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that was the scale of bloodshed. would you still going to go to miss all landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line. what is on it's all that isn't on is very, really coming our way. i was just go to your god by the police on purpose. you with a vote board. i was 0. is offices in garza or how does it not feel very good cover has come very little before in human history. has the once prestige environment of the arctic in such peril. lou
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ah, you're watching the news hour on al jazeera with me fully back. he bought a reminder of our top stories. police in poland have fire to gas in san diego, he said, migrants in refugees attempting to cross the border with bells in a russian president. alexander lucas shanker, has said he wants to avoid confrontation over the crisis in libya. walla talley for . have ta says he will run for president in the upcoming election. kid announced in september he was temporarily step down as head of the libyan national army militia . and in uganda, at least 3 civilians have been killed in a double suicide bombing in the capitol compiler. 3 attackers also died in the black police, say the attacks were carried out by the allied democrat,
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forced to rebel group, which has been operating an eastern democratic republic of congo, monarch on our top story, any refugee and migrant crisis on the poland bell of border evil law, she's a volunteer with the aide group group i grannie car. he says, bella ruth, isn't a safe place for those trying to cross over to europe. i've been involved for several weeks now in providing direct turn edge my during support for for the library suitors. trend the on the, on the side of the order. so this is where i've been operating and i've met people from countries like syria, iraq, afghanistan, the kurtz, the vision, so on. and very often they've been already in the very bad condition. they require food water, some very often also medical support, some of them where they can, you know, same business integers for a long time with the prime of what they were also telling me about cases of, of being on the site. so they were parked in front of the situation,
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look like when they were still on the border. so they report the cases of the scene pushing different forms of violence. they said using the electric to there is against them. and then pressuring them also, they can come and get patients because they have to pay many cases. the older folks will basic things like foot water when they were stranded in those forests in brothers. so they've been in condition already when they met them in the 1st type of the border and they're quite required to maintain support. and it shows me that it's another example of showing the bellows can be considered as a safe space to these people. french police have cleared a migrant camp near the poor city of dawn. kirk, the makeshift camp was home to about 1500 migrants hoping to cross the english
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channel to the k one and 400 of those were taken to shelters. authorities also detained. 32 people to spect it of smuggling and other criminal activities to chile now where the senate is holding an impeachment trial for president sebastian vieira, he is accused of using his political power to bolster his businesses allegations. he denies a latin america is elissia newman has his report from santiago, the stress and the tension is written all over to a vast damping yet his face and with good reason. never in chilean history has a president faced removal from office democratically. he's the 1st democratically elected president to be impeached by the chamber of deputies in yet i, one of chillies, wealthiest men, is accused of gravely compromising the owner of the country and the principles of integrity and honesty. millions voted for sebastian pineda because they thought he would be as efficient here in the presidential palace as he was in his multi
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$1000000000.00 enterprises. but in the end, his achilles heel was thinking that you could mix politics with business interests . it was revealed in the pandora papers that been yet his family trust had sold to $125000000.00 land holding in what is a bio diversity hotspot? allegedly in exchange for ensuring the area would be available for mining. the transaction was carried out in the british virgin islands, a known tax haven. piano insists he knew nothing about it. if by more combat we are convinced that this accusation has no foundation, in fact or in law, we've concluded that the charges are based on false events and conjectures. imaquele glory, okay, that was assumed. we are confident that on tuesday, the senate, acting as the jury will reject the charges spouse. indeed, it appears unlikely that 2 thirds of the senate will vote to ask the president for
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months before the end of his term. many chileans are more worried about stability than pinion his innocence than me now from a symbolic point of view, asking a president who can't pass on the presidential search to his successor is horrible . this country is very attached to symbols like the flag, the presidential sash and legality for miles perhaps, but even pin. yet as once an ardent supporters have turned their backs on him, and in the end, people who have of him continue to have him. those are voted against him and those are voted for him. feel betrayed because renewed, i ended, ended up doing exactly what he campaigned against, whether for political or ethical reasons or both ship us damn pineda faces of harsh battle in the senate, alone and isolated. i have not to see a newman who joins his from santiago, lucy, tell us about what's been happening in the senate and what's the likelihood of sebastian vieira being actually beach from
