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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm AST

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ah, ah ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello there i'm how am i here, dean? this is the news, our life from dough home. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the most polluted city in the world's people in la whore, pakistan appeal for urgent help in india. toxic air quality leads the government's to shop drones, schools and colleges indefinitely. we'll get an updates from the poland bellows
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border. her day after a violent crack turn on migrants and refugees are stuck there and, and pushed to and fighting any fuel p as t gray region. your secretary of state antony blinking was in nairobi to one support to regional diplomatic efforts and in sport, argentina. and the netherlands are the latest teams qualified from the fif. a world cup in cats are and big talent news. roger federer says he's unlikely to play competitive tennis until midway through next year. ah, air pollution is choking millions of people across south asia, a kind of small because envelop several countries including india and pakistan in india's capital. new delhi schools have been closed indefinitely and many businesses are shot. the pollution and the pakistani city of la hor is even worse.
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a recent index puts it as the most polluted city in the world. so we'll speak to possibly natal in new delhi and just a moment 1st. so let's go to come. all hides are who join us for pakistan's capital . come on, i did the horror become the most polluted city in the world. well, there are several reasons. number one, for planning the fact that there's also an industrialized city hub for the industrial leg david day. you have also the end of the harvest of the rice, then and add up god left w, then the field which i've been set on fire, that hundreds of brick fact trade. there's a viewing take black smoke into the air. so this is a problem that had been growing and that had become worse now, although the hell to fissure warning that be by church day and god that you're devoid open space, the food and the factory. then workspaces remain open and
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a lot of people don't have the luxury of not going to work because they have no living that government. on the other hand, i'd been promising to get to act together by that failed to do so. one example is that the burning of the stuff on both sides of the border, the pun, job, agriculture, the bread basket of india, and buckets on, and farmers there for 100. i've been torching, shedding a light, the double laughter there. the rise, which riding considerably deck pollution are indeed a very dangerous situation. so far the government has not moved except to climb down on a few factory. de laughter in fort strict environmental measures to ensure that day, but turns into the air from the factory, from the heavy traffic, which also constitutes over 40 percent of that pollution. they have to be addressed
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these serious problems. people who lives are read over the government has not done much to try to mitigate that cry k come all high. they're joining us lie form islam, a bad come out. thank you very much indeed. let's head across to india and i pop natal joins is live from new delhi and probably pollution is a big problem. and in the also but is clearly getting worse, was the government doing to tackle all of this because causing schools and definitely doesn't make the small go away, does it? and so we're having problems at reaching half natal, we'll try and get her back. when she does, we'll join the puppy again in india and i will let's move on to europe, where sizes of refugees and migrants remain stranded along the poland beller roost
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border. they've been trying to cross over into the european union from belarus on tuesday, police info and fire water cannon and tear gas to keep them all the cases by the roots of using the migraines. as a weapon well balanced, set up some shelters for the migrant. some refugees at a warehouse many have been sleeping and make ship camps in freezing conditions. well, let's get more note from answered becky jones, this mo ally is from the polish sites over the border. and i says, you've been covering this for several days now, particularly heck 60 yesterday with those clashes. her things looking this morning . well yes, it was a very hectic day with what took place at the border. but today's very much the morning or after the day yesterday because we had the defense minister come out and
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say that her, those classes that took place, that some of those people who are given fresh bank grenades and blaming their bella, russian authorities are we also we've also heard that 9 are of those board of forces of those are polish forces at the border were injured and very much poland. hair is just basically coming to grips with what took place yesterday. the media here. i've been reporting it. some of them have been reporting as their polish force is coming under attack and blaming hooligan. so it right now, it still seems very calm at the moment, but there has been a considerable amount of activity along the border from the polish forces of courses around $15000.00 of them here, including military police and border forces. and i said one of the more recent developments is the fact that the, the people who are at the center of their sir now being provided temporary shelter in bella ruse. obviously a mart improvements on sleeping out in the forest and,
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and when she conditions, what more do you know about this? was we know that about a 1000 of them work. provided this makeshift shelter. we understand that they were given beds, blankets, and food, but still some of them were still at that border post. others returned to that temporary camp to their tents in the forest, but the attempt on the border still continued. the polish sher authorities say that over overnight there, around a $171.00 attempts to try and cross that border and at the defense ministry here is in discussions to build a fence along about half of that board that will be around 5.5 meters high and low cost over $400000000.00. but we also heard that the russian president, alexander lucas shanker, will possibly have a 2nd phone call that going german chance the anglo merkel to try and resolve the issue. now we also know that there will be a flight from iraq arriving in bedroom tomorrow. and around a $182.00,
