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ranika needed to oakland and develop it school track international shipping companies to become a p middle east and trade and money, skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world connecting the future. wanted cato cortez gateway to whoa trade. ah, rising tensions at the bella rouge, poland border as my grants. desperate to get into the european union clash with polish forces. ah, i'm having to think of this is alexandra alive from dall housy coming up. twin suicide bloss go off in uganda is capital police blame allied democratic forces?
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a group that's pledged allegiance title? julie said votes against impeaching president sebastian p error. he faced corruption allegations linked to the sale of a mining company. parts of canada, cut off off the heavy rains and land slides. some places have seen a months worth of rain in just 24 hours. i hello, they've been violent scenes at the poland, bella, luce, florida police polish police, fire water cannon, and tear gas migrants attempting to cross into the e. u. thousands have been camped out in freezing conditions for more than a week. bell aris accuses poland of escalating the crisis, but many migrant se bella russian authorities won't let them return to mince. i said, beg reports from the poli sought desperate people being pushed back with water cannon
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and t guest stuck on the belly, route the inside of the border polish forces, stopping them from crossing into the you. it was only a matter of time these people faced with the lack of food, water, shelter, and sub 0 temperatures tried to push forward at the crossing at blue sky at the front a mainland young men. but many women and children are in the crowds behind. for those on the receiving end to her, it's an inhumane and hypocritical rejection by europe. middle of zero's report on the grant spoke with them. yeah, i was measured, charlotte, while they're using pepper spray and water and tear gas against the children. is this the human rights of europe? 10 days we've been here without water temperatures or mine is 5. and what can we do? where are the human rights organizations? we were a good country. they invaded iraq in 2003. we've lost everything. we've sold our cars and sold our houses. they've destroyed our country and now this is their human rights regina monterey. the live glom on in nevada. we haven't slept since
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yesterday. our feet are freezing and the only word we can hear is attention, attention, eagle, and we have kids. we have wives and you know, if they don't want to allow us through them, return us back to our countries. we haven't eaten for 5 days, only little foods available for women and kids. we need a safe place. we need a safe country on it certainly is an uneven fight one. can you say poland wants to show the world. it is defending europe's border against a, by the routine dictator using desperate people as a weapon. they say alexander lucas shanta is taking revenge on the iep for sanctions imposed after his violent cracker on political opposition at home. for months, belarus has been granting migrants visa z, promising them an easy route into the you and you probably america just because all we are to societal so as i have told merkle, the problem is that we don't save those people. we would both lose sheila, both bellows and to an even bigger extent. the european union was didn't let
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through the refugees to the e. u territory. that's why i proposed on solving the situation in general, we agreed with merkel. we won't talk about it specifically. she, after some time for a pause to discuss the proposal with the members of the european union. that's fine . what to just as a numbers at the border grow. so to does the desperation, they can't go back. home says they cannot enter. that means we're likely to see more people pushing forward and the polish forces. he is in tougher tactics to keep them out. a sad beg i'll jazeera near the poland bella roost border. alena cojo is the director of the globe sag policy institute. she says very little aid is getting to those in name. it is very difficult to assess what exactly is going on at the border or because the axis of journalist or a civil societies is limited on both sides of the border. that's enough, either the violence on both sides, the report that of course,
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the police forces are using violence to respond to what they see. the attack of the board, the end is violent provocation, said the boarder, at the same time, are also evidence and reports that the lucian forces are due to not the people at the board that they're forcing people to stay at the border and not allowing people to go back to me and to return back home if they wish to. so unfortunately, it looks like the migrants are trapped between the 2 sites. are a lot of women and children among them, the european union, the polish side, tried to pass some humanitarian aid, but unfortunately, the butler which inside is not very cooperative. on the other side, we try to provide some very limited assistance, but definitely it's also in the interest the role exam or low question, good to make sure that the situation is as bad as possible to pressure the european
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union or to give him some political concessions and unfortunately, he is not very much concerned about the place of the migrant and about the potential loss of human rights. the report that some people are now moved to some make sure facilities to provide some shelter and coverage. the european union is also trying to work with an international organization that they're currently in borrows. at least 3 people have been killed in a double suicide bombing in the uganda, capital kampala, one explosion took place near a checkpoint of the central police station and the 2nd near the parliament building . 3 attackers also died in the blast. catherine, so he has more. oh, this is the moment the 1st bomb exploded in kampala, 10 past 3 in the morning at a check point at the central police station. exactly 3 minutes later. a 2nd went off. yeah, the parliament building 3 suicide bombers were involved. they were killed along
