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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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i submit you ladies and gentlemen, but in a situation the crowd has the right to try and stop an active shooter. they have a right to protect themselves that turned rittenhouse, his self defense argument against him. judging, drop to lesser chargers, a coffee violation charge, and a charge of a minor being in possession of a dangerous weapon. but he also allowed prosecutors to add to lesser homicide charges one of homicide. and one of attempted homicide. that of a tacit admission by the prosecution that they might not have made their case there . but it also gives them another chance to walk away with a conviction on something. now the young man, whose case has become a national rorschach test, is waiting on 12 jurors to decide on charges that could leave him spending his life in prison or going home free. john henderson, l g 0. can osha, wisconsin? ah,
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no, again, i'm fully back to boeing. doha, with the headlines on al jazeera lease in poland, have 5 to gas in san grenade, said migrants, and refugees attempting to cross the border with barrels. l. a russian president, alexander luke, the shanker, has said he wants to avoid confrontation over the crisis. this is what some of the refugees and migrant had to say about the conditions they face the earth. i was losing my lot while they're using pepper spray and water and tear gas against the children. is this the human rights of europe? 10 days? we've been here without water temperatures or minus 5. and what can we do? where are the human rights organizations? we were a good country, they invaded iraq in 2003. we've lost everything. we've sold our cars and sold our houses. they've destroyed our country and now this is their human rights ledge. vienna martin. the live good ahmad in nevada. we haven't slept since yesterday. our feet are freezing and the only word we can hear is attention attention. we have kids,
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we have wives. they don't want to allow us through than return us back to our country . we haven't eaten for 5 days, only a little food is available for women and kids. we need a safe place. we need to safe country, or at least 3 civilians have been killed in a devil. suicide bombing in uganda is capital compiler. 3 attackers also died in the blast. police say the attacks were carried out by members of the allies democratic forces. a rabble group operating in eastern democratic republic of congo in libya, wall or tiny for half. tar says he will run for the presidency in the upcoming election. he denounced in september, he would temporarily step down as head of the libyan national army militia. and moscow and washington are trading accusations. after russia destroyed one of its own satellites endangering the lives of astronauts on the international space station, the u. s. as the action was reckless, russia has rejected the claim, and those are the headlines. i'll be back with the al jazeera and use our in under
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30 minutes of next year inside story. ah, friends not falls, the president of the us and china hold our virtual summit. try to reset frosty relations. did they succeed and what message to the send to the rest of the world? this is inside, sorry. ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm rob madison. relations between the world. 2
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leading superpowers have been described as fraught tense and strained. china in the united states disagree on many issues, including trade, human rights and the rule of law. but their leaders seem to be trying to find ways to cooperate, such as a recent agreement on climate change. president joe biden, and she jan paying of held their 1st virtual summit to try to resolve their differences. 3 are meeting produced. no breakthroughs, at least not publicly, but both sides called it an opportunity to repair ties. our white house correspondent, kimberly hawker reports. the leaders of the world's 2 biggest economies sat face to face for the 1st time using their virtual summit as a way to reset points of tension in their relationship. we need to establish a common sense guard rails, to be clear and honest, where we disagree and work together. we're acres intersect, especially on vital global issues like climate change. for years, the united states is accused china of economic and defense provocations that
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include disrupting global training practices that hurt american businesses. more recently, stepping up military incursions near taiwan. president joe biden said recently, the u. s. would defend taiwan in any conflict. but in tuesday summit, he also told the chinese president, the u. s. was committed to a one china policy and opposed any change in taiwan status. president, she's in peg referred to biden as an old friend saying china and the u. s. need to increase communication and cooperation to me. emotional syndrome, china and the united states should respect each other coexistence piece and pursued cooperation to lose all. but respect between the 2 countries has been challenging the united states a ledgers. chinese government is miss treating chinese muslims,
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known as wiggers, and has protested the crackdown on pro democracy demonstrators in hong kong. jo biden's, popularity is sagging domestically in the polls, but he went into his conversation, wishing, paying fresh from a legislative victory, signing into law a $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure overhaul. the biden says, we'll create jobs and allow the united states to compete with china in the 21st century. there was some speculation she would invite bite into the winter olympics in beijing in february, which some members of congress want him to avoid. but according to officials, the subject never came up in all the summer, produce no major announcements, but instead with designed to de escalate geo political tensions for the us and china are able to stabilize their relationship and avoid destabilizing the entire
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world. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house? well, the view from china was quite different. the english language services of state media highlighted cheating, pains calls for mutual respect, peace and co operation. katrina, you has more from beijing. beijing has described the meeting as fruitful and constructive and said that it opened doors for future communication. and chinese state media said that it was reassuring to the international community that these 2 superpowers were trying to manage that differences. now president union paying went into this meeting, wanting to appear strong and wanting to defend china's interest. and he did that, i think in 2 areas. first in trade, he said that he wanted to fast track economic exchanges between the 2 countries. and he wanted joe biden against using security issues to suppress chinese companies . now the 2nd topic where he did this was in regards to taiwan, which is arguably the most important topic for beijing. she's in pain warranty joe
