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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] a a, a police in poland, fire water, cannon, and t gas on refugees and migrant stuck on the bella was order in freezing conditions, starving and shell to less many of the stranded chair their plight. we've allergies here. ah,
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play watching al jazeera life from doha with me fully bachelor, also coming up libyan warlord ali for half time, announces he will run for the presidency in next month's election. hands suicide bombers set off to explosions in the heart of gamblers. capital, killing. 3 police in poland. have fire t gas and san grenades at refugees and migrants attempting to cross the border with bell levels. sate media says a polish border guard was injured in the clashes bella. ruth has accused poland of escalating the crisis. and russia has called its actions unacceptable. i've had beg, begins, i coverage from the polish side of the border. ah,
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this is the biggest confrontation yet in europe's latest migration crisis. this is a rising desperation of thousands of people stuck on a border that won't open up for them on roland to have done. this is a consequence of a humanitarian situation you lead to say, has been cynically manufactured. the crossing at bruce, good migrants and refugees here are on the belly, russian side polish border forces to stop them. crossing into the you use water, cannon and tear gas at the front are mainly young men. but many women and children are in the crowds behind. for those on the receiving end, it's an inhumane and hypocritical rejection by europe. algae zeros reporter on the grant spoke with them. yes, i was message i law. they're using pepper spray and water and tear gas against the children. is this the human rights of europe? 10 days we've been here without water temperatures or minus 5. and what can we do?
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where are the human rights organizations? we were a good country. they invaded iraq in 2003. we've lost everything. we've sold our cars and sold our houses. they've destroyed our country and now this is their human rights regina mont, him the live glom on in nevada. we haven't slept since yesterday. our feet are freezing and the only word we can hear is attention, attention, eagle, and we have kids. we have wives, you know, if they don't want to allow us through than return us back to our countries, we haven't eaten for 5 days. only little foods available for women and kids. we need a safe place. we need a safe country. no, no. it certainly is an uneven fight washington. again, you say, but poland authorities also want the world to see it's. lemme as they view it, they're the victim holding fast. the you borders against a beller russian dictator using desperate people as a weapon to us they'll settle, go on tuesday. that man held a meeting on the crisis that westerly to say is,
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he's revenge actual revenge against them for sanctioning. alexander lucas shank, as government to look for domestic political repressions, were pushing for months better. ruth has been granting microns visas, would promising them an easy route on to that you probably america just because i'll be up to societal. so as i have told merkle, the problem is that we don't save those people. we would both lose sheila, both bellows and to an even bigger extent, the european union. yet we didn't let 3 the refugees to the e. u territory. that's why i proposed on solving the situation in general, we agreed with merkel. we won't talk about it specifically. she, after some time for pause to discuss the proposal with the members of the european union. that's fine. what's the, what alexander lucas shanker tries to extract from the confession he wants the situation on the border. worse than the numbers are growing, the temperatures are plunging. the desperation increases, and with it, the likelihood of more big clashes, i said vague, undeserved, polar. well,
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russia's foreign minister has criticized poland for using t gas and water cannon on the refugees and migrants. fig. love role has also accused the european union of double standards over the handling of the price of bush of issues. first of all, poland behaves outrageously and the leadership in brussels applies double standards and puts itself in a bad position. we do everything possible to help dissolve this crisis. president putin was approached by number of european countries, including germany and france, yesterday, a conversation with president micron to place. while the told class is a human rights, a lawyer and a professor in law, at the polish academy of sciences, he says the refugees and migrants should be allowed to enter poland to claim asylum . they dropped dropped at the border between 2 fences between 2 armies with doubtful editing of ad without any solutions,
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without any hope. what will happen next with what you offer to them. so there was no possibility for them to to stay. despite a date that they tried to solve this by don't of course, using violence, but if you forward, but the situation at the board because previously for the 1st, the 1st situation during the last several months, the violence has been deployed by, by anyone at the border i mean, they always have the right to to apply for items. and there is only way that would end to end. it should enter the gate to you in this case, to the, to, to pull on. but no reason to doubt it. so we don't know if they apply for design. if they want to do that, are not limited to me. you should feel the situation on the, on your diplomatic level, by tegan level. so in my opinion,
