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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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enlarged the hopper ish as an individual's p $5000.00. to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. ah. violence at the border between poland and bella rose water cannon and tear gas fired on migrants and they were trying to cross the batter russian border. ah, no, i'm in london with al jazeera, also coming up on the program. the anti satellite missile test that endangered the international space station and its crew. russia denies its actions, were reckless,
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have been twin, suicide bloss and the garden capital. the latest in a string of attacks blamed, or an armed group called the allied defense forces. and in libya, wall he 5, the officially signals is designed to become a countries 1st democratically elected president. ah, i'm welcome to the program, our top story. tensions of boiled over along the poland bellows border, where polish police have fired war to canon and tear gas at refugees in migrants attempting to cross into the european union. thousands of people have been camped out along the border in freezing conditions for more than a week. now, bella roost is accused poland of escalating the crisis. but many the people there saying that bella, russian authorities now won't let them return to minsk. i said, beg reports from the polish side of the border,
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desperate people being pushed back with water cannon and tear gas stuck on the belly. lucy, inside of the border polish forces, stopping them from crossing into the you. it was only a matter of time these people faced with the lack of food, water, shelter, and sub 0 temperatures tried to push forward at the crossing at burskey. at the front, a many young men. but many women and children are in the crowds behind. to those on the receiving end to her, it's an inhumane and hypocritical rejection by europe. middle of zeros report on the grand spoke with them. yes, i was. this is not while they're using pepper spray and water and tear gas against the children. is this the human rights of europe? 10 days we've been here without water temperatures or minus 5. and what can we do? where are the human rights organizations? we were a good country. they invaded iraq in 2003. we've lost everything. we've sold our cars and sold our houses. they've destroyed our country and now this is their human
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rights ledge. vienna martin. the live column on in nevada. we haven't slept since yesterday. our feet are freezing and the only word we can hear is attention, attention, eagle, and we have kids. we have wives, you know, if they don't want to allow us through than return us back to our country. we haven't eaten for 5 days. only little foods available for women and kids. we need a safe place. we need a safe country now. well, it certainly is an uneven fight one. can you say poland wants to show the world. it is defending europe's border against a better routine dictator using desperate people as a weapon. they say alexander lucas shanker, is taking revenge on the e. u for sanctions imposed after his violent crackdown on political opposition at home. for months, belarus has been granting migrants visa c, promising them an easy route into that you and you probably america just because i'll be up to societal so as i have told merkle, the problem is that we don't save those people. we would both lose sheila,
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both bellows and to an even bigger extent. the european union was didn't let 3 the refugees to the e u territory. that's why i proposed on solving the situation in general, we agreed with merkel. we won't talk about it specifically. she, after some time for a pause to discuss the proposal with the members of the european union. well, that's fine. what to just as the numbers at the border grow. so to does the desperation, they can't go back. holland says they cannot enter. that means we're likely to see more people pushing forward and the polish forces using tougher tactics to keep them out. i said, beg, i'll jazeera, near the poland, bella ruth border out. germany's energy regulator is suspended the approval process for the north stream to gas pipeline. this plan to transport rush and gas europe bypassing ukraine. it says that company building a pipeline has not complied with german regulations stream to as the source of geopolitical tensions involving the u. s. the european union and russia. the u. i says it will make europe even more reliant on russia energy,
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but germany is saying russian gas is needed to draw vision away from coal, a nuclear power, dominant cane as well from berlin. now, what the regulators are thinking? then few has been very simply that they don't believe that the organisation behind that old stream pipeline called mold stream to a g, which is based in switzerland. they don't believe that it has enshrined german law into its operations, at least based here in germany. quite technical ruling, but the basic deal being that the company needs to fully set itself up in germany and accept german jurisdiction as it were before any green lighting can be given in terms of the effect this ruling will have. well, it's a temporary stay in one perspective. we know that the company concerned nordstrom to a g in switzerland has gotten till a point in january. sure. reply. but obviously there is the geopolitical significance in this, this pipeline. really polarizes opinion,
