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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2021 5:00am-5:30am AST

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we are free to put them on air and to really engage because we know that all the audio interested, not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. ah, hoping to main strain ties to leaders of the us in china meet virtually and acknowledge the lead for improve corporation and avoid conflict ah, on having secret this is a live from the also coming up. you sanctions on beller roost the e u and u. s. accuses it's government of encouraging migrants, legally crossing to poland, an ally of ex president donald trump turned himself into face contempt charges for
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refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the u. s. capital ryan. i'm never going to back down and they took on the wrong guy and as an american journalist who had been imprisoned in me and mar, huge the spreading false information has been freed. ah, a lot of the presidents of the us and china are holding a virtual summer to try and iron out issues. the continued to raise tensions between them traded taiwan sovereignty and human rights in hong kong. are expected to be at the heart of the discussion. president, she jen thing and joe biden agree. they need to strengthen communication and coexist peacefully. we believe. busy and you and i have talked about this, all countries have to play by the same rules of the road. why the united states is
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always going to stand up for our interest and values in those of our allies and partners. i think it's important we communicate honestly directly to one other about our priorities and our intentions are katrina you is in beijing force will be speaking to her in just a moment versus go to our white house correspondent. kimberly how kids who is live in washington for. so kimberly many things these 2 countries and need to discuss, but from the point of view of the abiding administration. what's, what's a stake here? well, what's a steak is ensuring that there isn't permanent and lasting damage as a result of the tensions that have been escalated between though worlds 2 largest economies for quite some time. what we've seen is a number of key differences, whether it be on human rights, on security, and particularly when it comes to trade. so what we know from the start of the
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summit is that the u. s. president reiterated what we expected him to say, and that is that there needs to be an establishment of the parameters of the relationship in order to put in place what he called guard rails to ensure that this escalation doesn't turn into confrontation. and to that end, we know that the u. s. president did want to work out any sort of potential misunderstandings or miscommunications in order to ensure that there isn't conflict . we know that some of the big issues for these 2 is centered around trade. we don't expect that there will be any resolution to that issue, but instead that a pathway will be created in order to resolve future differences. we should point out very quickly that the u. s. president, although his polls domestically are lagging right now in the united states, he went into this meeting strong. in fact, it's no coincidence that just prior to the start of this virtual summit between the
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2 leaders that the u. s. president signed into law legislation. that is a $1.00 trillion dollar package to rebuild americas infrastructure. this will create jobs, but it will also allow the united states to compete with china in the 21st century according to bite. and so as a result, the u. s president wanting to make sure that that playing field is level so that there could be increased fair competition and not some of the concerns that the us has had with china and disruption of global trading norms as us, as alleged in the past. kimberly, thanks back. kimberly how kit in washington force was now speak to katrina you in beijing so katrina. how's the chinese government looking at all of them or without some initial opening remarks reported by chinese state media from president she didn't ping, he said that the relationship was at
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a critical cross words and that he hopes the discussions would result and benefits for both countries. and that they could peacefully co exist. now, i think there is a real sense of quiet optimism from aging and a genuine desire to cooperate and to normalize relations or even get relations back on track is what a state media here has been reporting. and that's a big deal because as kimberly mentioned, this relationship has been characterized by tensions and hostilities since the previous trump administration. so that's the years now over a range of issues. but we have had some very positive steps taken to benefit that relationship in recent weeks. we had at the end of september, huawei tech executive, mung one joe released after about 3 years of detention in canada. she was the under u. s. charges. so that was really seen as a positive thing from aging. and then also we had just last week, the surprise joint declaration at the end of the cop $26.00 conference between us
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and china, agreeing to work together to tackle climate change. so we have those positive movements at the same time, very real deep disagreements of reassures such as a south trying to see territory which china has pretty much claimed for itself. and also over taiwan, which beijing sees as red line issue, it sees taiwan as an all in that is part of china that will really inevitably be reunited with taiwan. and in recent months, we've seen under the body and administration, various gestures tools, taiwan, encouraging closest as well. so they're all very real difficulties. but there is hope that there will be common ground. i think the 2 things to remember in terms of these talks is that she and biden have known each other for years now since the obama administration, so they will be familiar with each other. and the 2nd thing is that sheet and paying is coming from a very strong position domestically here in china. last week we had this crucial meeting and aging where he consolidated his power. he's about to enter an
