop. so the message here is the night. if you are still on to mass perry, you need to leave to get out of the area. i know it's hard for farmers to leave
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their lives to walk, but people's lives are more important to me right now than livestock and chickens. well, it is here meteorologist rob mccallum he is here with us in the studio at. rob looks like a very worrying situation, just those of by explaining what's happening here. what's an atmospheric river? it's surprisingly well named actually, how are it is indeed that a river, but it's in the sky. so go through them, water, it's water vapor, and it is so effective because it starts off typically in hawaii. now, as you can see, because i've named it upon up express, we've seen this before is where it ends up is often different. so a 26 degrees you evaporate an awful lot of moisture into the air as a jet stream of, of it a long way up. and that tends to induce this sort of line of clad that goes all the way from hawaii up to somewhere on the coast of north america. now most recently, of course it's been west in canada and it's rained for days all night and think up the hall from each and you've just seen the result of that. now, thankfully that rain has gone through the course. it's left its legacy on the
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ground. in fact, what happened since is it snowed is been written, the ground there is flooding and then it snowed offers. the things have improved greatly. what's actually happened to the the river is it's finally moved on. i've now got a stove snowstorm in saskatchewan and affecting the us, coming back on to the canadian coast where you haven't got a river and or we have gotten a fairly normal system on its way and it'll bring bit more snow and a bit of rain. probably on thursday, again over the top of the same sort of areas, but it will not stick with us. it will go further south and you end up by the time we get to the start of the weekend, ready with the rain in back into washington state. but the point of the river is when it starts, it goes into the same place and stays for a long time. sometimes it focuses in canada. sometimes it focuses in california. you seen that before, and you get similar results that 26 degrees that i was just showed you in hawaii that is warmer now than it was last year. all the info or the before that. so as
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probably a consequence of the changing climate, the water is also getting warmer. you can evaporate more water into it, create the river, and you get results. hello. i can't very much indeed, rob mcafee, we there is up to speed some what's happening and what's behind that awful weather . let's take united see at columbia were residents of a small island that was devastated by a hurricane. a year ago. are still living in make shifts, hence president ivan duke. he had promised that infrastructure would be rebuilt within $100.00 days on the central ramp, yet he reports no from providence. here. normally robinson a year later feels much like the 1st stay after house was destroyed by hurricane i yoda if i have damage for my fatty and her family, remain in attent withholds. now letting the rain through memories of the devastation still hunter, looking as if he thought to saddle naca. if they have a harsh, i beg them to please help us. we need
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a house. we need to be living comfortably again. it has been very difficult. it is still very difficult. i am so then she had just begun this 84, afro caribbean families have this small columbian islander frustrated, still waiting for a house to rebuild their lives. a year ago, the category 5 hurricane destroyed 98 percent of the infrastructure presidency. van duka promised to rebuild. in a 100 days the reconstruction has been very slow. the remains of the old hospital of yet to be demolished. limited care is offered in temporary tents. in those will extra no smallest. i'd recommend the book, it's frustrating to health should be a priority to we are. we should have a better separation for covered patients a but here it is. everybody with everybody following complaints and under increasing pressure further slow progress. the government contractor has indeed
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increased the speed of reconstruction in the last couple of months promising now to deliver roughly half of the new homes for the 1st anniversary. blessed by one of the longest coral reefs in the world. providence has long resisted mass tourism large resorts in shopping malls defending its traditional race, so culture, but no tourism at all as deeply impacted economic hardships. fishermen and community leader edgar stevens says many believe the delay heights a dark or plan backyard is appro. lemme. he says the rebuilding gets prioritize is states by mainland and for investors and authorities are trying to restart long opposed plans like the expansion of the airport as product on sadala hand. they bought you. we fear that they are trying to tire people, so they will start selling their land. or how do you explain that there is no hospital yet indian or that the houses their building are not made to last?