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biden, that any support of taiwan independence would be played with fire and bade ching says in return the u. s. promise to abide by the one china principal and not support taiwan independence. if you contrast the early of meeting we had in alaska between the 2 sides, a meeting full of harsh language, hostile torn's. we've had now this meeting between joe biden and she didn't ping which opened with friendly smiles, with waves of the hand and with even a sheet in ping referring to joe biden as an old friend. so because of those reasons, we've seen that this meeting has this being perceived as a successful which setting of ties or resetting of the torn between the 2 countries . ah, okay, let's bring in our guests in beijing, we wrote victor gow, his chair professor of suture university in washington dc. hydro claim,
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former you as a deputy assistant secretary of defense for east asia. and in our slow glen decent professor of international relations of the university of south eastern nor we welcome gentlemen to the program glen. i'd like to ask you 1st, as we've heard relations between these 2 countries were extremely poor. but in just in the, a matter of a few days, we've had an agreement and climate change. now we have this apparently very cordial, public meeting. what do you think is driving this change in emphasis? oh, i think that ha, the years attempted to reverse what has become the most important development in international system, which is not china is quickly becoming the most powerful state. while the u. s. is in relative decline. so for that reason, i think china seas, the time is on the side. meanwhile, united states that the reverse this, which has resulted in both military and economic conflicts are given that china has pushed back as well as kind of the test but its limits. i,
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i think both countries have a common interest in not allowing this to get out of control. but that being said, i think it is simply because the u. s. is the company rule it to the coin has more incentives to challenge? what is the status quo? victor glancing there, that essentially the china has it that says in a strengthening position and the u. s. is now at a disadvantage. do you think that that is what has motivated president teaching ping's acceptance of this public meeting with joe biden? though i think the president joe biden and president, she can be of china. they knew each other well for more than one decade. or they were a vice president's or the each other's country. they call along very well. and this meeting, the virtual summit, as we call it, is long overdue. it should have happened earlier this year. however, i think the fact that it takes place is truly
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a milestone event in china. us relations, it gives assurances to everyone in china, in the united states, that despite of all the differences the company does, of the 2 countries can sit down, be frankly, be caught you as you mentioned and discuss all the differences. rather them flying to temper, tried to get to each other's jungle up, for example, not only threaten their own people by threaten world of peace and development. this is the better side of china us relations. and i hope it gives everyone the reason to believe that they can get over their differences and they can find a way to get along despite of that tremendous amount of differences which need to be managed. i know was this meeting perhaps also a u. s. recognition that previous efforts to try to influence china's domestic and foreign policy i've kind of foundered. well, i would say 1st of all that i would concur with professor gl assessment that the
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meeting taking place, the virtual meeting, taking place on that in and of itself as positive development. and the fact that it was for frank and the candid and of course of conversation is also positive, particularly when you just oppose that to the meeting that occurred earlier this year in anchorage which deteriorated. ah, that being said, i think that if you read, if you read the read out from on the white house, for instance, the meeting, we can all assess that. nothing substantive actually came out of the meeting. there were no da levels. there were no rural agreements to do anything. i think the biggest take away is that both countries, both governments recognize that open and transparent in canada, communications are required. and this virtual meeting on the heels of 2 telephone calls that have occurred since present by and took office is a positive development in that sense. i want to talk about that meeting in
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anchorage for a bit because when the u. s. secretary of state and chinese foreign ministers met in alaska in march. the tone, as we've been saying was a lot more hostile to listen to this. i just made my 1st trip. as i noted, to japan and south korea. oh, i have to tell you what i'm hearing is very different from what you described. i'm hearing deep satisfaction that the united states is back, that we're reengaged with our allies in partners. i'm also hearing deep concern about some of the actions your government is taking to have on core china as it has in the past and from now on will never accept the u. s. is meaningless criticisms. we must demand that u. s. drops is frequent hedge, a monic action was of interfering in china's internal affairs. i. okay, i want to ask victor about this because we heard obviously very strong words from the us. but we also had very strong words from china. and that is unusual. and i've
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heard under president she whether he is directly responsible for this or not. there is, there is an assessment of that policy being described as aggressive diplomacy that china was no longer simply going to sit back and, and take the criticism. but, but it was actually going to essentially take the fight to those who were opposed to it. but know we're seeing this change is that are suggesting, do you think that china has been, can become concerned that that policy has over reached a mark and has brought it closer to risky confrontation with the u. s. and others. and that perhaps is why we're seeing this dialing back of rhetoric. eugene took place on the very special circumstances. ah, weatherwise, it was very cold at that time. and then both young teacher and one year on the chinese side. and then their counterparts in the united states, they were sizing of each other, tried to test what of what each other in preparation for the somebody meeting or