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unprecedented 3rd term and office next week, next year. sorry, and he will perhaps rule for life so she didn't ping is going into this meeting pro very strong position and those those things will definitely impact his approach to these discussions. katrina, thanks that katrina you in beijing force or donald trump's former political advisor . steve bannon has appeared in court hours after he surrendered to the f. b i. he's facing contempt charges for refusing to co operate with a congressional investigation into january's attack on the u. s. capital particle, high reports from washington, swarmed by cameras, stephen ben and turned himself into the f. b. i. the former advisor to donald trump, remained defiant. i want you guys to stay focused on matters. remember not noise, this is all noise. this is all about january the storming
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of us capital in attempt to stop joe biden from becoming president on his radio show. the day before. bannon had this warning. all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. so now the congressional committee investigating the insurrection wants to know what he knew and what he may have done in the lead. up to that day, he ignored their subpoena for his testimony and his records claiming executive privilege which legal experts say is unlikely to stand up. the united states supreme court in 234 years is never sustained, an executive privilege. with regard to communications from someone who was a private citizen, not an officer, even with regard to officials who serve in the white house. the committee is hoping these charges will make other trump allies think twice before ignoring their request. as for ben and leaving court about to fight, i'm never going to back down late. they took on the wrong guy this time and of course, can't make bad and testify. they can make him pay a price for not doing so,
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potentially sending him to prison for up to a year. petty call him al jazeera washington. of the opinion is stepping up its sanctions on belarus. president, alexander lucas shanker, is accused of allowing migrants to illegally cross into poland as retaliation for earlier sanctions. they were imposed last year after the bell, russian governments crack down on the opposition. the new sanctions will target travel agencies and airlines. travel agencies from the middle east are accused of working with minced to offer migrants passage to the border where they are now stranded in freezing temperatures of a 1000 trap. there are caught in the middle of a diplomatic spac. allan says there been more than 5000 attempted crossing some bellows so far in november compared to 120 all of last year. step vessel reports when the polish battle russian born the cleaning on to hope at the gates of
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europe exhausted, cold and at the mercy of border guards. belushi stay tv shows thousands of asylum seekers and migrant strapped at the border. now moving even closer to poland and closer to attend, stand off with border troops. bell russian leader, alexander lucas shanker, says he's working to return migrants to their homes and will retaliate against more sanctions. on the other side of the border, the human toll of this crisis got a name and a phase in a small village of the minority muslim thought a community in poland. a funeral was held for 19 year old mother and her son, a syrian from the city of homes who drowned in a river after crossing the border. a friend who survived that bella russian troops pushed him into the water. his last rites held by a people who never knew him in the land, he wanted to cross through and then on to
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a better life off model, her son got caught in the middle between the human tragedy and the geo. political power play stuck in between a country given him false hope about easy access to europe and the other. refusing to let him in a 19 year old, who probably never heard about the political standoff between bella luce and moscow on one side. and the european union on the other for the battle with themselves were given refuge and fallen from 600 years ago. the crisis at the border is painful to witness. good looks good, but it's the human tragedy. i'm sitting here in the mosque and my warm coach. i can always have hot tea. what about them if i can't sleep at night, when i think about it should it's to stop people from travelling to men's. e. u foreign ministers are suggesting to temporarily make men's airport and no fly zone . countries like iraq and turkey have already been banning peoples from flying to ballard. and some airlines have stopped flying altogether. but this still hasn't
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stop people from trying to make the trip. that is increasingly taking lives like those of delia and hallett. 2 young kurdish men from iraq who die from illnesses trying to reach europe for their families. they will at least be a funeral back home. 112 model. her son, family members can only watch the ceremony on the phone with samantha. she has little mice. there's a muslim symmetry here, so it's the right thing to do. hopefully the family will come one day looking for the grave and local people will show them the way home on on life caught short on a journey driven by hope and determination. a determination that won't stop others trying to complete the journey that are not good, not steadfast, al jazeera, well any key at the polish border. a still head on al jazeera demonstrations around the world for and against. he was government after bands opposition protested the
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country. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle ways. well, it's slowing in mongolia. it's not sewing anywhere else in east asia that i can find anywhere in the full cost. give you a few range hours in hon shoe temperatures about the average. it begging and a bit of rain in the south. china is a bit more than is normal, but it's not too bad just yet. and i think it'll just be a streak that dies out. the snow just about gets through mongolia leaves or lumber tower. the high of 0 degrees is not coming south just yet. that hobbins going up to 70 degrees. wet seasons well underway with the threat of more flooding in jakarta.