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with 3 other people. thousands were injured. this footage was released by the police who said, a 4th man was arrested and a suicide jack had found at his home. that unfortunate. it's helping us at the time that we're going to go back to our normal livelihoods. so if this people can come at such a premises of police under an sit of a boom, then you know, things are not good. the aftermath shoes, how powerful the blasts were broken. windows bonding vehicles and terrified people police. the attacks were carried out by a gun walking alongside the allied democratic forces. the armed group has its roots in northern uganda, but is now based in the democratic republic of congo. its fighters have killed thousands of people in the east in recent years. the hallmarks of the attack clearly indicates that the if leading radicalized groups ah, will still have
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a desire to carry out little attacks on so to targets using suicide attackers. an improvised explosive devices are behind these attacks. this attack, followed to others last month, one killed a weight threat in a restaurant and a 2nd on a bass. 2 days later injured several people. i still claimed to lose attacks. the adf has pledged it allegiance to the group, the involvement over the gun, then in the getting nations in the region, especially in somebody at mix. uganda. it targets on some of these groups. what's happening in uganda also comes at a time when the military is planning to deploy its soldiers to easton, d r. c, to help kimberly's troops and un peacekeepers fight adf. there are, they'll help companies, troops, and un peacekeepers to fight adf. 4th,
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ms. catherine lloyd, all 0 of the allied democratic forces, or adf, is an affiliate of i saw in central africa. but the group has been around for much longer, began and forces drove the adf out of the country in the late ninety's and into the democratic republic of congo. it's blaine for killing thousands of civilians in eastern congo. and while the group says it is aligned with iso, the un says there's little evidence of a direct relationship. p j crowley is a former us assistant secretary of state. he thinks the adf is using the iso brand to pursue its own local interests. i think the, the, the current state of the extremist movement is that you, rather than having a central caliphate which has been defeated in iraq and syria, you now have, and this law, mac state brand that is acquired by local groups. so that, you know,
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is it adf, visit islamic state? actually it can be both them in distance, since you have a local group with a grievance towards uganda that is willing to fly the slavic state flag. so i think we have to look at the islamic state as much as a brand, as a movement. i think this is a perfect example of extremist groups looking for the path of least resistance. and wherever they are perhaps is, are gaps in effective governments. they're able to insinuate themselves into inter these, you know, local or regional conflicts. you know, so you, you have a country like uganda, which is fairly effectively govern. but then you have next door, a country like the congo, which has vast areas that are largely ungoverned. and that's a,
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an area where, you know, these kinds of groups you know, can find a safe haven and then do the kinds of attacks that we've seen. your the last couple of days kill a president has just survived in impeachment vote to remove him from office. the senate fell short of the 2 thirds majority needed to ask sebastian finance. he was accused of corruption following the leak of the pandora papers which exposed the hidden wealth of leaders and business people worldwide. documents link panera, to the sale of a multi $1000000.00 project to a family business, to a close friend panera denies the charges. let's go live now to our latin america editor. you see a newman who joins us from santiago. so to see, at least in the political arena, does this now close the case against sebastian panera? not exactly because of the rules of the game are that he can be charged again up to
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6 months after he leaves office, which won't be until march. so we've got towards the end of next year for congress to present no similar or, or different charges against him. and he can be tried for that, which means that president of afghan pineda may not be out of the woods yet. i he did survive this impeachment bid, i at least he was not found guilty. he was not convicted, but then that wasn't expected because 2 of 2 thirds majority is a pretty hefty majority. and it was pretty clear that in the senate, unlike in the lower house, the opposition was not going to have the numbers it needed. and interesting that the timing of all of this with the presidential elections are coming up in sunday, which binaries is, is not a candidate what, what do we read into that? he's not a candidate, but you know, a lot of people, including the president himself, alleged that the,
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the timing of the accusation of the charges in the impeachment trial was due to the fact that there are these selections in just 5 days on sunday. and that this was supposed to be that then that they believe that this was presented by the opposition for their political gain. however, it may not have worked out that way at all. first of all, there's been very little interest from the general public. benita is extremely unpopular both with those who originally voted for him and his opponents. so it doesn't really make much difference. and at that moment, most people we speak to say that they don't really care one way or the other. what happens to pineda and the right now their attention is focused on the elimination match that's taking place right. and how between tilly and ecuador for the world cup priorities. all right, lucia newman live 1st. there in santiago, still ahead on al jazeera turkey also has to support lebanon to help mend its diplomatic rift with several gulf states. more on the u. s. murder trial of col.