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the virtual somebody meeting which took place to day. now the working level meeting need to be as straightforward as possible. the chinese side, the united states had no justification to talk to china from the position of so called strength. and this is truly unprecedented. i think china feels comfortable enough to tell the united states in very serious and straightforward term that the relations between china, the united states, should be level relations. no, why should lecture the other from above and china, the united states need to deal with each other as equals. now this is reflected very much in this virtual meeting today, president vital and president, she jim being seem to get along very well, very cordially they respect each other. they like each other, they can get along with each other and the working level people, the secretary of state, the national security advisor on the united states and their counterparts in china
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need to deliver all the good will demonstrate it by the 2 heads of state. this gives hope that china and united states will not go to war, go to conflict, go to each other's juggler. they will get down to business to treat each other as equal. and then as present, she, you being said the world is big enough to accommodate both china and the united states. glen, this virtual meeting, if i understand correctly, is essentially one step up from a phone call, but as far below a physical face to face meeting. now obviously, there may well be logistical reasons why the junk that the main concern couldn't have a face to face meeting. but what do we read into the fact that rather than having yet another phone call, they decided to have a virtual summit meeting which lasted 3 hours and was very public. all it's, it's difficult to say, i guess, and it could be many miles. it could be possibly reducing.
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well, that's all out. if, if the meeting would be a failure, it could be restrict, will simply caution over the pandemic. or it could simply be not, not wanting to take a real meeting with, they would see how this when. so i, i agree with, you know, what was said in the previous meeting. the last guy was more confrontational simply because they were kind of testing each other out and pushing back in, obviously. and i think were china russia for the sake. and they were reluctant to be address from this position of sovereign inequality in which for example, the u. s. or do you think will come and the point will be to lecture them. so instead they're assisting them on having this meeting. i'm sorry and equals. now i think this meeting was much better for me pretty much because this was not how the
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meeting started biting did not show up to lecture being. and then there was a feeling of meeting between 2 equals, which i'm a common interest. therefore in seeking cooperation and reducing tensions, are things the format immediately on the right track. now that being said, given that this meeting went well, it's quite possible that it can be upgraded them to another meeting. actually in person. it all depends how this plays out. and i would just add, also one difference is time was by gives putting up the need for common rules of the road, which is the american. you prefer to names to the so called rules based international system. now, this is a very point of departure of talking to a chinese because they might been incorrectly interpreted or william terms is actually a consist of any common role. so the chinese and system then the operating on their, the rules of international law in order to you and charter. so on the contrary,
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we see that often to us tends to when the speaks of values. and the rules based international system implies that has been broken to, to use liberal values to exempt itself from international law. and i think that's why it went so bad in alaska as well as that the chinese and began to lecture among older internal affairs, which obviously would not accept all the way around. so i think that was the main reason why this meeting went so much better than the previous. i know, let me ask you about that. that element of creating a common understanding of the world in which both countries live. do you think that we are seeing a subtle shift in us policy and as much that it is trying to, as glenn was referring to go talk about the rules of the road, the guidelines, the guardrails, i think was one of the phrases that the president used in terms of the, for want of a better face, the playing field on which both teams are on rather than trying to directly influence china. well, i would say that there has been a distinct evolution in sign
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a u. s. relations since 2017 where the national security, the last national security strategy was published. ah, where great power competition was specifically cited as the greatest national st. charles the united states. and we called out, ah, she ging pings china as being a primary focus there. and i think, you know, i'd like to push back a little bit on this concept of the united states lecturing. china. ok if you go to practically any corner of the world today, whether it's with in europe or a, china's neighbors in east asia. there has been a confluence, all interests and alignment with international norms, democratic values and the like that's been pushing back on what has been an assertive and even an aggressive chinese foreign policy that is used for instance,
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economic coersion against countries such as australia and south korea we last of lears lithuania, most recently, and job as i somewhat ironic chinese lane about the united states lecturing when chinese diplomacy or a quote has brought a new york term to our lexicon that a weird overseas i would push back on that a little. and with respect to the actual meeting yesterday, and the fact that it was a virtual meeting again, i think that's a positive development. it's a step up from a telephone call. but, you know, at a certain point, hopefully, ah, president, she will be able to travel again internationally because you miss the international stage of the ne, nascent general assembly. a few months ago, he missed the meetings in wrong. he missed the meetings in glasgow, so that certain point, hopefully she ging thing will be able to venture outside of china to engage with
