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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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saw them conference delegates more than $55.00 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 as business and governments come together to explore business ab networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import. back at the premium partners, i 8 to you of 2020. what transforming africa? lou. hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy and nothing with a look at on main stories now. police in poland defied tear gas and stun grenades at refugees and migrants attempting to cross the bow russian border. they also used war to kind to push people back. state media are saying a polish border guard was injured in the clashes by loose is accused. poland of escalating the crisis, but many of the people that are saying bell russian authorities won't let them go back to minsk. germany's energy regulator is suspended the approval process for the
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north stream to gas pipeline. this plan to transport russian gas to europe, bypassing ukraine. it says the company building the pipeline has not complied with german regulations. the u. s. is warned, europe is becoming to reliant on energy from moscow. meanwhile, russia is rejecting u. s. a nato accusations that it may recklessly by blowing up one of its own satellites. the u. s. says moscow, caroline weapons test endangering astronauts on the international space station and nato. zachary general yen stalled and bug says it created debris. that's now a risk to all the spacecraft. so of course we're rashaw it now tests newt space weapons when they test the it also bar actually destroying a space. so oh, capability gripping a lot of dangerous debris that there is a concerning both because the debris actually poses
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a risk to civilian activity in the space, but is also of concern. be closer to demonstrate the dresser is not developing new weapon systems that can shoot down the satellites. at least 3 civilians have been killed and double suicide bombing in the uganda capital can paula. one explosion happened near a check point at the central police station and then a 2nd one near the parliament building 3 attackers also died in the blast. please say that they were carried out by members of the rebel group, the allied democratic forces. you'd also pledged allegiance to i sell, which is now also claimed responsibility and insight on the military are saying it will release form, a prime minister, abdullah hum dock from custody in the next 48 hours handle has been on the house arrest since being outside in the military takeover, 3 weeks ago, it follows the visit of us assistant secretary of state money feet to sit on. we'll have more on all those stories in the news. our i was you for that in that 25 minutes time al jazeera. well now continues
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o, o o 2 is the social media consultant living in working in turkey's largest city. it's stumbled. he's married with a young daughter, and as a family they decided to look at ways of adopting unless consumers life influenced by what's called the simple living minimalist movement. the family decided to a d class of their lives and live with less, even before the global pandemic struck, ah, plentiful to drive you here for doing the demo of all of them. okay, let me get these. i show my z none within the
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athens. hi lynette. aluminum it did, they are number layer by should the which, which kitchen, little cooler. the chocolate chick only take little misty adams on the video. did that only steer? stanley and they get to mc isn't misty adams, older a shimmy. it can be a language and make the if the kid hasn't got a call from them on the application. ah, it's a bug as, as yet we are we my thought is our method. it is. i love that she was, i love it. be a good to the guy who did you know? yeah. to the other lou table, but i love it. i'm trying to learn russian id.
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hey she pamela, you love you because i don't think you think i'm to change the locker room. can you hold on that with the head of the ban chimney? ah, possible to get hold of a boot saw diet, say to wind up my stomach and give a shimmy, get it in a box and the honey good of an mitchell cache. good old look to us. honda mahathy's . sure. she'll daughter. yes. here. tom b, i boy yellow them lined up on me. i mean, he's on that or you know them doing just busted to jeremy like bacardi shall i mix
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the owner's agent. we should pull them, appears orlando, we ship our count, shown the browser whoop, and me anthony outreach arms are kind of either jang auditors or lunk said i totally got loud on mac steel. i wasn't how she. i caught mac that off started as i could or to that counselor had to stick it. dont i learned carlos in the extent that called them, they're shallow down to sharon that it does side turning on damage. nurse. oh bother the clones activity is i tangle not direct him. are such a faint said? the simple living movement is now a global phenomenon. fuel by social media, documentaries, and blogs. the idea is that reducing household consumption should lead to less individual debt. by spending means less time earning. busy and so your quality of
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life should improve hutchinson's yoke. sole sons miss wood, even so they could sit in the sins museum, russet teams would be ins. debbie, good news. sorry. like an amazon incense. are they like tons of club? my im charlie in deacon bullet as you hit from us. yes. are they bit higher to can because getting that to see the touchy derrick where you go, lemme say young high up thing with her. she helped mercer the other daughter target either higher thing gets fixing in the created need. yes, you may are, as nicholas you did, did a good school massage or as the georgia families journey progressed, they embraced both the practical and spiritual side of the new minimalist. so there's an early snow, not on the level heard. i'm v. sadness, my kids in their market can charge richardson and all the little. yeah,
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i mean you just want to let out those the famous book. i'm a saw, this is cheryl and upside in this. make it now cut that on the on the been busy all to proceed and believe me all to present minute me me be a living to don movie. no less allows he also said to me it, and that she did the digest shippable living, which i did a lot call id, actually had decided to show that she think in the sid resolved in a me, lydia, it's hard to hire tardy. she the civil side to be a like a look which i did. i think you're the packet mode of you out the gauge and handled stuff. i really didn't know that it is only john. and because i just found that she had the coldly john to watch and also done, but then i also take it which he still has feared which town maloney push.