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not just in ukraine or germany, but around europe. there are some in germany who say, this is a good idea that this is helpful to the german economy. that gas coming through will offer a new opportunities for gas consumers around western europe. there are also many people, politically, again, not just in germany noticed in ukraine when the british prime minister, the american president presently united states jo bud vall expressed real concerns about an old stream to there are some people who say that they believe that the russian government has been deliberately trying to force the german government into green ly, sing nordstrom, to quicker. well, this ruling would appear not to be take paying any heed to that with tension between russia in the west also play out in space with moscow rejecting us and natal accusations that have recklessly, by blowing not one of its own satellites. and they just have to general yet install
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2 bags as it created. deborah, it's now a risk to others. space cross us actually say, asked me, lincoln says that moscow carried out weapons tests that endangered the lives of 7 astral. it's only international space station. the explosion created at least 1500 pieces of space junk that will stay in orbit for years washes for minutes or so. ok, lover of accuse us of double standards when it comes to using weapons in space in which the world the united states. coal is they put a new rules for space exploration, but for some reason, to have ignored for many years, the initiative of russia and china to prepare retreating to prevent an arms race in space. they simply ignoring and insisting instead on developing some sort of universal rules, however, united states themselves were actively develop the arms race. but so of course, when russia now test new space weapons when they test it also by actually
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destroying space capability, creating a lot of dangerous debris. not this concerning both because the debris actually poses a risk to civilian activity in the space, but is also of concern because it demonstrate address is not developing new weapon systems that can shoot down the satellites. i spoke to natalie zach, the publisher of the russian space web dot com, who told me how the russian weapon works. this because of the you. so i'm, it was, it doesn't the great. instantly it was one piece and it became one instance of became right now there are 1400 profitable pieces and there are probably a 100, so some more which are simply far away to be seen by
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a radar. so this is essentially a result of weapons using space. if the missiles are used to get finalized, that's what we, we get the essentially, you know, the existence of those d, b of those pieces depends very much on know if you own a particular orbit of the satellite, you know, what happens to be high enough for those pieces to survive for dozens of yours, if not hundreds of years. so as a result we, we have to deal with this problem for a long time. you know, it's not just one problem. it's like i said, it's $1400.00 uses, which we know about them. probably many, many more. ah, you know, as military saying that it will release from apartments from dela honda from
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custody in the next 48 hours number of the nation, new running sovereign council told out there he will be among a number of detainees released. honda has been under house arrest since he was ousted in the military take over a few weeks ago. it follows the visit of us assistant secretary of state money fee to sit down while it is confirmed that the process of freeing prisoners is on the way. now as a military leader, he fast a waged war in libya. betsy's now put himself or to the president of the united nation. it's hopes that the vote we shall take place in december will confine the countries decade long civil conflict in the past. it is malik. china reports he polite after, along with monica daffy son might make this difficult his portrayed himself as a military strong man who can unite libya after years of conflict. but holly for her after has taken off his military uniform and announced his bid to become libya's
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1st democratically elected president. i'm now a decade on elections will be the best way and best path for libya and to get back its place amongst the countries of the world. i declare myself a nominee for the presidential elections, not seeking power, was not finding a place but to lead our people towards a better future and towards val fair and live. in april, 2019 after lead a 14 month military offensive to seize tripoli from the internationally recognized government. hundreds of thousands of people were displaced in the cities infrastructure damage. he's been widely accused of committing war crimes. livia has africa's largest oil reserves, but since the revolution that toppled long time leader war mortgage duffy in 2011, the country has been politically divided and engulfed in violence 10 years on from