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early this morning, senators for and against are asking or finding president opinion a guilty of the charges have been giving, making their arguments. we heard from president binet as lawyer. he said that the charges were completely unfounded. he argued that president benita had only a minority of interest ins. this company that was sold in the british virgin islands. however, on his family trust was the one that signed it, and we're talking about his children and his wife. he says he knew nothing about it because he as president, he had to have a blind trust. that means not know where his billions of dollars were being invested, but few people believe that it's possible that his own family, i hadn't at least consulted him about what was going on. and so we're hearing arguments, fuller, and again, some saying that this is not the time to impeach a president to ouster president,
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so close to the end of his term and others who are shame. that an example has to be said to the gillian people. less than 5 days, by the way, from national presidential elections in this country. so the time is extraordinarily sensitive. however, it does look, as i mentioned earlier, that there will not be enough people in favor of conviction to actually force him out of office now. but this trial could continue even after he stepped down. lucy, thank you very much for that updates. lucy newman is our latin america editor reporting their live from santiago. the u. s. has announced new sanctions against nicaragua, as government and its officials following what he calls sham presidential elections . daniel ortega won a 4th consecutive turn earlier this month in a vote. many countries say was read most opposition. figures were arrested or bod, from running the u. k. in canada have also imposed sanctions on nicaraguan
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officials. prison, joe biden has told his chinese counterpart that the u. s. is strongly opposed to uni lateral efforts to change the status quo or in taiwan. he made those remarks during a virtual meeting which shipping the president also discussed trade and challenges with global energy supplies. our white house correspondent, kimberly hawkins reports. the leaders of the world's 2 biggest economies sat face to face for the 1st time using their virtual summit as a way to reset points of pension in their relationship. we need to establish a common sense guard rails, to be clear and honest, where we disagree and work together or interest intersect, especially on vital global issues like climate change. for years, the united states has accused china of economic and defense provocations that include disrupting global trading practices. that hurt american businesses were recently stepping up military incursions near taiwan. president joe biden said
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recently, the us would defend taiwan in any conflict that in tuesday summit, he also told the chinese president, the us was committed to a one china policy and to pose any change in taiwan status. president. she's in peg referred to by. and as an old friend, same china and the u. s. need to increase communication and cooperation to may show watson, china and the united states should respect each other coexistence piece empathy, new co operation. but respect between the 2 countries has been challenging the united states. the ledges. chinese government is ms. treating chinese muslims, known as wiggers, and his protests, the crackdown on pro democracy demonstrators in hong kong job in
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popularity is sagging domestically in the polls. but he went into his conversation, wishing, paying fresh from a legislative victory, siding into law, a $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure overhaul. the biden says, we'll create jobs and allow the united states to compete with china in the 21st century. there was some speculation she would invite bide into the winter olympics in beijing in february, which some members of congress want him to avoid. but according to officials, the subject never came up. our bilateral relationship evolve seems to me, to have a profound impact, not only on our countries, but quite frankly, the rest of the world. we have a responsibility to the world as well as to our people in all the summer, produce no major announcements, but instead was designed to de escalate geopolitical tensions for the us and china are able to stabilize their relationship and avoid destabilizing the entire world.
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kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house day as planned marches across cuba has failed. after organizers were unable to leave their homes, rallies were meant to call for the release of prisoners and protests against state violence. daniel shambler, it was it was a day of tension across cuba with reports of the security forces and pro government supporters prevented activists from leaving their homes for plan marches to call for greater freedom and the release of political prisoners. the holy, i'll go out to applaud for the freedom of cuba and in support of the political prisoners, but they won't even let me lay the property. oh, several people were detained and on the eve of the plan, march as there was sporadic clashes, but in pro and anti government activists. your thought is on sunday also prevented
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the most prominent protest, the una garcia from leaving his home for a solo demonstration, got home on issue my house is under siege. the entire building is surrounded by agents of the state, dressed in civilian clothes, passing off his residence, as they usually do. this does not surprise in cuba. they are carson all corners in groups at the bottom of my building by the stairs. he's a member of archie pierre, legal and movement with more than 30000 members, organized on social media. it grew out of spontaneous mass protest in july, calling for greater democracy. you authorities arrested several 100 activists. ah president miguel diaz canal. thank supporters for defending cuba and said they just wanted to live in peace. we are seeking the improvement of our society defending emancipation, defending socialism, and condemning campaigns to subvert internal order the media campaign against cuba, against peace in cuba,
