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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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let him down. we are sitting in time lying on our oh, i rising tensions at the bella, luce, poland, border as migrant. desperate to get into the european union clash with polish forces. ah, law hasn't think of this, is it alive from the also coming up? twin suicide bloss go off in uganda as capital police blame allied democratic forces, a group that's pledged allegiance to isolate libyan war. holly for after joins the field of candidates vying for president the country's 1st direct election next
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month to impeach or not to him page chilly senate debates, the fate of president sebastian panera, of a corruption allegations linked to the sale of a mining company. ah . but i've been violent scenes at the poland bella roost board, a police fire, or a water cannon and tear gas of migrants attempting to cross into the european union . thousands been camped out in freezing conditions for more than a week. now bella roost, excuses, poland, of escalating the crisis, but many migrant se bella, russian authorities won't let them return to minsk. i said, beg reports from the polish side. desperate people being pushed back with water cannon and to guess stuck on the belly, roost the inside of the border polish forces stopping them from crossing into the
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you. it was only a matter of time these people faced with the lack of food, water, shelter, and sub 0 temperatures tried to push forward at the crossing at brucely, at the front a mainland young men. but many women and children are in the crowds behind. to those on the receiving end to her, it's an inhumane and hypocritical rejection by europe. middle algae zeroes report on the grand spoke with them. yes. hi. this message i left while they're using pepper spray and water and tear gas against the children. is this the human rights of europe? 10 days we've been here without water temperatures or minus 5. and what can we do? where are the human rights organizations? we were a good country. they invaded iraq in 2003. we've lost everything. we've sold our cars and sold our houses. they've destroyed our country and now this is their human rights regina mot. him the live glom on in nevada. we haven't slept since yesterday . our feet are freezing and the only word we can hear is attention, attention, eagle, and we have kids. we have wives, you know,
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if they don't want to allow us through than return us back to our countries. we haven't eaten for 5 days. only little foods available for women and kids. we need a safe place. we need to safe country. all of it certainly is an uneven fight. wanna, can you say poland wants to show the world, which is defending europe's border against a better routine dictator using desperate people as a weapon. they say alexander lucas shanta is taking revenge on the e. u for sanctions imposed after his violent crackdown on political opposition at home. for months, billers has been granting migrants visas, promising them an easy route into that you and you probably america, just because i'll be up to societal. so as i have told merkle, the problem is that we don't save those people. we would both lose sheila, both bellows and to an even bigger extent. the european union was didn't let 3 the refugees to the e u territory. that's why i proposed on solving the situation in general,
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we agreed with merkel. we won't talk about it specifically. she, after some time for pause to discuss the proposal with the members of the european union. that's fine. what's the, just as the numbers at the border grow? so to does the desperation, they can't go back. pollen says it cannot santa. that means we're likely to see more people pushing forward and the polish forces using tougher tactics to keep them out. i said, beg, i'll jazeera, near the poland bella roost border. at least 3 people have been killed in a double suicide bombing in the uganda in capital kampala, one explosion took place near a check point at the central police station and the 2nd near the parliament building. 3 attackers also died in the blas catherine soil has more. oh, this is the moment the 1st bomb exploded in kampala, 10 past 3 in the morning, at a checkpoint at the central police station. exactly 3 minutes later. a 2nd went
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off, yet the parliament building 3 suicide bombers were involved. they were killed along with 3 other people. dozens were injured. this footage was released by the police who said a 4th man was arrested and a suicide jack had found at his home. the unfortunate it's helping us at the time that we're going to go back to our normal livelihoods. so if this people can come at such a premises of police under an sit of a boom, then you know, things are not good. the aftermath shoes, how powerful the blasts were broken. windows bonding vehicles and terrified people police. the attacks were carried out by a gun walking alongside the allied democratic forces. the armed group has its roots in northern uganda, but is now based in the democratic republic of congo. it's fighters have killed thousands of people in the east in recent years. the hallmarks of the attack
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clearly indicates that the if leading radicalized groups ah, will still have a desire to carry out little attacks on soft targets using to say that tacos, an improvised explosive devices are behind. these attacks is attack follows to others. last month, one killed a waitress in a restaurant and a 2nd on a bass. 2 days later injured several people. i still claimed those attacks. the adf has pledged it allegiance to the group. that involvement over your gun. and in the peacekeeping missions in the region, especially in somalia mix uganda targets or some of these groups. what's happening in uganda also comes at a time when the military is planning to deploy its soldiers to eastern d, r. c, to help kimberly's troops and un peacekeepers fight adf. there,