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the revolution safer. this lamb did duffy war more. second son has re emerged on the libyan political scene, and on sunday, he applied to register as a presidential candidate. safe is wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity, including attacks on civilians and peaceful protesters. presidential elections are scheduled for next month, but livers rival, legislative houses have yet to agree on a constitutional framework to hold the vote. and the election commission is accused of helping certain candidates and allegation it denies, not hold off, but then we completely reject the candidacy of criminals like safeguard, duffy and connie perhaps, or in the upcoming elections. we call on the electoral commission to reject the applications of any criminals. we hold them legally responsible ha. but some officials agree. he had that. oh son,
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the libyan people will only be satisfied when they choose who they want to rule them through elections. they will never concede the right to vote, that they came out with laws tailored for certain individuals. and we will never accept that. less than 6 weeks before scheduled nationwide elections, the libya is still deeply divided. and despite international pressure, many are concerned the vote that may be delayed. my trainer l 0. 3 people have been killed in more than 30 injured and twin suicide bombings, which are taken place in uganda. out sure, bob has previously carried out attacks in the country, but finger of blame is now pointing towards a different group. the i defense forces was formed on the border of the gander in the democratic republic of congo. in the mid nineties, it principally recruited from the muslim population, but it has also drawn fighters along secular ethnic lines. after some earlier tags, the focus turned to economic and political interest in the dance mountain forest of
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the east and d r c. but violence directed towards the congolese military began in 2013 with thousands of deaths to follow. the group says it's aligned with iso now, but the united nation to saying there's no evidence of any direct link. this latest attack which has taken place in cam. paula could be the sign of a new front in uganda. it's been blame for several incidents and made it 1st came of responsibility just last month for a bombing that killed at one person. catherine soy has our report. this is the moment the 1st bomb exploded in compiler tan purse 3 in the morning at a check point at the central police station. exactly 3 minutes later, a 2nd went off. yeah, the parliament building 3 suicide bombers were involved. they were killed along with 3 other people. dozens were injured. this footage was released by the police who said, a 4th man was arrested and
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a suicide jack had found at his home. that unfortunate. it's happening at the time that we're going to go back, draw a normal livelihoods. so if this people can come of such premises of bullies under uncertain of a bomb, them, you know, things are not good. the aftermath shoes, how powerful the blasts were broken. windows bonding vehicles and terrified people police. the attacks were carried out by a gun walking alongside the allied democratic forces. the armed group has its roots in northern uganda, but is now based in the democratic republic of congo. its fighters have killed thousands of people in the east in recent years. the hallmarks of the attack clearly indicates that the if leading radicalized groups ah, still have a desire to carry out little attacks on so targets using suicide attackers. an
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improvised explosive devices are behind these attacks is attack follows to others. last month, one killed a waitress in a restaurant and a 2nd on a bass. 2 days later injured several people. i still claimed those attacks. the adf has pledged it allegiance to the group. the involvement over your gun and me in there is skipping missions in the region, especially in samaria mix uganda, your targets, or some of these groups. what's happening in uganda also comes at a time when the military is planning to deploy its soldiers to eastern d, r. c, to help kimberly's troops and un peacekeepers fight adf. there they'll help companies, troops, and un peacekeepers to fight 8 year forces. katherine saw alta 0 so that for you on the program, she lays president is not contesting this weekend's election bought. he might be
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forced out anyway. will explain why i am landslides and dramatic rescues are taking place in western canada. as the region gets a months worth of rain in just 24 hours for ah hello. this spell of cold weather has swept across southeastern areas over australia, bringing a string of cold days to melbourne. we had a temperature trend here. we haven't seen in more than a 150 years, some very cold nights to hobart in tasmania, and some snow on the outside. that is all changing. you can see the warmth coming back in temperatures picking up to the early twenties. but they are going to yo yo
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in places like sydney and melbourne over the next free days. if we have a look at melbourne, we're going to be touching up to $25.00 on thursday, but the rain comes back on friday is going to get cooler. now, what's dryer? of course many central and northern areas are not dry of them. we have seen recently, but the wet weather is going to pick up in the west is going to get wet. a full puff that there is a lot of wounds here. some of the showers pushing through the cloud. by the time we get to friday, 23 degrees celsius. now, as we move over to new zealand, it is an improving pictures. rather, i'm 2nd, it has been, but it's gonna clear up by the time we get to thursday, the won't is going to leave gizmo, but it is going to be sunny through the weekend when the wet weather arrives. now as we head over to southeast asia, it's very wet. once again, for parts of indo china for vietnam. and for thailand we could see further flooding here. ah, oh, the land of the free. if you are black or criminal,