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the rest of java probably, borneo, particularly peninsula malaysia, maybe singapore and su martyrs start to get wet again. by the time we get to wednesday. what's been happening on the bay bangles dawn, a little bit quiet, but there is significant raining circulations, trying to form around the animals, and then the western side of the deck and platter. we got this thing here which might develop into a circulation when bringing heavy rain to carol about this time's going up towards gower. and i thought i'll take you beyond wednesday to thursday. this is not normal behavior. this circulation keeps going north. it brings rain to good. you're not. well, it doesn't write very often good to russian design by mistake about about an example . the average rain day, less than half oh, the weather sponsored by cataract ways. there's a lot more to al jazeera than t v with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is the world award winning online content, and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to
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brighten the people to be to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch it here with me. thunder. got men on al jazeera. ah ah. hello again, you're watching as a reminder of our top stories this. so the president's so the u. s. in china, holding a virtual summit to deal with the issues that continue to raise tensions between the trade taiwan sovereignty and human rights. in hong kong are expected to be at the heart of the talks. european union is stepping up its sanctions against bell
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root is the migrant crisis. there worsens recent days, thousands mast on the border with poland. former us president donald trump's long time ally steve bannon has surrendered the federal authorities van and is facing contempt charges for refusing to cooperate with the congressional investigation into january 6 attack on the capital. a closing arguments have ended in the trial of an american teenager accused of shooting protesters in wisconsin last year. the case now goes to the jury, which will begin deliberations on tuesday. 18 year old kyle written house is charged with killing 2 people during racial justice demonstrations. john henry reports from kaneesha where the trial is taking place. the jury for kyle written out must now declare the teenager a defender or a provocative tour. it will be for you to determine whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty as to each of the offenses charged or submitted. there is no question
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of the main facts. 17 year old cow rittenhouse carried an assault rifle to a black lives matter, protest and killed. 2 men in injured. a 3rd 12 jurors will now decide if he was justified. this case is not a gay. it is my client's life. we don't play fast and loose with the facts pretending that mister rosen bomb was citizen, a number one, dad. he was a bad man. he was there. he was causing trouble. he was a writer and my client had to deal with him that night, alone in the trial, rittenhouse offered his own defense breaking down during testimony. it's right wrong in repeatedly insisting he was chased and had no choice. i did what i had to do to stop the person who was attacking me, but in closing arguments on monday, prosecutor thomas bringer says after rittenhouse killed joseph rosenbaum with 4
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shots. the crowd was provoked entitling protesters to defend themselves. the crowd seized the defendant running with a gun. he's lying to them. he still has the gun. he's shot some one. this is provocation to them. this is someone who has committed a criminal act and is putting people in danger. danger followed soon after. he has nothing to demonstrate to the crowd that he isn't a threat to kill again. and it turns out he does. it turns out within a few seconds, he does kill again. i submit you ladies and gentlemen. but in this situation, the crowd has the right to try and stop an active shooter. they have a right to protect themselves that turned rittenhouse in self defense argument against him. judging, drop to lesser chargers, a coffee violation charge, and
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a charge of a minor being in possession of a dangerous weapon. but he also allowed prosecutors to add to lesser homicide charges. one of homicide in one of attempted homicide. that of a tacit admission by the prosecution that they might not have made their case there . but it also gives them another chance to walk away with a conviction on something. now the young man, whose case has become a national rorschach test, is waiting on 12 jurors to decide on charges that could leave him spending his life in prison or going home free. john henderson, l g 0, can nozer, wisconsin. a key was government is clamping down on planned opposition protests across the country. it's declaring the rallies illegal and stopping some demonstrators from leaving their homes. the protest had been taking place in other cities around the world. in mexico's capital, people demonstrated outside the cuban embassy. there were pro and anti government rallies and cuban americans in the u. s. state of florida turned out to show their