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ah said fi. osa describes himself as a miss. the painter, a writer, and a flute player. he lives in turkey's anatolia mountains, was i used to be an architect. that is now a shepherd blue book sunroof. the boiling kept in kiss me much, that is amber, alert this let them wash that the canter. it is shimmy in some killing. our mushrooms skirted, can he then skirted hm. the additional suggestion was in judging. drinking ditch gotten was good if you're the roach. i'm not sure which of his son, but i come yet. does that matter? so long as i, she lit a black me says that it is longer jack missouri must code michigan. ne, shared him is miss dumler just gave me, can't let the iep such as were the amman chamberlain maria chamberlain than alton that holl burleson ruble? and chalmers yo yonder sovereigns of jackson's. ah,
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but none of them out there. mamma, members, william thompson, mcnelson out there. oh cool. yeah. me keep him out. the minimum your car dish move the we sure the call id. his future steamer me stead him tongue them. he is, your son ish, the yellow nash? i'm one with somebody me, cindy bees were every year. what i mean did my really she date murs, a map woocommerce still lived here where i can make you mildred contributing years . the solemn as of the history of burslur they've been, they've been even you make him burdening summer soon and be purchasing the tourney kitchen kid. and that's it, then there or tell me the amount from the i mentioned, the amana jackson, deep regular, just reaching out to her, associate cables, inject me. they were presented at the source mom, offensive to all on. yes, i'm a bi partisan, admonished ah,
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said outside the night at the home of the architect turned shepherd. the next morning they discussed minimalism and the pros and cons of modern city life. and it is hate. yes, she is her can mind, jack, will they a shaky seriousness yoke? the heck is singular this year. you mustn't pool on a clue. cubby, cule, and at the packaging do was i one of the many others? jeanette will. oh, heavy no. then trick you been silent at all? will griffin and berkener, usually archie yourself or no no no this it yes she anita santa should be little late in did the builder shampoo junior make you yet you make the chain mune a indian summer?
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yeah. usually cured are to their cousin unit in cassandra. yeah. we did. i know learning some. yeah, yeah. using the us that word can had the high, the q in it and the community drew to door. drew inhibition. chop danger. cookie. mar, suckling. she banassi yet not a soul or not a could panic, only 6, anti comes to be found to be madness, all like it. he literally castelow between me. you fair comes brushing. be the last 2 years, members redish the cushion. she's making much, much more of a net can actually because you could shoot the diffusion be because london means on the give me just a huge back up. so some credits that you gave us because i am much, you know, nicholas and mitchell could be kim, now you are not going to get picket. she, they probably had somebody i knew should old on which when you get to listen to me, just give me a 2nd to get it listed in problem present via can do and,
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and get your left hand in the top line to do that. and then we'll grab this is she was the $1000000.00 room hockey cut. so when i renewed all that miserable are you on the solution make? she's almost sort of at all like he she did, it can did or let him is out and she's in it, but i could i would or less weight and or let me just now i'm not catching murder study the stuff i think is a sick has been all to school matilda up to one which is and if the data fully i hutsel flung you do this at us
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and let it be said child to see that electric a. they give their breath, little light at laguna niggers and, whoop, look you said to me at h. a eulogy cabbage in. be dr. ad gag? mitchell. my, his student will, is sharla. doesn't that you saw that? especially as well. nick, i tried this and bbq the teachers, began mcdaniel flight the little do annie savage indicate that how to do the b. nidia hodgin litigators. ne d. miss nick hadn't been affiliated. was he shaking niggers outdated? embassy? okay. i knew she had out hot on blue to all do you? she organ, you know, any booster issue in because i saw little dual mother wooster. masochism was on the question for us. you didn't say it a can a busier buddhist deal because he doubled. i'm off to the beginning. thank you. my tell should be cash and get him set up. it's in harrison, harrison. he's gone. i