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those people should be entered full on the different procedures should be applied to that as items or a return procedure to secure them safe buchholz. now while the european union is standing by poland in the crisis on the border with bella rules, the 2 sides have been clashing for months are over, the conservative polish governments, judicial appointments. and now europe's top quarters rule that the polish justice ministers, new powers to assign and terminate judges undermines judicial independence, orleans constitutional court, a challenge. the primacy of e, you law. last month, germany's energy regulator, her suspended the approval process for the north stream to gas pipeline. that's meant to transport russian gas to europe, bypassing ukraine. it says the company hasn't complied with german regulations. the pipeline is a source of geopolitical tension involving the u. s. u and russia, the u. s. and the u. k. say this will make europe even more reliant on russia for
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energy. but germany says russian gas is needed to transition away from coal and nuclear energy. dominic cane has more from berlin. then hugh has been very simply that they don't believe that the organisation behind the old stream pipeline cold old stream to agee, which is based in switzerland. they don't believe that it has enshrined german law into its operations at least based here in germany. white technical ruling, but the basic deal being that the company needs to fully set itself up in germany and accept german jurisdiction as it were before any green lighting can be given in terms of the effect this ruling will have. well, it's a temporary stay in one perspective. we know that the company concerned nordstrom to a g in switzerland has gotten till a point in january. sure. reply. but obviously there is the geopolitical significance in this, this pipeline. really polarizes opinion, not just in ukraine or germany,
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but around europe. there are some in germany who say, this is a good idea that this is helpful to the german economy. that gas coming through, we'll offer a new opportunities for gas consumers around western europe. there are also many people, politically, again, not just in germany noticed in ukraine when the british prime minister, the american president presently united states jo bud vall expressed real concerns about nordstrom too. there are some people who say that they believed that the russian government has been deliberately trying to force the german government into green lighting, nordstrom to quicker. well, this ruling would appear not to be take paying any heeds to that. never news. at least 3 civilians have been killed in a double suicide bombing in the heart of uganda. capital compiler on explosion happened near check point at the central police station. and the 2nd near the
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parliament building 3 attackers also died in the police. say the attacks are carried out by members of the allied democratic forces. the rebel group has killed thousands of civilians in eastern democratic republic of congo. but unfortunate to see i've lost one of my friends called cut over to the police officer and the rest, the police will come on, give more information about that, but very unfortunate. it's happening at such a time that we're trying to go back to our normal livelihoods. alex at y is the publisher of the compiler report. he says candice peacekeeping activities in the region have made it a target for our groups. the conference in the the see is connected to the attacks and that is also confirmed by the security tax on the 23rd of october and the rest on the outskirts of some products. and then 2
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other attacks followed that in a few days in a few days after that. so by the but, and the way we clean it is that i could bring the response. but i must say that the involvement that you've gotten done in the gifted mission in the region, especially in somebody at mix uganda, it targets some of these groups. so that is the connection. the additional commission will come back up so that they get the i said to the tax leave. know that though, where to boom is that the way before they went off by any you've been picking one in 2 months on the town. a boat didn't give him,
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it does not come back. so i think this mission for combat is absolutely delicate at the moment. and so since it gets to the way it talks have been cut, it mixed matters in libya, wallowed honey for half. tom has announced his bed for next month's presidential election. he denounced in september. he would temporarily step down as head of the libyan national army militia, half tall headed the eastern base, coops and wage war against internationally recognized government after a country spit in 2014. how can you be elections will be the best way and best path for libya to get back its place amongst the countries of the world. i declare myself no money for the presidential elections are not seeking power, not finding a place, but to lead our people towards a better future and towards welfare and what libya correspondent monte trina says