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just under $200.00 people have registered with the iraq. he embassy that want to return to iraq. but for many people at that border, the situation is still desperate. the temperatures are dropping and many have sold their belongings and have used their savings to try and get to europe. ok, as i beg their b as updates from the poland, felonies for their assets. thank you very much indeed. and let's get more on the slide from peter crappy. he's the editor of brussels report, e you, that's an online use magazine and he joins us at from brussels. good to have you with us. a lot of what we've been seeing has been characterized by the fact that poland has thousands upon thousands of troops on the boards are holding the front line. why is paul and taking such a tough approach to this? well i think by now it's clear that all of this is organized by the bell russian regime. they have been basically attracting to some sources up to 20000
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people from the middle east in order to then engage in what some have call to hybrid warfare. the polish response has been to, to try to avoid that. they enter polish territory at all costs. well, there's also clearest, edible russian by the russian regime. this is trying to provoke some kind of an incidence we saw or a military shooting with a semi automatic weapons. and dear me was, so what happened yesterday? so the migrants drawing things out, a polish board and force you to what extent was organized so so. so far, no major incident thankfully as has happened. but i think the, the risk off escalation definitely remains well clear,
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the clearly risk of escalation. i guess my question really is more on why is pool and doing what it's doing. they haven't asked for help from the you, they're going to nato. in fact, they really are taking a tough line here. they're not even lessing humanitarian organizations until recently. gets the help please people. what's behind this response? well, the reason why all and has not been asking for help from, from tx, which is the use agency, competent for border control, is because they consider it to be a national competence. mean, personally, i think they're right there. you know, ultimately the problem is not. so much that there's not enough border guards, but in, in europe, but that when people enter new territory and they are denied asylum, that there's a very big chance that they can actually stay. indeed, as you suggest, there's been some criticism from human rights groups. i think the problem is we don't actually know what,
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what has happened sparkly indeed because the polish government has declared a state of emergency. so frankly, i think it's, it's a little. ready little hard to judge. of course, this is a crisis situation, so mistakes or, or i guess nate maurice, really? in any case, i think wherever you stand to migration this is not, you know, even if you think that there should be more migrants or more asylum seekers being welcomed by european countries or not. i mean, this is definitely not the way that this should should go, i mean with not returning regime at the border of europe using vulnerable. ready people to put pressure on on all neighboring countries for, for all kinds of district edge games. so. ready i think ultimately it's important that paul and us, what that does, i'm sure you can always criticize aspects of its birth,
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but i don't think it would be right to let everybody in just like a quick geffrey, but the end. it's not a question of letting everybody in your laying that this isn't just a bite. you know, a humanitarian mission, there's a more sinister moods you're implying. behind why these people find themselves in the situation. this is a weak point for the youth, or was it not? because the, you are seamless unable to provide a more sustainable framework to deal with people seeking asylum, let alone people seeking economic migration. why hasn't the you been able to, to come up with any kind of plan? absolutely, if you're, if you're an asylum seeker, you basically have to resort to criminals and human smugglers. and adding this really has to ends. and it's all easy, of course, to solve this, otherwise it would have been solved. but i think the current policies clearly are not the solution. i mean,
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they're not saying and lee you to solve all this because or yes, i mean, i think covering this more years now and it's kevin rather tires than seeing the same old arguments being treated as being true. air wheeled 8. well, i think we see some movement we see denmark, which is actually outside of the use just as a whole month, various policies now trying to adopt a new approach. so then marcus, trying to basically outsource aside and processing it's, it's migration minister is from h e o p, in the sense not just as fire. and he basically declares that he thinks asylum should happen. nissan procedures should happen outside of europe, and he thinks that this, this would then also allow more vulnerable people to apply for a solemn that it would happen in a much more orderly manner. and i think he's right now. the thing is at the moment, denmark is negotiating with rwanda over this,
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but it's very unrealistic. i think unfortunately, that's something we'll materialize. however, if the horror of the you with adopt this approach, i think it would be, it would stand some kind of chance. it will also break the back of human smugglers . we've seen that australia has to a certain degree in a very imperfect manner, implemented these policies. okay. and they have managed, well, the boy desktops. i'm not sure how many people would agree this trillion model is the way forward, but pizza crappy, i'm afraid we're out of time. thank you very much. indeed for joining us here on al jazeera, we appreciate it. thank you. plenty more still ahead on this news. our including communities in western canada deal with catastrophic flooding operations. one of the country's biggest ports are effects. it's plus i'm going to send that. i'm in the columbia island, the providence where people are still living in 10th year after
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a devastating hurricane. and in ford, canada score of famous when new mexico in the world, the proper cut qualifiers. and they know the group ah, the secretary of state has met kenya's president and i will be as part of a diplomatic push. the big piece to ethiopia, the year long conflict between f u. p. s. governance and rebels from the northern te gray region of escalated in recent weeks. i've been warning that this may spiral into a full scale civil war. can year has been pushing for negotiations and a c sar. catherine. so i has the latest form. my will be the huge impact on the us has relation good relationships with kenya and very good relationship with if you p as well. but this relationship with the feel p has been strained in the last