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they'll help congress troops and un peacekeepers to fight 80th forces. katherine saw alta 0 or the allied democratic forces, or adf, is an affiliate of i saw in central africa. but the group has been around for much longer. uganda and forces drove the adf out of the country in the late 19 ninety's and into the democratic republic of congo. it's blaine for killing thousands of civilians in easton, congo, and wild goose says it's aligned with iso, the u. n. says there is little evidence of a direct relationship. a p. j. crowley is a former u. s. assistant secretary of state and he joins us live from alexandria, virginia via skype. thanks very much for being with us. so let me ask you, 1st of all about i did this group radio in uganda and their connections to the, the local i. so group there where,
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where did the interests of atl and i so converge here? well, i think the, the current state of the extremist movement is that you, rather than having a central caliphate which has been defeated in iraq and syria. you now have an as lama state brand that is acquired by local groups, so that you know, is it adf, visit islamic state? actually it can be both them and this, and since you have a local group with a grievance towards uganda that is willing to fly the, the islamic state flag. so i think we have to look at the islamic state as much as a brand, as a movement and in your analysis, what is fueling their recruitment there? while the, the regarding government must 70 government has been around for a long time. it has
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a great deal of support in the country. it's acquired some adversaries along the way. so i think this, this is a perfect example of a local group, you know, with a particular grievance. and it sees identification with the islamic state as being in, in it's in it's at least short to mid term interest. a you mentioned you can and present them with 70. that he was the 1st african leader to deploy peacekeepers in somalia . he, if he years ago to protect the government from, from, from chabad. and it's been suggested that this is one of the things that has helped to can, can you to drive recruitment of of a d, l in uganda. because he is seen as, as this leader who, who is who is fighting groups like as a bab and so on throughout africa a certain i think this is
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a perfect example of extremist groups looking for the path of least resistance. and wherever they are, perhaps is, are gaps in effective governments. they're able to insinuate themselves into inter these, you know, local or regional conflicts. you know, so you, you have a country like uganda, which is fairly effectively governed. but then you have next door, a country like the congo, which has vast areas that are largely uncovered. and that's a, an area where, you know, these kinds of groups you know, can find a safe haven and then do the kinds of attacks that we've seen here the last couple of days. and any new will be what is the best way to, to, to tackle groups like this. i think patience is a, is
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a particular a value. but it largely comes down to, you know, effective governments and local support. where there's less room for these groups to, to find a safe haven and get some sort of marginal support. the better, you know, and that's a challenge for a country like, like you gone to it is effectively governor. the one hand, on the other hand, was 70 has over time, you know, kind of suppressed you know, the electoral process. and so, you know, the answer is, is largely effective government. you know, free of corruption. this is able to gain local support and where this local support, there's less room for these extremist groups to operate. good to get your thoughts on this p. j. crowley joining a staff from alexandria virginia. thank you for being this. you're welcome. our
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libyan wall or to leave a half hour has announced his bed for next month's presidential race. his temporarily step down from the libyan national army. he weighs war against libby as internationally recognized government in 2014 malibu. china has more. he's portrayed himself as a military strong man who can unite libya after years of conflict. but khalifa huffstutter has taken off his military uniform and announced his bid to become libya's 1st democratically elected president. jo, decayed america elections will be the best way and best path for libya threatened to get back its place amongst the countries of the world. i declare myself a nominee for the presidential elections. not seeking power was not finding a place, but to lead our people towards a better future and towards val fairly offended. in april, 2019, have to lead a 14 month military offensive to seize tripoli from the internationally recognized
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government. hundreds of thousands of people were displaced in the cities infrastructure damaged. he's been widely accused of committing war crimes. libya has africa's largest oil reserves, but since the revolution that toppled long time leader warm, argued duffy in 2011, the country has been politically divided and engulfed in violence. 10 years on from the revolution safely slammed, duffy war more. second son has re emerged on the libyan political scene, and on sunday, he applied to register as a presidential candidate. safe is wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity, including attacks on civilians and peaceful protesters. presidential elections are scheduled for next month, but live his rival, legislative houses have yet to agree on