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his counter arts. and pers, there is a slight problem that the u. s. has at least with regard to taiwan and please correct me if i'm wrong in this. but if i understand correctly that the u. s. has a policy that we talked about earlier about m, there being a one china policy policy that, that, that, that it agrees with the one china policy. but at the same time, president biden has said it will defend its allies. i. e, taiwan, to an outsider like me, that seems like a mixed message. it seems like 22 different sides of the same coin. does that counter any? and i understanding or undermine a possible understanding when it comes to meetings like this, because china, perhaps understandably, will say what you're saying, one thing, but you're willing to do another and we don't exactly know where you stand on this . well, i would, i would say that u. s. policy has been consistent and longstanding since 1979. and i would also mention that we have domestic law legislation. the taiwan relations act that
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governs our unofficial relationship with taiwan. so there have been no changes there whatsoever. yet again, the present yesterday reaffirm the u. s. commitment to the one china policy, the commitment to 3 communicate as well as the commitment to the 6 assurances which my chinese colleagues you know, fail to mention, but that is also an integral part of our relationship. albeit unofficial with that of taiwan and the united states has also been steadfast, in its commitment to no unilateral changes in the cross straight situation. and again, i would venture to say that this particularly over the last 12 to 15 months, the exponential increase in purely activities meant to intimidate and coerce the people of taiwan as not done anything to stabilize the relationship. i want to move on from taiwan because obviously that is a very thorny subject. we could be talking about that for hours. and victor,
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let me ask you this. this is being referred to as an effort to reset relations all be it that the, the, the meeting between the 2 presidents up as i said before, appears to have been cordial. is it going to be difficult for president? she ging ping to be able to persuade other elements of his party of his government who might be more, might have stronger feelings towards the us that this is now the route to go that they both countries can work together. well, i think a lot of the chinese people and among the chinese government officials, there is tremendous amount of goodwill for the united states. don't get me wrong, the chinese people, i'm not enemies of the united states. and if we look at the deterioration of china, yes, relations ever since trump became the president in 2017, a lot of the problems actually were crated to by the american side rather than by the chinese side. the channels that were on the receiving side of all these china
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passion for example, saw i think if we can really get down to business or can really call a spade a spade. jana us releases can go back to very constructive, very normal, friendly relations. i think in the united states, there are people who need to come to terms with the fact that china is soon becoming larger than the united states as an economy. that should not cause insanity, washington, they need to treat this as a reality. the key is now that china is fast becoming the largest economy in the world. how can channel the united states get along with each other? and this should be the key thing that biden and she, you be need to talk about it. i don't think the united states will lose their sanity of the mind if china surpasses the united states. because these 2 countries have very, very different systems. and i don't think china has any desire or commitment to
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replace the united states as the top dog of the world, because we simply see no fun of becoming the top dog of the world. that's why she didn't being said, the world should be big enough to accommodate both china and the united states. fundamentally, china, the united states, should not be enemies against each other. they should be partners and friends with each other going forward. liked her. i'm sorry to interrupt you, but i want to come to glenn on this because the meeting, as we mentioned before, was 3 hours long. we only saw a small proportion of it. clearly there was stuff that was being discussed or not in public. what evidence going forward? you think we should look at to see whether or not this meeting has actually had an impact, pause negative on relations between china, the us and obviously all the other countries in that region as well. who will of course, be directly affected by any change in relationship between the us and china. i
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think it's wonderful that obviously both parts needs a while and addressing each other respectfully. however, i don't think too much was a cheap when it comes to economics. i think obviously there's more room for maneuver in terms of science, finding compromises you can. this is a very difficult part because i think that the economic hardship when you're trying to use to find a clear division of labor in which do not a states would innovate and control the i think industries china would produce an assembled. however, the china is not the china local change, and it's more of a direct competitor to the united states. so there's more of a need, therefore, to renegotiate economic partnership as well. also accommodates on the format they can actually come div glen, we're going to leave it there because unfortunately time has come up against us. but i want to thank all our guests, victor, go, hydro clean and glen d. c. thank you. to course for watching. you can see the program again any time by
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a step always progress for the rising number of those living in extreme poverty. the venezuela elections on al jazeera land of the free. if you are black or a criminal, you are someone who is supposed to shut up except what america gives you. a new episode of democracy may be explored racial conflict, ethnic politics and inequality. in the united states. they get upset if you say all lives because they want to focus on what we had a dream on al jazeera with a,
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a with ah, ah, this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news our on al jazeera. i'm fully back to life from our headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. police in poland fire tear gas in water can on refugees and migrant stuck on the bellows border. in freezing conditions,
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libyan warlord holly for half tar announced says he will run for the presidency in next month's election. b.


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