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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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is human aside, master of chaos on all jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see when using trying to force that matter to you, ah, the european union agrees to step up sanctions against belarus for driving the crisis left thousands of migrants freezing on its eastern border. while nato warns russia it stands by ukraine after a large and unusual build up of troops on the ukrainian border. ah, on the bucket, this is al jazeera life london also coming up that top diplomat didn't get on to well, can a virtual meeting between joe biden? she g ping reset the troubled us china relationship. plus this is going to be the
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misdemeanor from hell for marigold. and nancy pelosi and joe, by donald trump's ally, steve bannon, comes out fighting officer, appearing in court to face contempt charges over the capitol. right. investigation ama release is an american journalist days after he was sentenced to 11 years for incitement. and these are violations ah, the 1st european union is stepping up at sanctions targeting galleries, which at accuses of instigating the worsting migrant crisis on the blocks eastern border. the new sanctions will target airlines and travel agencies involved to be illegal. push of migrants is alleged travel agencies from the middle east to working with bins to offer migrants passage to the border where they are now stranded in freezing forests. poland says there have been more than 5000 attempted
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crossings from valerie so far in november compared to just a 120 in all of 2020. today we are going to approve a new package of sanctions. again, to resume people responsible for what's happening in the country and we are going to large framework, you know, the to think we've lament all the sanctions to other people, airlines, rabble agencies, and everybody involved on these illegal bullshit migrants. you know, a bonus lagossi and president, alexander lucas shanker says they are trying to persuade the margins to return home, but with no success. well, not from good. are these people are very stubborn up. no one wants to return, and understandably so. they have nowhere to come back to me. they have no place to live. i know there's nothing to feed their children rover. some a simply afraid for their lives that are full stop. why the war of words continues
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. the human cos grows. thousands of people are trapped on the border in freezing conditions and some of them won't make it to the future they crave. in poland, a funeral has been hell for one young syrian who lost his life, trying to reach the european union. set vass and reports from the polish fellows in border. clinging onto hope at the gates of europe exhausted, cold and at the mercy of border guard. belushi stay tv shows thousands of asylum seekers and migrant strapped at the border. now moving even closer to poland and closer to attend, stand off with border troops. bell russian leader, alexander lucas shanker, says he's working to return migrants to their homes and will retaliate against more sanctions. 2 on the other side of the border, the human toll of this crisis got a name and a face in a small village of the minority muslim thought a community in poland. a funeral was held for 19 year old el, her son,
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a syrian from the city of homes who drowned in a river after crossing the border. a friend to survive said bella, russian troops pushed him into the water. his last rides held by a people who never knew him in the land, he wanted to cross through and then on to a better life model. her son got caught in the middle between the human tragedy and the geo. political power play stuck in between the country, given him false hope about easy access to europe and the other. refusing to let him in a 19 year old, who probably never heard about the political standoff between bella luce and moscow on one side and the european union on the other. put a battle with themselves, were given refuge in poland some 600 years ago. the crisis at the border is painful to witness. good looks good, but it's a human tragedy. i'm sitting here in the mosque and my warm coach. i can always
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have hot tea. what about them? i can't sleep at night when i think about it. to stop people from traveling to men's e. u foreign ministers are suggesting to temporarily make men's airport a no fly zone. countries like iraq and turkey have already been banning people from flying to barrels. and some airlines have stopped flying altogether. but this still hasn't stop people from trying to make the trip that is increasingly taking lives like those of delete and highlight to young kurdish men from iraq who died from illnesses trying to reach europe for their families. there will at least be a funeral there. comb or one of the hydro farb ac madison family members can only watch the ceremony on the phone with the cook smoother. she is a little nice. there is a muslim cemetery here, so it's the right thing to do. hopefully the family will come one day looking for the grave and local people will show them the way. i'm not all of our life cut short on a journey driven by hope and determination. a determination that won't stop others