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a constitutional framework to hold the vote. and the election commission is accused of hoping certain candidates and allegation it denies, not hold off, but the men we completely reject the candidacy of criminals except qaddafi and honey perhaps, or in the upcoming elections. we call on the electoral commission to reject the applications of any criminals. we hold them legally responsible to harbor some officials agree. yeah, that door son, the libyan people will only be satisfied when they choose who they want to rule them through elections. they will never concede the right to vote, that they came out with laws tailored for certain individuals. and we will never accept that. less than 6 weeks before scheduled nationwide elections, the libya is still deeply divided. and despite international pressure, many are concerned the vote that may be delayed. ma, trainer alger, there are still ahead on al jazeera ah anger in sri
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lanka, of a rising prices of essential goods. government struggle to ease shortness ah hello there. let's have a look at your weather across north america and we're watching a winter snowstorm blow from west all the way to the east, bringing temperatures down and dropping heavy snow across central areas of canada. for the south of this across the plains, an edging on woods to the great lakes. now we've got cold air behind this. it is bringing temperatures down in places like kansas city is going to bring snow, as i said, the parts of the great lakes, as it pushes through, bringing that wet weather to new england. we've got that string of rain edging all the way down to the south eastern states and have a look what it does to the temperature in new york city. if we look at the 3 day as
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a drop of about 10 degrees, by the time we get into saturday, there will be sunshine, but it is going to get wetter from monday. now, if we have a looked at the west, it is looking a lot dryer across parts of british columbia, but it's going to remain rather wet and windy and wintery for washington for oregon and parts of california. but for the south of this, it is a lot dryer. a lot quieter, as it is from much mexico, as we head to central america. very dry was 21 degrees in mexico city. it's wetter across, so you can peninsula into believe. and it's a western parts of cuba stretching all the way through to the bahamas. ah, the 10s of thousands of children were born into old lives under the icicle regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps either orphans all with the widowed mother
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. rejected by their own communities, she could do think that people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera lou. the me again, you're watching as a reminder of our top stories to south polish police, fire water, cannon and tear gas migrants attempting to cross into the european union from bell . ruth, thousands, a stock there and threes in condition, polish, and better origin authorities blame each other for the crisis. at least 3 people
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have been killed in a double suicide bombing in the uganda capital camp. paula 3 attack is also died recently. the bombings were carried out by members of the rebel group. the allied democratic forces, which is, has ties to ice. libyan war, honey, for after has announced he's going to run for president. these temporarily step down as head of the libyan national army militia says he can unite libya after years of conflict. a members of chilly senate are voting on whether or not to impeach president sebastian panera, is accused of corruption after the leak of the pandora papers which exposed the hidden wealth of leaders and business people around the world. documents linked panera, to the sale of a multi $1000000.00 project to a family business, to a close friend panera denies the charges. let's go live now to latin america editor lucy newman. she joins us from santiago, so you see
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a how is all of this playing out in a chill right now? well right now as i speak, there is a senator, a conservative senator from the senior does coalition. conservative coalition and she is about, we believe, to vote against the impeachment, which will be the deciding vote. in other words, it is expected that at any moment now present, it will survive the bid to, to throw him out of office as it were, or at least to survive conviction. and this is something that we did expected because the conservatives in the senate do have enough votes to block the 2 thirds majority needed. but this conviction to go through, however, it has been a long and laborious and it, in some cases, torture is process that began early this morning and it should end up probably in the next hour or 2. but as i say, it's now pretty much a done deal. president vignette has been accused of seriously compromising the
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dignity of the country and of being involved in what you could call a shady business deals by using his political power to push them through. the details are not as important as the fact that most people believe he is guilty of this. but the question is, is this is the right timing? remember, we are having presidential elections in 5 days next sunday to be exact. so watching a president out of office just before a presidential election, a national election for that matter, could be extremely sensitive and in fact the stabilizing. and that's why many people did not necessarily believe that this was the right time to do it. yeah. did a lot of people be curious about the, about the timing of this? but presumably this, this whole debate around his possible impeachment is, is, is father for the candidates with this election coming up as you say on sunday.