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often d, closer in his family, hood said otto joel turned his focus to food. he was also concerned about the use of cleaning materials in the home to find out more. he made an appointment to meet thought ok, good. in date a practitioner of alternative met. ah . 2 hike is kusha kendall, do nasa? oh, cushman lay on the abuses. he made miss edison in something between the coach to my extended beyond little mas himself, you was, among the heck is a nickel, dash cautious to identify continuous and st. oil, and build them greatest. none of mccovie nuisance, was amanda and ashley vetoes,
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alkaline issue, thought good and de runs the institute of natural health. in his stumble, he believes that the simple life philosophy and natural food are inextricably linked. but i said it childish them. yes. an issue of us and that is high up 1000 the so get us the high gach jarling to mitchell. we shall. so let the jamal mitchell wish them be ash. i know i'm on the side i r t a, shamir, they or chill chung target in so little does all manage a lot valuation or customer is it chilly? malaria optima bear with me for just a minute. 4 little childish that could glee beach, the ged buddhist group. you should own, di, crash, said been im not fall behind it. not belinda daniel shawanda mars in santa
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equal. his was a glenda. i have been at eastern, in almost 5 initially or less. mitchell tobac. arsenault to push yogi chile austin isn't attended tuesday. the chief limited must have feature but good and day family shots locally for naturally produced foods from their local market. she taken them on the dish, new them. and here the tacket. somebody getting it if she had. hi, nick additional, did she? no, don't drink event mid. any you gang. she had lean bottled, old uncle dubuque, m a. water care 1000 toyota everett young. border kistin dawn model shield. mom been bullied. she you call since them you are unable to hire. you also issued a boat all normally been on the highway, all of the additional air opening that get me on kruchinin hills. fifteenish a cash ref in on
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e r. i chick yama sylvia. from the care management to get me is puckett amish amar referrals or to them, she should be rude and columbia. and according to my dear cut, come odyssey shlang shoot. a nash, genetic dish, clear water tongue should in that hot, done not take the machine a packet then and fit them. you dial it and do now columbia. they had hung givers chanted to cool, cool that dish. petro kimmy are sol. tim is each little cool on europe. kimmy also likes to the kissing pickle on modem. i shall ash all madam mission, margin columbia parkway, literally out what community shampoo, on staples in such creamy below the columbia missouri miss march and not getting it. a miss far boot took me, so can you hold on to proud campbell, new air traffic control guy, you'll, you'll know bol the coast. there is a shame each tiny, but it keep cutting. sure. hike of the marginal do mom. and it was another,
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the tribunal, which was another altima, nauseous luggage, a missile out, which would you all know rush, which would you all that again as it is it serve, accomplished. it will do that. if you are should cushion canyons that can depart from new liquor, stall in their system is corckalone on yolanda reaction here. 20 color goose vehicle long. you will tell her nature awesome. the drop us before. yes to them in, but the way the missionary he get older, not answering of khodiyar. it was all for some kind of shoes on my fault. who needs, you know? oh this, roger. this only because of just because a yeah. you me to do it all in my the middle, know that every of your little boy muck to music, my them in and out. he should be deborah joke. so let me just of the district. we are part of her on the head of
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a middle welcome to his in washed alt. i'm the media that topple noon time it 0. there. my stu, autumn, that every day. now this is actually of the dance. hasha motrin. good. every dim korean tell much of that asian, the of bullshit. patasha the mac. you know that each and wellness age italian than the up button visible, not a dish margin on the yet can music. miser melinda, it should euclid animal. we're going more than a little earlier with no longer that we juggle the seller on the color boy letters . stay helped i recite all this up and talk. sunday up to she mclaughlin. yeah. nick m following. jack took them and on behalf was not woo, the hoses. should it be a makeup? i can watch cosivity luxury now. good shoot. i initiated that with tim music minds . him and he up masturbation or that him pronounced for a cutaway usually don't. you know?