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rittenhouse, as the jury finishes is 1st day of deliberations. ah, ah, look forward to scores with a spoon suit cutaways. hello there. let's have a look at the weather across south asian. there's no stopping the wet and windy weather plaguing southern parts of india. we've got 2 areas of low pressure bringing heavy rain in particular to that eastern coast. we've got warnings out for under pradesh again on thursday, but on wednesday we are going to see that rainfall heaviest as well in town will not. we could see further flooding here, and this area of low pressure swirled across carrot, bringing some heavy rain here. it's going to now extend further north taking that
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rain to mum by and further afield. for example, good. you're out state which doesn't usually see rain at this time of year. but for the north of this, it is a lot finer and dry. the temperature in new delhi sitting in the mid twenties, the air quality remaining unhealthy to hazardous, but lots of sunshine around in the similar story with pakistan remains very calm and collected. and it's looking that way for much of east asia in the north. the northern parts of china, in particular, those snow storms and now blown off east. the temperature is picked up in hobbin, for example, is sunshine for beijing sunshine for shanghai. and this sunshine is well for the korean peninsula and much of japan with the temperature in tokyo, at 18 degrees celsius. that's your update. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways, ah, tens of thousands of children were born into old lives under the icicle regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps either orphans all with a widowed mothers,
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rejected by their own communities. she could do length of people are going to welcome the mouth about, of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera. ah, the me again, you're watching. i just hear a reminder of our top stories this out. how does police have fire, water, cannon, and guess, migrants attempting to cross into the european union from bell? ruth thousands has stuck there and freezing conditions. holland accuses bell roofs of encouraging people to illegally cross over. at least 3 people have been killed
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in a double suicide bombing in the u. gans in capital come paula. 3 attack as also died . least say the bombings were carried out by members of the rebel group. the allied democratic forces, which has ties to iso too late president has survived an impeachment vote to remove him from office. the senate fell short of the 2 thirds majority needed in order to ask sebastian for. he was accused of corruption which he denied. canada's largest port has been cut off from the rest of the country out of flooding and land slides from 2 days of torrential rain. all roads and rail links out of vancouver closed military helicopters, helping rescue hundreds of people trapped in mud slides. across the province of british columbia, thousands were forced to leave their homes with some regions seeing one months of rain in just 24 hours. jodi events has more from vancouver. it has been
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unbelievable. truly something to behold. you almost all in this area. know somebody stuck somewhere because there are just simply so many mudslide, so many rivers breaching is their edges and flood waters coming across. what is the trans canada highway the highway that literally spends this entire country from coast to coast in some form is completely closed down and flooded by the, the pushback of water is in a river south of the border in the united states. the next sack river is cresting south of the border, and that is a domino effect that leads up here in canada. and we are hearing a evacuations of abbotsford, chilliwack, merit, princeton, entire townships, and cities are being evacuated. as you mentioned, off the top in the 1000 sedans, military says it will least form a prime minister, the la handbook in the next 48 hours, a member of the nation's new ruling sovereign council told al jazeera handoff will
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be among a number of detainees, free he's been under house arrest and being ousted in the military take over 3 weeks ago. and ox planned release comes off to the visit of us, assistant secretary state molly fi to sudan. a turkey is calling for a resolution to the diplomatic dispute between lebanon and several gulf states. as foreign minister is on a visit to beirut. lebanese ministers critical comments about the saudi led coalition in yemen, prompting re ard and other gulf nations. to recall their ambassadors, zayna harder reports, turkeys, foreign minister says he is here to enhance ties with beta and never tell was or glue offered to help tackle lebanon's worst crisis with it's long time partners, gulf states. but that's a tough task. saudi arabia, the u. e behave in kuwait, have severed diplomatic relations with the lebanese government, because they say it's controlled by the iranian backed, has beloved if we hope this crisis can be solved through mutual respect and