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yes, it is father, especially for the opposition candidates. but you know, at this point it is not such a bonus as who might have expected. the reason is that president benita is so unpopular right now that he is also rejected by the vast majority of those who voted by him 4 years ago. in other words, most of the conservative and in fact, all to conservative presidential candidates who are also running had pretty much turned their back on the data right now. and in fact, they're running on a ticket that says that he did a did a terrible job. and that they would do things better. all right, lucia newman ally 1st there amos santiago. thanks for that. armenia says it's reached a cease fire with as a bizarre falling a day of violence which left at least 15 soldiers dead. i mean, he is defense ministry says the truce was broken by russia. it asked moscow to help defend its territorial sovereignty against a very forces which had accused armenia of provocations, armenia,
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and as by john fort 44 day war last year over the disputed territory of no going to cut by a japanese energy regulator has suspended the approval process for the north stream to gas pipeline. that's meant to transport russian gas to europe, bypassing ukraine. because the company hasn't complied with german regulations. the u. s. and the u. k. says this will make europe even more reliant on russia for energy. domini kane has more from barley. thank you. has been very simply that they don't believe that the organization behind the old stream pipeline cold nor stream to ag, which is based in switzerland. they don't believe that it has enshrined german law into its operations at these base here in germany. quite technical ruling, but the basic deal being that the company needs to fully set itself up in germany and accept german jurisdiction as it were before any green lighting can be given in
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terms of the effect. this ruling will have well as a temporary stay in one perspective, we know that the company concerned no trim to a g in switzerland has got until a point in january to reply. but obviously there is the geopolitical significance in this, this pipeline. really polarizes opinion, not just in ukraine or germany, but around europe. there are some in germany who say, this is a good idea that this is helpful to the german economy. that gas coming through, we'll offer a new opportunities for gas consumers around western europe. there are also many people, politically, again, not just in germany, not just in ukraine, when the british prime minister, the american president present to the united states terabyte of all expressed real concerns about nordstrom too. there are some people who say that they believe that the russian government has been deliberately trying to force the german government
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into green lighting nor the stream to quicker. well this ruling would appear not to be safe paying any heed to that. canada's largest port has been cut off from the rest of the country after flooding and land slides triggered by 2 days of torrential rain. all roads and rail links out of vancouver, a close, military helicopters, helping rescue hundreds of people trapped in mud slides across the province of british columbia. thousands of been forced to leave their homes with some regions seeing one months worth of rain in just 24 hours. jody events has more from vancouver. it has been unbelievable. truly something to behold. you almost all in this area. know somebody stuck somewhere because there are just simply so many mudslide, so many rivers breaching is their edges and flood waters coming across. what is the trans canada highway the highway that literally spends this entire country from coast to coast in some form is completely closed down and flooded by the the
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pushback of waters in a river south of the border in the united states. the new sack river is cresting south of the border, and that is a domino effect that leads up here in canada. and we are hearing a evacuations of abbotsford, chilliwack, merit, princeton, entire townships and cities are being evacuated. as you mentioned off the top in the 1000 a jury in the us has been deliberating the murder trial of carl rittenhouse is. the teenager accused of shooting protested in wisconsin. last year. 2 people were killed during a black lives matter demonstration. when the house claims he acted in self defense, john henry has the latest from the court house in connection inside the connection county circuit court. the jury is considering the fate of kyle written house. they asked for a jury instructions on tuesday, which includes sections on self defense and provocation, which are the 2 key issues. in this case,