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support for the anti government movement for the 2nd day in a row. andy alika is at a rally in little havana, in miami. it may be quiet on the streets of cuba, but here in miami, home to around a 1000000 cuban americans, there is a very vocal crowd here who are supporting protesters on the island. this entire community watch with deep concern at those unprecedented protests in july this year . and what they see is hope they see an island no longer ruled by the castros where there is potentially ado generation that aren't just going out on the streets to complain about food shortages or housing crisis. but actually trying to change things, reform on the island, and here in florida and extremely important state with a deep relationship with here. whether it's both republican and democratic support, what these people are doing. and they are campaigning for. they've always campaign for freedom. democracy for an island, they care deeply about where many people. so our family and friends living i rec
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farnsworth is vice president of the council of the americas. he joins us alive via skype from mclean, virginia, to talk more about this. thanks very much for being with us. so, let's talk 1st of all about what's behind these protests. i'm in cuba and, and why they're happening now. well, hold on, it's great to be with you. again. there are happening now because the opposition movement wants to maintain the momentum, the other really developed and gained from july 11 when nationwide protests really rock the island and in fact, frightens the regime. and so the opposition is trying to see if they can maintain that momentum. the reason why they chose today is because today is the day when the island is trying to reopen in terms of tourism, in terms of schooling and other activities coming out of cobra. and so it's an
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important date, symbolically both for the cuban government and also for the opposition. and how is it just just gives a sense of what, what, what day the life is like for many cubans at the moment, not, not just from an economics perspective, but politically as well. well, it's increasingly difficult. clearly, basic food and commodities and medicines, particularly during a pandemic, has done difficult to come by for the average to this. and if you're part of the regime, or if you have political contacts, then your life is at least marginally better. in some cases, much better. and that's part of the frustration because the common existence of most cubans at this point is just trying to survive. it's just trying to get the basic things you need while you see pictures now and increasingly evidence, social media and other other media. things like lavish weddings, of, you know,
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members of ruined class, etc. and so you're wondering, why are you coming up with all of this trouble and difficulty? meantime, there is no political freedom at all. and you have to remember, this is a country that is going through a lot of demographic change. the younger generation, of course, the revolution was from 1959. and so, you know, most people obviously don't remember the revolution, but they also don't remember, even in the period immediately after the revolution. so for them, they've been living in hardship their entire life without any meaningful prospects to change politically. and therefore, you're seeing a lot of frustration bubble over people without feeling that they have much to lose decide. well, now it's time to really make the voices heard. you talk there about about the revolution and cuba for, for much of its revolutionary history has been as been ruled by the castros for decades by fidel, and then his brother ro. but that era is, is, of course,
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now over. and now the day they don't lose launch in cuba, is there a sense that the kind of fear factor has been broken here from the point of view of people? well, it's a really important point that you're raising yes, female, the late fidel castro and enroll castro were the leaders until the last spring was transition to be all deals canal, who's the hands picks up for tomorrow? castro role is still very much alive and very much record in some people pulling strings. some people pulling the strings behind the scenes, but there was a palpable hope. you're going to send that with the transition to the canal, the spring. that things would loosen up a little bit, that he was a new generation of leadership himself, that he was more mindful of the international view that that change really didn't need to come to cuba. and in fact, what happened is he doubled down on a very strong security response. he went after democracy activists and he did not