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the hurricane was a godsend for columbia's political elite. ah, the united nations development program plans to stream a concert and launch a crowdsourcing drive to raise funds and bring attention to the plight of its inhabitants. that many here are left wondering when they will return to a dignified home. and if they will be able to sustain their traditional way of life, allison that appear at the al jazeera island, the dancer, the corruption trial, a former israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been suspended until next week, a former aid to natania, who had been expected to testify, but the judge postponed the trial to get the defense more time to look over new evidence. netanyahu was accused of offering favorable treatment to media owners in exchange for positive news coverage. a jury in the u. s. is expected to
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continue deliberations in the murder trial of col. rittenhouse, he is the teenager accused of shit in protest. as in wisconsin, last year, 2 people were killed during a black lives matter demonstration. the 18 year old says he acted in self defense. senegal is turning to floating power stations in response to an energy crisis. the national power company has been struggling to provide electricity to people. nicholas hark has more from senegal capital darker into cars, char road suburb, a 13 year old boy is doing what synagogue government is struggling to do. keep the lights on for his family. and neighbors fed up with a constant power cuts values and uses material found in trash to build solar powered lamps, money. but also lending was a used batteries in scrap metal electrical wiring off solar panels and light bulbs
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. it doesn't take much, we have all the resources we need to power our homes. i don't understand why it's so hot to bring electricity to our families. almost half of the country is not connected to the power grid run by senate like the state run electricity company. traditional land based power stations are costly and take time to build. lamont are very smart on the really got the we need $2000000000.00 to provide electricity to all for our national budget can afford this me, but there are private countries that can do the job better. so that's what we're hoping for. we're basketball. center like is turning to these floating power plants run by turkish owned car power ship to meet its immediate needs, doc, into cars, ported burns, a 1000 tons of fossil fuel in just 5 days. it is also connected to a boat offshore carrying liquid natural gas. we can't progressively switch from heavy fuel oil to letter gus, this will have to impact 1st thing reduction in the tricity price. second, think more a friendly to the environment. at least 8 african countries in 30 world wide rely
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on these floating power stations to meet their electricity needs. every 15 minutes, an engineer from the national power station sent a text message to the crew on their ship indicating the amount of electricity senegal needs. at its peak, it provides 25 per cent of senegal to power. millions of people depend on it, but few can afford the price of power. many synagogue electricity prices among the highest in the world, more expensive than most european in north american countries. mother of nice to fall is forced to choose between food or power. the pin yet my volley. it's such a difficult choice to me one the i'm forced to take when it is to see the market. i have hope, look at someone god willing will find a solution. while the government promises to
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deliver electricity for all by 2025, but who sent sees an opportunity to help take small steps to bring power to the people. nicholas hawk al jazeera charlie senegal. stella had here on al jazeera, the w t, a fido's all ready to cry, a new champion or we'll have all the details after the break. ah with
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with full. ah ah. sorry for this for here. sorry, paula. thanks so much. while your veterans edging closer to retirement after
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announcing he's unlikely to play competitive tennis until midway through next year . the 40 year old is recovering from knee surgery and we'll definitely miss the australia in january. better also told me that he would be extremely surprised if he was able to play at wimbledon in june. the 20 time grand slam champion doesn't expect to be training on the court for another 3 or 4 months. the netherlands are heading to next years, world cup and cats are the dutch failed to qualify for the transmission 2018 the schools and even guard when put them on their way to victory over no way benevolence on top of their group. thanks to a to know when norway and their campaign and responsible turkey finished 2nd book player argentine or the latest team to qualify following a scoreless straw with brazil, 12 nations and qualified so far. plus, of course, house country, cat harm. europe will fill the remainder of their 13 places with the playoffs in