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the country is divided over support for wall or honey 5 tar afters. support bases primarily in eastern libya. he carried out a military campaign against tripoli in an attempt to seize the country militarily. of course, he failed after 14 months and, and really, i mean the, the military campaign have to carried out was just devastating to the capital. i mean, he bombarded tripoli for 14 months, you know, hundreds of thousands of people were displays. you know, as soon as the government international recognize, government says 125000 hold were destroyed. hundreds of civilians were killed and critical infrastructure damage. so in western libya he is not liked he's, he's look that as, as someone who is trying to bring back libya into a dictatorship, you know, he's trying to be live as next dictator. so he's not looked upon favorably in western live in eastern libya. people support him,
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they say he's the military strong man who can unite libya and bring stability to the oil rich countries. to head on al jazeera, she lace president faces an impeachment, hearing accuse of using his political power to boost his business interest. that is now to jurors in the us to decide if hi witten house was acting in self defense allocation. when he came to people that felt his last ah now is getting cold in iran, that cold air floods off the mountains and down through the golf. you tend to generate showers, i think, throughout the amber it's, it could be some, but it looks like place like cam doha, qatar, the east side of saudi barajo. just get the wind brief shamal rather than the
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showers. the bigger picture then is the cold here to runs down about 7 or 8 degrees, a drop of 10 degrees between tuesday and wednesday. that's the snow on the winter front, which is may be dying out, but shows itself in tajikistan and maybe, nor nath canister. mostly i was a fine looking pictures changing in the middle east if you're in the levant. it's been nice warm recently. i think it'll turn rubbish sherry the next couple of days, but very unsettled in central much rain in some of that is leaking east was these few showers that might touch dawn. egypt are also showing up that eventually make themselves across towards the positive territories. and maybe lebanon, nick says, just a few light chairs would change in the weather. type has been very heavy. rain recently on the other side of the riff valley. lot times a day or more d r c. and it's continuing in that vein sasa, that i'm mostly dry picture, and for some quite a hot picture. for example, some solar generated heat the day in southern botswana, ah,
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with in the country with an abundance soap resorts. right. foreign wall indian easier is in terms forming. we moved full to grow and froth, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when the lease is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah ah,
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you're watching al jazeera i. reminder of our top stories. police in poland have fire to a gas, a sunbeam, aids at migrating, send refugees, attend, attempting to cross the border with bellows and a russian president, alexander lucas. shanker said. he wants to avoid confrontation over the crisis. at least 3 civilians have been killed in a double suicide bombing in uganda as capitol compiler. 3 attackers also died in the blasts, but he say the attacks were carried out by members of the allied democratic forces . a rebel group operating eastern democratic republic of congo. and in libya, warlord honey, for half, char says he will run for the presidency in the upcoming election. he denounced in september, he would temporarily step down as head of the libyan national army militia. now more now on one of our top stories and geopolitical tensions between russia and the west are now playing out in space as well. moscow is rejecting u. s. and nato accusations that it's behaves recklessly by blowing up one of its
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own satellites. nato secretary general yen stoughton broke says that created debris, that's now i risk to others, spacecraft the u. s. secretary of state antony blank and says moscow carried out a weapons test that endangered the lives of 7 astronauts on the international space station. they were forced to take shelter in protective capsules. explosion created at least 1500 pieces of space junk that will say in orbit for years or rush us foreign ministers accusing the u. s. of double standards when it comes to using weapons in space. the youngest roku roku is a woke do united states call as they put it for universal rules for space exploration last week. but for some reason, rascal to have ignored for many years, the initiative of russia and china to prepare a treaty to prevent an arms race in space. so they simply ignore it, insisting instead on the we're looking some sort of universal rules. however, the united states themselves were actively double looked the arms race cargo. francisco diego is