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they said, i know that began with. yup. we did it down. we shook their didn't jupiter to get in a very picky mouth, alcala. mcdonald? absolutely. this is jason to near to is it, is that i yeah, i can think no, not in ours. lucia abbas because this but was the look of the way to make it to michigan bank in for satisfy the buying of their kid. kia saw loudon flatly blasted out on the quickly he on its side to hire, to modern me it all to mission in his on that a change from sony mc as from so to mckayla that evetts bitchy than truck ma, homeless choker is lamb toyotas. yanna kish care all normally be here she be sick there when mr. loveday on the he truly need the awesomeness in the jonah check yuma . stilson camden keeping shady, young hitch. berlin, gauzy chic kohler ich mimic. bin imaging, a kiss inactive,
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am offering it to chicago, or she had to learn mural telemundo still sit mutant gentlemen. check me young being some good are yes tool i am as a college mastering control, amos and good. all ma'am. shit. kit mess dooley sealer totally him. you suck. cooler beach mutes saw the leash mailed under becky did bit as cala catch me at at she hit the color she shot the image i did. i did it. i took that model of stokes and it won't blow the new blue. ah, with an experiment now a lifestyle. how successfully have your child family adapted to simple living? that kids minimize the burden? this kid is colby daugherty. i can be the last been so loyal by show the opposite video tonight. they say, oh yeah, them is dr. banga. i live in isham,
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literally lability dental is on his amos her kid. got columbus. hey, he like then couldn't like to have a columbus. it's in the cut could quoted you a draft in order to do a miser my level that he spoke with our to get motors organic. all man he, she all mary was at the church. i you did him a man, dakota dish, and timmy read it as a category some day. you speak him yourself center to cooper lou. they say they she in order to get to us or nicolai us there. so to normal, this conduct that was it. they said imaging and each actually stake massage on a gas it then i took it. salish. did them as i ought to, missouri. darya themes, it dish new movers if they did the another saturday. they still dick fortune's j to me another day said which, which is tis nyja hodge acacia even miss day bullen loom livable to lacey lawyer, charlotte, and coolness it on was eligible inability. but i was a ham cousin again,
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him hijacker there, locked him. is it hijack can moon, can martha control and be the old cut out? i shall, mustn't that city you knocked at her be didn't all do the additional match. osha's i at the muslim union, the shop there was additional. michelle, at least clinic is too much for that point because i'm at work cuz i work to satterfield together. burly, be sure your can. why? so the one on patient dish medic bullet is fitted up to the end of march. took it lawfully up. mush all modern util, the each hoover, it's tucked me talk to her note pads was in yellow. michelle. the guiding is over there. that yes, i made, i am individually. she cabana took which the, almost all the tissue they're dead sided shaking their should have been janie in a new role of today's. yeah, and it doesn't to do those allocate the huddled shock live that it is to make the only just look at the 9 am to max. whichever chiefly did he did began museums,
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english of india, and dall an ottoman de la midday dalton. and when you pull the, i know it used to make him lucille balden a just and that doesn't have moral 9 dollars for shipping. and orlando masonic, and then be stereo mitchell's shoes. and the autumn food has ended. us ah, still on the be suitable, shall there was additional ships set up at london that some 50 sa delish man. yeah i ne, i ought to lose the keys on little he she did it up to marie she the him is there? yeah. little town miss cooler than at da shinji that it sold the la maya on let us hard delays to the may the old must. he get a can hardly get that a may i get the said own the sunday. ah ah. busy ah, ah, ah,
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the audio families enthusiasm for sim living has continued since this program was made. saddam has not gone back to his former consumer's lifestyle, but says that making the necessary life changes in a huge city, light is sand. bell is hard for a whole family. it sounds as though the quest for a simpler life might just make things more complicated. and every one in east amble has had to simplify their lives in many ways. during dakota 19 pandemic. another story ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. busy ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah a ah
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ah ah ah with hello there spell of cold weather has wet to cross southeast and areas of australia bringing a string of cold days to melbourne. we had a temperature trend here, we haven't seen in more than a 150 years. some very cold nights to hobart in tasmania, and some snow on the outs with that is all changing. you can see the warmth coming back in temperatures picking up to the early twenties. but they are going to yo yo in places like sydney and melbourne over the next 3 days. if we have
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a look at melbourne, we're going to be touching up to $25.00 on thursday, but the rain comes back on friday. it is going to get cooler. now, what's dryer? of course many central and northern air is not dryer than we have seen recently, but the wet weather is going to pick up in the west is going to get wetter. for perf, though there is a lot of rooms here, some of the showers pushing through the cloud. by the time we get into friday, 23 degrees celsius. now, as we move over to new zealand, it is an improving pictures rather unsettled it has been, but is going to clear up by the time we get to thursday. the want is going to leave gizmo, but it is going to be sunny through the weekend when the wetter weather arrives. now, as we head over to southeast asia, it's very wet. once again for parts of indo china for vietnam. and for thailand we could see further flooding here. ah, it said to us he told through with, somebody's going to do it. where do you go to the pilot?
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the voice you promoting clean, safe sanitation for all. but with a 3rd of the world latin basic facilities can his unique style really help clean up the meth and culture. the pop culture is the fastest way to solve the sanitation problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianne to missouri. very well welcome to the news, our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. oh, lindsey at the border between poland and better roost. water cannon and tear gas
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fired on my grants and refugees trying to cross the batter russian border. the anti satellite missile test that endangered the inter.


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