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you or someone who is shut up in extent, would america give a new episode of democracy, maybe expose racial conflict, ethnic politics and inequality in the united states. they get upset, it all learns because they want to focus on what we had a dream on al jazeera lou. ah, welcome back. the main stories now polish police have used water cannon and 5 tear gas and stung grenades at refugees and migrant. stranded on the border with bella,
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luce, mince, cars, accuse poland of escalating the crisis, but many of the people stopped there now. st beller, russian authorities won't let them go back to the capital. russia is rejecting u. s. a. nato accusations that it bay recklessly by blowing out one of its own satellites. the u. s. says that moscow carried out a weapons test endangering astronauts on the international space station. and at least 3 civilians have been killed in a double suicide bombing in the uganda capital compiler. 3 attackers also died. please say that it was carried out by a member of the rebel group. the allied democratic forces have pledged allegiance to iso actually, senate is holding an impeachment trial for president sebastian, ben, yerra, 71 year old multi millionaire was impeached by the low house last week over his alleged involvement in the controversial sale of a mining company is accused of his accused of using his political power to bolster
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his businesses a claim he denies. following these developments, our latin america, it is lucy, a newman, who joins us from santiago and lucy. the bar is pretty high in the senate for a leader to be impeached when will we know whether or not the president is, is likely to be removed from office. that's right. yeah, i'm teach linda or conviction would require 2 thirds of to least 43 senators and right now that looks like a very, very, very difficult thing to obtain because his conservative opposition does seem to have enough numbers to prevent that from happening. now the senators have been speaking now for hours and hours and hours discussing the charges that the president a seriously compromised, and this is what the, what the actual charge says, the dignity of the nation. and that he was dishonest. ah, that one by one. they are, they are arguing in favor or against the conviction,
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but we should know, hopefully within around 6 hours, whether or not the president will survive this vote as expected. however, this will still be the 1st time in chilion history that a president, a democratically elected president, and a democratic congress has been impeached. so it is a pretty humiliating thing for president pineda who's popularity is already dismally low. is it likely to have any effect on the upcoming presidential election? you would have thought so, but it no incredibly everybody speaks to i have been speaking to here on the streets and i asked them what they think of the impeachment and the possible conviction. they say they don't really care. it doesn't really make much difference . some say, because politics and politicians are all dirty any way. others say he deserves that whether he's guilty or not because they don't like him right now people's main focus is precisely on the upcoming elections and who will be there next president?
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not so much on said my scampi it out. who if he survives this vote will be out of office anyway in less than 5 months. thank you very much. from santiago i latin america and actually senior reporting to us. we go to canada now and the largest port, vancouver, it costs off from the rest of the country because of floods and landslides, triggered by a weekend of rattled, breaking rains. all roads and railings out of the city are also closed. one person is confined to have died, military helicopters, helping to rescue hundreds of people trapped in month slides across the province of british columbia. thousands have been forced to flee their homes with some regions, seeing a month's worth of rain in 24 hours. dirty vans is in vancouver. it has been unbelievable, truly something to behold. you almost all in this area. know somebody stuck somewhere because there are just simply so many bud slides. so many rivers
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breaching. is there edges and flood waters coming across? what is the trans canada highway the highway that literally spans this entire country from coast to coast in some form is completely closed down and flooded by the the push back of waters in a river south of the border in the united states. the nic sack river is cresting at south of the border, and that is a domino effect that leads up here into canada. and we are hearing a evacuations of abbotsford, chill, whack merit. princeton, entire townships, entities are being evacuated. as you mentioned off the top in the 1000 members of the nicaraguan government have been banned from entering the united states with president joe biden saying that repressive and abuse of actions compelled him to take a stand. now these measures are in response to the general election, which so daniel ortega when a 4th time as president, the us denounced the vote as a sham. after more than 40 opposition figures were jailed along ortega to run