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trying to complete the journey. that archman could not steadfastly al jazeera or any key at the polish border. or i will as show you where all of this is happening . all this year, migrants have been crossing from beller roost to europe through lamphier lithuania and poland. the u accuses president lucas shanker. of luring them there and retaliation for sanctions against his country. but a recent days the situation has escalated dramatically on the poland. belarus border with huge numbers of migrants massing despite the freezing temperatures. the u. s. as lucas shank, as activities aim to distract from russia's activity, is on its border with ukraine. as many as a 100000 russian troops estimated to have mast, their sparking fears of a possible invasion. in recent weeks, sir, we have seen large and unusual concentrations over russian forces so close to cranes, sir borders. and they,
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it further publication her or aggressive actions by russia would be of serious concern. we call on russia to be transparent about its military activities. it is important to prevent escalation and reduce tensions. the u. s. state department says russia has tested an anti satellite missile against one of its own satellites in a test that generated a dangerous amount of space to every it force the 7 astronauts on board. the international space station, 2 of them russian to seek shelter in their docked capsules. spokesperson ned price said the test generated more than $1500.00 pieces of debris. ah, donald trump's former political advisor, steve bandon, has appeared in court hours after he surrendered to the fbi. i in washington
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d. c. he's facing contempt charges for refusing to cooperate with the congressional investigation into the attack on the u. s. capital particle haine. reports from washington d. c. swarmed by cameras, stephen ban and turned himself into the f. b. i. the former advisor to donald trump remained defiant. i want you guys to stay focused on messrs. reverend signal, not noise. this is all noise. this is all about january, since the storming of the capital in an attempt to stop joe biden from becoming president on his radio show. the day before ben in warned all hell was going to break loose the next day. so now the congressional committee investigating the insurrection wants to know what he knew and what he may have done in the lead. up to that day, he ignored their subpoena for his testimony and his records claiming executive privilege which legal experts say is unlikely to stand up. the united states supreme court in 234 years as never sustained an executive privilege. with regard
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to communications from someone who is a private citizen, not an officer. i even with regard to officials who serve in the white house, the committee is hoping these charges will make other trump allies think twice before ignoring their request. as for bannon leaving court avow to fight, i'm never going to back down and they, they took on the wrong guy. the guy and rob court can't make bad and testify. they can make him pay a price for not doing so. potentially sending him to prison for up to a year. particle haine al jazeera washington. and if you last time the u. s. and chinese president, so due to hold of virtual summit, it comes to the time of escalating tensions between the 2 global powers. the status of taiwan political freedoms in hong kong and human rights concerns over the we go . so all of the heart of the deepening discord as alan fisher reports. ah, the summit spiritual, the tension real
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u. s. president joe biden wanted to meet his chinese counterpart, jean ping in passion, but the chinese leader rejecting all external invites the fight. the u. s. wants to push ahead flags the importance of a bilateral relationship which has hit still meet. i would argue that the western relationship is at one of its most parents moments and it's been in for quite some time. china says it's ready to work with us to get the relationship back on track. the 2 superpowers. if she had interest, there's the fight against corporate, the problems with the global supply chain and global warming. joe biden has a 2 conversations with jean ping since he moved in to the oval office. the 1st didn't happen until february, that delay seen by some as a deliberate snob for beijing. the 2nd conversation was in september, but joe biden was very critical of gee's decision not to go to the climate summit and glasgow essentially saying that if you want to be considered a world leader,
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you have to actually show up to lead that our tensions between the 2, most notably over the chinese crack don't on pu democracy protesters in hong kong. the treatment of mainly muslim wiggers in china and chinese military exercises near taiwan, which the u. s. has promised to defend one top u. s. official says china's economic growth is changing the global landscape. we're witnessing one of the largest ships in global geostrategic power that the world is works and it only happens once in a while. china does one conflict with united states just like new york, one china. and so i think that the idea in the summit is essentially an offer. it's an opportunity for the 2 sides to lower the temperatures and take stock or working relationship. some it's really happen without something to show for it. so there could be movement on trade visa restrictions, and perhaps even small moves on nuclear weapon. both sides want to move from