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and against the blockade. the president declared the plan mart is illegal, same the united states and anti cubic groups in florida with in the protest movement is a claim denied by the activists who say repression, the silly recourse the government has left, that the government has the clear it, black and white for the 1st time in many years that in cuba, you can not accept size any a ride, even human rights if you are going to use it against the political model against us for cuba has decreed that it's model of socialism should remain forever. however, increasing numbers of younger cubans, a challenging that assertion and say that if they come march, they will find alternative ways of making their voices heard. any shimla al jazeera turkey is calling for a resolution to the diplomatic dispute between lebanon and several gulf states. a
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foreign minister is on a visit to be vote. lebanese ministers critical comments about the found the lead coalition in yemen, prompted riyadh and other goals, nations to recall their basses, then a harder report turkeys. foreign minister says he is here to enhance ties with beta . and metal tell was all glow offer to help tackle lebanon's worst crisis with its long time partners, gulf states. but that's a tough task. saudi arabia, the u. s. u behaved in kuwait, have severed diplomatic relations with the lebanese government because they say it's controlled by the iranian backed, has the law no bonds if we hope this crisis can be solved through mutual respect and dialogue, we are ready to play a role in this the art says the crisis is about a cold, has follows domination over the country. the problem is not related is not only in him, and he's not a local issue just between lebanon and jodi. between jodi
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tell us over was inter before arriving in beta, which is among the battle grounds where the regional rivalry between saudi arabia and iran plays out. it's also being bought in yemen where the pro iranian hotels are making their way into my rep, the governments last stronghold in the north diet. the accusing kind of support being that are in the very security, the off y and the united states, the day long to keep the minimum and it seems to us and saudi arabia have different priorities. washington backs prime minister matthews government and has called on golf. countries to restore ties with living on that needs in national support. saudi arabia has long channeled funds
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into this country is fragile economy, but it has it with health support in recent years. because of has valez influence gulf. our states are a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of lebanese. and lebanon's leaders are trying to find a way out of the diplomatic rift, which was worse than political divisions and added to the economic turmoil. the crisis is rooted beyond lebanon's borders and geopolitical rivalry between many stake holders. turkey appears to have entered the free 7 for their ultra 0, beirut, and still had in sports or hear from the former player who's been detailing the basest abuse he faced throughout his career on english. ah ah
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ah. oh lou
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ah, welcome back. senses in democratic republic of congo, band 7 pop songs last week, most of them critical off present. felicia kitty and his party that min later overturned the ban on the most popular song among them following public outcry and criticism from international rights force algae series. malcolm web met with singer barb. elvis was songs are still banned. lou biachi, i look in the one on will freeze up, was it? oh oh, well this is used to his songs being banned. government senses here in the democratic republic of congo. she had outlawed his songs from radio and t v stations and stopped him playing concerts until his latest recording was one of 7 songs the
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sensors band last week. garcia, it's about perceived failures of the government of president felix chiz, acadie visual. what it is of a song in the form of a letter to jessica his father as he n, he was a popular opposition politician for decades who died before his son came to power. you bhaskar dasia. i think we as you've sent away former president joseph capella, accompanied by songs and posters. why can't we do this against prison, fedex? she secured the vehicle normal as we continue to fight national extent, attracting more of to youth who are tired, upright. if we can do a revolution with canvas, this is why your lodging song city is not your more. oh, people have been marching on the streets of the capital, kinshasa, church leaders rights groups, and up politicians called for the demonstrations. they say president is a get he's trying to take control of the electoral commission ahead of elections
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due in 2 years. they were also protesting against the new tax on mobile phone uses . everyone in the phone pays at least a few dollars every month deducted from their credit. it's fairly affordable for many of congos. 40000000 phone uses. the mobile phone taxes is just one of a number of ways that many people feel public money is being misused or stolen. and so it's general sense, especially among many young people. so many things haven't really changed since felix difficulty came to power 3 years ago. congos, vast mineral wealth doesn't benefit many of its people. most workers struggle in informal jobs, the low wages. daniel daniel, something that the band music he led the revolution sang about him, one of the other plan songs within days of its release,
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it was viewed more than a 1000000 times on youtube. the justice minister later overturned it ban, following criticism from rights groups. government says it's in the process of changing the ways of the past regimes we've done been, it's not part of our strategy. it was a mistake. i turned you clearly and deduced to meaning, to make a statement on got into. won't be done like that anymore because we are making you reform on the about the commission g. bob elvis says he's waiting for the promise reform. the way it says the government hasn't fulfilled its past promises, but that's what he keeps singing about. and that's why he says his songs are still banned, like malcolm web al jazeera kinshasa democratic republic of congo, a lovely time now for his, andy, thank you so much, folly will form a professional cricketer as amer fake has told a u. k. parliamentary inquiry that he was humiliated by racist abuse. throughout