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a year or so. the u. s. has threatened sanctions against a c o p a but then is holding off on that to allow for a chance for a dialogue. so there as a secretary of state are in his meeting with president looking at her and to brief him on his recent visit to if you hear the president was there on sunday where he met our prime minister abbey amid. and the government officials are to talk about a peaceful resolution. a canopy is playing a pivotal role in intervention efforts. if seen of laurie of diplomatic efforts going on from the us from the african union. and war on whose envoy, a nigeria from one nigeria, president or less a good a passenger has met both sides of the conflict, the to grand leadership as well as the government. and unless publicly put side say that they have no appetite for an outright war, but we haven't seen beyond that any movement to
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a cease fire or even talks. i'm so people are worried about that and they say that there needs to be more pressure on these 2 groups. they're both have been accused of human rights atrocities. in fact, the u. n. has released as a report, a statement as saying that the grands in id stop by and other areas are being lat, rounded out by security forces and detain. so there is a lot of concern in a few peer right now. the threat of a 2 week strike by energy workers in nigeria has triggered chronic buying at petrol stations, long keys of cars, blocking streets in the capital, boucher, the government has tried to assure people those in the field available that it hasn't stopped drivers to fill the countries, main union wants the government to intervene and what it says are unfair labor practices among all companies. sedans, military says it will release form a prime minister of dollar handbook in the next 48 hours. and you met
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a member of the new sylvan council told al jazeera that handle will be among detainees being freed. well, he's been under house arrest since the military take over 3 weeks ago. handled planned release comes as us assistant secretary states moly fee visited sit on armenia, says a seas far with a bunch. john is mostly holding, following a day of violence, which left several soldiers that both sides of released conflicting information on the number of casualties. armine, as defense, ministry says russia helped broker the truce as a by sean had accused armenia of provocation will armenia and as by john ford, a 44 day war last year, over the dispute region of nego know, cut about well robin, for a see a walker is monitoring developments from georgia, he joins was note from tbilisi robins. we actually know of this. so fighting
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ongoing right night what we've been told by the armenian ministry of defense is that the situation at the moment is stable. in other words, relatively calm. and it looks as if that agreement to a cease fire is holding since yesterday. but this is been what appears to been the worst fighting we seen since the nagondo caraballo conflict to you were mentioning there late last year. the difference is that this is taking place now are in a border area, not in carrack rock between armenian as a by john, which armenia says, actually deep insides armenian sovereign territory. they have confirmed that at least one of their soldiers has been killed. another 13 taken prisoner by the as, as airy forces. they've lost 2 military positions. and another 24 soldiers on accounted for as a, as a by chance it's 7 of its soldiers were killed and 10 wounded. and robin was the
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cause of this latest flare up well, if we zoom out a little and we take a look back of what happened last year, there was a peace deal, or at least a, an agreement which included a number of conditions. principally, one of those conditions was to allow, as if, by john access or to its province. it's region of nak, each evern. it's an enclave, inside armenia, on the iranian border. and this fighting that's taking place right now is in that area that as that is a pot that is armenian, but which would provide a corridor all under this agreements between as a, by john anakin shavanne. so it's potentially looks as if, as it by john wants to put to perhaps take that region by force or rat, she'd up pressure on armenia to, to move forwards on, on these deals that were fleshed out with the help of her with the help of vladimir putin, awe late last year. the armenians now have said that absolutely it's time for russia
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to intervene, and they've called for russia to provide military support to armenia onto the terms of a collective security treaty ah. between russia and armenia as a by john saying it was a provocation on the armenian side, but certainly armenian, an analysis appears to suggest through geo location of some of the videos we seen in the fighting that this is actually taking place inside armenia proper. okay, robin forest here, walker, vegas out states and all those latest developments. thank you. robin chill as president has survived to an impeachment vote. the senate fell short of a 2 thirds majority needed to sebastian p. nearer he was accused of corruption following the leak of the so called pandora papers, and expose the hidden wealth of some of the world's leaders and business people. the documents linked pierre received the sale of a mining company through family business to a close friends or p error denies the charges of latin america editor lucy newman
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says the still a chance the president will face a legal battle. presidents have us jump here that had been accused of gravely compromising the dignity of the country and of impropriety. what unlike in the lower house, the president's concert was coalition had enough votes to block conviction, which required a 2 thirds majority, one by one chillies, $43.00 senators, argued in favor or against the charges that the president had used his political power for his personal economic benefit in this case of family trust, the deal involved the 125000000 dollar land sale for a mine and port project in what is an environmental hotspot? the deal involved guarantees that the area would not be declared a protected marine park. see, are y'all gonna pay by any here or kick in a guess or no one can be so nice because to believe that he did not use his office to benefit him. so for one thing was reasonable. if it was another one,