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confrontation to cooperation. but both sides need to agree. that is the next step. i'll and fisher, i'll just either at the white house or i will for more or less less get sir more from our white house correspondent, kimberly how kids are. kimberly, as we heard therein. allen's report virtual meeting, but very real concerns was the mood music like going into these talks? well, we're not expecting this to be a particularly combative face to face conversation. i'll be it virtual. instead, what we expect in a senior miss ministration official telling us that this is likely to be sort of laying the groundwork if you will, to make sure that there are no future misunderstanding. so this is expect to be somewhat of an orderly conversation. and to in the words of this official really set what they call common sense guard rails, for some of the thorny or issues which may be discussed at a later time. for example, not only the issues and differences over supply chain, but also particularly when it comes to trade. so this is going to be about trying
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to lower the temperature, particularly since it was so heightened under donald trump. joe biden's predecessor . what we also know is that the u. s. president is going into this conversation very strong. he's got some sagging poll numbers here domestically, but he's just signed some bipartisan legislation. that $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure deal. this is to create jobs, and that is certainly going to be something that he's going to want to tout as he addresses some of the issues that stand between these 2 leaders. and that is particularly when it comes to concerns about the trading practices of china and the impact on the global economy. so less combustor for more constructive, especially when it comes to trade. but do you get the sims? but the boy to the administration is prepared to reaffirm its commitment to defending human rights when it comes to the week is or indeed the sovereignty of taiwan itself. these appears to be elephants in the room that they may well have to
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skirt around during these talks. there's no question joe biden is a frank speaker, and he really does level with people. and this is something that his administration has underscored as a priority when it comes to concerns about human rights. that is the elephant, the room. but there's no question that it may come up is one of the conversation points, but we do know that in terms of the agenda that the administration has tried to steer the president into some specifics. they're looking to address, for example, not just human rights, but also the provocations against taiwan cybersecurity. but we also expect that china may come up with some of its concerns or topics that it feels are important. for example, a, we expect that there may be an invitation by president she to president biden for him to attend the winter olympics in 2022. it's something we don't expect him to, except he'll probably send us some sort of representative. but it certainly is
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something that could come up. so we're watching very carefully to see what some of these other issues that might be brought up from the chinese side that the united states may not have identified. but in all the administration really trying to lower the temperature and all of this tried to lower expectations in the hopes that they can come to some agreement on some key issues where they do feel they have some commonalities. for example, combating climate change is one add also again setting that sort of economic conversation moving forward so that the sort of geopolitical conversation may have some positive impact and not have some of the concerns. there's been that there may be lasting damage over some of these disruptions and trade that we've seen already between these 2 economies. it's really have a global impact. all right, kimberly, how could up the white house? thank you. sales account this half hour. the u. k raises it's tara threat level, after taxi explodes outside
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a livable hospital and new delhi on red alert. india's capital considers going into locked down if it can't get rid of it. smog ah with every now again the antarctic is restless and sent some code and northwards towards australia and it did so in tasmania. you can see the result of all these sharon still around that fatty kodak but it's snowed in tasman. he's not that unusual except i must remind you. it is spring. so that is quite unusual. now that cold has been pushed across tasmania towards new zealand was producing a huge amount is known south ireland, but it's leaving behind a warming trend. 50 in hobart, but 16 in melbourne is a few showers around. mostly it's a brightest looking days. okay. and purse as well, but if you follow the wind, that wouldn't feel it brings you up into the tropics,
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and i think it'll be fairly sundry over it on the coast of queens and, and maybe as far south as sydney looks fairly dry. now what it's still a slow warming trend. the rainy season is pretty wide spread in indonesia, malaysia, not necessarily so, but the rains a long way north. and it shouldn't really be in cambodia at this time the but it still left and now we got this tongue of rain in southern china again, unusual, but not that rare. have to cite, it doesn't stay for too long. but it does look quite poking by. gwilym, for example, as for the right has been affecting southern, and it's still there, but more on the west side than the east. and there it will stay. ah. the step beyond the comfort zone were assumptions or challenge. travel to the ends of the earth and further experience,