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march. all candidates dream of reaching the world cup is very much becoming a reality. the canadians now talk of the group in north and central america, falling into one victory over regional power house, mexico and freezing conditions. coll erin scored both all for the home side in admitting the unbeaten connect that let leap mexico and you say to leave the group . i 1.6 matches remaining. canada hasn't played ad world since 19 really proud of the large, proud of the performance at a big thumbs to the city of edmonton. if they've been different class, the old time would be in a admitted oh for us. we've had the oil is helping us with our messages from gretzky we've yeah. the pm visit knows it's just been and i just be in a memory the cherish i is a kid is
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a. so honory canadian, now these is some of the best moments in my life, and these guys will never forget this. the snow. the crows, the mexicans just is brilliant, much african champions. algeria survived to scare in their final good match against burkina faso. they need to avoid losing and why is how the lead before the visitors lives in the 84. it's minute algeria held on for a to choose wrong reach, the player caught up a cation like that. there was also a public table clash between cameron and ivory cope cameras were the only goal of the game midway through the 1st half ivory coast missing out on the world cup for the 2nd streets turn men fairly clean. and i jerry only needed to drive home against cape verde and that's exactly what they got on the camera. winners in africa now move into the play offs in march with 5 nations were qualified for the
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hop. breathe. a sigh of relief and asia. saudi arabia are in control of their grew, which also includes australia and japan, the saudis, deeds, vietnam, one l to remain on be the lead group be by 4 points with the top to automatically qualified. and i think we're, we're on the way now. so i think we have big chances, especially we have 2 more games in our and so that may be in our house. and i think that gives the good advantage to qualify to the world cup as the 1st of the scope and a group, a iran, or on the verge of qualifying for their 3rd straight world copy. be serial 3 and also stay top of their group around or unbeaten and 10 point clear a 3rd place, meaning they can secure a spot in cap, are at less. now another match winning performance from an d superstars. steph curry has guided golden state warriors to victory over former teammates, coming around and the girlfriend net. hurry had 37.9. 3 point was out performing,
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duran, who could only manage 19 for the game, called the st. rolling to 179 victory. the fact that stuff can be dominant on and off the ball is what makes him unique. there's nobody in the league now or as far as i'm concerned ever who had that combination of on ball skill and picking roll dominance. but, you know, the, the off ball, a game of you know, reggie miller repair hamilton or somebody flying off screen combination that has never been gotta be mobile with our face. and that con, provide for the title at the dummy change finals in mexico. maurice are knocked out, fell a spaniard called the dos and straight. that's the book. a ticket for the final. the 2 time grand slam champion reaches the decider for the 1st time in her appearance at the season event. light reached the final with the 3 chart window,
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the braces, and raise the call. either stony 1st appearance at the season ending events, and we'll be aiming for the biggest title of her career. on wednesday, she faces the former world and i still can't quite believe it that i'm even here and that i'm playing against the best players and such a prestigious tournament. and i'm just so proud of myself. and i meant to do this. and so happy to be competing at this level and at the atp finals in italy, defending champion daniel led the dog to spot in the semi final sceptre recording his 2nd straight victory in the group stage. well, number 2 at last, and alexander's of rab in 3 fat rab can still make the sammy's, if he wins his final match. okay, and that is all your sport and i'm calling back to you. thank you very much indeed forum let sit for this and use our ticket here with us on al jazeera in finnegan is
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up with you after the break report, the very latest from around the world. stay with us. ah ah, meet the minimum is a tough is helpful and the daughter decide to quit the run race hoping to live better with less let's just throw everything away out there will expose the simple living movement aimed at reducing personal consumption, credit and clutter. and i hope to be happier as a result. a simple life on al jazeera
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ah mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish . were creepy, even supplied by tradition, into where beautiful fossil fuel are offered. on november 21st, venezuelans had from the ponies to choose the regional and municipal representative after 4 years of election, boycotts, camp opposition, party effect, change at the ballot box. and will this be stepped always prove? well, for the rising number of those, living in extreme poverty to venezuela elections on al jazeera, the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from
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international politics to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamond hill on al jazeera ah, to. ready the most polluted city in the world, people in the hall in pakistan, appeal for urgent help. meanwhile in india, toxic air quality leads the government to shut down schools and colleges indefinitely. ah, hello. busy i'm adrian for the good. this is al jazeera.


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