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a lecture at the department of physics and astronomy at university college london. he says more international regulation is needed to avoid a similar situation. says every also is not the media action is going to remain in order for a number of years and they will be there all the time. and they have being is deputy from other similar actions that the united states themselves on india and china. i understand i've also been similar test in the past years ago. so all of these calling, in my opinion, in my opinion of many of my colleagues, is calling for very urge and implementation on the outer space treat the outer space strictly from the united nations. he has to reinforce very strictly void this, this stupid action actually to go to start testing this, this kind of stuff on them, putting in danger out of a, the actual foster. i'm us, i'm not anybody that will, scientific experiment. we have to stop or stations all over the world that are tracking
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a space that every but you can truck space there be up to certain size is smaller than that is very difficult. and that's where the big numbers come. in fact, that's what the see. this event was this cold there because i station in new zealand was expecting to see these rocket call me or, or rocket that the russians themselves launch it years ago. and he said they were ok. they saw these clouds every, instead of that. so it was that, that, that like that, and then that is our argument. i was expecting russia to consume some mistake. and i just kind of the news that you just have any recent news that they are denying. and that there is some major confrontation here. but i, i have to discuss the meaning of national agreement. it has to be respected by everybody. armine as defense, ministry says it suffered casualties. and last for upholstery, an outbreak of violence with azerbaijani forces. as my john's defense ministry says, the border remains 10. finicky says armenia of what it cost. provocations tension
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has remained high since the 2 countries 4044 day war last year, over at the disputed territory of nagondo cut back. the 6500 people were killed in the fighting. at turkey is calling for a resolution to the diplomatic dispute between lebanon and several gulf states. is foreign minister is on a visit to be brought a lebanese ministers. critical comments about the saudi led coalition in yemen. prompted re i'd and other gulf nations to we call their ambassadors is in a harder reports. turkeys. foreign minister says he is here to enhance ties with b root and marvelous toes, or glo offered to help tackle lebanon's worst crisis. with its long time partners, gulf states, but that's a tough task. saudi arabia, the u. s. u bathroom in kuwait, have severed diplomatic relations with the lebanese government because they see it's controlled by the iranian backed his beloved lubin. we hope this crisis can be
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solved through mutual respect and dialogue. we are ready to play a role in this. the art says the crisis is about what is cold, has follows domination over the country. the problem is not related is not only in him, and he's not a local issue just between lebanon and jody. between jodi tell us of low was inter before arriving in beta, which is among the battle grounds where the regional rivalry between saudi arabia and iran plays out. it's also being bought in yemen where the pro iranian hutus are making their way into my rep. the government's last stronghold in the north diet, the accusing kind of support being that are joker diving. but if you all know why, and the united states day long to keep the minimum
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and it seems to us and saudi arabia have different priorities. washington backs prime minister and the government and has called on golf. countries to restore ties with living on that needs. international support. saudi arabia has long channeled funds into this country child economy, but it has with health support in recent years because of has valez influence. gulf states are a lifelike for hundreds of thousands of lebanese. and living on leaders are trying to find a way out of the diplomatic riff, which has worse and political divisions and added to the economic turmoil. the crisis is rooted beyond lebanon's borders and geopolitical rivalry between many stakeholders. turkey appears to have entered the free 7 for their ultra 0. they root 100 south people to talk to the streets, synch, lancoste, capital colombo,
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to protest against the rising cost of living. and the government's failure to control it. the main opposition organized the demonstration to spite government attempts to stop the gathering site in covered 19 concerns. and now fernandez reports that they came from all parts of the country. hundreds of people brought together by the opposition party, some luggage on above eager to protest against increases in the prices of essential goods pardoned and ab owned and i don't have food are no place to stay. no job is it only their family. the raja park says that should be nourished. that's why we are here. guess nam is pretty now. there is no gas, no milk powder. my children are crying. let my gust finish a day before yesterday and i cause the government so much. are they not men angered? i'm not guessing of my medical. i gotta an estimated $90000000000.00 of debt. an economic slowdown,