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the unimaginable and the people who live it. this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in how quickly things contract award winning documentary is that also a perception witness. on al jazeera lou ah, reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera, the european union is stepping up its sanctions targets in belarus. as a migrant crisis on its eastern border west. thousands of migrants of a mass on the border with poland and freezing conditions. the u. s. as the crisis is aimed at distracting from a significant russian military build up on the border with ukraine. nato secretary
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general has called a russia to be transparent about its activities to prevent an escalation. and donald trump was former political advisor. steve bannon has appeared and caught off the handing himself into the f. b i. he's facing contempt charges for refusing to cooperate with an investigation to the attack on the u. s. capital lawyers are making that closing arguments in the trial if the american, teenager cow rittenhouse, he's charged with murdering to men of wounding a 3rd after he opened fire with a semi automatic rifle during black lives matter protests. he's made it not guilty and says he acted in self defense, but face is life in prison. if convicted by a jury will earlier his defense, he managed to have one of the charges dismissed, which 100 is live in kenosha, wisconsin, jaundra. of course, this is a politically and racially charged case. it's wrapping up. what are you hearing in
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these closing hours? what is winding down right now and essentially the arguments are the kyle, written house is either a defender who is protecting is life against the angry mob or a provocative for who set that crowd off and then gun down, members of that crowd. the defense is currently finishing its arguments and its arguments are that kyle written house was a young 17 year old white kid who came here to protect the town where his father live armed with a 15 assault rifle. and along with a number of other similar people who looked like militia members were protecting property and trying to keep things from getting out of hand on the 2nd night of a black lives matter protest here. but the prosecution is telling a very different story. after the members of this crowd, one in particular, she's down kyle written house. in the middle of this malay,
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written house turned around, fired 4 shots in killed jacob, broken down. now, at that point, the prosecution argues that he was not justified in doing so. but secondly, he says after that written house turned around and continued running through the crowd. and at that point, the prosecution says it was the crown that was entitled to defend themselves. that they were under attack by this provocative sure, he was provoking the crown by 1st carrying in a r 15 assault weapons. and then secondly, by pointing it at people in a couple of instance, that's the argument of the prosecution. and they say that he had a number of other options beyond just turning round and firing on to other people, killing a 2nd person in injuring a 3rd. so the prosecutor case is turning that self defense argument on its head. the defense is saying, this is a young kid who was being chased by people who was just trying to defend himself, but it's divided the nation. and most people in the u. s. has already decided who
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they believe based on their view of whether this was a matter of someone defending their own rights. among them, the right to carry a weapon or the right to free protest without being interfered with by what they view as a provocative, don ended in kenosha, wisconsin. thank you. you k, his res, it's tara threat level to severe. after a taxi exploded outside a hospital in liverpool, on sunday, british prime minister boys johnson says it was a reminder of the need to remain vigilant. police have declared it an act of terror and a questioning 4 men. they've named the man who died as 32 year old, m at al swale mean that he baba reports the drop off pointed liverpool women's hospital in northwest england. it's just before 11 a. m and a taxi arrives. there's an explosion then the driver can be seen getting out and several people rushed to help him. he was injured but has now been released from hospital. by the time fire crews arrived,
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the taxi was in flames and the passenger was dead inside the vehicle. this is now being declared a terrorist incident. it is a stark reminder of the need for us all to remain utterly vigilant and the independent joint terrorism analysis center j tack are today raising the u. kays, threat level, from substantial to severe meaning an attack is highly likely counter terrorism. police have been involved in the investigation since sunday. i was off to the incident, police arrested 3 men all in their twenties. at the same property in liverpool. a 4th person's now been detained. police say they found significant items at one address. it is not clear what the motivation for this incident as our inquiries indicate that an improvised explosive device has been manufactured. and our assumption so far is it, it was built by the passenger in the taxi. the reason why you then took it to the
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women's hospital is unknown. as is the reason for its sudden explosion. the police say the passenger had asked to go to the hospital, but they're checking whether there's any link with remembered stay events near by. on sunday, the dean baba al jazeera, an american journalist sentence to 11 years in j. mia mon friday has been released from prison. donnie fenster was arrested 6 months ago and charged with incitement as well as terrorism and sedition. he stopped off in dough on route to the u. s. natasha named spoke to him just off to his plane, touched down. ah danny fencer cast a frail figure as he stepped off the plane that carried him out of me and mark and home to freedom. the 37 year old american journalist spoke to reporters briefly before stepping into an ambulance for a medical check. he had spent almost 6 months in prison filling all right,