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move or liberalize the economy. and so this hope for change, that's what palpable last spring really was dashed. and so i think you can draw a straight line from there to the protests of july 11th, and then to the, to the emphasis today and perhaps going forward in terms of a population that remains on satisfied. so what do you, how do you see things progressing? from here, then, in terms of just briefly, of, of, of how this will play out with, and whether the government strategy will work. well, the government strategy to this point has been to preemptively oppress the protesters. massive police present preemptive jailing of dissidence acts of repudiation, where you would have mob a show up outside the doors of leaders of the opposition. and so in the short term, i think the regime is going to continue to do that. but here's the thing. it doesn't mean that the frustration goes away,
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it just means that it's gone underground and it's hum point. the likelihood of it exploding into real public protests again becomes more and more, you know what you need as a catalyst. what you need to far, i think of perhaps the fruit feller from tunisia that launched the europe spring. and that's probably the more likely scenario at this point when that would happen. who knows, but, but the more the government represses legitimate desires for foreign medicine. and frankly, political freedom, the more difficult it will be in the longer term. good to speak with you eric pfizer. appreciate talking to us. thank you. as soon eas authorities have released agency, it is hard to me, a bureau chief from jail and will sell me and cabbage. she was taken into custody overnight on saturday, after security forces rated his home. i just did a condemned in the strongest terms. the actions of sudan military and american journalist, imprisoned in me and me off almost 6 months, has been freed military court and sentenced him to 11 years in prison. just days
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earlier, danny fence the arrived cut on monday evening. the trash or the name spoke to him, just thought that he landed. ah danny fence, sir, cast a frail figure as he stepped off the plane that carried him out of me and mark and home to freedom. the 37 year old american journalist spoke to reporters briefly before stepping into an ambulance for a medical check. he had spent almost 6 months in prison filling all right, physically, um it's just a the same a privations and things that come with any form of incarceration. you just go a little stir crazy. the longer it drags on, the more were you are that is just never gonna end. so that was, that was the biggest concern to staying sane through that you missed treated. oh is i was arrested and held in captivity for no reason. so i suppose so.
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but physically i'm, i was healthy, i wasn't starved or beaten. fenster was arrested in may as he tried to return home to the united states to visit his family. he was the former editor of an independent online magazine in me in march after the military coup in february. he was among dozens of journalists, arrested, fencer was facing the prospect of 11 years in prison after a military court sentenced him last week. the former u. s. energy secretary and un ambassador bill richardson helped broker his release, or where richardson has a history of freeing hostages and prisoners. i think what made the difference was my efforts to work with the government on miramar, on humanitarian assistance on vaccines. and
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that made the difference. the military did not provide any details on why fenster was ultimately freed. the un says there are 47 journalists behind bars in me and mar. 20 of them are facing charges directly tied to their work. fenster says the focus should remain on their plight and he'll help fight for their release. natasha name l de 0. doha of u. s. has imposed new sanctions on nicaraguan officials in response to the presidential elections earlier this month. daniel, take, i want a 4th consecutive time in a vote. many countries say was rigged. most opposition figures had been arrested. all bard from running the button and administration has slapped restrictions on 9 and nicaraguans, including the energy minister and finance, vice minister, an influential council of elders from the libyan city of miss serrato's school for
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a boycott of next month's election. it comes a day after the sun of former dictator market daffy registered to run for president in the capital tripoli. people protested to say, they won't take part in election, which includes se for las lam, gadhafi. he's wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity in connection with the 2011 uprising against his father's 40 year room. ah, this is al jazeera. let's get a round up of the top stories. the presidents of the u. s. in china are holding a virtual summit to deal with issues the continued to cause tension between them. trade.


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