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dialogue, we are ready to play a role in this. the art says the crisis is about what a cold has bullet domination over the country. the problem is not related, not only in him, and he's not a local issue just between lebanon and jody. between jodi tell us of low was inter before arriving and which is among the battle grounds where the regional rivalry between saudi arabia and iran plays out. it's also being bought in yemen where the pro iranian hotels are making their way into my rep. the government's last stronghold in the north is dying. the accusing kind of support being he that are diving. but if you all know why and the united states the day long to get and the mini
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mom and it seems to us and saudi arabia have different priorities. washington backs, prime minister and the government and has called on golf. countries to restore ties with living on that needs international support. saudi arabia has long channeled funds into this country child economy, but it has with health support in recent years because of has valez influence. gulf states are a lifelike for hundreds of thousands of lebanese and living on leaders are trying to find a way out of the diplomatic riff which has worse and political divisions and added to the economic turmoil. the crisis is rooted beyond lebanon's borders in geopolitical rivalry between many stakeholders. turkey appears to have entered the free 7 for their ultra 0. they root a jury in the us has finished up its 1st day of deliverance. deliberations in the
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murder trial of call written house. he's a teenager, accused of shooting processes in wisconsin. last year, 2 people were killed during a black lives matter demonstration that the 18 year old claims he acted in self defense, john handwritten has the latest from outside the court house in kenosha, inside the ocean county circuit court. the jury is considering the faith of kyle written house. they asked for a jury instructions on tuesday, which includes sections on self defense and provocation, which are the 2 key issues. in this case, the defense is arguing the call, written house was defending himself when he killed 2 men and maimed. a 3rd. the prosecution says he provoked that confrontation, rittenhouse, his lawyer, says he is inside the court house while the jury deliberates and that he's nervous . he knows that he will be taken immediately into custody of convicted of anything . there was some controversy on tuesday when the judge allowed written house personally to narrow the jury pool from 18 to 12 by reaching inside of
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a tumbler and pulling out names. written houses mother, wendy, sent out a fundraising letter on tuesday asking for support for the defense. she says the family will pay about a $110000.00 in legal fees for november alone. that defense has been funded largely, if not entirely, by donations. for many here in kenosha though the question is, when the verdict comes down, what would the crowds in the street do? this is the case that after all, begin with a confrontation between protesters encountered protesters of the corruption trial, a former israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been suspended until next week. a star prosecution witness who was a former 8 and now who had been expected to testify, but the judge postponed the trial on tuesday give the defense more time to look over new evidence that tenure who is accused of offering regulatory benefits to medium was in exchange for positive news coverage, i judged me, emma has said november 30th as the date for the 1st verdict on deposed leda hung
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sanctioned she. electro fraud and abuse of power have now been added to the charges against her. if found guilty, she faces decades imprison loss. louis report when the military stage to qu, in february, it cited electro fraud as its justification. leader on san sushi and other top officials were detained and charged with offences ranging from breaching corona, virus rules to corruption. we have now nearly 10 months after the qu, the gin to has added election fraud to the list su, cheese national league for democracy had one last years. polls by a landslide, international observers have said the elections were largely free and fair. political analysts and sushi supporters say the charges against her have been trumped up. it has nothing to do with the rule of law in me alone. these choices just show. ready true, oh,
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it is prolonging all military reg alterra against people. member military authorities are holding on santucci at an undisclosed location in the capital naperville. the hearings against her have been opaque media members of the public are not allowed to attend. and the gender has bought defense lawyers from speaking to journalists. not only would want to fit many analysts say the gent has intention is to ensure she stays out of politics. i think if the military decides to release her drop the charges or suspend on the sentence or. ready whatever distortion of the legal system they decide to do, it will be armed with assurances that she won't play a role in politics in the amount in the future. that has been sanctions against the military and those associated with it. as well as calls from the international community for the gender to release those detained. but the military has so far