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virtually unopposed. it also indicated that it will work to prevent nicaragua from accessing international lending, or armenia says that it's reached a sci fi with as a by john following a day of violence which left at least 15 soldiers dead. armenians defense ministry says the truce was broken by russia had earlier asked moscow to help defend his territorial sovereignty against his very forces which accused armenia of provocations, armenia and as a by john force of 44 day war last year over the dispute territory of new car, new car buck, at least 6 and a half 1000 people were killed in that conflict. hundreds of people have been demonstrating in the show lankin, city of columbia against uncontrolled rises in the cost of living. food is not affordable anymore with shortages of essential like cooking, gas and fuel. your position defied government attempts to thought, gathering site in covert consent. now fernandez has this report now
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they came from all parts of the country. hundreds of people brought together by the opposition party some luggage on about vega to protest against increases in the prices of essential goods pardoned and ab owned and i don't have food. i have no place to stay. no job. is it only their family. the raja park says that should be nourished. that's why we are here and the gas nam is pity. net. there is no gas normally powder my children are crying. my gas finished a day before yesterday and i caused the government so much and then i mean, i'm good, i'm not guessing, i'm a medical. i got an estimated $90000000000.00 of debt, an economic slowdown, and the pandemic have hytcher lanka. hard. a currency crisis has left it with foreign reserves of just over $2000000000.00 enough to pay for imports for $6.00 weeks. that's left the country short of basic goods and having to restrict imports
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. prison got up, a roger pops declared the state of emergency which had little effect. and the government has now removed price controls on many food items and other essential goods. but critics accuse it of failing to deal effectively with the crisis. for the hundreds of people who have rallied to the capital colombo today, that is one rallying called the crippling cost of living and the government's inability to control it. they said the government has ignored the red light of the people. your position says is adding the grievances of the people. many who cannot think for themselves. we are facing economic armageddon. it's from the politic situation. the people are suffering due a variety of issues, primarily because of metal administration,
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authoritarianism, proceed dictatorship. a while politicians seem to assure the public, many seed that's enough. and with so much hardship they desperately need some relief. minette fernandez or just 0, colombo. europe's top court is rolled hungry, violated in you law 3 years ago when it made it a criminal offense to help asylum seekers. the 2018 hungarian law threatens a sentence of up to a year in prison for people who help migrants and refugees apply for asylum. rights groups are welcoming the ruling. has been frequent tension between the you and hungry over the anti immigration policies of president victor, or been a journalist in prison and me and ma for nearly 6 months is arrive back to the united states. after surprise release, on monday, donnie fenced, his mother rushed over to hug him as he stepped out of the car,
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caught in myanmar sentence fence to take 11 years of hard labor last week for charges including incitement. he was arrested 6 months ago. one of hundreds of journalists detained after the military coup in february. did a shaven at her, ah, did it hold to my family at frontier mia mora. i still haven't been able to communicate with them. there's still a lot of work to do over there. so long term come and you know, it's a, it's a moment that had been imagining so intensely for so long as you know, surpasses everything i imagine now drug make a pfizer agree to allow other manufacturers to make its anti virus corona, virus pill and supply it to $95.00 low and middle income countries, the licensing deal means a generic version will be available to around 53 percent of the global population. but medical charity doctors about board is saying that it's not happy with this
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deal because it excludes countries with the capacity to make generic drugs. places like argentina and china, data from clinical trials shows the pill cuts the chance of hospitalization or deaths by around 89 percent. well, there's more and everything right here, including of course, the top lines on our headline stories al jazeera dot com. ah, a quick recap of the headlines now. police in poland to fight tig assen. stung grenades at refugees and migrants attempting to cross the bell russian border. they also used water cannon to push people back, but loses accused poland of escalating the crisis. but many people are saying that a russian authorities are now not letting them return to minsk. germany's energy regulator is suspended. the.


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