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the defense is arguing that kyle written house was defending himself when he killed 2 men and maimed a 3rd. the prosecution says he provoked that confrontation, rittenhouse, his lawyer, says he is inside the court house while the jury deliberates, and that he's nervous, he knows that he will be taken immediately into custody of convicted of anything. there was some controversy on tuesday when the judge allowed rittenhouse personally to narrow the jury pool from 18 to 12. by reaching inside of a tumbler and pulling out names written in house, his mother, wendy, sent out a fundraising letter on tuesday asking for support for the defense. she says the family will pay about a $100.00 to $10000.00 in legal fees for november alone. that defense has been funded largely, if not entirely, by donations for many here in kenosha though the question is, when the verdict comes down, what would the crowds in the street do with the case that after all, begin with a confrontation between protesters encounter protesters. a pfizer is seeking
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emergency use authorization in the us for its experimental code. 19 pills. a study by pfizer has found it reduces death and hospitalization in unvaccinated adults by 809 percent. john company is also looking for approval from several other countries, including the united kingdom, australia, and south korea. pfizer has also agreed to allow other manufacturers to make the pill and supply to lower middle income countries. our demonstrations have been held in sri lanka is capital about the rising cost of living. police had banned the rallies, citing phase of the spread of coven 19, but people ignored the orders and came out to voice their anger over high food prices. and a shortage of basic goods. now fernandez reports that they came from all parts of the country. hundreds of people brought together by the opposition party,
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some luggage on by the vigour to protest against increases in the prices of essential goods and an ab owned. and i don't have food i no place to stay, no job and is it only their family? the raja park says that should be nourished. that's why we're here. and the gas nam is pity. net. there is no gas norman's powder, my children are crying. let my gas finish a day before yesterday, and i cause the government so much in there. they know, i mean, i get, i'm not guessing, i'm a medical, i gotta an estimated 90000000000 dollars of debt, an economic slowdown, and the pandemic of history lanka. hard, a currency crisis has left it with foreign reserves of just over $2000000000.00. enough to pay for inputs for 6 weeks. that's left the country short of basic goods and having to restrict imports. prison got up a roger box, a declared the state of emergency which had little effect. and the government is
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now removed price controls on many food items and other essential goods. but critics accuse it of failing to deal effectively with the crisis. for the hundreds of people who have rallied to the capital colombo today, there's one rallying called the crippling cost of living and the government's inability to control it. they said the government has ignored the real plight of the people. your physician says is adding the grievances of the people. many who cannot think for themselves. we are facing economic armageddon. it from the public dig situation. the people are suffering. they will do a variety of issues, primarily because of mel administration authoritarianism or dr. c. dictatorship like, oh,
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why politicians seem to assure the public? many said that's not enough. and with so much hardship they desperately need some relief. bonaire fernandez or just 0, colombo ah . at get a round up of the top stories now on al jazeera polish police have fired at water cannon and tear gas of migrants attempting to cross into the e. u from belarus. thousands stuck there and freezing conditions, polish, and bell russian authorities blame each other for the crisis. this is what some of the refugees and migrants had to say about the conditions they face. yes, i look while they're using pepper spray and water and tear gas against the children . is this the human rights of europe? 10 days we've been here without water temperatures or minus 5. and what can we do? where are the human rights organizations? we were a good country, they invaded iraq into the.


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