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his career in england, he says the english game is institutionally racist. a warning. his evidence contained the use of racist phrases. the viewers may find offensive that the barber reports from london. he promised it was time for truth must seem or feet arrive to give evidence to a parliamentary committee. it was mosque zone and gloves off as he recalled his time at yorkshire county cricket club i just joined address room full of my heroes . michael vaughn. matthew, oh god, part of the 2005, she's a team and it was just the most surreal moment for me. i entered the dresser room pretty early on and me and other people from asian background. there was comments such as you lot say over there near the toilet and it washes the word paki was used constantly and that just seems to be an acceptance in the institution from the leaders and no one, no one ever stumped out. back in september,
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a summary of an unpublished report by the club said refill had been bullied and racially harassed. but if one is since it labeled the use of a racial slur as banter for me, yorkshire chairman roger hot had resigned over the clubs response, which is the no action against any staff or players. this been substantial amount of thoughtlessness and ignorance. a reluctance to apologize, a reluctance to the c as in the victim, and reluctance to put into place the the recommendations when pushed hot and said the club fell within the definition of institutional racism. he also suggested the england and wales cricket board or e. c. b could and should have investigated refix allegations. it's very clarity in a say, you know, you could describe this is the wild west the way this is. what we've had this morning. do you think the sea bass? yes or do i think we are learning a lesson here about and what lesson are you
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learning styles? well, i think we've got a long way to go to fulfill our, our ambition to my cricket. again for everyone. i seem to fix testimony here was protected by parliamentary privilege, meaning he could name no use without fear of legal reprisal. but he stressed that it was never about going off the individual for him, but he wants to help create to help your sport for everybody. a massive believer everything up for a reason. and like i said, hopefully 5 years time and we're going to see a big change. and i can look back at that and i did something thus far bigger than any runs ago or any weeks ago. but yeah, if article here were fi called the real changes to get rid of all discrimination in cricket, including a gauge black players and women, the committees do to issue its own recommendations. it's then up to the government to decide what action if any should be taken. mentioned that the baba al jazeera
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london balance with somebody or saudi arabia can get qualified for the 2022 football world cup and katha a just being viet nam away from home. sherry's f, it's just creeping over the line to say, a one nail when fixture, that means to sanity their own beats, and in the final group stage of asian qualifying the public group, be 16 points, and i think we're, we're on the way now. so i think we have big chances specially we have 2 more games in our and so did a b in our house. and i think that gives the good advantage to qualify to the world cup as the 1st of the scope. we lighted our grammar at 6 of the 1st oh, they beat lebanon. one notes is over, please. there hopes for fly off spots. they are 3rd vetting champion dental method of looking good for the season ending atp finals in italy. the russian is recorded
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is 2nd strike when that this one against germany's alexanders verify in 3 set this competition as a group formats and member that is on calls to reach the semi form b dominic thing to lift the trophy last season. formerly known as savage. first of a chinese driver, one user will make his debbie for alfa romeo next year. the 22 year old is currently racing and formula serial team up with false re bosses leading mercedes after 5 seasons. al from either there currently 9 out of 10 in the constructive standings and a change in terrain for olympic skateboarder sky brown, the 13 year old. it just made her a professional surfing w in brazil at this year's tokyo games. brown became britain's youngest ever olympic medalist. she says she's hoping to compete in both surfing and skateboarding. the 2024 olympics in paris. okay. more from in a couple of hours that say we're looking for now. andy, thank you very much for that. and that is it for this news hour on al jazeera from
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me for you back to one whole team here in doha. thank you for watching. while i from our london new center mix, ah and in the country with an abundance of resources and want indonesia, his firms for me, we moved to grow and strong. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let to play part when this is growth and progress invest. even if you're now ah,
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meets the minimum, is a tough is helpful and the daughter decided to quit the rock race hoping to live better with less. let's just throw everything away. ours are well exposed, the simply living movement aimed at reducing personal consumption, credit and clutter, and i hope to be happier. as a result, a simple life on al jazeera, a community decimated by can set fights for the truth. who in this room has cancer, or knows that someone that lives here that has cancer, quote lines exposes houston's candidate cluster. these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination underneath. they look data visible, paul, but i community it just say from do you feel that i'm bow
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tie, fault lines on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what moves with news and current calls that matter to you a while, and at the border between poland and better roost water cannon and tear gas fired on migrants and refugees trying to cross the batter russian border. ah, no, i'm mary. i'm noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera.


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