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resisted all pressure. a local group that provides help to political prisoner says more than a 1250 people have been killed by security forces. and more than 10000 people have been arrested since the coo, florence louis al jazeera, a tension between russia and the west are playing out in space. moscow rejecting u. s. and nato accusations that it behave regular sleep live blowing up one of its own satellites. nato secretary general yen stultz and back says debris from the destroy satellite is now risk to other spacecraft, us sect you state, antony, blink and says russia carried out a weapons tested, endangered the lives of 7 aster also in the international space station were forced to take shelter and protective cap shoes, the explosion created at least 1500 pieces of space junk that will stay in orbit for years. a russian foreign minister is accusing the us of double standards when it comes to using weapons in space with young. this is the world,
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the united states. coal is they put it for new rules for space exploration less. but for some reason, they have ignored for many years, the initiative of russia and china to prepare retreating to prevent an arms race in space. they simply ignore, insisting instead on the look of some sort of universe, the rules, however, do not state themselves were actively develop the arms race from a professional collector as a model, feet has told a u. k parliamentary inquiry that he was racially abused throughout his career in england. seek says the english game is institutionally races. a warning, his evidence contained the use of races, phrases that you may find offensive, that the involve reports from london. he promised it was time for truth must seem or feet arrive to give evidence to parliamentary committee. it was mosque zone and gloves off as he recalled his time at yorkshire county cricket club i just joined
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address room full of my heroes. michael vaughn. matthew. oh god, the 2005 us just came and it was just the most surreal moment for me. i entered the dresser, who pretty early on. and me and other people from asian background. those comments such as you lot see over there near the toilet. and the phone washes, had the word packee was used constantly. and that just seems to be an acceptance and institution. i'm from the leaders and no one, no one ever stumped out. back in september, a summary of an unpublished report by the club said refill had been bullied and racially harassed. but in one instance, it labeled the use of a racial slur as banter from a yorkshire chairman, roger hotter resigned over the clubs response, which you see no action against any staff or players. this been a substantial amount of thoughtlessness and ignorance. a reluctance to apologize, a reluctance to the c, z, the victim,
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and reluctance to put into place. they are the recommendations when pushed hot and said the club fell within the definition of institutional racism. he also suggested the england and wales cricket border e. c. b could and should have investigated refix allegations. it's very clarity in this essay. could you could describe this is the wild west the way this is what we've had this morning. do you think the sea bass hits the fan? yes, i do. i think we are learning a lesson here about and what lesson are you learning mr. allison? well, i think we've got a long way to go to fulfill our, our ambition to my cricket. again for everyone. i seem to fix testimony here was protected by parliamentary privilege, meaning he could name no use without fear of legal reprisal. but he stressed that it was never about going after individuals for him, but he wants to help create to help your sport for everybody. a massive believer
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everything up a for a reason. and like i said, hopefully 5 years time and we're going to see a big change. and i like to look back at that and i did something thus far bigger than any runs or go or any which. ready i go, but yeah, if horrible it refresher course, the real change is to get rid of all discrimination and crickets, including against black players and women, the committees do to wish you its own recommendations. it's then up to the government to decide what action if any should be taken, mentioned that in barbara, al jazeera london balanced with some glue around up now, and the headlines saw on al jazeera police polish police have fired water cannon and tear gas at migrants trying to cross into the european union from belarus, thousands of stuck there and freezing conditions, whole ation barouche enough.


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