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physically, um it's just the same a privations and things that come with any form of incarceration. you just go a little crazy. the longer it drags on, the more were you are that is just never gonna end. so that was, that was the biggest concern to staying sane through that you miss treated? oh is i was arrested and held in captivity for no reason. so i suppose so. but i physically am, i was healthy, i wasn't starved or beaten. fenster was arrested in may as he tried to return home to the united states to visit his family. he was the former editor of an independent online magazine in me in march after the military coup in february. he was among dozens of journalists, arrested, fencer was facing the prospect of 11 years in prison after a military court sentenced him last week. the former
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u. s. energy secretary and un ambassador bill richardson helped broker his release was away. richardson has a history of freeing hostages and prisoners. i think what made the difference was lou. my efforts to work with the government on me a bar on humanitarian assistance on vaccines. and that made the difference. the military did not provide any details on why fenster was ultimately freed. the un says there are 47 journalists behind bars in me and mar. 20 of them are facing charges directly tied to their work. fenster says the focus should remain on their plight and he'll help fight for their release. natasha name l. de zira doha sudanese authorities have taken al jazeera cartoon bureau
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chief to a jail despite an order for his relief. release l muscle, me al cabal. she was taken into custody overnight on saturday, after security forces rated his home. o jazeera has condemned in the strongest terms the actions of sedans, military india, supreme court has told authorities to shut offices in the capitol, allowing millions of people to work from home as pollution reaches dangerously high levels. government employees in new delhi have already been ordered to work from home, and schools have been closed. but experts say it's not enough to solve the crisis was poverty, metal reports in just capital is on red, alert. pollution in new delhi has reached alarming levels raising more health concerns for the population of 20000000. the government is taking drastic measures in an attempt to curb the impact of having on people. this week schools will revert to online classes. construction work has been banned,
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and government offices will go remote. the city is also considering a to a lockdown weather for guster. petrov, alex's waiter, for cautious rings, will not blow from november 14 to 17. and the smoke from burning stubble will keep coming to tell he showed the situation could get worse than new delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world. the air is toxic most of the year and causes more premature death than in any other big city in the world. the air quality has become especially bad the season as temperatures dep. the number of farm fires has risen, enabling states in the past few weeks. new daddy's government has blamed those states but not doing enough to solve what is in and what problem. but has come under fire from the supreme court for its own ineffective policies. emissions from the hickle's industries and garbage warning remain high, and the government's ban on fire crackers around the hindu festival of devali was
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not pauline forced gilbert under the limit of allusion to level or will. homer daily is always had a pollution problem. every year we see bands and firecrackers during devali. people defy the what about the air quality index in most of the city? what is it on 500 live children under marcella. not one of it's a big problem. we have to wear a mask all the time, so we don't fall sick. we drive all day outside in this dust or auto rituals don't have doors. the government needs to think about us. experts said the government needs to focus on reducing and monitoring emissions from major pollutants, including industries cause and construction sites through the year, we need to develop a warped village, distinct sub dusty state level, a mission in many other different sectors. like how much transportation is to and contributing how much construction is going to begin from there? teacher, then after that, after we need to assign responsibility will be well working on the ground,
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all those sectors. the government in new delhi constructed this mock tower earlier this year. off to orders from the supreme court, but experts say measures like these are laws you reactionary and ineffective, given the scale of the crisis. why shot on the emergency policies like locked downs me is the problem right now. systemic solutions will require regional cooperation and political will. poverty missile al jazeera, your jelly. ah, the top story is cyril al jazeera. the european union is stepping up its sanctions targeting belarus as the migrant crisis on this eastern border worsens. in recent days, thousands of migrants of a mass all opponent galleries border in freezing conditions. the e u accuses beller, ocean president, alexander lucas shanker, of learning the mer in retaliation for sanctions against his country. poland has deployed thousands of troops to stop.


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