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was stupidity up? no, i'm in that area that is one of chillies, richest men and has a history of ethically and legally questionable business dealings. yet he denies any wrongdoing and insists the impeachment was manipulated by the opposition for political gain. just ahead of this sunday's national elections. the sensitive timing of this trial may have actually worked in pinion as favor. many believe that removing a president just days before a national election, or just 5 months before his due to step down could be to the stabilizing, put on the streets of santiago. some didn't seem to care for chris pena hasn't been able to govern amid all the problems we've had. that's caused a lot of anger. so i for one wouldn't miss him. i'd put a motion on the level either. i don't care what happens to panera. i don't like politicians, we all bunch of these in this country. i don't even know if i'll vote and sundays elections. piano is the 1st president in chilion history to have been impeached by
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congress. while he may have survived this trial, that doesn't mean that congress may not decide to present different or similar charges against him once he's left office. which means that save us fam pineda may not be out of the woods yet. human remains have been found at the sight of one of the sealants worst mining disasters. 11 years ago, 29 men were killed after me. thank gas exploded in the pike river mine investigators for the load accessing 2019 because of safety concerns. image is taken last week during boring and the mind confirmed the presence of 2 bodies covered 1900 measures in use even though are to be ease at the end of the month, payments, or just send the order and has revealed and you traffic light system restrictions were mostly applied to people who haven't been vaccinated and for mid december, residents in oakland will be able to travel outside the 1st time in 4 months. the
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country has struggle to contain a delta break since august. the country has been recording around $200.00 infections and they mainly in oakland, but vaccinations have risen steadily recently and 84 percent of those eligible are fully vaccinated. pfizer is thinking, emergency use authorization in the us for an experimental call with 19 pill. a study by the company finds it reduces death and hospitalization in unvaccinated adults by 89 percent. it said to stop a mechanism that keeps the virus. pfizer has also agreed to lo, also, manufacturers to make the drug for lower and middle income countries. man, marzano said civilian, these are wrong sense. she adds 15 of her political allies, are facing charges or election frauds. sushi has been detained as since the
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military stage. the coach in february, she already faces saw their criminal charges, military justified their takeover by accusing her party of cheating to win a landslide election, victory dance independent observers have found no evidence of force fill ahead on the news r senegal comes up with a novel answer to address recurring paragraphs, and a teenager awaits his feats in a trial involving one of the worst races, crimes in the us. recent times. and as sports to the best in the n b a go head, the heads will bring you more later in the show. ah, there are still plenty of thunderstorms in the western medicine circulation around
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area of low pressure is not as severe as it was. there is more bite in this cold front is trying to introduce winter to northern europe, not quite wintery, but it's getting there. first of the western met and it's drawing up in the valley oaks. the wind is developing the be a near gail, falls wind out of the road valley. this is a seasonal wind spreading, the showers all the rain. so you know, jerry and cosen probably the south of spain and blowing quite a hooley eastwards out of measure into the atlantic. the rain spreads in the form of shouts through italy, towards western side of greece, navy attic, that strong wind on the creation coast that we saw yesterday. that's easy, but it hasn't gone completely. and they might start one over again later on thursday, but it's a dry looking picture out to save all that time. unless you happen to be probably she, bro, to where. again, it's blowing strongly in the be showers through there. let's go further and see what winters doing. first of all, it's been foggy. this is southern poland, folks,
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but an extensive feature this november's in most, for good part of northern europe. that's could be blown out the way the wind starts to strengthen the rain. those confined to a few showers to most places, bit more rain and snow for norway and then sweden. ah. from the al jazeera london broke our fantastic to people in our conversation, we were freshman racial black people and we had to really find our way with no high and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries, film direct, thank you. in to tell me thing a sound like that. again, you think about racism making certainly have is making often visible due to be unfair on out there in the country with an abundance of results. while one, indonesia is firms foreman. we move forward to growth and fraud. we balance for
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green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when the lease is growth and progress. invest indonesia now. ah ah, this is al jazeera, quick reminder on the top stories for you. this are thousands of refugees and migrants only poland feller was border, have spent another night sleeping and make shift camps on tuesday. police in poland far more to canon and tear gas. that those trying to crossover armenia says
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a seas farm with us or by john is mostly holding for long a day of violence that left several soldiers dead. for medias. defense ministry says russia helped broke the truce, both sides playing the other for provoking the fighting. and the city of la horror in pakistan has been named the most polluted in the world. people are urging the government to save them from the worsening air quality. and in italy, in neighboring india, schools and colleges have been shots in definitely, or for more or less, let's speak. and i'd say partner mattel's, she joins his life form at new delhi. and it was the government's doing to try and tackle this growing problem of air pollution because causing schools isn't going to .


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