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and the pandemic have hitch elonka hard. a currency crisis has left it with foreign reserves of just over $2000000000.00 enough to pay for in bought for $6.00 weeks. that's left the country short of basic goods and having to restrict imports. prison got up, a roger pops declared the state of emergency which had little effect. and the government has now removed price controls on many food items and other essential goods. but critics accuse it of failing to deal effectively with the crisis. for the hundreds of people who have rallied to the capital colombo today, there's one rallying called the crippling cost of living and the government's inability to control it. they said the government has ignored the road plight of the people. your physician says is adding the grievances of the people. many who
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cannot thing for them serve. we are facing economic armageddon. it's from the politic situation. the people are suffering deal do a variety of issues primarily because of mel administration authoritarianism, autocracy dictatorship, plus a wide politician seat to assure the public. many said that some of enough and with so much hardship, they desperately need some relief. minette fernandez o g 0 colombo chinney. senate is holding an impeachment trial for president sebastian panera. he's accused of using his political power to bolster his businesses. the accusation stems from the publication of the south hall, pandora papers which reveal the actual financial dealings of prominent figures round the world. vieira says a sale had previously been examined and displaced by courts. in 2017
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american journalist danny fenster has arrived in new york after nearly 6 months in a prison in man mar. his mother rushed over to hug him as he stepped out of the car . and so was released on monday just days after he was sentenced to 11 years of hard labor to shave in america, get a hold of my family at frontier. mia moore. i still haven't been able to communicate with them. there's still a lot of work to do over there. but you know, obviously for at least a couple of weeks i'm just going to be focused on the folks here. spending as much time with them as i can come back. so long term coming, you know, it's a, it's a moment that had been imagining so, so intensely for so long as you know, surpasses everything. i imagine jurors in the us will begin deliberations in the
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china of convict. in house is accused of matter. after killing 2 people at racial justice protests. he says, he was acting in self defense. john hendern, my force from kenosha, wisconsin by the china is taking place. the jury for kyle written out must now declare the teenager a defender or a provocative tour. it will be for you to determine whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. as to each of the offenses charged or submitted, there is no question of the main facts. 17 year old cow rittenhouse carried an assault rifle to a black lives matter protest and killed. 2 men in injured. a 3rd 12 jurors will now decide if he was justified. this case is not a gay. it is my client's life. we don't play fast and loose with the facts. pretending that mister rosen bomb was citizen, a number one, dad. he was a bad man. he was there, he was causing trouble, he was
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a rider and my client had to deal with him that night. alone in the trial, rittenhouse offered his own defense, breaking down during testimony escrow wrote in repeatedly insisting he was chased and had no choice. i did what i had to do to stop the person who was attacking me, but in closing arguments on monday, prosecutor thomas bing are says after rittenhouse kill joseph rosenbaum. with 4 shots, the crowd was provoked entitling protesters to defend themselves. the crowd seized the defendant running with a gun. he's lying to them. he still has the gun. he's shot some one. this is provocation to them. this is someone who has committed a criminal act and is putting people in danger. danger followed soon after. he does nothing to demonstrate to the crowd that he isn't a threat to kill again. and it turns out he does. it turns out within a few seconds,
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he does kill again. i submit you ladies and gentlemen. but in this situation, the crowd has the right to try and stop an active shooter. they have a right to protect themselves that turn rittenhouse, his self defense argument against him. the judge drop to lesser chargers a curfew violation charge and a charge of a minor being in possession of a dangerous weapon. but he also allowed prosecutors to add to lesser homicide charges one of homicide. and one of attempted homicide. that of a tacit admission by the prosecution that they might not have made their case there . but it also gives them another chance to walk away with a conviction on something. now the young man, whose case has become a national rorschach test, is waiting on 12 jurors to decide on charges that could leave him spending his life in prison or going home free. john henderson al jazeera, can osha,


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